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On the 7th of February, 2018, three young men approached a home in Catawba County at about 6 p.m. One of the young men, a 17-year-old, shot at the intended victim. The intended victim, also 17, was armed and fired back, hitting the attacker several times, killing him . . .

| WBTV Charlotte

The other two masked men have been arrested. Investigators met with the District Attorney on Thursday morning. They determined that the shooting was in self-defense.

The family of the teen who defended himself received death threats. And then a relative of the 17-year-old suspect who was killed approached the property.

A man at the house who is a relative of the teen who was the robbery target, drove up to the edge of the driveway and asked that man to leave. He didn’t.

That’s when the relative pulled out an AR-15 rifle and asked the man to go away.

When that gentleman reached behind him, as of to pull out something from behind his back, the relative with the AR-15 raised the barrel, pointed it at the man, and yelled at him to stop.

It turned out he was just trying to show that he was not armed.

The video shows the usefulness of the rifle in stopping a threat.

While the intruder was not armed, the rifleman was confident enough of his position to hesitate in firing, even though the man confronting him chose to show that he was unarmed in a confrontational and foolish fashion.

©2018 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice and link are included. Gun Watch

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    • Yet if a no LEO shoots and kills him, it’s manslaughter, but if an LEO shoots and kills him, it’s justified.

      Why the double standard? If self defense is justified for police in similar circumstances, why isn’t it for civilians defending their life and property?

      • Because fuck you that’s why

        (I have yet to determine a better reason than this; which is a large part of why I hold cops in such low esteem)

        • I’m not a fan of cops in general myself, they’re given too much power and have too much protection, but it’s clear to me that anytime a meek person defends themselves with deadly force, it threatens the established order and if they’re not put through the legal ringer, the justice system thinks there will be chaos. Like, literal Joker wannabe’s will crop up everywhere.

          IMO, the exact opposite will be what happens, but in that land where there’s not much crime, the prosecutors, judges, police, attorney’s… they’ll all be out of a job, so the system slowly makes more and more things illegal or regulated so they can keep justifying their existence and hefty paychecks and pensions.

          That’s why prison sentences get commuted, that’s why sex offenders get probation, gang bangers do 5 years instead of the chair.

          The country won’t improve until every lawyer is hanging by the neck from street lights.

        • There has been a steady erosion of support for law enforcement over the last thirty years, and they have earned it. Ruby ridge, Waco, the killing of an unarmed man running away from a cop in SC, the legal murder of an unarmed man of his knees in Mesa Arizona are powerful images. When a citizen feels that cops responding to a situation at his home is just as likely to shoot him as the criminal there’s a problem, and it doesn’t help that images of swat teams who are indistinguishable in appearance and tactics from the military are in the media on a regular basis. The police are losing their authority among the populace, and someone way above my pay grade better get cracking on ways to regain trust, or else.

        • Gene, sadly I agree with everything you said. Many law enforcement agencies across the country are is sore need of having their images repaired, and it won’t be an easy task in many cases.

        • I don’t see anything in this article about law enforcement mentioned, so stop crying about your problem with authority figures.

        • You might want to remember that it is the District/Prosecuting Attorney and not the “cops” who determines what becomes a criminal matter and what does not.

  1. Probably more to this than we see here.

    Interesting to see and hear ideologies on how armed enocunters are “supposed” to go.

    The relatives were upset with how many shots were fired and thought the assailant should have “been shot in the leg and the law called”.

    Since the assailant fired first (according to the report), I imagine the defender didnt want to be shot at again.

    I guess the assailants family would have been happier if both defender and assailant were equally shot. You know – Marques de Queenbury rules and whatnot.

    The news report also called the assailants family member a “visitor”. Pretty sure he was a tresspasser from the clip.

  2. “Investigators believe the three had gone to rob a 17-year-old that lived there.

    Cauthen, says the sheriff, fired a shot at that teen and then that teen pulled out a weapon and fired back. Cauthen was hit several times.

    His friends drove him to Lincoln County to get medical help but it was too late.

    “He was a good boy,” said his mom Shanda Cauthen.”

    “He was a good boy”….who went masked with other masked young men to rob another young man, fired shots at the victim, and then was killed.

  3. Obviously the Hick town sheriff isn’t stopping these intrusions onto the defenders property! And the local news station didn’t help much in the effect of putting a social/Political slant to it…By poisoning the news report with opinion, moral posturing, and misdirection.This is the kind of thing I’d expect in NJ., Massachusetts, or NY. Of course the only difference is the local “authorities” would have stripped the defenders family of the property (arrested the firearm.) and deprived them of they right to self-defense under the 2nd Amendment…And probably charged the defender with some kind of fabrication…

    • The same is true everywhere. When seconds matter, the police are always minutes away. So be prepared to defend yourself.

