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Oh the Irony, MT Democrat Relies on Gun Law He Vote Down to Get Out of Trouble – “In that session, Bob Bergren was Speaker of the House and voted AGAINST HB 228 on both Second Reading and Third Reading. Now, it appears as if Bergren is relying on the defensive display protection of HB 228 to justify the conduct that landed him in jail, according to the Great Falls Tribune. I carefully offer no opinion about Bergren’s alleged conduct. I trust that the law, as written, will prevail, and that the wheels of justice will work properly.” If they didn’t have double standards they’d have no standards at all.


County Sheriff: Newsom’s Gun Control Makes Us Criminals – “Butte County, California Sheriff Kory Honea says Gavin Newsom’s Proposition 63 would infringe on Second Amendment rights and ‘turn law-abiding citizens into criminals.’ Honea was joined by sheriffs from Shasta and Modoc counties, as well as the California State Sheriff’s Association, all of whom point to problems with Newsom’s proposition.” Yes, well that’s precisely the point.

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(AmmoLand.com) New for 2016 in the Browning ProSteel safe line-up is the Beast safe. The Beast is built to give those with big gun collections a large safe, with superior features, at a great price. The new Beast has outer dimensions of 58” tall x 44” wide x 27” deep. Designed for safety from intruders and fire, the Beast features a 12 gauge steel body and a 1” formed door with partial inner plate. The Force Deflector Locking System has 1” diameter chromed locking bolts that are active on three sides to help keep the safe secure in the event of a break in. The Beast has ThermaBlock fire protection with a 1400° F/60 minute rating to maximize defense against exterior heat.


Time for a Swexit: Swiss tell EU: Hands off veterans’ assault rifles – “The proposed directive, which applies to non-EU member Switzerland only because it is part of Europe’s Schengen open border system, has raised hackles among the Swiss, who resent intervention from Brussels. Christoph Blocher, a leading voice of the Swiss right and a eurosceptic, says Switzerland should consider abandoning Europe’s Schengen system of passport-free travel if the Swiss people rejected the proposed measures in a referendum. Drafted after militants killed scores in attacks in Paris last year, the EU plans on gun control aimed to curb online weapons sales and impose more restrictions on assault weapons.”


First Alabamians, now Hoosiers: Gun licenses in Indiana outpacing last year – “IndyStar analyzed data kept by the Indiana State Police regarding handgun permit holders. In Indiana, residents do not need a permit to buy a gun or to carry a rifle, and permits are not required to go target shooting or to keep guns at home. Permits are needed only to carry handguns in public. In short: the data offer only a limited glimpse into how many Hoosiers are gun owners. The numbers do, though, show a clear increase in the number of Hoosiers who want the option to carry a handgun in public. In the first three months of 2016, the state approved more than 50,000 carry permits, more than half of the total number of permits approved in 2015.”


Yes. Next question: Is Hillary Clinton’s Lead Selling Guns for Smith & Wesson? “At some point, demand for firearms in the U.S. has to reach a saturation point. We haven’t hit that point yet. More than 300 million firearms are already in private hands in this country. But that’s apparently not enough. On Sept. 1, Smith & Wesson Holding Corp. reported a startling 40 percent jump in sales and a doubling of profit for the first quarter of its fiscal year. Chief Executive Officer James Debney credited “strong consumer demand,” as well as Smith & Wesson’s ability to grab more market share.”


And it isn’t just Smith: Record Gun Sales in August – “The National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS, conducted 1,853,815 checks in August. That’s over 100,000 more checks than the previous record set last August. It is also the 16th month in a row to set a record.”


Shirtless man fires corncobs at neighbor’s house using potato gun – “A Rhode Island man opened fire on his neighbor’s home this week — using corncobs and a homemade potato gun. Jeffrey M. Osella, 50, has been feuding with his neighbor for the past 13 years, police say. Tuesday night, after a yelling argument between the two, Osella loaded corncobs into a PVC pipe potato gun and shot them at his neighbor’s house.” Maybe Farago left the Ocean State too soon.

Springfield Armory Daily Digest: MMA On Guard, Mandating CA May Issue, and Serialized Ammo in Illinois">Previous Post
Springfield Armory Daily Digest: Obama's Purge, the High Cost of Self Defense, and Keeping Harvard 'Intellectually Free'">Next Post


  1. Tater guns are a lot of fun but they’re a lot more powerful than most people think. Gotta be careful with those contraptions or you might hurt/kill someone. My friend thought the one we built in college would only fire a tater 50 or so yards… I told him he was wrong and not to point the thing where he did. Well, his actions sparked a bit of a panic and we had to GTFO real quick. No one was harmed but a potato hitting the side of a barn that’s now a workshop for a business at high speed makes a heck of a thump and sure scared the hell out of the people inside!

    Oh and as for the gun sales thing. Arm up America, if for no other reason than it causes liberals to wet themselves and throw a tantrum.

