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Hllary Clinton (courtesy

“I join Americans in praying for the victims of the attack in Orlando, their families and the first responders who did everything they could to save lives.

“This was an act of terror.  Law enforcement and intelligence agencies are hard at work, and we will learn more in the hours and days ahead.  For now, we can say for certain that we need to redouble our efforts to defend our country from threats at home and abroad.  That means defeating international terror groups, working with allies and partners to go after them wherever they are, countering their attempts to recruit people here and everywhere, and hardening our defenses at home. It also means refusing to be intimidated and staying true to our values.

“This was also an act of hate.  The gunman attacked an LGBT nightclub during Pride Month.  To the LGBT community: please know that you have millions of allies across our country.  I am one of them.  We will keep fighting for your right to live freely, openly and without fear.  Hate has absolutely no place in America.

“Finally, we need to keep guns like the ones used last night out of the hands of terrorists or other violent criminals.  This is the deadliest mass shooting in the history of the United States and it reminds us once more that weapons of war have no place on our streets.

“This is a time to stand together and resolve to do everything we can to defend our communities and country.”

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    • If I lived in a state that the vast majority of people thought for themselves (Colorado, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida,…) I would agree with you. I live in Oregon so I will vote for neither candidate, vote my conscience and sleep well at night.

      • Not voting for Trump will be a vote for Hillary. What happens if she gets into office and takes away all of your rights? Where will your conscience be when you come to realize that you could have done your part to ensure she doesn’t get into office and do nothing?

    • William beat me to it.

      For all of you who don’t want to vote for Trump because you don’t like or trust him, you are letting your emotions hand your vote over to Hillary who has made it absolutely clear that she will do everything in her power to infringe on our right to keep and bear arms. Her quote in this post reveals this fact to us once again.

      • It goes without saying that I don’t agree with Hillary on gun control.

        But I also don’t agree with Trump on late night rage tweeting, misogyny, racism, and just being an all around demagogue. Somebody with that many anger management issues should never be allowed to hold the nuclear football.

        I’m not sure that Trump will protect gun rights. With his level of instability, it’s hard to know just what he really stands for, and what positions he will maintain in the long term.

        Hillary might want gun control, but so did Obama, and after many mass shootings and terrorists incidents, nothing substantial happened at the Federal level. That’s because the White House just doesn’t matter that much when it comes to gun control.

        The people that DO matter are Congress, both at the Federal and local level. So vote for politicians who will protect your rights.

        • There are two GINORMOUS problems with your mindset Paul. Let us begin with the FACT that if you don’t vote for Trump, you are handing the election to Hillary. With that fact in mind, handing the election to Hillary means:
          (1) Democrats riding her coattails will almost certainly take the Senate and the House. If the Democrats control the Presidency, the House and the Senate, they WILL pass laws declaring it illegal to own standard capacity magazines, military style rifles, and various other semi-automatic firearms … without any grandfathering and without any sunset provisions.
          (2) Hillary will appoint as many as four United States Supreme Court justices who will reverse the Heller decision and declare that the Second Amendment only protects a collective right to own bolt-action hunting rifles and break-action shotguns.

          The only reason the Democrats did not do that on Barry’s first term is because they had a huge hard-on for universal healthcare and did not expect to lose the house two years later. This time, nothing else will be a higher priority for the Democrats. By the time pro-gun candidates take back the house in 2018, it won’t matter because the House of Representatives by themselves cannot reverse laws without consent of the Senate and the signature of the President of the United States … which will never happen if Hillary is President.

        • “So vote for politicians who will protect your rights.”

          So much this! There will be no King Trump or Queen Hillary. Hopefully there will be a Congress full of people who block any terrible legislation desired by either. Don’t like your presidential candidates? There are like 15 other people on the ballot who can affect your every day life. Go vote anyway.

        • Any vote for a third party will be one vote easier for Hillary to take the election. A ton of people are dissatisfied with Hillary and will either sit at home, vote third party, or write in Bernie (provided they can do write-ins, but at least in Ohio you cannot). Don’t forget about Hillary’s misandry and the fact that she will rig the system to get reelected in 4 years if she wins this one, meaning 8 more years of Obama/Clinton dynasty to completely destroy America and sell us out to the regressive globalists, Chicoms, and their pet terrorists. Relations with Russia will grow even colder to the point where we’ll end up in a new Cold War pitting Sunni extremists and entrenched dictators against each other, and those conflicts will spill over here and cause more terrorist action. BLM sympathizers will be free to destroy and loot while (formerly) law-abiding gun-owners will be raided and stripped of their property by Hillary’s jackboots. There will be no grandfathering, and a solid-blue Congress will pass whatever hairbrained regressive feminazi crap they come up with, and override states’ rights on all matters. The best case scenario for a Hillary presidency is that the US government and Democratic party both break up in revolt over her BS and we end up with a civil war which will end all life on Earth. I’ll take my chances with Trump.

          Also, when Hillary says that she “prays” she means she prays to herself since she thinks she’s a f—ing goddess.

    • Hey she did say, “That means […] hardening our defenses at home.” and we can at least agree there! Of course, what I had in mind is probably pretty different from what she had in mind.

