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By Lee Williams

Special operations combat veteran, firearms industry consultant, tactical instructor and YouTube personality with more than a million loyal followers, Larry Allen Vickers, pleaded guilty last week to a multi-count federal indictment that accused him of conspiring to illegally import and obtain machineguns and other restricted firearms, and conspiring to violate U.S. sanctions against a Russian arms manufacturer.

Vickers, 60, faces up to 25 years in prison, according to a press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Maryland. The judge overseeing the case has not yet scheduled a sentencing date.

Vickers’ influence on the firearms industry was massive – especially for all things tactical – because he had the right combination of training, real-world experience and business acumen. Vickers and other operators participated in Operation Acid Gambit – a hostage rescue operation to free American Kurt Muse, a CIA operative who was being held in a Panamanian prison. Today, actual hostage-rescue missions are rare, even for Tier One operators. 

Vickers’ expertise was much sought after by small arms manufacturers. He developed improvements, innovations and accessories for Wilson Combat, Aimpoint, GLOCK and most notably, Heckler & Koch. He helped the German firm with their redesign of the M16, which led to the HK416 – the rifle of choice for special operations units around the world. 

Vickers was also a firearms historian and scholar. His Vickers Guide series offered unique insight into the 1911, German small arms of World War II, the AR-15, SIG SAUER, and he wrote two volumes about the AK-47. He became a voice for AK proponents, and his advocacy led to new design features that improved the rifle’s ergonomics.  

Vickers was one of the country’s most successful firearms instructors. A series of television shows and YouTube videos helped reinforce this brand. Although some will say much of his training was pre-9/11, he was one of the first Delta Force retirees to train civilians and law enforcement. His classes almost always sold out.

Vickers’ high profile and service to this country didn’t go unnoticed by federal law enforcement, especially ATF. 

The defendants    

Federal agents first raided Vickers’ home in October 2021, while Vickers was battling cancer. They seized 245 NFA weapons from his personal collection, including museum pieces some described as “priceless.” Many of the rare guns baffled ATF investigators, who referred to them on forfeiture paperwork as “unknown machinegun,” which they then valued at $1,000. 

At the time, multiple sources said Vickers let his Special Operation Tax (SOT) permit lapse, which prompted the raid. But the federal indictment unsealed last week draws that into question.

“That indictment alleges that beginning in June 2018 to March 2021, the defendants conspired to acquire machineguns and/or other restricted firearms, such as short-barreled rifles, by falsely representing that the firearms would be used for demonstrations to law enforcement agencies, including the Coats (North Carolina) Police Department and the Ray (North Dakota) Police Department.  

According to these court documents, other defendants include Sean Reidpath Sullivan, who was the owner of Trident LLC, formerly Trident Rifles. Sullivan was also affiliated with B&T USA, which is located in Tampa, Florida. Both Trident and B&T were FFL SOTs, which allowed them to sell machineguns and other NFA items. 

“Sullivan was also an Intelligence analyst with the Department of Homeland Security, Homeland Security Investigations, while operating Trident,” the court documents state. 

Co-defendant James Christopher Tafoya owned JCT Firearms and JCT Manufacturing in New Mexico, both of which were also SOTs. 

Co-defendant Matthew Jeremy Hall was the police chief in Coats, North Carolina, which has a population of about 2,200. Until he retired in 2020, Hall oversaw a department of seven full time officers, which did not have SWAT capability. 

“It’s annual operating budget was around $1.2 million, and any expenditures of more than $300 required permission of the town supervisor,” court documents state. 

Co-defendant James Sawyer was the police chief in Ray, North Dakota. During his tenure, Ray had less than 1,000 residents and Sawyer was the town’s only sworn police officer. 

Court documents point out that federal law generally prohibits the transfer and possession of machineguns manufactured after May 19, 1986, but there are exceptions. FFL SOTs may import “sample” guns for demonstrations to law enforcement agencies. ATF requires the police department seeking a demonstration to provide a “law letter” or “demo letter” in which the police official expresses their interest in a particular machinegun model. Then the FFL SOT submits an ATF Form 6 along with the letter to import the weapon. 

The conspiracy

According to court documents, police chiefs Hall and Sawyer signed law letters — lots of law letters — in which they requested demonstrations of a wide variety of machineguns and other NFA weapons. 

