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We lost track of all of the civilian disarmament advocates who’ve argued over the years that no one needs more than 10 rounds in a magazine. Hell, some in Oregon even wanted to declare handguns that hold more than 10 rounds “assault weapons.”

Speaking of weapons of war, those things obviously have no use at all in a personal defense role. We’ve been informed of that repeatedly.

But now comes the story of a Florida man — sorry, Florida Man — who used not one, but two scary black rifles, along with a pistol, to repel a deadly attack a couple of weeks ago.

According to the unidentified Florida man was sitting in his car . . .

While the man was on the phone, he said he heard someone shout “Don’t reach.” Police said the victim then saw [Lucious] Scott at his passenger window with a gun.

That’s when Scott opened fire. What reportedly followed is something that — we’ve been told time and again — never actually happens.

The man said Scott started shooting at him, prompting the victim to reach for his own handgun and return fire, officers said.

The victim’s handgun jammed, so he allegedly reached in his backseat for an AR-15 rifle and continued to trade gunfire with Scott, records show. Police said the man’s car was not in park and rolled across the street before coming to a stop during the shootout.

The victim said he then got out of the car and took cover behind the vehicle, ultimately retrieving another AR-15 from his trunk and continuing to return fire until Scott took off, according to the affidavit for an arrest warrant.

That’s a handgun, two AR-15 rifles and who-knows-how-many rounds of ammo expended before the attacker decided to retreat.

Sounds like a successful defensive gun(s) use involving magazines that hold more ammunition that anyone ever needs in a self-defense situation and a couple of firearms that should only be in the hands of professionals like the police and military.

This little drama played out in one of the Florida Manliest parts of the Sunshine State, Brevard County. Scott is now in custody.

Scott faces charges of assault, firing a gun in public, shooting into a vehicle, using a gun in commission of a felony and possession of a gun by a convicted felon.

A felon in possession? Isn’t that against the law?

We’ve been around long enough to know that a story like this — or 100 of them — isn’t enough to move the needle and convince Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex types of the need and efficacy of standard round count magazines, let alone modern muskets. But as a man with far more skill than we have once said, isn’t it pretty to think so?


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  1. The victim is lucky Scott can’t shoot straight. The victim needs to learn how to shoot, too. It’s a miracle no innocent bystanders were hit.

    • My thought as well. On the plus side, the intended victim clearly has a long career option ahead of him as an NYPD marksmanship instructor

    • There are going to Be a lot of comments about the number of rounds expended in this gun fight.
      Again I’m going to say that everyone who is a gun person needs to go to active self protection on YouTube.
      John Correa, the narrator of that channel, has thousands of surveillance videos of self defense shootings.
      He analyzes the action and makes some excellent observations .
      In the hundreds of these videos that I have watched, many rounds are expended at 10 feet or less with no hits scored.
      That is the norm for the great majority of self defenders.
      The other funny thing is that I have never seen a reload in any of these conflicts.
      Go to you tube and watch!
      It is fascinating to see actual self defense shootings.

      • All the B.S. about magazine capacity, self-defense, hunting and sport shooting is just that a huge bunch of B.S. The 2nd Amendment isn’t about any of that B.S. The Amendment is there to keep our government in check. Tyranny is always at our door step and politicians who keep trying to limit the 2nd Amendment are those interested in total control. So remember this! It’s not about gun control. IT’S ABOUT PEOPLE CONTROL!!!

        • The second Amendment to the United States Constitution is one of the worst pieces of prose ever written, which is why so many can so misinterpret it.

          You might look to the 16th Article – not an Amendment, as it was in there from the start – of the Constitution of Republic of Vermont, which was brought into the Constitution of the State of Vermont when they became number 14.

          It had in turn been lifted verbatim from the Constitution of the State of Pennsylvania.

          Much better written.

          Why on Earth someone didn’t borrow it for the US Constitution I do not know.

