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The second amendment, and the current interpretation of it by the court, is in no danger for at least the next twenty years. Just look at who sits on the Supreme Court currently.”

A. Nobody wants your guns (looks at the last week’s activity in New York, Illinois, Maryland, Colorado, California, the ATF’s new brace rule, and a new federal assault weapon’s ban proposal) uh…

B. I was unaware that conservative justices routinely live to be a hundred, but we all feel super better having that single line of defense to not having our rights obliterated! Don’t worry. After your rights, property, and freedom are taken away, maybe, just maybe, in 5-10 years and millions of dollars in lawyer fees your case might make it to a court that currently doesn’t want to make you a serf.

C. 20 years? If this dope had actually read the book he’d know I’m shooting for forever. I’d like my great grandkids to have their liberty too.

 — Larry Correia in Anti-Gunners Explain Why You Should Buy ‘In Defense of the Second Amendment’

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  1. Yeah, but, like if you’re not going to rely 100% on the SCOTUS doesn’t that mean Conservatives have to get off their ass and exercise their brain a bit?

    You know, the work part of a Republic that Conservatives have ignored for the better part of 75 years?

    • But civic engagement and responsibility is socialism………. it’s painful to discuss this outside of the John Birch Society and difficult even then. But I am sure making both parents work and still not able to fully cover the bills in most situations has nothing to do with a deliberate dismantling of civil society and the rights within.

      • Only a fool would leave their rights up to the courtroom drama crowd who really enjoy watching the wheels of justice grind. And if you step out of line and take another direction like me you get some pompous outhouse lawyer telling you to shut up, step aside and let what are the dead horse beaters continue to run the show…well if that is you then you can gfy.

      • The root of the problem is something I’ve discussed quite a bit before.

        People tend to assume that other people think the same way. When they run across thinking that is incongruent enough they write those people off as “crazy”.

        This is fertile ground for ideologues to take over, provided that they’re quiet-ish, control language and take advantage of gatekeeping. Under such circumstances they’ll take over before 80% of people realize there’s a problem.

        This has been known for decades in business. 20% of your employees are intransigent and mean, they’ll get their way because 80% don’t want to bother fighting back. But this was understood in government long before that.

        As Patrick Henry is reported to have said “Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined.”

        Often shortened to “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”

    • “You now have a Republic. But can you keep it?”
      Or words to that effect.

      It’s not the conservatives. It’s the libertarians liberals and the left. They are not interested in having a Republic. They are far more interested in ensuring the government gives them “free stuff.”

      So they can avoid the consequences of their stupid, irrational, and dangerous choices they made.

      I think the libertarians who refer to themselves as “accelerationists” have the right idea. Just “jump on the gas peddle,” and let’s get this over with. That way, we can separate ourselves from these people, and get started living the way the founders wanted us to live as a free people.

      They can have places like California. Where they can have sex with children or exterminate their human life. Do their drugs without fear of arrest.
      And we can have the more conservative states. Which is Half the country with constitutional carry.

      The others are working to pass gun control laws in defiance of the Bruen decision.

      The author brings up the Brown versus the board of education case. But what the author is openly avoiding are the States that openly defied that Supreme Court case.

      Just as now in the 21st century, states are defying the Supreme Court by passing gun control laws.
      I would prefer to have a peaceful national divorce. And that really would be what the founders of this country would prefer.

        • Their number one concern has always been drug legalization. And number two has been the expanding of abortion and the general increased sexualization of society.The 2nd amendment has never been #1 to them. And that’s the problem.

          The 2A has never been about hunting. But it’s also something that most gun people don’t think about. It’s also about property rights.

      • Everytime you speak on libertarians you only demonstrate you have no idea what your talking about. Using your logic you’re a groomer i said it so it must be true. You cant speak BS into existence no matter how much you repeat it.

        • I have previously said that libertarians support child molesters coming into the United States. Because libertarians support open borders. They don’t want to have any filters that prevent criminals from coming to this country.

