Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson
Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)
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From the Firearms Policy Coalition . . .

Following President Biden’s announcement nominating Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the U.S. Supreme Court, the Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) released the following statement:

As we’ve said before, the justices of the Supreme Court should, and indeed must, do what the Constitution’s text and liberty compel. One need not look further than the current Russian invasion of Ukraine to fully comprehend that the human right to keep and bear arms is as relevant and necessary today as ever.

Judge Jackson, who served for a time as an assistant public defender, should have first-hand experience of just how evil and corrupt the criminal justice system is, using coercive plea bargaining to avoid constitutionally required jury trials and putting people in cages for non-violent possessory offenses such as merely possessing common semi-automatic firearms or carrying a handgun without a license in New York, California, and other states where governments are openly hostile to the Second Amendment rights of peaceable individuals.

If Judge Jackson is confirmed to be the next associate justice of the Court we hope that she will use her voice to restore the Fourth Amendment, long gutted in the never-ending wars on drugs and terror, end Court-fabricated doctrines like qualified immunity, declare abusive civil asset forfeiture to be unconstitutional, overrule bad precedents like Hans v. Louisiana, protect due process and freedom of speech, and respect the fundamental right to keep and bear arms that is both necessary for self-defense and serves as a bulwark against tyranny, such as when it did in Athens, Georgia in 1946.

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    • Obviously the trinket tossing Jim Crow Gun Control joe is pandering to a voting block of fools.
      Rest assured the marxists will keep her away from Justice Thomas…They would not want any of his intelligence and experience with sneaky lowlife democRats like joe to rub off on her.

  1. Ketanji Brown Jackson is a grifter who will be thrilled to shove the Second Amendment right up our collective culos. That’s why the senile old dunce picked her.

    • Unfortunately, Ralph is right.

      About the only good news is that because she’s been on a Harvard board recently, she’d likely recuse herself on the affirmative action cases that’ll be argued this fall (Harvard is one of the parties). Betting odds are very, very strong that SCOTUS will use those cases to finally find race-conscious admission policies in university admissions are illegal (overruling or severely cabining Grutter and Fisher II), and reiterating that race-conscious employment practices (such as those currently being implemented throughout academia) have been and remain illegal under SCOTUS precedent going back decades.

      (Fisher II was a 5-4 decision, with Kennedy switching sides from the Fisher I opinion and writing an extremely narrow opinion allowing universities *some* leeway in admissions decisions — which universities have since taken as carte blanc to do whatever the hell they want. Since then, Kennedy and RBG have been replaced, so probably 6-3 (6-2 if Jackson recused) to put a stake in that vampire once and for all.)

    • Brandon had two criteria in his selection, 1) black woman and 2) liberal rubber stamper.

      • I look at it this way –

        I’ll happily trade the Leftist Scum 1 Brown-Jackson for our 3, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Coney-Barret.

        A 6-3 court in our favor beats the likelihood of a 3-6 court against us if the HildaBeast had won it.

        If they had expended the same effort in 2016 as they did in 2020, we would be truly fucked today.

        That they were so convinced Trump would lose in 2016, is the only reason we have hope for SCotUS cases today being ruled in our favor…

  2. “self-defense and serves as a bulwark against tyranny, such as when it did in Athens, Georgia in 1946.”

    Don’t you mean Athens, Tennessee???????

  3. You would have to know given all the incompetent nominations that have been made by this administration and in particular their cabinet picks that the likelihood of this one being much different is next to zero. In an effort to be woke they picked people who are not only within their minority framework but unfortunately incapable of doing their jobs for the American Citizens of this Country. Their focus has been on doing everything for illegals, criminals, those with sexual identities different from just male or female, minorities, etc. and unfortunately their picks have not represented these various groups in a favorable manner at all. It’s one thing to want to give minorities a chance to demonstrate their leadership skills but these folks running our government agencies can’t possibly represent the best these groups have to offer and possibly not the best of all groups.

      • She is replacing a Liberal so perhaps that will minimize the damage if she get appointed as it won’t change the basic breakdown as it exists today.

        • “She is replacing a Liberal so perhaps that will minimize the damage…”

          Bingo. That’s why it doesn’t bother me much who they put in.

          If we take 2024, the possibility of a 7-2 high Court is not out of the realm of possibility…

  4. She’s a TOTAL leftist nut job and personally handpicked by #0BAMAISACANCER himself. She should not be a federal judge let alone a supreme court justice. #SOCIALISMKILLS

  5. Dan… I do believe you have highly loftly expectations for a real flounder. Just my opinion.
    She’ll be yet another, and likely worse unconstitutional activist judge. I hope I am wrong. But I do not think I am.

  6. Breyer agreed with conservatives at basically the same rate as Kagan and Sotomayor. There’s no reason to expect any more out of this nominee. If anything, they searched for a more hardcore leftist, after satisfying the most important requirements for Dems of having the proper skin tone and genitals.

  7. “Judge Jackson, who served for a time as an assistant public defender, should have first-hand experience of just how evil and corrupt the criminal justice system is…”

    She certainly does know how the “justice system” is evil and corrupt; she will go to great lengths to destroy it.

    While Biden kept his promise to nominate a black female, he missed a golden opportunity. Should have included “trans” as a criterion. That group should be loudly decrying the oversight; “equity” doanchano.

  8. If you get picked by the democrats you must be a woman, a minority (preferably black), ideally disabled or gay, incapable of using the two pronouns the dictionary gave you, oh and you have to hate liberty and individual rights with a passion.
    So no, i wouldn’t count on her to uphold the constitutional rights.