From July, 2012 to May, 2020, Hall signed 53 law letters that requested demonstration of 92 firearms, court documents state. Twenty-nine of the firearms were imported by Sullivan. 

From August, 2015 to August, 2020, Sawyer submitted 32 law letters, seeking demonstrations of 73 firearms. 

“These letters were, in turn, provided either directly to defendant Sullivan or through defendant Vickers or Tafoya,” court documents state. “Sullivan submitted the law letters containing materially false facts to the ATF Imports Branch as attachments to ATF Forms 6.” 

The indictment includes a series of texts that took place in August, 2018 between Vickers, Sullivan, and Sawyer. 

According to court documents, the defendants obtained B&T submachine guns in 9mm and .40 caliber, Swiss STG 90s, CH-Haenel short-barreled rifles in 5.56 mm and .308, Heckler & Koch G28, an FN FAL machinegun, and an FN MAG 58, a belt-fed, 7.62mm machinegun, known in the U.S. Military as the M240. 

“On or about September 24, 2019, Vickers signed a letter on Vickers Tactical Inc. letterhead addressed to Trident Rifles in Odenton, Maryland, stating that the FN (Herstal) MAG 58 would be used in a demonstration to the Coats Police Department by Vickers Tactical,” court documents state. At the time, Coats PD had seven police officers and no SWAT team.  

Other weapons included a French FAMAS, various sniper rifles, H&K Mp5 SDs and fully-automatic GLOCK 18s. 

According to the “stipulation of facts” attached to Vickers’ plea agreement, he conspired with the co-defendants to defraud ATF “by interfering with and obstructing the lawful government functions of the ATF to restrict the transfer, possession and/or importation of machineguns and other firearms,” in violation of the NFA and the Gun Control Act. 

“Defendant Vickers kept some of the machineguns and other restricted weapons that were transferred to him in his personal collection and transferred other machineguns and restricted weapons to other FFLs and third parties,” the court documents state. 

Sanction violations

By July 2014, the Russian arms manufacturer Kalashnikov Concern had been sanctioned by the U.S. government. Their property was frozen, and Americans were prohibited from providing or receiving funds, goods, or services with the foreign company. 

“Nevertheless, beginning no later than July 2014 and continuing until at least March 2021, Vickers and others conspired, orchestrated, and carried out a plan to violate and evade the U.S sanctions against Kalashnikov Concern by: (a) acquiring firearms, firearm parts, blueprints, and technical plans from Kalashnikov Concern; (b) providing promotional videography and marketing services to Kalashnikov Concern; (c) receiving services including engineering and technical design services, videography and video editing services, and preferential access to Kalashnikov Concern firearms, facilities, technical processes, personnel and associates; and (d) receiving funding and reimbursements from and on behalf of Kalashnikov Concern. A key goal of this plan was to develop a U.S. business that would manufacture Kalashnikov-style firearms to be sold in the U.S. market and fill the gap left by the sanctions against Kalashnikov Concern,” court documents state. 

The new firm was to be called “American Kalashnikov,” and Vickers was to serve as the Director of Firearms Testing and Evaluation, as well as the company spokesman. 

From November, 2015 to July, 2016, Kalashnikov Concern paid Vickers consulting fees totaling more than $46,000. 

Vickers’ case was investigated by ATF, FBI, IRS Criminal Investigations and the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector General. 

In his press release, Erek L. Barron, United States Attorney for the District of Maryland, singled out two trial attorneys from the Justice Department’s National Security Division and Criminal Division, specifically “for their work on the Vickers guilty plea.” 


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This story is part of the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project and is published here with their permission.

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  1. I don’t see Larry being in the wrong here. If anything this highlights the Byzantine and ridiculousness of the spiderweb of unconstitutional laws the ATF interprets and capriciously enforces against upstanding citizens.

    • “I don’t see Larry being in the wrong here.”

      On the original possession, maybe not, but the article states he transferred some of them to others. As I understand it, FFLs are not allowed to transfer those weapons to others, and it appears he did just that…

      • The word “transfer” implies that he applied to the BATF to “transfer” them. If the BATF didn’t approve, no transfer. If the BATF DID approve, no crime. So which is it?

        • ‘Transfer’ legally can mean the physical object, not just the paperwork dance…

      • Geoff, my understanding from an old friend was that “dealer samples” could only be transferred to another dealer. Not even to his own collection. Maybe a government agency, but don’t quote me.

