Lori Lightfoot
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot pauses during her concession speech as her spouse Amy Eshleman applauds during an election night party for the mayoral election Tuesday in Chicago. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)
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Chicago’s incumbent Mayor Lori Lightfoot just lost in a landslide. She came in third place and barely received 17 percent of the vote from Chicago voters – 83 percent chose someone else. That means she’ll miss out on a top-two run-off election in April and become the first Chicago mayor in 40 years to lose reelection.

The mayor has only herself to blame. Voters were pleading for her to get tough on criminals. Instead, she spent time and taxpayer dollars making cringeworthy videos on Chinese Communist Party-owned TikTok.

She ignored her employers and now she’s out of a job.

It’s The Crime, Stupid

It didn’t take a genius to recognize what issue mattered most to Chicago voters – it’s crime. It was always crime. The city has been plagued by crime since Mayor Lightfoot was first elected and it only became worse during her tenure.

Police work the scene where a 8-year-old girl was killed and two adults were shot when someone shot into a car in Chicago.  (Armando L. Sanchez/Chicago Tribune via AP, File)

In the lead up to the election, 44 percent of voters said crime and public safety were their top issues. The second-place issue, jobs, came in at 13 percent, far behind safety. Two-thirds of voters said they personally don’t feel safe and half of voters said they were going to cast their ballot for a candidate who would get tough on criminals. No surprises Mayor Lightfoot lost given those numbers. A brief history shows why.

In 2020, crime was already plaguing the Windy City and the coronavirus pandemic made it worse. Ahead of Memorial Day weekend 2020, Mayor Lightfoot, the Chicago Chief of Police and even gun control groups got together to plan for a violent weekend and urge city residents to remain safe, as if asking criminals politely would do the trick. That tactic failed and it was a violent weekend for the record books. Instead of taking accountability for the failure, Mayor Lightfoot blamed others. “Whatever the plan was, it didn’t work,” she said.

Later that year, Mayor Lightfoot caved to irresponsible pressure to defund the police and eliminated 600 law enforcement positions while crime surged. Mayor Lightfoot continued embracing strict gun control that limited Chicagoans’ ability to protect themselves even as police retirements continued climbing and the city’s crime problem grew.

Chicago shooting crime scene
Shoes are left behind at a crime scene where a number of people, including a 3-year-old child, were shot in a city park in Chicago. (AP Photo/Paul Beaty)

In 2021, Chicago criminals still ignored the mayor’s pleas to stop their violent ways. In broad daylight, criminals exchanged gunfire between cars and a home with police officers nearby, tragically killing one person. Five others were taken into custody and despite clear video evidence to charge the perpetrators, nothing was done. Still, Mayor Lightfoot blamed others. “Given that evidence, a pod camera right there that captured the entire thing… why isn’t that enough?”

The buck stops with the mayor. Chicago’s criminal violence left voters exasperated and searching for solutions. The answer wasn’t another term for Mayor Lightfoot, so they fired her.

Any Reflection?

Illinois has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country, and Chicago is even stricter. More gun control laws just signed into law by Gov. J.B. Pritzker are facing court challenges already – including by NSSF – but it remains clear that Chicagoans want security and the means to protect themselves. That includes exercising Second Amendment rights to protect themselves. During Mayor Lightfoot’s tenure, more than 1.9 million Illinoisans purchased a firearm, according to NSSF adjusted FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) data.

After such a lopsided misreading of voters’ priorities, did Mayor Lightfoot understand that she got it wrong? Hardly. The mayor again shifted blame back to voters and all but called them misogynistic racists.

The New York Post reported she blamed other factors, not crime, on her loss and when asked by a reporter if she’d been treated unfairly, the mayor responded, “I’m a black woman in America. Of course.”

Her hometown paper, the Chicago Tribune excoriated the mayor and her record on crime. “Lightfoot campaigned for mayor in 2019 by arguing crime was too high… But homicides, mostly from gun violence, spiked dramatically in 2020 and 2021… Shootings and carjackings also skyrocketed.” Mayor Lightfoot still blamed others for the criminal misuse of firearms in Chicago.