      • Ralph, I thought you’d be all over this one. US v. MIller would have been the watershed case, and likely invalidated the NFA completely, had Miller actually been alive, and had decent representation.

        The important part of the government’s case Miller argument was that the sawed off shotgun wasn’t a weapon of warm utilizable by a militia member, therefore NFA applied. The whole point of the 2A is to ensure that citizens have those weapons of war at their disposal. The Justices said that. Miller would have won with a decent lawyer – sawed-off shotties were a staple of WWI trench warfare.

    • Aquaticteabag,

      We simply have to turn it around like this …

      If police need “weapons of war” to fight terrorists on our streets, so do I.

    • Since every quote I’ve seen so far talks about how easy it is to buy “automatic weapons” and “automatic assault rifles” it’s clear that at Bob’s Big Box Weapons of War Store they stock lots of full-auto firearms. Curious, I’ve never seen one.

      I mentioned this in another thread but it looks like he killed everyone in the first few minutes then it was a 3 hour standoff before SWAT forced entry and killed him. Engaged with some level of gunfire an off-duty officer moonlighting as security and then disappeared into the club where he started shooting.

      Choice of firearm was hardly a critical factor if he had 3 hours of opportunity with a disarmed field of targets. Very similar to Paris.

      For a moment though let’s imagine one or two CCWs in the club. Very different outcome?

      • How many people were in the club? Like 300? Surely we could imagine more like 9 or 10 armed designated drivers? That seems reasonable.

      • Wow, Surrenderistan does a better job of taking care of Daeshbags than Freedomistan does. Unacceptable! Those who decided to force a 3 hour wait should be executed for treason. Every swinging Dick with a weapon should have been told to zergrush the jackwad on the count of 3.

        Always nice to see that the moment it gets the least bit hard to live with freedoms of basic human rights other than guns, that the people here get oh so patriotic and mindful of the Constitution. Funny how you’ll be absolutist for gun rights but then scream about how we should ban some religions and purge America of all their followers. You’re just as bad as the Islamist nutcases who want to purge all of their lands of Jews, Christians, Hindus, and all Muslims who don’t agree with them.

        • The Constitution says nothing about who gets let into this country. In the 19th century, immigration was restricted, by federal law, to “free white persons.” It is perfectly Constitutional for the president to ban immigration of Muslims, or, more tactfully, people from terror-exporting countries.

  1. Won’t be long now my .177 cal airgun will be a weapon of war. It’s got a scope on it so it’s likely a sniper rifle according to the wicked witch of washington.

  2. It’s a good thing they have gun control in Paris or else something just as bad or worse could have happened. Wait! It did!

  3. I agree and those weapons of war are MUSLIMS you FLAME DELETED. France has strict gun control and look how that stopped a nigh club massacre. FLAME DELETED

  4. Who are we supposed to have tolerance for the Muslim that fired the shots, or the people in the Gay club?

    • Islam is a religious choice. Gender preference has been proven time and again to be a non-elective biological condition.

      Islam as a religion is full of hate. Gay people just want to be left alone to love who they choose.

      Islam is the worlds fastest growing religion. Gay people are a constant percentage of the population, because even though they keep trying, they cannot biologically reproduce.

      So if you haven’t figured it out yet, you should have tolerance for the people in the nightclub, because they are peacefully living the life they choose without hurting anybody else.

        • Well the human genome project was completed in 2003 and they found something something, something something something you bigot!

      • Sorry, I must have missed the “KILL THE GAYS AND THE JEWS AND THE EVERYONE ELSE” lectures during my 2 years and counting as a Muslim. And yes, my mosque is filled with Iranians, Iraqis, and Afghans. No idea how I survived, or missed all the endless hate lectures in between the peaceful prayers, celebrations, lectures, community discussions, and dinners. It always warms my heart to see people taking freedom of religion nowhere near as seriously as RKBA.

        The shooter was not even practicing. A lot of terrorists barely understand their religion, and many became radicalized after a long period of ignoring their faith — in the quest to make up for lost time, they jump in to become as hardcore as possible, cue them joining up with the lunatic fringe. From the report and the photographs, he doesn’t even look like someone trying to be an Islamist. He seems so much more like a hateful piece of work who just wanted to cause some suffering. He’d already been a wife beater and had been investigated in relationship to a guy who actually did become a Daeshbag and blow himself up.

        To illustrate how people misuse their faith for evil, imagine taking a book on defensive gun usage, purposefully ignoring all the parts that tell you to avoid fights, deescalate, use reason, etc, and then highlight all the passages telling you to use effective lethal force, and then deciding that was what the book was all about and then going on a killing spree in accordance with what you claim the book told you to do. The misuse of the Quran for violence is exactly like that — ignore all the verses about peaceful and equitable dealings, ignore everything about pacts and peace, ignore everything about showing mercy, ignore things like laws of war and honoring surrender, and not killing non-threats, and instead just take all the verses telling you to fight hard and well when you have to fight. The verses exhorting mercy and peace and fairness outnumber the ones telling people to fight. Danger and unpleasantness are inseparable from the world of men; that a religious book would not teach men how to deal justly with them is an absurd idea.

