Sen. Chris Murphy: Why Aren’t We Talking About Confiscation as a Way to ‘Deal With’ Ubiquitous Gun Ownership?

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You tweeted something really provocative, saying that we have to address the massive explosion of guns in order to deal with gun violence. How do we do that?

I don’t really think people understand how big a problem this is and how quickly it has come to overwhelm us. That tweet was accompanied by a chart, and I’d encourage people to look at it. The explosion of guns in this country is a very recent phenomenon, certainly of the last 15 years, but really of the last five years. The gun purchase rates, starting in the Obama era, but really supercharged during the pandemic, have meant that there are exponentially more weapons out there today than ever before.

It was hammered home for me by the mayor of Waterbury, Connecticut, a guy by the name of Neil O’Leary, who used to be a police chief. Before he was a police chief, he used to be a beat cop. He said, “I started out in the 1980s. It was a big deal if we came across an illegal gun. It happened every now and again, but there weren’t a lot of illegal guns out there. Criminals had them, real hardened criminals. Then, about 10, 15 years ago, it started becoming more regular. Every week we would pick up an illegal gun or two as we were stopping people, as we were doing searches.

Then he said, “Today, every day. It’s like water. It’s like rain. We come across illegal guns every day because they’re everywhere.” Detectives in Bridgeport, Connecticut, told me the other day, “Used to be that a group of kids that were involved in risky behaviors, they’d normally have a community gun. They’d all know where the gun was if they needed it. Now every single kid is armed. Every car has a weapon.” So what happens is every dispute turns into a shooting.

That same detective in Bridgeport told me, “I don’t respond to fistfights anymore. They just don’t happen. Kids don’t have fistfights in Bridgeport. Every beef turns into shots fired.” That is connected to the ubiquity of weapons — so what do we do about it? It’s really hard. We can do gun buybacks. That has a pretty narrow-scale effect. But this is a problem that we’re just living with right now, and we’re not talking about gun confiscation. So you’re just trying at this point to stop the problem from getting even worse.

— Dean Obeidallah in Sen. Chris Murphy: Republicans “Don’t Give a Crap” About Kids and Gun Violence

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    • There is no gun violence. Violence is attributed to flesh and bone criminals who come in all shapes, sizes, genders, colors, etc. Of course the aforementioned is contrary to bigots fixated on the criminal living rent free in their minds has
      a Black face…Downhill from such thinking came an agenda rooted in racism and genocide called Gun Control. Either people do not know that or they have forgot that.

      So never mind what chris murphy says…The bottom line choice for sides is between the bigotry inherent with the Gun Control kkk and third reich or the color blind Second Amendment.

    • I find the wording of the alleged former beat cop’s statement to be vague. He said “now we find illegal guns everywhere”. He didn’t say the cops are encountering felons in possession of guns; he said cops are finding illegal guns more often now.

      If, for example, the AFT’s recent reclassification of pistol braces survives challenge and is allowed to stand, then potentially millions of owners will become felons retroactively without having committed a deliberate crime. An item that was previously okay to own will then become illegal, and any cop who sees an unregistered one will then be “encountering an illegal gun”. That would be a true statement, but not at all like encountering a classic criminal.

      I might be reading too much into this, but wording and clarification are at the center of politics and those who attempt to steer public opinion on a topic.

      I call poo-poo on this. Bigly.

      • Moron cop. Progs passed more antigun laws so make more citizens into criminal. Don’t incarcerate the favored class = more of them on the streets (perhaps with firearms).

        “Cause – effect” is as hard for demtards to understand as is “unintended consequences”.

  1. “… the mayor of Waterbury, Connecticut, a guy by the name of Neil O’Leary…”

    Thost mayor doth speaketh out of his arse.
    Rightfully so as that is where his head is located.

    Lots of factual lies between the senator and mayor’s comments.
    But commies got commie.
    Both are Judas’ to the Constitution.

  2. I wonder if the societal trend toward demonizing fist fights and elevating the level of recriminations has brought them to level where they are viewed by the belligerents as nearly equal with gunfights in terms of culpability?

    • Perhaps it is a cultural thing where any “disrespect” is regarded as a major blot on someone’s personal honor and absolutely must be met with lethal force to regain satisfaction.

      A modern take on cracker dueling culture?

  3. Convenient timeline construction.
    Crime was fell and sat at record lows for years while gun sales surged to also record levels.
    Only recently has crime begun to climb. Maybe something changed? Something other than the constant of gun sales?

