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Lori Lightfoot speaks. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)
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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot might not have shouted “We’re Number One!” while pumping her fist as the clock struck midnight last night. However under her leadership, the Windy City easily clinched the top spot for most homicides of any American city. In fact, it wasn’t even close.

Hey Jackass had the tentative numbers this morning: 842 homicides committed in Chicago city limits. That number reflects a 6% higher body count than 2020. The tally still remains preliminary as additional victims could still surface or wounded parties may succumb to their injuries.

Sadly, Hey Jackass writes about how the numbers oftentimes slowly continue to rise even after the clock strikes midnight.

With mere hours left in this shitshow of a year, we wanted to post a quick note to illustrate how the year end totals are accounted for and how best to compare this year to years past.

Past year end totals reflected on this site account for resolved death investigations, found bodies and late passings that can and will occur for many years after the clock strikes midnight on Jan 1st. We apply those incidents towards the time of occurrence, not date of death. Other agencies, such as the CPD, choose to add those resolved death investigations, found bodies and late passings to the year in which the death was recorded.

For example, when the clock struck midnight on January 1st, 2021, the final totals for 2020 were:
Shot & Killed: 719
Shot & Wounded: 3,455
Total Shot: 4,174
Total Homicides: 792

In the nearly 365 lead-filled days since, the totals have shifted as additional homicides have been recorded:
Shot & Killed: 723 (+4)
Shot & Wounded: 3,451 (-4)
Total Shot: 4,174 (0)
Total Homicides: 797 (+5)

2016 showed a similar pattern and eventually broke the 800 barrier unlike this year which accomplished that 90s feat weeks ago. On January 1st 2017, the final totals for 2016 were:
Shot & Killed: 713
Shot & Wounded: 3,665
Total Shot: 4,378
Total Homicides: 795

Over the subsequent years, those totals have been slowly adjusted to show:
Shot & Killed: 722 (+9)
Shot & Wounded: 3,658 (-7)
Total Shot: 4,380 (+2)
Total Homicides: 808 (+13)

Wherever 2021 ends up on January 1st, it will be the most violent year so far this century with a homicide tally that rivals the 1990s and will only increase over the coming years.

3750 additional victims were “merely” shot and wounded, up 9% year over year from a very bloody 2020’s tally.

Never fear, though. Mayor Lightfoot is working hard at solving her city’s crisis of violent crime by producing “Happy Kwanzaa” videos and dressing up as a clown to show she’s doing something about the Chinese flu.

In the popular NBC television series Chicago PD, Sgt. Hank Voight’s intrepid intelligence unit solves virtually every homicide thrown at them. Meanwhile, here in the real world, thanks to the “no snitch” culture so prevalent among Windy City residents, the CPD has identified assailants in only 90 of the city’s 842 homicides, or about 10.6% of cases as of December 1st.

As we’ve reported before, police say about one-third of known murder assailants were out on affordable bail from previous serious felony arrests.

Those 842 victims represent more homicides than 47 entire states reported in 2019. Someone catches a bullet in Chicago just under once every two hours. Think about that for a moment.

Boch screen capture from Bing.com.

Illinois has notoriously strict gun control laws, too. Of course, gun-control advocates like the hopelessly overmatched Mayor Lori Lightfoot claim that lax gun laws in other states lead to all the guns used in her city.

For some reason, those states — like Indiana — don’t have hundreds upon hundreds of murders, and thousands more shot and wounded in their big cities. Yet that doesn’t stop Heronner from repeating the excuse whenever the subject comes up.

From Newsweek:

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Tuesday suggested that the “lax gun laws” in states such as Mississippi and Indiana are causing the increase in violence in the city.

During an interview with MSNBC, Lightfoot was asked about the rise in violence across Chicago and what she is doing to combat it.

“Well, look, we can’t stop things that happen outside of our borders. Sixty percent of illegal guns that come into Chicago every year are from out of state, from Indiana, from Mississippi, from other states that have lax gun laws,” Lightfoot said in response. “When my people can go over the border to Indiana and buy military-grade weapons and bring them back in any quantity that they want as long as their money is right, that’s a problem.”

Lightfoot’s solution to her city’s murder problem seems to be to throw her hands up and claim, ‘There’s nothing I can do.’ Her term runs through 2023. That’s a long time and a lot more dead bodies to come.

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    • talk about clueless!…this situation will never change without federal involvement…much like in the 1930’s….

      • The only federal involvement necessary is the Supreme court hears, and rules on, all the unconstitutional gun laws in the nation. When law abiding citizens can arm themselves, they will start killing off the worst of the criminals. The remainder will smarten up, and stop committing violent crimes because they just might be shot.

        Ironically that includes gang members. Those members who have never been convicted of a crime should be carrying guns, just like everyone else.

    • Oh come now, it’s really not her fault. She’s not the one killing people. She’s just the one getting rich from not doing anything about it.

