Minneapolis Police riot mostly peaceful
(AP Photo/John Minchillo)
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New nationwide data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation reveals that last year the number of murders rose by 29 percent, drug overdose deaths increased 30 percent, and the number of gang-related killings skyrocketed more than 55 percent. To put this carnage into context, a 29 percent increase in murder isn’t simply bad, it’s the worst single-year increase in American history. Similarly, the drugs flooding into our communities aren’t only deadly, they are the deadliest drugs ever sold. For the first time ever, over 100,000 Americans lost their lives to drugs and homicide in 2020.

The number of assaults rose by 12 percent last year and criminal assailants committed nearly 75,000 more violent crimes than they committed in 2019. Although the total number of property crimes fell, the total cost of those crimes rose by nearly $2 billion. Recorded cases of arson also rose by nearly 35 percent, a trend that is likely associated with last summer’s BLM riots, which were the most destructive in American history.

In Democrat-dominated cities, violent crime rose far more than the national average. Last year, murder rose 50 percent in Chicago44 percent in New York, and 38 percent in Los Angeles. The murder rate in Baltimore was higher than El Salvador’s or Guatemala’s — nations from which citizens can claim asylum purely based on gang violence and murder. …

We must end the jailbreaks, recall and remove George Soros’s “progressive prosecutors,” and stand with our police. Our communities and children will not be safe until we do.

– Senator Tom Cotton in Democrats’ Criminal-Leniency Policies Sparked an Undeniable Crime Wave



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    • Who put sand in your panties?

      The rise in crime has resulted in a dramatic rise in gun sales.

      The rise in crime results in more calls for action against ‘gun crime’ which can screw over legal gun owners.

      The rise in crime may get the Dems to lose the House and the Senate in 2022 which would be better for gun owners.

      That’s what it has to do with guns..

      • jsled is a member of the fascist left. He doesn’t want you to have a gun. His comments are never supportive of gun owners.

        He’s another soros troll.

        • The only demented troll here is Jethro WM who attacks everyone who does not tow the jackbooted party line. If he ever posted anything of any substance or anything but “your mentally ill” the stars would fall from the sky. I suppose when you can only type using one finger its a little exhausting to post anything beyond a few words of hate or insult.

        • Stay strong, fellow traveler jsled!

          Don’t let the Jethros get you down, comrade!

          Do you like chicks like I do?

          I mean real fluffy chicks?

          Chick chick chick!

        • Jsled has not learned yet. Dacian, miner49er and their ilk never click on the boxes that allow replies. That way they can come on post their infantile mewlings with out fear of contrary replies.

    • The democRat Party points the crime problem to “Gun Sales.” Of course “Gun Sales” require a NCIC Background check which means for “Gun Sales” to factor in a considerable number of those purchasers would suddenly throw it all away and turn to crime.

      Gun Sales are attributed to law abiding citizens fearing for their lives and the lives of others however it does not stop there. The next thing coming from the democRat Party are the guns sold without a background check. Rest easy democRats the law already covers that too. Sell a firearm or give firearm to someone who criminally misuses it or is a prohibited possessor and the seller is in deep legal trouble.

      For too long so called defenders of the 2A have allowed the democRat Party to set the pace and the 2A, Crime and Gun Control were mixed together and turned into an ongoing ball of confusion. That is why media democRats are quick to blame the NRA and everyone else for any tragedy that was clearly the criminal misuse of firearms. One deranged kid does something evil in one corner of a state and because a firearm was used somehow that makes every gun owner across America “guilty.” No thanks.

      Following such a tragedy you hear such things coming from mostly recreational hunters…”If you can’t get it done with 10 rounds you can’t get it done.” What the “logical hunter” is doing is throwing his hands up and dealing with is a combination of the 2A, Crime and Gun Control all rolled together which prompts the logical hunter to proceed the wrong way at the cost of his freedom and the freedom of others. When it is all untangled and dealt with individually Freedom Loving Law Abiding Gun Owners for once Set The Pace…

      1) The Second Amendment is one thing.

      2) The criminal misuse of firearms, bricks, bats, knives, vehicles, etc. is another thing.

      3) History Confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is a racist and nazi based Thing.