    Convenient timeline construction is fun. How far are we to zoom out when determining who was where first? Which group suffered which other group? When we look at Ukraine do we zoom out to 2022? 2016? 2014? 2008? Further, closer? It all depends on what point you’re trying to make I suppose. When we look at iffy US elections do we zoom out to 2020? 2016? Back to 2000? Further maybe? Depends on the point you’re trying to make.

    Regarding guns what happens when we zoom out to pre-GCA and NFA? For fun let’s look at education and zoom out to before the DoE was created.

    The big picture is very informative until it isn’t. To support the nattative we need to zoom in. Waaaay in. Preferably on a window of one year or less. That way the people will forget there ever was a before time.

    Murphy is a smart guy. He didn’t want to get called on any correlation graph so he only shows half the data. Data that is factual. Then he fills in the other half with subjective and open-ended opinion. Can’t argue against his feelings after all.

    • wasn’t prepared to read of the best comments I’ve ever seen on this forum this morning. I owe you a drink for that one! cheers!

      • Same difference. They’re using the anecdote “it was snowier when I was a kid” while they fly private jets and sail private yachts and buy up coastal mansions to reshape society as if 100, 200, 500, 1000, 5000…. years means anything at all to a 5 billion year old rock that will exist at least another 5 billion years before being consumed by a red giant.

        Surely, 5 billion years is just a zoom too far. They’re all more concerned about their bank accounts for the next 10-20 years. What’s Al Gore worth now? We’re only here for 80 years if we’re lucky so Al has to make as much as he can while limiting your ability to make anything at all. His kids will be taken care of with trust funds, cushy six figure jobs and private beach front mansions. Your kids will eat the bugs, rent forever and walk to work in their super comfy 15 minute cities.

        Clean air for Ted Turner means not having to smell your stink of poverty on his 2 million acres.

        • “Clean air for Ted Turner means not having to smell your stink of poverty on his 2 million acres.”
          That pretty much sums it up for all of these “better than thou unwashed” bastards.

    • “He didn’t want to get called on any correlation graph so he only shows half the data.”

      Indeed. His manipulative skills are well honed. Which is to say that he’s a skilled liar, as you note.

      For example, he knows that zooming in like this creates a graph that’s relatively steep and curved. So, he uses the word “exponential” to sound all erudite and shit in his fearmongering.

      Yet a casual glance at that graph, for anyone who actually paid attention in math, shows this graph isn’t even close to exponential.

      Big words that people don’t understand, left without operational definition for the benefit of the uninitiated, and therefore adding confusion instead of clarity are a hallmark of propaganda.

      Or then, maybe he actually is a dumbfuck and he thinks that graph is exponential.

      • I think they all believe their constituents are either unaware or idiots, and why wouldn’t they? It goes to show how much they respect the people that support them.

        • They believe that 80% of most people don’t pay any attention.

          I mean, Conservatives are basically morons if we’re honest.

          The link below is today’s top story on BB. Straight up kindergarden surface level analysis. How fuckin’ hard is it to open another account and max each of your accounts at $249,999.99?

          It’s not, and it turns their weapon into a sword that cuts them badly. But noooooooo the “thought leaders” on the Right can’t figure that out. Sometimes I wonder how they remember to breathe.

        • strych9, you mean it was too difficult for you to understand?
          Conservatives are a lot less of morons than you Lefties. The crux of the story in BB is that the government in the person of the FED is choosing winner and losers. Is this too difficult? The fact is that this bank in the Silicone Valley has depositors who are DEMONcRATs who have deposits well about the max insured by the FDIC.
          The REAL QUESION is should the American taxpayers be paying for a WOKE Bank’s screwups? Personally, I say not no, but HELL NO!

        • Conservatives are a lot less of morons than you Lefties.” (emphasis mine)

          That’s it, you’re not real. You’re one of the troll’s alter egos playing the “completely braindead old Boomercon” character.

          There is no fuckin’ way anyone is actually this stupid.

        • Also, for people worried about this, don’t listen to the NPC who clearly didn’t read the article/grasp it or BB or the Congressman.

          You can open five (six if you’re married/trust someone enough to do a joint account) different personal accounts insured up to $250K per bank and two more for your business insured up to $250K per person “dependent” on them for the business.

          Need another 5-8 accounts? Walk into another bank. Need more? Another bank. As long as they’re FDIC insured, the accounts are covered up to the max.

          Shit, I live outside a pretty small town and in a DAY I can open six accounts in 11 different banks/credit unions within a few miles of each other and all are FDIC insured.

          That would cover $16,500,000 of personal money before I started going to business accounts or to banks that are TBTF. Maybe you shouldn’t trust a Congressman who’s LARPing for the camera and an idiot BB writer/jab fanatic/movie reviewer about how to manage your money.

