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Detroit concealed carry license holder defends himself against an armed robber.

An unidentified Michigan concealed carry license holder used his firearm outside a grocery store Sunday to defend his life and that of his cousin.

Estimates of the number of annual defensive gun uses vary from as low as 150,000 to as many as 2 million per year, depending on the survey and the source. Whatever the total number, if you’re the person who has to rely on a firearm to protect your life or the lives of those you love, that’s all that really matters.

So while some claim that good guys with guns never stop bad guys with guns, incidents like one in Detroit — caught on video below for all to see — put the lie to that fanciful anti-gun talking point.

Detroit police said Sanchez Quinn, 29, attempted to rob two men at gunpoint outside a supermarket Sunday night when he was met with resistance.

What Quinn reportedly didn’t know was that one of those men was actually a concealed pistol license holder.

The perp and the cousin were both shot during the melee. Both are expected to survive.

“I turned and looked and saw the other gentleman had a gun pointed at my face,” the unidentified man told FOX2 Detroit. “I was able to knock his hand down and the gunfire rang out.”

The man, who is seen in the video wearing a black and white T-shirt and shorts, was able to take down Quinn, shooting him multiple times.

Quinn is reportedly recovering in a local hospital before no doubt spending the next few years living at the expense of Michigan taxpayers. Yet another successful defensive gun use brought to you by the right to keep and bear arms.

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  1. “when he was met with resistance.”

    All bad stories should end this way.

    Crazy trying to interdict an armed robbery at that distance.

    Multiple shots fired / hits, no deaths. What the heck calibers did the use?

      • The figures I remember hearing it’s something like 75% of handgun wounds are survivable. Shotguns, flip that number around and only 25% are survivable. And I think rifles are right in the middle.

        • Not sure what to make of it, but in Las Vegas there were 488 injured and 58 dead, total 547 shot. Since all casualties arrived at the hospitals no new deaths have been reported. This means, for this one incident at least, approximately 11% fatalities from rifles fire (5.56 NATO at @400 yards), 89% survival with prompt medical care.

        • Cliff H “89% survival with prompt medical care.”

          No. We don’t have data on the nature of the wounds that were treated. Some would have been injured from the crowd stampede. Others would have been struck with bullet fragments and other shrapnel.

      • Hey JackAss! is a great site for Chicago shooting stats:

        The numbers are big enough to yield statistically meaningful numbers. I’ve followed for a few years, and the number is almost always 1/6 fatalities and 5/6 injuries – i.e. 83% survive (presumably long-term). Anyway, that roughly jives with the other percentages thrown out here.

    • He did exactly what all of those articles published here say to do. He slapped the gun away from him while he drew his pistol, got the fuck off the “X” and returned fire while moving. I’d say he did very well.

      • it looked like he slapped the gun into the blue-shirt guy’s line. I don’t know who’s cousin got shot, the perp or the defender.

        This is what I worry about when I’m walking with the wife. I can imagine slapping the gun but I can also imagine being in a position where the only direction I can slap it is either across my own body or where the muzzle crosses my wife.

        • Denton,

          Of course you don’t want the muzzle of an attacker’s firearm to sweep yourself or your wife. Guess what you want far less? The muzzle of your attacker’s firearm steadily pointed at the middle of your face or torso.

          Sure, if you smack your attacker’s hand/arm, they might reflexively shoot you or your wife as their firearm sweeps across either or both of you. And that shot will basically be random and almost certainly much more survivable then a carefully aimed shot to the center of your chest or face.

          Let’s be honest: you are in an extremely dire situation if an armed criminal gets the drop on you and catches you flat-footed. All of your options royally SUCK. At that point you have to decide which response sucks the least and go for it with everything you have.

  2. TTAG, please, please, please create a separate webpage that links to all of these DGU stories (like you do for gun reviews). It would be a great tool for reacting to gun grabber claims that good guys and girls with guns don’t exist.

  3. I wonder what the usual paid trolls will say to this one.

    Actually, I don’t. I already know that they will say nothing. Absolutely nothing. They will simply pretend that it never happened and that videos like this don’t exist. Why acknowledge reality when you can much more easily substitute it with cognitive dissonance that is only too gleefully subsidized by a hand in a multi-billionaire’s pocket and a gaggle of sycophantic acolytes only tagging along in the hopes of getting a piece of the pie?

    No, Shannon, that’s not a screwdriver.

  4. With the two main DGU studies we’re all familiar with, what are the odds that the difference between the numbers in their conclusions is commensurate with the drop in violent crime over the time between them?

  5. Defensive gun use does not only have to be of the two legged variety does it? Just in this year, two rabid raccoonns, three copper heads, and a blind deer that charged me. I could have probly let the snakes live but one bit my dog. So the wars on for them snakes

  6. “I turned and looked and saw the other gentleman had a gun pointed at my face,”

    That’s using the term “gentle”man pretty loosely, but one of the many reason I like Michigan. I know many people from MI and that would have been there exact words though. Just don’t use the word “soda” to descibe a soft drink

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    • Surprising how many of his videos come from that gun controlled paradise – Brazil.

      It would seem that the only thing they have more of than bad guys with illegal guns is good guys with surveillance cameras!

  8. I have a cousin where I’d slap the perp’s hand, jump behind my cousin, and fire from there. (He’d do the same if the situation was reversed, I’m sure.) In any event, the defensive shooter was pretty brave to take that kind of chance. Good thing it turned out well for him.

  9. I had a moron pull a 38 special on me and I asked him if it was a Smith & Wesson. He said yes it was! I asked him if I could take a look at it and he actually handed it to me. I opened the cylinder and dumped the ammo into his sofa. My girlfriend and I got out his apartment really quick. This guy was unfit to have anything more than a blunt stick! He went from threatening to shoot me to pulling up the cushions on his sofa to look for his bullets!

    • There’s a reason why there’s an old maxim that says criminals aren’t known for being the brightest bulbs on the tree.

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