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Texas Democrats determined to make Texas Tech shooting about campus carry law.

Because we can’t let the fact that campus carry wasn’t a factor disrupt the narrative . . . Fatal shooting of Texas Tech officer renews debate over 2016 campus carry law despite shooter’s age

Texas allows licensed handgun owners to carry a concealed weapon on many areas of public four-year university campuses, but the minimum age to get a license to carry is 21 (military veterans and active members are the exception). The alleged shooter, then, would have likely been too young to legally carry a concealed handgun.

The Texas chapter of Students for Concealed Carry said on Twitter that there is “no evidence” the law had an impact on the Texas Tech shooting, citing the suspect’s age.

Still, the Texas Democratic Party called the law enacted by the Republican-controlled legislature allowing the carrying of concealed firearms on college campuses a “dumb and dangerous idea” as it shared a link to ongoing coverage on its official Twitter account.

The NRA's decades-long campaign to roll back gun control laws.

The Voxen recount the NRA’s long march toward greater firearms freedom . . . How the NRA resurrected the Second Amendment

Experts and historians in this field told me that this deterioration has been decades in the making, as the top organization of the gun lobby, the National Rifle Association, took part in a decades-long, massive political campaign that helped alter Americans’ — and even the courts’ — views of gun rights and particularly the Second Amendment.

In doing this, the NRA shifted the country from the view that the Second Amendment is about the federal government’s role in state-run militias to one that it’s really about individual Americans’ right to bear arms. Through this constitutional shield, America’s gun rights enthusiasts have been able to tilt the country’s politics dramatically to the right on this issue.

NBC's David Gregory breaking the law on national television.

They always over-reach . . . Democrats propose ban on high-capacity magazines in wake of Las Vegas attack

Democrats are planning to introduce legislation to ban high-capacity ammunition magazines in the wake of the Las Vegas attack that left at least 59 people dead and nearly 500 more injured.

The proposed ban on the transfer, importation, or possession of magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition follows separate legislation to ban “bump stocks”, the novelty device that Stephen Paddock appears to have used to make semi-automatic rifles mimic the rapid fire of a fully automatic weapon.

The left contradicts itself on guns and abortion.

If they didn’t have double standard, they wouldn’t have any at all . . . Why Does The Left Contradict Itself On Gun Rights Versus Abortion Rights?

However, the Left’s philosophy regarding guns and abortion contains a contradiction that it isn’t willing to confront. Jimmy Kimmel, in what I believe was a genuinely heartfelt and sincere late-night response to the Las Vegas shootings, exposed that hypocrisy. “When an American buys guns then there is nothing we can do about that,” he said sardonically. “The Second Amendment, I guess, our forefathers wanted us to have AK-47s is the argument, I assume.”

But have you ever noticed that the Left only makes an “originalist” argument about the Constitution when it comes to the Second Amendment? Several of these originalist arguments have surfaced after the Las Vegas tragedy, and Kimmel alluded to one in his statement.

Three Nevada gun shows cancel after Las Vegas shooting.

Too soon . . . 3 Nevada gun shows canceled – including one in Reno – but others will go on

A Northern Nevada gun show scheduled for this weekend was canceled out of respect for those affected in the Las Vegas mass shooting, according to the casino that was to play host to it.

The Rocky Mountain Gun Show, a series of markets that travel throughout the West, was scheduled Friday to Sunday at the Grand Sierra Resort east of downtown Reno, according to a news release. Show organizers were not immediately available to comment, and six other shows — including a Jan. 27-28 stop at the Grand Sierra — remain on the schedule.

Police arrested moron Desiree Taggart after her accomplice Snapchatted video of himself with stolen guns.

Law enforcement is much easier when the morons self-identify . . . Snapchat videos lead police to Grand Rapids gun thieves

Investigators used videos from the mobile app Snapchat to identify and locate three teens involved in a string of gun shop larceny attempts in the Grand Rapids area.

The videos led officers to a red Jeep occupied by Desiree Taggart, 17, Cameron Ellis-Ayers, 18, and an additional juvenile on Sept. 26 — two days after guns were stolen from Barracks 616 in Cascade Township.

Taggart and Ellis-Ayers were arrested and have since been charged as adults. The juvenile was charged a few days later.

Please, ATF…save us from ourselves . . . House Republicans shy away from action on ‘bump stocks,’ hoping the ATF deals with it

Curbelo said Tuesday that administrative action alone would not solve the issue, noting that ATF has previously ruled that the devices should not be regulated like machine guns.

“If they were to get sued after changing that interpretation, the plaintiffs would have a very strong case, given the agency’s previous determinations,” he said. “So if people agree with banning these devices, let’s pass a law. It’s the best way to make sure it gets done.”

After one Georgia gun lover wanted to build his own machine gun, the NRA got its worst defeat ever

That one time the NRA actually lost in the Supreme Court . . . After one Georgia gun lover wanted to build his own machine gun, the NRA got its worst defeat ever

Congress had just passed the Firearm Owners Protection Act, a law that restored many previously restricted gun rights but banned machine guns manufactured after May 19, 1986. But Farmer, a gunsmith and enthusiast from Smyrna, Georgia, wasn’t prepared to give up. He filed an application with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) in October and provided fingerprints, agreed to a background check, and submitted the $200 tax. The ATF turned him down, citing the unlawful “making of new machine guns for possession by private persons.”

Farmer sued ATF director Stephen Higgins in federal court. One of his lawyers argued that Farmer “made a living from manufacturing machine guns. He was selling them to collectors and…his automatic weapons were used on such TV shows as Miami Vice and the miniseries Amerika.” Judge Owen Forrester ruled in Farmer’s favor.


