Question of the Day: Would You Carry a Gun At Work If It Were Banned?

More firms ban guns at work as violent outbreaks continue the headline at announces. Donna Mahoney’s article cites a bunch of stats supposedly proving that “mass public shootings have become more frequent with larger casualty numbers.” Debunk them, we have. Anyway, Ms. Mahoney proclaims the “ultimate solution elusive,” and mentions the possibility of “allowing” employees to arm themselves to protect their own lives, the lives of fellow employees and innocent customers exactly no times. Including precisely no examples where armed self-defense saved the day . . .

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Three Reasons Why I Should Be Disarmed


I’m heading to Beantown for a couple of days, then on the UK to watch my eldest daughter graduate from college. I’ll be disarmed throughout. I’m not happy about it. I consider a gun my best defense against a violent attack. If the excrement hits the rotating air circulation device while I’m away from my beloved Lone Star State, I’ll do what I can to protect myself, my girlfriend, my children, yes even my first ex-wife. But I’m no ninja. And the UK’s violent crime rate, the recent Tunisian terrorist attack and a general awareness of criminality fills me with no-firearm failure foreboding. And for what? Why does MA and the UK see fit to deny me my natural right to self-defense? Here are three reasons . . .

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OMG! Short-Barreled Shotguns! In Indiana! OMG!

Indiana recently repealed its blanket ban on the manufacture, import, sale or possession of “sawed-off” (a.k.a., short-barreled) shotguns. Federal NFA rules still apply. Hoosiers who want a short shotty must go through all the same federal checks and procedures that they would for a license to possess a machine gun, silencer or short-barreled rifle. Indiana po-po don’t anticipate any problems.

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Constitutional Carry Fail in New Hampshire


Yesterday, Democrat Governor Maggie Hassan vetoed New Hampshire bill SB116 which would have removed the licensing requirement for concealed carry. New Hampshire currently permits permitless open carry, but if you want to carry concealed, you must submit an application to your local CLEO (or Town Selectman if your town is too small for its own police force). SB116 had passed the New Hampshire Senate 14-9 in February on a strict party line vote – Republicans in favor, Statists Democrats opposed. It had gone on to the House in April where it had passed 212-150.  The house vote was more mixed with some Republicans voting against the bill and a few Democrats in favor of it . . .

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Quote of the Day: Thou Shalt Bear Arms Edition

John Kent Lewis (courtsy

“Thanks to the monstrous National Rifle Association leadership, cowardly and/​or paid-off politicians and errant Supreme Court exegesis — the Second Amendment has been transmogrified into a perverse theological commandment: ‘Thou shalt bear arms.’ Any who question the unrestricted access to firearms — even the parents of murdered innocents — are declared apostates to the one true faith of the Gun.” – Duquesne University adjust law professor John Kent Lewis in Citizens are sacrificed on the altar of guns [via]



President Obama: “Ideologies Are Not Defeated With Guns. They’re Defeated By Better Ideas”

Ah yes, the old “hearts and minds” strategy for defeating ISIS. Because Vietnam. No matter what you think of America’s pursuit of that war, the idea that America is going to somehow Tweet ISIS to death is beyond laughable. It’s disgusting. It’s demeaning to the tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children who’ve been – and will be – tortured, mutilated, raped, enslaved, beheaded, shot, burned alive, hung and drowned by ISIS. As this CNN documentary reveals, the aspiring Caliphate controls its citizens by combining the ever-present threat of savagery with brainwashing, browbeating and bullying. You ain’t gonna convince them that multi-culturalism rocks. The best you can do is . . .

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Sara Tipton: Arm Teachers

Slide to Safety is a “Patented Rapid Evacuation Slide” for schools invaded by an active shooter. It provides an emergency escape route for children trapped by a shooter, like the slides used on aircraft in the event of a crash or other emergency. The North Carolina company’s marketing goes straight for the jugular, citing the Sandy Hook slaughter and Columbine killings to push their product. I was a high school sophomore when the Columbine massacre happened . . .

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June 2015 NICS Checks Highest Ever. Gun Sales Surge or the New Normal?

Microsoft PowerPoint - Multi-YrMonthHistory [Compatibility Mode]

“The June 2015 NSSF-adjusted National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) figure of 886,825 is the highest June on record for the 17-year-old system,” the National Shooting Sports Foundation reports, “with an increase of 10.1 percent compared to the June 2014 NSSF-adjusted NICS figure of 805,571.” This astounding number of NICS checks number – which doesn’t include background checks for concealed carry licenses doesn’t necessarily indicate that gun sales have started surge. But . . .

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47 Shot and 7 Dead Over Holiday Weekend – And That’s Progress!

Reader William Joyner writes:

Having just awakened from a restful slumber here in the beautiful San Antonio suburbs, I made my breakfast and sat down to see what the news had to tell me about the impending Greek economic implosion. Instead, CNN greeted me with the teaser line of “47 people shot by guns in Chicago this Holiday weekend! More after the break!” Was this the terror attack DHS had been warning us all about? Lone wolf actors from ISIS come to spread fear in our great land? Nope . . .

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TTAG Project Gun: Otto Carter Gets Started

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 5.23.47 PM

Regular readers will recall that I recently commissioned Master Engraver Otto Carter to engrave a Cabot 1911. Mr. Carter just emailed the above photo of the work in progress, revealing an example of the Aesthetic Style on the gun’s snout. He’s got a lot of work ahead of him – the gun will be adorned throughout. But he’s off and running. It’s all done with a Lindsay Airgraver. “It took a lot longer than I thought,” the Abilene Texas artist told TTAG . . .

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TTAG’s Summer Content Contest: Win a Henry Rifle! Or Winchester Ammo!


You’ve made it past the 4th of July. You still have two sad dried-out hamburger patties and half a bowl of congealing potato salad in the fridge and you’ve already seen three back-to-school ads on the tube. But don’t fret! Summer can’t ever end until we’ve given away a gun to the winner of TTAG’s annual summer content contest. This year, that beautiful boomstick is a Henry Lever Action Octagon Frontier Model in .22LR courtesy Henry Repeating Rifles. But wait! There’s more! . . .

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NC Disaster Relief Worker Arrested in NJ With a Gun


By James England via

The 4th of July marks the time when our Founding Fathers issued a proclamation to the British government. And while each year, we celebrate our new-found liberty and freedom with fireworks and barbecues – one family in North Carolina is very much on edge about defending theirs. Tower climbing is one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. It involves servicing cell phone and transmission towers all cross the nation with little advance warning and working at heights that would make most men quit. Many of these towers are located in remote regions and sketchy areas. When Brian Fletcher mobilized his men to head up to New Jersey, he did what any law abiding gun owner in North Carolina would do when heading into unknown territory – he brought his legally owned pistol . . .

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