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Rep. John Mizuno signed onto HB2464 and said the people of Hawaii deserve to be able to defend themselves anywhere.

“This bill takes it out of just the home or workplace and says that you can stand your ground anywhere as long as you’re legally there,” Rep. Mizuno said.

Some may view the bill as particularly Conservative, but [the] chair of Hawaii’s Progressive Caucus Rep. Matt LoPresti said it is not a partisan issue.

“I don’t think self-defense is a right or left issue. It’s not a Progressive issue or a Conservative issue,” LoPresti said. “If you’re being assaulted, you should have the right to defend yourself.”

— Bryce Moore in Bill aims to expand lethal force for self-defense; Hawaii lawmaker says ‘it will resonate with the people’

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    • I was recently called a Leftist/Fascist and a Putin lover. This record needs correcting.

      First off, I self identify most as a Marxist (Card Carrying) and then as a Democrat (of the left). And as such, an anti-fascist, even if Fascism is born of and fundamentally utilized by the left.

      Also when I said “helping Putin” it was not in a derogatory sense, rather the opposite, as in don’t we have a little Putin in us all? I know Miner49er does.

      • Sounds like a differentiation searching for a difference there guy. Also either take some time to rest and recover or stop hacking his account depending on how this one is going down as it does bring down the quality of his troll posts.

        • I would like to know if the moderator is human or a machine. If human post an e-mail address. If machine disconnect it and throw it in a trash can.

      • minor49iq…You never had to explain yourself to me I know what you are because what you are shines in your posts.

        Since you acknowledge facism is a leftist socialist nazi party birth all liabilities are transferred to you. Whether you approve or not you acknowledged your party history and your choice was to sign up anyway so you own it.

        With such a diabolical history as you implied there is no absolute guarantee your ideology will not, when push comes to shove, revert to its old ways.

        I mean the sleazy tactics born of democRat Party slavery are alive and well in everything the democRat Party does to deny America its 2A Right today. Includes using concocted libel and slander once reserved for Black Americans to go after a duly elected POTUS.

        Since you acknowledge the roots of fascism are in your party how about making Monetary Reparations for all democRat Party Race Based Atrocities and then we’ll proceed to the socialist nazi germany…PAY UP.

      • Economies that implemented Karl Marx’s theories have collapsed everywhere they’ve been tried.

        What makes you think your way would be any better?

        Putin may want to resurrect the USSR – but even he admits that communism as, implemented by Lenin, failed miserably.

        I’ll give Marxists this – they are perpetual optimists. They always think they will succeed where everyone else failed…over and over again.

  1. Well, nice thought, if only one were able to have something more effective than harsh language at hand should the need arise.

    And of course we’re left wondering, Who made that holster and can I get one for my gun?

      • I checked these out last time they appeared. It’s their ” teotwawki” holster, $75 shipped, available in 3 to 4 weeks in about 40 different solids and print patterns.

    • {Carry in Hawaiʻi}

      “…if only one were able to have something more effective than harsh language at hand should the need arise.”

      It’s on the way, and I think they’re getting resigned to the inevitability of the situation…

  2. Semantics matter.

    You DO HAVE the right to defend yourself. The problem is, making complete fools understand that right. The fools can’t give, or grant that right. They can only deny your rights.

    • The only “rights” you have Paul, is what the government says you have. If the government says no, then it’s no rights for you!

      Got that?

      • minor49iq…Thanks to being moderated again for no just reason whatsoever your 08:52 telling things about yourself like it was a surprise coming out of the closet I could not let you know it was something I already knew as your past posts contained it all in neon lights.

        My moderated unseen post in a nutshell…When you signed on as a socialist marxist democRat Party you assumed all past direct and indirect party liabilities. That includes all ties to fascism. You cannot absolve yourself or disconnect yourself from it. You are liable for damages just like democRats hold tobacco companies liable for damages from long ago, etc.

        After all there is no guarantee your party atrocities will never surface again and by the looks of things they just cannot help to ooze out when democRats don’t get there way. Perhaps amends should begin with Monetary Reparations?