    • Fascists belong to the Dem party, fool. Today, the fascists don’t have Brown Shirts, they have Black Shirts shouting ‘Black Lives Matter’. And, fascists want to confiscate guns, so that no one can resist their Krystalnacht. See Portland for an idea of what Krystalnacht looks like – except it will be all over the country. Learn English, and learn history. The left’s lack of education gets annoying.

  1. Gang bangers killing other gang bangers.
    Drug-addled parasites dying from the drugs they stole to pay for.

    You say that like it’s a bad thing.

    • Jim fro LI,

      I have to admit: it sure seems like a big positive when violent criminals (e.g. gang bangers) and thieves remove themselves from civilization.

      The significant problem looming before us is that violent criminals and drug addicts often wander beyond their “bubbles” and into civilization–harming the rest of us before they remove themselves. That is why we need to keep an eye on narcotics addiction/overdose and violent crime rates: increasing overdose and gang banger violent crime rates almost always increase harm to civilization. And if we expect that a crime wave is looming, we would be wise to proactively do what we can to minimize it.

      • Jim and uncommon sense,

        The other issue with the gang bangers, druggies, and thieves taking each other out (as well as innocent bystanders) is that the democrats use this raise in crime to try to implement more laws, especially against 2A. Between early release, bail reform, Biden importing criminals with his liberal policies, and liberal DA’s not prosecuting crimes, if I didn’t know better, I’d say that the liberals are intentionally creating this rise in crime… wait a minute. 🙄

        • Mike,

          “… if I didn’t know better, I’d say that the liberals are intentionally creating this rise in crime …”

          Politician standard operating procedure: create/exacerbate problems (e.g. crime) and then propose “solutions” which increase politicians’ power and wealth.

  2. Meanwhile, people are illegally being held indefinitely in solitary confinement without charge for trespassing.

    • That’s ‘Trespassing While Middle-Aged Floridian,’ along with ‘Trespassing While Wearing Furry Horned Hat With No Shirt While Painted,’ both of which being incredibly serious offenses that threaten the very existence of our great Republic, and far beyond mere ‘trespassing.’

      Other possible charges include ‘Sitting At Desk While Moving Paperweight,’ ‘Standing Still In Rotunda Doing Nothing,’ and ‘Being Somewhere Outside Doing Absolutely Nothing While Somebody You Don’t Even Know Does Something Inside.’

      All of these grievous offenses are worthy of 10 months’ imprisonment, in solitary confinement, without trial, at the very LEAST.

      • Don’t forget “getting waved through an open fence, by the Capital LEO who opened the fence”.
        Or “standing and chatting with an officer, WITH selfie pic”. The horror. That officer suffers from PTSD now. All because of that chat and pic.
        Where’s the guy in all black w/earpiece, who pulled the broken window out of the frame? Why have they been unable to locate him? 🤔
        House drinker Nancy P may want to check some government employee lists to ID him.

  3. Not to worry, I’m sure spiking energy and food prices will tamp down all the riff-raff in short order and make the cities veritable utopias once again.

    And as an added bonus, shortages of medical equipment mean that the survival rate for GSWs will drop.

      • I’m personally of the opinion that it’s all part of Biden’s master plan to permanently cut illegal immigration by 99.9%.

        If we’re just a big-ass multikulti Venezuela no one will want to come here at all. Pretty much a permanent solution too. Genius!

        • Strych9,

          You may be onto something. Why move from one aguerdo de meierda to another?*


          *A hole filled with human excrement.

    • Not to eat er beat a dead horse but obviously. Things may get worse quite soon(thanks to china & Dims).

    • strych9,

      “… shortages of medical equipment …”

      I know a hospital inpatient healthcare worker who mentioned two days ago that the hospital is unable to fully stock their “comfort foods/drinks” (for lack of a better term) for inpatients. And it isn’t due to lack of money. That has never, ever happened before.

      (“Comfort foods/drinks” means ginger-ale, broth, crackers, fruit-flavored gelatin, popsicles, etc. which is helpful to inpatients whose deteriorated health prevents them from eating and drinking normal foods and drinks.)

      • The US will start to do what many hospitals do in socialist scum countries, rely on the families to provide food and even medication…

        • Red states are already rationing medical care:

          BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Idaho public health leaders announced Tuesday that they activated “crisis standards of care” allowing health care rationing for the state’s northern hospitals because there are more coronavirus patients than the institutions can handle.

