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I’ll just leave this here. Average Americans who know how to handle their guns.  Men who know what they are about.  Hat tip to The Gun Free Zone


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    • ehh, I did not see a mall around, it looked hot and dirty there.

      Mall ninjas are usually found in places with AC and cold beverages, usually at a mall or at home.

    • Retro mallninjas of the Pre-Keymod Era. This ancient video is what inspired EA to put that song in the beginning of BF3.

  1. Wonderful video. If the slob kids sucking down their $7 lattes at Starbucks are the problem, men like these are the solution.

    Here’s another one for you. I love this one.

  2. Hey soldier boy, jiggy-jig. Mall ninjary at its finest. Gotta get me some ceramic and a kevlar helmet, ooh, and a thigh strap thingy.

    • I prefer leg rigs for magazines, and my IMTV that happens to have ceramic plates. Steel backups are on the buy list. I hate having stuff on my flak, cleaner the better.

      No coos coos for you! Neeeeeeeshta!

      -0311 retired

    • Training hard in the sand and sun VS issuing keyboard-warrior comments from an air conditioned room somewhere.

      Yes… Mall Ninjary indeed.

      Yell for your mom to bring you another pop-tart, sweetie. Sounds like your blood sugar is getting low.

  3. Still one of my favorite videos. I’m shocked magpul hasn’t purchased the whole thing and made it into a TV ad.

  4. It’s all fun and frickin kiddy games punchin holes in paper and doing fast practiced reloads. Not so much when it is also coming the other way. Ego strokin BS.

    • Are you saying that they shouldn’t practice? If that was the case then every range that we do in the military is pointless because rounds aren’t coming back at us. Also using that logic your are discrediting every firearms instructor who teaches a class that doesn’t have rounds coming back at the the students.

      Not everyone is in the military or an LEO who have to have rounds coming back at them. That doesn’t mean they are mall ninjas because they want to train past standing in one spot shooting.

      • How do you get to Carnegie Hall practice practice practice. These fellows are doing a great job.
        Semper Fi

      • Hey, aUSCMcapt, ya gotta understand that people like Bw would have us think he was born with a gun in his hand and a beer in the other. And all he has to do is say ‘Bang” and the bad guys fall down. of course, he hasn’t moved from in front of his internet assassin keyboard in years and if any of the guys in the video challenged him to a shootout, he’d cry like a baby and say he has a disability.

    • From what I remember, a couple of these guys are in fact combat vets of GWOT. Besides, you know of a range or training program where you get shot back at? I’d like to know about that one so I can avoid it, thanks.

    • Absolutely False. The only BS here is your self-important attitude.

      When you find a navy seal team to train with, you let me know. Til then these boys are doing the best they can with the resources they have.

      They’re not sitting on a couch playing COD, or on the internet making some key-board-warrior comments from the comfort of their air conditioned room.

      Don’t you dare talk trash about them you arrogant fart. They’re doing what you SHOULD be doing – training instead of running your mouth.

    • Actually funny story. I while back I was stationed in Washington state. While stationed their I got assigned to be the sponsor (battle buddy, wing man, running mate whatever the other branches call it) of a new guys coming in. His name was Earl (first name) and I spoke to him ahead of time on the phone to make sure everything was going well with his transfer. He told me he was from Oklahoma, and he had a VERY thick country accent. So the day come when Earl reports to the unit, and in walks a very asian american gentleman. I was slightly confused as to whom this gentleman was until he opened his mouth and Earl’s thick twangy voice pops out (the name tape on his uniform helped as well). Apparently he gets this reaction frequently. Turns out Earl’s great grand parents had been brought out to Oklahoma along with many other Asian families to help build the railroad and kind of just stayed. As a result their are large asian communities in the mid west where you will see guys like Earl listening to Johnny Cash, wearing cowboy hats and boots, and yes shooting the crap out of stuff.

