Ukraine The Resistance
An instructor shows how to use weapons to a group of women during training in Kharkiv, Ukraine. (AP Photo/Evgeniy Maloletka)
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Some folks think bad things will never happen in their city or neighborhood. When they see news of violent crime, for the most part, they perceive that it always happens to someone else. It’s is a psychological defense mechanism. But when the mob arrives in your town or neighborhood, that’s a pretty poor time to put together a plan to defend your home and family.

Yes, the government of Ukraine opened the armories in the days just before the Russians invaded to give its citizens guns, not Twitter accounts, so they had a fighting chance against the invaders. No doubt plenty of that nation’s citizens probably wish their government had made it much easier for civilians to own guns in defense of their homes and their nation before the Russkies’ uninvited visit.

Civilian Members of a territorial defense unit fit their weapons to repel the Russian attacking forces in Kyiv, Ukraine, Saturday, Feb. 26, 2022. Russian troops stormed toward Ukraine’s capital Saturday, and street fighting broke out as city officials urged residents to take shelter. (AP Photo/Mikhail Palinchak)

Unlike neighboring Ukraine, the Russians are highly unlikely to invade the continental United States. Remote parts of Alaska? Maybe. The continental US? That’s just not going to happen.

However, just because the Russians aren’t coming doesn’t mean America is a peaceful utopia. Look no further than Chicago or other big cities for examples of rampant violent crime. Yes, much of it is gang-related, but that doesn’t mean innocent people don’t get victimized.

Not only does violent crime happen, but so do burning, looting, and murdering riots “mostly peaceful” protests. After what happened in the summer of 2020, does anyone think for a minute that Democrat-run, deep blue cities can’t rerun the “Summer of Love” and we all saw in 2020 if Joe Biden or Kamala Harris (or enter candidate here ______) loses the 2024 elections? That seems likely.

Learn the lesson Ukrainians are learning the hard way. Don’t wait until mobs knock on your front door — maybe using a patio table as an improvised battering ram– to decide it’s a good time to become a gun owner.

Don’t wait until a feral mob surrounds your car and starts breaking out windows, with the likely intention of breaking you and your family, before deciding that you should have bought a gun instead of that new driver to improve your golf game.

Don’t live in fear and angst, worrying what will happen if police are overwhelmed in event of fiery but peaceful demonstrations, and are unable to maintain order and respond to 911 calls.

And if you really believe America is overrun with racist rednecks who want to put LGBTQ+ people (or pick another minority demographic) in internment camps prior to exterminating them, why would you not buy a gun and learn to be a hard target?

You don’t have to live life as a helpless, defenseless victim-in-waiting. Unlike Ukrainians, you don’t have to wait for the government to arm you.

Buy a gun. Learn to use it.

Concealed carry

If you live in a state with concealed carry licensing, apply for a permit today, not when unrest is imminent and mobs are forming. You can practice carrying legally by concealing it on your person in your home while you wait for Mr. Mailman to bring your license in the mail. Get acclimated to having that extra weight on your hip and how to keep it concealed to the casual observer. Once your license arrives, it’s time to start carrying in public.

First though, get some concealed carry insurance. US Law Shield has a great product (I’m a dues-paying member). Others to consider include Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network (also a member) and USCCA. Pick a company and get covered.

Armed Citizens has a wonderful little booklet you can download titled, “What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self-Defense Law.Download it. Read it. Live it. You carry a gun to make yourself harder to victimize and kill. You should get training on self-defense law to make yourself harder to convict in the aftermath of an incident.

For those who are fortunate enough to live in “constitutional carry” states, you don’t need to wait for the blessing of government bureaucrats to strap on your mohaska and practice carrying.  After all, I t takes some time and some repetitions for you to “forget” you’re wearing a gun. You may have to try two or three different holsters, but find one that’s comfortable enough so you’ll wear it everyday without discomfort.

Furthermore, don’t rely on lady luck to survive a deadly force encounter. Seek in-person training to learn situational awareness and conflict avoidance, and should that fail, how to use other tools to make yourself harder to victimize. Do it so you can better defend your loved ones as well.

