SHOT Show: Oregon Precision Arms .22LR Pistols


Courtesy Joe Grine

Oregon Precision Arms, of Hillsboro, Oregon, caught my eye at SHOT Show for two reasons:  they had some very good looking modified Ruger Mark II pistols on their table…and they are from the great State of Oregon. OPA is a manufacturer of high-end barrel upgrades for Ruger 22/45 and MK series pistols. These .22LR uppers are designed primarily for competition use (Bullseye, Speed Steel, etc.), and are intended to compete against the likes of Hammerli and similar high-end European .22 pistols. Shown above is the Marksman II Upper with 6.5 inch barrel ($695 for upper). More pics and info after the jump . . .

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.380 Ammo Quest: DoubleTap 95 Grn Controlled Expansion

Someday I’ll move on from testing micro-compact .380 pocket pistols, but every once in a while a round comes along that just warrants taking another look. In this case, DoubleTap sent me some of their new 95 grain Controlled Expansion .380 ammo. What stands out to me is that Mike McNett (owner of DoubleTap) is the designer of this bullet, designed specifically to get the bullet to penetrate deeply from a .380. Yes, this bullet was designed specifically to meet the FBI penetration standards through gel (and, therefore, more likely to be effective against a human attacker). Well, heck, this I gotta test . . .

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Gun Hero of the Day: Bill Whittle

I reckon Truth Revolt’s Bill Whittle [above] is the best pro-gun commentator commentating on YouTube today. Fans of firearms freedom may grouse that NRA-sponsored pro-gunner Billy Johnson is Whittle’s equal, but I reckon Whittle’s quiet sarcasm gives him the edge. In any case, in both cases, this is how pro-gunners run rings around the antis: by presenting a logical, fact-based argument for defending and extending Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms . . .

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New from IOR: 3-25×50 and 4-28×50 Tactical Scopes

Courtesy Joe Grine

I have been a big fan of the Romanian-made IOR scopes since they first started becoming readily available in the U.S. in the mid-1990s. Back in those days, IOR scopes seemed to mostly follow rugged Russian military designs, but used improved German glass from Schott AG.  In those early years, however, the downside to IOR scopes was that they seemed to be behind on the latest technology. All that has changed in recent years, however, and now IOR is an industry leader on many fronts . . .

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Question of the Day: What Charities Do You Support?

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 5.13.52 PM

Walking around the SHOT Show and visiting the many great parties that went on during the week (maybe too many, old age snuck up on JDub) one of the great things that I got to see was the community involvement and charity from the firearms community. All in all, it doesn’t surprise me one bit. I’ve often found the People of the Gun to be more civic minded, and just more responsible people than disarmed America. And I’m not just talking about giving to political campaign or firearms focused lobbying organizations . . .

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New Hope Shooter Had No Business Walking the Streets

Raymond Kmetz (courtesy

Sheriff: New Hope gunman bought ammo on day of shooting, had gun illegally the headline at proclaims. Because guns. In fact, Raymond K. Kmetz [above], the 68-year-old man who shot and wounded two policemen in New Hope, Minnesota City Chambers, had a long history of mental illness. Despite focusing on the gun used in the attack – “Authorities do not know how Kmetz got the gun, which the sheriff described as a ‘pistol-grip shotgun with the serial numbers ‘obliterated'” – the paper’s coverage clearly indicates that Kmetz was a known nutcase and violent threat to pubic safety. To wit . . .

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FBI Crime Report: More Guns, Less Crime


The FBI has issued a press release on its semi-annual Uniform Crime Report. [Full text via after the jump.] The FBI’s UCR doesn’t say anything about increased gun sales; that’s not the Fibbies thing. Click here to sample gun owning/buying stats for the same period. Suffice it to say: gun ownership is increasing while crime is declining. Important to note: correlation does not equal causation. We can’t say that crime is decreasing because of rising gun ownership. But we can say crime isn’t increasing because of increased gun ownership. Spin that one, Moms Campaign to Demand Everytown for Gun Violence Safety . . .

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Gun Review: Beretta 92 FS Compact L

Beretta 1

(This is a reader gun review contest entry, click here for more details.)

By Chris Valle

Fabbrica d’Armi Pietro Beretta, founded in 1526, is the oldest firearms manufacturer still producing today. Over the last 450 years Beretta has gained a reputation as a high quality manufacturer of arms; from easily and cheaply produced submachine guns for military use to some of the world’s finest sporting shotguns. Here in the States Beretta is probably best known for their handguns. Most notably their 90-series pistols, a variant of which was adopted as the sidearm of the United States Armed Forces after a controversial-on-the-internet series of handgun trials beginning in the early 80’s . . .

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How to Fly With A Gun

Replica Air Soft Gun - SMF

This article was originally published by Texas Law Shield and is reprinted here with permission.

Last year, over 1,800 guns were confiscated in airports across the country by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the majority of them loaded and in travelers’ carry-on luggage. Despite many of these cases being accidental, there are potentially devastating consequences that accompany being found with a handgun in your carry-on luggage, or a firearm that has not been properly processed in accordance with TSA policies and federal, state, and local law. We hope that this article will give you the knowledge necessary to avoid the unnecessary hardship of being caught at the airport with a prohibited weapon . . .

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Update on the Jesse James/Liberty Suppressor Challenge


I will freely admit that I love guns, cans and a little competition every now and then. So when I found out about the new products from upstart Jesse James Firearms Unlimited that was billed as an industry game changer, I was rather curious. Thanks to the vitality of Facebook and the internet in general as well as some reporting by fellow TTAG contributor Nick Leghorn, I was anxious to see the results of a startup challenging an established player in this business. Remember that many looked sideways at Apple when they said they were going to make a phone. I had a chance to talk to Brent Taylor from Liberty Suppressors about the goings on involving his company and Jesse James in a TTAG exclusive . . . Continue Reading


Quote of the Day: I Don’t Think “Right” Means What You Think It Means Edition


“You and I have a God-given right to live in a safe environment. Owning a gun is also a privilege under this right. However, just as laws are required to insure and protect our rights to liberty, there should also be laws governing our privileges in owning a gun or any weapon of destruction. Think about it; If my individual right to own any type of a gun or weapon supersedes our individual right to be in a safe environment, expecting our families to be reasonably secure in our belief that we will not find ourselves next door to someone with 50 assault rifles and 10 homemade bombs, then our basic rights are forfeited.” – Bill Thompson, LETTER: Resisting gun control is for the weak-minded [via]