Mr. 'Love' aka Michael Rodriguez. Screencap via YouTube by Boch.
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Rethinking criminal justice apparently also means rethinking the qualifications it takes to qualify to be paid with tax dollars by the city of New York. The NYPD have arrested yet another “gun violence prevention advocate.” Michael Rodriguez, 49, who claims he’s known as “Love” in the community. Hewas busted for his role in running a major gun- and drug-running ring that brought down by a multi-jurisdiction investigation, Operation in Plain Sight.

Rodriguez served as the executive director of something called “Bronx Rises Against Gun Violence.” When not ostensibly promoting gun control for law-abiding citizens, according to police, Mr. Love was selling guns and slinging drugs.

He must have had a good thing going as when police busted him, they found $165,000 in cash and another $50,000 in jewelry.

Rodriguez’s (alleged) shenanigans have earned him international fame. From the UK’s Daily Mail . . .

A gun violence prevention advocate has been arrested in a major drug and guns bust after being snared in a two-year investigation dubbed ‘Operation in Plain Sight’.

Michael Rodriguez, 49, was arrested in his home in Yonkers, New York on July 26 after cops seized a cache of illegal contraband including over a kilo of cocaine, three pistols and a shotgun.

The activist was also found with $165,000 in cash and $50,000 in jewelry, and is accused of orchestrating a major trafficking ring all while acting as executive director of Bronx Rises Against Gun Violence…

Just days before his arrest, Rodriguez praised his organization’s work to Bronx News 12 at the group’s annual cookout, saying the event was to celebrate ‘bringing peace to the community.’ 

No doubt police made quite the haul when they swooped in on the folks they believe were drug and gun dealers.

Screen cap via by Boch

Guns, drugs and cash for me, but not for thee. Welcome to the world of big city gun control.

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    • So Lucretia Lizzo plea bargains a felon “of color” who actually caught committing crimes? Hard to believe.

  1. Why would I not be surprised if he got one of the gun violence prevention grants the NY Dept. of Health is handing out lately?

    • In no surprise to anyone we have this news from California :

      “Police Investigating Shop Owner Who Took Down Armed Thief With A Stick”

      “Just when it appeared that a law abiding business owner had scored a victory against a scumbag shoplifter for once by subduing him with an almighty thrashing, the police have stepped in to criminally investigate the shopkeeper for assault.”

      If he’s charged, I’ll donate to his legal expenses for his defense…

      • Yea and if its the same one i saw, the shoplifter was dragging one of those huge 55 gallon garbage cans thru the store just throwing piles and piles of merchandise (mainly cigarettes) into it. I’d say that deserves a whoopin if you ax me

    • Yup, this how the system actually works. Make it illegal, created a black market and get the price up with artificial scarcity. Make more money while outlawing the competition. The Triads did it, the cartels did it, the mob did it. Now the gun controllers are doing it. Make guns illegal today, and they’d flood across the boarder tomorrow… Like drugs and human slaves and all the other contraband. It’s like they think we’re stupid.

  2. Why is it everyone of these so called violence prevention dudes winds up trying to murder people or caught doing stuff like this? How much violence prevention would happen if they were actually monitored and apparently taken back in for parole violations?

    • For NY 20-40% at the low end depending on county if we also ignored bail reform and sentencing reform and performed law enforcement to 2019 standards. Assuming of course we had enough law enforcement to get back to that equilibrium.

    • That reminds me of the time the Cook County DA/Board of Supervisors ordered the Sheriff to destroy all lists of known gang members because they were “discriminatory” and “prejudicial to young black males.”

  3. Dang homie! Quite a stash you had there. Shades of Chiraq with “violence prevention”. Scamsrus🙄

    • I expect to see more of this especially with several city/state/federal level grants from various agencies funding groups similar to his via grants. Mostly because they are more likely to get caught via bad accounting practices.

  4. People like Rodriguez could not get huge amounts of guns if the U.S. had Gun Registration and Universal Background Checks as well as Safe Storage Laws.

    Those guns Rodriguez was selling were not beamed down to him from the planet Krypton by Klingons, he got them from face to face second hand gun sales a few of which were stolen because we have no Federal Safe Storage Laws.

    But the Far Right will ignore all this with the simple “wave of the hand” and say “Do not confuse me with the facts because it does not fit in with my out of control paranoia that screams zero gun control laws”.

    • LOL how is that working out in Mexico, Venezuela and a bevy of European countries with various gang issues? Sorry bud this happens anywhere there is money to support it regardless of the laws involved. “Civilized” by how you seem to mean it just means a higher asking price.

    • “People like Rodriguez could not get huge amounts of” narcotics and dangerous drugs if the U.S. had drug laws. Oh snap!🤔

    • “People like Rodriguez could not get huge amounts of guns if the U.S. had Gun Registration and Universal Background Checks as well as Safe Storage Laws.”

      Asshole, you know that New York has both laws but they didn’t prevent Rodriguez from committing criminal acts against the law.

      “Those guns Rodriguez was selling … he got them from face to face second hand gun sales a few of which were stolen because we have no Federal Safe Storage Laws.”

      Really? How do you know where he bought his two handguns and shotgun? There’s no information that they were “stolen,” and Rodriguez “has also been charged with two counts of criminal possession of a weapon.” He’s the only person so charged. So where’s this major gun-running organization?