      I mean, no one really expects a corrupt Chicago bureaucrat to create and implement a public policy that makes gangs an unattractive choice for survival by the poors. Do they? Of course not.

  1. > Never fear, though. Mayor Lightfoot is working hard at solving her city’s crisis of violent crime by producing “Happy Kwanzaa” videos and dressing up as a clown to show she’s doing something about the Chinese flu.

    What the fuck is wrong with you racist assholes?

    • Chill out. The virus came from China and Kwanzaa is a stupid fake holiday made up by a depraved criminal

        • My family (like anyone with a brain) knows that “he virus came from China and Kwanzaa is a stupid fake holiday made up by a depraved criminal”.

          Quit smoking that pot and reality might be clear for you also.

      • “Do you know people that *really* celebrate Kwanzaa, as in they take it seriously and don’t post (brag) about it on social media?“

        Yes, and many of us even know people who celebrate the winter solstice on December 21, a day later appropriated by the Christians to celebrate the mythical virgin birth of Mithras, renamed ‘Jesus’.

        • Miner, you live in WV. I’m calling BS on people there genuinely celebrating either Kwanzaa or the winter solstice unless they’re doing it because they’re trying to be good, modern progressives. I bet they haven’t been celebrating it their entire lives. I’ve been around awhile, and I’ve never known an actual person that celebrates those holidays. I understand that you despise Christianity, but the majority of the western world celebrates Christmas, including plenty of non-Christians. Do you not celebrate it? Did you not as a child? It’s a longstanding holiday and tradition.

          That day not being the actual day of Christ’s birth is beside the point. The Bible doesn’t give us the Roman calendar day he was born, but leaves clues which make a few months earlier likely.

        • “That day not being the actual day of Christ’s birth is beside the point“

          Thanks for the admission that the current Christmas holiday is a complete fabrication.

          There’s no evidence that Jesus ever existed, the Romans have no record of his birth or death.
          And the claim that the Romans decreed a census wherein everyone must return to the city of their birth to be counted is another fabrication, no record of any Roman census at that time or requiring that return to city of birth.

          It’s a simple deceptive text inclusion in order to fit their narrative to claims that the Messiah would be a Nazarene.

          And we do have winter solstice celebrations in West Virginia, just like every other state in the union.

          “Winter solstice celebration

          Tue Dec 21 2021 at 06:00 pm to 09:00 pm
          Shepherdstown, West Virginia | Shepherdstown, WV“


        • I bet you have fond memories of your parents taking you to the winter solstice celebration when you were a kid, as we all do.

      • actually there is a record of at least two censuses conducted around this time…but the idea of having to return to the city of your birth doesn’t jive..a guy and his pregnant wife traveling those dangerous roads..no way!…think we all know why it was important to place Jesus’s birth in the city of David

        • Just use occam‘s razor.

          Here we have a teenage Jewish girl who has gotten pregnant out of wedlock, what is the most likely cause?

          A bit of pre-marital love, by a couple of fumbling teenagers having a private moment in the “trusty woods”?

          Or the Lord God of the universe magically inserting his seed directly into the womb of this unwed teenybopper?

      • if you deny Jesus’s existence…do you deny that of the apostles, as well?…I mean they had to be following and been inspired by somebody…and what could turn this bunch of scared sheep into veritable tigers who no longer feared death…even seemed to welcome it as did their followers?…interesting questions…for a different take on this try the movie “Risen”….

        • Turned them into “veritable tigers”?

          Friend, they were denying him three times before the rooster crowed the next morning:

          According to the Gospel of Matthew:

          “Peter replied, “Even if all fall away on account of you, I never will.” “I tell you the truth,” Jesus answered, “This very night, before the rooster crows, you will disown me three times.” But Peter declared, “Even if I have to die with you, I will never disown you.” And all the other disciples said the same.[Matthew 26:33–35]“

          And the strength of a particular belief is no indication of credibility, the 9/11 hijackers were convinced that they would be in paradise and willing to sacrifice their lives to achieve that goal.
          Tell me, do you think they made it to Paradise?

      • Poor old jsled sounds like he’s about to have a stroke! 😂 it’s amazing the things that trigger some people! Oh well, it’s always a pleasure to see the meltdowns!

    • Serious question for jsled or anyone who’s been here longer than me. Have you ever made a comment that isn’t bitching about something? Is that all you have to contribute?

      • No, jsled is very well-rounded. Not content with mere bitching, he also contributes supercilious sneering, myopic smugness, and a completely unfounded sense of moral superiority.

        • “supercilious sneering, myopic smugness, and a completely unfounded sense of moral superiority“

          You just described every post on this list discussing the mythical existence of the Abrahamic God.

        • we all know why he’s here…for the same reason we’re there…but Alfred E’s contributions are much better constructed…this guy is pitiful..

      • Dude, I usually point out the hypocrisy and error in many of the posts here, rarely do I bitch and I never engage in personal attacks like most on this list.