For voters, it wasn’t complicated. It wasn’t Mayor Lightfoot’s race, or her gender or her sexual orientation that concerned them. For Chicago voters, it was about safety, crime, and getting tough on criminals. And for that, voters gave the mayor the boot.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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    • On my way home from work yesterday, I heard a talk radio host play the audio clip of her statement “I’m a black woman in America” as her reason she pointed to for her loss, and he said “umm…didn’t you win the last election as that same black woman in America…or did you simply cheat for that one?”

  1. Easily explained, liberalism is a mental disorder. There is no other rational theory that can explain their lack of understanding of cause and effect.

    • Dr. Lyle Rossiter, a board-certified clinical psychologist, wrote a book in which he diagnosed the ideology of the left-wing as a tangible mental illness.

      Personality Traits, Mental Illness, and Ideology
      Higher rates of mental illness have been found on the far left. > https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/unique-everybody-else/202103/personality-traits-mental-illness-and-ideology

      “…people who are more liberal, especially those identifying as ‘extremely liberal,’ are more likely to have mental health problems.

      Specifically, surveys on the “Big Five” traits of extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness to experience have found that people identifying as politically liberal tend to be higher on openness to experience (complexity of mental life) and neuroticism (negative emotionality) and lower on conscientiousness (socialized impulse control) than their conservative counterparts…”

      Those are just a few examples. Overall the mental health community has since the 1980’s have been basically saying the ideology of the left-wing and liberalism is a tangible mental illness.

      Now ya know whats wrong with dacian and Miner49er, mentally ill.


    • I got cancelled for saying the same thing yesterday by the TTAG Moderator, It refused to post my comments. Guess I should have used the space between the e and j. Just goes to show how stupid their algorithms are. Keeping in mind they are written to meet the expectations of the people in charge.

      • I wonder if the original spelling (the name of the large star in the constellation Orion) it was taken from for the movie will pass:


  2. There is another upside for her getting booted out of office. She will loose that 90 plus person tax payer funded police security detail she had to keep her safe while making sure her constituents were disarmed and defenseless the best she could and doing the best she could to make sure crime and gang predators were free to roam among they prey.

  3. When she won it was because of her skin and sexual proclivities.
    When she lost it was because of her skin and sexual proclivities.

    They love having their cake and eating to.

  4. This racist woman was totally out of touch with the citizenry. The best thing we can do is forget about her and hope she never returns.

    • I hope the ghost of her namesake (Beetle Juice) forever haunts Chiraq as long as the Democrats are in control. Those who refuse to admit and remember their mistakes are forever destined to repeat them.

  5. The answer is clear.
    The racist and misogynistic people who voted against her must be first disarmed and then re-educated. The Great Mao showed us that after 2 to 5 years in camp the survivors are very docile and humble.
    Elections are inefficient and must be eliminated.

  6. A black pr0gressive alphabet woman married to a white woman, very often, are living in a world of self delusion. Yeah that’s right I said it.

    And our secretary of transportation is the exact same thing. Living in a self delusional world.

    Just watch their press conference’s.

    • divorce possibly looming, and if that happens that now disgraced mayor will be back on the market looking for another ‘significant other’ lickety split.

      • that’s where it gets conflicting- she’ll have to get out licketysplit but only after she packs her shite… stress.

      • .40…Using “IT and sayin’ “lickety split” in the same line…..I think I just threw up in my mouth… Thinking of “That” thing out trolling for a pri…mate…..oh GOD…. where’s the Tums, Pepto Anydamnthing!

  7. Amy her spouse?
    Gawddamn the thought of crawling into bed with Lori LFoot just about makes me wanna PUKE, fck that’s just Nasty. Even a double bagger with one made of air tight plastic to get that dying quiver couldn’t do it.