As an instructor for nearly 25 years, I’ve seen exactly one self-trained individual who had excellent skill sets, both in safety and competent firearm handling. (Here’s looking at you, Eli.)

handgun shooting range practice pistol training
[CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Skills in firearm manipulation, marksmanship and tactics aren’t absorbed through osmosis or the issuance of a man-card. You can’t buy competence off a shelf on aisle 14 of your local Bass Pro or Cabelas.

The great thing about learning life skills with firearms (or edged weapons, or empty-handed tactics like Krav Maga or BJJ) is that you’ll meet some of the best people there, both among the trainers and your fellow students. You can potentially form friendships and bonds that will last a lifetime.

A whole lot of people in the Ukraine have lived their lives never dreaming the Russian military would invade their nation and break things and kill people again. Obviously Ukrainians old enough to remember the Holodomor of 1932-1933 (where tens of thousands died each day of starvation at the hands of the Soviets) have died.

In the days and weeks prior to Putin’s invasion, some of them were preparing to defend their homes, neighborhoods, cities and nation against foreign attackers.

Now that the invasion is in full swing, the only skill-building available is on-the-job training. And when it comes to deadly conflict, there’s a pretty high price to be paid for rookie mistakes.

Fortunately, your town or city isn’t Kyiv. But that doesn’t mean you should live with your head in the sand.

Empower yourself. Learn life skills now to make you and your family harder targets to victimize. Buy a gun. Buy lots of guns. Buy ammunition (no, it’s still not cheap, but it’s available). Learn how to use them. Let’s hope we never face a situation like what Ukrainians are facing and only have to concern ourselves with personal defense.


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  1. Way ahead of you.

    I could always use more guns, ammo, and training. But I am way ahead of where non gun people start.

    • The Boy Scout motto, Be Prepared is excellent advise to follow.
      Add to that the Boy Scout slogan: Do a Good Deed Daily and help others to become POTG.

    • I *just* took another (basic) training course last week, and enrolled in another one (advanced) for next month.

      In-between each advanced course, I go back to take a refresher class on the basics. Just a personal decision on my part. The fundamentals cannot be over-practiced, or over-taught.

      • You can never get enough training. Anyone who says he does not need firearms training is one person you should stay away from. He or she is dangerous.

        • Join a club and get into competition. It improves the skill. Even better when you compete with a friend for “gloating rights”.

          I’ve been in service rifle competition for 30 years because of the variety. We have a different distance and course every week. Our scores are recorded and your grade is determined by your top 3 scores at 100, 200, and 300m (9 scores in total) which are averaged.

          My son enjoys the competition also because of the variety. We are hoping this wild weather eases so we can get back to to range.

  2. I’m a firm believer that when you expend a box at the range you purchase two to replace it.

    The Javelins and Stingers “loaned” to the Ukraine are taking a toll on Russian troops and equipment. They have lost at least two of their heavy transport aircraft (Il-76) and a host of armored vehicles including tanks. If the Ukraine (with help) can deny the Russians air superiority…the Russian ground troops will be mincemeat. It’s a shame we can’t “loan” them some A-10’s with pilots and full loads.

    FJB and VVP…tin-pot wanna-be DICKtasters…er, dictators.
    (doggone auto-correct).

    • Old Guy in Montana,

      The Javelins and Stingers ‘loaned’ to the Ukraine are taking a toll on Russian troops and equipment.

      And Russia responded several minutes ago that Russia will hold those countries (who supplied Javelins and Stingers) responsible for Ukraine’s use of those weapons against Russian military forces in Russia’s military campaign.

      • If Russia makes good on their threat, I believe there is a pretty significant probability that your average family/home will truly NEED firearms, and not necessarily to repel a Russian invasion.

  3. Always fun when the various “minority” groups realize the “racist rednecks” tend towards being friendly and helpful with their introduction into firearms and are often more suspicious of the government and various corporations than they are.

  4. Anyone have family beg them for a firearm during the summer of 2020? One of my grown siblings who lives in California called me up and told me to send a gun in the mail. When I informed this person that was illegal, they got angry and started cursing the government. By the way, this person is a liberal. I said “you voted for it.”

    • Two. Both lifetime libs. One concerned to being an idiot who never knew what she was supporting the other decided to brand himself as a “radical left revolutionary” to aid with the cognitive dissonance. As you as I told them they’re getting exactly what they voted for.

      Deeper into coronapalooza some asked to buy silver and food from me.