        I hope you had a nice made-up holiday celebrating Christmas with the other Abrahamic religionistas.

    • jsled, a record number of homicides in a leftist paradise. Most of those killed were poc.

      And you chose to get upset by someone dissing a holiday? What the fuck is the matter with you?

    • “What the fuck is wrong with you racist assholes?”

      It’s like this, ‘jsled’ :

      Show me a reference to a celebration before 1960 named ‘Kwanzaa’.

      You can’t, because it doesn’t exist.

      ” Kwanzaa – What is it? – Each December the Outreach Program receives numerous inquiries about the festival Kwanzaa. This celebration is not a festival originating in any of the 55 African countries nor is it an “African” Christmas celebration. Kwanzaa is an African-Americans celebration of life from 26 December to 1 January.

      Dr. Maulana Karenga introduced the festival in 1966 to the United States as a ritual to welcome the first harvests to the home.”


      Now, are you aware of the ‘7 Principals of Kwanza? Some of them are clearly Marxist in origin :

      “Umoja (Unity) – To strive for and maintain unity in the family, community, nation, and race.”

      “Kujichagulia (Self-Determination) – To define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves and speak for ourselves.”

      “Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility) – To build and maintain our community together and make our community’s problems our problems and to solve them together.”

      “Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics) – To build and maintain our own stores, shops and other businesses and to profit from them together.”

      “Nia (Purpose) – To make our collective vocation the building and developing of our community in order to restore our people to their traditional greatness.”

      “Kuumba (Creativity) – To do always as much as we can to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it.”

      “Imani (Faith) – To believe with all our hearts in our people and the righteousness and victory of our struggle.”


      TL;DR, – A holiday made-up in 1966 by Dr. Maulana Karenga.

      I ask you, ‘jsled’, what the fuck is wrong with *you*?

      • This is hilarious, there are no so-called ‘holi-days’ that are not a creation of man’s fertile imagination.

        Many Christians celebrate days not celebrated by their own mythical gods, I have never seen a Christian who celebrated Christmas like Jesus did.

        • miner. You have a desperate, visceral, need to rage against others religious beliefs.

          But you hold your own religion, big government, to be sacred.

        • Sorry to disappoint you, but there is no rage here, only mild amusement at the self-delusion of so many on this list.

          And it’s no surprise that those who believe, without credible evidence, in any sort of sky daddy or mommy would also be a right wing Trump supporter.

        • I’ve always found it odd that people who mock faith have complete and total faith that an accidental big explosion accidentally created our physical world. It was mere coincidence that earth wasn’t just a little closer or farther from the sun. Naturally, extremely complex lifeforms and ecosystems just happened because of course they did. Unlike the other unlucky planets, we ended up with everything required for survival. No faith required. It happened because science, or something. It’s best not to think about it.

        • Miner said: “And it’s no surprise that those who believe, without credible evidence, in any sort of sky daddy or mommy would also be a right wing Trump supporter.”

          Miner also said: “I never engage in personal attacks like most on this list.”

          Hmm. I’m onto you. Not God or even a god, or creator, but sky daddy? That’s the term atheists use to mock Christians. Then you go on to mock every single Trump voter by insinuating they’re delusional. But you never engage in personal attacks. Do you fool yourself into believing your own lies?

        • Dude, you can refer to the delusion anyway you want, if ‘our father who art in heaven’ makes you feel better about the myth, that’s fine with me.

          And I’m not the one who attacked one group’s mystical holiday of Kwanzaa, I’m merely pointing out that all religious holidays are “made up”.

          Especially Christmas, a holiday made up by the early Catholic Church, run exclusively by incel males.

          Just as Easter is a made up holiday, celebrated every year on a date determined by a special formula of the Catholic pope.

          That’s the very definition of “made up”.

          And then to ridicule another “made-up” ‘holiday’ is the very definition of hypocrisy.

        • I never ridiculed Kwanzaa. Maybe you can quote exactly what I said so we can talk about it. I asked jsled if he knew people that genuinely celebrated it because he seemed so personally offended by people questioning it. Notice he isn’t offended by people questioning Christmas.

          People, including you, are trying to pretend that Kwanzaa is no different from Christmas. That’s objectively false, and you know this. Christmas is a very longstanding and widely celebrated holiday and tradition. Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus. You don’t have to be a Christian to understand that Jesus existed. We already had this conversation on here a few days ago if you’d like to go back and see it. (I’m not rehashing it.) A convenient date doesn’t invalidate the meaning of the holiday. Why are so many federal holidays on a Monday? That isn’t a coincidence. It was convenient.

          Miner said: “Dude, you can refer to the delusion anyway you want, if ‘our father who art in heaven’ makes you feel better about the myth, that’s fine with me.”

