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Clarke County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo (courtesy

“Mandalay Bay hotel officials disputed the police timeline of the concert shooting,” reports. “They claim Paddock, a high-stakes gambler and real estate investor, fired into the crowd just 40 seconds after shooting [hotel security guard] Campos.” WTF? For those of your keeping track . . .

This is the third version of the Las Vegas spree killing timeline.

The Clarke County Sheriff’s Office initially told reporters that Stephen Paddock shot security guard Jesus Campos after he’d opened fire on the country music concert. Campos was hailed as a hero for stopping the slaughter.

Earlier this week, the Clarke County Sheriff’s Office amended their official timeline. They said shooter Stephen Paddock shot Campos before he opened fire on the crowd of 22 thousand. In fact, six minutes elapsed between the Campos shooting and Paddock’s first shot on the crowd below.

How the heck did the Las Vegas cops get that critical information exactly backwards? And now the Mandalay Bay hotel says there was a forty second delay between the Campos shooting and the spree killer’s mass shooting.

Jesus Campos, Mandalay Bay Hotel Security Guard (courtesy

This is insane. Surely there’s video from the 32nd floor hallway which establishes exactly when Campos was shot. Or radioed that he’d been shot. And that there’d be no problem correlating that time stamp with video from the crime scene.

It gets weirder . . .

The security guard shot by Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock seemingly disappeared ahead of five scheduled television appearances as MGM Resorts continued to dispute the police timeline of the deadly shooting.

Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos was shot in the moments before the 64-year-old gunman opened fire on concert-goers at the Route 91 Festival. He was slated to break his silence in a series of interviews Thursday, but he bolted, Fox News reported.

It wasn’t immediately clear where he was Friday morning.

“We were in a room and we came out and he was gone,” Campos’ union president told ABC News’ Stephanie Wash.

Dan and I will be discussing all this in a podcast. Meanwhile, the media’s attention is firmly fixed on the NRA and gun control. Go figure.

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  1. Jesus Campos is not even registered as a ‘Security Guard’ in Las Vegas. Could be an alias (due to this incident) but, so far, he’s gotten shot by the perp at three different times (with only one bullet whole). So the MF is a selfish time traveler.

    • And he avoided being hit by the other 199 plus rounds that supposedly went randomly through that door. Pretty lucky time traveler, too. Or there’s more to the story… Way more…

    • According to one account, one of the police officers ‘discharged his weapon’ upon finding the long dead Paddock. Nothing was said about where the bullet(s) went.
      Maybe he shot Campos??? Doesn’t make sense, but what about this incident does make sense?

      • Yep.

        I initially heard that the cops actually stormed the room and shot the shooter themselves.

        Then it was the door breaching charge that killed him. Complete with audio that sounded strangely staged like the fake “SWAT” call from Ocean’s 11.

        Then it was that the cops found that he had offed himself.

        The fact that anyone buys any part of the “official” narrative is proof positive of the rampant “sheepism” we have in the world and especially in this country.

        • And the shooter was a real estate investor – who hadn’t ‘invested’ in real estate in awhile (read “recorded history”). However, he did receive a large and steady income (UNLIKE THE VAST, ENORMOUS, YUUUUUUUGGE MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE ATTEMPTING IT) at ‘video-poker’.

        • Vegas does not allow an individual to make millions via video poker. No way. This is deeper.

  2. So let me be the first to make the claim, because I won’t be the last…

    Jesus Campos was the confederate that helped “He who shall not be named” get all the stuff up to the room. Just before the attack Paddock tried to shoot him to eliminate any witness but Campos almost got away so Paddock went on with the attack before the commotion could alert police or armed security. Meanwhile, in order to cover his own complicity, Campos claimed he stumbled on the attacker. Now that things are getting hot he has skipped, probably to the same island paradise where the security guard who shot Robert Kennedy is currently residing.

    See, conspiracy theories are EASY.


    He shot himself in the leg at the wrong time.

    I sense a new Clinton Neutralization Target.

    How long until jesus gets murdered or disappears?

  4. “Surely there’s video from the 32nd floor hallway which establishes exactly when Campos was shot. Or radioed that he’d been shot.”

    Casinos in Vegas, and the mega casino-hotels *especially* are among the most heavily surveilled-slash-recorded places on the planet.

    They know full well what happened, and it’s gonna get *very* ugly (expensive) for them…

    • Campos would have disappeared earlier, but they hadn’t written his new adjusted suicide note yet.

      Who is “they”? You get to pick!

  5. And THIS BS is what gun control hangs on…is there ANY proof the alleged shooter even used a bumpstock?!? It seems Mandalay wants to muddy the waters. Trying to avoid liability it seems…

    • To quote a certain famous escape artist, what difference, at this point, does it make?

      Clearly the only possible response is to place blame on something (anything!) and ban something (anything!) as quickly as possible and then forget that this ever happened.

