P-51 Collector Installs Authentic Machine Guns

Twilight Tear

Nick and I are the resident TTAG aviation geeks. Nick’s actually doing something about it by getting his pilot’s license, while I stare longingly at the skies, reading every aviation publication I can find. I regularly check out Foxtrot Alpha as part of that search which is how I happened along the story of Twilight Tear, a P-51 Mustang with six real-life, functional machine guns mounted in the wings . . .

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Texas International Firearms Festival Sponsor of the Day: Henry Repeating Arms


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The first annual Texas International Firearms Festival – November 8 & 9 at Best of the West Shooting Sports – is just weeks away! You need to buy your day pass today – it’s your chance to sample (and buy) firearms from over two dozen major gun makers. Click here for the full list. Click here to buy a $59 one-day pass or a $95 weekend pass. Ammo included! Henry Repeating Arms be there. You haven’t shot a rifle until you’ve shot a good lever action. Be there and you’ll be able to lever the action on one of Henry’s beautiful Golden Boys, line up your steel target and make it go ping! Then crank it and do it all over again. Come and shoot it!


New From StealthGear USA: AIWB Appendix Carry Holster

VP9 3

Yawn. Another Kydex hybrid holster, right? Only this one isn’t really the same all the others. If you read our review of the StealthGear USA’s ONYX IWB holster, you know that StealthGear uses a breathable backing that makes toting a shootin’ iron all day – especially in warmer climes – much more comfy. Now StealthGear has added to their Ventcore-backed product line with an appendix carry option. Retail price: $79. Press release after the jump . . .

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33 Stockton, CA Police Officers Fire 600 Bullets at Bank Robber, Knowing He Had a Hostage in the Car

“A female hostage kidnapped during a Northern California bank robbery was killed by police in an ensuing chase and shootout, likely during a final gun battle where the lone surviving suspect used her as a human shield,” mintpressnews.com reports. “The results of a preliminary ballistics report show that police in the city of Stockton fired the 10 bullets that struck Misty Holt-Singh, 41, and all her wounds likely came during a final burst of gunfire, Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones [above] said at a news conference.”


Gear Review: Recover Tactical 1911 Grip


The 1911 handgun is the gold standard, in my opinion. The sleek and sexy look of the gun is just pure old school cool, and there are enough big name manufacturers of the firearm to keep the cost of getting your very own model pretty reasonable. But for those who bought a standard “mil spec” 1911 and want to tack on some accessories, the lack of rail space and the distinctly un-tacticality of the gun can be a problem. Enter the Recover grip for 1911 handguns . . .

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Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence IDs ‘Gun Lobby Lap Dogs’

In the run-up to the mid-term elections, The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence has abandoned any pretense of rational argument. The anti-gun org’s ad above rivals SpongeBob SquarePants for intellectual sophistication – minus SBSP’s endearing honesty and positive mental attitude. The ad directs viewers to lapdogscorecard.org, which “outs” pro-gun politicians in an interactive map. The page includes a “Worst of the Worst” (“Best in show if you will”) gallery of 12 elected officials [screen cap after the jump]. It’s an excellent resource in the sense that . . .

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Moms Demand Action Kroger Push Part of Gun Control’s Long Game

Kroger Bank Robber

On freerepublic.com, a discussion about the Moms Demand Action push for a gun ban following an armed robbery of a bank inside of a Kroger store, brought this commonly expressed question from rktman, “Uh, how would this have stopped the robbery again? Please ‘splain that to us.” I will explain it. MDA is playing a very long game. In order to be effective, they have to reduce the number of guns in society by significant amounts. They have to avoid considering any potential benefits gained from gun ownership.  Here is how I believe they think it will work . . .

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Question of the Day: Shooting While Pregnant?

Nur Suryani Mohd Taibi  at 2012 Olympics (courtesy arabnews.com)

After reading articles like this one on the dangers of lead exposure at gun ranges, TTAG reader Chris writes:

My name is Chris and I live in Texas. I have been searching the interwebs but can’t find a definitive answer so thought I would ask ya’ll to see if you know or know someone who knows the answer to my question. My wife is 11 weeks pregnant and as a result of a recent event, she decided she finally wants her CHL. Is it advisable for her to go shooting, a couple of times just to ensure she is comfortable and competent and then the actual certification course as part of the class, or is the risk of lead exposure and noise exposure to our unborn child too great?


Silencer Review: Liberty Suppressors Chaotic


300 AAC Blackout is really starting to take off. Almost every manufacturer offers it as an option for their guns, and the ammo is now widely available in big box stores like Academy. It seems like 300 BLK is at the tipping point where, at the very least, it will be self-sustaining and hang around much like other “boutique” calibers like .243 Win and .357 SIG. Part of that appeal comes from the easily suppressed nature of the round, offering subsonic capabilities alongside supersonic capabilities without changing anything. With an eye especially on the 300 BLK market, Liberty Suppressors released their Chaotic 30 caliber suppressor . . .

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Random Thoughts About Common Sense Gun Control Control

Anita Sarkeesian (courtesy destructoid.com)

“The Utah gun law that canceled a USU speech is an embarrassment,” deseretnews.com declares. Backstory: feminist videogame reviewer Anita Sarkeesian gets a death threat before a planned speech at Utah State University. USU checks it out and deems it incredible. Unsatisfied, Sarkeesian demands a no-guns policy at the venue, including pat-downs and a metal detector. USU says “You must be joking son, where did you get those shoes?” State law says we can’t do that “gun-free zone” thing. Ms. Sarkeesian cancels the gig. All of which is grist for deseretnews.com’s anti-gun mill . . .

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PA’s Pocono Mountain School District Closes For Cop-Killer Manhunt

Fibbies all tooled-up for manhunt for cop killer Eric Frein (courtesy nydailynews.com)

The manhunt for self-confessed cop killer Eric Frein has entered its sixth week. At a reported cost of $1.1m a week, the Frein chase has dinged taxpayers for nearly $7m. So far. Not including additional pension contributions for overtime. But hey, Frein killed a cop. Anyway, Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountain School District has closed shop while the FBI, State Police, local law enforcement and dog catcher hunt for Mr. Frein in the nearby woods. On Monday night, District officials announced that schools would open with “extra security.” This morning, at 5:30am, it changed its mind. If that’s the reaction to an at-large cop killer in the wilds of the Keystone State, imagine what would happen if a terrorist bomber got away from an atrocity in a large urban area. Why they’d have to shut down the whole city! For days! nydailynews.com reports that the school closures come after a “highly credible witness” [I say, I say, highly credible] saw the war re-enactor near his former high school dressed in black, with his face covered in mud, carrying a rifle.