  5. I’m going to shamelessly rip off my own comment from several days ago…

    “Weapons of war”

    Here’s a fun thought experiment: show people who use that phrase pictures of a half dozen or more long guns. Make sure the list includes an AR-pattern and AK-pattern. Also make sure there is a Garand, an Arisaka, a SMLE, a Mosin, and an M-14. Ask them to identify the military style weapons/weapons of war. What results would you expect?

    For bonus irony points, do it on the anniversary of D-day.

    • My 91/30 may have been used in WW2 because it was made in 1942. My M44 is stamped 1945, so it MIGHT have seen WW2 action, but doubtful. Of course they could have both been shoved into storage from day one, too.

      • If you see electro-penning on the bolt to “force match” it to the receiver (as my M44 has) then it’s a pretty good bet it saw action.

        • Cool. My M44 was force matched as well- bolt handle and magazine plate as well I believe.
          My 91/30 was bought with a “B-grade” stock from Classic Firearms and has a small-ish chip in the wood stock, but nothing too bad. It’s a true numbers matching model

        • Or it was hacked together from a pile of parts. Sorta like a Mitchell’s Mauser.

          Which is the far more likely reality. Especially anything with GCA import stamps, and almost a guarantee if purchased in the last 10 years and you don’t personally know it’s provenance.

          Not trying to piss on anyone’s wheaties – I have a few dozen M-Ns and I have a friend with a couple hundred unique examples. 95% of what I see at shows is mix-n-match parts bin guns. That happened in someone’s gun room, not in an armory.

          Get a shooter for $200. Anything interesting costs more, to much more.

        • When you see one that was made before the end of the war, electro-penning of the bolt is generally considered an indicator of service use because that’s the part of the gun that broke the most. These particular guns didn’t actually see much action in WWII so broken bolts were not really a common problem, just the most common.

          The condition of the barrel and receiver should be taken into consideration as well however as well as the type of wood on the stock, they type of receiver is a hint too. The high-wall receiver was produced at Izhevsk from ’43-’45 and at Tula in ’44. A low walled receiver is post war, having been produced from ’45-’48 at Izhevsk. M38 rear sights are an indication of refurbishment as well, but really offer no clue as to if the rifle saw service or was repaired later. The stock provides clues as well. A complete metal ring encased by wood for attaching a sling is late war or post war. Other styles are early war. Bayonet lug and ring styles also changed in late ’45.

          A gun made in ’43 for example, with a well used barrel/receiver that’s been force matched with a bolt yet all other numbers match each other and are stamped likely saw use of some type, especially if it’s rocking a post-war Russian stock. Most of the refurbished rifles came out of Yugoslavia and they have a fairly distinctive stock due to using a different, and specific type of wood. Most of the “hack jobs” I’ve seen out of Russia feature a laminated stock, many of those ended up in Vietnam.

          A rifle that’s in really good condition where everything matches, with a war time Russian stock and all matching, stamped serial numbers almost certainly didn’t see front line service. The Russians built a lot of these rifles but they also put most of them in storage or used them for guard duty behind the lines.

          No, there’s no real way to know for sure, but you can make a pretty educated guess if you study the history of the rifle and take a close eye to the one in front of you. Guns put together from a pile of parts usually have mismatched serial numbers with the mag floor plate and other parts, especially with stamped bolts that don’t match the rest of the rifle. The “hack jobs” really weren’t meant for anything other than sale outside of Russia so the Russians really didn’t give a shit about being able to track them in inventory.

        • Thanks for spouting a bunch of bullsht that gun hustlers who really know jack-sht about Mosins will tell their victim.

          Here’s a primer, for those who don’t want to get scammed….

          Once again, if it’s got post GCA import stamps, be suspicious. I’ve got several Finnish-captures (take homes, or bought from a barrel at the hardware store), they have matching numbers, and there is no BS “force matching”. They definitely saw some action, and their bolts are just peachy-original, thank you very much.

          Please folks, learn about collectible rifles, and know this nonsense for what it is. Nonsense.

        • @16V

          You’re so full of shit it’s embarrassing. You claim that there’s no way to know about M44’s but then claim your 91/30’s (or Dragoon or whatever) “saw action”. I mean seriously? Here’s the facts from the link YOU give, and I quote:

          “Q. Are there any records of the use of my Mosin Nagant rifle or carbine?

          A. No, if records were kept they are lost at this time. Anyone who claims to have access to any service records of Mosin Nagant rifles by serial number is a fraud.”

          Further you post from a website that has another section specificially on identifying these type of guns that says, and again I quote:

          “Q. How can I tell if my rifle was used in combat?

          A. If it was built prior to the end of WWII then the odds are close to 100% that it was issued. This applies to Russian, Soviet, and Finnish Mosins. Whether or not it was actually used in combat is impossible to know, but again, the odds are pretty good that it was. If it was built near or after the end of WWII the odds are very low that it ever saw combat unless it is a documented war trophy from Korea or VietNam. Even then it might have been captured from a weapons cache and never actually used in combat.”

          You posted that shit. Oops!

          You also say “Thanks for spouting a bunch of bullsht [sic] that gun hustlers who really know jack-sht about Mosins will tell their victim.”

