Kamala Harris
Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)
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Doddering Joe has pledged to act within his first 100 days to do something about “gun violence,” if elected. Once he’s been put out to pasture following the election, President Harris has made it quite clear that her intent is to outlaw “assault weapons” and home-made firearms by whatever means necessary.

While USA Today is correct that Harris has never explicitly maintained that she would sign an executive order to “send police” to break down your door, she is the first person to be on a major presidential ticket in American history who openly supports gun confiscation. Whether she promised to implement those plans through legislation or via executive order is also, at best, opaque, despite factcheckers’ efforts to claim otherwise.

For one thing, USA Today insinuates that Harris, answering a question at an AFSCME forum in Las Vegas, denied she supported gun confiscation. I’m sorry, but her answer to the Washington Examiner’s Kerry Picket — “I’m actually prepared to take executive action to put in place rules that improve this situation” — isn’t by any standard a denial. In responding to the question, Harris not only failed to deny that she supported the confiscation of semi-automatic rifles, she also didn’t deny that she supported unilaterally creating a national database of gun owners. Somehow, though, USA Today and the Associated Press missed the numerous occasions on which Harris promoted her gun confiscation position. The latter, in fact, claimed that Harris merely backed a “renewal of the assault weapons ban,” which is factually inaccurate. The assault-weapons ban of 1994 only applied to weapons manufactured after the date of the law’s enactment. Harris supports retroactively making guns illegal — and then taking them through a mandatory buyback program.

The California senator said so unambiguously on Jimmy Fallon’s show in September 2019. She did so again the next month at an anti–Second Amendment event hosted by March for Our Lives, where she said, “We have to have a buyback program and I support a mandatory gun buyback program. It’s got to be smart. We’ve got to do it the right way but there are five million [assault weapons] at least, some estimate as many as 10 million, and we’re going to have to have smart public policy that’s about taking those off the streets but doing it the right way.”

That event, it should be noted, was billed as a policy a forum on “gun safety” — the same euphemism Harris used in the primary debate where she warned that she would circumvent the legislative branch on gun policy:

Upon being elected, I will give the United States Congress 100 days to get their act together and have the courage to pass reasonable gun safety laws. And if they fail to do it, then I will take executive action.

– David Harsanyi in Of Course Kamala Harris Supports Gun Confiscation

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        • “What’s your point?”

          For fuck’s sake, it’s simple – Blowing off a candidate’s chances of winning can bite you in the ass *hard*.

          Imagine the SCOTUS bench with Scalia replaced with Kagan 2. Imagine wishy-washy Anthony Kennedy being replaced by Sotomayor 2. Do you seriously believe they would vote that concealed carry was a constitutional right for all Americans, anywhere in America?

          If you do, whatever you’re currently smoking, can I have have some from your bag?

      • Geoff is right on this score. For his first (and only) pick Biden will choose Eric Holder to replace Ginsburg. He will resign his office within 6 months for “health reasons” and Kamala will then pick Obama to replace Breyer. Next she will start packing the Court and the Senate will go along including a few whipped puppy worthless Republicans because they are too cowardly to standup to being called raciest.

        Keep your powder dry!

        • “He will resign his office within 6 months for “health reasons”

          Well now, that’s quite the claim! Would you care to place a small wager, put your money where your mouth is?

          I will wager you a fifth of Woodford reserve that he does not leave the office of president within six months for health reasons, what say you?

    • Strong disagree – Biden has a very good chance of being elected. There are a lot of folks who won’t vote for Trump regardless of the gun policy implications.

      Currently I’m leaning hard toward Jo Jorgensen. Her policies are pretty solid and she’s not Trump.

      • Voting libertarian? Are you not allowed to go outside without a helmet?
        You clowns are as laughable as the Bernie bros.

        • I think the clowns in this story are the folks supporting Trump for a second term. It saddens me to see how low the party has sunk. There is a very large contingent that is ready to burn it down in order to rebuild it as a respectable institution. I’m in that camp.

        • “There is a very large contingent that is ready to burn it down in order to rebuild it as a respectable institution. I’m in that camp.”

          Thanks, Scotto!

          You’ve identified yourself as being the real enemy… 🙂

        • Scotty says “There is a very large contingent that is ready to burn it down in order to rebuild it as a respectable institution. I’m in that camp.”

          Really? When the Democratics open up the borders and millions come here for Free Health Care and all states turn deep blue.

          That’s a great plan, let them destroy America so we can 50 years from now rebuild her. Brilliant!!

        • yeah, Jorg is pro BLM, and on that note I was well beyond out. The libertarians were already losing me over the fact their base is so far from united its comical (small govt conservatives in the same party as literal ANCAPS and ANCOMS) but the open borders and pro BLM stuff was no go.

