florida escambia county home invasion
Courtesy Escambia County Sheriff
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How many times have you heard from mouthpieces for the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex that having a gun in the home endangers women? How many times have those same people claimed that women owning guns will only have them taken away and used against them?

Will any of those media stenographers for the gun control industry talk to the Florida woman who used a gun to defend herself against her raging ex who had just kicked in her front door?

Yeah, no. No they won’t. Because counter to their narrative, the un-named woman shot the man who was threatening her and her children, stopping the threat he posed.

According to the Escambia County Sheriff . . .

Once on scene, deputies found a 54-year old male deceased from an apparent gunshot wound to the head. The residents inside the home told investigators the man kicked in the front door, and once inside, he armed himself with a knife, yelling he was there to harm his children’s mother. He went room to room searching and threatening the occupants who had retreated to a bedroom in the rear of the house. He then confronted a woman in the rear bedroom, who, fearing for her life, shot the man twice.

The woman’s security system caught the man kicking in the front door:

None of this, of course, should have happened because a court order prohibited it.

At the time of the incident, the suspect, had an active Domestic Violence Injunction filed on him. He was also reportedly on his way to anger management treatment when the incident took place.

In the twisted minds of the Kris Browns and Shannon Watts of the world, anger management classes and a restraining order is all a woman needs to keep her safe from an abusive ex. Should anything happen after that, just dial 911. They’ll be there as soon as they can.

Fortunately, like tens of millions of other Americans, the woman in this incident didn’t trust her safety to the response time of the local 5-0. Or court-issued piece of paper.

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  1. I love hearing about Florida Man. The dude is just awesome. And he keeps coming back for more!

    • Ya beat me to it. The words “Florida Man” in the article’s title was enough clickbait for me to bite…

      • Hey Haz, I was just getting something at my local Subway. I saw the manager busting her butt (for around $15 per hour no doubt), and it reminded me of the time you bragged about hassling a Subway manager regarding some stupid sales tax dispute. Way to be ‘cool’, ‘man’.

        • “Hey Haz, I was just getting something at my local Subway.”

          Bullshit, that takes money, and you’re to stupid to hold a job… 😉

          Dance, troll, I order you to respond…

  2. Good for her!

    This lady exercised her 2A right and definitively stopped the aggression against her and her children.

    If the MSM reports this incident the “facts” will be realigned to coincide with their approved narrative regarding private ownership of firearms.

    • More likely to just he added to the number of victims of “gun violence”.

    • He was just turning his life around, nasty baby momma should be disarmed before she hurts herself. He would have made a fine doctor, if she had only allowed him to get to his anger management class!

      • You have stolen his families response, that of his ambulance chasing attorney, BLM, the Fascists of antifa, Al Sharpton, and the whole civilian industrial complex that makes excuses for black criminals.

  3. A 12 gauge shotgun loaded with #4 buckshot fired through the door as he was kicking it in would have been an equally effective and safer tactic.

    • Elmer Fudd,

      That depends on the door construction. If it was a steel door or possibly even a solid hardwood door, a load of #4 buckshot may not have been able to punch through with enough residual velocity to promptly stop the attacker.

      Of course a load of #4 buckshot at full velocity would be absolutely devastating to the attacker.

      • My Mossy has a function you may not be aware of, once you master flicking your hands in a certain way, you can send ANOTHER load of #4 through that door, and yet another, until he becomes tired of it and leaves, or something.

    • It is a bit heterodox to advocate shooting at targets you can’t see, no?

      • Yeah thats a stupid idea. Once hes inside though all bets are off

      • Good point.

        In actuality, it would be murder to shoot him just because he was kicking your door.

        But by all means, be my guest and see what happens.

        Just more evidence for my position that there should be mandatory weapons training including rights and obligations before anyone is allowed to own a firearm.

    • You could say he finished at the “head of his class”.

      Thank you, thank you. I’ll be here all week. Try the veal.

      • After she took action, he found he couldn’t head out the front door.

      • He tried to figure out why he was shot while threatening her, but nothing came to mind.

      • The woman successfully imparted high speed lead therapy and the man is no longer headstrong.

  4. After viewing the video the student of anger management should have been more careful about who he wants to f-n play with. Well Mother’s Day certainly came early.

    • ‘Florida Man’ wanted to play, but she damn sure wasn’t playing… 😉

        • Others in TTAG say things like this about you :

          “…his unhealthy, creepy, stalker-like fixation on Geoff is . . . borderline perverted. But Geoff appears to find it amusing…”

          Do I ever! 😉

  5. I’m really disappointed that we did not hear the gunshots in the video provided. I wonder if he still wants to play?

  6. How many times has it been said,”DONT TAKE A KNIFE TO A GUNFIGHT “?
    I still have to chuckle at these kind of stories & outcomes… 😎

    • He apparently didn’t even bring the knife, had to pick it up there. Would have probably been a better idea to leave, he didn’t have time to play before his class anyhow.