          I’m not selling shit, so I have no “victims” other than you because you’re the one spouting bullshit. From the same website:

          So now, son, why don’t you fuck the hell off with your own style of tomfuckery? You’re free to think whatever you want, but you’re not free to just spout nonsense and call it fact based on fucking nothing other than your own opinion and not get called out on it.

          For those that want to be able to make an educated guess on this, a good “primer” to use 16V’s term is from the same site:

      • Admittedly my Mosin Nagant lore is not strong, but if the first gun you mentioned was made in 1942, I would be greatly surprised if it did NOT see use. They were undoubtedly desperate for war materiel by then; I’ve heard stories of unarmed batallions stationed behind the front lines who would be sent forward, picking up the rifles of the fallen to arm themselves.

        • Mosins have been made since 1891. As such, they’ve been around for 2 “wars”.

          I’ve got several that saw service in the first….

        • To my knowledge, the “Take gun from dead komrad” stuff was WW1; WW2 saw the Soviets actually bothering to make sure their troops were armed from the very beginning and getting rid of people who couldn’t get the job done, unlike just letting dukes of whatever just sit around and bicker about who to blame like the Tsar did.

  6. defend our country from threats at home…weapons of war have no place on our streets.

    Defend our county without weapons. Got it.

  7. It doesn’t actually say that anywhere in this statement. The quote is “we need to keep guns like the ones used last night out of the hands of terrorists or other violent criminals”, which is actually a totally different statement from the one quoted in the title. I’m no fan of Hillary, but I don’t think lying about what the woman says is particularly useful.

    • Did you read her whole quote?

      “…it reminds us once more that weapons of war have no place on our streets.” It’s right there. Read it. There is nothing inaccurate in the headline.

        • I know that. The guy I was replying to seemed to imply the title of the topic was dishonest, and was lying about what she said, but it was an accurate quote.

    • She, and Obama have used this literal quote many times.

      It is a lie, an AR pattern rifle is not a ‘weapon of war’.

      And they lie, as they intend to remove the right to keep and bear arms for all firearms from the people.

      And they cannot, because second amendment, but they plan to thwart our very founding document. Are there any rights in the constitution that you value? Because the one protects all the others, if it falls then all of them are removed from you eventually, which of course, is what they want.

      Now what is your complaint again?

      • He claimed it was a misquotation of Hillary…not that it wouldn’t have been a lie if she had said it.

        Of course, it appears she did actually say it, thereby lying, thereby being consistent with her normal pattern of behavior.

    • Sure, but none of the gun grabbers will ever admit that it is simply not possible to keep weapons of any kind out of the hands of either criminals or terrorists. Not even close, and certainly not by disarming the rest of us. They would rather die than admit that guns in the hands of ordinary people just might reduce the number of those in criminal hands significantly, as well as saving lives.

      The headline is much more apt to be what she really meant…

      Anyway, I do have a “military” type long gun, and I assure Hillary and everyone else that it is in very good hands…

      • Come on, Hillary is surrounded by weapons of war all the time and those weapons of war are protecting her.

        • Of course they are. Did I say anything different? I’m just not going to worry about possible misstatements ABOUT her when she’s such a liar and hypocrite. 🙂

  8. The only reason she (and so many others) want to confiscate our guns is that… they want to do things to us we won’t allow as long as we have guns.

    She is well aware of that.

    • That is of course, the logical conclusion.

      Sadly they have removed the simple powers of plain logic from much of the population.

      • Who needs logic when you can have feel-good propaganda? Very tempting to step off the logic train at the stop that says “guns are only used to kill”.

  9. Islamic terrorist brought into the states by leftist politicians kill gays and we need to give up our rights?

    How does that work again?

    I don’t think so. That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.

    • One the oldest moves in the Leftists’ playbook is to create a crisis so that they can impose a ‘solution’. In this case the ‘solution’ is to unilaterally revoke the Second Amendment and deny us our right to self defense..

        • Ultimately yes, that’s what they would do to achieve their political goals. Eliminate any opposition through any means necessary. That’s why I’ll never give up my guns.

    • He was born in the states. So far I haven’t seen anything to suggest his parents were extremist sympathizers.
      This is not a defense for Islamic extremism. Wanna stop these mass shootings and bombings from taking place? Destroy ISIS where they live. They respect force, give them what they want.

      • Try a search engine. Muslim daddy just said his son shouldn’t have killed teh gays…because God will punish them in his own good time. Daddy was also a supporter of the Taliban.

      • Stu;

        This report is actually pretty informative, which surprises me. This guy sounds like the king of the nutbars. Look;

        “the alleged gunman’s father has often appeared wearing a military uniform and declaring himself the leader of a “transitional revolutionary government” of Afghanistan. He claims to have his own intelligence agency and close ties to the U.S. Congress — assets he says he will use to subvert Pakistani influence and take control of Afghanistan.

        After watching his videos — none of which were recorded in English — CBS News’ Ahmad Mukhtar said it seemed possible that Seddique Mateen is delusional. “He thinks he runs a government in exile and will soon take the power in Kabul in a revolution,” notes Mukhtar.”

        Is it any wonder that nutbar prince went off and implemented their own personal war against our very freedoms and innocent people? This is just unbelievable to me.

        Then on top of all that, to find out that this guy was employed indirectly by our freaking DHS (see ZH link above).