          You’re telling me that isn’t a personal attack? At a minimum, it’s disrespectful which is your point, of course. Remember when you kept telling us that you would defend Muslims? Why can’t you extend the same amount of respect to Christians? Most people that aren’t trying to be offensive will say, “your god” and lay off the delusion talk.

        • Miner
          “… have never seen a Christian who celebrated Christmas like Jesus did.”

          Apparently you don’t know much about the Christmas holiday. There was no “Christmas” holiday in the time of Jesus, and no one celebrated the birth of Jesus as a holiday, so of course you would not see anyone celebrate Christmas like Jesus did. Duh!

        • “I have never seen a Christian who celebrated Christmas like Jesus did,” says Miner49er.

          By…being born? By fulfilling the ancient prophecy of a savior? Atoning for the sins of mankind? Getting crucified by the Romans? Having followers smart enough to out-compete the pagans by co-opting the dates of their celebrations?

          Tell me, O Wise One, since you seem to know… How DID Jesus mark the occasion of his birth?

        • “Christmas is a very longstanding and widely celebrated holiday and tradition“

          Just because a delusion is long-standing and shared by many people throughout history, does not somehow give it validity.

          There is no historical evidence that Jesus ever existed, the Romans have no record whatsoever of his crucifixion while they have the record of the crucifixion of literally thousands of other criminals and fake ‘messiahs’.

          And I think the Muslim claims are just as delusional, the one thing they share in common is the Abrahamic origin and the lack of credible evidence to support their claims.

          I personally question the morals of Abraham, who was all to ready to sacrifice his firstborn son when commanded to do so by Jehovah.

        • “Just because a delusion is long-standing and shared by many people throughout history, does not somehow give it validity.”

          That wasn’t proof that it was celebrating something grounded in reality, that was proof that Kwanzaa and Christmas are extremely different. Go back and read the comment. The following sentence was stating that it was grounded in reality. One is a longstanding tradition celebrated by most in this country (probably including you at one point) and one is something a few progressives virtue signal about since it’s inception a few decades ago. Yet, you guys are pretending they’re similar. It’s obviously political. There’s a reason jsled isn’t white knighting over Christmas, just like you aren’t white knighting over Christians. Like I said, I’m not rehashing the same conversation about Jesus, the person existing. We already had that discussion.

        • What’s really funny is how you aren’t just attacking people for making comments about Kwanzaa. You immediately proceed to attack Christmas. Yet somehow, you manage to never see the hypocrisy of your actions. If you’re the party of inclusion, acceptance, and diversity, then why are you so focused on attacking the beliefs of the world’s most popular religion?

          I believe the reason you can’t acknowledge that Christmas and Kwanzaa are different is political and partisan in nature. That’s why you don’t see jsled or dacian coming to defend Christmas, when they’ll defend Kwanzaa. It’s a matter of defending your team and attacking the other team.

        • Perhaps now is a good time to mention one of the logical fallacies, argument from popularity.
          Just because many people believe some particular idea does not grant it some special credibility.

          And regarding the differences between Christmas and Kwanzaa, the implicit bias in your position is clear.

          By the lights of the constitution of the United States of America, by the rights enumerated in the first amendment, by the entirety of the United States federal code, and by the laws of the various states of the union, Christmas and Kwanzaa have equal weight and merit, period.

          Any particular observance of a ‘holiday’ is merely based on convenience and tradition, workers normally get 25 December off because that’s been the practice, not because it’s the mythical birthday of Mithras.

          Just as Thomas Jefferson, “I thank providence daily that we have erected a wall of separation between church and state… “

        • “Just because many people believe some particular idea does not grant it some special credibility.”

          It’s like no matter how many times I say it, you find another way to ignore it. I understand that people don’t believe in certain historical accounts. That’s beside the point. I rightly pointed out that Kwanzaa is a fringe holiday which a few people pretend to celebrate. I’m sure there are some people somewhere that take it seriously. I acknowledged that too. Just because any holiday is allowed, does not mean that they are the same. You act extremely offended by Christianity and Christmas. I don’t care about Kwanzaa one way or the other, but I will call out people like you and jsled for white knighting anything with a left wing hue to it. Do you argue with this much vigor over a trans person’s sex? Do you stick up for Christmas on the progressive sites I’m sure you frequent? I thought Democrats were supposed to be accepting and welcoming of people that weren’t like themselves?

    • Nothing wrong with mocking some despotic dictator’s choice of silly holidays. WTF is wrong with you? Those of us who are routinely mocked for our holidays don’t hear you defending us.

      • we all know why he’s here…for the same reason we’re there…but Alfred E’s contributions are much better constructed…this guy is pitiful..

        • No, I don’t “revere” the founding fathers.

          Despite the painting in the US Capitol, none of the founding fathers have attained God-status.

          And some ideas, writings and actions of Thomas Jefferson I admire, while others I detest.

        • In other words, you don’t follow Jefferson’s guidance. You just happen to agree with something he agrees with.

