Michael Huber reaches for Kyle Rittenhouse's rifle after striking the teen in the head with the sharp edge of his skateboard. Screencap by Boch via YouTube
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For most cases of self-defense, police and prosecutors don’t have the benefit of much video evidence. Maybe some security camera footage or daschcam video. However, the prosecutors in Kenosha County, Wisconsin had a mountain of video evidence after the Kyle Rittenhouse shootings….and they chose to ignore most of it in their rush to file charges against him.

In response, Mr. Rittenhouse’s legal team has released an eleven minute video detailing the teen’s actions that night in order to allow everyday Americans to make their own conclusions.

The video, featuring some never-before-seen footage, destroys Kenosha District Attorney Michael Graveley’s attempt to inflict mob justice upon a 17-year-old good Samaritan. Working in a city that had been savaged by “mostly peaceful protesters,” Graveley appeared more concerned with his own well-being and avoiding the wrath of the mob than pursuing justice.

The video ridicules the fake news narratives about Rittenhouse and the shooting that have been promoted by the mainstream media and anti-self-defense politicians. Like this one from a Massachusetts Congresswoman:

Kyle Rittenhouse skateboard Huber
Anthony Huber beating Kyle Rittenhouse, who is on the ground, with his skateboard during the riots in Kenosha, WI.

Pressley’s world of make believe faced some pushback on Twitter.

And while individuals pushing back against people like Rep. Pressley have some impact, this video from Rittenhouse’s legal team does a much better job capturing the truth behind what happened that night. It does a great job helping to form public opinion in support of the youth from those who don’t know the specifics of the case.


How long YouTube leaves up that video up is anyone’s guess. They’ve already tagged it as “inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.”

Screencap by Boch from YouTube.

Yes, imagine that: the truth flagged as inappropriate of offensive to some audiences.

Clearly this election continues to shape up as a choice between those favoring the rule of law and the Constitution versus those who support mob justice, censorship and dismantling the principles our nation was founded upon.

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  1. Who are you going to believe — George Soros’ bought and paid for District Attorney, Massachusetts racial arsonist and grifter Ayanna Pressley, or your own lying eyes?

  2. I am hopeful for this kid. Further evidence he acquitted himself well. But the day is coming when Kyle-Style events happen too fast and furious for internet forensic punditry and pontification.

  3. Outside of sea food & my family , I can’t see anything good that comes out of taxachussetts. & that dude’s arm looks really knarley,,, 🔫
    “”” FREE KYLE”””

  4. 7:45 into the video shows the rising pink mist blast damage of the “Amazing, Disappearing Thug’s Bicep”.

    There was nothing for a surgeon to repair. Good, a permanent ‘souvenir’ of what living the thug life gets your punk ass, bitch! 🙂

  5. Yep I saw the video…profoundly convincing. Unless you’re a retarded leftard. But I repeat myself😀😃😏

  6. They should use the “glad the nazi is dead” scene. It was the Portland shooting that was after Kyle and can’t show his mindset prior to his encounters

  7. These people are working on eliminating the concept of Rule of Law and Equality Under the Law. If you are favored by the current politically-correct paradigm, your rights to property and self-defense will be intact. If you’re outside of the paradigm, then you are regarded as “the Devil” (a white supremacist) and have no rights under the Law. This is a clear cut case of self-defense, as was Jake Gardner’s case. But both being white, protecting themselves against rioters, are both regarded as having forfeited their rights for being on the wrong side.

    Do not take it for granted that Rittenhouse will be freed after his trial. Do you hear that? The winds are picking up . . .

    • Actually I suspect that he’ll probably be found not guilty… and likely murdered fairly quickly thereafter.

      • “Actually I suspect that he’ll probably be found not guilty… and likely murdered fairly quickly thereafter.”

        Zimmerman walked, and he hasn’t been killed.


        The difference is, this kid is personable and won’t have a problem getting job after his trial…

        • I can recall at least one instance of a guy recognizing GZ’s face and opening fire on him in a ‘road rage incident’.

          “road rage” sounds better than “assassination attempt by Justice for Trayvon Club”

    • Best scene in a great film. When your teens say “Thomas More was a badass,” you know a movie that’s older than their parents did something right.

    • “A Man for All Seasons” is still one of my top 10 movies. I first saw it in 10th Grade High School Social Studies Class back in 1969.

      Paul Schofield was as fine an actor as ANY of the top stars today and actually HAD ETHICS.

      Thanks for including this clip.

  8. Kyle was charged because the DA was afraid that a failure to do so would likely result in more looting and violence. Funny thing, after these shootings, the real baddies all split town and that was the end of the violence. The fact that the rioters could no longer be assured that the militia would do nothing, and that the mob was unpredictable, put a real damper on the “festivities.”

