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This shouldn’t come as news to anyone who’s been paying attention for the last eight years: Obama’s relentless gun purge – “The Obama administration began looking for loopholes in the Constitution, all to limit gun ownership with executive orders, reinterpreted regulatory requirements and whatever else creative bureaucrats could devise to harass gun owners and gun dealers. Many of these new restrictions are far from reasonable and unless Democrats can deliver on their promise to turn the court into an instrument of ‘progressive’ liberalism, will no doubt be struck down.” Unless? It looks like they’re doing just that.


Rebel groups in Iraq, Syria using remote-controlled guns – “Remotely-operated sniper rifles and machines guns are becoming a powerful weapon for rebel groups in Iraq and Syria — including the Islamic State — allowing fighters to kill with the ease of pressing a button.” Really? A Sturmgewehr? He couldn’t find an AK lying around to hack?

It ain’t cheap to defend yourself after a lethal self defense shooting. No matter how straightforward the case is.


Wildcatting against a civil right: University of Kentucky Coach: Even Football Players with ‘Legal Permit’ Barred from Handgun Ownership – “During an August 31 SEC football coaches’ teleconference, University of Kentucky coach Mark Stoops said he does not allow players on his football team to own a handgun, even if they possess a “legal permit” for it.”

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The life of a registered sex offender isn’t an easy one: Armed Protesters Wait For Brock Turner’s Arrival At Ohio Home – “Armed protesters have been waiting for Brock Turner to arrive at his parents’ home in Ohio, where the former Stanford University student-athlete is expected to live after serving three months for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman last year.”

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Winchester Honors Kim Rhode “To celebrate Rhode’s history-making achievements, Winchester is once again featuring Kim Rhode on boxes of AA target loads. The standard AA loads, AA128, will be in the commemorative boxes and available at Winchester retailers.”


Exclusive: Brazil’s Taurus sold arms to trafficker for Yemen war, prosecutors allege – “Federal prosecutors in southern Brazil charged two former executives of Forjas Taurus (FJTA4.SA) in May with shipping 8,000 handguns in 2013 to Fares Mohammed Hassan Mana’a, an arms smuggler active around the Horn of Africa for over a decade according to the United Nations. The handguns were allegedly shipped by Taurus to Djibouti and redirected to Yemen by Mana’a, according to court documents.”


No Guns on Campus: In Protest of Concealed Carry of Guns on College Campuses – “If college campuses are to remain the intellectually free and challenging sanctums they are meant to be, guns have no place. Safety should remain he responsibility of the university and the police force, and not the prerogative of 21-year-olds.” Five of the current eight Supreme Court justices are Harvard alums. All are from the Ivy League.

Springfield Armory Daily Digest: A Treasure State Two-Step, A Helvetian Brushback, and Maize Through the Muzzle">Previous Post
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  1. Yea well, Haa-vud ain’t what it used to be. Intellectuals are useful idiots for globalist sh!tbags that want Western culture eliminated via the current manufactured crises of ‘refugees’.


    Full disclosure, I read this from my Google news feed…I never goto Alex Jones site or YouTube channel but I don’t doubt George Soros wants to destroy our nation.

    • Intellectual freedom does not exist on many, if not most college campuses. There is only one way of thinking and one truth on these campuses – liberalism/Marxism. Dissent from this theology is not tolerated. These campuses have become nothing more than indoctrination camps which produce more anti-American leftists each year. And the Ivy League id ground zero for this abuse of academic freedom.

  2. “If college campuses are to remain the marxist indoctrination centers they have become, guns have no place. Safety should remain the responsibility of the almighty state and the police force, and not the prerogative of free thinking, law abiding citizens.”

    Fixed it to be far more honest.

    • You beat me to it.

      Universities are indeed ‘intellectually free’, the lack of any intelligence there is certainly ‘challenging’ to anyone with at least rudimentary critical thinking skills…

  3. If college campuses are to remain the intellectually free and challenging sanctums they are meant to be, safe spaces and microaggressions have no place.

    There. Fixed that for you.