        • Yes, and that’s what Vickers did. He transfered from his legal FFL to another legal FFL. The “crime” that he is pleading guilty to is that he never really intended for those weapons to be demoed for law enforcement and they were really for his personal collection. At least 2 law enforcement agencies played along with that deception.
          There is no victim here other than CSM Vickers.

        • I agree with JWT’s read on the situation.

          Having an SOT (“Special Occupation Tax”) is not a loophole that allows you to get around the Hughes Amendment — it’s very specific, and limited to people who actually are actually involved in selling / marketing MG’s to LE/Mil.

          It appears that Vickers had an “arrangement” with a couple of friendly LE departments, wherein he was ostensibly getting dealer samples to demo to them, but in reality was just using that (and his SOT) to have post-Hughes Amendment items for his personal collection. Big, big no-no that finally caught up to him.

          As I have said before, I welcome a challenge to the Hughes Amendment, as I don’t see how it survives a Bruen challenge. But until that happens . . . playing fast and loose with the NFA / Hughes Amendment is extremely unwise.

      • FFL/SOT may transfer firearms to other FFL/SOT. If they are Post 1986 Dealer Samples, the purchasing dealers needs a law letter to purchase they from another dealer. The exception is that if the selling dealer is giving up his license, he can sell Post 1986 Dealer Samples to other dealer without a law letter, as they can not be retained after the license is given up. All transfers have to be submitted and approved by the BATFE. The Feds can accuse you of anything, doesn’t mean it’s true or will result in a conviction. When Larry was sick with Cancer, a lot of his collection was being sold for him by another dealer on Gunbroker. I remember some were machineguns, but don’t recall the details. He likely transferred them to the selling dealer by getting a BATFE form approved and transferring them to the other dealer, so they could sell them on his behalf, which is perfectly legal, as is making a profit from the sales.

    • Looks like F-Troop picked a high profile target to shock-and-awe others.

      Ian McCollum had better make sure his paperwork is all in order.

  2. I have to wonder who Mr. Vickers slighted (or royally pi$$ed off) to incur the wrath of fedzilla.

    Now I also have to wonder if Mr. Vickers can be the test case under the new Bruen standard to see if federal courts will toss-out nearly all of the federal firearm laws which fedzilla used to prosecute him.

    • He slighted them by trying to get around their sanctions. Of course that pissed them off. Furthermore, he’s a non-violent “gun guy”, not a gang banger. He was begging for some fedzilla attention.

    • None of this would have had to happen if the registry was re-opened.

      Now, as I understand it, the way the ‘Hughes’ amendment was passed, was under questionable circumstances (proper procedures not being followed). Now, it won’t help the defendants, but can that be used to overturn the implementation of that 1986 act?

      • No even with the registry open you cannot import guns from Russia. LAV would still be charged with the same crime. Unless they roll back the sections on Russia it’s a one way ticket to Federal Prison to import Russian guns regardless of intenet.

        • Appling for a permit to import is not a crime, as the permit can be rejected. Not all firms in Russia were under sanction all at once, it was a gradual roll out. Going to Russia to make videos and getting say airfare and hotel fees from a Russian company may be a crime? Obtaining documentation for research and/or a book or news article is a crime too? Not sure about that one. The feds always accuse everyone of everything, even if it’s not a crime. It’s just how year do business.

        • This was well after sanctions were in place. It’s been circulating LAV imported not only AK-12s but a number of parts kits from the Russians. He was claiming they were from another country. He then made videos of him shooting said guns with Russian markings. Pretty sure this what was rumored to have gotten him on the Feds radar. If you don’t believe me you can look it up on YouTube of him shooting said guns and talking about them.

          I don’t agree but it is what it is. Going around Sanctions is a sure fire way to end up in Federal Prison.

    • No. He will not be the test case. He plead guilty. If he wanted to push it, he’d have gone to trial and dealt with the outcome. Most likely guilty because average citizens are dee dee dees concerning firearms. Then he’d have had to appeal it up to the Supreme Court. Pleading guilty removes the right to appeal in nearly all cases.

    • The fight is over. He pled guilty, so there’s no trial and nothing to appeal unless he can make an inadequate counsel claim. Bruen is already decided, so there’s nothing new to base an appeal on. He needs to pray for NFA to be overturned.