      Besides, New York has universal background checks for second-hand sales, and safe storage laws which do not apply in this case.

      • dacian does not let facts interfere with his thoughts and feelings. The latter two resulted in being put on a s3x offender list and an ankle bracelet.

        • Southern,

          dacian the demented has “thoughts”?????? Who knew?

          dacian the demented has his feelz, and his narrative (and he gets his talking points from his Lertist/fascist “brothers” (who will line his @$$ up against the wall FIRST, ‘when the Revolution comes’). He’s a no-brain, no-talent, no knowledge idiot, desperately seeking relevance. And like simple cognition, will never achieve it.

        • Lamp, lil’d thinks whatever his corporate overlords tell him to think.

          He’s too stupid to realize he will outlive his usefulness and end up on the edge of the same pit as his victims.

    • Sure, stupid. Its not like the cartels don’t already smuggle every other contraband over the boarder with impunity as it is, effing dotard.

    • “Those guns Rodriguez was selling were not beamed down to him from the planet Krypton by Klingons, he got them from face to face second hand gun sales a few of which were stolen because we have no Federal Safe Storage Laws”

      There it is – a basic tenet of leftism – there is always someone else to blame. Don’t blame the criminals, blame the people who had their property rights violated.

      Do you also blame rape victims when they are provocatively dressed?

    • Actually no. Guns come over the border just like drugs and sex slaves. Also how to Brit crims get their guns? From face to face gun sales or Albanian smugglers… try thinking for a change it’s illuminating.

  5. News Conference: Covid Lab found in Central California. (this news conference happened a few days ago, but interesting – admits the government lied to the public about COVID, but the other interesting part is the connection with this lab and China)

    • Happened just down the road from me. At first glance does not meet NC law regarding the use of deadly force. Local new outlet reported that LEO rep said he was pulling on the car door handle when the woman shot him. “Aggressor” died at or on the way to the hospital. Based on the races and genders of the people involved, I dont think I would have gotten the same pass.

      • Attempted car jacking, otherwise defined as forcible entry into another’s vehicle, whether armed or not, is always justified self-defense. Maybe not if he was just a drunk stumbling around in a parking lot and picked the wrong car.

        Or NC has really poorly written laws on self-defense.

        • If they have any type of Castle Doctrine, she should be ok. Most very southern state recognizes your vehicle as your dwelling for intents and purposes of sell defense.

  6. These little groups are just another gang for the participants. A quasi gov approved gang. Considered a promotion no doubt.

  7. what you call
    the people who are surprised by this:
    “low information voters”
    aka “democrats”

  8. you gotta love it
    theres no way
    to not love it
    it would be like…
    an aids prevention advocate
    who is hiv positive
    having unprotected sex
    with a bunch of unsuspecting other men

  9. But…all drug dealers carry a gun and buy /sell them as well as drugs….nothing unusual there….

    What is unusual is WHY DIDN’T the city of NY do a *full background check” on the people they hire to operate a dept or to support “The Democrat Party Causes”?.

    Why indeed….because they SURELY require it for all their gun owners…”Do As I Say Not As I Do”…and “Two Tiered” comes to mind…eh?
    Democrats…what a bunch of lying, obfuscating,devious, corrupt, unworthy and untrustworty evil stinking pieces of skunk shit.

  10. HMM. A Leftist/fascist grifter using a Leftist ‘charitable organization’ as a cover for being a lying, scumbag thief and grifter.

    Must be a day ending in “Y”.

  11. Someone brought up the usual drivel of registration and background checks.
    Guess he never heard of Prohibition. brought the Mafia out of the back alley scams and loansharking business and into bootlegging/smuggling. And made a few semi respectable families a fortune. As well as the gangsters.
    How many of the street thugs are going to register their guns? And, to be honest, I doubt you would get half of the currently legal gun owners to comply with such an order/law.
    Same problem with so called universal background checks. Does anyone believe the local miscreants who rammed a truck through a concrete wall and cleaned out the gun shop are going to bother having their customers get back ground checks? Or the punks who forced Joe Homeowner to open his safe during a home invasion robbery? How about the cartels or smugglers?
    Safe storage laws? Will any of the dopes pushing such orders going to go door to door to force compliance? Or do you want real jackbooted fascist government thugs doing the dirty work?
    Funny how the so called civilized countries spoken of have high rates of assault and robberies not in the official reports. Simply because people don’t even bother to report the crimes anymore. While it’s been several years since I lived in Europe, I’ve seen this first hand. Don’t bother calling the police because the Turk, or Albanian who tickled your ribs with his knife will only disappear into the crowd and not be caught or arrested anyway. While you sit at the police office and get grilled while filling out reams of reports. Can’t upset the Muzzies.
    And, as for the scam artist playing anti violence/gun control activist, have we not seen these types playing the system for years? Child protection advocates getting busted for kiddie porn. Socialists running profitable scams and getting rich from capitalism? Money, drugs and as usual, a few guns. While there may be some connection to gun running, this fraud is nothing but another coke dealer and drug runner. And he will likely be back on the streets before the ink is dry on the police reports.

  12. Typical DemonRat strategy. Accuse others of why you’re actually doing. Probably gets paid directly by Bloomberg. Would love to see that club footed midget scumbag being robbed at gunpoint!!!!!! An ironic as image of Houdini getting locked out of his house!!! 🤣🤣🤣

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