          How do I know this for a fact? Because I talked to my lawyer and my accountant and then actually did it (not with 11 institutions).

          This is annoying to some degree but it’s easy-ish and something these people would know if they actually had money and weren’t trying to score political points with the ignorant.

          The idea that people are being “forced” to go to banks that are TBTF is bullshit fearmongering from BOTH sides because they ALL want to screw you.

  4. try that s**t in the hood or the burbs, see how well it works for you – a*****e. but keep running your lawyer-piehole.

  5. So how about teaching the little punks that being gang thugs and street thugs is not a good idea? How about enforcing the already existing laws on theft and receiving stolen property? How about keeping violent criminals in jail/prison where they belong? Confiscating guns from those who have not committed a crime will do nothing to prevent criminals from arming themselves or from using said weapons to commit crimes or acts of violence.
    A generation or 2 back in history a simple mutual combat fight with a busted lip or black eye was handled with a overnight in the county or city lock up and a moderate fine from the judge the next morning. Jail or prison time was something to be avoided and was considered as something to be ashamed of. Today the little punks see prison as a right of passage and badge of honor. Gives them some sort of street cred.
    All the crap the Senator whines about are the results of the failed great society and other assorted Democrat policies.

    • Back in the day if I screwed up my neighbors could discipline me and when my dad became aware of my misdeeds I got it again. Getting paddled by the principal was bad enough but since our next door neighbor was the principal’s secretary I got it twice. There are no consequences for kids these days and it reveals itself in battered teachers and parents. This culture is destroying our nation. Even commercials show children talking back and being disrespectful to their parents. Teach your children respect and they will most likely be okay.

      • Yeah, nobody seems to recognize the destruction of the familial unit. To do so would most likely be labeled as racist. No, it WOULD be labeled as such. We may be fuc*ed.

  6. Keep talking about taking guns and citizens will continue to buy more guns.

    Too much Fear Porn from the MSM and the government fuel the fire.


  7. “I don’t really think people understand how big a problem this is”
    Projecting his lack of understanding and or acceptance onto POTG.
    POTG understand perfectly well and POTG also understand that the problem is persons such as you who refuse to accept the truth and the real causes. It should be clear to you that de-funding the police, early release, failure to prosecute and a broken justice system are the real problems. It should be clear to you that these programs and more laws are not working. Until you accept the fact that the criminal minded do Not follow laws. You have done nothing more than embolden criminals and then when We the People defend ourselves, you blame guns. Where is your sympathy for “We the People” you took an oath to serve. And more so, where is your defense for the U S Constitution that you swore to support and defend?

    • Illegal confiscation is theft. If the thief is wearing a badge , he is still a thief. Lots of thieves being shot these days. Just saying.

  8. Well he would see the need if he didn’t have a security detail for his own safety. Also once again the same freedom of speech he uses to say this is the same for all and those who exercise their second amendment rights . Lets see when it got worse, during covid and after releasing criminals back into society.

  9. May take a while but manners and being polite may find their way back into culture. Otherwise discount Schumer is making noise again.

  10. These people created a judicial system in which firearm offenses by repeat felons are plea-bargained away, violent crimes carry no bail requirement, and they say WE don’t care?

    Well, in a way I don’t. I don’t care for the world they’ve made, and will not grovel before their pet criminals.

  11. When the default position of Government is to punish the law abiding for the acts of the criminals the Govt can only be seen as supporting the criminals and therefore the Got too is criminal.

  12. I encourage people to look at that chart too…and realize its being presented as part of a lie.

    “There is no way to address the homicide, suicide and mass shooting epidemic…”

    1. homicide does not always mean murder. the term also encompasses ‘justified homicide’ AKA ‘self defense. around 60% of annual gun ‘homicides’ are valid legal self defense defending against criminal attackers, AKA ‘Justified Homicide’. 18% of gun homicide is gang-on-gang/criminal-on-criminal, where actual murders are comitted. the rest is a combination of justified police shootings or murder. so you want the homicide rate to be dealt with and go down, deal with the gangs and criminals by actually prosecuting and keeping them in jail, plus the desire to murder is also driven by mental illness.

    2. there is no mass shooting epidemic. there is less than a 1% chance a person will be the victim of a mass shooting simply being in a place out in public, but there is an over 60% chance a person could be part of a yargetd group if they are in a designated ‘gun free zones and there is an over 75% chance a person will be the victim of a vehicle accident, even if in foot walking near where traffic is, and be seriously injurered or killed. mass shooters, 100% of them, are driven by mental illness, there have been exactly zero mass shooters who had a gun that made them do their crime as guns do not magically come to life with mystical powers to force people to do anything. mass shooters tend to pick targets where they think the most defenseless people will be, gun free zones give them that…defenseless prey for the predator guaranteed by law.