      I look at it like how the state of NH looks at fish and game rescue calls. If you’ve taken reasonable measures to prepare I’ll lend you a hand should you need it. If however you’ve thrown caution to the wind and made no effort to ready yourself it’s on you and you’re gonna get a huge bill either from me or from reality.

      • “…some asked to buy silver and food from me”. How did they know you had any of that stuff? I wrote an article a few years ago on the major causes of survival plans breakdown after a complete rupture of the economy and infrastructure and what causes the difference between those preppers and survivalists who ‘make it through alive’, and those who die fast and furiously even atop an impressive stash of necessities and supplies.

        It’s called ‘Opsec’.

        In other words, All those nice friends and neighbors and even close family who agreed that getting together with a survival group and organizing together would be great…but then never participated, will be the first to very suddely turn zomified and dangerously disrupt your situation in a major societal collapse when they realize that you probably have something that they don’t have but desperately Want! Especially if you already made the mistake of telling people, who were not active invested contributors already, exactly what you are doing and what you have.

        • I use the “iceberg” approach to OPSEC. I judiciously speak with someone regarding preparedness, and mention my own strategies and how they’ve served me well. If it comes up, I speak (with discretion) about some of my stocks and supplies, so as to introduce examples into the conversation.

          However, I never speak of more than that which is necessary, and never let on about the extent and magnitude of my inventory. They may know about a portion of what I have (and do), but I tell nobody that my true stockpiles are easily 10x what they might ever think they are. And I have always stored everything divided up between at least two physically separate addresses/locations. Food, guns, ammo, silver, cash, supplies, sundries…whatever…

    • I’m “prepared” as well as I can be. Other than a sling and a LPVO for my rifle I’m GTG. I’m also of the opinion that you have be willing to use that gat. I’m mainly concerned about bug out crap. Lock n load…

      • I’m not trying to be an Ass here. Why would you bug out of your main hardened location? Unless it isn’t safe now to be there now. When and if SHTF there will be chaos everywhere. The only relative safe place will be where your supplies are cached and protected. Unless you have a secondary location where your supplies are already cached and hardened.

      • A sling and a LPVO are really helpful in a “Kiev” type situation. I’d also recommend a basic Chicom type 63 chest rig to go with it. That chest rig runs around $20 on Amazon. It was meant for SKS stripper clips, but also works great for carrying AR and AK magazines.

        The Primary Arms ACSS 1-6X, and 1-8X are good optics, and are reasonably priced.

        It’s ironic that this article focuses mainly on handguns, using Ukraine as an example. Sure, handguns are great, and you should have some. On the other hand, for homeland security, rifles are totally essential. Invasion happened to Ukraine, and could happen to us. Here in the USA, it would probably be the Chinese PLA army invading under a pretext of peacekeeping.

        • Magpul makes a really nice convertible (one point/two point) sling. Quick adjustment feature too.
          Having the option of going one or two point attachment is nice as conditions/situations change. The strap is around $50, and worth it.

          LPVOs should be true 1X, the 1-8×28 Trijicon Accupower is probably the truest 1X of all LPVOs. Shooting Bindon method (both eyes open) the scope ring disappears (when the LPVO is mounted on the rifle for proper focal length/eye relief). The result is like having a floating “donut of death” with your natural vision.

          Communications are important too. Have a half dozen radios. I went with Cobra waterproof 45 mile range units, dual power (rechargeable pack, removable for AA battery power). Bonus points if you get the hands free earpiece accessories for a few. 😏

          I SMH at people who buy a $1k smartphone every year or two, but wouldn’t purchase a $50 pair of walkie-talkies. 🙄

          That phone only works as long as the powers that be ALLOW it to. 🤔

    • Country Boy,

      And may God and freedom bless patriots in the U.S.A.


      For the first time in something like 60 years, there is a non-trivial probability that Russia will lash out at the United States. (For sending rifles, ammunition, and shoulder-fired missiles to Ukraine to use against the Russian military. Those shoulder-fired missiles are taking out several Russian tanks and aircraft.)

      At best Russia’s retaliation will be significant cyber-attacks on our nation’s electrical grid, natural gas pipelines, petroleum refineries, chemical plants, telecommunications, and supply chain which could be quite devastating. At worst, Russia could augment cyber-attacks with saboteurs who physically damage/destroy our nation’s electrical grid, natural gas pipelines, petroleum refineries, chemical plants, and telecommunications. That could send our nation back to the Agricultural Age in short order.