  4. Coach Stoops works at a public institution. He cannot arbitrarily penalize a lawful gun owner for exercise his constitutional rights. Every football player with a permit on the team needs to get a lawyer and come after the coach.

    • A player with a pistol can spend the season warming the bench, or find himself traded away to the Anchorage semi-pro team. It would be difficult/impossible for his attorney to prove discrimination.

      In other news, the Second Amendment prohibits the government from infringing on the natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, not your employer.

      • The players’ “employer” is the University of Kentucky, which is a component of the State government of Kentucky. As such, a government body is infringing on their Constitutional rights. The Bill of Rights was incorporated at all governmental bodies by the 14th Amendment.

        • Granted that with all of the off the books perks college football players get, it may seem that they are employees, but in reality, they are not. On top of that, while your “employer” may be able to restrict what you can bring onto their premises, they can’t prevent you from owning a gun if it is legal to do so in your state.

          One of these college players who is not very good and won’t go far anyway needs to buy a gun, make it known and then go after the University and the Coach when he gets booted from the tream.

        • tdiinva (Now in Wisconsin) says:
          “The Bill of Rights was incorporated at all governmental bodies by the 14th Amendment.”

          That is a debatable point.
          The Bill of Rights was created by the States in order to keep the new federal government in check. Not their own states.
          They had their own State Constitutions for that.

          It is debatable that the 14th actually incorporated the US Bill of Rights onto the State constitutions.
          You might consult the books by Raoul Berger.


      • “find himself traded away to the Anchorage semi-pro team.”

        It’s a college team, there’s no trading players to other schools.

    • Welp, Stoops is on his way out anyway. He’s not a super brilliant coach, so after another mediocre season this year and next he’ll be out the door.

  5. Hey, I did my part to keep guns off the streets. Two Tauri that would have ended up in Yemen are in my safe. Where’s my Nobel Peace Prize?

  6. So former Taurus execs sell guns to Yemen and get in trouble? But it’s OK for Bury Soetoro & co to ship arms to Meh-he-co to f@ck American gun owners, border patrol Agent Terry and 100’s of Mexicans? Got it…yay Kim!

  7. 1) Meh.

    2) Meh.

    3) Insurance!

    4) Tards gonna tard.

    5) The whole case against Brock Turner, to me, was a farce. Did he do something wrong? I don’t know but the case against him was a politically motivated hatchet job.

    6) Nice.

    7) Waiting on facts.

    8) My dad was an undergrad at Harvard. He hasn’t given the university a penny in the last 30 years because it went full retard.

    • Hey S9 I’m an old guy with a “colorful” past. If a chick passes out drunk out of her mind I have precious little sympathy for her. Was she asking to get violated? She was in 1972…

      • If you actually read the facts of the case she was either lying or drugged and there is no evidence she was unconscious when the acts took place, but merely evidence that she was unconscious later on.

        The guys who fought with the defendant have stories that don’t really match up and witness statements, taken as a whole, paint a very unclear picture.

        She pressed charges strictly because she was told she was assaulted by hospital personnel, who at the time, could not have known the facts.

        The case file for this particular incident read as : if your a guy and there’s any question about sex, you’re a rapist. The same as they have for 20 years.

        • I should explain a bit further here.

          I got into an argument about this with an actual DA. He set me straight on this and gave me the actual documents to read. You can find them online.

          Court docs and police reports on this case provide very little evidence that this kid did anything wrong other than that he admits he was drunk and fingered her. He was still drunk when questioned and there is no evidence, other than a written report, that he was given his Miranda warning. The cops say they did that twice, at the scene and at the station under video surveillance, but there is no video submitted to the court.

          Other men’s DNA are on her panties. That’s a fact. Also, there’s a mystery guy who was “using his cell phone” to light up her unconscious body but he disappears after telling others to put her in the recovery position. What was he doing? Pictures? Good Samaritan? The cops don’t seem to care and neither does the DA. The girls unconscious body is CLEARLY moved between the time cops first find her and the next time they see her. According to their own reports she’s on her back when the find her and in the recovery position later on. That’s a contaminated scene right there. There are other questions too. If he’s fingerbanging her around her panties as he says, why are her panties off when she’s found in the recovery position but this isn’t noted before? Ever taken undies off a drunk chick? It ain’t the easiest thing ever. I’ve done it with a chick who puked all over herself (ex gf). Getting a drunk chick naked without her help is actually surprisingly difficult.