    • Lmao. Yeah, dude needs a Spear with .227 Fury rounds to protect himself damn it. .556 is dead! Now, lemme go pick up another case o’ it.

      • Willing to take obsolete 5.56 off of anyone looking to upgrade. Only traumatically lethal out to 150-200m after all. Joking aside I fully expect fairly widespread usage of 5.56 for decades to come. 277 might be great for longer distance shooting and popping plates within limits but with how the m4 largely replaced the smg I do not see the new round filling a similar role.

      • I don’t know, I don’t even think a couple of hand grenades would’ve made this CF any better…

        It’s also amazing to me that no bystanders were hit. Unbelievable.

  2. Okay. Will start carrying the semi-auto now, with the AR in the truck cab.

    Sh!t’s just getting too outta control.

    • Jimmy Beam,

      Sadly, my state declares it “illegal” for Good People (people with no criminal record) to have a rifle in the passenger compartment of their vehicle, even if the rifle is unloaded.

      My only “legal” option for a rifle in my vehicle: my rifle must be in the trunk and magazines unloaded (in other words useless). Alternatively, if I do not have a trunk, then my rifle must be in a case which is not readily accessible to vehicle occupants, magazines must be unloaded, and ammunition must be in a separate location from the rifle.

      On a positive note, my state declares that I can legally carry that rifle fully loaded once I am out of my car.


  3. Living in CA, we’re lucky if we have fully semi-automatic assault squirtguns loaded with max 10 rounds of water soluble HTO extended magazine with a bright pink tip.

    Criminals seem to have failed to get the word that their guns are illegal now.

  4. I usually carry a .45 1911 and a .38 on my ankle.

    Force of habit and a good idea. What was this guy doing with two AR 15s, including one loaded in the back? something shady/ or was he a likely target?
    Sure was a lot of shooting going on for no hits. Glad no one innocent was hit

    • r, a 1911 and a .38 on your ankle. I may get misty. Men have went to war wishing they had as much. As for as the spare AR in the trunk? Well, why not? I’d rather have one good rifle than two average ones, but, hey, that’s just me.

    • Possibly followed to or from a range or LGS. Watch those mirrors, folks.

    • R
      Can’t speak for his state but you can carry a loaded AR here. Nothing shady at all

    • Nothing shady at all. I carry my EDC, a back up handgun underneath my radio, and a short barreled AK underneath my center console.

      Why? Because I’ve watched multiple US cities go up in flames due to rioting in a matter of hours over the past decade.

  5. I took dacian’s advice and locked my gunm up.
    He and I see no reason for owning them, even though we do. I mean more then likely your just going to wind up killing the wife and kids( where’d you hide yours d’? I ate mine) or have them taken away and they shoot you with it.
    Universal background checks, very good idea, especially when you’ve been out in the brush with a bunch of ticks.
    Safe storage laws, that’s very good, especially when the key to the lock is left with the sheriff’s department, that’s what I’m doing now( thanx for the text d’ good idea).
    Also decided that nobody needs more then 3 round magazines, that’s all that’s allowed for waterfowl hunters and they seem satisfied, and really, how many shots can you get accurately at a running bare?
    Also decided a psychiatric test should be mandatory, given by the most competent anti civil rights psychiatrist the sheriff can find before you can buy a firegunm.
    d’ and I, while discussing things over a cold bucket of sht and a warm glass of piss, both reminisced of poachers we have known that have used nothing more the a .22LR to kill deer. Therefore we’ve voted that nothing larger then .221 caliber is needed and these weapons of war calibers and the gunms that use them are only for hill jack neanderthalistic morons, who couldn’t have those weepons of mass destruction if they had to pass a psychiatric, universal, HIPAA exempt, background check anyway.
    Yessiree Bub, with a wall of text, cut copy paste, and a true hate for America, dacian has shown me the light.
    Free at last, free at last.
    Thank God( slap) thank dacian above I’m free at last.