      Should we experience significant retaliatory destruction, there will be hoards of very hungry and exceedingly desperate people within a few weeks who will use force in attempts to take food from people who still have it. Anyone who still has food and does not have several firearms will lose their food–and quite possibly their lives–in short order. And we can only guess if China or Russia would send an invasion force to mop up our severely weakened and chaotic nation weeks or months later. Of course firearms would be absolutely indispensable if that comes to pass.

  5. The amount of people who are “into guns” but still tea cups their pistols on the range scares me. Go get trained ya bafoon! Just because you bought a gun doesn’t mean you can successfully defend yourself with it.

    • Yeah, that’s the sad and shameful reality of just passing out guns to civilians who never even fired one before. About 95% of their shots will never hit the target. But about 100% of these ‘freedom fighters’ will be hit when the enemy is firing directly at them.

  6. Works for me! Although I do not believe that gun ownership should be mandatory, I do believe that gun owners should get good training form a competent firearms instructor. Too many people are “self taught” and are at best poor at handling firearms.

    The NRA provides good firearms courses. Take advantage of this training.

    • Do you want to see the Russians sink an American aircraft carrier with their hypersonic missiles, or lob fuel air bombs into major European cities? They might just say f*ck it, and nuke D.C., NYC, London, Paris, and Los Angeles. If any NATO Military force directly attacks the Russian military, then, all bets are off.

      • Zippy, Well, you see that is what happens in war. If you don’t stand up to a tyrant, you wind up at his feet. One day you will wake up to that fact.

  7. But, but, but!! I thought it was Sleepy Joe’s job to protect everyone! What is Sleepy doing? Oh – never mind.

    Strange, isn’t it, that now the Marxists have their man in the White House, the riots have died down? Why aren’t we putting Democrats on trial for insurrection and treason?

  8. No need to worry about Russians. We are being invaded over our Mexican border. We also have a hostile minority let loose by Debbie W and her woke progressives.

    • chis you snot nosed slut…Trying to tie me with “progressive” is futile. Furthermore moron there have been minorities in America since pilgrims were the minority in America. Now if you have something to say to me you hit reply…And I will make coleslaw out of you in front of all your bigoted pals. BTW…I bet you are one nasty nice polite lily white gutless wonder around Black Americans.

      • I started reading your comment, and immediately thought of Dan Akroyd’s line from the famous SNL skit many moons ago…

        “Jane, you ignorant…”

        • Ha! I thought of that, too. Point / Counterpoint I think it was called.

          Dan would insult Jane with put-downs like, “hopping from bed to bed with the frequency of a cheap HAM radio…”

          Hilarious stuff.

        • “hopping from bed to bed with the frequency of a cheap HAM radio…”

          And that was the mid 1970s. When a ‘cheap ham radio’ would set you back at least $3,000 (corrected for inflation) basic 160 or 80 through 10m HF radio…

    • Chris, show us on the doll where Debbie W grabbed you too hard by the testicles and slapped you around a bit. Was it more than once, Chris? We can only imagine the trauma you are experiencing…

  9. Mobs of unarmed Ukraine citizens are blocking roads to prevent Russian tanks from passing. The tanks in most cases are turning around.

    Ukraine has submitted for membership in the EU.

    The UN is meeting in emergency special session to end this.

    Russian oligarchy (some) are demanding this stop, its costing them billions .

    Russia raised its interest rate tp 20% and fears run on banks.

    • Talks between russia and Ukraine have stopped, while the talks were in progress russia bombed a residential area in Kyiv.

    • OK, I actually searched for unarmed civilians turning tanks around. What I’ve found is not all that impressive. One tank appears to have simply gone the wrong way, and was turning around? Another really ballsy guy on a major highway, jumping in front of armored vehicles. Couple other short clips without any real context.

      Do you have links that actually show tanks being stopped by unarmed civilians?

  10. First thing today is be prepared to vote in November. Second if you can afford it is buy food, weapons, etc. We sold one of our Carbines to a trusted friend so the mission now is accumulating parts for another. For the DIYer has a nice quality reasonably priced 7.5″ carbine float keymod hand-guard. Similar length carbine guards are hard to find without paying an arm and leg.