  4. Another “good boy” gone. And society will most definetly not miss him. Room temperature is the best state of a armed robber anyways.

  5. We have a saying in Missouri. Don’t be a thug don’t get a slug. This Idiots family is family made up of idiots.

  6. I wonder if the accomplices will be charged with murder? Right now, they are only facing attempted robbery charges. But, since their criminal actions led to someone getting killed, I’m wondering if they’ll face charges for that death?

    (Not a lawyer or any sort of expert here, just wondering out loud).

    • Some jurisdictions have a provision for charging the accomplices with murder and some jurisdictions do not. I do not know whether North Carolina has such a provision.

    • It’s called acting on concert, all get charged for the same crime. But there is plea bargaining to a lesser degree

  7. The dead teen, who was a criminal and wore a mask showing criminal intent, has some of the dumbest dumb shit relatives ever. No wonder he’s dead.

    • I’ve told my son if he ever does anything illegal that results in him getting into trouble with the police or anyone else, he’s on his own.

      To him me being disappointed in him is very serious. It is why he has a strong moral compass. He knows there are consequences.

  8. IN CT not only would we have to allow being shot at first, we would have to retreat into the house, then retreat further into the house until we could retreat no more…then we could shoot back. And God help us when our return fire isn’t perfect and, as a result, the perp makes it out of the house.

    • Same in Marxland. And your firearm better not be visible unless you’ve reached that absolute last second when you need to discharge it- otherwise you’ll get a charge for brandishing.

  9. Here is the two views from this story…

    Liberal View
    Criminal or Perpetrator is a Victim !!

    Conservative View
    Play stupid games ! Win Stupid Prizes !!

  10. Welp, it sounds like he had it coming. Don’t show up to people’s houses with 2 of your buddies armed in the middle of the night. Pretty simple rules really.

  11. “While the intruder was not armed, the rifleman was confident enough of his position to hesitate in firing, even though the man confronting him chose to show that he was unarmed in a confrontational and foolish fashion.”

    That kid doesn’t have what it takes to be a police officer.

  12. I feel bad for the poor kid who had to kill someone in self-defense. I’m glad he was able to protect himself and his family but I don’t wish that experience on anyone.

  13. The thug that got smoked was a result of his family’s inability to raise a civilized human being. They should be held legally culpable and be subject to the judicial remedies olé “Smokey” would’ve had he survived the lead injections he deserved.

  14. Anymore “unarmed visitations” should be met with large canisters of bear spray…That should re-enforce the vet off my property addendum…..

  15. What differance what kind of rifle was used ?
    3 GUYS going on someone’s property to commit a premeditated a felony against him . People have no respect these days. He got what was coming to him and the other 2 should have also.
    Mabey if this is the out come of every situation of robbery these scum might give it a second thought.

    • From the point of getting the job done, which rifle was used is mostly irrelevant; any rifle would probably have worked.

      But the media and all the anti-gun orgs (but I repeat myself) always say AR-15s are “assault weapons”; weapons of war that are good only for spraying bullets on battlefields and can’t be used for self-defense. (Which makes me wonder why the police have them…are they at war against us?)

      This story is one of many that prove otherwise — so that’s probably why Dean made a point of mentioning the rifle.

  16. Hatfields and McCoys. That old man is one dumb mot#erf#cker. But’s there’s thousands just like him in this state. One of the many reasons I quit going to gun shows here. The people in attendance made me want to buy more guns to protect myself from them. Gene pool running a little thin.

  17. Truth Tellers
    since when does a regular LEO (not judges,prosecutors) Receive a hefty paycheck or pension ?? I defend the community(&risk My life every day) for less then 40K a yr (yes My choice) but that is by no means a”hefty paycheck” & as far as a hefty pension, you are sadly mistaken, If I make it to retirement, I will still have to work another job to get by….You are grossly misinformed, yet we will be the one’s you call if you are in trouble….&It will be My pleasure to help….

    • Nope. Won’t call. Too much chance I’ll end up getting shot. Although my herd of dogs could stand to be thinned.

  18. This untrained guy didn’t shoot someone who was looking at him and reaching in his waistband AS IF for a gun. But that brave trained cop shot a drunk man in a hotel hallway on his knees looking down at the floor while begging for his life. We need to get rid of those trigger happy pussies and hire people like this guy with our tax dollars. Cops like to say how dangerous their jobs are but they are taught to take ZERO chances…. even if that means murdering an innocent person.

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