  3. How is that going to work when you’re not allowed to carry a gun? Sounds like typical Democrat mentality.

    • Search “Dole pineapple knife”…self defense the Hawaiian way…
      (nasty looking little critter)

    • The expectation is that, whenever the hood knocks you down so as to steal your purse or wallet, you’ll fall next to a pile of rocks. You will be permitted to pick one up and hove it at the hood. But not if he’s running away.

  4. So now the state elected idiots say you can defend yourself while out in public, but won’t allow you to carry the tools to do so.
    Just my take on permits in general, No permission from the state should be needed to exercise your rights. If permits must be required, for interstate travel, etc. or to verify you are a legal citizen and not under court ordered restriction. They should be valid in all US states and territories, Canada and Mexico. Same as Drivers licenses.

  5. It ain’t paradise if you can’t defend yourself! Speaking of defense it’s fairly bizarre seeing all these leftards championing guns fer Ukraine but none for POTG. I predict a few will “get it”…

    • @fww

      I agree. Unfortunately, the hardest-core Lefty’s will completely miss the obvious implications and continue to pass the “hypocrite” test in rainbow colors.

    • Not at all. First, there’s a big difference between “guns for me” voters and 2A defenders. Second, there are many who still believe that RTKABA is only for a collective power despite Heller.

  6. Not A Progressive Issue? Rest assured when it has anything to do with the 2A it’s a big issue for progressive socialist marxist democRats. Hawaii’s Gun Control makes it a slave era Jim Crow era Gun Control State that is nothing more than superficial fancy islands and slave plantations.

    Obviously with little to nothing to defend themselves the slaves must do what the plantation owners and the slave masters say or else. From the beginning slaves have always been expendable. If the wolves eat one or two or three it’s just part of doing business just as long as it’s no skin off the noses of the plantation owners and their slave masters.

    Any politician telling you they are out to set you free in a marxist progressive democRat state like Hawaii is peeing on your leg while telling you it’s raining.

  7. Awful lot of comments for a proposal. Does anybody think there is the slightest chance this will pass? Or, if it passes, that it won’t be vetoed?

  8. STAND YOUR GROUND laws are fine if correctly written. You cannot instigate the violence, you cannot escape the threat, arm yourself and return to shoot the other person. When the threat is over you must cease the use of deadly force. Include those points and I’m good with such laws.

    All it really means is you cannot be the bad guy and claim any sort of self-defense in your bad deeds.

  9. Since you can’t get a carry permit in Hawaii, passing “Stand Your Ground” means nothing.
    Even Private Investigators (Magnum P.I. reboot) can’t get a carry permit. The show is fantasy.
    But all the criminals carry guns.

    • “Since you can’t get a carry permit in Hawaii, passing “Stand Your Ground” means nothing.”

      In a few weeks, the SCotUS will likely rule Hawaiʻi will be shall-issue, whether they like it or not… 🙂

      • If we’re dreaming, why not imagine they will rule all 50 states are Constitutional carry?

  10. No one ever said that politicians and the laws they create have to make sense. In fact several famous comedians have made the bulk of their routines commenting on the really dumb moves that politicians make. You’re 85 years old and have bad knees and hips but you can’t have a gun to defend yourself against a drugged out, drunken huge 25 year old male thug. You have the right to self defense but legally can’t have the means. Sure! Right! Perhaps at my advanced age I have acquired jedi powers and can overcome the drugged out doofus with mind bending techniques. The problem is the instruction booklet said they only work on weekends where both Saturday and Sunday are odd numbered days and there is a full moon.

    That said, I find it hard to schedule muggings or just plain old beatings.

  11. So, if residents of Hawaii aren’t allowed to carry firearms for self-defense, what are they going to use for a weapon? Their surfboards? A frozen pineapple? A hukkah shell necklace?

  12. Push back hard on the gun-grabbers: SYG only removes the mandate to retreat; nothing else.

    And mandates to retreat usually carry the qualifier that retreat must be possible, safely.

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