        • “you don’t follow Jefferson’s guidance. You just happen to agree with something he agrees with“

          On some issues I follow Jefferson’s guidance, and other issues I reject his position.

          Unlike conservatives, liberals will examine viewpoints and judge them on their own merits, rather than trusting some authority figure.

          That’s another logical fallacy many conservatives suffer from, argument from authority. Just because some authority dictates an idea does not automatically make it credible or valid.

      • Happy Birthday to you!….Happy Birthday to you!….Happy Birthday dear Jesus….Happy Birthday! to you!…..

      • any study of the history of Christianity will rapidly convince you that much of it is a “construct”…a lot of picking and choosing and borrowing from other religions…and it took well over 100 yrs before we settled in on the version we adhere to today…that said, it is a beautiful story, though…full of hope and inspiration that has withstood the test of time and provides a guide for us all in our daily lives….

        • “provides a guide for us all in our daily lives…. “

          I’m not sure about all that, seems about 50/50 to me when one considers these events:

          “Feb. 23, 2021, 5:47 p.m.
          | Updated: Feb. 24, 2021, 10:02 a.m.
          “Murder Among the Mormons” plays out, for the most part, like a straightforward whodunnit.

          On the morning of Oct. 15, 1985, a homemade bomb went off at the Judge Building in downtown Salt Lake City and killed financial consultant Steve Christensen, who collected historical documents. A short time later, a second bomb went off in Holladay, killing Kathy Sheets, the wife of Christensen’s former boss.

          A day later, a bomb went off in a car parked in downtown Salt Lake City, seriously injuring document dealer Mark Hofmann and setting off an investigation that lasted more than a year.

          But the three-part series, which starts streaming Wednesday, March 3, on Netflix, is not just another true-crime tale — because the story is so intertwined with Utah culture and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.“

  2. It’s Chicago. Whatever the 2021 total is today, it’ll be higher (by up to 5%) a year from now as new/old homicides get added to the total.

  3. Yup…
    The violence in Chicago is caused by guns from Indianna. You see, Indianna keeps its body count low by shipping its guns to Chicago….at least, that seems to be what Lori Lightfoot is implying.

    Those Indianna-ins are clever folk.

  4. “Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Tuesday suggested that the “lax gun laws” in states such as Mississippi and Indiana are causing the increase in violence in the city.”

    Those supposedly “lax” gun laws that are only “lax” because Lightfoots’ context is that there should be no guns at all. They aren’t “lax” at all, its just that Lightfoot doesn’t like them because she has this idea that her views should be the only one that counts. Apparently her view is that the citizens of Chicago should be defenseless to make for easy prey.

    You mean the Mississippi and Indiana gun laws that are being used to shoot criminals when they commit crimes causing them to get the hint and move to Chicago where they will get a free pass from Lori Lightfoot by her keeping the citizens widely disarmed?

  5. So, what caliber firearm can fire a round that can reach Chicago all the way from Mississippi? Must be one of those evil 45mm’s.

  6. Hey Lightfoot… if you get 4,500 Chicago residents shot you win a Tesla. Looks like you are on track.

  7. Hmm… I couldn’t find the 2021 data, but Iowa, a state with 16% more people than Chicago that sits a mere 150 miles to the west had 111 homicides in 2020 and that was up from 70 in 2019. And I’m pretty sure that half of those homicides were committed by Shitkybo transplants. Purely anecdotal but ever since they started taking their housing vouchers and moving west the homicide rate here has doubled.

    • WAY MORE than 1/2. The Murder rate in Iowa started rising when Obumer decided that Eastern Iowa was part of the Chiraq metro area for welfare resettlement.

      Murders and crime in Cedar Rapids, Dubuque, Waterloo predominantly due to the “diversity expansion. To fair, Waterloo has been a “diversity” shithole for a century. Since the great migration from the rural South to Northern industrial jobs. One of Waterloo’s finest is that digbat communist that vomited that 1619 Project drivel.

      • I can only assume that by ‘eastern Iowa’ you mean to include Ames and Ft. Dodge. Also, it all started under W. Ames was pressured into running ads in the Shitkybo newspapers advertising that your voucher would get you a much nicer place in Iowa. 114 countries represented at the university but the feds decided Ames wasn’t ‘diverse’ enough.

    • Black population of Iowa, approximately 160,000.
      Black population of Chicago, approximately 760,000.
      Of those 90 known assailants, 4 were White. 80 were black. This with the black/White shares of the population of Chicago both sitting at 31%.
      Of course it is “racist” to point out these facts.

  8. Can we get an explanation from Fauci on the difference between dying WITH being shot in one year or FROM being shot in another year?

    • That face . . . that hair . . . everything she says . . . if there has ever been a bigger clown in politics, I don’t know who it might be. For appearance, Boris Johnson comes close, but he’s a Brit. Brits get a pass on appearance, I think.