    Last check a seller on GunBroker has the Sar9 for $275.00 plus cc fee, tax, ship and your FFL. Still not a bad price when some gun stores have them for $450.00 plus tax. For those who do their own gunsmitth work GunPrime has the Warthog semi 12 ga $219.00. They also have the Weatherby SA459 for $389.00.

    This gun rush lost some steam and deals were to be had like Reed’s buy one Sar9 at a giveaway price and get a second for half price. Those are all gone and we helped with that.

    • … I don’t use them any longer. Screwed me out of a hand guard, package arrived and box was empty. Said they would send another and never did and never responded to my further inquir3ies.. Had to go to bank and report the payment as fraud to get my money back.

      • Thanks for the heads up…First time to buy from them although I have have used the identical hand-guard purchased elsewhere. I am polished on getting CC refunds so no problemo if the box is empty, etc. Will post an update upon arrival, etc. Thanks again.

      • I received a USPS Tracking# from justrails and so-far-so-good. I made the purchase Friday night and you might know the free shipping was for $50.00 and the total for the items I wanted was $49.98, I had to search the whole entire site and found a $1.50 spring to get the free shipping. Hopefully everything will be in the box.

    • Deb, 7,5″ AR 5.56/.223 barrels amount to just a bulky pistol with only pistol power energy. A Glock-20 is more powerful with the right rounds. Especially using the 10mm R.I.P. rounds. Yeah, they cost around 2$ a round but worth their weight with ‘single hit’ effectiveness. And you can get 32 round mags for it. Throw on a micro dot AND a pistol brace just for Glocks that changes the whole ball game for a compact concealable PDW you can wear right on your belt instead of slinging it. Plus an AR with a 7.5″ barreled upper isn’t as reliable due to gas and buffer issues and will blast your eyes and ears out as well. Do yourself a favor and keep your 5.56 AR barrel length no less than 10.5″ which still is very CQB ‘wieldable’.

      • jfkjr…It’s a 7.5″ length keymod float hand guard for a Carbine 16″ barrel utilizing a rail height gas block. 7.5″ has no noticeable gap between the block and guard.

        Agreed a 7.5″ barrel length AR variant is a noise maker and something I would not spend a dime on. I’ve had a Glock 20 and Glock 17 for years and both are mostly retired since buying a Sar9 awhile back. I have 3 now which were properly tweaked in house for accuracy and reliability. Making bread and butter firearms perform is part of what we do here.

        • My thought as well, lol. My eyes got stuck on the word “keymod”.

          I’ve never personally seen anything in keymod. Always M-Lok. I guess the former is still out there.

  11. Good read. Mr. Boch, your Eli is my Noel. I had already been hunting and shooting since I was a child when I joined the Army (Infantry) and received my first formal firearms training. A few years after ETS I got into law enforcement. I was an L.E. firearms instructor for 25 years, but I most enjoyed teaching citizens so they could get their CCW. Anyway, in between I met Noel. He was self taught. And he was very good. I met him in his gun store. We quickly became friends and shot competition together. And he coached me. Drilled me. At the end of a practice session all I wanted was a shower, a beer and my recliner. I went on to a bit of high speed, low drag training in my career, but it was Noel that laid the groundwork. He’s an exception. When I first visited this site there were many commentators who felt they didn’t need training. Yes they did. Everyone does. Those guys aren’t so vocal anymore. I was lucky. Kinda. I got paid to take most of my training and shoot free ammo. A lot of the rest of the job could really suck.

    • This isn’t guns, but people always need training.

      I learned to ride a motorcycle long before anyone gave a thought to the internet. I put 50,000 miles on one bike alone – no way to count the miles on all the others. Thought I was a helluva rider, didn’t think I had much more to learn.

      Much more recently, one of my kids started riding. Little butthead started challenging me on one thing, then another. He introduced me to several authors, to Youtube channels, etc etc. I found that 50,000 miles does not necessarily make an expert of anyone.

      The kid is still a butthead, but I’m a better rider for having been challenged.