        • “There is a very large contingent that is ready to burn it down in order to rebuild it as a respectable institution. I’m in that camp.”

          I’m not an adoring Trump fan either. However, if the contingent of which you speak succeeds, it may be quite a while before they are able to have their votes actually count in an election again. Yes, some people (on both sides) say that every election. This time, I think it’s not as far fetched as it has been in the past.

          Running up to 2016 I was excited to see several good GOP candidates for whom my mistrust is as mild as it is for any politician. But they didn’t get the nomination, Trump did. Harsh dose of the cold reality: there just aren’t that many genuine liberals (or their close cousins, Constitutional conservatives) anymore. So I held my nose and voted for Trump.

          Trump has pissed me off many times since, sometimes intensely. But I’ve never for a moment thought I’d rather have President Clinton. President Harris would be worse. And don’t imagine for a second that when the leftist mob comes for your job, your property, or your freedom that it will make one scintilla of difference whether you are wearing a MAGA hat or not.

        • > A vote for Jorgensen is a vote for Harris.
          This is both factually and mathematically incorrect.
          The fact is self evident.
          Mathematically: A vote for Jorgensen is -1 Trump and -1 Biden. A vote for Biden is -1 for Trump and +1 for Biden. So in your narrow binary thinking it’s either a net 0 or a net -1 for Trump.

        • Scott
          So you can count. But no third party has a chance. No Trump isn’t perfect, nobody is but he’s way better than any dem.

          • 90% of voters select a candidate based on whether there is an R or a D next to their name. I’m proud to be a member of the thought leaders in the middle who decide elections.

        • This isn’t a math problem. Your formulation is only true if you would never vote for either major party. If you are normally a Republican voter then a vote for Jorgenson is a vote for Harris. If you are actually a true believer in the Faux Libertarian Party than you are just a socialist who believes that the market delivers better drugs, sex and rock ‘n roll.

          As George Orwell said during WWII “Pacifism is objectively Fascist.” You are either opposed to what Harris represents and vote for a real alternative or you aren’t and vote for Jorgensen.

          • The challenge is that while I’m opposed to what Biden/Harris believe, but I’m opposed to who/what Donald Trump IS. If given a choice between a first term Biden or a second term Trump I’d take the former every time. A Trump presidency without potential consequences is a scary proposition. I need only point to the honorable men that have served as hist Sec Defs who were disparaged as they left.

        • > If you are normally a Republican voter then a vote for Jorgenson is a vote for Harris.
          Again – NOT TRUE! An election is a point in time event. History has no impact on the numbers. If I vote for Biden/Harris then that’s Trump -2 (a loss of one vote and that vote going to his strongest competitor).

        • ” I’m proud to be a member of the thought leaders in the middle who decide elections. ”

          No Scotty, you’re not. You are an arrogant person who thinks they are better than everyone else.

        • Scotty Says “The challenge is that while I’m opposed to what Biden/Harris believe, but I’m opposed to who/what Donald Trump IS.”

          You believe that is an incredibly astute statement, however it’s a statement based in hate for Trump, who has governed as a conservative for the people.

          Biden/DNC “Believe In” …

          Open Boarders
          Free Health Care for Illegals
          The Green New Deal
          The tearing down of America from within
          That a race of people is inherently (from birth) privileged/racist
          Extreme Gun Control
          Higher Taxes
          More Government Regulation
          An Activist EPA
          Big Tech Censoring Conservatives
          Extremely Pro-China
          Single Mothers/Parent
          Taking Control of Zoning Laws

          Basically the destruction of the U.S., but what is that compared to your hate?

        • Tired of the bs, so are you going to vote Federalist Party, or Democratic-Republican Party?”
          Maybe Whig is more your style? Parties do change and some go extinct.

          Odds are both the Republican and Democratic parties are going to fracture and create new parties or force the existing party to completely change. Both have groups within them that basically despise the remainder of the party.

        • @Scott, your two vote example shows you understand how electoral math works so rationalize all you want but if you voted for Trump last time and normally vote (R) then a vote for Jorgensen is a vote for Harris.

          You claim Biden, who endorsed a full socialist agenda is less dangerous than Trump except Biden will never really be President. You are voting Harris.

          • > You claim Biden, who endorsed a full socialist agenda is less dangerous than Trump except Biden will never really be President. You are voting Harris.

            Is this supposed to make me change my vote. My vote is explicitly against Trump. As long as the other parties run someone who is not an outright terrible human being, then I’ll consider their candidate. You’re an R voter I get it. Do your thing. There are plenty of D voters who will do their thing to cancel you out. Those in the middle will decide.

