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Some folks don’t realize that in a civilized society, the police exist to protect the criminal class as much as to keep them in check. Because when government can’t or won’t stop criminal behavior, gun owners will step up and enforce the rule of law in order to protect themselves. Unlike the police, the civilians are restrained by common sense, not volumes of rules, procedures – and politics.

In Chicago, regular people try to live and work in a cesspool of violence. Government leaders like Mayor Lori Lightfoot claim to support law enforcement…when it’s politically expedient for her to do that. The rest of the time she’s behind measures to defund the police and reduce the number of cops on the street by 19%.

When criminals actually are apprehended, there are then the Soros-funded prosecutors who don’t prosecute them. Remember this story we covered from the Chicago Sun-Times?

Prosecutors reject charges against 5 suspects in deadly gang-related gunfight in Austin: ‘It’s just like the Wild West’

Five men linked to a deadly gang-related shootout Friday in Austin were released from custody after prosecutors declined to charge each of them with a pair of felonies, including first-degree murder, the Chicago Sun-Times has learned.

The brazen mid-morning gunfight, which left one shooter dead and two of the suspects wounded, stemmed from an internal dispute between two factions of the Four Corner Hustlers street gang, according to an internal police report and a law enforcement source with knowledge of the investigation.

The source said police sought to charge all five suspects with murder and aggravated battery. By Sunday morning, a Chicago police spokeswoman acknowledged the suspects had “been released without charges.”

In a statement later Sunday, Cristina Villareal, a spokeswoman for the Cook County state’s attorney’s office, explained that prosecutors had “determined that the evidence was insufficient to meet our burden of proof to approve felony charges.” Police officials agreed with the decision, Villareal added.

There’s a dirty little secret that the mainstream media outlets just can’t seem to find the time to cover: residents are turning to the Second Amendment to protect themselves from the endemic crime where they live. After all, when seconds count and police are just minutes away — if they’re lucky — and a gun in the hand offers the best personal defense.

Fox News has one story . . .

An 80-year-old man living near Chicago’s O’Hare airport was left “​​battered” late last month when two intruders knocked on his door and entered his home. 

The elderly man was a legal gun owner and managed to fire off a shot, hitting one intruder and sending the other running for cover.

The incident is one of dozens that have played out in the Windy City in recent years. Legally armed citizens are taking matters into their own hands, thwarting attacks and other crimes.

“It’s the reason why you’ve seen the increase in gun sales,” said John Lott, president and founder of the Crime Prevention Research Center. “Because people realize that the police and law enforcement broadly isn’t being allowed — the criminal justice system isn’t being allowed — to go and do its job.

Wirepoints has more detailed coverage.

Ordinary Chicagoans have had it, and you can’t blame them. They’re sick and tired of being victimized by armed criminals and no one seems to be doing anything about it. Increasingly, Chicagoans are taking matters into their own hands. By shooting back, stabbing back, and defending themselves in any way they can. It’s not going to stop as long as city and county officials let the chaos continue.

Chicago’s 67,000 reported major crimes last year were 41 percent higher than in 2021 and already this year they’re up 58 percent. For the 11th-year running, Chicago led the nation in murders in 2022 – with 697. Crime on public transit is also badly out of hand. Making things worse, major crime arrest rates in Chicago averaged just 5 percent. And 400,000 times in 2021 there were no police to respond to high-priority 911 calls. Time and again Chicago under Mayor Lori Lightfoot has resembled the Wild West. It’s no wonder people are protecting themselves forcefully.

Evidence of growing self-defense in Chicago is widespread.