  10. It also means refusing to be intimidated and staying true to our values.

    Exactly, like not cracking down on freedoms, such as gun rights.

    • I’m still a bit stunned she used the phrase “our values.”

      It was not that long ago that lefties like her used “family values” as a term of derision.

      Makes one wonder what she means by that part of the statement.

      • I don’t wonder at all. I’m sure that the phrase “our values” uttered by Clinton is an *exclusive* “our”, it means her values, some other people’s values (thus justifying the plural), but NOT the values of much of the audience, like, say, you and me.

        How to lie by implication when not lying literally.

        Actually, that’s about as honest as she gets.

  11. Wait a minute, Hillary. Why do those black rifles the police carry look so much like these weapons of war you’re talking about?

    I see only two possibilities here: either Officer Friendly& co. will soon be spraying bullets at my children with their indiscriminate weapons of war, or you’re completely full of shit.

    • “Officer Friendly& co. will soon be spraying bullets at my children with their indiscriminate weapons of war, or you’re completely full of shit.”

      Unfortunately, both are correct.

  12. That means defeating international terror groups,
    The guy had some loose terror international ties, but most of the international stuff was more inspirational than a formal organizational chart.
    No mention of Islamic Terrorist. Hmmmm……

  13. What is more evil, an ISIS terrorist who kills 50 plus people in cold blood or a politician who uses it to push a tyrannical political doctrine on a free people?

  14. How many years since 9/11 have we redoubled our efforts to defeat terror, yet it continues. So you stand with our homosexual community…how does this help bring back our dead?
    How does banning a weapon of war stop a home grown Jihadist?

    When will the commentary end and avenging our dead begin? When will this country embrace 2A as a means to defend it? When will our leaders acknowledge the enemy is within?

  15. Yes, ban armed licensed security guards from carrying weapons. That is exactly how this incident would have been stopped.

    A lot of this is just play for people who only read headlines or tweets without bothering to go deeper into the actual events.

    Ban Twitter is far as I am concerned because it is a major health problem causing trillions of brain cells to be lost from the stupid.

    • Don’t ban free speech. I never go on Twitter, but today I managed to drive in some critical thinking and debunk some myths from the mind of an ignorant regressive. Learned half of what I know from you guys.

  16. If even one club goer was lawfully armed and possessed the will to defend him or herself, this tragedy could have likely been significantly minimized.

    • It saddens me that seemingly no one at least tried to charge the guy. They just cowered in corners, hoping he’d run out of bullets.
      Never assume that terrorists play by the rules. If your state only allows 5 round magazines, they’ll still get their hands on drums.

  17. What about my right to live freely, openly and without fear?
    Why do you hate me and my choice to defend myself and my family, my children?
    Why do you…hate the constitution and the Bill of rights so much as to attemp to rip them out of the hands of capable Americans that could have done more last night?
    Why do you hate good American moms and dads, sisters and brothers…..children that will be at the mercy of beasts like the pig last night?
    Why? Hillary Clinton?
    Why do you hate America?

  18. It is quite amusing to hear this callow murderer pontificate to me about morals. Just remember, God is watching. And waiting.


    • If you’re referring to Hillary, I’m pretty sure you mean callous, or anything but callow. That old hag is the opposite of callow.

  19. Common criminals have no place running for president wouldn’t you agree huh Hildabeast.
    I don’t own a weapon of war but a highly accurate 22 caliber rifle.
    What some homicidal religious fanatic chooses to do with a accurate target rifle. I have no control over. Again a weapon of war???
    I don’t own anything like that. Just an accurate easy to target shoot rifle. No different then what was made over 100 plus years ago.

  20. “We will keep fighting for your right to live freely, openly and without fear firearms. Hate has absolutely no place in America unless it is a plank of the Progressive platform … like hating people who demand their right to have guns.”

    There, fixed that for Hillary.

  21. Disturbing report here:

    It is alleged there that the shooter not only was interviewed by the FBI three times since declaring himself a terrorist in 2013, but that his company is responsible for transporting illegals all over the US. Moreover, it is also alleged that a large number of “OTM” which, disregarding correctness, stands for Other Than Mexican, illegals were transported and dropped off with no attempt whatsoever to track them or deport them.

    Basically, we have no idea what he may or may not have done to plant, support, transport, or otherwise enable terrorists in the US. Best case is he’s a lone wolf.

  22. Even the President of France went after ISIS when they were attacked. What do we get? Cowardice inaction and threats of more gun control laws. Yeah, that made such a difference when they hit France huh

  23. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and their fellow travelers have turned this nation intop a toxic waste dump through their reckless immigration and LGBT policies. And what do they do when it blows up in their faces? Try to strip us of our civil rights. Welcome to America 2.0. Enjoy.

  24. Traitorous hildebasts have no place on our streets! FIFU…Hillary for Prison 2016! I see you “feel the Bern” doofuses got the same massage…

  25. Good point above. France has complete and total gun control. What good did that do

    We need to take the fight to ISIS and quick di@kin around

  26. Never mind that the AR-15 is not used by a single professional military in the world. Don’t let facts get in the way of your rhetoric.

  27. Two things:

    1) Her statement is misleading by design. It’s meant to appeal to brain dead leftists who irrationally hate firearms and people who are ignorant. That’s what this statement is about.