    3. Suicide is driven by mental illness. there have been exactly suicides or suicide attempts who had a gun that made them do their act as guns do not magically come to life with mystical powers to force people to do anything.

    so you want gun homicides and mass shootings and gun suicides to go down… deal with the mental illness and crime… there is no such thing as a gun that made them do it.

    if even 1/10th of what is claimed is true, that law abiding citizens owning guns is the problem creating your gun homicides, mass shootings, and gun suicides at the rates claimed, the population of the United States would be zero.

    once again, law abiding people owning guns is not the problem.

    • correction for : “…there have been exactly suicides or suicide attempts…”

      should have been…

      …there have been exactly zero gun suicides or gun suicide attempts…

  13. 10 years ago the number of guns possessed by criminals started to proliferate? And 10 years ago major changes in policing and border control also started occurring. If you can easily bring a person or drugs across the US-Mexico border, what else can you easily bring across? Guns, obviously. Those criminals with guns aren’t getting them from Local Gun Stores or buying them from law abiding citizens. They are buying them in the same Cartel run black market as the drugs that the use and sell.

  14. “Not enough fisticuffs”. Well duh Dims. Lot’s of folk’s die or have permanent damage from being hit. And the large beat up the small. I’m still a big guy in my old age & in better shape than last year but if you attack me I’ll shoot your evil azz🙄This ain’t 50 years ago…

    • Also misdemeanor assault is usually a ban on firearm ownership so if it is worth punching it may as well be worth shooting.

    • “Not enough fisticuffs”? So they imagine that D cities and metro-areas don’t have “enough” barehanded violent crime? Last I checked, in NYC, beating up elderly Asian-Americans and/or shoving them onto the subway tracks has been a thing. And years earlier, one of their own representatives, Grace Meng, was beaten up in a “knockout game” attack.

      • “Not enough fisticuffs”

        collectively, daily across the United States ~9,000 defenseless female assault and domestic violence victims are attacked and over powered by their attackers using nothing but hand ‘fisticuffs” (beaten into submission with fists) and the victims are seriously injured and some times killed. (this is females age 14 and up).

        plenty of ‘fisticuffs’ going on.

        • Wouldn’t fisticuffs involve two or more mutual participants and not a defenseless victim not of a politically disfavored class?

  15. “Kids” aren’t shooting each other where I live. Maybe look at the culture and genetic makeup of the “kids” in question, instead of the tool used.

  16. It is the Democrats that don’t give a crap. They would go a very long way to fix the problem if they would put criminals behind bars and keep them there. Democrats refuse to do that. This is on THEM. We do not have a gun problem. We have a crime problem and a criminal justice system that will not do anything about it.

  17. My response to Communist Chris: Why aren’t we talking about tar and feathering to deal with the proliferation of would be tyrants?

  18. over 80% of murderers (not mass shooting) and mass shooters who purchased a gun at a gun store passed the background check. over 80% of these (collectively) had been previously (most within a few months of their crime) been evaluated by a mental health professional for anger/violence issues (not related to guns) and been deemed to not be a danger to others or them selves or not to have a mental health issue.

    over 80% of people who comit suicide by any method were under on going care of a mental health professional and deemed to have been improving.

    ~100,000 suicides annually are drug overdose, over 78% of these had access to a gun but chose drug overdose.

    ~60% of annual gun suicides (ruled suicide) are later found to have been either murder staged to look like suicide or accidents. once entered as a gun suicide in statistics these are never removed from those numbers.

    ~30% of suicides are incorrectly listed as gun suicides because a gun was present close by even though the gun was not used. these are usually drug overdose and the reason the gun is nearby is in case the drugs don’t work or are taking too long. Ya would think this is obvious but most suicide bodies are never looked at by a ‘medical examiner’ person (which in most jurisdictions are not even doctors) and they go on the police report which says something like, for example, ‘deceased was found laying on bed with gun.” and that’s it and the person who enters the records for the death simply assumes it was a gun suicide. once entered as a gun suicide in statistics these are never removed from those numbers.

    gun suicides statistics are falsely over inflated

    • correction for: “~30% of suicides..”

      should have been …

      ~26% of actual suicides….

      sorry ’bout that. The study was lumping this specific part with non-sucessful attempts and I looked at the total instead of the individual parts.