    • A legal concealed carry permit holder held a home burglar at gunpoint in Wrigleyville until police arrived. The unemployed offender had been at large on two felony warrants.
    • An 80-year-old man on Chicago’s Northwest side used his legally-registered gun to shoot and wound one of a pair of home invaders. The two had to seek treatment at a local hospital and were later arrested and charged. The victim was badly battered and hospitalized in critical care. Without his weapon he might well have been killed. Readiness is all.
    • In Austin on the CTA Green Line a would-be armed robber was shot by an intended victim who had a legally registered gun and a concealed carry permit. The suspect was charged with felony armed robbery and felony armed habitual criminal. That means he had at least two prior weapons convictions. Such offenders are routinely set free with little punishment in progressive Cook County. The lesson here? If the criminal justice system won’t protect you, your legal firearm may.
    • A man unloading his car in Albany Park was approached by a suspect who threatened him and indicated he had a gun. The vehicle owner pulled his gun and shot at the interloper – who was not injured but was arrested. Anyone engaged in daily routine activities can become a target. 
    • A pair of alleged car thieves in downtown Chicago shot at a vehicle’s owner, emerging from a hotel. But he was a concealed carry permit holder and shot back, wounding one. The two fled separately and both were later charged with felonies. One for burglary, the other for unlawful use of a weapon by a felon. That revolving door in Cook County courts, again. 
    • A man and boy pulled up to a parked car in the early morning on the West Side and in an armed robbery attempt, one pointed a weapon at the 56-year-old driver who was smoking a cigarette. A concealed carry permit holder, the would-be victim began to wrest control of the gun from the robber and then pulled his own weapon and shot both aggressors. They were later charged.
    • A late-night worker at an insurance office in Rogers Park shot an intruder attempting a burglary, who was later apprehended and charged by police. He had four prior felony convictions.

These vignettes all show Chicagoans more and more willing to defend themselves using weapons. The stories also reveal the bankruptcy of the Cook County court system, of which we’ve written often

Average Americans know that the only thing that stops bad people with evil in their hearts is a good guy with a gun. Especially when cops are too few or unable to respond. Elected officials in big urban centers have made it clear that “social justice” and “progressive” politics take precedence over public safety or law and order. The more they abdicate their responsibilities, he more the average Joe and Jane will handle these situations for them.


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  1. When seconds count the cops are HOURS away, in a growing number of places.

    Buy a firearm, learn how to use it, and carry it.

    • Too many people assume owning a credit card firearm makes them ready to play Carnegie Hall so to speak. If you have to run to a Gunsmith to clear a stovepipe, diagnose a problem, etc. or have to look in a book to see what the Second Amendmend says and search to find out what Gun Control is accept the fact you are in the stages of potty training so to speak.
      Firearms are not to be seen as a fun thing. Firearms are first a Discipline and the fun thing comes down the line.

    • I think I’ve found a spot that is worse than Chicago.

      Alice Springs in Australia’s Northern Territory. A bakery has been broken into 42 times in the last few months. Gangs of “children” roam the streets conducting assaults, aggravated break-and-enter, carjacking and car theft, arson, etc.

      As a result businesses are leaving once their leases run out. Long term residents are selling up to leave.

      The NT government has gone full ostrich on the problems and fires any government worker who speaks out against the s0cial-justice narrative.

        • Look up “Lost Generation”.

          Being bluntly honest, Australia’s treatment of it’s Aborigines would rival the worst of Jim Crow and South-African apartheid combined. They weren’t even considered as people until a referendum in the 1960s.

          The extermination of their race and culture was state and federal government policy until then. And still done in the 60s, 70s, and 80s through de-facto policy and bureaucratic inertia. In the 1980s a Queensland government minister said in an interview that the state’s aboriginal policy was summed up as a “bag of flour with strychnine”.

    • “Self-Defense” shootings …. now that’s a form of “birth control” I can wholeheartedly support. It’s a shame many referenced in the article were just “wounded” unless the perps were capped in their junk rendering them incapable of reproducing. “Range time” people ,”Range time”, spending more time training will help bring the numbers up.

    • It’s a *ucking crime the RNC has decided ChiCongo is a lost cause and refuse to back a Republican for mayor financially.