    Kyle will plead self-defense, and under the law, the prosecutor will have to show beyond a reasonable doubt that Kyle did NOT act in self-defense. It is a very difficult burden of proof for the prosecutor to meet, which is why so few solid self-defense shootings ever make it to trial. Most prosecutors do not like to advertise their failures and quietly dispose of cases that they cannot win. There are exceptions of course, such as the Trayvon Marin case, a case where the lead prosecutor’s ego and stupidity got in the way of common sense.

    Having reviewed this video (only parts of which will be seen should this case get to trial) and some of the stills, the prosecutor does not have a winning hand. Three out of three people shot were attacking, and add in the other gun shots, I think any jury will believe that Kyle feared that he would suffer grave bodily injury or death at the hands of his attackers. They do not have to believe it beyond a reasonable doubt, they only have to believe it enough to create a reasonable doubt. There is more than enough evidence of that.

    • Agreed, but Kyle is still being made to take the ride. Does he have bail at all or is it set in the millions?

      Probably in solitary 23/1, no trial date announced. Maybe 18 months to two years from now?

      The pressure to cop to a plea…

      The ride is the punishment.

      • As mentioned in the video, bail was set at $2 million for a 17 year old with no criminal history, no indications of flight risk, and a part time job as a lifeguard at the YMCA (which promptly fired him). And a Probable Cause Statement that laid out all the elements of self defense. Yes, you heard me right, the DA’s official statement in support of first degree homicide charges was pretty much a police report describing a legitimate self defense.

        Last I knew, the Free Kyle funds were in the neighborhood of 1.5MM. They might be 2MM by now. Extradition hearing set for September 25.

    • >>”Kyle was charged because the DA was afraid that a failure to do so would likely result in more looting and violence.”

      This, while very likely true, is the prosecutor abjectly assenting to mob rule, and it is in stark contrast to the intent of the rule of law and the covenant between the government and the People. Instead of handling their shit, the city would rather throw a scapegoat under the bus to calm down the children (they may be technically grown-ups but they are *certainly* not adults) than to embody the impartial scales of justice.

      To me, that Kenosha County Attorney needs to be fired, disbarred and brought up on charges of abusing the office of the District Attorney, deprivation of liberty, corruption and fraud. It’s Grand Jury time to convene the State of Wisconson vs. Michael Graveley.

  9. … imagine that: the truth flagged as inappropriate [or] offensive to some audiences.

    That is exactly what is happening in our nation. And why is it happening? Answer: about half of our population elevates emotion and group cohesion/membership above all — even the truth.

    The end result is entirely predictable: Progressive adherents will do everything in their power to suppress and/or deny the truth if they do not like the truth — either because the truth feels icky or because the truth jeopardizes group cohesion/membership.

      • The DA ordered his Deputy Cunt and Assistant Cunt to file the charges.

        Arrest all three for contempt of court, abuse of a juvenile, and abuse of process.
        Or string them up on the courthouse flagpole, for all I care.

      • If the DA truly was acting out of fear of the mob, would fear of legal reprisal, when it’s so difficult to prosecute a DA, likely sway him? Or others? I don’t know the politics of the city, but he might not even get voted out of office for doing this. And if the DA is in ideological lock-step with the mob? I guess they two possible motivations for his actions need not be mutually exclusive.

  10. I detect a patter lately that if you defend yourself against BLM and Antifa terrorists using firearms you will find yourself in big excrement thanks to DAs and State prosecutes bought by the Nazi collaborator. What can we do to fight this?

    • Vote in your local elections. Encourage your friends and family to vote in theirs. It’s better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.. but you can be acquitted and still have your life ruined. Just ask George Zimmerman.

      The problem we approach is that the legitimacy of Government is beginning to be in question. As the US continues to devolve into a Banana Republic with warring factions, one must ask oneself at what point the social contract is broken beyond repair. When the mob harasses the individual and the authorities arrest you for defending yourself, I would submit that peace hangs by a thread. Equality under the law, due process, and the rights of the individual are what this country was founded on. Without that, there is nothing tying us together, and nothing separating us from anarchy. The Second Amendment is truly the canary in the coal mine.

    • Good question and a sad state of affairs. I’m thankful to live in a RED, 2nd-friendly state with a populace that overwhelmingly respects the rights to protect life and property, where most folks are law-abiding, and where BLM is a non-factor and Antifa is way too skeered to ever show up. Not only that, I’m 60 miles from any urban area, and even there you stay out of any place that even MIGHT have unrest. Pack always, don’t start any trouble, avoid sketchy places, and you’re GTG. If they come to MY place, well, good luck, and no jury in this state would convict a man for defending the homestead.
      I feel bad for the less free states. Sorry for the ones who are still locked down and can’t go get a good steak and a beer, not cool.

      • Even in some Red states the Nazi collaborator managed to purchase DAs and state prosecutors that at least will drain you financially if you defend yourself against Democrat terrorists .

  11. Wow, you all here don’t get it. Try looking up “framing” when it comes to self defense. The fact is that he traveled a significant distance with a firearm with the intention on entering a environment with a significant increase the the chance of using said firearm in a “defensive” role. A more extreme example would be going into a biker bar armed and verbally baiting people.

