Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson (AP Photo/Paul Beaty)
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Not even three years ago, current Chicago mayoral candidate Brandon Johnson didn’t think “defunding the police” went far nearly enough. Not if that meant cutting the budget for law enforcement, anyway. Instead, he wanted to totally zero out police budgets and do without policing entirely in America’s third largest city.

He wasn’t shy about that position either. He offered that view as a Cook County board member official representing a crime-ridden district within Murder City, USA.

Johnson, backed today with millions of dollars from the Chicago teachers union, also waved aside he orgy of looting and violence that racked the city in 2020 as “an outbreak of incredible frustration” with “a failed racist system.”

Of course, normal citizens in Chicago have seen what defunding the police — merely taking a meat cleaver to the CPD’s funding — and putting fewer cops on the streets has meant for crime in the Windy City. Chicagoans are turning to the Second Amendment to protect themselves and their families.

Of course, ‘Let’s Go’ Brandon Johnson also rails against gun rights for the little people. And now that he has a shot at the Mayor’s office, he’s running away from his anti-law enforcement record.

From Wirepoints . . .

This week Johnson is claiming, “I never said, defund the police.” But that’s not what the record shows. Confronted directly in last week’s Chicago mayoral debate, Johnson sidestepped any explanation of his 2020 comment – shown on video during the debate – that defunding police is not “a slogan, it’s an actual real political goal.” 

Those comments by Johnson were one of a series of remarks that were either at odds with maintaining present funding levels for law enforcement, or that excused looting.

In 2020, as a Cook County Commissioner Johnson said, “Reducing the sheriff’s budget is a case that I believe that we want…There is no number big enough.” 

That year speaking at (a) panel titled “We Don’t Call Police: A Town Hall on a Police-Free Future,” Johnson said, “part of it is removing ourselves away from this, you know, state-sponsored policing, but also the tools that have been placed against Black folks that have been used violently, whether it’s policing, or administering standardized tests, or … around how white supremacy finds its way in every facet of our lives, that we have to fight and resist that.”

Johnson doesn’t seem to like having his own words thrown back at him.

In a WGN-TV interview as the city reeled from Michigan Avenue looting and rioting in summer 2020, Johnson also defended looting as “an outbreak of incredible frustration and anguish” tied to “a failed racist system.” 

Chicago mayoral candidate Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson  (AP Photo/Paul Beaty)

On thing’s for sure. Sane voters in Chicago — there are apparently still a few — are no doubt saying, “Let’s go Brandon” and not in a good way. They’ve already fired Lori Lightfoot for her failure to do anything about violent crime in America’s murder capital.

Voters will get the final word in April. For now at least, the law-and-order candidate, Paul Vallas, is leading, but only by about 6%. So as the race tightens, there remains a strong possibility that Chicago’s voters may get to experience the fruits of even more radical de-policing in the coming years. If they elect Brandon Johnson, they’ll get exactly what they voted for…good and hard.

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  1. Yeah, it’s a choice between Truly Bad and Truly Horrible….plug your nose, use your brain, and pull that lever wisely Chicago.

    • can a white guy actually win in that town?….because the black guy doesn’t seem to be much of an upgrade….

  2. I was going to say that he is a shoe-in but I thought Lori Lightweight would win in a walk. Maybe there’s hope for Chicago after all

  3. So basically Johnson is the male version of Lori Lightfoot but with a better looking haircut.

    • No doubt the plantation democRat is an understudy of b.h. obama’s mentor and all around nutcase residue from the sixities infamous marxistwhitebread bill ayers.

  4. So he is saying in effect that notwithstanding that the Mayor was black, the police chief was black, and the City Council has multiple black aldermen, and that the City (as well as the County) are run solidly by Democrats since time immemorial, nonetheless the “system” is racist, that the police should be eliminated (which will also eliminate the criminal court system) and allow pure anarchy to rule the town. Where do these people get these ideas?!? Oh–and if the police are defunded, will he still get a City-funded police protection detail?

    • It’s “DIM” Mark. Lets go Brandon is the worst. Vallas
      is a close second🙄

    • “…that the police should be eliminated (which will also eliminate the criminal court system) and allow pure anarchy to rule the town.”

      I say, give them exactly what they want.

      Then sit back, pop some corn, and laugh.

    • Yea but… but… whitey put them in this situation. Ever since the rolling 20’s when their own people sold them heroin… it was all whiteys fault…

      Sad reality is – majority don’t care. They just want someone their own skin tone.

    • “Who knew Road Warrior was a blueprint?”

      Well, that, and Orwell’s ‘1984’… 🙂

        • “Orwell’s 1984 is and has been the liberal Democrat playbook for the last 60+ years.”

          No, it hasn’t. The recent shift has primarily been in the last half-decade or so.

          The Leftist Scum ™ of old would have been horrified at the thought of free speech being censored by flimsiest of excuses. That was a hill they used to die on.

          Case on point – Roughly 1978 or so, they helped the American Nazi Party get a protest permit in a municipal park. (Think ‘The Blues Brothers’ scene where they forced the Nazis to jump off that bridge.)