          Further, her story of being an experienced drinker but getting black-out wasted off a couple beers and a few shots makes no sense. Her friend and her sister’s stories make no sense in relation to the “victim”.

          On top that this girl has a BF and claims to just being going out for some fun and some dancing, but other witnesses have her making out with guys at a party and clearly trying to shack up with more than one of them. Her sister and her friend’s initial explanations seem to indicate that they were all out to get laid. Under further questioning the victim admits that she was doing shots before she ever went out, perhaps as many as six in half an hour. Does “pregaming” six shots in half an hour sound like someone out for “fun and dancing”?

          She doesn’t remember the encounter with this guy. She says she took at least a sip off a beer on a frat’s back porch and then doesn’t remember anything after that. She doesn’t remember if she even opened the beer. Yet, strangely, after the beer that she doesn’t remember if she opened or not, nor does she remember how much of it she drank, nor does she remember her sister already went home shitfaced, she clearly remembers this guy. Really? You’re already blacked out but you remember this guy? Doubtful at best.

          On top of all of this: She wakes up in the hospital the next morning claiming not to know a damn thing about last night right up until she’s informed she was attacked. Then all of a sudden she’s a victim. She declines to press charges initially saying she doesn’t know what happened but when pressured by the police decides to do so AFTER finding out who’s in custody.

          The kid had a shitty lawyer and the state had a good prosecutor. There’s no way to say “beyond a reasonable doubt” that the kid did anything wrong. It’s way too murky.

          Go read the court docs and the police reports (total about 120 pages). The whole case makes NO sense. If you don’t know who this guy is and read all of it you’ll have no idea who did what.

          Sorry, I hate to be an asshole here but when you read the totality of the facts it sounds like this: She was out to get shitfaced, got shitfaced and went to a party. She hooked up with a guy when she was blackout wasted and passed out during or immediately after the encounter (I’ve seen that happen with girls I hooked up with) and then took advantage of the situation so that she didn’t have to admit to her BF/family that she was hammered and trying to/actively cheating on her BF. A judicial system already prejudiced against men in these cases nailed the guy she hooked up with to a cross and now he’s a sex offender.

  8. So coach Stoops thinks he can arbitrarily tell his players they don’t have rights?
    What a stoop.

    • They still have their rights. All they have to do is turn in their helmet and jersey and start taking out school loans like a regular student.

  9. How many rapes and sexual assaults happen on campuses again?

    Any number that is not zero? Well that means the campus police aren’t enough of a deterrent.

    Thanks but no thanks.

    • Note to coeds: Gracie Jui-jitsu Pink Belt.

      Further advice: The techniques only work well if you are not drunk or stoned or otherwise under the influence of mind-altering drugs. Don’t pick up strangers at college parties and don’t accept drinks offered by people you do not know and trust.

      • Just do the regular program. It’s a one year contract at most schools. After six months you’re so far ahead of 99% of people that it doesn’t matter.

        A year at a good school (if you’re diligent about your practice) and you’re a Blue Belt. In other words, compared to your average person, you’re exceptionally dangerous.

        Pick a school that mixes in Judo and Muy Thai and you’re real fucking dangerous compared to your average person/street thug.

    • I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t dumb, and it was indeed a STG-44. That poor rifle, being hooked to those machines like that, and forced into Slavery for an oppressive owner who believes in psychotic ideology. Send in someone to save it.

  10. Stoops comes from the German word “treppe”,
    which mean “ass-hat”.

    J,M&J, you’re coaching grown ass men at that school.
    Or, maybe not.
    Some of these ballers need to pull up their big boy pants and live like free men.
    Oh wait, they can’t, cuz Coach Ass-Hat is THE final authority over them.
    If I was a parent of one of these young men, I would invite the coach out on a shooting excursion. Clays, quail, pheasant, etc.
    I would also invite Dick Cheny…

    • There is a significant number of college football players who don’t need guns. Actually, it’s a moot point because they very likely have them anyway.