  7. As a Ph.D. medical scientist…in my professional opinion I believe this lady may have “terminally” solve her husband’s abusive nature…better than any therapist might have been able to do so in 100 years.

    Adios abusive asshole. The world is better off without your presence here.

  8. So the gun grabbers are telling people that they should rely on restraining orders and dialing 911?

    Can you say “Ma’Khia Bryant”?

    Police officers across the nation are already adopting a defensive posture. As the proprietors of the now defunct SECOND CITY COP blog were repeatedly advising, “STAY FETAL OUT THERE.”

    If the victim had dialed 911 rather than grabbed her gun and had managed to stay alive until the police arrived, there is a high probability that the cops would have remained passive while their body cameras recorded her murder and maybe the murder of her family.

    BTW, was the woman white?
    If so she will be pilloried by the ANTIFA BLM community.

      • @Marc

        A roll of quarters is $10…10 > 3…so, no, it’s not cheaper. BTW, the U.S. quarter is 0.953″ in diameter while 12 gauge is only 0.729″, even the 10 gauge is only 0.775″ in diameter. Your theory of a roll of quarters in a shotgun is flawed from both a fiscal and a materials science POV.

        • Ah, lighten up there Montana. Not even I, myself, am that uptight. Besides, Marc shoots a 4 bore.

  9. That restraining order has a function, just like self defense insurance and video of your entry doors, it helps establish you as the innocent party. This is especially important if you live in a location with a Soros inflicted DA. CYA as much as you reasonably can.

    • Even the worst DA is gonna be shy to take this one. The video would be shown to the jury and it alone would likely prevent conviction. And a house full of witnesses saying he had a knife doesn’t help either.

      I would say unless there is another video of him unarmed , on his knees begging her not to shoot him before she takes the head shot , she is in the clear

  10. And NEVER forget that the four dissenting justices in Heller v. DC (2008) said that this woman did not have the right, protected by the Second Amendment, to keep an operable firearm within her own home.

    • Well Fred, come on now, A human life was lost!!! Surely he was just going in the house for tea and crumpets.


  11. Gee, I sure hope for Miner’s peace of mind that she had training, because her right to bear arms should be contingent upon her receiving training in firearms in his opinion.

  12. This is making me rethink my own kitchen knife storage. Perhaps an old cereal box or large Quaker Oats cylinder box might function as a hidden in plain sight type of storage. Leaving something so easily weaponized in a wood block on my counter, probably not a good idea.

    • Don’t give our “friends” at NSSF any ideas. They might show their support for your Responsible Cooking Rights by advocating laws that would punish you if you let that happen.

      • The U.K. is way ahead of us on that road. Their next step will be to limit each family to only one NHS certified-dull butter knife. The Spork will officially replace those long-tined (and dangerous) forks with multiple sharp thingies that protrude from the base.

        Gordon R will have to keep his famous Chef’s Knife locked on set in a double-verification security container until show time when the monitoring government official will unlock the safe and allow access to the deadly tool under strict supervision (no more than one sharp, pointed blade permitted at a time).

        • If only you were kidding! My wife grew up in the UK. Neither of us have any interest in returning (beyond a short family visit).

        • @LarryinTX

          I have a Gladius made by a local armorer a few years ago. Would like a naval pattern cutlass next.

  13. Sure glad he was forced to arm himself with a knife from the kitchen, just think what would’ve happened if he’d come through the door with a firearm.

    Hey, I guess that DVP thingy must’ve worked somehow, he came through the door with no weapons.

    “54-year old male… yelling he was there to harm his children’s mother“

    Mmmm, smells like toxic masculinity.

    • Yes I thought the same thing about him being armed with a gunm. One things for sure a restraining order didn’t stop him from having one. I’d say he doesn’t have the right connections. And why didnt he have the right connections? Hes was probably a jerk.

  14. “deputies found a 54-year old male deceased from an apparent gunshot wound to the head.”


    • Sing it with me! Nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey, good bye!

      All goofiness aside, while I am incredibly relieved and happy that the intended victim and her children did not suffer any physical injuries, it is deeply saddening that the attacker had no self-control and had to lose his life.

      • uncommon_sense,
        I agree with your initial reaction. If life is sacred, it is only so in the sense that life is eternal – i.e. the soul, which cannot be killed.

        Justice is an absolute, objective, and unchanging moral principle. Digestion, glandular function, and respiration are not principles at all. Justice – whether a positive outcome for positive choices, or a negative outcome brought on by negative choices – is equally just and proportional, and therefore equally good and desirable.