          About 10 years back or so, the ACLU was on Rush Limbaugh’s side when he had his ‘legal difficulties’ related to feeding his opiate addiction that he got after a major surgery. No way in hell would they do that now.

          The ones today are far worse… 🙁

        • 1984 certainly has been, for decades, “The Plan” for the demtard activists running the zoo.

  5. Good. I hope that we have an exciting race. Who will be the first major American city to not have an active government paid for police force??? This is outstanding news. The Libertarians Liberals and the Left will finally have their utopia. Hopefully they will all move there.

    And then perhaps finally conservatives will be able to have all the laws repealed. That prevent the law abiding from being able to kill criminals dead on site. When they break into vandalize and or steal private property.

    “San Francisco to Lose Half of Its Police, What’s the problem? | Richard Cibotti”
    video 33 min long

    • Policing duties are likely to be given to antifa and BLM to focus on s0cial justice issues as a priority.

      They will self fund through voluntary service payments, or protection racket extortion.

    • If there are enough cops who will there be to enforce gun laws or lock up a self/home defender? Shoot, shovel, STFU.

  6. Johnson, backed today with millions of dollars from the Chicago teachers union, also waved aside he orgy of looting and violence that racked the city in 2020 as “an outbreak of incredible frustration” with “a failed racist system.”

    Your editor sucks. I catch at least one editing mistake on almost ever article.

    • “Your editor sucks. I catch at least one editing mistake on almost ever article.”

      If I were you, I’d demand a full refund for what you spent to read that article…

  7. Good for Chicago. I hope they get absolutely every thing they vote for. Every single bit.

    • If only the rest of the country was not being forced to fund that coven of morons. But we are. In particular, I wish all of it on Boeing.

    • Shire-man,

      As H.L. Mencken said: “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.” Chicago is already getting it hard, but apparently not hard enough. A common trait of all Leftist/fascists is their response to all evidence that their Leftist/fascist beliefs DO NOT WORK, is to double down. “If we just do it harder, it will work, this time” is their constant refrain. Kinda pathetic, when you think about it . . . which they of course never do.

      • Southern,

        You are, unfortunately, not wrong. These days, about the only cases that actually get prosecuted are illegal ownership of firearms . . . except by gangbangers.

  8. Judge Roger Benitez Accused of Misconduct.

    Not going to amount to anything in the end, but Mark will explain it.

  9. Debunking Jon Stewart’s Attack On The 2nd Amendment During Viral Debate With Republican Senator.

    • That was fucking CRINGE to watch.
      “It’s your argument, not mine”
      No john, it’s your argument and it’s our rebuttal.

      • Was John Stewart ever not cringe AF?

        Maybe I’m just nostalgic for, like, late grade school and middle school but I think the Daily Show sucked after Craig Kilborn left. He had way more knack for going after both sides in an amusing way.

        Stewart was, and is, a 100% partisan hack. Where he shittalks the D’s now it’s only because they’ve gone too far for even his level of crazy.

        • if Colin would replace that puke Wayne and his clique…i’d rejoin in a heartbeat…he’s an eloquent spokesman for our cause…

    • “What’s the incentive?”

      Like a wad of chewing gum stuck to the lens of their body cams?

      That makes the shaking down at traffic stops easier to get away with… 🙁


  11. MCFA Movement. Make Chicago Farmland Again. And/or Make Chicagoans Fertilizer Again.

    Such a group could run on firebombing blue cities until nothing remains and shooting any lucky survivors.

    Black Plague style economic revival but without the communicable disease and with nearly no Lefties to muck it up. Resource negative cities are reduced by 95% too.

    Motto: “It’s all upside.”

    • All those people wishing an earthquake, Kim Jong nuke or massive tsunami on a coastal city have to realize after that hits the survivors will pour out of the cities looking to get fed.

      They won’t exactly get a warm welcome in the rural areas around that city. 🙂

      How many millions of non-expired MREs does the government have in warehouses for a city like LA or NYC?

      It’s an opportunity to make salted ‘long pork’ for your dogs… 🙂

  12. I’m an arch conservative, but I want to defund, disarm, and disband the police as well. We can start with the BATF, FBI & IRS, then move on to eliminate State, County and City police who now enforce the will of our illiberal elites.

    • that “Waco” series on Showtime makes for excellent watching…they really stick it to the ATF….and deservedly so

    • to quote every liberal and left wing ever..”we get what we want and the hell with you.”

  13. he’ll win. which will suck for the upcoming election season, especially without policing.
    not understanding the problem with vallas. i would think he might do fairly well. could use a personality boost.

  14. I hope it happens. They deserve what they vote for. Anyone with a brain would have moved out of Illinois long ago. What is happening in Chicago is what Biden wants nationwide. Two more years of this guy and it may come true.

  15. So many people breathed a collected sigh of relief when Lightfoot was ousted while the idea was put forth that maybe Chicago was starting to move in a better direction.

    It’s all wishful thinking. There is another one just like her to follow. The people of that city have already decided that nothing outside of ‘Democrat’ matters.

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