          “The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare quietly enacted the move Monday and publicly announced it in a statement Tuesday morning — warning residents that they may not get the care they would normally expect if they need to be hospitalized.

          The move came as the state’s confirmed coronavirus cases skyrocketed in recent weeks. Idaho has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the U.S.

          The state health agency cited “a severe shortage of staffing and available beds in the northern area of the state caused by a massive increase in patients with COVID-19 who require hospitalization.”

      • I’m far more concerned about the much more important stuff.

        Like shortages of virtually every spare part for MRI machines. Locally we have a number of hospitals that spent the last year cannibalizing parts from one machine to keep others up and running and now have zero operational units. Need a phased array controller for that machine? Well, used is just about THE option now.

        Same thing with basic stuff like cadmium coils for ion chromatography machines.

        Then there’s all the meds in shortage, many of which are fucking basic level stuff. A nationwide shortage of injectable Sodium bicarb? Excuse me? WTAF?

        Just keep an eye on the the FDA’s shortages page. Occasionally check why the drug is in shortage. Sometimes it’s a shortage of supply but some of the really interesting drugs are because of increased demand. Anti-anxiety meds and antipsychotics are often affected by these demand increases. That’s fun on a bun.

        Shit, until about 10 days ago there was a shortage of dextrose IV bags and lactated ringers IV bags and this was going on for months. But that’s not like, important, amirite? IV bags like this are only for funzies, nadas important there.

        And, quite frankly, I expect exactly none of this to get better in the short to medium terms because the people in charge of literally everything are goddamn children with adult bodies, complete retards or liars and the media is covering for them.

        You can see pretty clearly that all that things I talked about in terms of manipulating people for gun control propaganda has been, and is being, used across a host of fronts to keep people focused on the wrong things and ignoring the big stuff.

        I mean, hospitalized breakthrough cases of CoV-2 are now 62% of hospitalizations for those over 65, averaged nationwide. That’s DoD saying that, not me. But “iTz a PaNDeMic oF dA uNvAXxed!”, right? This whole thing is turning into that QAnon “Trust the plan” bullshit. Well, no, that’s not true. It was that from the jump, it’s just becoming more obvious. On the current trajectory it will soon become obvious to everyone with an IQ over 50.

        And of course, IVM is just for horse-paste-eating-MAGA-hat-wearing-tards, right? Yeah, let’s ignore all that international data because it fits with the what the CDC wants, which is apparently, more dead people. Lots of them.

        But none of that matters, it’s just examples of what’s going on. What matters is that the attitude of TPTB is this: Gotta keep people at each other’s throats so they don’t notice that the people in charge are all incompetent morons. charlatans and liars.

        And that will continue to work for some time until a larger percentage of people recognize that the Feds can “print” all the money they want but they can’t print food, energy, drugs or anything else that actually matters to you continuing to breath. All they can do is create shortages and raise the price faster than you can afford.

        • 1.5T Pelvic-Phased Array Coil Part # 374448
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        • How about a more accurate perspective:

          “As of August 30, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has received reports of 12,908 severe breakthrough cases of Covid-19 among fully vaccinated people that resulted in hospitalization or death. For the more than 173 million people who were fully vaccinated by that date, that represents a less than a 1 in 13,000 chance of experiencing a severe breakthrough case of Covid-19.

          About 70% of breakthrough cases resulting in hospitalization were among adults 65 and older and about 87% of breakthrough cases resulting in death were among adults 65 and older, the CDC data suggests.“

        • Need a new cad coil?

          Cadmium Coil, 24 inch
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          S9, are you just having fun with the “poorly educated” on this forum, shame on you…

        • LOL!

          Next time you copy+paste at least bother to read the product descriptions so that it’s not just random chance if you’ve even found the correct object.

  4. During the primaries, a Demo Commie mayoral candidate came to the door. I told her I cannot, in good conscience, vote for any Democrat because I do not want Allentown to turn into Portland or Seattle. She asked what I meant by that, so, I reminded her of the riots, the autonomous zones, defund the police, the sharp rises in violent crime, the thuggery of both Antifa and BLM, and prosecutors prosecuting folk who defend themselves and letting the criminals go free.