        • “You cant speak BS into existence no matter how much you repeat it.”


          “Tell as lie often enough, it becomes the truth.” {A Certain murderous ideology from the mid 1930s Europe.}

          That’s precisely *why* the trolls in TTAG must be challenged whenever they spew their bile. Simply ignoring them is far too dangerous. By ignoring them, they can say “See? they don’t deny it!”

          Engaging the trolls here in TTAG is an excellent opportunity to practice debunking them in the real world with effective arguments.

          Call it dealing with Leftist Scum ™ practice ‘In the comfort of your own home”, if you will.

          “Bearing a gift beyond price, almost free.”

        • It’s just evidence of how well propaganda works.

          For the past 15 years the “face” of Libertarianism has been the Leftists who took over for the purpose of discrediting the Libertarian Party after Ron Paul’s message took hold with young people in the middle and late 2000’s.

          At this point the Libertarian Party has pushed idiot candidates and Leftist policy long enough that the Mises Caucus will need another 15 years to rebrand the party as remotely sane.

        • @XERXES036

          “You cant speak BS into existence no matter how much you repeat it.”

          BS is spoken into existence every day. Either directly or indirectly, either tangibly or intangibly. It often times does not need to be repeated. People who think emotionally and are ignorant on a subject and are liberal and are confirmation-ally biased are vastly more susceptible, they tend to take what they are told or hear or read and if it fits into their confirmation bias it becomes a real thing to them.

          For example, most all anti-gun grunts believe that all ‘gun violence’ ‘homicides’ in official homicide stats are murder. Well, that’s because of the BS spewed by the very public ‘main core’ anti-gun either implying strongly or flat out saying that all of those were murder. In reality over 50% of all ‘gun violence’ ‘homicides’ in official homicide stats are not murder but rather are legal valid self/home/other defense (AKA ‘justified homicide’) which is not a crime or a criminal charge or murder. And then these weak minded emotionally thinking ignorant confirmation biased liberals liberal appear in rally’s with signs and in public and on the internet spreading that BS message in some way – BS was literally ‘spoken’ into existence by the the very public ‘main core’ anti-gun. As further evidence example, we have dacian spouting a lot of anti-gun BS here at TTAG that he has read someplace else and even copys-n-pastes it here in his walls of word salad rants of stupid.

          What planet do you live on?

      • A national split can’t happen because it would be the messiest divorce in history. There would be a fight for resources and control of the military. Corporate interest wouldn’t allow anyone to screw with the monetary system.

        Playing devil’s advocate here, if we’re talking about changing things and implementing segregation, counties would make more sense than states. Most “blue states” are really red states controlled by large blue urban centers. The Puppet won fewer than 17% of counties. It was a new record low beating the previous record set by Obama.

        • National Divorce = War.

          Anyone who says otherwise is whistling past the graveyard.

          The absolute best outcome is a hostile and aggressively expansionistic state, like the USSR, right on your border and preparing for an all-fronts war from day one.

      • Show me the Conservatives who showed up to school board meetings before 2020/21.

        You can’t. I’ve attended such meetings quite a lot in four states. Without exception it was always myself, whoever went with me (if anyone) and about a dozen single, hyper-liberal, childless middle aged women who smell like cat piss.

        Not a Conservative to be seen. They were “too busy at work”.

  2. Unless we find a way to make elections matter again, the 1st and 2nd Amendments will be abolished. The Supreme court will be stacked with leftists, and our choices will be:

    1. Submit.
    2. Secession.
    3. Go down surrounded by spent shell casings.

    I don’t like any of those choices, but, I do not know how we get back to elections that matter.

    • After careful consideration of the downstream consequences and my current level of give a sh!t, I’ll have to go with #3.