        • Joke’s on you, Scott. They’re ALL terrible human beings. Not a single red c**t hair’s worth of difference between them in that regard.

          Now which one of those terrible human beings, based on 1) what they’ve done in the past, and 2) what they’ve promised to do, is going to do the least damage to our constitutional republic, our natural rights, and our way of life?

      • Scott,

        I will admit that Jo Jorgensen is less absurd than the Libertarian Party’s last two choices. I agree with many of her policy positions (not all, to be sure). At least she’s not an incoherent pothead or a drama queen, like the last two choices of the Libertarian Party.

        She has EXACTLY zero chance of winning. That’s not an opinion; that’s a statement of fact. Now, I think there is a reasoned argument to be made that voting for a Jo Jorgensen MAY move the Republican branch of the Uniparty in a more libertarian direction – which would be a good thing.

        However, if it results in Slow Joe the Kid Groper and Kamala Harris the lying s***bag who got her start by being Willie Brown’s c***-holster being elected? That is NOT a net benefit.

        I do think there is a place for third (and fourth and fifth and sixth) parties in American politics. Our founders were pretty much universal in their disdain for the two party system. Unfortunately, they did not explicitly provide for a proportional (parliamentary?) system – perhaps because they weren’t terribly impressed with the actions of the British Parliament. But in America today, anyone who claims to be “principled” while voting for a third party candidate is either willfully ignorant, or an idiot.

        Not sure which you are.

        • You are wasting your time and energy on “Scott”.. One statement he makes (“I’m proud to be a member of the thought leaders in the middle who decide elections.”) says it all.. I heard that VERY SAME statement from my wife’s 27 year old son almost verbatim (must be part of the brainwashing spiel from our esteemed educators) when he informed us in 2017 that he was the only “free thinker in the house” (yeah he voted for Hildabeast) and that WE were just brainwashed puppets enslaved to FOX News… This is the same kid that has NEVER had to pay rent and quit a decent job last year to go BACK to school to get a degree in (of all things) movie production AND Creative Writing… He proudly announced that he’s NOT voting in this election and I suspect there are a lot more like him (including “know-it-all” Scott) who are just useful idiots who will most likely pass on this one as well..

        • > But in America today, anyone who claims to be “principled” while voting for a third party candidate is either willfully ignorant, or an idiot.

          I’m assuming that since you bring up principles you believe that Trump has some… I disagree. He is not a man of principle. His history, both before and after he became President proves this. So in order to be principled myself I don’t have many options.

          It is ironic that you are calling me ignorant. You aren’t thinking about your choice at all. R = you check box isn’t enlightened or thoughtful.

        • Quick reply to Scott above, Mr. Carter was a principled president, probably the best principled in 50 years, but his administration was a complete failure and one that we are still paying for in the middle east.

          • > Mr. Carter was a principled president, probably the best principled in 50 years, but his administration was a complete failure and one that we are still paying for in the middle east.

            Maybe, but remember Carter was elected after Ford. AND Carter’s shortfalls made way for Reagan. So playing your game (and it’s a good one), I’ll take four years of Biden in order to get to someone much better. Maybe Romney? I’d vote for him in a second.

            Furthermore, I’m sure there are lots of second and third order impacts of having Trump as a president that we’ll be looking back on in 40 years and wishing they weren’t so. Right now we don’t have the advantage of hindsight.

            • Mr. Carter was a principled president,

              Jimmy Carter was/is a “principled” peanut farmer, as POTUS he was as lost as Biden will be if he is elected…. I don’t know how old you are AND I really don’t care (judging by your statements and your political naivete I’m guessing mid 20’s early 30’s) But I wasted my first EVER vote on Jimmy Carter and before we got him out of there we had 8% unemployment, nationwide gas shortages (I can still see the lines), gas prices increased by 50%, we got the 55mph national speed limit, the economy tanked (he added 299 billion to an existing 699 billion debt) we had out of control inflation, then high interest rates to counter that (remember the Paul Vogel FED), we have never recovered from his middle east policies and he’s responsible for Chinas rise as an economic superpower… So much for “principles”… I’ll take the bully that has brought jobs back home, lowered taxes, rebuilt a strong military, stood up for pro-life, strengthened border security, rewrote job killing trade deals while telling China to engage in sexual intercourse with itself, kicked terrorists asses where they lived, took out Iran’s number one terrorist leader, stepped on Iran’s nuclear dick, got us out of the trillion dollar “wealth redistribution” Paris Climate scam, made us energy independent and demanded that the rest of the free world start paying it’s proper share for it’s OWN defense… and if that’s not enough, in the past two months we have seen record jobs numbers, the S&P just hit a new record high and the Dow is poised to do the same IN SPITE of China unleashing what they hoped would be a way more destructive virus, riots in nearly every major liberal run city, Pelosi and Schumer repeating lie after lie and the Never-Trumper RINO’s openly siding with Creepy Uncle Joe and Komrad Bernie while Soros and company spend billions to destroy our Republic.. IF unemployment drops back into 6/8% range Trump WILL be easily reelected and rightfully so… If you HATE all of that because “ORANGEMAN BAD”… If you prefer the genteel, polite, beg your pardon, mother may I European style of leader… then YOU ain’t an AMERICAN…

        • Madmaxx,

          No, no it isn’t.

