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A prominent member of the gun control industry reacting to the latest news (Shutterstock)
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We have some terrible news for the Gun Control Industry™. The CDC — yes, the same CDC that desperately wanted more taxpayer dollars for more “gun violence research” — is reporting that firearm-related homicides fell in 2022. If you’re a regular reader, you know that 2022 was smack-dab in the very fattest part of the now 50-month gun-buying binge the American public embarked on during the pandemic and the George Floyd Summer of Love.

But wait, you say. How can that possibly be true? We’ve been told by all of the smartest people that more guns mean more dead people. That having a gun in the home means it’s far more likely to shoot you than you are to use it against a criminal. How could the number of dead bodies possibly have dropped?

Well, gun-grabbers, read ’em and weep . . .

Provisional CDC data from 2022 saw 5.9 deaths per 100,000 people, about a 6% decrease from 2021. However, last year’s numbers are still substantially higher than the 2019 rate of 4.4 deaths per 100,000. 

Oh. My. God. That’s absolutely devastating news for our friends in the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex. It’s so bad, in fact, that the White House is trying to take credit for it.

Hold on. Sorry. We had to stop laughing that that deft bit of political framework. OK, we’re good now.

The paid anti-gun droogs at Michael Bloomberg’s The Trace framed it this way . . .

The poor dears. Bless their hearts.

Virtually every corporate media report stressed (though gritted teeth) that while yes, the gun homicide rate fell in 2022, BUT IT’S STILL MORE THAN IT WAS IN 2019! You know, before the pandemic. Before the Summer of Love. Before the ascent of “progressive” prosecutors, decarceration policies, and the passage of zero bail laws.

Just think how much more the rate might have fallen if we’d had 2019-style policies and politics in place in 2022.

According to our friends at NSSF, Americans bough (at least) 16.5 million guns in 2022 according to their adjusted background check data. We say at least because there are more than 20 states where people with carry permits don’t have to undergo a background check. So it’s safe to say that more Americans own more guns than ever before.

In other words…more guns, less crime.

It’s not like we haven’t seen that before. From 1994 to 2019, homicides and violent crime in general fell to historic lows in the U.S. That happened at the very same time the number of civilian-owned firearms doubled. If that didn’t do some statistical violence to the narrative that more guns means more crime and more dead bodies, nothing will.

But it didn’t. And that’s because the anti-gun left and their cheerleaders in the press can’t allow it. There’s far too much money to be made in the “gun safety” advocacy business.

So you won’t hear much cheering from the fourth estate about last year’s drop in homicides. Because that might allow you to think — for a moment anyway — that maybe, just maybe guns aren’t really the problem the anti-gun left has been telling you they are.





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  1. Imagine that, the Biden admin trying to gaslight and take credit for nothing.
    I noticed they lump teenagers involved in gang and criminal violence as among those “children” killed in gun violence.
    How dishonest of them.

  2. Chicken Little will always prefer his made-up bullshit manipulated statistics… look over heeeeeeere, the sky IS falling.

  3. Leave out the gangs, Burn loot and Murder and Anarchist Nazi Terrorists Ingrates Fanatics, then the rate is low. Remove gun ownership and we will have the Concentration Camps and incinerators here as well.

  4. After what’s going on in the Middle East I wouldn’t be surprised to see another bump in sales. Especially among the Jewish community.

    • Samantha Woll, a synagogue president in the US was just stabbed to death outside her home. My understanding is she was active in dem politics.

      Maybe she was unarmed by choice?

      • She was a Democrat operative active in left politics and had many dealings with the Muslim community. Apparently the religion of peace isn’t so healthy to be associated with when the chips are down. More pissful than peaceful as the case usually is with that cult.

        • All street murders are tragic, this one smacks more of political assassination than street crime per se. Excuse me if I fail to weep over her misfortunate passing, another leftie “sleeping with the enemy”…

        • Quiet, other than your vaulted OPINION do you have any real evidence that this was a “political assassination”?
          When you burp, it is adviable to put your hand over your mouth or to put a plug in your posterior.

        • I agree.

          All I’m saying here is that her attacker is every bit just as much a part of society as she is. Regardless of how either of them might be viewed, this IS part of an ‘armed society’.

          Hamas is an armed aspect of society too. It’s just a shame Israel didn’t care enough to arm theirs.

          The summer of love was a thing because of the armed society there.

          The idea isn’t simply an “armed society”. THAT in itself doesn’t mean anything.

