Passively Constructed Negligent Discharge Story of the Day: MMA Edition

Joe Riggs before he shot his hand (courtesy

Joe Riggs out of UFN 51 after ‘unfortunate accident’ with gun, the headline at proclaims. Setting aside the “unfortunate” descriptor, I’m not a big fan of the word “accident” when it comes to negligent discharges. I prefer “negligent discharge.” It’s a term that ascribes blame for an inadvertent ballistic event. “The UFC announced Tuesday that ‘Diesel’ injured his hand while cleaning his own pistol and won’t be able to recover in time for the UFC Fight Night 51 card in Brasilia, Brazil, on Oct. 13.” Yeah, about that cleaning thing. Are there really people stupid enough to shoot their hand before cleaning their gun? Shouldn’t that whole “accidentally shot himself while cleaning his gun” thing be reserved for police suicides, protecting widows’ pensions? Anyway, the passive part . . .

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Jury Acquits Man for Firing Warning Shot at Wrong-House Cops

I know we’re a little late in this one, but it’s good to see a jury exonerate a citizen for taking ballistic action against Virginia cops investigating the wrong house – even if a “warning shot” is an extremely ill-advised tactic for any defensive situation. Assuming that’s what it was; warning shots are usually aimed upwards. Anyway, what’s up with the reporter’s assertion that “In a neighborhood where weapons are everywhere, Brandon Watson didn’t hesitate to grab his own legally purchased gun.” Is there a set weapons density that justifies taking-up arms when you’re facing a home invasion? And while I agree with the reporter that both sides of the encounter were lucky that night, one side suffered more than the other. Cops need to have a protocol for ID’ing themselves, and stick to it. [h/t SA]


Colleen Daley: We’re Not Attacking the 2A, We’re Saving Lives!


Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence big cheese Colleen Daley attended yesterday’s kabuki Senate gun control hearing, ostensibly aimed at protecting women from “gun violence.” No one can say Daley doesn’t recognize a juicy fundraising opportunity when she sees one. Here’s an email blast she sent out last night:

I was honored to attend today’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on how we can improve Domestic Violence laws to protect men and women who are in an abusive relationship . . .

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SIG SAUER Announces Redesigned Webstore, More Branded Merchandise


If you’re one of the legion of certified SIG SAUER honks – and why wouldn’t you be? – filling out your Christmas ‘want’ list this year just got a whole lot easier. As has the shopping experience. SIG’s just announce a redesign and re-launch of their retail web portal selling all manner of branded gear to fit and complement your favorite SIGgy heater. They’ve also cut the cost of shipping and it’s now free if you buy more than $100 worth of stuff. Press release after the jump . . .

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Attempted Murder, Suicide in Chicago Loop High Rise

“‘What we have here is a workplace violence issue,’ (Chicago Police Superintendent Gary) McCarthy told reporters. ‘Apparently there’s a technological company on the 17th floor. They’ve been undergoing a downsizing. They’ve demoted a number of people.’” Initial reports are, as always, sketchy, but the un-named shooter McCarthy was talking about apparently wasn’t a raving Muslim lunatic like Nidal Hasan who committed his own “workplace violence” at Fort Hood. Instead, according to, the would-be killer in this case, who had recently been demoted by a company called ArrowStream, shot CEO Steven LaVoie twice during a meeting in the company’s offices before killing himself. LaVoie is reported to be in critical condition with wounds to his stomach and head. Supt. McCarthy told reporters that “there was plenty of security in the building,” but didn’t elaborate on how the incident might affect his stance on Chicagoans exercising their right to armed self defense. Imagine that.


IN State Police’s Active Shooter Advice for Disarmed Bus Drivers


“Outside of RamRodz gun cleaners, we are a full scale tool & equipment manufacturer,” TTAG reader Dan Engelsen writes. “As such I subscribe to a ton of industry newsletters. Saw this one today: School bus safety videos show responses to shooter. We recently had a bill [Senate Bill 229] that allows bus drivers to carry on a bus if they have a concealed carry permit and they’ve been authorized by the school or school district to possess a firearm. Click here [or on the image above] to see the website video teaching bus drivers how to deal with an active shooter on a school bus. According the the video, the driver should abruptly apply the parking brake and/or swing the vehicle left and right, and then run or physically engage an armed individual. There’s no mention of a defensive firearm.”