      A lot of the Kalasnikov charges could be explained by his book on the history if the AK. Beyond that, if American Kalasnikov were independent of thr Russian corporation, it outside the purvue of sanctions. The ban is on guns, ammo, and parts made in Russia, not guns designed there. Lots of banned Chinese companies are openly doing business in the US as independent subsidiaries.

      • I seem to recall a recent case where somebody famous had a kid that pled guilty to a firearms charge, had his sweetheart deal revoked, got charged on additional related crimes, then all of that just sorta fell off the radaer?….
        Would it help Vickers to be related to someone famous?

  3. Sad case. “Law letters” and the Hughes Amendment need to be tossed. It is nonsense that the standard issue individual weapon of the organized militia is restricted from being sold to the unorganized militia.
    The sanctions case probably has a bit more validity, but is likely based on so many Byzantine exceptions that it is sad that it came to a prosecution.

    …and yes, this seems like a personal vendetta using law as a weapon…

  4. This is on par with ATF reclassifying Pistol Braced ARs as SBRs.

    He followed the letter of the law, but since they realized it was a legal loophole to get sample guns approved by appropriate Law Enforcement individuals, he’s now committing “Conspiracy”?

    I get that he’s older, battling cancer, and doesn’t want to partake in Lawfare with the Feds, but he needs to fight this tooth and nail, because this will surely be a test case for further crack down of not dotting “i”s and crossing “t”s.

    Abolish the ATF!

    • “Abolish the ATF!”

      And who do suggest run the agency? The FBI?

      (Don’t even start with the “nobody” bullshit, *someone* will have to take over the paperwork administrative functions, so who do you suggest?)

      • He states in which the transaction occurs. Then its up to the people of that state to ensure their Rights are protected. Which isn’t occurring in many states now.

      • Why any paperwork? 2A says nothing about paperwork. Paper work, background checks, registries. permits. None of this is legal.

        When I was 13 I bought rifles at yard sales. Could have bought pistols if I was interested.

        I woke up one morning in an episode of the Twilight Zone. It looked like I was still living in America but I was not.

        • “When I was 13 I bought rifles at yard sales. Could have bought pistols if I was interested.”

          Still happens all the time down here.

          We’re likely stuck with paperwork on new ones due to interstate regulations, that’s not going away, whether we like it or not…

        • “The fuck is wrong with “no one” Geoff?”

          That’s not happening, and you know it.

          Work on your (obviously lacking) coping skills…

        • @Geoff
          Nope, I’m all good. Work on your defeatist attitude. See, I can be snippy too.

          More constructively, things are ever-changing and Entropy dictates they always will be, and I for one refuse to cede my future to MOAR BEURACRACY FOREVER. So I’ll continue to dream of abolishing the ATF. Not everyone is old, some of us have more in front than behind amigo.

        • Really doesn’t matter how much life one has left as the fight and focus tend to be the bigger factors. Helps when we don’t go after each other though.

        • @SafeupstateFML
          Well true enough. But I will not agree with his point and didn’t appreciate the snark. But I think we both remain happily apathetic towards one another.

      • BATF does nothing currently, why would abolishing them change who does the work?
        BGCs are handled by the FBI or State law enforcement, NFA stamps are handled by the Treasury. So, other than smuggling guns to Mexican Cartels, they do nothing.

        The only reason to support their continued existence as an agency is because you love the bloat of Bureaucracy.

      • the regulatory people can go back to treasury….the fire, arson and explosives people can be absorbed by other agencies….and the enforcement branch can seek other employment…..

    • No test case here. He plead guilty. He likely doesn’t have the energy, money, or time to fight a federal bureaucracy that holds unlimited resources.

  5. He broke the law and got caught. End of story.

    He could have made a lot of money manufacturing and selling legal semi-auto AK47’s but his out of control love of collecting machine guns was his downfall.

  6. Demonstration Letters have allowed dealers and trainers to obtain post 1986 machineguns and also non-transferable NFA weapons at a lower cost than a pre-1986 version. SOT’s are also allowed to manufacture post 1986 machineguns.

    After conducting a demonstration(s) the machineguns are retained by the dealer. This is how a lot of private training facilities and tourist shooting ranges get their modern machineguns. Many SOT’s do some business, but are really in the business as “Collectors”. A New M-16/M4 may cost a SOT with a demo letter $1,500 USD, but a pre-1986 version can run $45,000.