    • A significant distance?
      How many blocks is that?

      And he baited them by offering to help them with first aid, and saying he supported their protest?

      • The gun was loaned to him in Kenosha.

        There’s argument as to whether he needed to be 16 or 18 to carry it under Wisconsin law.

        His adult brother was with him at the auto shop, therefore he was under adult supervision and his age doesn’t matter with respect to the possession charge, EXCEPT for the fact that he left the auto shop to render first aid to somebody, and his brother didn’t go with him. Some other adult said he was going with Kyle for protection, but he obviously didn’t stay by Kyle’s side like he promised to.

        I am of the opinion that Kyle’s brother is an ass for staying on the roof and watching Kyle walk off.

        • Its 16. It’s only unlawful to possess a SBR or SBS under that law actually if you follow the links for exceptions.

    • The fact is that he traveled a significant distance (about 2 miles from work) with a firearm (lent to him by a local friend) with the intention on entering a environment (at the request of the business owner) with a significant increase the the chance of using said firearm in a “defensive” role (because the business had already suffered losses the day before to arson) .

    • He didn’t travel very far. He works in Kenosha. And he got the rifle front he guy who asked him to help guard the dealership.

      That said taking a rifle to a packer where you know you may be attacked by violent thugs is not an unreasonable nor a provocative act. Neither is putting out fires set by arsonists.

    • You’re the guy that argues a bump stock is a machine gun. Keep collecting your 30 pieces of silver from capo bloomberg, scumbag.

      • I was not aware of all the facts, but acting as an armed security guard (even volunteer) is a whole additional level of issues.

        And please with the bump stock. If you look at my arguments, they are amazing close the the justification the ATF used to reclassified them. The simple fact is that they work amazingly well and the potential for an even bigger massacre scared a lot of people who have seen them configured correctly.

        At least I was willing to tell you to your face.

        There are a LOT off people out there who are very pro 2nd who just want the side fires to go away. And after Vegas, I can guarantee the Hughes Amendment much less the NFA regarding machine guns, will ever go away. At least not for decades.

  12. “Yes, imagine that: the truth flagged as inappropriate of offensive to some audiences.”

    Easy to believe from the Left,where right is wrong and conversely wrong is right,to the Left everyday is @zz backwards day. One has to remember that Leftardism is a mental disease and robs those infected of all capability to rationally think or reason,litterly TWD.

  13. Check out Lin Wood Twitter account.
    You’ll have to go back a few weeks in the timeline.
    He has a pair of tweets .
    One calls out Bill Clinton and Bill Gates
    In the same sentence for Epstein Island.
    He asks if they know about “birthing stations/rooms”
    And another few calling out John Roberts for
    His possible involvement in Epstein Island.
    It’s been speculated the name “John Roberts”
    On the Epstein flight logs is the Chief Justice
    But no proof. For me this famous well regarded Laywer who made his reputation on defamation
    Calling these powerful men out is enough confirmation. It appears to me Lin Wood
    is confirming QAnon. A major theme of Q
    Is how comped our system of Government is
    especially the judges and D/As.

    I have a hunch we will be getting better
    gun laws via a court that respects the constitution. and hold out the hope we
    Get a few more Supreme Court picks
    Sooner than we realize. It’s for this reason
    I donit hold it against Trump that he
    let the bump stock ban happen.
    I look at it like a tactical loss
    To achieve a strategic gain.
    It’s my belief we may live to see a
    return to respect and admiration for the second amendment once this coup plays out.
    First from regular citizens who remember the
    Chaos this year secondly from the realization
    Of how tyrannical our government is/was
    And finally third from the inevitable
    replacement of the compromised Judges etc
    With hard core constitutional judges.
    The public blowback when non political people realize
    those we invested all this authority in
    degenerate sickos will ensure that.

  14. What a joke the video is. It’s little more than an emotion-stirring “Vote Republican” campaign ad. Funny how Kyle has the same lawyer (Lin Wood) who represented Nick Sandmann. If you believe Lin and Nick really extracted $250M from the the CIA’s prime newspaper WaPo, over *33* defamation claims, you’ll believe anything. Yet Lin can’t get Kyle released over a lousy $2M? Somebody please explain that farce to me. Lin drops the creepy Masonic “33” everywhere and this whole drama is just another intelligence operation. Lin makes sure to blatantly announce the 11 minute video just after midnight on Sept 22. Yeah, Lin we get it, 11+22=33 again.

  15. The defense has released it’s position, and its side of the story is compelling. Rittenhouse deserves his day in court. But it’s clear he also deserves to be subjected to it. Bit of a learning experience for all of us who practice CCW or other carry rights.

  16. Also, what was not mentioned, at 6:38 you can see bicep guy running and reaching for his concealed illegal weapon to attack the kid.

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