Joe Biden, Kamala Harris
Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden and Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif.(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)
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By Alan M. Rice

Joe Biden has been running for president for 32 years. Longtime advocates of the right to bear arms may remember that Joe Biden has run twice before, in 1988 and 2008. And if he is elected this year, he will be 78 years old on inauguration day – making him the oldest president to ever be sworn in. Thus, Biden’s selection of Kamala Harris as his running mate matters as much or more than the presidential candidate himself.

I won’t mince words. This is by far, the most anti-gun, anti-America, anti-freedom ticket in history.

Joe Biden has a long, well known record of not only voting for — but sponsoring — one anti-gun bill after another. On the campaign trail, he boasts about being a sponsor of the now-sunsetted 1994 Biden/Clinton/Gore firearm and magazine ban. And he has vowed to reenact such a ban if he were to be elected president — a ban that will force gun owners to pay a tax and register any “pre-ban” guns they wish to keep and will not have a sunset provision. To be sure, in 1995, Sen. Dianne Feinstein said:

“If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an out right ban, picking up every one of them. . . Mr. and Mrs. America, turn ’em all in,” I would have done it. I could not do that. The votes weren’t here.”

The Biden/Harris campaign has vowed to pursue gun confiscation.

He also wants to enact a “one-handgun-a-month” law (gun rationing, which will surely expand to rifles and shotguns and become one firearm per month); enforce “universal background checks” (sell or give a gun to a friend, family member or neighbor and you could go to jail); and incentivize states to pass “red flag” gun confiscation laws (no due process) which is wholly inconsistent with over 200 years of American jurisprudence.

Joe Biden
(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

And that’s only the beginning.

If Joe Biden wins the election, we will be facing every sort of European socialist type of gun control, the magnitude of which will only be limited by the imaginations of the leftists who he will pack his cabinet with. Leftist ideologues such as Robert Frances O’Rourke who, as a candidate, promised to confiscate American citizens lawfully owned firearms.

Beto Biden
(AP Photo/Richard W. Rodriguez)

Biden’s running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris said during the primary election that: “Upon being elected, I will give the United States Congress 100 days to get their act together and have the courage to pass reasonable gun safety laws, and if they fail to do it, then I will take executive action…”

We don’t know exactly what Sen. Harris means by “executive action,” but it can’t be good for those of us who strongly and unequivocally support Second Amendment rights.

Sen. Harris is on record as an advocate for repeal of the Protection in Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA). This is a 2005 law that was enacted because big city mayors (in collaboration with the plaintiffs bar) were suing gun manufacturers for the criminal abuse of their lawfully produced products. The PLCAA was enacted to prevent legitimate businesses that are selling a legal product from being forced into bankruptcy for the actions of criminals. Gun makers cannot — or will not — control criminals who steal guns and harm others.

Gun manufacturers are federally licensed, and they only sell to federally licensed gun dealers. Even if a gun maker wins a lawsuit, they lose because of the hundreds of thousands of dollars that must be spent on attorneys and experts to defend their legitimate business. It is an abuse of the court system to allow such suits to proceed, given that a gun manufacturer or dealer was not responsible for the criminal conduct that was committed with their legal product.

The ultimate goal of a Biden/Harris administration is to ban guns (or make them prohibitively expensive) by suing into bankruptcy those who legally produce and sell them.

kamala harris candidate 2020
Kamala Harris Credit: mpi04/MediaPunch/IPX

Kamala Harris hates guns and those who own them. She clearly does not believe that law-abiding citizens should have a right to carry them for self defense, much less own them. When she was Attorney General of California, she fought to preserve California’s “good cause” requirement for the issuance of a license. This “requirement” is what prevents many honest, law-abiding gun owners from obtaining concealed carry licenses and being able to take responsibility for their own safety. Sen. Harris does not like self-reliant Americans.

You can be sure that in a Biden / Harris administration, nationwide concealed carry (HR 38) will never be enacted. In fact, none of the pro-gun reforms that GOA has been pushing will be enacted — such as deregulating short barrel rifles, which has taken on a sense of urgency because ATF is now working to outlaw pistol braces.

And just when you thought that it couldn’t get worse, you can be certain that a Biden/Harris Administration will happily push for all the radical gun control that other Democrats talked about during the campaign, such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s plan to tax handguns at 30% and ammunition at 50%. Or Sen. Corey Booker’s plan to create a federal gun licensing scheme similar to the one in his home (anti-gun) state of New Jersey.

Democrats are also salivating at the prospect of taking control of the Senate and retaining control of the House of Representatives. If they get the Senate, they will, within the first 90 days, get rid of the filibuster (so the minority will not have a voice) and make Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia states with full representation in Congress. If that happens, freedom will be lost — possibly forever.