    BATFE picked an easy target here, as the law enforcement agencies were laughably small and apparently no demonstration were conducted, which is just a stupid move from all parties. This will serve as a warning to all SOT’s that if we can get Larry, we can get you too.

    Of course the entire NFA and the 1986 machinegun ban are 100% unconstitutional.

    Hopefully, Larry get’s no jail time, but he will be a convicted Felon, unable to vote, travel abroad and possess any firearms for life. All of which are also unconstitutional.

    Number of persons hurt or injured by this “Conspiracy” is Zero

    Number of persons killed or injured by BATFE’s “Fast and Furious” Conspiracy is around 150 in Mexico (an act of War) and some of the Guns the BAFTE walked into Mexico actually ended up in 2015 Terrorist attack in Paris, which killed 130 people and wounded around 416. Number BATFE agents arrested, charged and Convicted = ZERO.

  7. They probably charged him with a thousand counts that would mean he would die in prison and also threatened to go after family and friends that would see them in jail or bankrupt, or he could just confess to his heresy and the crown would be merciful. Justice in this country is dead.

    • Court system for his case is likely rigged democrat in Maryland, he would have been hosed. Court Clerks can ensure the Grand Jury and Jury Pools are solid known democrat stooges who follow instructions.

  8. They targeted Larry for his support of Rhodesia.

    Anyone who has advocated for whites, or has criticized Ukraine/Israel is being targeted.

      • “Censoring right wingers and white advocates…”

        You mis-spelled ‘white supremacists’.

        Take your ‘stormfront’ crap elsewhere… 🙁

      • The only thing you proved was that A) you’re a leftist coming here trying to make all of us look bad or B) you’re too stupid to be out without supervision.

        I’m white and non jewish and conservative. I never asked for you to be my advocate.

      • And you just removed any doubts. american taxpayer, or should it be trailer trash.

        You’re no different from miner49er or dacian. Rights are for all Americans regardless of gender, race or religion.

        Peddle your shit elsewhere.

      • “You got to grow up in a 90% white country- …”

        No, I did not. The ‘balance’ has been pretty much the same since I was a kid until now, the real problem is *you*, why does that bother you so much?

        What’s the matter, son? Did someone not lily-white steal your little girlfriend? Perhaps if you were better ‘satisfying’ her (*wink*), she wouldn’t have dumped your worthless racist ass… 😉

      • The point is Rhodesia ceased to exist long before you were probably born. Much like comparing those who support other nations that no longer exist, such as the USSR.

        I’ve seen red herrings before but this is the redest herring ever.

    • No Rhodesia had nothing to do with it. It’s because LAV was importing machine guns from Russia. I feel for him, he is an asset to the gun community but he also poked the bear.

      While the memes of Vickers Guide To Prison Shanks are hilarious, I’m glad I stuck to repairing copiers and watching Sponge Bob.

  9. “Federal agents first raided Vickers’ home in October 2021, while Vickers was battling cancer. ”

    “Kick ’em while they’re up, kick ’em while they’re down…”

    “See the bubble headed bleach blonde on the evening news..”

    You get the drift, and Jimbo is spot on.

  10. It would seem the most salient question to ask here is: Did he knowingly break laws? Seems odd to plead guilty if one hasn’t.

    • The fact that he plead guilty makes me think this will go by quick with no hugga-mugga. The idea of this affecting the constitutionality of the NFA or the ATF might not even be a thing because of it. He’s more likely to be treated like another ATF victory for Biden.

  11. effing moron ruined his life and he probably didn’t make 100k out of the deal, maybe not even 50k. Full auto from mag fed guns is bs, only fools bother with it in the first place, It just results in a lot of noisy, slow MISSING,

    • You ain’t wrong. But, doesn’t hurt for suppressive fire when you really, REALLY need it. Just sucks to mag dump when if you’re in that kinda spot, you probably can’t afford to.

  12. I don’t have enough information to form an opinion. I do know the whole thing sounds sad. I think I have three or four of Vickers slings. All good stuff.

    • Sounds like a nice collection of rare and irreplaceable guns is going to be lost, that’s too bad as well, you would hope it could be sold off or transferred and not forfeited to the government.

      • The government will destroy a collectible car if it’s out of compliance with import restrictions even if it was about to be in compliance. You can import any car, regardless of safety features, etc., after 25 years. Better play by the rules! (Unless you’re a low level, repeat violent criminal. Then they’ll feel sorry for you.)