      • yeah, the “hillbilly gook” was a term of endearment used by all who knew him. the asian accent mixed with the twang would bring a tear to a midwesterner’s eye. like a cross between a “breeze” (flower towels) and a “calgon” (ancient chinese secret) commercial.

        • Hillbilly possibly, more of a redkneck really. Gook never. For many reasons not the least of which that his great family was originally from China not Korea or Vietnam, second off because if you asked him and any one else who knew him Earl was 100% American. No asian accent, no other sterotype either for that matter. Just an American who liked trucks, guns, hunting, fishing, and country music.

        • no doubt in my mind that that describes the fine young man you were referring to.
          reminded me of an old friend whom i also have fond remembrances of, and whos origins and affectations i described accurately.
          americans both.

        • Sorry if I got a bit defensive, Earl was a good friend as I am sure yours was as well. He put up with a lot of B.S. for being a “redknasian” as he put it (even though his family has been here since the 1800’s) I might have taken your comment out of context a bit and I apologize for that sir. Easy to do on the internet. I am glad that both of us seem able to just talk it out rather then get spun up like some of these key board commandos. If this were a bar I would gladly buy you a beer.

  5. As my team fires on them from a superior COVERED position, they soon come to the realization that dancing around in the open, practicing useless Hollywood tricks, really wasn’t the “best” way to train after all.

    • Because there is never a time to close on an objective or assault through an objective?

      Also, why are you firing at dudes practicing on a range…..?

    • Exactly how did you miracle yourself into that superior covered position? Are you staying there forever?
      Mobility equals life.

    • Why does it seem that so many of the internet heroes here are threatened by videos like this? How about just watching and enjoying?

      • Because it causes them to reflect on how pathetically little they are doing to improve themselves – and reality hurts sometimes.

        Its always easier for the coward to tear down the one taking action, than to take action himself.

  6. I agree. I prefer dudes like this over “men” such as Cali-Zim and Illini-Zim who are constantly out looking for confrontations.

      • Thank you for your meaningful contribution to this discussion. The entire community has greatly benefited from your objective, factual, and helpful input.

        Now be quiet Johnny, the grown ups are talking. Go nurse your butt-hurt in your room.

        Guys like the ones who made this video are the epitome of “Nut up or shut up”. Talk is cheap. Talk is easy. Training is neither. These guys are training – you’re just talking.

        I’ll take an amateur who is training hard with the resources he has to improve himself over an anonymous internet clown any day of the week.

        …but you already knew that, which is why you got so butt-hurt in the first place.

  7. So I don’t understand people sometimes. All I hear day in and day out from people on this forum and others is practice with your guns, practice with your guns. Buy less accesories and more ammo, and training is more important then gear. Then you have a video like this, showing guys who while not professional soldiers have obviously practiced and can run a gun, and all I hear is “mall ninja” and hollywood bullshit. These guys may not be soldiers, and yes some of this might be showing off (of which of I have seen my fair share of in the armed services from all branches on the range and in shoot houses so its not exclusive to guys like this) so I`d like to know what exactly it is you people would like to see these guys practicing. I mean if they are to the point where they are still getting tight groups and practicing good fundamentals why not try stuff like this?

    • That’s because Fudds are unpleasant little assholes. All they care about is duck hunting and their ragged out POS bolt action deer rifles that shoot minute of barn.

      • I love your tribalism. Ever think that tacticool AR-fanboys are the mirror image of Fudds. You know, the “real” gun guys are those who have $2k+ tricked out AR-15s and might have a Glock or two. Got news for you, both Fudds and tactical guys are gun guys. If we can’t talk to each other with respect, then the anti-gunners win.

        I enjoy a little back and forth trash talk as much as anybody else but in the end we are all in the same boat. If you can’t convince a Fudd, who already owns guns, that they are coming after everybody how are you to get that message across to non gun owning but non objecting fence sitters?