  9. Gary and Indianapolis are both violent Indiana cities, what are their murder rates. I have not even checked, but would bet per capita, they are lower than Chicago. I would like to see the figures, between like violent cities with high gun control and those in states where it is easier to get guns.

      • You are lying, you quote 2019 statistics for both Gary and Indianapolis but you quote a 2018 statistic for Chicago, hiding the fact that the actual number is 492, showing a significant decline from 2018.

        Did you think that people would not actually look at the link you post?

        Tell me, does your sky daddy approve of lying?

        • Miner49er,

          No, YOU ARE LYING. Look at the sources again.

          There is no 2019 Indianapolis data. Thus, the most recent year where the city-data.com website has the murder RATE for all three cities is 2018. And the numbers are:

          Gary, Indiana murder rate was 40.
          Indianapolis, Indiana murder rate was 162.
          Chicago, Illinois murder rate was 563.

          The only “problem” with neiowa’s post was a simple error: he reported the 2019 data rather than the 2018 data for Gary, Indiana. He accurately reported the 2018 data for both Indianapolis and Chicago.

          And since city-data.com website is claiming to show murder RATES rather than total murders, that is a fair comparison and suggests that Chicago is a much more dangerous city, roughly 10 times more dangerous than Gary, Indiana and roughly 3.5 times more dangerous than Indianapolis, Indiana.

        • Miner49er,

          Ugghhh! I was totally incorrect in my last reply to you. Disregard my last reply.

          2018 murder rates according to the cited source (city-data.com):

          Gary, Indiana — 53
          Indianapolis — 18.5
          Chicago, Illinois — 18.2

          Those are the murder RATES for all of those cities in 2018 and show that Gary, Indiana had a higher murder rate, than Chicago, Illinois. And that rate was about 2.8 times higher than Chicago’s rate.

      • And even more interesting, Chicago’s murder rate in 2019 was only 18.2 per 100,000, Gary, Indiana was over 76 per 100,000 population.

        Gary’s murder rate is over 4x that of Chicago, showing that it is a much more dangerous city than Chicago ever thought about.

        Apparently conservatives either don’t understand actual statistics, or much more likely, they are willing to lie to support their delusional narrative

      • I’ll point out that Shreveport, La has rivaled Shitcago now and then for per capita murder rates. I’m not digging for the stats, but I think about 3 times in the last 30 years or so.

        That said, I’ve never been shot at when driving through Shreveport.

        • Chicago isn’t at the top in per capita rates. They get so much attention due to the sheer number of murders.

        • “Chicago isn’t at the top in per capita rates. They get so much attention due to the sheer number of murders.“

          Good of you to post the truth for a moment, exposing the base premise of this article as completely wrong and just a racist narrative intended to attack the black prosecutor.

        • “post the truth for a moment”

          Miner, in all of my comments made on this site (and there are a few), I’ve never once lied or made a hypocritical statement. I despise both. Obviously, I’ve lied in real life. We all fall short.

  10. Some of us remember all the way back in the 1990s and even the 1980s when New York City was having over 2,000 homicides per year. While the mayor’s including David Dickless, excuse me “David Dinkins,” were blaming the NRA for opposing a ban on “assault rifles,” NYC was having barely a dozen homicides committed with rifles of any type each year. The caliber specific statistics that were then available in the Chicago Murder Analysis were even more embarrassing to the gun control cause.

    Of course the solution for NYC was the same as the solution for Washington DC. They reduced their homicide numbers and himicide rates by implementation of massive urban renewal programs that tore down the slums inhabited by Black people to build yuppy paradises inhabited by White people and Asians. All of the Black people who were committing so many homicides were dispersed to the suburbs including Virginia where their himicide rate actually decreased.

    We mustn’t overlook the contribution of welfare reform in reducing homicide rates. By disincentivizing mostly poor Black women from having poor, Black bastard, babies, we encourages them to get abortions. By systematically exterminating their own progeny, Black women dramatically reduced the number of angry, black males who were so often pulling the trigger.

    • gentrification works…but only so long as these snowflakes feel safe..put that in doubt and the process will slow…

  11. Another set of really intelligent suggestons and comments from really intelligent people. MOre examples, God be praised, of American education logic and critical thinking.

    But, strangely enough though not well expressed, is the relationship of LEGAL abortions, and this applies across the colour spectrum, and the relationship to criminal behaviour.
    THe main cause of LEGAL ABORTION is as one might expect, that the baby is unwanted. An unwanted baby is hardly likely to receive an particularly salubrious upbringing, The kind of unbringing that an unwanted child does receive is just the kind that leads to criminal behaviour.
    That is a PROVEN FACT. I make no comment as to the MORALLITY of abortion legal or otherwise. That to me is a matter of concience.

    • Abortion, at least here in the US was started as a way to remove unwanted people of color from our society. People like sanger wanted to eliminate ‘undesirables’, meaning folks that were not white and christian.

      And since the majority of abortions have happened in the minority communities here she seems to have succeeded in her genocide. With the willing support of the left.