          As was famously said to (faux) “libertarian” Bill Maher (back when he was still masquerading as a “libertarian”) by one of his guests:

          “Bill, being a libertarian means more than just “Oh, good! I get to smoke pot and f*** whoever I want!”

          Bill never learned that lesson.

          Funny part is . . . most of us actual Jeffersonian libertarians actually don’t give a rat’s @$$ if you smoke pot, and we don’t care WHO you f*** (as long as they are capable of, and give, informed consent). But if that’s all you think being a libertarian is about, well, Jimi Hendrix said it best, “You’re mind’s so narrow, if you fell on a pin, you’d be blind in both eyes!”

        • > That’s the libertarian candidate who threw her support behind BLM right? You’re a clown.
          A clown? Because I support THINKING before voting?
          Here’s her position: “Jorgensen says that the Libertarian Party agrees with the national Black Lives Matter organization on several issues, such as the drug war, no-knock raids, and qualified immunity.”

          I agree 100%. You might support the drug war, no-knock raids, and qualified immunity, but me being against them hardly makes me a clown. A clown is someone who mindlessly goes in the booth and flips all the levers with R’s next to them – Because er…”R is better!?” Watch the R party die by your hand. They will lose the President, the Senate, and the Supreme Court. It will be because of Trump. In 10 years no one will admit to have voted for him.

        • Faux Libertarians support BLM because they think drug gangs are the vanguard of Anarcho-Capitalism. The Democrats support BLM because they are their thug army of enforcers. I think the Democrats have a better understanding of BLM.

          The Libertarian Party supported California Proposition 47 because it decriminalized all their hobby horses. They are ok with decriminalizing petty theft. That what Jorgensen thinks about property rights.

        • Why be against drug gangs, aren’t they a part of that free market you conservatives love so much?

          Are you saying that you are in favor of job killing regulations against drugs for public consumption?

          It must make you feel comfortable, to have the nanny state looking out for you because you’re too weak to make your own choices, sheep.

        • Minor 69er you need to bed down with Mr. Kapernick and have a daughter. You’re as senile as Pedo Joe and his Hoe. Please shut up if you have nothing constructive to say.

  1. Clever little trick they’ve got going on, trying to shoehorn Harris into the presidency.

    It’s still possible they could pull it off, but Harris was widely disliked during the primary. She’s quite far left obviously, but also rubs the far left the wrong way, they consider her a “cop”. Funny ol world now innit.

    • She’s Obama’s preferred candidate. Either her or Susan Rice would do so they could manipulate things from their perch.
      I’ve not seen this much attention paid to a VP since Sarah Palin and that was negative publicity. They are touting her as the presidential nominee so you don’t have to worry about Joe running it.
      Sarah Palin was an opposite case, look at this terrible governor who can run anything that McCain picked. The media destroyed her.
      What if Joe doesn’t make it to November? She could very well be at the top of the ticket .

      • “Sarah Palin was an opposite case, look at this terrible governor who can run anything that McCain picked.”

        As Alaska governor, her approval rating with Alaska residents was something like 80 percent.

        Until the smear campaign began…

      • What if Joe doesn’t make it to November? She could very well be at the top of the ticket .

        That would be too much to hope for, remember she’s the one that dropped out of the Primary BEFORE Iowa because she was polling at 4% or less. Even Dems don’t like her outside of California…

    • “She’s quite far left obviously”

      You haven’t heard? How have you not? She’s really just another moderate Californian democrat. The media, as well as the usual shills on here, have been beating the Kamala moderate drum ever since “Joe*” chose her.

      Here’s her ideology shown on a chart per her votes. See, there are THREE senators that vote more left wing than Kamala. One of them is Bernie. Total moderate. wink wink


    • You’re missing the point. Choosing Harris was a way to bring Bernie’s supporters into the fold. Together with Biden’s “middle America” it becomes a winning ticket in November. Gun control or should I say the repeal of the second amendment, is just the icing on the cake. If the right doesn’t wake up to this fact they are going to wake up to 8 years of Obama politics and a Socialist dictatorship.