  2. looks like those who want, or have to, live or work in Chicago are going have to gradually reduce the criminal populace, until the criminals are such a small minority that the citizens can turn their attention to arresting and prosecuting several politicians with special non-Soros prisecutirs.

  3. It’s going to stay the same, the polls show that Groot might have fallen to third or fourth.
    Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is once again the subject of a tsunami of criticism after she suggested at a campaign rally that the city’s Black residents should either vote for her, or not vote at all in the upcoming municipal election.

    Only two will be in the runoff and neither has a decent plan for the crime issue.

    Paul Vallas sucked as CEO of the Chicago Public Schools and was a Daley lackey.
    After Lightfoot literally put her foot in her mouth she opened the door for Chuey Garcia.
    Vallas vs Garcia unless some miracle happens.

    At least David Brown will be gone, he got in way over his head.

      • The best part of his BS ad is that Cook and Chicago already have AWBs.
        His talking point is something that’s already been in place for a while.

        • Leave it to a politician to have no idea what laws are already on the books. Or, if you are feeling particularly cynical, leave it to a politician to already know what laws are on the books, but call for the same law all over again in order to gain political points with the base.

  4. The last Republican mayor of Chicago left office in 1944. The city has been controlled by Democrats ever since.

  5. The posse is just an example of democracy in action and we all love democracy.

    If the cops won’t do it maybe some small batch, locally grown, organic, GMO free democracy will.

  6. It would have been better if the police did not exist. In the upside down sick society that we live in, the police protect the criminals and prevent citizens from protecting themselves, as well as preventing the citizens from enforcing justice. The results are self-evident – the police serves the ruling class that signs their paycheck, it protects the criminal by preventing citizen action, and keeps the citizens in fear, which allows the ruling class to rule over us. Let’s break that cycle.

    • Alexander, ” It would be better if police did not exist.” It has been a long time since I heard that argument. “Defund The Police”, and what it really looks like, kinda killed it. However, what you said was a popular thought when I first visited this site. If you will forgive me, I’ll repeat myself. There is no law enforcement. Your neighbor/friend/relative/you are the victim of a burglary. (We’ll keep this one simple.) As there’s no law enforcement you won’t mind burning a few days of vacation time to look into it. You know. Visit pawn shops looking for stolen property. Talking to informants. You do have informants, don’t you? I ask, because you are not getting shit done without them. Oh, almost forgot. You did process the scene, didn’t you? With the equipment you paid for out of pocket. And submitted the evidence to a crime lab that no longer exists, because crime labs are run by law enforcement. I could go on. I apologize if I made my point a bit too bluntly. Is that an oxymoron, or a contradiction? Anyway, all of that said, I always encouraged everyone to arm themselves. I always said that my job description was a historian and a janitor. I wrote down what happened and cleaned up the mess. You are responsible for your own safety. Act accordingly.

      • I have nothing against [properly functioning] police. It is a necessary part of a civil society. However, we neither have a properly functioning police, nor a civil society. We have patricians who purposely breed crime in order to divide and control the plebeians. As to your specific example, when was the last time that the police actually prevented or solved a crime when the victim is a plebeian? (except for the movies). In this dystopian world, the citizens are more afraid of the police than they would be of the criminals, for the criminals act singly and can be repulsed by an armed citizen, when as the police will throw tanks at you to make sure that you know who is the boss. In this dystopia, throwing more money to the police is just as productive as throwing more money to schools and getting more indoctrination and less education.

      • Perhaps intentionally? The rulers control and breed the criminals, and the criminals control the citizens. Or at least keep them in fear, which is a prime element for control.

    • And the politicians and elected representatives at every level of government should fear their constituents. Figuratively, as well as literally.

  7. Kim Foxx won’t prosecute violent criminals. Does she prosecute those who defend themselves against the criminals? If not, this strikes me as a jar half empty or half full situation.

    • She doesn’t have to prosecute the victims, her lackeys will keep the investigations “open” in order to not return the firearms to those that successfully defended themselves, it may be years/decades before guns are returned to their rightful owners if ever.