    • 2 &3 is the only option I can foresee. How many registered their gats in NY? Commiefornia?? How many will in ILLannoy??? How many will turn in their stockless baby rifles? Only sheep will. Whining when millions are heavily armed🙁

      • Turn them in? Nah these fools I’ve talked to are lined up around the corner for that FREE SBR permit. They are excited about it.
        Change Requires Discomfort
        They are still comfortable so off they go like rats with the pied piper

        • My Springfield 300BLK Pistol hasn’t changed from the day I purchased it except for the addition of the CT Red Dot.
          Pulling a rule out of your butt doesn’t make it a rifle. I’m not registering anything.

    • #1 NO
      #2 Highly unlikely to happen
      #3 I paid for all this ammo and that’s as close I can get to taking it with me sooo……

    • @LifeSavor:
      What have all theLeftards done whenever there was a single issue with two sides to it?
      They Marched, they held Vigils, wrote stacks of Letters to Editors and they opened their mouths in rude complaint. When have we used their (quite successful) tactics?
      I did not vote in the mid-term elections. I saved my ballot and it’s criminally gerrymandered partially obfuscation envelope to present to the County Supervisors. Their meetings are televised.
      I need to find out how to show the hand-held evidence to the camera.
      Time to speak up. Publicly. And be relentless.

      • “What I observe with the Left, and the Left does this very well, is that they will do polling on a particular issue and find that there is very little support for it. So, then they go out and they advocate and they get their fellow travelers and they write columns and then they poll again.

        And now, the support is a little bit higher and they keep on inching up the level of support until they’ve got 50% plus one saying “yes” and then they act on it whereas Conservatives do the opposite.

        We say, “Oh, we’ve got this idea, let’s go out and poll on it. Ooo, people don’t like it, well let’s put that back on the shelf”. That is not what our job is if we want to win the ideas war.”,

        – Danielle Smith, Premier of Alberta.

  3. Honestly depending on any part of the Government to protect you from the same Government is like asking asking the robber who just broke into your house and shot your spouse if he needs any help carrying your TV to his car.

  4. There is a current push for a Constitutional Convention of the States. The organizers think they can force a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. They are assuring everyone that Pharma, Bill Gates, George Soros, and Michael Bloomberg will not be able to purchase and bully the delegates into the outcomes the leftists and New World Order folk desire.

    This is a Trojan horse. If we allow a Constitutional Convention, the outcome will be a Communist-style constitution. The supporters of the Convention are a crowd of naive, bubble-headed, bat-guano-brained buffoons puppeted by the New World Order demons.

    • While I hope you are wrong I have trouble disputing your assessment. Education of kids re civics and history re government excesses and depredations would likely be far more effective…..quick make a TikTok (banned for violation of terms and conditions)

      • Safe,

        You see it! The left has taken control of our educational system and is using social engineering to brainwash “enlighten” society. They attack morality, civility, science, the family, and equality from all directions.

      • there are a multitude of ways a convention can go wrong and at this point I trust no one in any government position.
        Just to many billionaires ready to spend their money in any possible attempt to rule the world. or part of it anyway

      • My state encourages transgender transition at elementary school and how to engage in anal sex around the same time both of which with the knowledge and consent of the school board and majority party of elected representatives where is the error in Lifesavor’s assertion?

        • “My state encourages transgender transition at elementary school and how to engage in anal sex”

          I’m old enough to remember when conversion therapy was the greatest evil. And yes, this is conversion therapy on a grand scale. They’re actively trying to convert as many people as possible from cis hetero to the alphabet mafia. The UN is fighting to end conversion therapy. When will they swoop in and rescue the US from this abuse? Should I hold my breath?

        • Permanent Patients. We’ve got drugs for that!

          -Pfizer (probably).

          That is a big part of it though, “transing” kids makes people who will need more drugs and surgery for the rest of their life. Also probably a lot of mental health services.