      • So which would you rather? Trump’s Fascism or Democrat Communism? Pick your poison and arm yourself. The next four years are going to be BAD.

        • Trump’s fascism? Go back to spanking your monkey while you read “Reds” for the umpteenth time .

          You probably couldn’t pick Karl Marx from Groucho. And if you met a real 1940s fascist you would quickly wet and soil yourself.

      • Gun control or should I say the repeal of the second amendment, is just the icing on the cake

        They CAN NOT “repeal” anything without approval from 3/4 of the states (38) and that WON’T happen….

        • I beg to differ. All of the gun control laws on the books are illegal and that hasn’t stopped the government, federal and local, from breaking the law. The unaffordable care act in unconstitutional and it’s on the books.

          • They CAN NOT “repeal” anything without approval

            In case you missed the subject matter of the response in question I was referencing the ability of Biden/Harris to REPEAL THE 2nd AMENDMENT… An action that requires a majority vote the House, 60 votes in the Senate AND must be ratified by 38 states (3/4 of the current number of states in the United States)… Nothing was mentioned about LAWS legal or illegal Fed, state OR local… If you still beg to differ, well???

    • Harris was the DNC’s choice even after she got destroyed by Tulsi Ganbard. Biden was the emergency candidate to stop Bernie Sanders. Biden didn’t select Harris for VP, the DNC did. If Biden wins he will be removed via the 25th Amendment within a month.

  2. Gun safety is about safety for their supporters and the hired goons.
    And let’s stop calling it gun control when really it’s about banning and confiscating. Disarmed people are easier to fleece and round up so BLM can move in their homes.
    Watch the video from Portland of the couple in their truck getting beat up and you’ll see what they have in mind.

    20 people against 2 is one thing. Let’s see them operate against much larger numbers.

  3. Well, she already has given grounds for impeachment while under a man that’s quite unfit for office. This is pathetic.

  4. In a newspaper article written by her professor father one of the democRat douchbaggur’s relatives is a known Jamaican slave owner mon. Of course there is a stampede to whitewash what her own father penned mon. Since Gun Control is rooted in racism and genocide it’s in her DNA and her Jim Crow democRat Party platform to see to it that no one but slave masters have access to firearms mon. What Filth Mon.

  5. President Kamala Harris Really Does Intend to Take Your Guns? Here is my response: “From my cold, dead hands” only.

  6. Good ol Trojan Horse Joe. Tools into the Oval office and out pops a “sprize”. Who do they think they are kidding.

  7. If Biden or Harris try to outlaw weapons they effectively delegitimize the presidency. We will not comply and they will lose face. They will come back and try and scale it back and some cowards will kneel, but we won’t and it will be the end of that term as president. Just like there aren’t enough police to force a few soft leftists to leave an area, there aren’t enough LEO to confiscate weapons. No to mention the fact that most won’t do that because they respect their own rights as well.

    • I think you’d see heavy, extremely unconstitutional crack downs in deep blue areas like the coastal states. I mean, all the permits and registration required in a lot of those areas, gun owners would get a call or email saying “we know what you have. Get rid of it or we’re coming for you.”

      • Hmmmm…..LEO likes to follow the path of least resistance i.e. most compliant. Look for them to avoid urban (deep blue) gun battles by leaning on the hither-to well behaved gun owner (red states).

        • There’s urban and then there’s urban. Law-abiding gun owners in urban areas would get the shaft first and worst. The people who actually cause the urban problems, not so much.

          Also, while you’d see authoritarian action in bits and pieces everywhere, they’d have to be very wary of red states. If a Democratic administration does go full-tard confiscationist, you can expect a President Harris or whomever it may be to stick to “safe” states for quite a while afterward. (Not that a D-bag is likely to visit a flyover state anyway.)

      • Living in Texas, I took my required training class. They explained to me that the next step was to get a mug shot and get fingerprinted then send it in with required fee. My response was, ” I am not getting treated like a criminal just for a permission slip that the constitution says I don’t need “. Think what a radical Dimm governor could do with the list of permitted people.

        • Who knows where copies of the list may end up. For operation convenience, a deputy police commissioner allowed the use of a MS-Access copy of the Firearms Registry database on the unrestricted police intranet instead of only through restricted logged access systems. Copies were soon found in the hands of criminals who used them to target dealers and big collectors for robbery.

          MS Office password protection is so pathetic I could remove it in less than 5 minutes, and that includes downloading and installing the free tool to do so. The tool is the 7-zip archiving program.

    • “Just like there aren’t enough police to force a few soft leftists to leave an area, there aren’t enough LEO to confiscate weapons.”

