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From Springfield . . .

Springfield Armory is proud to announce the newest addition to its award-winning family of 1911 pistols—the Garrison in 9mm. Featuring forged materials and heirloom-quality construction, the 5”-barreled Garrison 1911 combines a heritage spanning back more than a century with the ever-popular 9mm chambering.

Available with classic hot salt blued carbon steel or rust-resistant stainless-steel construction, the Garrison 9mm is a rock-solid 1911 that gives you a host of upgrades along with the strength to provide a lifetime of service. The pistols feature forged frames, slides and barrels for durability as well as modern enhancements such as low-profile yet high-visibility sights, extended thumb safety, thinline grips and much more.

“The Garrison in 9mm is designed to appeal to those who respect tradition and appreciate the flat-shooting aspects of a full-size 9mm 1911,” says Springfield Armory’s Vice President of Marketing, Steve Kramer. “With a forged steel foundation for strength and heirloom-quality construction, this is a pistol that offers a modern take on a proven classic.”

Anyone familiar with the classic 1911 pistol will be right at home with the Garrison. With its traditional barrel bushing system and wood grips, this is a pistol that captures the charm of a design with more than a century of service behind it. At the same time, enhancements such as the match grade stainless steel barrel, skeletonized hammer, extended beavertail grip safety with memory bump, and more ensure impressive performance.

The 9mm Garrison pistols feature attractive finishes made up of a smooth, matte finish on the rounds of the slide and frame complemented by polished flats that bring out the luster of the carbon or stainless steel. MSRP for the blued version is $849, and $899 for stainless.

For those who respect tradition and demand Springfield Armory’s legendary commitment to quality, the Garrison stands ready.

Blued Garrison 1911 9mm| PX9419 $849

Stainless Garrison 1911 9mm | PX9419S $899

To see the 9mm Garrison 1911, visit

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  1. Nice looking guns. I wonder how many lobbyists you can hire with the proceeds?

    Springfield, we will never forget. Not a penny until Reese is out.

  2. I seem to remember something about selling out FFLs? Something to do with exempting themselves from legislation that would have closed many small businesses, but just not them…yeah…Springfield Armory…a bastion of 2A…SMH

    • Why would any company sell out the very people that sell its products? (“Hey, I have a great idea. Let’s hurt our dealers so it’s harder to sell our products. That’ll be great for sales!”) That makes no sense.

      There is more to the story that you angry ones keep ignoring.

  3. Objective reviews are more appreciated than advertising spots from the manufacturer, but I’ll stick with the Colt 70 Series Combat Commander I bought 43 years ago. Springfield and Rock River are still in the shithouse.

  4. Why in the world would anyone want a big heavy 1911 style pistol in 9mm when for less money you can get a boat load of various light weight high capacity plasticky pistols.

    I might add that modern guns generally have straight inline feeds while the 1911 has the old fashioned steep feed ramp that is not conducive to as reliable a weapon when you are using flying ashtray type expanding ammo.

    I might add the full size 1911 still makes sense in .45 Acp but in 9mm??????

    • Because “light”, “plasticky” guns are for girls. Men carry 1911’s in just about any caliber.

    • The COLT series 70 CC 1911-type is the best I have ever used, and Ive owned more 1911/CC various makes/types than most. In recent years Ive moved toward Glock, BUT a Wilsonised CC is the crowning gem of my .45 autos. Even had a couple Colt CC in 9mm, but they are too bulky for the cartridge IMO.. In 9mm I vastly prefer the OTHER JMB classic, the BHP.

      • I like both. I love the balance of the Browning Hi-Power. I love the way it points. I wish the trigger had a lot less takeup and a lot shorter reset, but you can’t have everything, I guess. I also wish FN had standardized and mass-produced the original design with the grip frame lengthened half an inch or so for a fifteen round magazine, which the French rejected for “excessive” capacity. If we’re wishing, I also want a pony.

        I really like a 1911 with a good trigger. It weighs twice as much as it needs to for the capacity and if I try to conceal one, no matter what I wear I look like I’m trying to shoplift a box of Wheaties and if I put it anywhere on my belt I have to wear suspenders too to keep it from pulling my pants down. Of course, one could argue that singlestacks have been obsolete in any role other than range toy for a very long time now, and fullsize 9mm 1911s are an absolute joy to punch paper with, and 9mm ammo is cheaper anyway if you can live with .36″ holes in the paper instead of .45″.

  5. Not interested in anything that company has to sell or the other one located there near them. They pretty much are still in the doghouse with me as well. Not to mention the other issue with that company as well. Echo

  6. The whole Springfield controversy aside. This does look and sound like a nice 1911 at a decent factory price today. But, I just can not understand why anyone would want a 1911 in 9mm. If I were in some Latin American countries where martial calibers are illegal, then ok. A .38 Super. And a 7mm-08 rifle. But, I ain’t going to Latin America.

  7. Looks too unsafe for those of us in California – thanks for looking out for us, Gavin!

  8. If it’s a 1911 it better be a big boy caliber. But if it’s a 1911 not in a big boy caliber (9mm example) it better be double stack. Otherwise it just seems kind of silly to me. Well single stack in the year 2022 seems silly to me in general I guess.
    Polymer frame pistols are decked out with all the features and each year companies add more of what we want. When will companies make 1911 pistols with all the features as standard without charging heaps for them? This is like having to pay extra to not have plastic bucket seats installed in your new Dodge Challenger Demon.

    • Please advise what exactly is “decked out” on a plastic piece of sh*t Glock? There has never been a finer combat handgun than the 1911. So round count is a big concern? Learn to shoot! I am sick of all of the 1911 bashing by guys with ZERO experience actually using a handgun in a fight. GLOCK 7 PLASTIC..NEVER!!

  9. Decked out- Improved grip texturing, metal target or night sights, internal magwell flare, tac rail, DLC and teflon coatings, threaded barrel, doubled recoil spring, lower bore axis… All things that cost significantly extra on a 1911 but standard on my poly nines.
    Tell me, is the 1911 tested to passed 20,000 rounds without failure and maintenance? Has it passed the 200 hour salt spray test? You mean it hasn’t? Hmmm, interesting.
    In general I prefer guns that actually surpass the 10 round limit of unfree states. Have fun with your California compliant 7 rounders.

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