    • correction and clarification for : “…or not to have a mental health issue.”

      should have been…

      …or not to have a mental health issue detected.

      however, all had mental health issues not detected at the time of evaluation. That’s the problem with mental health evaluations and why they would not work in a ‘gun restriction’ aspect. mental health professionals use the DSM to categorize mental health issues, but these people have mental health issues that are not defined or can’t be even though they exist, so they are never detected. As it has been put for mass shooters…

      In the Journal of Threat Assessment and Management…. (Lankford, A., & Cowan, R. G. (2020)) ( )

      … Cowan writes of their research they “…closely analyzed public mass shooters who attacked in the United States from 1966 to 2019 and found that correlates of mental illness were approximately equally common among perpetrators, whether they had been coded as mentally ill or not.”

      Forensic psychiatrists James L. Knoll IV, MD, and George D. Annas, MD, MPH, of SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse New York, both leading authorities on the mental health aspects of mass shooters, summed it up for the issue for the mental health community various studies on various aspects in terms of mass shooters…. Although mass shooters may not meet DSM-5 criteria for a recognized disorder, “they do have an ill-defined trouble of the mind for which the mental health field has no immediate, quick-acting ‘treatment,’” – in other words, mass shooters do have mental illness driving them but not something clearly defined and for which the mental health community basically has no treatment.

  19. What most people are missing when useful idiots like Murphy speak is root cause analysis. The reason that Democrats and RINOs want gun control and the elimination of guns in America is for no opposition to the Chinese “peacekeepers” the Progressive plan on bringing into the country to “settle” domestic unrest as the Progressives see it. This is a long range chess game with the ultimate objective to overthrow the United States. Gun control is one prong, coupled with the turning of American kids over to pedophiles that are screwed in the head educators, and inciting racial hatred by creating “diversity.” Make no mistake about it, Progressives (Democrats) will do everything possible and are doing it to see the United States destroyed. This is a perfect storm of fervent communists, homosexuals wanting to prey on children, and just plain haters of America.

  20. The problem is illegal guns.
    So of course the solution of Commy Democraps is to get rid of legal guns.
    Makes as much sense as anything else they do.

  21. What a load of sheep deep. Let’s look at a graph and subjectively spew $#!t and blame in on guns again. How about the increase of woke ass idiots and evil indoctrination? Or the increase in assclowns that can’t read an analog clock, throw a ball, climb a tree or ride a bike? Increase in narcissistic tiktok crap. Let’s look at the graph which indicates the decline of core values, good old fashioned hard work, patriotism or human respect and dignity….then include where and why, and it’ll show the increasing trend of laziness, political corruption, debauchery, and general assholery across the board.

    “No more fistfights…blah, blah….” What a joke. Y’all created that problem. For the same reason why kids these days are socially dysfunctional and can’t solve problems face to face. Teachers telling kids, “No Fighting…tell a teacher”. You mean the teacher that wasn’t present to begin with? Or the teacher that can’t discipline some incorrigible student and gets their ass kicked by the student.

    Back in the day, we slugged it out. And then we were playing and laughing the following day. What changed? Blame it guns? STFU with that.

    Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.

  22. Chris, maybe it’s a case of most politicians understand exactly what would happen if confiscation was tried maybe they’re not quite as stupid as you are.

  23. “Sen. Chris Murphy: Why Aren’t We Talking About Confiscation as a Way to ‘Deal With’ Ubiquitous Gun Ownership?”

    Because we will Phcking chute you if tou try.

    “Sen. Chris Murphy: Republicans “don’t give a crap” about kids and gun violence”

    Democracies don’t give a crap about kids being aborted. So STFU and Don’t talk to me about kids and guns if you support abortion.

  24. There is no way to address the homicide, suicide and mass shooting epidemic in this nation without putting criminals in prison and the mentally ill in hospitals. Of course, that costs big money and impacts some groups more than others so it’s off the table.

    • There’s also the long term approach of changing the culture and truly understanding why people are unhappy with life. That approach is off the table as well because the solutions would be inconvenient to our dear leaders. If it would simultaneously make the ruling class wealthier and more powerful, then there’s a chance it would happen since that’s always the ultimate goal. But then they would be envious of our happiness, so probably not.

  25. I think the assumption here is ludicrous. First off you don’t equate illegal gun use with legal gun purchase. They are two totally different issues. People are buying guns because they don’t feel safe. If all these people were buying guns to commit crimes the death rate would be a great deal higher. Since 2/3 of gun deaths are homicides and the death rate by firearms has not increased dramatically it would seem there is no correlation between legal gun purchases and the illegal possession of firearms and violence. Perhaps the real reasons are defunding the police, unfettered illegal immigration, and poor parenting practices. Most of the folks who are anti-gun advocates are ignorant of most real gun facts and simple spew the nonsense they hear by the antigun faction. Personally, I believe the stories being told by these officers is exaggerated. They need to realize we have more people now than in the 80’s and many kids today rule the roost in their homes or don’t have a family structure to keep them grounded. Their explanations are far to generalized and non specific.