    She said all of that is greatly exaggerated. I replied that she is either grotesquely misinformed or is deliberately minimizing the deterioration of those cities. “Please, leave my property”, I said. “We do not vote Democrat or Republican. We vote to support the Constitution”. She started to reply, but I interrupted: “Your time would be better spent elsewhere”. She was not happy.

    A neighbor and friend told me that woman had loudly participated in a defund the police sit-in at City Hall a few weeks earlier.

  5. If anything the murders and arson of the cities last year has one silver lining in it. It has taught the American people that the police are necessary. It was the democrats who ordered their police to stand down. NOT REPUBLICANS.

    Unfortunately we are still not at the stage where the law abiding citizens can start shooting criminals dead on sight. That would be a much better world. If we could kill to protect private property, just like the government kills to protect government property.

    We would then have true equality.

    • Chris T in KY,

      I share your frustration with criminals: criminals have targeted/harmed me more than once and it was/is an extremely awful experience. And I am one of the first people to stand up and demand justice when criminals harm others. Obviously, the more that we can minimize criminal harm to society, the more that society can prosper.

      Having said that, I foresee some potentially really ugly/nasty consequences if we march ahead with a “kill criminals on sight” mindset. One such nasty consequence: bad people taking advantage of that mindset to maim/murder their personal or political enemies and being able to get away with it. Another nasty consequence: otherwise “good” people jumping to mistaken conclusions and murdering someone who did not actually commit any crimes.

      Sadly, I don’t see any good/easy answers. It seems like our criminal justice system is failing in pretty spectacular fashion. And deferring to a “kill criminals on sight” mindset could easily lead to its own spectacular failure with countless people murdered without just cause.

      • When criminals fear the penalties of conducting their crimes they tend to not conduct their crimes as much or at all.

        Criminals do not fear the law any longer, they, overall, know the law can not stop them from committing the crime if they choose to commit a crime and can only react when they do commit a crime. The law as it stands now is something that has limits by placing the rights of the criminal under going prosecution above that of the rights of the victim. Criminals know this, and although they may spend time in jail/prison/probation sometimes, unless their conviction was for a very heinous crime, they know the law allows the right to be eligible for relatively short time limits on their sentence or even release or parole before their sentence is complete. In the mean time, the victim of their crime suffers (at least) the detrimental emotional/psychological impact for the rest of their life so its a life sentence with no parole or early out or limits on sentence for them.

        The real only solution to this is to simply stop the criminal being able to commit or continue their crime. Mankind over thousands of years, and we in the US over a few hundred years, has/have enacted thousands of laws in some form or another that were suppose to prevent/stop/deter crime. We still have crime and more of it overall. We do not need another law or more regulation as society has been law’d and regulated to the point where liberty is starting to become a punch line. The problem is there is nothing that can stop the criminal element, overall, before they commit their crime when or while they decide to commit their crime and the law is reactive after the fact of the crime commission. For example, its a little too late when the police show up after a person has been murdered – the crime has already been committed so other than investigating and finding the one who did it the law was useless to save a life.

        So, who’s responsibility is it to protect the people from crime? The law says “call the police” – gun control advocates say “universal background checks”, democrats say “forgive them for they know not what they do” and republicans say “we don’t like Biden”. But the constitution says, basically, we have our own natural right to self defense so in terms of the constitution we all want to have for one reason or another the common thing that binds us all together under that constitution is the “natural” rights we have inherently just because we exist and that includes self defense. So the one really responsible for protecting us is us.

        You can not prevent/stop/deter criminals with words of the law or politics. Criminals today, overall, no longer fear the laws penalties for their crimes.

        In short, the criminal element overall no longer fears the law or the laws penalties for committing crimes. But, overall the criminal element does fear encountering the penalties of their crime at the hands of a victim they can not dominate and can repel or overcome them. One thing most all criminals have in common is they all need to dominate their victim during the commission of their crime, all of their plans are rooted in being able to exercise being-in-control domination of the victim and/or situation.

        According to the FBI reports since 2013; since 2013 over 70% of convicted violent criminals reported they avoided targeting areas with high legal gun ownership rates, places where frequent exercise of 2nd amendment open or concealed carry happened, and places were people were home or in businesses in areas where gun ownership and carry was common – and they reported they did this not out of fear of the law or the laws penalties but out of fear of the penalty of being shot by an intended victim with a gun.