    • But see, for anyone to question the investigation, is beyond the pale.

      Sure, people can say, “well we don’t really know what happened, but…” and leave it at that and then that’s the end of it. No harm no foul.

      But to ask deeper probing questions, to demand more proof than just what “law enforcement” tells us and the same 2 or 3 “witnesses” or “victims” or whatever then, as I said, you’ve gone beyond the pale. Now you’re in full on “conspiracy theory” land and a proud wearer of a tin-foil hat and all that.

      Good tactics from anyone who doesn’t want to discuss the actual facts or dig into the actual facts or acknowledge the actual facts.

      The real goal is to push the stated agenda. If stated agenda gains traction or is realized then it’s a win. If it doesn’t then the situation will quickly fade into obscurity and out of the public eye and then the next tragedy will be queued up for play…

  6. Other news outlets have reported that the Mandalay Bay claims that he opened fire on the crowd 40 seconds after the guard radioed in the shooting. It’s unclear how long the guard took to radio in the shooting.

  7. I wonder what Mandalay Bay’s stake is, making a differing claim. Surely, lawsuits are heading their way. Is this some sort of attempt to position themselves as hapless victims with zero culpability?

  8. someone is hiding something. It sounds like a setup by a government informant. Maybe I watch too many movies.

  9. AAAAAAND we JUST had a news conference where the LV po-leece chief practically breaks into tears ‘splaining how special they are and how heroic they is. Wowsers…😫😫😫

  10. They said he was investigating a fire alarm that went off because of the gun powder, they said he was investigating an open door alarm at the shooter’s room, they said he was investigating an open door of another guest’s room.

    Another worker says he was investigating a door that wouldn’t open when he was shot at, he found the security guard when doing so.

    The video evidence indicates that the shooter fired at least once into the hotel at 10:09PM. If that wasn’t at the security guard, it was at the maintenance worker. So, the security guard was shot before 10:09PM. First shots at the crowd was at 10:04PM. If the security guard was shot 40 seconds before the crowd, that would make it 10:03PM. Police (without providing evidence) say the security guard was shot at 9:59PM.

    Mandalay Bay doesn’t want to take blame. The police don’t want to take blame. The FBI doesn’t want the truth getting out.

    Enough time has passed to figure out what happened and why. These people are smart enough to figure everything out with all that evidence they have.

    • The Female Body Inspectors or FBI, are keeping a close eye on the Sheriff. Notice how in every news conference the FBI stooge is right there, on top of the Sheriff. It is actually funny as it is pathetic.

  11. This story has more holes than a Puertorican Water Dam. No wonder every FLAME DELETED out there is making stuff up as they go. Next, Lee Harvey Oswald was providing cover fire from the 31st floor.

    Like the say goes, the truth will set you free.

  12. What in hell is going on over there? Three versions of events, legitimate questions as to if there was another shooter, and no motive released to the public. Something is rotten in Denmark…errrr…Vegas.

    • Based off the countless videos I have seen, there was only gunfire coming from Paddock’s room and it sounds like there was only 1 shooter in that room. The thing I found odd about the gunfire was it sounded like there was 2 revolver shots fired after the last AR-15 shot. One of those revolver shots was to Paddock’s head.

      I believe the motive was to gift politicians the best event for them to use to argue for restricting human rights. Just look at all the things he went out of his way to acquire, the lack of a profile, the statements from his brother, the things he did, etc. In my opinion, based off the evidence, he was a smarter version of (his fellow Californian) Christopher Dorner.

      The government will not release the motive unless forced/trapped by a clever journalist. It does them no benefit to tell the public he was an anti gun terrorist proving his point by actually demonstrating it through action instead of words. You know TLDR?

      • Funny enough. The last press conference the Sheriff didn’t take any questions from press and (I heard) they banned all independent journalists. The Sheriff even had a “poor us” story.

        This looks like a cover up at this point. The Sheriffs have to be replaced next election.

        The Alex Jones crowd are still putting out fake news. Accusing Antifa, ISIS, FBI, LVMPD. If it was some government operation, with the FBI covering it up, why doesn’t Alex Jones mention Trump? They blamed Bush and Obama, but oddly nothing is being put on Trump even after Trump illegally bombed a country and armed people like the Saudis.

  13. This is pure speculation. I haven’t heard this idea anywhere else. It seems like this was a much larger plan that was interrupted before the set up was complete. I’m not sure if it’s possible but I think the shooter may have intended to use tannerite as a detonator for one or more bombs. i.e. park a car full of whatever and tannerite near the fuel tanks and shoot the car to set off the tannerite and ignite the larger explosive.

    Again, pure speculation.

  14. So much for the very loud crack of a rifle being a feature and not a bug. “Imagine if he had a silencer” . . . Imagine if he didn’t – easy he didn’t and look at the carnage. The fact that dude(s) was displacing without suppression and the hotel did not magically clear out shows the big-gov lies for what they are.

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