  11. The NFL and the music biz needs to adopt a no guns for “players” stance as well. Add no “blackout rapes” just to be safe. Who would want to have sex with someone who’s blacked out? Bill Clinton?

  12. I go to college with a free ride, so I run around on a one-acre cow pasture and fight over a pumpkin, to the delight of cheering fans and wealthy alumni.

    Maybe I own a gun. Coach says I can’t own a gun.
    How the hell is he gonna know?

    This coach must be a Democrat, because he arbitrarily makes up unenforceable laws. Whatever.

    • What I want to know is just how many legal defensive shootings ACTUALLY go to trial, as is outlined in this worst-case scenario. Outside of a few high profile cases, most stories I hear are “Good guy shoots bad guy. Cops investigate and decide not arrest/prosecute. DA usually agrees.” What’s the rate per state? It’s nearly impossible to find this data on the interwebs, since it’s usually just news articles from HuffPo literally saying when a citizen uses lethal force in “Self-Defense Denies Criminals a ‘Fair Trial'”

  13. “If college campuses are to remain the intellectually free and challenging sanctums they are meant to be, guns have no place.”

    Yeah, well, if college campuses are to remain funded by billions of taxpayer dollars, then tough shit.

  14. Actually being in college at the moment, even in my podunk neck of the woods, it ain’t exactly a bastion of free thinking. Just since the start of the semester, I have been required to take a class in which the professor is a staunch Hillbot which makes me sick.

    I have gotten into 4 arguments about firearms ownership during class discussion cause the teacher won’t shut up about gun control. I don’t know that my approach has converted anyone, but I keep attacking the sucking brain wound every chance I get, and have had more than a few people at least say that they are thinking about guns in a new way. Whether that is true or pandering I can’t tell, most of the students seem to be Hillbots as well

    p.s. Thanks Obama, hhehehe.

  15. Campus intellectuals are anti-gun because they have no respect for pro-gunners mostly because pro-gunners are not very intellectual themselves. In general pro-gunners do not believe in human caused climate change (proved beyond a reasonable doubt), Evolution (proved way beyond a reasonable doubt). Yall keep yelling statistics at them about armed folks defending themselves and to them it is irrelevant because intellectually you keep presenting yourselves as ignorant toothless okies. Grow up, Learn basic science, become a part of this century and THEN present your arguments in a cogent way. Once you give up beliefs that were viewed as silly 100 years ago then maybe the mainstream will calm down and trust you with deadly weapons.

      • I have nothing to back this up other than personal experience, but it seems to generally ring true:

        The percentage of liberals who are anti-vax is much, much smaller than the percentage of conservatives who are climate change skeptics. I think the evolution one could go either way though.

        To Bob, I don’t think campus intellectuals have a problem with people who aren’t intellectual (which is to say, aren’t educated), but more of a problem with people who are anti-intellectual and/or willfully ignorant. Those are traits that are definitely no unique to one side of the political spectrum (ie. liberal ignorance regarding firearms).

    • WTF does human caused climate change (never proven, nobody even tried) or evolution (obvious) have to do with firearms? This entire idea seems silly. Can we say, “nanny-nanny-boo-boo”? 2A codifies RTKBA, where does weather intrude on that? This is idiotic.

      Also, WTF do vaccinations have to do with RTKBA?
      Are we all as crazy as they are?

  16. If having guns on campus is supposed to suppress intellectual freedom, why is it ok for the State to have them? I’ll file this one with “An AR-15 has no purpose but to kill as many people as quickly as possible, and only the police should have them.”

  17. It ain’t cheap to defend yourself after a lethal self defense shooting. No matter how straightforward the case is.
    Yeah, your funeral would be much cheaper.