        So I don’t think we need to just shoot them on sight unless the situation makes it necessary, but we do need to demonstrate we do have the means and will for defense and we do not care about their rights nor do we have a responsibility to care about their rights like the law does. And that is what criminals fear the most, the exercise of that inherent natural right to self defense in a manner in which we can not be dominated and we can repel and overcome them, and if necessary, impose a tremendous and determining penalty without regard for their rights.

        • to 40 cal booger

          “Criminals do not fear the law any longer, they, overall, know the law can not stop them from committing the crime if they choose to commit a crime and can only react when they do commit a crime.”

          “So I don’t think we need to just shoot them on sight unless the situation makes it necessary, but we do need to demonstrate we do have the means and will for defense and we do not care about their rights nor do we have a responsibility to care about their rights like the law does.”

          You only need to kill a few criminals dead on sight. In order for the rest of them to change their behavior. We have living proof of this.

          When Bernie Getz shot 4 muggers in a subway train. The crime levels in NYC dropped like a stone. Especially the crime level on the trains against passengers. For a short time NYC was a much safer place to be at night. And there was also a “Getz effect” across the country. Many major cities had crime levels drop nearly over night, when the Getz story got out.

          But NEVER FORGET the reaction against him by the limousine Libertarian, Liberal, and Leftist crowd. They never supported him. Just as they never supported Joe Horn.

      • to uncommon_sense
        You fear of an over reaction has lead to the year 2020. “Arson city” and the innocent murdered. And the police quitting in mass.
        But it’s still ok for the government to kill you to protect government property???

        It is not an overreaction to shoot rioters dead on sight. The problem we have now is Libertarians Liberals and the Left don’t believe in civility. You can be civil and still protest. You can be passionate during your protest.

        But we have mostly lost this as a society. The best solution is to kill those who don’t believe you have a right to private property.

        • Well, well , well if we went along with No Common Sense and Christ T then the capitol police should have gunned down all your buddies that tried to overthrow the government. They would have if they would have been Black that has been discussed on all the accredited news media outlets but the Whites were not because the were whites.

          It is always kill the Blacks for a burned out license plate bulb and let the Whites commit crimes like an attempt to overthrow the government and then let them get away with a slap on the wrist.

        • to dacian
          Normally I would not respond to you. But I have to tell you that the rioters, have been mostly white people, who are waving rainbow flags. I think they should be shot dead on sight. But perhaps being white people who wave a rainbow flag, while rioting, they get a special pass these days???

        • Chris anyone who would make a stupid comment like that needs to see a head shrink. The Capitol rioters were all White Neo Nazi Trumpites not gay people. You are really a sick person. The FBI proved the Neo Nazi Proud Boys orchestrated it with approval and help from some key Republican Congressmen who are now also being investigated as to their role in the riots.

          And right now a lot of your buddies the Proud Boys are sitting in jail and no they are not rainbow flag wavers. Now explain to me why they are in jail and no rainbow flag people are. Maybe its because the news films showed none of them there. Is this getting too complicated for you??????

  6. It’s infuriating to watch. We don’t have to live like this. The lack of honesty in assessing this situation, as well as any recent Democrat-created crisis, isn’t surprising.

  7. The level of violent crime that exists is a direct result of decades of rot in the culture practiced by inner city blacks and hispanics. A liberal core belief is that minorities are victims and can never be responsible for their actions because their dysfunction is caused by white oppression.

    Liberals, especially wealthy white liberals, are loathe to recognize the “root causes” and take the necessary actions needed to solve the problem because of their own weird feelings of self guilt. And since wealthy white liberals are the ones who run the Country now, nothing is going to be done to force these inner city populations to change. Rather, these ruling class whites will continue to turn the screws on the rest of us…because our “oppression” and “privilege” are the real causes of all the problems.

    We’ve already passed a cultural tipping point in this Country. We have have several generations, now, who have been steeped in “woke” orthodoxy, internalized it, and vote on it. They believe in it just as much as I believe in what I was taught were the Founders principles when I was young; and there are even more, more radicalized generations being vomited out from our “education” system every year.