    2) Terrorism is an attempt to use violence or threats of violence to effect political change. Ergo, taking freedoms away from Americans because terrorism is exactly what they want. Hillary is, in effect, giving the terrorists what they want. That, in my mind, is yet another DQ for her to be POTUS.

  28. I vote for Hillary… for President of Mexico. If she can clean up that country with her gun control, I’ll give her a shot a running the US.

  29. “Finally, we need to keep guns like the ones used last night out of the hands of terrorists or other violent criminals.”

    In other words, anybody who believes in the Second Amendment…

  30. Meanwhile, Obama’s letting Syrian Muslims (like the one who masterminded the France attacks) flood into our country with almost no background checks at the rate of 100/day now. And not a peep from the MSM

    This guy was already interviewed by the FBI twice for terrorist threats and no action taken.
    If his wife would have done something about him beating her, he would have not been able to purchase firearms

    But we need more gun control. Yeah, that’s the answer.

  31. Hillary would rather be Queen of the World but will settle for President. Those guys in dark suits, ear bud and lapel pin, those are her first responders. We, as legal gun owners are our own first responders.
    If you want to remain being your or loved ones, first responder, don’t sit out next election!

  32. I don’t care if what I own are considered weapons of war or not, my right to own it is protected. That weapon of war may be needed on the street at some point if a Ferguson happens in your neighborhood. As what was said in a comment earlier, if the police need them to keep themselves safe, then I need them also. We have the potential to face the same kinds of criminals and my goal would be to come out on top. The Hildabeast can go get bent.

  33. It’s a perfect move from ISIS when you think about it… Attack us. They know the panzy Libs will just push for more gun control, therefore disarming us and making us even more vulnerable for the next attacks. No negative consequences to them. Obama aint got the sack to attack. He’s the friggin cowardly lion.

    and Shillary’s whole platform is now gun control, so we know what she’s going to say.

  34. Prayers for all LE at all levels, you all have a shitty tough job to do.
    Thank you for all you do!

  35. Hillary Clinton has no place on our streets, she belongs in prison for corruption! That is the other investigation the FBI is running.

  36. I guess this was after her tweet about the mentally ill. She’s late to the dance, Chucky Shumer already is dancing on the corpses, calling for another “assault weapons” ban. These clowns have absolutely no shame.

  37. Yup, that’s the way to defeat ISIS, disarm the American citizenry. Brilliant.
    No wonder we’re in this situation in the first place….

  38. Has anyone noticed that this is exactly what Obama described in his response in Indiana? My tinfoil has asked ” it’s like he knew”

    Seriously though. We have this thing called due process and it belongs to everybody. No secret lists on anybody ever that will deny them the rights as an American.

  39. Typical Democrat response, rhetoric about guns while ignoring the real issue. The rhetoric will have the usual result and that will be a spike in gun and ammo sales. Are they really that stupid, or do they secretly own shares in guns and ammo stock.

  40. Sure they do, WE ARE AT WAR!

    Everywhere around the world there is a huge increase in the frequency of radical Islamic terrorists attacking civilians. Guns, bombs, vehicles, fire, knives they adapt to any method and any means.

    The politicians REALLY WANT this to be a gun control problem to absolve themselves of their complacency, because this threat has flourished and come home to our shores with Barack Obama as Commander-in-Chief and Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

  41. Two Carriers in Med for first time in years shouldnt be able to have 2 rocks stacked ot top of another when we are through.

  42. A person with your glaring lack of morals has no business being in the American political arena, Madam Secretary.

  43. All weapons were weapons of war at one time, weather they are semi-automatic such as the M1 or a rock at some time they were all originally weapons of war. The only question is what will be the definition of weapons of war. The shotgun the cap and ball rifle and the semi-automatic have all been taken off the battlefield and converted 2 peaceful public use it is the people behind these weapons that perform illegal Acts and acts of terrorism that are the problem

  44. Anyone with that much crazy in their eyes has no place outside a padded cell, yet she is going to be president.

  45. damn, why could not the GOP or libertarians come up with a decent candidate, so this would be no issue…what a mess.

  46. The only reason they are “tolerant” to gays and muslims is to use them for their political goals . . . .

    • Yep. And apparently the usefulness of the gays has run out.

      Some of us have been trying to explain this concept to lefty supporters for decades.

      “First they came for …

      When they came for me…”

  47. “It also means refusing to be intimidated and staying true to our values.”
    Values like, the right to bear arms?
    “weapons of war have no place on our streets.”
    They also have no place in the hands of anyone who opposes her statist vision of America.

  48. Yes, HRC is worse on 2A.
    Yes, Democrats are worse on 2A.

    Hard truths our gun owning leftist friends need to take to heart.

      • Victory for Hillary is the Trump-haters’ goal. So it’s not so much defeatism, as psyops. Seriously, nobody who values the 2nd will refuse to vote for Trump.

        On a side note, which non-Trump R candidate looked good again? Jeb “hug an alien” Boosh? Ted “face only a mother could love” Cruz?

        Trump-haters are for open borders. This ain’t complicated.