    • Speaking of ticks, I had the first one of the season on me today. I got lucky and saw it crawling up my pants leg. I had to flick it off because I didn’t have time to make sure it was dead. I normally prefer to kill them. I’m sure they serve a purpose, but I despise them. I haven’t bothered to check under the clothes yet. Ticks are like rats. If you see one, there’s fifty more.

      • I’ve yet to find the beneficial purpose of a tick, other then propagation of the species.
        Mosquitoes, although full of many diseases, do help tremendously with those who have high blood pressure or take blood thinners.
        The wasp called a Mud Dobber, although liked by some, is not one of my favorites, its predatory to spiders and I find spiders are minutly beneficial to repressing flying insect populations . I’ve an interesting story involving a young crab spider.
        As I had been observing its behavior for some time it suddenly made haste to retreat under a protruding piece of pecan tree bark. As I stood pondering what could have caused this , ( no movement from me, downwind, couldn’t have caught one of my pheromones, no shadows, no song birds) suddenly a wasp appeared. The wasp could, or appeared to be able to sense the spider, as it made several attempts to locate the exact position of the spider, flying to and fro, landing on top of the bark, wiggling antenna, continue its circling flight location. After some time the wasp flew away, however the spider did not reappear before I lost interest. What I assumed from that experience was that evidently the spider somehow had picked up on the sonic vibrations of the wasp wings, as the spider had seeken refuge approximately 1 or 2 minutes before the wasp arrived.
        This Earths species are amazing, both big and small

        • Interesting you should say that, as an opossum will eat about 5,000 of ’em per season.

          Mosquitoes are an important pollinator.

          Fleas? They are a disease vector, and spread weakness and misery, period. Nothing eats them intentionally. They are entirely negative in their effects, benefiting only other things such as parasites and disease which are in turn wholly negative in their effects.

          Want to define useless? Want something to hate and despise? Fleas.

  6. Just to play devil’s advocate, if the victim had been packing a six shooter it wouldn’t have jammed.

    Just sayin’.

    • Well, Gov., since he got off rounds from his handgun, and two AR-15s, and the perp had to be apprehended by the local gendarmerie, sounds like it wouldn’t have made any difference . . . he’s a lousy-@$$ shot. He should have invested some money in shooting lessons and target practice.

      • Well the story doesn’t stipulate how many rounds he got off before his gumn jammed, possibly one, probably less than 6. But yes, one of the advantages of limiting yourself to 6 rounds of full bore (specifically Double Tap, YMMV) .357 magnum is that you must first accept that you have to hit your target in 6 rounds or less. Preferably substantially less. You may get lucky and scare off your assailant, but a few trips to the range would be wise nonetheless.

      • Hey, if they’re good enough for Alec Baldwin they’re good enough for me!

        • Not to put too fine a point on it, Baldwin hit what he was aiming at…too bad he wasn’t scratching just above his ear with the front sight instead. Just went off my a$$!

  7. With this much ammo expended it sounds like witnesses would have been treated to a live action Monty Python skit.

    • James, “less ammo?” That’s why I’ve always said a reload should be a part of every EDC. I’ve also never produced a handgun with deadly intent and thought to myself, “I wish I had a smaller caliber weapon to shoot this person that is trying to kill me.”

      • 👍
        I EDC a PPQ45 with two spare mags. Usually have a 380acp backup on me too (with one spare mag).

        Four dozen rounds total.

        Always good to practice mag swaps.
        I usually try to do some non-dom hand shooting and single hand reloads several times a year.

  8. This is the first instance I’ve read of this many rounds being thrown in a civilian (not police or security) shootout that is not a home defense. Assuming it’s legal and not a bunch of parting shots. I never trust early reports.

    Nevertheless: if you are attacked in a situation where you are outside your car, going under is a viable strategy. Yes, yes, you are shooting a smaller target (the lower body unless you have a very lifted truck)… but it makes you almost a non-target altogether as long as you do it first.