  26. Examine the way kids are taught to interact with others in the government funded facilites where they are warehoused for major parts of their day. NO ONE teaches them about. conflict resolution. Instead they get told to just walk away, to take a time out, to avoid the other one.. so disagreements never get resolved, but instead fester, grow, and eventually just like a steam boiler with no pressure relief valve, blows up.
    “tieouts” do nothing to resolve conflict, increase understanding, or any such things. Jesus commanded that we deal with “issues” in this way.. if someone offends you; if you ovvend someine else; if you find someone doing wrong: the remedy is the same: GO TO HIM PRIVATELY and BE RESTORED.

    DO NOT go tell your best friend don’t go and recruit seven others to your point of view then go “have a talk” wth the other guy. Nope. WORK IT OUT. Do families instruct children how to do this? Nope. Avoid, timeout, ignore, tell YOUR friends, have a pity party… this is also hardly ever done in the church, either. The root of all manner of division.
    So “da yoot” never learn these skills, get big enough where when things matter and are not resolved, SOMEONE is gonna six dis, and the surest way to win is to bring a gat.

  27. Of course, what Little Chrissy fails to address is that the two cities he cites, Waterbury and Bridgeport are dumps. These two are not exactly filled with law-abiding middle class working families. The blue collar and lower middle class white collar workers who populated these cities fled long ago in the face of rising crime, industry leaving and general Democratic machine politics which favored non-working minorities over working stiffs of every race. Guns weren’t and aren’t the problem, social engineering is.

  28. Liberals totally ignore the direct effect they’ve had on the violence by not holding the violent responsible for their actions! Instead they decide the violent need to be in a “time out” with some sort of counseling! We’ve got far too many DA’s who don’t prosecute — who don’t enforce the laws we already have!
    I don’t think they’re stupid enough not to know better — I think they’re doing it on purpose so the crime rate will be so bad that the low information voter will demand the elimination of the 2nd amendment! I think they don’t care how many innocent people get hurt — they don’t care how many innocent people die — they only care about the collective!

  29. Fear of firearms in the hands of individuals is what the Second Amendment is all about. Whether a government tyrant, or wannabe snowflake.

    OTH, “Fear the government that doesn’t fear your firearms”.

    • Sam,

      Many on this site have argued both sides of whether enough American gun owners would actually participate in “the boogaloo”. For me, the answer is “I dunno, tell me what set it off?”

      One thing I would be fairly confident about is the gummint to actually start trying to “round up” guns. And I believe (if that pudding-brained child sniffer knows ANYTHING) Senile Joe knows damn well what would happen. Even that senile idiot knows what the ACTUAL results have been in states like CA, NY, NJ and others that have “banned” so-called “assault weapons” – compliance rates in the single digits-to-low-teens range. And God knows that worthless idiot, Gavin Gruesome, has flirted with it in KKKalifornia . . . but backed off, because he’s a complete chickenshit.

      Unfortunately, one defining characteristic of the Left is their inability to recognize a clue if it hits them in the face. If they can get only an estimated 9% “compliance rate” in KKKalifornia, their chances of selling their gun-grabbing in Tennessee or Montana is exactly zilch. And they know that, but sooner or later, some idiot Leftist like Chris Murphy and his ilk is going to FAFO. The only good I see coming from that is that it will address the fact that our gene pool desperately needs a heavy dose of chlorine.

      As John Basil Barnhill said, “When the people fear the government, you have tyranny; when the government fears the people, you have liberty”. I WANT our government to fear us and our guns – that’s a healthy trait for them to cultivate.

      • Lamp,

        I remain supremely confident that there will be no actual, general gun confiscation.

        First, that would leave the gangs and criminals with guns…and those gangs and criminals will coalesce into larger, coordinated units (like the cartels), and become a threat to government.

        Second, physical confiscation from law-abiding gun owners is unnecessary; just make it impossible to legally use the firearms outside of the home, and or to buy ammunition or any product related to firearm manufacture (which is the thrust behind the push to strangle the firearms industry and retail sales).

        Third, there will be no general uprising of law-abiding gun owners (ain’t gonna be no boogie, Lou). The nation and the states are not of the political, geographic, or logistical condition as were the colonies in 1775.

        The Boogie is a distraction from the fact that the legal attack all along the line is designed to destroy the firearms industry and supply chain. And this is not to mention the choking of the legal system. The leftists have a plan; the defenders do not.