      • No leftist, no Marxist, no Democrat, no commie, no feminist is able to admit that Sanger was a racist beach who admired Hitler, or that Hitler admired her. She was an early example of privileged white beaches who wanted to burn society to the ground.

    • So we better abort them just in case they grow up to be criminals? Should we use statistics so we can specifically target the future criminals? Things that make you go hmm…

      • jsled is another new wave nazi like dacian and 49er. They would like nothing better than to measure your head and if you don’t fill some made up set of ‘perfect’ features march you off to the showers.

        We’ve seen it all before.

  12. Who Cares?

    The idiots in Chitcago that keep electing the same fools don’t care enough to change, so why should anyone else give a crap?

    Hundreds of blacks killed each year, and not a peep from BLM, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the whole race cabal.

    We’re beyond the point of caring.

  13. Murder she Wrote.
    errrr wait, I think she has a husband.
    ? ? ?
    Murder the transgender wrote.
    What a shame a fine looking woman like that, ,,, wonder if she swings both ways? Ah probably not, don’t want any Gocks between her legs.
    oh well

  14. NBC television series Chicago PD, Sgt. Hank Voight’s intrepid intelligence unit solves virtually every homicide thrown at them…”

    Lol. These ridiculous shows! If nbc displayed the actual political interference and leftist bs instead of good looking police work, maybe the idiots in that town would vote her out.

    • Willful propaganda to cover up the truth of one of the many failed demoncrap population centers. Running them into the ground as per usual, while the rest of the media & most of the world runs about with fingers firmly in ears screaming “nanannananananaaaah I can’t hear you” like petulant children.

    • count the blacks in the commercials…new game at the local bar…(Whoa!…there’s another one!)…and you get bonus points if you spot the quiky of two guys kissing….

  15. Back in the late 70’s through to about 1990, we had a serious problem with crime and drugs, along with people not co-operating with the police/Sherriff in my home county in Wisc. People finally got fed up and started not tolerating such behavior. People started dropping a dime and tipping off the police about who was pulling the robberies, burglarizing homes and businesses, growing pot, making Meth. etc. About a year later the problems and the criminals were gone. Either in jail or moved to other areas. According to a family member who still lives there, the county, which does hae a couple small cities, had a murder rate of about 6 a year for the last several years. When I still lived there in the 1980’s it was about 24 a year. Yes, I know that is nothing like Chicago and just ancidotal, but, the same cultural shift is going to have to happen in the communities around Chicago for the problem to be dealt with. People have to start calling the cops, passing information to law enfforcement, and not tolerating the crimical behavior. Stop promoting the gang mentality, stop covering for the criminals, stop blaming others for the problem.
    The Mayor blames guns coming in from outside the city. Well, yes they do. Because criminals will find weapons where honest people won’t. Criminals will supply a demand for what people are willing to pay money for. look at the prohibition of alcohol and the so called war on drugs.
    If Lightfoot really wanted to deal with the crime in Chicago, she would be doing 3 things.
    1) get funding for and put more cops into high crime areas. Beat cops who get to know the residents and know the area.
    2) Do whatever it takes to build excelence and push honest education. Get parents involved and push education as a way out of the ghetto.
    3) Work with companies and small businesses to locate and expand into the Chicago area. Chicago has road, rail and water access. Sell the premise that they also have workers who want to work. Bring employment oppertunities to the city.
    She also needs to stop playing the perpetual race/victim crap. Chicago never was a slave holding part of the country. And the segregation seen today is mostly self inflicted. There are no KKK members or NAZI’s forcing people into the hood. Bad as it may be, Chicago isn’t 1940 Warsaw.

  16. It is just amazing the way gangs recruit new members each year to replace the ranks. They should be commended for their new member policy’s and signing bonuses they hand out👌. The family leave and medical plans must be to die for. My last job had long service banquets for 10, 20 and 30 yrs. I’m sure they save a ton of money not having many.

  17. Humans and their calendars.
    They’ve got the same problem with clocks.
    Wouldn’t be no
    ” What day is it? Oh sht, look at the time, we’re going to be late for the Kwanzaa parade.”

  18. “Chicago Once Again Scores Most Homicides of Any City in America… More Than Most States!“

    More yellow journalism propaganda, taking advantage of those who do not understand math and raw numbers versus actual rate of occurrence.

    Of course Chicago has more murders than many states, Chicago has a greater population than many states.

    Here is a list of the top ten least populated states in the country:

    Wyoming (Population: 581,075)
    Vermont (Population: 623,251)
    District of Columbia (Population: 714,153)
    Alaska (Population: 724,357)
    North Dakota (Population: 770,026)
    South Dakota (Population: 896,581)
    Delaware (Population: 990,334)
    Rhode Island (Population: 1,061,509)
    Montana (Population: 1,085,004)
    Maine (Population: 1,354,522)

    Chicago has double the population of Maine, with 2.71 million.

