GLOCK Partners With National African American Gun Association

The National African American Gun Association has announced a new partnership with Atlanta-based GLOCK. That apparently means financial support for NAAGA, which has over 20,000 members and growing. Industry support like this for NAAGA and other groups that promote wider gun ownership and Second Amendment support beyond the what is seen as the typical old […]

Shoot a Feral Hog, Save a Sea Turtle!

How would you like to be paid to hunt? Full time. You get to live on your own “preserve” with one job: hunt wild animals that are damaging other endangered animals. All you have to do is kill as many feral hogs as you possibly can. “I never would’ve imagined that this would be my […]

Anti-Gun Left Targets Chris Cox’s Home, Wife’s Business

The anti-gun left has apparently fully embraced that old saying from the late sixties and early seventies: the personal is political. It’s not enough to protest the NRA’s headquarters, call its leaders Nazis and ask how many kids have they killed today in tediously un-original chants. Now they’re attacking their homes and families. National Rifle […]