    Add to this the 11-20 million illegal aliens who have forced their way here purely for the economic advantages this Country offers and not from any “yearning to breathe free,” many of whom will become voting citizens but remain unassimilated. They came here to change us, not to be changed. We even have unassimilated immigrants like Omar, Jayapal, and Tlaib (although Tlaib was born here she acts like she’s from the West Bank) in elective office. All these people are used to top down, authoritarian systems of government and they view the existing majority (us) as colonizers and oppressors.

    Inner city crime won’t be solved until the people who live there make a conscious decision to change their attitudes and the way they live, and since they are coddled and enabled by our government, that doesn’t seem likely anytime soon.

    The only recourse left for us normal people is to take the responsibility to protect ourselves and our families, understanding that there’s no other help coming.

    • Except two things. You flunked history classes which proved that immigrants have made this country great and continue to make it great.

      It was the son a Syrian Immigrant that invented the cell phone bringing in millions of profit to the U.S. In the past it was George Washington Carver a black man that invented multitudes of use for the peanut crops bringing millions of profits in for the peanut farmers. The list of immigrant accomplishments would fill books not pages.

      And it is not against the law to run for Congress and be a Liberal Progressive and I say great job to immigrants like A.O.C. and Omar because they are jumping down the throats of the gangster criminal Republicans and fighting for the American working people every step of the way.

    • Also to Ticked

      And by the way it was stated last week that over 25% of the American people are now immigrants or offspring of immigrants and growing in numbers every day especially Latino’s that will soon be the dominate race in America. You are soon to become a minority Ticked Off and I am loving every minute of it. And the already elected Congress people that are immigrants and Latino’s prove this and are a harbinger of what is coming. White privilege is soon to be history. Nothing lasts forever. .

      Of course most White people are good Americans and accept all races of people in America and in that sense you are the real minority and always have been thank God. Creatures like you blaspheme everything decent Americans believe in and stand for and that includes the poem on the Statue of Liberty which you hate like a passion. That is all we need to know about creatures like you that wear twisted arm bands and join groups like the “Proud Boys”.

      We Liberals are in control now so enjoy the ride because for you its going to be a rough one and I love it.

      • little d is very much a mentally ill person. Please refrain from responding to him. It lowers the standards of conversation around here.

        • Yeah, I’m too old to care about the opinions of hate filled little bitches like him/her/xer…

        • Yeah, I’m too old to care about the opinions of a hate filled little bigot like him/her/xer…

  8. quote——————Investigation reveals that last year the number of murders rose by 29 percent, drug overdose deaths increased 30 percent, and the number of gang-related killings skyrocketed more than 55 percent. To put this carnage into context, a 29 percent increase in murder isn’t simply bad, it’s the worst single-year increase in American history. Similarly, the drugs flooding into our communities aren’t only deadly, they are the deadliest drugs ever sold. For the first time ever, over 100,000 Americans lost their lives to drugs and homicide in 2020.——————–quote

    And the Far Right is responsible for all of it. This is why Universal Background Checks, Safe Storage Laws, and decriminalizing drugs are so important. And Universal Health Care would pay for treatments for people that are on drugs.

    When any nut case or criminal can buy a second hand gun its not surprising we have so many homicides and crime with them, including mass murder.

    People on drugs cannot afford to get off of them or are they able to afford treatment for them. Civilized countries have long ago treated drug addition as a disease not a crime.

    quote—————-Recorded cases of arson also rose by nearly 35 percent, a trend that is likely associated with last summer’s BLM riots, which were the most destructive in American history.————-quote

    Again pure Right Wing racism and falsehoods. Most BLM protests were peaceful and the burning and looting was traced to the Neo Nazi group the “Proud Boys” posing as BLM and verified by the FBI. And no they were not the most destructive in history that is so far over the top its ridiculous. More rhetoric designed to appeal to the Far Right Racists. I will not go into former historical riots as they have already been too well documented.

    quote——————–We must end the jailbreaks, recall and remove George Soros’s “progressive prosecutors,” and stand with our police. Our communities and children will not be safe until we do.———–quote

    What massive jail breaks? An occasional jail break of an inmate is hardly a crisis. Get real. And lets see some proof that Prosecutors were appointed by Soros that is not the way the system works anyway. Soros has no authority to appoint prosecutors.

    And quoting an article from Tom Cotton is like quoting Adolf Hitler. Cotton is one of the biggest racist and immigrant haters in Congress. If there ever was a poster boy for a modern day Nazi Tom Cotton gets the award.


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