      Oh, *please*. They don’t need to. Once declared illegal, they can pick and choose when they confiscate. You won’t be able to take your rifle to a public range without worry a snitch will set you up. *Viola!* A whole class of firearms are immediately driven underground. Angry spouses will snitch out partners they hate. Your enemy at work will snitch you out to “eliminate the competition” for a promotion at work.

      The havoc they can wreak will be *endless*…

  8. Which will be enforced by the exact same beloved boys in blue that the authors and commenters on this site like to give reach arounds to.

    Oh, the irony.

  9. And who will be rounding up these guns? The same “blue line” that arrested women for opening their nail salons during the hoax pandemic.

    Count on it.

    • “And who will be rounding up these guns?”


      How about the same ones that have no problem pushing their knee on your neck for 9 minutes, until you are dead?

      Nearly *every* department will have a few that will have no problem doing that. Hell, it might come with a nice raise, or maybe some ‘concerned citizens’ will give them a 100 dollar bonus for each one they pick up. Soros and the Joyce Foundation will probably be happy to do that…

      • After they meet an untimely end at the wrong house you’ll have the more rational people that would rather not play call of duty every day. These things tend to equalize out.

      • Just as many are going to be the kind if cowards that stood at the doorway to a school while children were being slaughtered inside. There are others who probably don’t care much about guns one way or another that would rather not get killed over it. The Ferguson Effect and BLM.protests have shown that cops rationally are happy to ignore their duties to save their own skins. If confiscations start and hard-core gun people target police stations and individual officers, there’s even less incentive. There’s about 1M police, so they’re outnumbered 10:1 is the 3%ers are right.

        • Just as many are going to be the kind if cowards that stood at the doorway to a school while children were being slaughtered inside

          WRONG!! He only “stood” there briefly, then moved to cover behind a squad car… Yes a Sheriff Scott Israel “would” be one of those assholes who WOULD indeed order his Deputies to go knock on doors (except the ones he chooses as body guards…

        • Will probably give badges to ANTIFA and muslim types to do the confiscations. The disposable types.

          • The disposable types.

            It will be an honor to assist them in the fulfillment of their destiny…

  10. It’s true that Biden won’t make it to election day. Harris will automatically assume his position. The Dems will then expect to win the election on a ‘pity vote’. And probably will. I fear that we can not undue the decades of bleeding heart liberalism soon enough.

    • “It’s true that Biden won’t make it to election day.”

      Would you be willing to put your money where your mouth is, and place a small wager to back up your assertion?

      Shall we say a fifth of Woodford reserve wagered that Joe Biden makes it past election day, do you have the courage of your convictions, are you willing to take the wager?

      • “Shall we say a fifth of Woodford reserve wagered that Joe Biden makes it past election day, do you have the courage of your convictions, are you willing to take the wager?”

        I’m willing to wager that your tenure as a professor of Political Science at Yale was rife with criminal activity and that you sleep with Monica Lewinsky ‘s blue outfit. Nyah nyah nyah…

  11. Has the democRat Harris ever been asked to justify her racist and nazi based Gun Control Agenda? No and hell no. Too many gun talkers are too busy chasing their tails to ever demand such a pertenet question be asked. Or to promote the quickest, easiest remedy to dissolve obiden/oharris…

    TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

  12. You Know guys I don’t give a Fuck who or what the Dems want to elect or do. I’m an Old Bastard who’s lived a hard but happy life. I’ve put up with shit from all sides in the political world. I’ve decided my line in the sand is the 2nd A. I will not willingly or my force give up my 2A Rights. If I die because of my refusal to comply So Be It. Each person will have to Live or Not with the decisions they make. I’ve made Peace with my decision and the accompanying circumstances. I read so much Hyperbole on this and other sites it gets to be Blah Blah Blah. New, Regular Poster or Troll. It’s all time better spent living Your life and making a difference. Words are Cheap. Meaningful Actions have a Price. Buy your ticket and ride the ride or stand outside the fence and dream. keep Your Powder Dry.

    • x 1b

      My tipping point is on the threshold. 2 personal court decisions, and further, an election away. I’ve made peace with that fact, and all I have to say to the at large is:

      Your move. Choose carefully.

  13. I’ve said it time and time again, fine, whatever, as long as they’re the first one through the door…
    No matter what happens, it’s going to be “on”, so gear up, this shit is for real…

  14. OK…. I didn’t know the VICE president could take executive actions.
    #2. I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t see anyone walking the
    STREET with an AR or any other kind of long gun for that matter. Remember,
    all it takes is a vote to put these pricks in office, it will take blood to get them out

    • Even half of Dems don’t expect Biden to serve all 4 years, which means Harris gets to be President at some point.

      • My guess is a year to 18 months before Biden either steps down or has a medical incident. But the Dems could try to make him a martyr.