        • I was told “they were born that way.” Let nature take it’s course? Hell no! Dope ’em up for life and make irreparable changes to their bodies. Yeah, that seems legit. /s

      • neiowa,

        I understand you disagree with me. Do not, however, assume I have not been involved in the political process. For the past 23 years I have spent countless hours and significant money trying to influence State and Federal policy and law.

        Do you really believe that people with whom you disagree must be uneducated and inactive?

      • The political process seems to be a waste of time unless a very strong third party materializes.

        The Republican Party is controlled by a bunch of crony capitalist Globalists that say they support the 2nd Amendment but are the first ones to vote against it when it’s their turn to prove they have a spine. These politicians are in it for self enrichment and could care less about principals and the constitution.

        I’ve been a volunteer for the Republican Party for the last 10 years and the 2022 general election was the last straw. The party leadership actively worked against the Republican candidates and for the Democrats because they thought the candidates the voters selected in the primary were too populist (crony capitalists don’t want what 62% of the party’s voters want).

        • “because they thought the candidates the voters selected in the primary were too populist”

          Let’s expand on that. Party leadership is only interested in electing members that will support them, and their pursuits, personally. It isn’t about the constituents or the country, it’s all about them. The GOP is a disaster. BUT, any third party that gains power would end up having the same issues. It isn’t the party, it’s the politicians. The way forward is to remake the party by actually holding them accountable. They lie with impunity because they know their constituents are going to keep pulling the lever for R. No one shows up to primary them.

          The 118th US Congress seems to have found a way to hold their leader accountable. They took power away from the Speaker. It only took a handful of people that the establishment referred to as knuckleheads and embarrassments. It’s very telling how many conservative leaders “on our side” were freaking out over that process. Maybe we should stop listening to them.

        • Dude increasingly that last line of your post is becoming reality. For fun let’s keep track of who gets flustered and where their money comes from. Kentucky and Phizer was a fun one.

        • Don’t give up, Mad Max. That is the system we have, and it takes every single vote and every positive action to work to overcome (sometimes successfully, sometimes not) the fraud on the other side. There may not be enough votes for radical change, but there should be enough for checks and balances. Between modest gains or holds in elections and local conservative activism to build allies, things can be turned around. It won’t be fast. If, however, we give up, things will get worse very, very quickly.

    • “This is a Trojan horse. If we allow a Constitutional Convention, the outcome will be a Communist-style constitution.”

      That’s not how this works. The Articles to be discussed in the Convention are in place before the Convention starts and cannot be altered. States can boycott to avoid a quorum of States but they can’t change the proceedings once they start because what they offer has to be germane to the topic(s) agreed to beforehand.

      If you have enough Red States there’s nothing Congress or the Blue states can do but watch and hope you fall on your face.

      And even if they could change things technically, if you already have the required Red states on board then the Blue suggestions would just get shot down anyway.

    • Constitutional Conventions open a whole new can of worms. It’s scary territory because then everything’s on the table. We’d stand a higher ch2ance of further eroding2 7th Civil Liberties than preserving them.
      Whenever the subject of an Article V Convention comes up, I always ask this.
      Do you really trust your current State’s Legislature to have your best interests at heart? I don’t at all.

  5. In a sane world:
    The 2nd Amendment (just as the BoR and The Constitution in general) ARE protected by ‘THE PEOPLE’ within their vote. With each vote we establish who makes up our government (to include SCOTUS). Contrary to popular belief, the NRA does not protect anything. Nor does Moms Demand Action. With every vote that goes to a Democrat, our nation sinks ever closer to ruin. The left is perfectly happy with SCOTUS as long as they can use the courts in their efforts to destroy the US. When we have this many justices that actually care enough to do their jobs as they are meant to be done then we see the left threatening to either kill them or render them meaningless.

    I think it’s interesting that as we have nine justices, the left thinks that if we have nine conservative judges then the right (via Trump) has “packed the court”. When in reality, the left wants to pack the court by raising the number to 15 with all liberal judges. It is the left that is trying to “pack” the courts. Not the right. But it all comes down to the vote every two years. Not just for Biden but also for everyone else in the Democrat party.