These changes will make it virtually impossible for the Republican Party to regain control of the Congress, and if the Democrats actually carry out their threat to end the Electoral College, Donald Trump could very well be the last Republican president.

After former Vice President Al Gore lost the 2000 presidential election, Democrats muted their support for gun control. Fast forward 20 years and the muzzles are off. They have told us — loudly and clearly — exactly what they will do if they win the election. Now it’s our responsibility to deny them the opportunity.

The above scenarios are not fear mongering. These are the assessments made by GOA’s leadership which, together, has over 100 years of experience in the area of public policy and Second Amendment advocacy.

So please, on November 3, remember to vote your guns and vote your freedom. Together we can make sure that the Biden/Harris Campaign becomes a footnote of history rather than a presidential administration.


Allan M. Rice is a firearms instructor and spokesman for Gun Owners of America.

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  1. Jim Crow Gun Control Marxist joe wins when crybabies and slackers sit on their butts and don’t vote.

    TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

    • The author forgot to mention Biden’s website Gun safety page outlines all his plans. He states clearly there he will require NFA registration and tax stamps for all “assault weapons” and standard mags, those that citizens refuse to sell “back” to the government.

      He also will outlaw online sales of gun parts, springs, accessories, ammo and firearms themselves. He pretends online guns are shipped to your house, when guns currently bought online can only be picked up at your local FFL after a background check when purchased online. Better hope your local store has all the parts and ammo you need, and at good prices.

      Further, he will require national licensing to purchase or possess firearms AND ammo. You need to PAY for that as well, or surrender all your guns and ammo. AND THERE IS A PSYCHOLOGIST INTERVIEW FOR THE LICENSE.

  2. I’d rather be marched in chains to the edge of a mass grave, knelt down and executed by nice Uncle Joe than live for one more minute under a POTUS who Tweets mean things.

  3. But CommieLa has such an appealing, relatable personality. She’s constantly sincerely laughing because everything is hilarious to her. She’s also a moderate because she was involved in law enforcement. Her senate voting record is literally to the left of everyone including Bernie, but why should we even talk about that?

    2017-2019 has only Warren to the left of Harris. Totally moderate! No worries!

    • Kami the Commie Hairy@zz was so popular she was a early Marxist out of the running within the DemoCommie party, they were that enthralled with her.

    • Wait until we finish our high speed rail system here in the great People’s Republik of Kalifornia. Only thirty years to go!

      (whispering off mic into the ear…)

      What’s that? Our glorious rail is no longer from Los Angeles (Garcetti’s home) to Sacramento (Newsom’s home)? After all the scandal and mis-management, it’s being re-purposed from Victorville (nowhereland) to Las Vegas (due to COVID, now also nowhereland)?

      Ah, then…only fifty years to go!

      • One thing Communism is “good” is creating shortages where there should be plenty. There will be shortages of everything in the prison camps with the exception of prisoners. Shortages of construction materials, tools, adequate clothing, bunks, food, heating fuel, blankets, medicine, and so on. The only other thing there won’t be a shortage of will be the zeal and cruelty of the guards.

  4. Somebody that knows more than me answer this question.

    joe biden has been a civil servant for close on to 50 years. He was a young man when he entered .gov service. How did he become so rich on an elected officials salary?

    How is it maxine waters is living in a 6 million dollar mansion on a public servants salary?

      • In case you thought you were being funny, that is exactly true. I’ve been in the market for over 40 years, and I just found that out around 3 years ago, I still find it incredible. But we are talking actually legal, not just overlooked because they are powerful or whatever, they are exempted from the law.

    • I’ll answer your question with another question. Remember when the entire country’s economy was in the tank following the slow down and crash of the late 2000’s? There was one area of the country that actually CONTINUED to grow. It’s the area surrounding Washington D.C. What makes that area so different that allowed continued growth when the rest of the country was stagnant?

      “The Big Guy” didn’t just get a cut from influence peddling. His family also “coincidentally” profited from government contracts. Here’s the dirty little not so secret: Joe ain’t the only one doing this.

      • DC didn’t just continue to grow, it grew *faster* when the real economy crashed and the government started stimulating everything.

      • Yes, Joe is not the only one.

        I’m going to go out on a limb and say what the average person calls insider trading is something that members of Congress are allowed to do without penalty. I could be very wrong but I understand that anything they hear in meetings or briefings they can use.

        I’m probably off or not nuanced enough but I seem to remember reading about some obscure law that allows this. If true or correct, it’s wrong on soo many levels but how else is it explained that so many start out kinda middle class and wind up very rich?