    • There are always a few that can read, watch videos, or figure it out and train themselves into excellence. I got about as far as mediocre and let the fine folk at Fort Leonnardwood push me to reasonably acceptable. With that said just as there is a small portion of those who can independently find excellence there is a similar sized population that will require a vast amount of instructor resources to safely grasp the basics (and who often tend to have the loudest opinions especially online). Noel sounds a bit like one of the pistol instructors at the Green Island range and wish I had more disposable income for those classes.

    • It happened once, its called the Revolutionary War.

      Almost happened a second time when Japan invaded the US at some Alaskan islands in WWII.

      And in a way it happened again, if you count the Civil War.

      And there is an increasing and on going invasion by crime going on now.

      • I remember my parents telling me there could never be riots in Philly bad enough where a gun would be needed around a decade ago. Love them enough not to rub it in but thank God they are finally starting to let reality set in.

    • I came to echo Texas Lady’s sentiments.

      The very day when the the United States adopts the public policy that, “no country will ever invade the United States,” is the very day when one or more countries will begin planning their invasion.

    • Absolutely, now maybe more than ever. It isn’t just a bunch of assclowns being simultaneously ‘elected’ into office all across the globe by coincidence; it’s intentional, it’s by design. Keep yer powder very, very dry, Texas Lady. Cheers from the True North, Strong and Free… ish.

  12. Bosch never ceases to appeal to the paranoia and racism and ignorance of the Far Right.

    Study after study shows that if you have firearms in the home you are far more likely to be killed by someone you know and they usually reside in the home with you. The majority of gun shot victims are not killed by strangers either breaking in or accosting someone on the street

    And Study after Study proves that you are far more likely to be killed if you try and shoot it out if you are robbed as the criminal already has the drop on you and unlike you, he will not even hesitate that fraction of a second to pull the trigger.

    When you pull a gun to kill someone you are about to commit an unnatural act and of course you are trying to size up the situation to ascertain if you can even legally shoot or not. All this is a distraction and it takes time and it will often get you killed.

    If Bernard Goetz (the subway vigilante) had to do it all over again I would say that there is a 99 9/10% chance he would have just handed his wallet over to the kids that wanted money off of him. He ended up going to jail and owing a huge fine to one of the boys he deliberately shot again while prostrate on the floor resulting in him being crippled for life. This unwarranted act is what convinced a jury to go hard on Goetz. In the heat of the moment it was all too easy for Goetz or anyone else to lose control of himself.

    Seldom is a shootout necessary and it rarely goes well for the good guy. Even if you win a gun fight the psychological trauma will often last for years and your family will never look at you in the same way again because they know you are capable of killing someone. You will not feel like a hero and they will not view you as a hero. Your family will realize that you are capable of losing control of yourself and killing them.

    Of course the consequences of a gun fight is never realized by the sick paranoid Far Right who are so greedy and stingy they would rather die in a pool of blood than give up the first penny that they have ever made and they squeeze it so tightly between their greedy fingers that it screams for mercy.

    Yes the Far Rights blind greed is one of the primary reasons they are against paying a few pennies more in taxes for a National Health Care Program which results in them going bankrupt when they have a catastrophic medical bill. Due to their blind greed and stinginess they are always their own worst enemies.

    I might add Philando Castile and many others just like him would be alive today if they had NOT been carrying a firearm because U.S. Cops are not well trained and they panic at the mere sight of a concealed weapon. They shoot first and ask questions later so carrying a gun means you are far more likely to be killed by a cop than by a street thug.

    The sick paranoid Far Right are incapable of looking at the down side of carrying a deadly weapon because the stats prove that the odds are always against you when you do.

    • your comment is awaiting moderation

      We, on the morally superior Marxist left, naturally understand racism. All we need to do, is keep dem darkies on de plantation. Don’t allow them to have weapons, deny them proper education, and keep them oppressed in the slums. When they get uppity, we commission our police to stop ‘n search dem darkies – old, young, crippled, it doesn’t matter. Darkies are smart enough to understand “Up against the wall, N199er!” And, when you find one of those darkies driving out away from the plantation, you just nail them with a ‘Driving while Black’ charge – and if he resists, you just shoot him dead.

      You sad sacks on the right have no idea how to be racist. Look at our fine Marxist cities like Baltimore and Chicago to learn racism!

    • Jews who are so greedy and stingy they would rather die in a pool of blood than give up the first penny that they have ever made and they squeeze it so tightly between their greedy fingers that it screams for mercy.

