Gear Review: Bore-Tips Cleaning Swabs

If you’re like me you’ve got at least two dozen bore brushes, jags and swabs rattling around in your cleaning kit, along with at least one partially shredded pillow case that you cut up for cleaning patches. This can lead to some confusion and delay at cleaning time, especially after my jumbo shooting tackle box […]

Gun Review: Caracal 9c 9mm w/Quick Sights

Hold the presses! There’s a new polymer-framed, striker-fired double-stack 9mm with a revolutionary design that will take the handgun market by storm!  I know what you’re thinking: “How can I live without another plastic wondernine? I’ll be sure to rush out and buy it, as soon as I finish handloading a few thousand rounds of […]

Gun Review: SIG SAUER P250 9mm 2SUM

I’ve never owned a SIG SAUER pistol, but I’ve shot a crate of them over the last few decades. Whether I had a 220, 226 or 229 pointed downrange, I always knew what to expect from a SIG: expensive, Swiss quality all-metal pistols with absolutely unfailing reliability, bulky grips, very high bore axes and long, […]

Caracal C: How Quick Are ‘Quick Sights?’

Pretty damned quick. I’m only 100 or so rounds into the gun and I’m still working on the review, but this video was just too cool to sit on until the big review is done. I may have pulled one or two shots, but I think the Caracal and I had a very enjoyable first […]

Gear Review Update: Kholster Crescent IWB Holster

Last month’s review of the Kholster Crescent IWB hybrid holster generated a tremendous response from our readers. Your comments were numerous and well-reasoned (h/t to Rabbi) and showed me the enormity of the Kholster’s only significant fault: the difficulty of obtaining a proper firing grip before drawing your pistol. That fault became more and more […]

Gun Preview: Caracal C 9mm with Quick Sights

Remember our Caracal Amber Alert? It just paid off. The UAE-made 9mm with the weird sights was one of our favorite guns from the whole SHOT Show, but we couldn’t find one anywhere. After casting a veritable message in a bottle onto the wide seas of the internet, my message found its recipient and I […]

Biggest Gun Auction Ever Grosses $18 Million

Joe Grine hasn’t been the only shooter with a hankerin’ for a 1911-patterned .22 rimfire lately, as this engraved Colt Ace proves in spades. On March 13th it sold for a mind-blowing $103,500, at a superheated firearms auction held by the James D. Julia auction house.