        And that Fudd with his bolt gun can take you out at ranges well beyond the effective range of your little poodle shooter before you even know he is there.

        • Nice condescending response. I was actually referring to those cracking on these guys for training. I have no patience for Fudds because they will gladly vote away our rights because they hate anything that isn’t a wheel gun with wood on it. Go change your tampon Suzy.

        • Here is one of those “tricked out poodle shooters” that apparently can’t shoot past 100 yards. This was found on what is called “YouTube” which is on the “Internet”. Enjoy….with a side of humble pie. Pie tastes better when you remove you foot from your mouth though.

        • Interesting to note that while I didn’t ridicule the shooting skills of the tacticool guy, you did the Hunter. My “slam” was not on marksmanship but on the technical capability of the weapon.v n

        • Continued.

          The M-4 is 300 yard weapon. The specification for the 30-06 round was to down a Cavalry horse at 1000 yards.

          In the end you validate my post. If you cannot take the the time and effort to convince a Fudd then you are not much of a spokesman for gun rights.

        • Wow, not very bright are we? Not trying to convince you of anything since apparently you have self identified as a Fudd. Exactly how many horses do we currently employ in our US Army Cavalry? Also how many 30-06 rifles are in service in the US military? Yeah, I hear crickets too.

        • Gonna have to split the difference on this argument, as I am kind of from both worlds. I LOVE doing this sort of stuff. Call it mall ninja or make believe all you want but DAMN running a gun shooting multiple targets competeing with friends in plate drills seeing who has the faster draw that is a blast and can serve a practical purpose. That is a great day at the range. On the flip side I also absolutely love the peace and quite of sitting in the woods with a hand crafted bolt action with a wood stock. I have spot and stalked elk, hunted dear from a tree stand, done mountain hikes for dahl sheep. All of it. And their is something truely satisfieing about firing one shot and filling your freezer with meat. “Fudds” “Mall Ninjas” at the end of the day arent we all just POTG. Whether your running a $2K AR-15 or taking a deer with a 50 year old 30-30 your grand dad gave you, at the end of the day don’t we all just enjoy putting projectiles accurately down range at high velocity. As the old saying goes United stand divided we fall. If we want to continue putting lead on target whatever that target may be then we HAVE to stand united.

          • Skills are skills. These guys are learning and doing, and all the dissing by people on the internet isn’t going to reduce those skills one bit. I’ve known more than a few guys who were supposedly highly trained professionals who couldn’t come close to this kind of competence in basic shooting skills but who would’ve made the same disparaging comments too many people on this blog are making.

    • Agree with you completely. I think some of the keyboard heroes here are simply threatened by people who actually do what they preach about and practice and just have fun.

    • +10
      These boys are doing a freeman’s duty to be a Well-Regulated member of the Militia.
      The Fudds can’t stand it because it contrast their lack of these positive characteristics.

  8. fun for some.
    i think they’re “about” to run out of ammo.
    but yeah, the rest of their lives are in order.

    • I don’t know why people make videos of obvious “disregard” for BS laws (regardless of how idiotic they are) on a public forum. You have to be careful.

      • I think the time is here for us to stop being careful. Civil disobedience has historically worked every time the people stayed united and didn’t turn on each other.

        At the end of the day, the state will always back down rather than reveal how impotent it is against a united group of determined individuals who refuse to obey. IE: Occupy Protests, Bundy Ranch standoff, etc..

        … that or you get a wholesale massacre like the Davidian compound in Waco. Which is a whole ‘nother story.

        The point is: They can’t arrest us all. But they can intimidate us all if we let them.

  9. There is a much better video “50 women you don’t want to mess with” (approximate title” done to the main title music for “The Last of the Mohicans”)

    What are these guys all about? Walter Kitty.