  49. Congressman Alan Greyson on FOX interview (right now) says armed citizens in the queer club would have made things worse and more would have died. That the off duty cop didn’t even have positive impact. And need to reexamine allow weapons of war that fire 700rd/min. And can be easily be modified to full automatic/google it.

    What a moron. I assume he is not new to the ranks of the morons.

  50. Hellery isn’t the Kraziest broad I had the misfortune to hear today. Ate at a restaurant running CNN this evening. An interview with the exwife of the Mateen. That broad is a wacko!

  51. HiLIARy said exactly what I would expect it to say.
    Now that ISIS is seeing what an uproar can be created so cheaply by sending one determined Jihadi into soft, victim rich targets in the U.S. (thanks to the “gun free zone” policies) I would not be surprised if we experience a rash of this kind of carnage in the next few months leading up to the November Election.
    There are more like the Orlando Islamic murderer among us, and no law or ban the Hildabeest and its minions could enact would prevent anyone determined to procure the weaponry from equipping themselves for mass murder.
    In fact, if you think about it, if you had a dozen trained, committed Jihadists at your disposal and a few thousand dollars to equip them, in one week you could bring this country to a state of hysteria with a very little bit of strategic planning and execution. It is darkly surprising ISIS has not done this already.
    The FBI claims to have arrested around a hundred potential mass murdering Islamic Terrorists in the past year, but if these people ever learn to keep their mouths shut and not post threats on social media. We are in a world of hurt. To be a successful Jihadist Terrorist requires no social media announcement, threatening or boasting. They just have to make the commitment, keep quiet about it and follow instructions.
    Yet Hildabeest and sycophants would disarm us and make every place a “gun free zone”. Keeping illegal Arms out of the hands of Islamic Terrorists within U.S. borders would be as successful as keeping illegal drugs out of people’s hands has been. The idea of a “War on Gun Ownership” is as colossally stupid as the “War on Drugs” has been.
    Yet the HilarHag will rant and rave about this because all its got is whatever it can lie about, as it did to the Benghazi families. America is already in a world of hurt, but it can get worse.

  52. Crooked Hillary Calls for Ban on Weapons of War! In other news, The Sun rose at its expected time and place, so nothing very unusual or new happened today.

  53. As a gunowner who is disgusted and tired of seeing these countless tragedies and hearing the tired old NRA talking point solutions that don’t do anything but create more of these tragedies I think I’ve found a solution.

    How about moving all semi-automatic weapons under the purview of the NFA for starters. Hold an amnesty and allow individuals to register their weapons for free. Charge for any weapon registered after the first amnesty.
    End Form 4 transfers for any existing NFA items. SBR, SBS, AOW, DD, MG. Require that said weapons be turned in for destruction upon the current owner’s death.
    Up transfer tax to $1,000.00 Non-refundable if the transfer is denied for any reason.
    Mandatory loss of any and all registered items if the possessor ever has a restraining or protection order taken out against them.
    Firearm owners must live in an area outside of the city limits. Not in the county? No Gun for you.
    Mandatory 25 year sentence for the use of a firearm in the commission of a crime
    Complete ban on transfer and possession of high-capacity magazines. Limit everything to 5 rounds and require a pin & weld like the Canadians do.
    Tampering, or altering a magazine to hold more than 5 rounds is punishable by up to 10 years in prison and permanent registry in a “Gun offenders” list.
    Mandatory for whomever is on said gun offenders list to report to neighbors, employers, and local LE that they are firearm offenders.
    Requirement to undergo a psychological evaluation prior to applying for a transfer of any firearm.
    Open Cary is grounds for immediate confiscation and 72 mental health hold of the gun owner.
    Brandishing is an automatic loss of “gun rights”
    No CCW, No exceptions. Those who desire protection can hire bodyguards.
    Firearms can only be transported from the home to an approved range. Shooting on private land is now illegal. No exceptions. 10 years in prison 100K fine for violation.
    Limit ammunition purchases to 250 rounds per month, limit possession to 500 rounds of ammunition. No exceptions.
    Sin tax levied on all ammunition purchases. Make it 300% the cost of the ammunition. Dictate that all taxes go to a trust fund for victims of gun violence.
    Requirement to hold mandatory liability insurance on firearms. Make it scale depending on the weapon to be insured.
    Mandatory reporting of stolen firearms and stiff penalties for negligence if negligence leads to firearm theft.
    10 year minimum jail sentence for those caught in violation post ban. Mandatory civil asset forfeiture of any home, vehicle, boat, or motor vehicle where the firearm was stored.
    Utilize civil asset forfeiture in addition to mandatory minimum sentences to go after illegal gun dealers and those who “will not comply”
    Make the penalties and social stigma so severe that anyone caught ends up mopping floors and asking, “would you like fries with that?” for the rest of their lives and you’ll get the desired compliance.

    • How about go F**k yourself. I’d also suggest that you turn in your guns too, but you don’t own any guns.

    • This folks is an example of a liberty hating Fudd. Why don’t you take a your suggestions for a long walk off a short pier.

      • Like it or not, it’s coming.

        Better not panic buy and spend your savings now so you’ll have anything to spend in the prison commissary.

        Gun rights, like the horse and buggy, are out dated ideals that need to go the way of colored bathrooms.

        And they will, within a generation.