        • You are correct, although I understood it was specified in the insider trading laws themselves, not some other obscure law. Either way, maybe Congress will change it?? NOT!!

    • Same way Bankrupt Slick Willie and Hildabeast along with Barrack Obama, Bernie Sanders (Remember the Mansion Purchase shortly after dropping out of the race) and Creepy Joe did it. Politics pays well if your soul is for sale. Make No mistake Political Graft is alive and well on both sides of the aisle and has been since Politicians became a thing. I spent 5 years inside politics in the early 90’s working on 2 political campaigns. I spent many days at the State capitol meeting with various State Senators and Representatives as well as the Governor. I can say I’ve seen the meetings and attended the dinners where the deals were made. Nothing overt and yet unless you were a Moron of the highest caliber it was obvious what was going on. Every vote has a price whether it is in the form of money, committee appointments or family considerations. It’s always been that way and will always be that way as long as there are still living breathing politicians in charge of government. Keep Your Powder Dry.

      • Joe has been priding himself on releasing his tax returns. Y’know, the reason that became a big deal was so that people could become outraged when the returns are outrageous. So, why has NOBODY mentioned that Joe had $19 million in INCOME in 2019, and paid 1.5% in taxes, which outrages me in the extreme. Where the HELL did this supposed public servant get that kind of income, and if he thinks that everyone should pay 39.6% of all income over $400,000, why is his payment for 2019 over $7 million short?

    • Maybe he got rich by giving most of his paycheck to his mother and putting the rest into a savings account with compound interest?

    • Maxine is married to a banker. According to information released today by a whistle blower, Old Joe was profiting handsomely off of his son’s business dealings that raked in millions in “consulting” fees and equity interests in business partners.

      • “Maxine is married to a banker.”

        I’ve heard that before. I’m not sure what sort of banker he is, but only the very top can afford a $6 million house. I knew someone that was the regional executive of the largest bank in the state, and he lived in a nice house, but it wasn’t even a $1 million house. I checked Maxine’s husband’s wiki, and it says absolutely zilch about being a banker. It does, however state that he was a “public servant.” Are you seeing a trend yet?

    • I worked on Capital Hill for a Senator. They are completely corrupt, every one in office more than a term. Insider trading, government contracts for family and friends, land deals, discounted loans, government grants, guaranteed lobbying or corporate job when they get tired of office or are voted out… even the good ones go bad after a few years of being surrounded by all the corruption. Either that, or they quit in disgust.

      • “guaranteed lobbying or corporate job when they get tired of office or are voted out”

        Absolutely. People are paying them for their connections and influence. Jim Sasser (U.S. Senator) was voted out, served a few more years as an appointed public servant, then proceeded to make a fortune. He was wealthy to begin with, but why stop there?

  5. When the founders spoke of enemies foreign and domestic todays DemoCommie party are the domestic, they are unAmerican as they hate America,the Constitution and everything it stands for. As such Biden and Harris have sold their names to represent the party and the decay of America it stands for.

  6. Everyone knows all this, and has for quite some time. Which is largely why we’ve seen the biggest spike in gun and ammo sales over the last ytd since forever. The formerly anti-gun public have, until now, been slow learners, but not any more. Firearm and ammo manufacturers started investing serious money in plant and equipment in the last 4 or 5 months, and businesses don’t do that unless they are damn sure the demand for product will be long term.

    Buyers (especially newbies) are not going to abide by any EO’s, bans or any other foolishness from Biden and company after they plunked down a grand or more for a gun, ammo, training, permits, accessories, etc. And long time gun owners will never comply. No way, Jose’.

    • “Firearm and ammo manufacturers started investing serious money in plant and equipment in the last 4 or 5 months, and businesses don’t do that unless they are damn sure the demand for product will be long term.”

      Think of their sales once the active war starts after the election or after ACB is sworn in next week.

      • That’s exactly what they are thinking. Ruger, S&W, Sig, Glock, Henry, Federal, Winchester, CCI, Hornady, etc. are all salivating over that future profit, and so are the upstream suppliers of components and after market products, and trainers. The market potential is huge, and they will make sure that whoever wins in a couple weeks understands that.

        • Bit difficult to make a profit when they’ve been bankrupted by the post PLCAA court cases.