  15. So our constution is protecting us. Look at what just happened with high capacity magazines in california. Trump’s efforts to do anything and everything to stay in power is straight from the playbook of an authoritarian ruler who is actively trying to divide this country as much as possible. So yes, he may not take guns now but if this country continues down a path of Trump it will happen. A leader who will do anything to stay in power doe snto allow an armed electorate. Finally, when I hear Hannity etc. talk about “draining the swamp” I find that hilarous. Trump is the swamp. Follow the money. It is always about money. If Trump is draining the swamp, why did the White House stop providing a public record of all the visitors as soon as Obama left office? That is what you call the swamp people. Zero transparency.

    • @SJ The Constitution protects Nothing or No One. It is but a group of words written on pieces of paper. The Actions or Inaction’s of the citizenry determine the effectiveness of those words. Which has been lost over the last several generations. If 1/10 of the time spent Blah Blah Blahing on the interweb was used to Protect the Rights inscribed on those pieces of paper. The subject would be a moot conversation. I truly believe Our Founding Patriots are holding their heads low as they look upon the state of the Nation they sacrifice so much to pass on to US.

      • What no dude it’s a song about moonshiners fighting the man I thought it could be applied to ppl building guns.

        • Very appropriate… Learned a thing or two from Charlie myself, applied them to remote approaches to my mountain cabin. Better stay away indeed, ain’t nobody coming to help, we’re on our own, gotta do what we gotta do OR as Michael said (mocking Trump) last night “it is what it is”.. No threats here, just facts….

        • Not to worry SC, I have my own way in and out and other than my wife NO ONE else (friendly) is going to be strolling around on my little hilltop…

          • Maybe you’d like to volunteer to TRY… Funny you would assume that I have to place things close enough to my home to be able to be used against me… OBTW… the claymore was NOT Charlies way…..

  16. In the event that she ever becomes president, lets just hope she attacks the position with as much vigor as she has all of her elected position. She was a lazy prosecutor in SF, a horrible AG, and the only time she’s shown up as Senator was to lie while swearing her oath of office. Oh, there was that little jessie smallette thing she pulled during that interview when she was actually soliciting for president. Fucking slick willey brown is responsible for this little disaster.

    • Kameltoe might find there are far more pressing concerns than gun control, such as the economy, international affairs, foreign relations, trade, unemployment, domestic energy production, environment, etc.

  17. Harris is a politician, she cannot answer a direct question. She, like all other professional politicians, will not give direct answers unless they believe the polling supports the answer they want to give. They know gun control is not polling well, and they will use euphemisms to allow “fact checkers” to say they never said they would confiscate guns.

    Orangeman has issues. He is a big meany and hurts people’s feelings. So what, get over it. Did your 401K grow? Did you get better pay raises in the last three years? Did he do all he promised? He has done what he could and could do more positive things. There may be 3 or more SCOTUS appointments in the next 4 years. Do you want the Ds to appoint them? Would you rather Trump appoint them?

    Joe will not last his term. That is pretty much agreed on by both sides. Joe is the placeholder. Harris will become the POTUS, if we still have a Country when that time comes.

    3rd parties are not an option right now. Too close to the election, and no time to get a serious runner for a 3rd party. After this election if you want a 3rd party to have a serious chance, you better start now on building that party. You have to start at the City and County level before you graduate to the Presidency.

    Sharpen your bayonets, if we fail, we will be forced to defend ourselves.

  18. I see the resident MORON has crawled out of it’s hole to spout more idiotic crap and senseless bullshit…

  19. Just wondering if data from companies that insure you in the event you are involved in a defensive gun use could be seized to be added to a federal gun database. The same goes for the people that have firearms insured through homeowners ins?

    • much about Trump is repugnant to many…but this election is more about changing the judiciary…keep that thought in mind…

      • > but this election is more about changing the judiciary

        When has that not been the case? By that logic it doesn’t matter who has an R next to their name – If we like guns then R. That is an absolutely terrible way to choose leadership.

        • If we like guns then R. That is an absolutely terrible way to choose leadership.