  8. Legally owned, legally registered, ccw permit holder, foid card, on and on.
    OMG he shot the crook and he didn’t legally own the gunm.
    Arrest him and Off with his Head.
    Dont you know only the criminals are exempt from legally owning a gunm.
    I’m tired of hearing about so and so shot so and so with a “legally owned” gunm.
    The Right To Bear Arms Shall Not Be Infringed

    • “I’m tired of hearing about so and so shot so and so with a “legally owned” gunm.”

      Legally purchasing a firearm, and choosing to use it in an illegal manner, are 2 separate things.

      As per the NICS system, and prohibited persons being able to purchase a firearm: placing faith in artificial intelligence requires one to also accept human negligence and error in supplying such data in the first place.

      And, for the record, just because a felon is able to purchase a firearm via a botched NICS check does not create a “legal” purchase.

  9. The good people of Chicago need to demand Mayor Lightfoot’s resignation. She’s an evil, deep state witch and has NO BUSINESS being in charge of one of America’s largest cities, of which Crime is out of Control? Why Mayor Lightfoot, Cartels, Defund the Police Scheme’s and a very unhealthy safety environment for anyone. Take charge and take your City Back Now!!!

    • Lightfoot will gone soon. She literally screwed herself with her dumb statement.
      Now she’s in damage control but she can’t take that one back.
      Vote black or stay home.

      I know the White and Hispanic voters aren’t very happy about that.
      Plus there is the whole crime issue thing.
      She’s done, it’s Vallas or Garcia after her faux pas.

  10. The Chicago Police Department was NEVER “defunded”. 9% increase in budget from ’19 to ’22. Only red hatted bootlickers fell for that Fox News propaganda. Oh, look who wrote this.🤡

    • Consistent year to year increases or was there a down year followed by a massive increase like what several cities in NY saw during that time frame?

    • When your police are leaving in droves and taking early retirement you will have excess money, hence an increase your budget. That isn’t Fox News propaganda, Chicago has lost more cops in the last three years then in the fifty years before:

      Staffing for Chicago’s police force has reached a low not seen in more than half a century, department records reveal, as hundreds of cops resign for other jobs
      According to department data updated March 30, the CPD currently boasts just 11,669 sworn officers – down more than 300 from the beginning of the year
      At the start of 2021, CPD brass reported it had 12,739 members on the force – down 560 from the year prior, and 747 from 2019
      Over the past three decades, the number had not dropped below 12,000
      The mass pilgrimage was panned last month by CPD head David Brown as a product of ‘generation resignation’ – a trend that’s emerged during the pandemic
      As cops resign and retire, the city is experiencing frightening new crime rates not seen in half a decade

      That explains the 9% increase in budget but I thought it would be more.
      They are paying the cops who stay higher salaries.

      Any questions wolf?

  11. I see that Lightfoot is bragging about all of the millions she spent on “programs” to “help” the citizens. When will people wake up and realize these corrupt people in control are there to embezzle taxpayer funds? I also see paying people who pay you back in other ways as embezzlement, even if it’s legal. Voters keep saying more please! They’re either on the gravy train, on welfare, or they’re brainwashed.

    P.S. Did they every find the missing $850 million in taxpayer money that was under the control of Bill De Blasio’s wife? That’s a serious question because that story ended as soon as it began.

  12. Alexander, plebeian? Okay, you have a vocabulary. Most of the victims I worked with were economically deprived (you are free to use that one) to middle class. When I could send an asswipe to prison, I didn’t really consider the victim’s economic status.