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  1. How is canceling a gun show a showing of respect for crime victims?

    If I cancel a quilting bee, is that a showing of respect too?

    • It’s not- it’s about avoiding “bad” press and potential liability when some protester does something stupid.

      So, from that point, the question is what to tell the press so they’ll get off your ass. “We’re waiting you out, if we skip this one show you’ll leave us alone for 3 years” doesn’t really do the trick, so instead “Yeah, we’re doing this to show respect to the victims”

  2. Hi cap bans, semi auto bans,amunition restrictions and to all the rest. Thank You Bill Clinton if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have tooled up like I did,,,,, ban away

  3. Still hating FOPA. Machine gun ban sucks. And at the time, machine guns were common and publicly available for a long time. Feds shouldn’t be applying blanket bans on something that should be left to the states.

    And what’s ridiculous about it – is if I wanted to go on a rampage/spree killing, it’s certainly within my abilities to make one. There is nothing magical about it, and a ban doesn’t prevent their usage.

    • Open bolt sub machine guns are about as simple as you can make a modern era gun. Probably easier to make than the majority of 1800s weaponry even.

    • The article is a load of BS. it starts mentionong Farmer in Georgia then jumps to an unnamed 9th Circuit decision that holds no authority in Georgia.
      It then misinterprets Miller, which said that it was ok to ban short barrel shotguns because they weren’t is common use by the military, as far as the justices knew. It then selective edits Cruikshank to say “The ‘bearing of arms for a lawful purpose’ is not a right granted by the Constitution,” while ignoring the 2nd half of the sentence “neither is it in any manner dependent upon that instrument for its existence.”
      Finally, it calls denial of cert a decision by the Supreme Court. The SC only takes a handful of cases a year and choses to ignore about 8k others. The decisions in those denied 8k stand, but that doesn’t mean the SC agrees with them, just that they didn’t have time to hear them. The SC takes cases that at least 4 Justices think are important to hear, and they generally take cases where there have been conflicting opinions in different Appellate Circuits.
      The FOPA/Hughes Ammendment has never been heard by the Supreme Court. I think it would have a good chance of being overturned if there were Justices that ruled on the law and precedent. Heller shows the 2nd is an individual right. Miller shows that is applies to arms “any part of the ordinary military equipment.” Finally, how can you be charged with tax evasion for a tax the government refuses to collect? Unfortunately, to have standing, some poor sucker needs to submit a Form 1, get refused, build a machine gun anyway (preferably a M4), get arrested, lose in Federal and Appeals courts, and hope the SC hears the case. I like living my life with my family, so I ain’t that sucker.

    • Gangsters shooting up places with Tommy Guns and BARs got everyone nervous and started the wailing about machine guns…

      Oh but guess what preceded and necessitated that gangs exist and needed to tool up to shoot each other up?

      Prohibition of alcohol. In today’s parlance that would be The War on Alcohol. Now, rather than be competing business men on the free market, the government merely created a black market where armed thugs shoot each other (and others) up to keep control of territory or inventory or whatever.

      Hmmm…sounds familiar to another “War on” style prohibition…hmmmm…

      Government doesn’t solve problems. It creates them. Until we learn that one lesson all of the rest of this is merely chatter and banter that does nothing to make us more free and able to exercise true liberty.

  4. “The alleged shooter, then, would have likely been too young to legally carry a concealed handgun.”

    “Likely”? Since 19 is a smaller number than 21, how about “absolutely too young”?

    It’s pretty easy to get a journalism job, isn’t it?

    • Well, they’re probably alluding to the slim chance he might be active military or a veteran which under Texas law would allow someone under 21 a LTC.

      • What’s the current minimum you can sign up for? Only way he could be a veteran and own a gun at 19 is a severe injury (Even if that thing Oswald got still around, the requirements would certainly exclude anyone who could afford the time and money for college).

        • According to Google, the minimum enlistment age is 17 (with parental consent), but that can be legally manipulated for a younger enlistment age.
          The shortest enlistment commitment is two years (the usual commitment is four years active duty).
          So it’s entirely possible to be a college student at 19, and be a veteran.

  5. It doesn’t make sense to believe that all the amendments in the Bill of Rights affirm individual liberty and limit the power of government—except the second one. And yet that argument never goes away.

    • That article was dumb. It was full of misdirection.

      For example, Miller clearly envisioned an individual right. Otherwise the decision would have mentioned that Miller wasn’t in a militia and said the 2A didn’t apply to him.

      There is a reason the SC has never discussed who is in the militia in any 2A case.

      In Heller, 9 justices signed an opinion that stated that the 2A is an individual right. The minority opinion didn’t go into what that right was, but I think it was the first sentence that said it was an individual right.

    • If not an individual right then what else could the 2A apply to? Imagine the inanity of the notion that the federal government enumerated its ability to arm its forces as a right. The right of a sovereign state to arm its own armies, after all must be protected from said state’s attempts to infringe upon them.

      Yeah, some people are just that stupid, or rather that illogically desperate. Makes one wonder how on earth have China and Russia kept their Militaries armed without a second amendment?

  6. Why no, Mr federal agent, these are 10-round magazines for my .50 Beowulf. Yes I know they look the same as those evil banned 30-round 556 NATO mags, but they absolutely are for my Browulf.

    No sir, I would show it to you, but my beloved .50 Beo was lost in a tragic ice fishing accident just last week, right after I fired my last round of ammo for it. With all its paperwork, yes sir, I like to keep it all right with the rifle at all times.

  7. Curbelo needs to go back to Cuba. He’ll fit in more with his being a communist sellout while claiming to do it for the people.


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