        That’s the truth about guns.

    • As the owner of a Delorian, I think those plutonium-powered Flux Capacitors are just too dangerous for civilian ownership.

    • I live in an area with 3x as many registered sex offenders than the surrounding counties thanks to maximum security sex offender housing just across the bay. We also have a big method and heroin problem complete with all the gang banging that goes with it. I also live just outside one of the largest Mil installations on earth, its the one Jag officers transfer to in order to work murders to jump start their careers. Even if I could afford to move my wife and 2 year old, the rest of my friends and family still live here. Tell me again about how hard you want to make it for me to carry a weapon legally? Because I’m sure all the pedo’s and doped out gang-bangers and ptsd’d gi’s are all gonna just give up their weapon because you decided to increase jail sentences?

      • You act like I care?

        Sucks you can’t protect your family, maybe you should re-evaluate the life choices that lead to your crappy situation ;(

        • You just outed yourself as either a troll or a shill. How can you say “You act like I care,” after you just got done going on a rant about how innocent Americans are dying at the hands of all these unregulated guns and you care so much as a gun owner you would restrict your own ability to own as well as anyone who can’t afford to jump through hoops to protect the american people right? Yet when I point out to you, that for a myriad of reasons, most of which have nothing to do with my life choices, I am stuck in a place where 911 just takes to fucking long to protect my 2 year old daughter (the definition of an innocent american)? Now you claim not to care? You do care, you said so yourself, but now that I present to you a real situation where your proposed gun policies would have disastrous effects, your shilling crumbles and you result to tuff guy bullshit that contradicts exactly what you said earlier in the conversation.

        • Your two year old is in the situation she currently is because of your poor life choices. To deny this fact is to admit that you suffer from a mental illness such as Borderline Personality Disorder and shouldn’t have access to firearms at all.

          People who suffer from BPD often deny that they are the problem. Like you have. They insist that it’s everyone else’s fault and suffer from severe paranoia.. like you do.

          It is not my problem. It’s not society’s problem. It’s your problem. If you felt the way you claim to feel you should have never brought a child into the world. It’s as simple as that.

          A gun given to a man in your situation would only lead to tragedy. A poor individual in your situation is 90% more likely to kill himself, a family member, or a stranger if a firearm is present in the home. This is a proven fact and research exists (John Hopkins) to back this up.

          Maybe you should pull up your bootstraps and work harder so you can afford to make better life choices and actually provide like a father should?

          If you read my statement carefully you’d see that I gave people in my shoes a provision to keep their firearms until they die. So your assumption that I’d be giving up anything in such a scenario is completely wrong.

          Unlike you, I’m completely comfortable with living as a hypocrite. Guns for me but not for thee. ; p

    • I have a pretty extensive collection of NFA controlled items.

      I can prove it if you’d like.

      Even I can see the damage weapons like these do to society.

      • Do not ever introduce yourself to me in person, i will kill you.

        That was your only warning, giving in accordance of the dictim of civilized combat.

        • Lol, And you people wonder why even other gunowners are clamoring for gun control and mandatory mental health screenings?

          You’re exactly the type of person who needs to be disarmed.

        • What makes you think you can disarm me? What gives you the impression that stealing away my guns, knives, and swords would disarm me?
          I am a free man, you can not render me safe. Only I can render myself safe.

  54. Hillary – And criminals (you) have no place in the White House.

    PS – never giving up our 2nd Amendment Rights … especially after seeing that the mass shooting criminals are
    always registered Democrats. We need to put all Democrats on a ‘watch list’.

  55. If Hil-liar-y could utter the words “We are at war with radical Islam” then weapons of war (whatever the hell they are) would be appropriate in the hands of law abiding citizens. The woman can’t understand normal thinking.

    • The first run of M16s issued to American soldiers were stamped AR-15.

      Care to continue gunsplaining and arguing semantics?

      • That guy made a forgivable factual error by getting his facts wrong where as you come in here with hypocrisy that can only be attributed to someone with sub-par critical thinking paired with an ego the size of New York or you are a fucking troll who will love out there days collecting residuals from Hillary’s troll army and pwning noons on call of duty while stuffing your face with 7-11 nachos in your mamas basement. BTW, video game weapons don’t count as actual nfa weapons in real life.

        • Pretty well documented that the first rifles delivered to the US Military and overseas customers were stamped, “AR-15”

          You can’t gunsplain away that little inconvenient fact. Or the fact that the AR-15 platform we have today is identical in every way shape and form save for the FCG pocket to a military issue M16 or M4.

          The advent and proliferation of things like Lightning Links, Bumpfire Stocks, and DIAS makes that little argument of semantics irrelevant.

          I urge you to see a mental health professional to talk about your obvious anger issues. I also urge you to sell your firearms or dispose of them in a responsible manner because judging by your anger outburst you fit the profile of an active shooter to a T.

          Have a great day ;D

  56. Hillary can’t protect herself from her husband, she can’t protect our Ambassadors with SOCOM and Marines chomping at the bit waiting in the wings.

    BUT she can protect EVERYONE (she promises) if you will just give up your gun.

  57. And to think, the Trumpsters (probably) put her in office, as Rubio (15 point lead…and nobody hated the dude) would have won in a WALK.


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