  8. The proof of Chicago’s citizenry actually having a change of heart will be, as they say, in the pudding. Chicagoans have a clear but unfortunate choice between a not as bad as Lightfoot phony centrist former school super Vallas and Marxist county commissar Johnson. And I won’t be terribly shocked if Comrade Johnson wins – promising the proles a secular paradise paid for by other people’s money appears to be sure fire way to win the urban vote these days. Chicago’s decline will most likely continue regardless of which Leftist/statist/fascist Democrat wins – sadly.

    • Clueless Keane doesn’t “get” a huge # of these 1.9million NICS checks were for gunz bought by Dim’s. They poison ILLANNOY. Whomever is the next mayor will be as bad or worse. Paul Vallas ran ads supporting the “assault rifle” ban,murdering babies and anything goes “marriage”. Let’s go Brandon is even worse being a communist. Chiraq won’t be “fixed”🙄

  9. How could race factor in when it did not factor in with dimbulb getting elected? When things do not go their way the level democRats will stoop to say and do is despicable…As the witch melts she dealt her last race card, “I’m a black woman in America.”

  10. “I’m a black woman in America. Of course.”

    Quick question, does anyone really identify this creature as a “woman”?

    • When I first saw that quote, I thought at least this one knows the difference, but then I remembered her affectation. They don’t even deserve the benefit of the doubt.

  11. The reason given is always: because I’m black, because I’m a woman, because I’m gay, yada yada yada…It couldn’t possibly be because you suck at the doing the job.

    The only things Lightfoot seemed to care about were busting her own covid lockdown restrictions and making cringeworthy, clownish videos. Not to mention her performance art dressing up like weird action heroes.

    The people of Chicago are worse off because of Lightfoot’s mayoralty. But, they elected her in the first place. Hopefully, they’ll make a better choice next time – but I doubt it.

  12. Actually while it will probably be business as usual Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown is resigning effective March 16. Kim Foxx is taking a lot of heat because of the Chicago cop that was killed because the punk that killed him (Steven Montano) was arrested last summer after running from a stolen car police suspected was linked to an earlier shooting in the Little Village neighborhood.

    Kim Foxx dismisses charges against 29.9% of felony defendants and people in Chicago yesterday were mourning the fallen officer and protesting for her resignation again.

    Regardless of which snowflake become the next mayor, Kim Foxx has to go, completing a trifecta of left wing enablers that should have been shitcanned long ago. The people of Chicago aren’t stupid with Foxx dropping 8.1% of homicide cases and 9.5% of felony sex crime cases and even the CPD knows that Foxx just drops 8.1% charges of aggravated battery of a police officer.

    “You can just go, we aren’t even going to arraign you”.

    Of course it was “It Was All About the Crime”.

  13. Two thirds of the voters don’t feel safe? What exactly am I meant to take from all this? A poll that is based on fictitious numbers? Why on earth would another Democrat care to do any better? These people created this problem! This was never about Lightfoot. She is just another 1 in a long line. What Lightfoot did was the very same stuff all the rest of the Dems are doing. It’s all the same things Clinton would have done if she had won instead of Trump. Putting another Democrat in office is never going to produce anything good. We just watched all this very same process play out in New York. There is absolutely nothing about Chicago that suggests that two thirds of the people there want the crime problem fixed. If they did, they would not be voting in more of the same.

  14. Lightfoot did loose because of misogynistic racism. Almost all of the murderers in Chicago are Black and almost all were bastards born to Black women who preferred to be promiscuous sluts.

  15. Lightfoot! She said it herself that she has the biggest dick in Chicago. She left out the strap-on part.

  16. Let me preface my remarks before I offer them. I am white and have 5 black cousins, two Chinese cousins and a grandson from South Korea. I am not a racist but I tell it like I see it.
    The Left has made a big effort to include all types of people in Government under the guise of inclusive or diverse However, when you look at the many blacks, gays, lesbians, gender non specific, people who now hold high offices in Government, the bulk of them like Lori Lighfoot are totally incompetent. Just look at the Cabinet officers in the Federal Government and there isn’t a competent person white, black, or anyone else who is remotely competent in what they are doing. They are all a bunch of incompetents. I personally believe there are much better people available to represent the many diverse groups and why people choose or vote for these incompetent individuals is beyond comprehension. We have a senator (Fetterman) who can’t even function and a President who is a total embarrassment to himself and his Country. Yet, many of you out there think its OK for people who have obvious mental dysfunctions to be leading our government. Wake up and get real!!!!