    • I take it that you’re a former cop, Gadsden Flag. So, tell me, did any of the asswipes that you’ve sent to prison were from the very upper class? Like senators. who made tens or sometimes hundreds of millions from bribes and inside information (Pelosi and Co.), or governors that have magically amassed a net worth of a $100 M on a civil servant salary, or the judges that release pestilence on the people while themselves being totally isolated in the ivory towers that you and your fellow officers protected. Need I go on with more examples, or is it clear enough that there are two Americas, and they don’t mix. Perhaps it is time for us to realize that this separation is intentional, and the crime waves are intended to keep the populace in fear, which makes it easier to rule. And no, I am not the genius that has realized this – Machiavelli wrote this as a working guide for the rulers 500 years ago. Some have actually read him.

  13. All these policies that are killing people in the USA like, defund the police, illegal immigration, covid vaccines, confiscation of firearms, etc. are designed to do just that. Democrats want to replace us with the illegals coming into the country in hopes they will get their votes and keep them in power indefinitely. That’s why it is important to arm yourself and fight back against any of these policies. Furthermore it would help if you people who keep voting for these leftist Democrats would stop doing so. Wake up!!!!

  14. This article implies that the masses, historically, did not have a self-defense mindset and they are now apparently waking up to the utility of such. I am curious to hear why the masses historically did not have a self-defense mindset.

    • Because those that create the mindset prefer to rule over obedient sheep than over independent people. So a few will be inevitably lost to crime, but the rest make obedient slaves. Perfectly good trade-off, from the perspective of the slave-master.

  15. Natural consequences of bad decisions. Next step?

    vig·i·lan·te /ˌvijəˈlan(t)ē/ noun
    a member of a self-appointed group of citizens who undertake law enforcement in their community without legal authority, typically because the legal agencies are thought to be inadequate

  16. Obviously the court did not agree with arresting people who were being shot at who also happened to be black.

    And we can hardly blame the mayor for all the guns on the street in Chicago since Republicans have blocked Universal Background checks and Safe Storage Laws which allow red Hillbilly States via “the iron pipeline” to ship all the deadly second hand guns they want via illegal gun runners into Chicago.

    • “…via illegal gun runners into Chicago.”

      Illinois has laws against bringing guns into the state, doesn’t it? (You just called them “illegal gun runners.”)

      Then that’s all you need since criminals will obey that law and won’t bring any more illegal weapons into Illinois.

      Unless you think that “illegal gun runners” are going to go to FFLs to run background checks on themselves and every weapon that they are “illegally” running if there is a UBC law.

      • Man with no sense

        Ok let me put this at the 5th grade level. When you have Universal Background Checks that prevents citizens from selling second hand guns face to face at gun shows, flea markets, bars and on line etc. This is where the majority of criminals get their guns through face to face sales.

        Also unscrupulous gun runners buy up second hand guns with no paperwork at the above mentioned places and then run them into big cities.

        Now genius boy what part of this do you not understand

  17. “Self-Defense” shootings …. now that’s a form of “birth control” I can wholeheartedly support. It’s a shame many referenced in the article were just “wounded” unless the perps were capped in their junk rendering them incapable of reproducing. “Range time” people ,”Range time”, spending more time training will help bring the numbers up.

  18. @Dacian
    Don’t forget all that good blow we get straight out of Ft Lauderdale Marina and ship to Chicago, ain’t been stepped on but once, Ya see, the more Guns and Blow we send, the more Genocide amongst themselves, it’s a win-win. We’re doing our best between abortions, drugs, and guns to knock a few % points off that 12.3% of the population. Don’t you have a
    P. T. Appointment in the pool today at the old folks home?

  19. @Dacian
    You should know down here in
    Dixie, we’re doing everything we can to help those who want to practice Genocide in Chicago, the Latinos are up to 18.7% of the population now and black Americans are at 12.3%. We’re doing our best with drugs, guns, and ammo to help because the word on the street is, they shooting for 10.5% of the population by 2025, anything we can do to help, Don’t you have a P.T. appt at the assisted living pool today?

  20. Back to the Wild West days of ‘Frontier Justice’ — Takes care of business, no repeat offenders and saves the taxpayers some money. That’s how the West was tamed. Load up!

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