NBA Player, Trying to Assault Girlfriend, Shot and Killed After Breaking Into Wrong Apartment

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Let’s say you’re a NBA player. While you weren’t drafted out of college and you’re way down on the league salary scale, you’ve finally made the big show and you’re pulling in nice bank by any reasonable standard. And now that you’ve made the big time, you have to keep up appearances by fathering at least one child with someone to whom you’re not married…let alone living. Now it’s your daughter’s first birthday and you decide to fly into Dallas for the event. But her mother pisses you off somehow and you decide to straighten her out, making an un-announced visit to her new apartment. Unfortunately (for you) you’ve never been there before . . .

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Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Memorial Day Edition


“I have never been able to think of the day as one of mourning; I have never quite been able to feel that half-masted flags were appropriate on Decoration Day. I have rather felt that the flag should be at the peak, because those whose dying we commemorate rejoiced in seeing it where their valor placed it. We honor them in a joyous, thankful, triumphant commemoration of what they did.” – Benjamin Harrison



Training Tip: Practice for All the Situations You Can Think Of. And Some You Can’t


A reader who wishes to remain anonymous writes:

It’s early morning in Dallas. I’ve just begun to continue my rounds at one of the posts where I work security. I can feel my upper gum burning from the Odens ice snus I popped to stay alert and awake. I sip my water to stave off the burn when I catch headlights out of the corner of my eye. Nothing unusual, it’s a fairly busy street even at this hour. As I walk to the large iron gate to continue my rounds I stop and look at my watch to mark the time, 0545 on the money. The first shot rings out, loud and far too close for comfort. My head snaps up, I yell my favorite word (MOTHER#%+&ER) and I begin to move to the side fast. The vehicle I had seen a split second ago . . .

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OK Bill to Strengthen RKBA Killed by Republicans


A strong right to keep and bear arms amendment to the Oklahoma state constitution was killed by the Republican leadership at the last minute. They did this by running out the clock in the conference committee, by not voting on HJR 1009. The clock ran out on May 19th. The tactics were similar to what was done in 2014. This year the measure was passed with overwhelming votes in both the House and the Senate. It passed the House 66-7. It passed the Senate 39 to 7…by 90% and 85% respectively. Obviously, the measure was wildly popular.  Then special interest lobbyists got involved. Backroom deals may have been struck. Several members of the conference committee subsequently decided to oppose the measure, after voting for it twice.

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8 Shot, 2 Dead in Houston ‘Active Shooter’ Incident

“The Houston Police Department is investigating after an officer-involved shootout Sunday morning left two dead and several others injured, including multiple innocent bystanders, in the west side of town. … ‘It was huge, huge gunshots. About 30 of them all at once,’ witness Andy McConn said.” Media reports are less than clear. Two LEOs and three civilians were taken to a local hospital. Two others are reported dead. Two suspects are apparently at large. “Police also said the shooters managed to strike a police helicopter five times. ‘The suspects had high powered weapons that they were using — AR-15s that they were using. They were actually able to shoot at a helicopter,’ (HPD Chief Martha) Montalvo said.”


Wear Camo on June 2nd!


Hare kṛiṣhṇa, hare kṛiṣhṇa, kṛiṣhṇa kṛiṣhṇa, hare hare, hare rāma hare rāma, rāma rāma hare hare. I would have loved to have been at the meeting where the gun control jihadis‘ marketing mavens decided what color their supporters should wear on June 2nd. Black? Too depressing. I wear black all the time. Green? Taken. Yellow? Too cheerful. Why someone didn’t remind the group that the Krishnas have staked out orange, I don’t know. But I do know that The People of the Gun should wear camo — yes hunting camo — on May 5th. And given that everything in the world is available in camo, it shouldn’t be too much of a logistical issue. You in?


DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Are California Anti-Gun Legislators Evil?

Auschwitz (courtesy

“What is most disturbing to me about this is that one group of people have decided to legislate that millions of otherwise law-abiding, good citizens are going to become felons over night,” TTAG reader Sean in MT writes under 4 of 5 California “Gunpocalypse” Bills Pass Senate. “Isn’t that exactly how Germany stuck it to the Jews in the 1930s? What’s next? Load up the brand new felons onto boxcars and send them off to re-education camps? I’m really disappointed that some of my fellow Americans would gleefully treat other law-abiding Americans with such malice. Stupidity from government I get, but this isn’t stupid. It’s evil.” True?

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Guns, Ammo, and Silencers from Desert Tech


You’re looking at the SRS-A1 Covert from Desert Tech. It’s an incredibly compact — 27 inches overall length — bolt action, bullpup sniper rifle with a “1/2 MOA or better” guarantee. In 60 seconds the operator can swap out the barrel and bolt for any one of seven calibers in an array of barrel lengths. The one seen above is rocking .308 Win in a 16″ barrel. Desert Tech has a lot of other cool stuff in the works, too, including ammo and suppressors . . .

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The New York Times: Chicago’s “Murder Problem” is Worse Than New York’s City Because Guns!


“People who know both cities say there are some significant differences in policing, especially around the issue of guns,” Ford Fessenden and Haeyooun Park write at “The homicide rate in Chicago is just a little higher than in New York when guns aren’t involved. But when it comes to shootings, both fatal and not, Chicago stands out, suggesting a level of armed interaction that isn’t happening in New York.” In other words, more guns, more murder! Here’s how the Times sees it . . .

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Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: George F. Will’s Call to Repeal the Second Amendment

George F. Will (courtesy

“The National Rifle Association is perhaps correct and certainly is plausible in its ‘strong’ reading of the Second Amendment protection of private gun ownership. Therefore gun-control advocates who want to square their policy preferences with the Constitution should squarely face the need to deconstitutionalize the subject by repealing the embarrassing amendment.” – George F. Will in Hillary Clinton doesn’t want to repeal the 2nd Amendment. But in 1991, George Will did. [via]



BREAKING: Cincinnati Zoo Shoots and Kills Gorilla After 4-Year-Old Boy Enters Enclosure

“A 4-year-old boy was hospitalized with serious injuries and a gorilla was shot dead after officials said the boy climbed through a railing and fell into a moat at the Cincinnati Zoo’s gorilla enclosure,” reports. “A 17-year-old, 400-pound male lowland gorilla, Harambe (above), was shot and killed by the zoo’s dangerous animal response team about 10 minutes after the boy made it into the enclosure. Zoo director Thayne Maynard said that the boy crawled through the railing and fell into the moat just before 4 p.m. Saturday. A Cincinnati fire department incident report says that the gorilla . . .

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