  17. but the idiots in Chicago keep voting Democrats in they get what they asked for

    • But do they really ?? After all is said and done, whoever headed up counting the votes is who decided whom the “winner” was.

  18. I haven’t lived in Chicago in 40 years, so she can’t blame my old straight male white butt.
    Pretty sad when in a city that would elect a stray dog as mayor so long as it barked Democrat she couldn’t get re-elected.
    Not surprised by her deflecting blame and pointing fingers at everyone else. What happened in Chicago, and other cities, as well as in DC shows what happens when people are put into position because they check the right box instead of being qualified for the job.

  19. So. Does she get to keep her 40-man (or so) CPD protective squad? Asking for a friend.

  20. Shootcago’s Bettle Juice Era winding down. She blamed racism and sexiam for her defeat. She had the “ism” part correct…..incompetence-ism, stupid-ism, and Libturdism.

  21. glad she is gone. Hope the next mayor can fix the damage the damage she caused. I am praying for the people of Chicago.

  22. Every dem run city is a shithole! Try to think of one that isn’t ! Run Forrest run!!!

  23. Aclaro: no vivo en EEUU, pero estuve muchas veces. Sigo conectado con ustedes por otros motivos.
    Admiro profundamente la libertad que ustedes tienen de expresar todo. Que siga así depende de la capacidad de comparar, razonar y pensar como viven en otros lugares.
    Comentario cortito: Tuve una gran cantidad de armas de varios calibres (empecé a los 14 con aire, y luego mi padre vio que como era responsable me permitió comprar mi cal 22. Por supuesto que después me case y todo cambió. Calibres mas gruesos y prácticas en polígonos. (ahora 77 años)
    Tema de discusión: Esta persona…… es muy similar a otras de Argentina Tristemente, está pasando en nuestra provincia de Santa Fé y algunas otras provincias. QUE PASA CON LA JUSTICIA??? defienden a los asesinos, chorros…… Nuestras mascotas son parte de la familia. SI,SI, tenemos que defenderlas ya que no pueden en muchos casos defenderse como NOSOTROS. Aplaudo la derrota de esta inútil que llevó a ustedes a una buena decisión. OJO!!! no se duerman. ADELANTE CON LA LIBERTAD DE POSECION DE ARMAS DENTRO DE LOS QUE AMAN SU CORRECTA POSECIÖN. Saludos cordiales

  24. Here’s google translate, great guy.
    I clarify: I do not live in the US, but I was many times. I remain connected with you for other reasons.
    I deeply admire the freedom that you have to express everything. That it continues like this depends on the ability to compare, reason and think how they live in other places.
    Short comment: I had a large number of weapons of various calibers (I started at 14 with air, and then my father saw that as he was responsible he allowed me to buy my 22 cal. Of course, later I got married and everything changed. Thicker calibers and practices in polygons (now 77 years old)
    Topic for discussion: This person…… is very similar to others in Argentina. Sadly, it is happening in our province of Santa Fé and some other provinces. WHAT HAPPENS WITH JUSTICE??? they defend murderers, jets…… Our pets are part of the family. YES, YES, we have to defend them since in many cases they cannot defend themselves like US. I applaud the defeat of this useless that led you to a good decision. EYE!!! do not sleep. FORWARD WITH THE FREEDOM OF WEAPON POSSESSION WITHIN THOSE WHO LOVE THEIR CORRECT POSSESSION. Kind regards

  25. Optimist says: that’s one clown back in the car. Pessimist says: the remainder is beyond counting.

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