    • “Stolen elections have consequences.”

      150 percent correct.

      That’s why you heard them screaming so loudly about Georgia’s election law with claims of “Jim Crow 2”.

      All the law did was plug up the loopholes that the Democrats used to stuff the ballot-boxes in the big cities (meaning, rAtlanta).

      Similar laws passed in Wisconsin (?) and Pennsylvania means that stealing the next major election will be a whole lot harder for them the next time.

      If we had an honest ballot count in 2020, Trump would be serving his second term today…

  9. “Experience Should Motivate Her Defense of All Constitutional Rights”

    History has shown us otherwise.

    SCOTUS is swapping one lib for another, so don’t get overly concerned about it.

  10. I’d prefer a pro-Second Amendment nominee but the fact is every President has the right to nominate whoever they want. The Senate then has its constitutional duty to advise and consent. All I want out of these people is for them all to do their highly overpaid jobs. Not to play games and make decisions in the media, playing propaganda games to win points with their constituents.

    Just do your jobs!

    Why the hell is that so much to ask for anyway?

    • “Why the hell is that so much to ask for anyway?”

      Differing understanding of what their job is?

      In the current climate, if all the Repubs do their “job” and vote against confirmation, and all the Dems do their “job”, and vote for confirmation, the nominee is confirmed.

      Let me sort it out…”Job 1″ for elected officials is to get re-elected. If one isn’t in the game, nothing else matters.

    • Unfortunately the answer is yes. I am sure you have noticed that everything is pretty well messed up and until we get rid of this entire administration its only going to get worse. Also, at the rate Biden is going we may not have to worry much longer because we all could be dead.

      • Aww, c’mon. Have a little faith in the King, When he was asked today if we should be concerned about the threat of nukes he said “no”. Yup, just “no”. See, nothing to worry about. Raggedy Ann didn’t even have to walk anything back or translate. Just “no”. I know that’s all I need.

    • “the fact is every President has the right to nominate whoever they want”

      does that apply to those “elected” by fraudulent ballots?

    • “All I want out of these people is for them all to do their highly overpaid jobs. Not to play games and make decisions in the media, playing propaganda games to win points with their constituents.

      Just do your jobs!”

      Funny how this version of you was nowhere to be found during the DNC / deep state seeded Russia Hoax. You don’t exactly command the moral authority to be handing out this sort of lecture.

      “Why the hell is that so much to ask for anyway?”

      Were you alive for the Kavanaugh hearing?

    • The Senate does NOT have a duty to approve, however. This affirmative action/quote twit is entirely unqualified. For the position she holds and certainly for the position that Obiden has nominated.

  11. Yeah and the criminal Far Right Radical Judges should also respect all Constitutional rights like the right to vote, freedom of speech, the right of a woman to her own body instead of being a sex slave, the right to form a union, the right to affordable health and drug care, the right to an affordable education, the list goes on and on.

    • Citizens of the Country have the right to vote and making it sound like minorities are incapable of registering is the most demeaning racist thing I ever heard. We have freedom of speech except on Leftist run media that censor anything THEY don’t like to hear. I never met a woman who didn’t own her own body and that does not include abortions on demand as a form of birth control. In case you haven’t notice we have all kinds of Unions and have had for many years. Health Care would be far more affordable if Politicians of all persuasions including Democrats would stop lining their pockets from every interest group that does not want to lose the money they provide them by not dealing with the problem and keeping costs down. When you allow hospitals to get 13,000 for a positive Covid test how are you helping the system. We are all paying for that nonsense. Education would be affordable if those running the Universities were not so greedy. And no the list doesn’t go on and on. It people like you who listen to the nonsense without really looking at the facts or the consequences. Look at the total mess we are into today because of the incompetence of this current administration and their ridiculous pie in sky policies that are destroying the country.
      Wake up and do like the rest of us work for what you want and make the sacrifices don’t expect or accept handouts and let yourself be bought off just like the politicians.

      • Setting aside the fact that those “rights” aren’t in the Constitution, we have outrageously expensive healthcare, health insurance, and education BECAUSE of the government.

        • Public education is the responsibility of the States according to the Constitution. So how is Government responsible for the high cost of Education at private colleges many of whom have literally millions of dollars in endowments. I already said government is responsible for the cost of health care. There is nothing in the Constitution that i am aware of that gives non-citizens the right to vote. Are you suggesting that freedom of speech is not a First Amendment Right? Do you live in the USA or another Country.

  12. And in other news.
    Gun control is racist. The minimum wage is racist. Africans traded black slaves for European firearms. And slavery still exists in the Arab world.

    “What Most ‘Experts’ Aren’t Telling You During Black History Month | Larry Elder Show”, video 14 min long

  13. Thomas and Alito are the only conservatives on the court. The 3 most recent justices have been wishy washy at best. Maybe they will pick a side, but they have not yet proven themselves. This is a commie replacing a commie. No loss.

  14. Sad……..she may or may not be a legitimate candidate but as soon as you say I’m only gonna appoint a black woman, half the country says “here we go again”!!

  15. Does “Truth about Guns” think we’re all fools? We’ve heard about how Judge Jackson see’s the constitution and it’s not how you present — which it typical of the propaganda we’re getting from Beto when he now lies by saying he supports the second amendment! I’m very close to completely writing you guys off and blocking your web site! I sincerely hope the supporters of the second amendment in America are wise to your deceptions!

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