  7. The OP missed one other thing about Kamala Harris. Way back int eh Schwarzenegger administration, California passed a bill that provided that all new semiautomatic handguns brought into the State of California, in order to be certified for sale on the Roster, had to incorporate microstamping technology that wold place a unique identified in two places on the casing of a fired round. The effective date of the law was delayed until the California Attorney General certified that the technology existed and was free from patent restrictions that would imprint the required marks. In May, 2013, after a scuffle over the actual patent that was resolved when the inventor waive his patent rights, Ms. Harris made the required certification. It was a lie. The technology that she relied upon as complying with the statutory requisites stamped a unique identifier only in one place, the primer, not in two places on the case as the statute required. As a result, no new model semiauto handguns have been added to the California Roster since, and the supply of semiauto handguns have dwindled as manufacturers have ceased producing older models that are grandfathered in under the prior law.

    Everyone (reasonably) suspects that Kamala knew full well that her certification was fraudulent. Her goal instead was to slowly but surely eliminate all semiauto handguns from the California market.

    [Since then, the Legislature sort of doubled down on the microstamping law. Recognizing the flaw in the certification, the new amendments require a stamp in only one place, but also require that for each new model approved for sale three older “noncompliant” handguns must be removed. Again, the goal is an elimination of semiauto handguns for sale in this state.]

  8. all the liberals, celebrities, media really don’t care. They hate trump and his shenannigans and are willing to strike a deal with the devil to get him out.

    • Right! And when Trump is reelected all those fuckwits are going to leave the country forever, which is enough of a reason to vote for him, all by itself.

  9. Democrats with China Joe’s help created this virus. Fact this virus was created in a Chinese lab. Then Joe insisted everyone wears a mask like Pelosi and Fauci but they themselves dont wear them? Why? Masks make it harder to identify people and promotes crime. Social distancing and masks may help to some degree but ultimately they do not stop the spread of any virus. Lysol and disinfectants stop the spread. Media constantly promoted fear with the virus which libby governors lockdown their entire states but allowed protests. This is bullschift. They allow violent protests and they attacked and defunded the police at the same time! Youth suicides up 100% due to lockdowns. Libby lockdowns means no jobs for self employed and small business. Then riots, riots, riots in same libby states with libby cherry picking district attorneys who set criminals and antifa free. Folks this is a setup and everything is planned premeditated. Force people to use their guns then blame them and their guns. Kyle Rittenhouse prime example of this. Its genius.
    2nd amendment shall not be infringed EVER! That means every law on books against firearms and ammo are unconstitutional. Attacking someone for brandishing a gun when defending themselves is unconstitutional. Joe Biden is a proven liar and cannot be trusted with gun rights.

  10. They are no threat! They can’t get elected! IF they some how cheat & win they will be hauled out of the disgraced white house on a rail to the nearest lamp post or tree…for justice for tyrants…along with 100 million commies

  11. All federal gun laws are unconstitutional!! Shall not be infringed, means just what it says!!
    If you are not currently incarcerated or committing a crime then no gun law can be justified. Yes this means felons get their rights back as soon as they walk out of prison.
    The world has gone soft and don’t realize there are evil people in the world. Evil politicians are the worst of the lot and vengeance will be revisited on them sevenfold!

  12. Why’s shouldn’t Puerto Rico and DC have equal representation in Congress? We’re american citizens the same as everyone else. This whole diatribe sounds less like defense of gun rights and more like peddling to Republicans, who by the way, have not passed HR38 while they had control of the house, senate and presidency, have not repealed the NFA, etc. This “lesser of two evils” BS needs to stop. You’re either all in for the second amendment or you’re not. Shilling for whoever infringes on it less than the other makes you look like a joke.

    • When there are two poor pro-2A choices, do you condone voting for the “greater of two evils”???? Maybe not voting at all to “really show ’em”??? It’s the America we’ve been in for decades as the invading hordes have been sitting in the Command Post.

      DC doesn’t get to vote because it was established as such. DC dwellers knew that before moving there. That’s why many live across the Potomac. My son and d-in-law bitched, bitched, bitched as such the whole time they lived there.

      Puerto Rico isn’t a state….it’s a shit hole. Been there, worked there many times providing pharma contract external resource. Security bars on every building five floors high. Hotel compounds lock their perimeter security gates at 6PM nightly, warn gringos about venturing out. USA doesn’t need a Chicago on steroids just to give Socialists two more Senators to steal our freedom.

    • Puerto Rico needs to clean its act up, first, as has been the situation for decades. As for DC, if its residents wish representation, the land area should be annexed by VA and MD, problem solved. If it is just another stupid Dem ploy to attempt to avoid complete irrelevance, let’s remember that there are a few dozen islands in the Florida Keys which need to be made states, as well.

  13. King George did a similar anti-gun thingy long ago. How did that work out for him????? History….learn from it or re-live it. Freedom, Liberty, and Rights….coming to a head in your town.

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