        • Sam,

          Agree, and disagree. I, too, agree that “the boogaloo” is a distraction, and unlikely to happen. My point was that one thing that COULD cause it to happen would be door-to-door confiscation, which is exactly what Murphy was proposing.

          Where I disagree, at least in part, is the belief that it wouldn’t ‘start something’. I believe, IF the Leftist/fascists were stupid enough to actually try that, it would result in active, violent resistance, which would snowball if they didn’t back off. I know damn well if they come for mine, they’ll get the bullets first. Yeah, I’ll probably be dead, afterward, but I’ll go to Valhalla with an honor guard.

          I also agree that “they” are concentrating on back door measures more than actual confiscation – but never underestimate the willingness the willingness of Leftist/fascists to don their jackboots and goosestep over your freedoms. We all KNOW that’s what their goal is, the only question is when will they conclude that they can “get away with it”. Dunno, but I am not willing to discount the possibility. Particularly when idiots like Murphy and Senile Joe start running their pieholes.

  30. I ask. What are you going to do when they come for you ? Because that is the goal of th Communists. Total civilian disarmament. I wouldnt be suprised if the Communist Biden Regime or one after it signs the Arms Trade Treaty and brings in UN Forces to to the job of confiscation.

  31. There’s no point in arguing with a guy like this. He’s a liar.

    The answer to anything he says like this is “Fuck you, no”.

    • ^This

      Then you ask “brave” Sir Chris (girl’s name) if he’s willing to lead the stack and be first through the door …. for video to be used in his next campaign ad.

  32. @LampOfDiogenes

    Lawful gun owners ≠ 2A defenders, ≠ patriots, ≠ resistance.

    The govt knows they do not have the numbers to kick-in doors, but the believed “threat” distracts from the real play.

    • If you look at the history of such things over time and space you’ll notice two patterns.

      1. These things don’t tend to “make sense” in a linear way. You end up with a cluster of problems that all have interested cohorts. Then a match gets dropped on the powder and one of them flairs up badly. The government “cracks down” in response which draws the attention of all the various cohorts to focus on the government. The government rapidly finds the situation uncontrollable and you now have a “boog”.

      2. People are surprisingly docile about rights violations against themselves and others right up until they get shockingly violent about it. This is one of the reasons to be cautious in public policy spaces, because you can get away with things right up until you can’t and when you can’t, well, you can’t.

      Two examples to consider historically, extremely different specifically for the point of elucidating my point:

      The start of the Arab Spring, where things pop off all around the Middle East because a poverty stricken fruit vendor in Tunisia is harassed by a female police officer about not having a vendor’s license. Why does this start shit all across North Africa and even in the UAE? Because those other countries already have things going on and this guy’s story presents the match to the powder.

      The Algerian War of Independence (aka, a French colonial civil war): Pay attention to what goes on from ~1950 to the start of hostilities in 1954. Then put that in historical context back to about 1880. These people took a lot of shit for a long time and even proudly considered themselves French right up until they didn’t.

      • “Africa and even in the UAE? Because those other countries already have things going on and this guy’s story presents the match to the powder.”

        Just as we can’t compare subjugated nations of Europe to the US, regarding firearms control, we can’t compare the US to Mohammedan nations in the “middle east”. The overriding cultures of Mohammedan nations are stuck in the seventh century, or earlier. The responses of those peoples, to anything, do not present relevant cases of response to government.

        The whole door-kicking scenario simply provides a self-licking ice cream cone; distracting people from what is really going on; strangling of the supply chain in multiple ways.

        • We cannot compare people to people in very broad ways that examine basic human nature that repeats across geography and cultures for several thousand years regardless of religious affiliation?

          Would it be more acceptable if I drew analogies to Rome instead of Muslims? They’re still the same.

          I believe we can make the comparison, for that is the literal point of keeping historical records. For example; you will find our Revolution similar, in some regards, to both of my examples and a great many more.

          The “long train of abuses and usurpations” starts, in earnest, ~1750, yet no real shots are not fired for more than a quarter century.

          Docile ’till we’re not.

          And I can’t imagine anyone is going to present an argument that the every person who was against the crown in 1775 cared equally and fully about each item in that long train. For some the issue was taxes, for some it was warrantless searches, for some it was a lack of due process, for others it was the hamstringing of Colonial authorities.

          The confluence of grievances exacerbated by a .gov grab for control at Lexington and Concorde, among other places.
          Human nature is pretty much a constant for recorded history. We forget that at our peril. The Left certainly has. Is it to their peril? Dunno, depends on sum total of balls of those opposed, eh?