    • “When police arrived at Osella’s home, he was intoxicated, shirtless and covered in corn kernels.”

      Somewhere there’s a “COPS” producer banging his head against his desk at the injustice of such a missed opportunity.

  2. Between crime,the hildebeast,Moose-lim terrorism and Bury Soetoro I’m surprised gun sales aren’t higher. Perilous times… and yay Indiana. Buying a shotgun at Westforth Guns in “rural” Gary.

  3. Saturation? No. This .gov is so batshit crazy and with hillary looming on the horizon even gun control supporters are seeing the light and gunning up. They realize how dangerous all the pushing the crazies running the dems is and are afraid of a backlash.

    I live in the heart of liberal crazy. Berkeley, San Fran, etc. Go to any range or lgs and see the throngs buying and practicing. If they were all conservatives this would be a constitutional carry state.

    • I think a lot of the liberals who are tooling up are an unintended consequence of the media’s attempts to demonize guns by breathlessly reporting every shooting as if it’s part of some nationwide epidemic. The actual numbers show crime is down almost everywhere (except for failed cities like Chicago), but the impression most people have, thanks to media spin, is that it’s out of control. I love it when propaganda turns and bites the propagandists.

  4. Oh, that’s rich… The Eurotrash think they’ll separate the swiss from their guns… It’s the only country in the world that actually has a citizen’s militia as their primary military force.

    • But… But… But…

      Our little punch-toy troll about a week back claimed Switzerland was “a sh!thole”…

      • put a liberal in jackboots and they say the craziest things…. keep a eye on them, but mostly ignore/don’t respond to what they say, it encourages them.

    • That’s true. There are other countries without standing militaries, but I can’t think of one that has a trained and equipped military-in-reserve comprised of civilians. Most other countries without militaries rely on treaties with larger neighbors for their protection. Internally, they have police forces for regular law enforcement.

    • Do a little reading and some research and you find, the Swiss became organized from tribes to a force, right after the flight from France of the Templar Knights. They were a rich land and soon invaded, but they had repelled those attacks. Became a country and set up a banking system. They are the only recognized country to still have a Mercenary Force, The Swiss Guard at the Vatican.

      A little farther and you trace the Templars back to Normandy, to the Vikings. Fighting is in their blood. Being neutral goes back to that “we are not to be controlled” mentality.

    • It’s the country that Hitler AND Napoleon didn’t conquer. OK, some would say the swiss were playing nice with the dictators, maybe the dictators chose to play nice, and go around thw swiss. Who wants to fight an up hill battle against a completely armed citizenry that has nowhere to fall back to? I’d like to see the eurogrunt that looks forward to that sH1t$torm

      • While there’s no doubt an invasion of Switzerland would be very costly and difficult, don’t think for a second that Hitler wouldn’t have eventually turned his attention that way if his foray into Russia hadn’t turned out to be such a disastrous quagmire. Ten million dead Soviets saved Switzerland from that fate, not Hitler’s fear of Swiss riflemen.

        Of course, had he invaded, his hubris would likely have resulted in him personally providing a flawed strategic plan that would have made the invasion twice as bloody as it would otherwise have been…

  5. 16th month in record numbers of sales. Suck it Berry.
    I noticed a healthy line at the local Cabela’s today. Was going to pick up a Marlin .45/70 but didn’t have the time.

    • I have an older octagonal long bbl .357 Marlin that was worked over by someone who truly knew what he was doing, and it is a smooth running sweet shooting gun. Word I hear is that Remington got most of the bugs worked out now, but inspect it carefully before you fork over your money.

      • Yeah, this is an early 2,000nds “JM” stamped barrel.
        I ran the serial number last time I was there…
        Ported barrel too. 500 bucks. I’m sorely tempted!

  6. I’d very much like to see a similarly made chart for Indiana’s crime rate per county. Something tells me the crime % would be inversely proportional to the CC holder %.

  7. Wow, what is up with north central IN? St. Joe county I’d expect and Lagrange kind of makes sense, amish and mennonites don’t carry. Why is Elkhart county so low?

  8. Gavin Newsom intends to get elected Governor of Commiefornia when aging Jerry Brown steps down. He needs to be stopped.

    The shooting ranges I frequent in So Cal are nearly maximum busy all day long from open to close. Many obvious “newbies” of diverse races and ethnicity and many 20-somethings trying out their new AR-15’s and semi-auto pistols. My first choice range keeps a Range Officer on the Firing Line all the time (it is an indoor 25 yard range) and they enforce very strict rules, which is why I prefer that Range. With all those “newbies” waving AR-15s, and semi-auto pistols around, the Range Officers’ strict monitoring of what’s going on is a very GOOD thing.

    Kalifornia is well armed and getting more so day-by-day, now if we can get all those Newbs to join “Veto.Gunmageddon” and vote against Newsom’s Ammunition Proposition and for the Veto Gunmageddon Propositions…. a lot of people are working on it and a lot of money is being spent.

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