        Any other outcome from the one in the article would have been injustice, and therefore saddening: Not only suffering for this innocent women and her kids, but every single penny taxed from a decent, hardworking American to give the POS perpetrator an attorney, gym privileges, air conditioning, cigarettes, dessert, pay, commissary privileges, education, etc.

      • Or ‘Crime Scene Cleanup’…

  15. the suspect, had an active Domestic Violence Injunction filed on him.

    Which just pissed him off even more…. Thanks to the PC people of the world a guy like like this is just pushed deeper into his/her delusions of persecution anxiety instead of being placed in the care of “competent” medical professionals, but that would cost money needed to line the pockets of politicians and corporations, anyway, what’s one more dead black guy, probably didn’t vote so, mehhh….

    • Yup, I was thinking the same thing. Breaking down the door and going bug fck was wrong however there’s always two sides to a story.

  16. The court appointed lawyers suck, the air conditioning is to keep it cold so violence is not escalated, the gym is to keep you fit because cigarettes if you can get them could cost you your life, the pay is 35 cents, dessert can be taken away if your a puss,commissary is over priced scam, and education will help when you / if get out. This rosey picture you paint of prison life is not what you think.

  17. The woman can put that court-issued piece of paper to good use — scraping up Mr. Anger Management’s brains from her hallway.

  18. The way this boomer board defends women shooting their husbands is sickening.

    This man was probably divorce-raped, cheated on, had his kids taken from him… and now gets to give half his paycheck to this woman so she can sleep with lots of dudes who will eventually molest his kids.

    I support the right to carry guns, and I support the right to stand your ground- but an angry dad trying to get inside his own home is not something worth killing over.

    • With a name like “Christian Father”, you’re not sounding very Christian. Even if you’re right, and he was “divorce-raped”, he has no right to invade a home, and threaten the lives of the people in the home. Go watch the video again, and try to stop sounding like a jerk.

    • Some good points, except the last one. Seems like she waited to plug him until he came at her with a knife. Could very well have been circumstances that sucked for him, but he relinquished his argument as he picked up the knife.

    • “The way this boomer board defends women shooting their husbands is sickening.”

      I’m glad I’m no ‘boomer’, son… 😉

    • angry dad trying to get inside his own home is not something worth killing over.

      Really? A pissed off guy kicks in your front door and comes at you WITH A KNIFE and you want to take time to wonder if he’s just having a bad day? NO, you shoot the fuckin guy and ask questions later… Personally I’m shocked that the all powerful “restraining order” didn’t do it’s job, which was to keep the woman safe… Sorry the guy killed himself when he kicked in the door

      • I mean- maybe this particular case was justified. Maybe it wasn’t. I guarantee you there was more to this story.

        I don’t think TTAG celebrating every time a domestic situation ends with a father getting shot is good. If this was a woman banging on the door, and the man shot her- we would all be treating this very differently.

        If he was charging at someone with a knife, then ya- it was justified. But I find the *celebration* aspect weird. Maybe we watch too much TV?

        No-fault divorce and restraining orders have destroyed the family. I wouldn’t trust our Kanagaroo court system either. Good people like Derek Chauvin and James Fields get locked up for life.

        Maybe we should not rush to judgement?

        • “ Good people like Derek Chauvin” – clearly CF is not as advertised and a troll. There is nothing Christian about kneeling on a man’s neck.

    • Darn’ right! Any good, Christian father would kick in the front door of the home in which his estranged wife was staying, grab a good, sharp knife, and then hunt through the home for her, in a good-faith effort to convince her that he was really a nice guy and that she should take him back! I find that pretty much ALL minor domestic squabbles between loving couples can be solved with a good, sharp knife, don’t you? I mean, what wife or girlfriend wouldn’t respond positively to a large, raging male with a knife?! Roses and chocolates my A**! It’s Henkels and Wusthof for you, baby!

      Do you perchance know Minor69er?

    • You may be 100% right in your assessment but OTOH the video is a great pro-2A visual to the masses so I’ll give him a thumbs-up for the unplanned public relations assist.

  19. Sad…..social worker didn’t arrive in time……. Will social workers replacing cops be armed with buckets and mops to clean up the mess??? Just pondering…

  20. @9×39 in the blind


    Your response to 49er quoting the section of FL law was spot on. In my mind I was imagining you yelling “Pull” and the clay miner plummeting to earth in pieces. The finesse with which you “shot” him off his perch earned two guffaws and an LOL!

    Unfortunately, that whole sub-thread appears to have been deleted.

    Thank you,

  21. I would liked to have heard the kill shots in the audio. I love the sound of criminals being shot in the morning.

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