  18. “If college campuses are to remain the intellectually free and challenging sanctums they are meant to be….
    which is why they are now Safe Spaces where non-PC discussions are verboten.

  19. “Safety should remain he responsibility of the university and the police force, and not the prerogative of 21-year-olds.”

    So, am I supposed to hate the police today, or trust them… I cannot keep up.

    One day, I’m supposed fear being SWATed for jaywalking while having a tan. The next, I’m supposed to trust every cop with my PIN number and daughter’s virginity…

    So, which is it?

  20. I recently read where even Sotomayor and Ginsburg lamented the dominance of East and West coast and Ivy League justices on the Supreme Court. Imagine if the Court were representative of the rest of the geography.

  21. it all starts with the Feds taking control of the School system, Bureaucratic Hitlers claiming privileges they do not have!
    We now know the reason the Supreme Court is so Messed up, IE: the good old boy – girl Alma Matter! as for Jurist prudence rulings they are so far from the American People’s common sense they should dissolve them selves but being power hungry Anti- American Cronies of the Democratic party this is a distinct impossibility! So look for total unfairness from the so Called Supreme Court ruling on the Student rights rights issue!
    What these Stupid Bast&&&s there is more fire power on most campuses than the Arrmy

  22. So I can carry a firearm to the market, the used car lot, the library, a whole bunch of places. What happens at a line on the sidewalk that a firearm becomes so dangerous a thing simply because the other side of that line is a Ivy League School?

  23. All those who think that Coach Stoopid is concerned about non-steroid using whites on his team who own guns, raise your hands.

    Yeah, me neither.

  24. And beyond this, we aren’t even discussing 18 year-olds, or those with violent histories or drug or drinking problems. We are only talking about 21 year-olds who have passed a state and federal background check and successfully completed at the least, a 10 hour class that includes 3 hours of training in avoiding or defusing confrontations, as well as fairly in-depth knowledge of the state’s laws regarding the carrying and use of guns in public. They also had to pass a practical shooting and gun handling test that is essentially the same as that required of “commissioned” LEOs, including police. Concealed carry licensees also tend to be “gun hobbyists” who spend more time and money on training, and practice with their guns more than the typical policeman. In fact, this is a population sub-group that has repeatedly been found to be unusually law-abiding and responsible, compared to the general population. Concealed carry licensees are statistically even more law-abiding (about six times more) than police officers, as a group.
    The idea that it will detract from a professor’s ability to set standards for his class is ludicrous. Can a professor require his class not to wear blue jeans? Can he require them all to wear evening attire? The fact is that no one will know who, if any, among the class is actually armed, just as that was not known before the law passed (illegal carrying is by no means unheard of in TX). The only difference is that now some of the responsible students with state licenses will also be armed.
    The concern that a professor might not be able to discuss controversial topics is also a red herring. There is no more reason to worry that a legally armed student (remember these will be the responsible, 21 year-old adults) would be any more likely to “snap” and start shooting than there is to worry that an inebriated (or stoned) 19 year-old frat boy would do so. Indeed, there is a good deal LESS reason to worry about it – those frat boys don’t have to pass extensive background checks. It is actually quite likely that the potential presence of mature armed students would lend itself to a more polite classroom atmosphere, rather than the reverse. As Heinlein put it, “An armed society is a polite society.”
    As the gun rights group “Students for Concealed Carry” point out, there is no reason to think that a person who has gone to the trouble of getting a carry license will suddenly become less responsible and more dangerous when (s)he walks across the street onto the campus, than (s)he was when she got off the bus on the other side of the street, where no one worried about him/her. After all aren’t those hallowed halls of academe actually supposed to make us MORE rational and responsible, rather than less?

    • Maybe you describe process in your state, not in mine. Might want to understand what applies to everybody and what does not.

      • The article concerned the new law in TX, that just went into effect. The arguments advanced about the impact of the law on academic freedom and safety in the UT system was what was being discussed. In any case, my remarks about the responsibility and law-abiding nature of concealed carry licensees are true on a nation-wide basis, and the rationales advanced by various professors nationally are equally foolish and logically refutable.

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