        • “Dacian’s troll…” Jesus, that’s rich. Even for you, socialist miner. And ttag: fuck your “awaiting moderation”. For about the twentieth time now in the last week alone.

    • dacian, the Dunderhead, Your studies are full of donkey dust. As I have previously stated, your “studies” start out with a premise and then go about trying to prove it with distorted “facts” and “stats”. Get a grip.

    • The infamous studies show you are much more likely to be killed by a firearm if you have one in your home. Here’s hoping Dacian’s home is chock full of firearms. You’re also more likely to be struck by lightning if you take shelter under a tree. In an open field. Maybe we could talk Dacian into climbing it! I have lots of other suggestions.

      • I suggest we send dacian up a nice Colorado or Wyoming mountain, with a nice 30 ft copper flag pole. If he makes it to the top, he can erect the flag pole at the peak, and experience his first-ever erection.

        • With a string of rotting fish hanging from his neck, otherwise I’m not in. I want video coverage as well. Multiple angles. With audio.

    • Your studies are bull. Did you know that if you have a knife in the home, you’re more likely to be stabbed fatally than a home without a knife?

      You are a fatalist. You prefer to be raped or killed because you may die if you resist. Let that thought sink in.

      You claim to own firearms and post that one should not have them because they are too dangerous. Either you are a liar, no, we know you’re a liar.

  13. Safe, not familiar with Green Island Range. If it’s on Ft. Leonardwood I wouldn’t be. I went through basic and A.I.T. and then airborne school at Ft. Benning. After that Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, GA.

    • I apologize Gadson the Green Island range is near my current workplace in Albany NY, Ft. Leonardwood was where 31b got drilled into my at the time stubborn pride. After that I really came away with the realization that there is always more to learn (got over mt. stupid on the dunning kruger). From what I remember from a few of my fellow recruits of a decade and change ago you would probably laugh at what airborne school had become and I doubt it got any harder since sadly.

      • SAFE, I did a 30 day deployment in Ft. Drum once. Passed through Albany once on the train from NYC to see an Army buddy. Upstate NY is beautiful. Too bad the politics are as fucked up as a hot soup sandwich.

        • About to get worse with redistricting but yes the outdoors fun is a huge draw. If only we could make the state livable outside of government, lawyers, doctors, and long haul trucker salaries but hey if we tax them more everything will work out dandy (common core math). Also holy crap how does Ft. Drum beat Alaska for cold misery.

  14. I’m old enough to remember some serious adult telling me the horizon for long term planning was ten years, medium term five years, and short term one year.

    The growing uncertainty and chaos resulting from the Biden administration has shrunk those horizons to 6 months, 3 months, and 1 month.

  15. “First though, get some concealed carry insurance. US Law Shield has a great product (I’m a dues-paying member). Others to consider include Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network (also a member) and USCCA. Pick a company and get covered.”

    CCW Safe is the ONLY company in the industry that has actually successfully defended a member against a murder charge in a court of law in a highly publicized murder trial. CCW Safe is NOT an insurance company (who are famous for avoiding paying claims)- it is a Legal Defense Service Plan that provides 100% UP FRONT coverage (with no cap) for ALL attorney fees, investigation fees, expert witness fees, trial costs, and much, much more (varies by plan) for members who experience a self-defense incident.

    it would be remiss to not check out what CCW Safe has to offer…

    I’m a member- Affiliate ID C19345780

  16. Seems like Ukraine inherited the Soviet era attitude on gun ownership. So here’s hoping the nation will survive this assault, and show some better sense as they recover from the damages.

    Seriously, my heart goes out to those people. To see and hear how the common people in every sort of job and walk of life are responding is impressing me no end.

    Small arms and ammo are all well and good but all free nations should be sending Ukraine anti-tank and ground to air missiles!

  17. It would have been nice and far better, had Ukraine’s Leadership had the good sense and foresight to see where this was going back in November of 2021, and seen fit to arm the citizenry and instituted crash training. At least they saw fit in the days leading up to the Invasion.

    I’ve been on the Arm up and Train page for 40 years. I’m old now and mobility is an issue. Set me in a hide and I’ll snipe till the end.


  18. Them are some rough looking Ukrainian ladies in that first picture. Had to zoom in to confirm the one second from left was indeed a lady.


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