    Your vote DOES matter. It matters so much that it is the reason all this is happening in the first place. Sending money to the NRA will never change that. TDS wont change it either. As so many Dems get elected in states like California, New York, Ill-anoy, etc. we all end up locked in continuous battle where the orgs have to get involved.

    People are getting lied to and manipulated.

  6. This is not 1954. The president, whoever they are, will not be deploying the 101st Airborne Division to some state, to enforce a Supreme Court decision. Those days are long gone.

    If people are seriously interested in avoiding some type of a Civil War conflict in this country? Then they need to stop listening to the libertarians, liberals and the left. And support the election process. And insure that it is fair, honest and accurate.

    And we need to enforce our immigration laws and protect the borders of this country.

    • Support the election process? 2020 and 2022 demonstrated that voting doesn’t matter at all in this day and age the national divorce you spoke of earlier was the only thing you said in your diatribe that actually made sense. Which is it? Do we need a national divorce or do we need to to support the rigged election system? You’re just rambling at this point.

    • it is only unfair, dishonest and inaccurate when the republicans lose. When they win everything is above board. Horse shit.

    • Chris the way to enforce a Supreme Court decision is to sue the “bas*ards” for Contempt instead of this willy nilly nonsense of suing them again over the same issue. You get someone’s attention when you hit them in the pocketbook.

  7. I have to agree with this gentleman. We cannot depend on the Supreme Court to defend the Constitution or any of its tenants. We the People have to constantly be vigilant and elect people who are willing to support and defend the Constitution and what is stands for.

  8. With the crop of social r*tards coming up in schools, in 20 years there won’t be enough competence to run the country, let alone defend the Second Amendment.

    Unfortunately, the left will eventually stack the courts and mutilate the Constitution. Individual states will then need to make a choice: submit or fight. At this point, the population is Balkanizing. If it continues, conflict is inevitable.

    I give in ten years at the outside.

        • The federal government is a modern day Rome. It cannot survive without food and tribute flowing to it from all the states, and most things people need are made by conservatives. Texas and Florida have enough clout to band together all the red states in the center of the country, which would encourage insurrection by all the red counties in states whose politics are dominated by blue population centers. It would be Iraq, with the blue governments huddling in fortified green zones, but without the prospect of resupply.

      • kind of escape from NY but DC, LA, Chitcogo, Philly etc. most that need locked up live in those places already

  9. President Donald Trump gave all of us extra time. His court appointments are a blessing to those who want to avoid violence. Is it perfect? Of course not. There is no such thing.

      • Everyone makes mistakes. Trump made a lot of them. He also did some really good things. Your choice who to vote for or not to vote at all, but in this current environment, any vote for any Democrat at any level of politics (as well as any abstention from voting for the Republican candidate) is a vote for more gun control, registration and confiscation. A flawed candidate who does some of the right things is far better than the evil candidate. Don’t let the quest for perfection cause the battle for good to be lost.

  10. That’s why the Commie Democrats are so dedicated to packing the courts with their ideological cronies. The Federal court system has been described as the last bastion of freedom where justice can be served based upon interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. As we have seen with recent Communist sympathizers who have been appointed to the Supreme Court and other Federal courts, the Constitution doesn’t matter to them. They base their decisions on their Communist ideology, not Constitution law. If they succeed in dominating the courts, our form of government will be lost forever. ‘We the People’ and the will of the people will be outlawed.

  11. I would remind anyone who believes we can “rely” on SCOTUS, what happened when we relied on the Hughes led Court in 1934 to interpret the NFA properly. They didn’t uphold jack sh*t, and look what that’s given us for the last 89 years.

    The time for relying on the “Law” has passed.
    Better off relying on your aim, because the “Law” these days is broken.


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