          Then take a hard cold look at the reality of the alternative… A return to high taxes, unemployment, liberal judges, expanded Supreme Court, gun confiscation, open borders, diminished military and reduced police protection, non-stop rioting in liberal cities, (non-citizen illegals getting “free” health care, education, financial support), free college for all, Medicare for all, “reduced” red meat consumption, shut down fossil fuels, return to the Paris climate (wealth distribution) crap, reengagement of the Iran nuclear deal, back to low tariffs for China and job/business killing taxes and regulations sending corporations and billions of dollars back overseas… So which one of those little gems blows YOUR skirt up Scotty? because your Marxist/Libertarian does NOT have that proverbial “snowballs chance in Hell” of getting elected to ANYTHING.. But, you COULD help put AOC in charge of the EPA, Bernie at Sec of State, Pocahontas at Treasury (or worse the FED) and most likely Jill Biden at Education.. Man does that sound great or what? AOC shutting down oil and natural gas and building windmills and solar plants all over the country, Bernie sucking up to his Commie pals in Cuba and Venezuela… These are NOT “what ifs” these are the words from the candidates mouth… Oh yeah, good times…

  20. You should elect me king dictator.
    I am very fair and would make California a pro gun state.
    I would guarantee more money and freedom to people who work for it.
    I would eliminate the gangs and drugs and stray dogs and make the streets safe.
    I would lower taxes and improve government services.
    I would improve infant mortality and raise the health and living standards of every American.
    I would stream line education and raise political, financial, mathematical, and biological literacy.
    I would promote transparency in government and sponsor designated centralized town halls nationwide where people could speak their grievances with government and their neighbors and decide for themselves how best to resolve their issues locally without conflict or threat of retaliation.
    And they could meet people and be more social.
    And they could date.
    And they could increase their circle of friends for networking purposes.

    If you need help ask me nicely and I would be glad to offer some of my never ending and abundant resources.

  21. SOROS discovers Orlando.. After Soros money entered the picture, the current States Attorney for the 9th district (Orange and Osceola Counties) pulled her endorsement of her Assistant States Attorney and endorsed a relatively unknown candidate (yeah, decriminalize, no cash bail, anti-death penalty, anti-gun, the whole Socio-Liberal deal) and guess who won the Dem primary last night… She still must take on a challenger in Nov but I’m sure George will get her in the seat… Bloomberg/Steyer was the money behind Gillum’s failed run at the Governor’s seat in 18, if Soros gets involved FL WILL fall in 22… That kind of interference should be illegal, most counties reported record turnout for Tues primary so apparently in person voting (even with severe thunderstorms AND a tornado) was not a problem… It’s probably a safe bet that the Soros, Bloomberg, Steyer cabal will be engaged in the Presidential election as well as some key local races like Arizona Senate.. They could see BOTH of their Senate seats flipped in just four years… And yes that money combined with the constant bullshit about the “bad Orangeman” (racist, white nationalist, voter suppression, manipulating the Post Office even AFTER the truth about the mail boxes came out) CAN make a big difference on Nov 3rd… Conservatives, hope Kanye gets on the ballot in Red states and take a page from the Dems book “vote early, vote often AND encourage ALL of your friends and family (living AND deceased) to do the same….

  22. “manipulating the Post Office”

    Yes, Trump appointed postmaster general paid $1 million into trumps political campaign for his position.

    And now trumps postmaster general is restructuring the post office for fun and profit, he owns over $30 million of stock in private mail sorting company. This sort of conflict of interest as routine in the Trump administration, where corruption rules supreme.

    Postmaster general is attempted to remove thousands of neighborhood post office boxes, has reduced hours for small community post office is and he’s taking postal sorting machine is off-line creating even longer delays.

    It is interesting, one wonders just who is calling the tune on trumps corruption?

    Well, it seems the Republican controlled Senate has issued an intelligence report that may shed some light on the source of Donald Trump’s malfeasance:

    “Among the key findings:
    That then-campaign chairman Paul Manafort was working with Konstantin Kilimnik, a Russian intelligence officer, and sought to share internal campaign information with Kilimnik. The committee says it obtained “some information suggesting Kilimnik may have been connected” to Russia’s 2016 hacking operation and concludes Manafort’s role on the campaign “represented a grave counterintelligence threat.”

    That Trump and senior campaign officials sought to obtain advance information on WikiLeaks’ email dumps through Roger Stone, and that Trump spoke to Stone about WikiLeaks, despite telling the special counsel in written answers he had “no recollections” that they had spoken about it.
    That information offered at the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting “was part of a broader influence operation” from the Russian government, though there’s no evidence Trump campaign members knew of it. Two of the Russians who met with Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and Manafort had “significant connections” to the Russian government, including Russian intelligence, and Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya’s ties were “far more extensive and concerning than what had been publicly known.”

    That Russian-government actors continued until at least January 2020 to spread disinformation about Russia’s election interference, and that Manafort and Kilimnik both sought to promote the narrative that Ukraine, and not Russia interfered in the 2016 election.
    That Russia took advantage of the Trump transition team’s inexperience and opposition to Obama administration policies “to pursue unofficial channels,” and it’s likely that Russian intelligence services and others acting on the Kremlin’s behalf exploited the Transition’s shortcomings for Russia’s advantage.”

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