          The Truth About Guns really is: A polite society is armed.

      • Society: the aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community.

        A murderer hardly fits that definition now do they.

        You’re terrible at the English language, perhaps you should take some classes and then return to commenting in public!

        • lol
          Murders fall under the ‘less ordered’ category. There is society and then there is civil society.

  5. Rural Jews have historically always been armed and pro-gun just like their rural non-jew neighbors. Civilian disarmament is an urban-based thing and because Jews of the diaspora have been mostly been urban dwellers with city-based professions which are more “portable” so they can easily run when other groups turn on them. Thus as typical urban folk they also tend to be for disarmament like other city folk typically are.

    Over the ages Jews have had to run to another city or country whenever their enemies came for them instead of trying to hold their ground and fight. Being a farmer or otherwise tied to the land is contrasurvival when the neighbors come for them.

    • It’s my golden calf and you cant have it, find your own land of weeds and goats. I’ve decided the land of milk and honey was about weeds=flowers= bees=honey and the Isrealites didnt-(get up in the morning slaving for bread sir)-have Holstersiens so it musta been goat milk, which makes sense because weeds can grow in a desert and goats eat weeds.
      Had the jews been in America God would have given them the Land of Cactus and Rattlesnakes. Then they’d have learned how to fight because Catus Jack Foley and Rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin would have taught them how like they did with a guy named Joe Smith.
      I think the plight of the Jewseralites should be blamed on God, because He gave them the land of goats and weeds instead of the land of Cactus and Rattlesnakes.

    • Pulling out there hairs.
      An injun once played a game with me called 5 or no count. The object was to pull chest hairs and if you didnt get five the other guy got his turn. We took off our shirts and much to my dismay, injuns dont got much chest hair.
      I did beat him on the whacking each other with wild rose bush switches though.

  6. They’ll just double-down on decriminalizing everything, stoking the commie rage and releasing all the offenders to pump the numbers up and blame the guns.

    They made the problem and named the solution to get the result they want.

  7. NEW: The CDC has released a report showing that the gun homicide rate went down in 2022.
    This is an encouraging sign that @POTUS’ actions to address gun violence are helping save lives.
    But, it’s not nearly enough at a time when guns are the leading killer of children.
    — The White House (@WhiteHouse) October 20, 2023


  8. At some point, it would be nice to be honest about this stuff and admit the truth seeing reality.

    The CDC, FBI, and Biden are NOT pro-American and will cook the books twisting themselves in pretzels to remove anything that is.

    The CDC says something…ok, that’s something. This White House responds. ok. None of it is trustworthy. With this crop of socialists, it’s more likely to be lies and propaganda.

    Follow them are your own risk.

    • CDC shouldn’t have anything to do or say about the infringement of a Constitutional RIGHT.
      Disease? If its mental then a gunm has absolutely nothing to do with that disease, and no one has ever been infected with a disease from a gunm. Well maybe, somebody might have had a cold or flu or something and handed a gunm to someone and they caught coronavirus from it.

  9. The reason the murder rate is down is because armed citizens shooting and killing their attackers. Is not murder. Thus stopping future murders by their once formally alive attackers.

  10. “More guns = more crime.” – A claim of causation by the anti-Liberty faction.

    Reality: More guns and less crime occurred simultaneously.

    Science: Correlation does not prove causation. But correlation does DISprove causation.

      • When more criminals are stuck in jail, there is less crime. A constant increase in crime literally means too few criminals are stuck in jail.

  11. “A prominent member of the gun control industry reacting to the latest news (Shutterstock)”

    Looks like Shannon W.
    Dirk Diggler, paging Dirk Diggler.
    Please pick up the courteousy phone.

  12. keep in mind
    this is joe bidens cdc
    meaning that
    if anything
    these numbers are massaged to the limit
    in favor of gun control
    so the real numbers
    are probably even more of a defeat
    for gun control inc

  13. First off, before I get roasted here, I’m pro 2nd amendment, anti crime. So I’ll try to word this as well as I can. Certainly not a fan of the CDC. It just seems like the number of shootings sure has increased, not sure if any one keeps stats on that. but shooting deaths have gone down according to them. Could it be better treatment for gunshot victims, poor shot placement, distance from shooter to victims using handguns? Looking at the website jackass for example it might say 30 shot over the weekend, but only 4 fatalities. It just seems like a lot more shootings. Or just more media coverage to paint the 2nd amendment in a bad light. Just my . 02 cents. Hope I made sense.

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