    • It’s the per capita that tells the whole story. Shitcago’s per capita murder rate is many times higher than the states you mention. Shitcago’s per capita murder rate is many times higher than all the rest of Illinois. Spin it however you like, Shitcago remains the murder capital of the United States. If/when Shitcago owns that fact, then MAYBE they can actually do something about it.

    • Are you seriously suggesting that Chicago does not have a problem on it’s hands?
      Yes, other cities have problems too. What is your point?

      My point is that across this nation, and across the world, you can find violent places with lax gun laws and ones with strict gun laws. It is not about the guns. More stringent laws in Chicago or around the U.S. is not going to change the homicide factory that is Chicago in 2022.

      Zurich and Tokyo have different gun laws yet both have fairly low rates of crime including murder. London has very low gun crime (still has some though) and yet people still find a way to kill each other in high numbers. It is not about the gun, knife, or any other object.

    • Miner49er, you do the exact same thing when you compare murders in the USA vs. European countries. Many states in the USA are larger than most countries in Europe. It would be more honest if you did comparisons of the entirety of the E.U. versus U.S.A. Of course, a true comparison is to look at the per capita numbers.

      Oh, and before this goes off the rails; Europe isn’t the U.S. and we will stay armed to ensure that.

      • “you compare murders in the USA vs. European countries“

        You must be reading some other comment, I haven’t compared US with European murder rates in this discussion.

        I am comparing Chicago with other American cities, let us consider nearby Gary, Indiana.

        In 2019, Chicago’s murder rate was 18.2 per 100,000 while Gary, Indiana’s murder rate was over 76 per 100,000.

        This fact exposes that Chicago is not some outlier because of the black prosecutor’ policies, there are cultural problems that transcend any particular city or state issues.

        White southerners poisoned our society by exploiting the crime of slavery for their personal profit and we are dealing with the ramifications of this issue.

        • And white Democrats created social policies that still, to this day, exploit black people for their personal profit. Not even slavery could make black Americans willingly dependent on white masters, but give the 20th century Democrats credit — they found a way.

      • Europe has never been comfortable with an armed peasantry….torches and pitchforks are more to their liking….

        • Burgoyne at Saratoga..(allegedly)…”They’re peasants..with guns…how can peasants have guns?”

    • yeah,..whatever happened to just talking about guns?…this is what happens when you let distracting trolls enter the conversation….

    • I think these comments are friggin fantastic, I see no better expression of the American ideal of free speech then right here on these digital pages.

      Yes, them darn people will say things that will get you all in a huff, and that’s just par for the course here in America.

      The very idea that those who speak different opinions than yours should be silenced is one of the core directives of the fascist regimes.

        • No Democrat has ever threatened to revoke fox broadcasting’s federal license.

          Perhaps you were thinking of former president Donald Trump, who routinely attacked the right to freedom of the press enshrined in the first amendment:

          “Donald Trump has threatened to shut down NBC and other American networks, saying that they peddle fake news.

          “With all of the Fake News coming out of NBC and the Networks, at what point is it appropriate to challenge their License? Bad for country!” Mr Trump wrote in a tweet.“

          Claiming Democrats want to shut down fox ‘news’ when actually it is the conservative Republicans who are attempting to forbid freedom of the press is the very definition of fascism.

          Tell me Frank, why do you and Donald Trump hate American freedom?


        • “No Democrat has ever threatened to revoke fox broadcasting’s federal license.”

          That isn’t what he said now is it? I love how, instead of responding to or debating the issue at hand, you always just make your own attack. They go after the sponsors. There are limitless examples of this, especially with the prime time shows. They are also trying to get the cable companies to cancel Fox because the Left can’t deal with any dissenting opinions.

          Media Matters has launched the #UnFoxMyCableBox initiative.

        • “They go after the sponsors”

          “They”? You mean people should not be allowed to decide where they spend their money because you don’t think it’s fair to your opinion?

          And private citizens and organizations advocating that folks don’t watch Fox TV is a whole Nother thing from the President of the United States advocating that NBC lose their federal broadcasting license.

          So dude, I take it you approve of former President trumps attempts at government censorship? Why am I not surprised…. Scratch a conservative, find a fascist.

          And here’s a specific example from your article that you linked, showing how fox is indeed hoodwinking cable subscribers:

          “Millions of people — possibly including you — pay Fox over $20 in hidden fees per year even if they never watch Fox News at all.“

  19. So if “my people can go over the border to Indiana and buy military-grade weapons and bring them back”, then shouldn’t a significant percentage of the shootings be assault rifles instead of pistols? Considering that they aren’t, why hasn’t one reporter asked Mayor Death why she’s lying?

    • they don’t want you to fight back…or have the means to do so…just that simple and all part of their agenda…

  20. Note that Jackson, MS, had the highest homicide rate per capita in the country last year, and it was three times the rate in Chicago.

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