BREAKING: Concealed Carry Holder Saves Elderly Man from Beating in Kroger Parking Lot

Open Carry Kroger (courtesy

The folks at Moms Demand Action believe that Kroger is somehow a magical space where nothing bad ever happens, and ridicules anyone who thinks that they should be allowed to carry a concealed handgun on the premises. Time and again their fantasy has been patently disproven, but this time there’s a twist. At a Kroger in Arkansas this past Wednesday, an elderly man was being savagely beaten by seven people. One man, armed with a concealed handgun, decided to step in and try to save that man’s life. This is the true story of how a concealed handgun at Kroger saved lives.

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FBI and VA Work Together to Confiscate Guns


According to a report by Western Journalism, the FBI and the VA are in “cahoots” with regards to taking guns away from veterans. This report comes on the heels of a letter sent to Attorney General Eric Holder last week.  The letter was submitted by the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, a Republican from Iowa. Grassley asked several questions about the VA’s questionable policy in the letter . . .
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Lucky Gunner et al. Ask for Court Costs for Aurora Shooting Lawsuit


“This is the most disgusting and outrageous story we’ve read in a long time,” the Campaign to Stop Gun Violence’s Facebook page proclaims. “Two parents who lost their daughter in the Aurora massacre are now going to be required to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees to the companies that armed James Holmes because of a Colorado law promoted by the National Rifle Association.” True dat. I mean the fact of the matter. The judge in Phillips v. Lucky Gunner threw out the case last month. And how. The court held that  . . .

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Germany Officially Ditches H&K G36, States Accuracy Issues as Main Complaint


A German newspaper is reporting that the German military has officially decided to drop the G36 as its main infantry rifle. We’ve been covering the kerfuffle with the G36 for damn near a year now, and after last week’s proclamation by the German military that the reported accuracy issues are completely true and the entire firearm is to blame, it looks like they’re throwing in the towel and changing guns. There’s no word on exactly which firearm will be the new choice, but it seems that H&K might get another bite at the apple if they submit a “fixed” version… along with everyone else’s submissions.

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GLOCK: We Don’t Record 4473 Info, But . . . .


Yesterday, we republished a statement from Trop Shop gun shop. The Pennsylvania-based FFL claimed they’d been terminated from GLOCK’s Blue Label discount program for refusing to furnish access to their customers’ ATF Form 4473 “for the purposes of auditing by GLOCK employees.” GLOCK’s National Sales Manager Bob Radecki [above] responded to our request for clarification . . .

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Senators Fiddle on Military Base Carry While ISIS Threatens U.S. Airmen at Home

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) Photo credit:

Senator and Presidential candidate Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) and Senator and former Presidential candidate John McCain (R-Ariz.) got into a little bit of a tiff recently over the issue of military personnel being able to carry personal firearms for self-defense purposes while on base. As Politico reports, Sen. Cruz suggested that he was “pressing” Sen. McCain – the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee – on the issue, while in response, the former chief engineer of the Straight-Talk Express showed the kind of trademark wit that won him the votes of twenty-two of America’s fifty-seven states . . .

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NJ Court Denies Man Right to Own Guns Based on Prior Accusation — But Not Conviction — of Domestic Violence

Kimber Ultra CDP II (courtesy

The right to keep and bear arms is an individual right, enshrined in the Second Amendment of the US Constitution and recognized as such by the US supreme court. But apparently a judge in New Jersey thinks that its perfectly acceptable to deny an individual this court recognized civil right simply because he was once accused of domestic violence. Here I was under the impression that American citizens have a right to due process and are innocent until proven guilty, but apparently a man accused of domestic violence isn’t subject to those same constitutional protections. And now, the judge has ripped another amendment from his bill of rights.

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Self-Defense Tip: Watch Out!

Speed, surprise and violence of action! That’s TTAG’s corporate motto. It’s also damn fine advice for anyone who finds themselves in a self-defense situation, whether they’re armed (yay!) or not (boo!). But it behooves my ballistic brethren to remember that this discovery can be a matter of [what seems like] femtoseconds. That’s because . . .

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AR-15 Muzzle Brake Shootout #2


Welcome back! Last November, we compared 35 different AR-15 muzzle devices. That shootout, like this one, pitted them against each other in a sled test to see which reduced rearwards recoil energy the most. However, this time around there are [almost] no flash hiders, linear compensators, or other devices not actually designed to reduce recoil. A total of 37 brakes and compensators joined in the fun for roundup part deux, although 8 of them are carry-overs from the first test, including the previous recoil eliminating winner. . .

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Assembling a CERT / BOK / SAR / BOB Kit

Over the last couple of years, my buddy, Cases4Cases (or C4C, so-called because he has a freaking case for everything he owns, including cases literally just for storing other cases), has enrolled in and participated in just about every community/city-level volunteer organization possible. That is, organizations related to disaster preparedness and response, such as Radio Operations Team, Search & Rescue Team, First Responders Team, Marine Response Team, Community Emergency Response Team (click here to find one near you), etc. In an e-mail to a couple of friends . . .

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