  10. You know, I hate to say it, but the gun community have some of the whiniest bitches I’ve ever dealt with…

    I’ve played various sports, deployed for my country, managed people, coached teams, completed in athletic competitions and courses, done body building, team swimming, etc. And the gun folks are the only ones who shit on people for actually training to be… wait for it… better at the same thing they themselves claim to loving doing.

    It’s absurd. I’ve never heard a swimmer shitting on another swimmer for knocking out laps. I’ve never heard body builders shitting on another body builders for hitting the weights hard at 5am. I’ve never heard a soccer player shitting on another soccer player for scrimmaging or getting touches on the ball.

    But anytime someone puts in the effort to better themselves with a firearm, trains, practices, whatever, the whiners scurry out of the woodworks to trash them.

    Gun folks are the only collection of people I’ve dealt with who actually trash people for investing time and money into themselves.

    So, in closing…

    • Well said.

      I will say that before I deployed for my first private security job in Iraq I was at the range every day and doing USPSA shoots on weekends. Anyone who doesn’t think training is important has never been in the military and never been in the real world of making sure you and the people you are responsible for don’t get dead.

    • +10
      Thank you for saying it. MAN UP PEOPLE!

      If you’re TYPING while someone else is TRAINING,

  11. You might want to reconsider just dropping magazines on every reload. You might not be able to go back and collect your magazines. Then you have a very awkward single shot.

    • They are practicing combat reloads rather than retention reloads. Different technique for an immediate action situation.

      • I get it. I just think it is range training, not shoot and move training. “Move” as in a mile from where you started and you aren’t going back. It also assumes a supply chain you may not have.

        Think “guerilla/militia/small team warfare” and not “weekend class.”

        • You do realize this was just a fun video about people shooting on a training range who were doing their best to move and shoot in a dynamic environment and not a statement of preparing for the end of the world . . . right?

          Why can’t people just enjoy the fact there are young people who do something besides sit around at Starbucks and gush over Bernie and Clinton?

    • Agreed there. But having shot USPSA meets, dropping your empty mag is a competition technique that needs to be unlearned in real life.

    • There is some merit to that at surface level, but look at it this way: If you hold the ground after the conflict, you can collect them at your leisure.

      If you don’t hold the ground, you are either losing, or you are fighting a guerrilla offensive. Either way speed and agility are paramount to survival. IMHO, retaining your empty mags *during* the fight is the lowest priority, and most directly descends from survivalist fantasy books.

      This is strictly hypothetical, and not meant to be demeaning. I went back and forth on this issue for a while, and this is ultimately the conclusion I arrived at. What I found was that as I accumulated more mags, I attached less value to them, and spent less time worrying if I was going to lose one.
      Once I had 20+ spare mags for my primary rifle, I truly saw them as disposable – which is what they were designed to be.

      Just food for thought. YMMV and feel free to disagree.

    • So, I can’t speak for the validity of this maybe someone else with more expierence can back me up on this but, I have a friend, prior service army latteraled over to the the Coast Guard. We were discussing the benefits of PMAGs vs Metal Mags. I guess he hated the PMAGs because his old CO would have them police up their magazines after fire fights. And with the metal mags when they dropped them they would stomp them so they were bent and unusable and wouldnt have to be picked up. For obvious reasons they could not do that with the PMAGs.
      As for training scars, I forget when it was but back when the California Highway Patrol still used revolvers they would have their guys unload their spent brass into their hands and put them in their pockets when conducting reloads to save on policing up empty cases. Also they were reloading Individual rounds instead of using speed loaders. Well during a shoot out in which several officers got killed, they found one of the reasons was the officers slow reloads partially because due to training they where pocketing their empty brass and because they where dropping their rounds all over the place. They determined the empty brass thing because several of the dead officers actually had expended brass in their pockets and they also found several unfired rounds around the officers.

      • Update to my previous comment: the Police Incident I was speaking of was the Newhall Massacre which occured in March of 1970. Right up their with the Miami FBI shootout and the North Hollywood shootout as far as defining moment for law enforcment.

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