          As for “door kicking” you seem to fail to recognize what desperation does to people in power. It is that desperation that, in a great many instances, results in the fall of the government or a bloody war to retain power in what remains of the country.

          Do you really think that Biden and his merry band of diversity hires can make a rational use-of-force calculation at the national, or even at the local, level?

    • Sam,

      “The govt knows they do not have the numbers to kick-in doors, . . . ”

      Not so sure that’s quite correct. Any particular Leftist or government bureaucrat or LEO might or might not believe that, and the government as an entity has not yet attempted to act on it in a systematic way (but cf, Waco, Ruby Ridge), but with idjits like Murphy, Swallowswell, etc., in government, are you prepared to discount the possibility?

      If Senile Joe got his “Assault Weapons Ban” passed, or if the ATF proceeded with its pistol brace rule, how certain are you that the government, at some level, wouldn’t try to enforce it by door-to-door seizures? While I don’t THINK it will happen, I am certainly not willing to bet my Constitutional rights on it, particularly when there are idiots like this moron, Swallowswell, and even Beta O’Rourke out there, who clearly WOULD be willing to do it.

      • “While I don’t THINK it will happen, I am certainly not willing to bet my Constitutional rights on it,…”

        We might see a headline-grabber, or two, but as a general campaign, the numbers are not there for govt. Besides, just as with Waco, etc., opposition to armed attack by govt is hopelessly uncoordinated. While cops and the military attacked in Waco, the “patriot nation” slept, everyone hoping they weren’t the next target (be quiet little bunnies). The original patriots did not let 30yrs pass between Lexington/Concord, and overthrowing British rule. “Patriots” today keep saying Waco, etc., weren’t bad enough to provoke revolution. So here we are, 2023, saying “It isn’t bad enough, yet; let a few more abuses of power happen, so that more people will forcefully oppose government.

        Simply put, there ain’t gonna be no boogie, Lou, and while distracted by mythical door-kickers, government at all levels tries to shut down the firearm supply chain.

        • You don’t like looking at other countries about human psychology but you believe Waco to be the blueprint for this?

          Lord, I hope so. That would go Old Testament, God giving them into our hand style, very fast.

          Which, ultimately, is why they want that weird currency I talk about all the time. Which, interestingly enough, may have gotten much closer here on Sunday. Dat contagion to Credit Suisse, oof.

          And what does the Fed do? Opens the swap lines for daily use. Interesting times.

          Go back and read that BB article I linked to about banking.

          While you do consider this:

          The banks the Right says you’re going to be forced to pull all your money out of by Yellen/the Left, because politics of course account for: 80% of commercial real estate lending, 60% of residential real estate lending, 50% of US commercial and industrial lending and 45% of consumer lending.

          The way to win that game is not to play because you’ve already won. If you play, they win. If you refuse to play, they get crushed while you kick back and laugh.

          Why is Conservative media pushing you to do the one thing that ensures that you lose and end up with that strange currency I can’t type out on here?

  33. @strych9
    “Do you really think that Biden and his merry band of diversity hires can make a rational use-of-force calculation at the national, or even at the local, level?”

    Actually, yes.

    The conglomerate of police forces will tell Biden they cannot manage a city-wide door-kicking campaign. The military would likely welcome such an adventure, but the number of weapons-carriers is not sufficient to make a national sweep, either.

    The marxists will continue to tease the gun owners, but the real work will continue along. Even the most rabid “patriot” knows that the money and determination of the Left over matches anything the “patriots” can muster.

    But again, it is not realistic to compare the mix of cultures in the US, to any single nation (even collections of nations) elsewhere in the world. While “human nature” may be universal, depth, intensity, trigger points, are not uniform.

    • The military would likely welcome such an adventure, but the number of weapons-carriers is not sufficient to make a national sweep, either.

      All LE at every level along with all military, reserves, National Guard etc. Add them all together and you get slightly less than 1 enforcement agent per square mile of the Continental US.

      Now consider what percentage within the military are not combat arms, what percentage of cops are obese (~50%, LOL!) etc. etc. And consider in a serious manner what they’re up against. That’s not a fight they can ever hope to win.

      Lefties think this is drones dropping Hellfires on MAGA camps in the woods. No, folks, it’s not. You really, really don’t want to see where that goes.

      “While “human nature” may be universal, depth, intensity, trigger points, are not uniform.”

      I didn’t claim any of the latter, only the former. That leads, necessarily to certain conclusions. The timeline may vary, the outcome does not.

      And that’s not good for a Revolutionary because they’re far, far too emo about this in terms not of the outcome but of the process. That will invite blowback they can’t actually imagine.


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