  9. Thank goodness no one flipped the switch on the AR to “Fully Semi Automatic” and started shooting it like the 4star General not making a fool out of himself!

  10. It seems the 2 knew each other, the 2 had a argument earlier in the day.
    This stinks like rotten fish.

  11. Sounds like one….or both… could use a lot more time practicing their marksmanship and perhaps studying up on tactics.

  12. An incident that is literally one in a million. Some decades ago the FBI reported the average gun fight lasted less than 3 rounds fired. Most criminals run like hell when they get return fire. In this unusual example there may have been something personal between the two men for both to carry on a gun fight for that long a time period. I would say the victim was a Moron who either did not maintain his weapons very well, was using junk ammo or had no idea how to clear a jam. He obviously never heard of carrying spare magazines either.

    • “Average.” Such a fascinating word. Mathmatically, there are two possible definitions, and dacian manages to add a third: “less than”.

    • The ‘average’ car drive ends in >1 accident.

      No need to carry insurance!🤪

      An example of lil’pedo-tard logic on FULL display.

    • dacian, the Dunderhead. The key word in your little post is “average”. I guess that average does not mean to you what it does the rest of the English speaking world?

      I will give you one thing. the “victim” should get some professional instruction in marksmanship. But definitely not from you. You don’t even know the firing sequence of a cartridge or the difference between precision fire and aimed fire.

      • To Walter the Beverly Hillbilly

        quote————You don’t even know the firing sequence of a cartridge ———–quote

        You proved you are a coward because you refused to answer the same question because you knew I would tear you to pieces over it. Come on expert on guns lets hear your explanation on the firing sequence you coward.

        • dacian, the Dunderhead. You want me to answer it because you have no idea of what the answer is.

          Speaking of cowards, you have been avoiding answering this question for how many months now?

        • If I may interject.
          The firing sequence of a cartridge goes like this.
          ” Mr. Cartridge, before you clock in you need to go to the office.”

      • Walt:
        “You don’t even know… the difference between precision fire and aimed fire.”
        Me too, so enlighten me.

        • I would be glad to, Give me your email and I will send you a response. I am having too much fun making a fool out of our “resident expert on firearms”, dacian the Dunderhead.

    • ‘Most criminals run like hell’? But herr dacian, how can that be? You’ve told us time and again that an honest person has no chance to defend himself with a gun.

      • Jethro you just make stuff up as you go along. Provide a link proving I said that. You cannot of course because it is another one of your falsehoods.

        Now before you go popping off with another falsehood I did say that revolutions are rarely successful if not backed by the military or a foreign country and I provided the reasons why but I never said an individual could not protect himself with a firearm.

        Give up Jethro you are out of your league.

        • dacian, the Dunderhead, Now you are lying yet again. you have said that most criminals run when confronted and have also said that most good guys confronting the bad guys get wasted.

          Give it a rest, Dunderhead. you have4 been caught in another one of your lies.

          I’m still waiting for you to tell us the firing sequence of a cartridge. And how about the difference between aimed and precision fire. After all, aren’t you our “resident firearms expert”??

  13. NEED???? Must have 2A V1.0… need, sporting purposes, et el clauses therein. Only “NOT” therein is “….shall NOT be infringed.” For purposes of discussion, were there a “need” element in the 2A, the fact that government has ’em is all the need I need to need them. Need met. That is all. Class dismissed.

  14. From the description of the incident, I suspect that both Scott and the person he was attempting to rob, carjack or what have you must both have the attended the Imperial Stormtrooper School of Marksmanship.

    How do you miss the seated driver of an automobile from just outside the window? Even allowing for possible deflection of the first shot by the window the second should find its mark.

    Something about this fails to add up, and I’m surprised that noone in Georgia, Alabama for the Caribbean got hit by a stray round.

  15. His opinion is duly noted. The degree of support it garners remains to be seen. Personally speaking, I’m unimpressed.

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