    • I echo your sentiment GF. I’ve been an antique dealer for 30 years. I’ve known some shady fellows(&gals). Dealing in stolen artifacts,cheating their “pickers” ,forging artwork & boasting of ripping off little old ladies. Thieves & weirdo’s. I dunno enough about Vickers either & I don’t have his sling🙄

  13. I am pretty sure LV had plenty of good lawyers helping him make this life altering decision. He’ll never be able posses a firearm again. All this talk about how the laws are unjust, infringement, etc. show a serious misunderstanding of reality. His admission of guilt shows a lot about his involvement in illegal actions. Hopefully he will avoid a long jail term and will be able to get on with his life.

    • “Illegal” does not necessarily equate to “wrong”.

      Jurisprudence and justice are mutually exclusive.

      Lawyers speak Latin, that is all that makes them worthy of note.

      By making everything a crime, you make every man a criminal.

    • “I am pretty sure LV had plenty of good lawyers helping him make this life altering decision. He’ll never be able posses a firearm again.”

      Don’t be so sure of that, there’s a decent chance in the near future only those who commit crimes of physical violence against another could lose their 2A rights.

      A whole *lot* of new people could become gun customers… 🙂

    • The FEDs only go after people they are sure they can convict. That’s why they have a 99% win rate in court. Any lawyer worth anything will tell you to take a plea deal with the FEDs.

      LAV probably already knew this as he worked for them for over 20 years. I’d like to see you fight the Federal Governement and come out on top. You would do the same thing, but whatever helps you sleep at night.

      • I don’t care about the consequences when my actions are righteous. I am a Son of Liberty and will never submit. I couldn’t live with myself. Our parents and grandparents submitted and look what our country has become!

        • Lol sure you would. The Feds come at you with an offer: Do 5 years and plead guilty or go to prison for the rest of your life.

          You would be falling all over yourself to take that deal.

    • Well, “Real Men” battling Cancer at 60 years of age, need to think about others, not just themselves. Fight the feds in court for a decade, exhaust all you finances, lose your house, perhaps forfeit all your wealth if found guilty by a DC Jury(?) or take a deal and protect your wife and family from ruin. Easy to say “Big” Things, but Vickers has proven his stones for decades, so no doubt he is more of a “Real Man” than most. Trump has spent $70 Million in Legal fees fighting BS Charges and the States and the Feds have unlimited resources, most of us don’t.

      What this does prove is that serving the government faithfully still makes you a SERF in their eyes.

    • Only weak men plea for mercy.

      “He’s not a war hero,” said Trump. “He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”

  14. Gun guy broke laws intentionally for close to a decade because he wanted to do business with Kalashnikov.

    This was about making money off of our enemy, not exercising his right to defend himself.

    • Why is Putin our enemy? Putin has only said thing that benefit me- like the rejection of transgenderism.

  15. Funny how a person defrauding the gov is an end of the world sin that send you to die in prison but when the gov defrauds you they get a pay raise and increased benefits.

    Be sure to send your kids off to die for them.

  16. “Sullivan was also an Intelligence analyst with the Department of Homeland Security, Homeland Security Investigations, while operating Trident,” the court documents state.”

    This jump out to anyone else as a little odd?

  17. So, what anyone actually injured due to this guy’s actions? Or is it just the government that was so deeply offended, and that’s the horrific damage that was done?

    • ATF likes to endlessly brag about keeping us all safe…[while glock switches keep turning up everywhere]….who did this guy hurt?…how did his actions affect us in any way?

  18. A “plea bargain” – Dept of “Justice” has diddly squat so they point out how Fedgov will ruin your life and that of your 3 generations (as NKoreans). Of you sign here pleading guilty to their BS allegations.

  19. @American Taxpayer
    “Our founding fathers, who had the genius to write the 2A, considered blacks to be 3/5 a person.”

    Only for purposes of establishing the number of House representatives; nothing else. The calculation was designed to keep Democrats from importing unlimited numbers of slaves so as to forever control the House of Representatives. The fraction was never predicated on a value judgement of a human life. One might consider the attempt feeble at best, but it permitted the ratification of the Constitution, and put off the highly divisive rift slavery potentially presented.

  20. With a name like Vickers you should automatically be grandfathered any full automatic you want.
    “Hello Matt how you doing? Oh your in here for a key card cut out, well I just tried to exercise my second Amendment rights too. No the judge said but theBiden’s batfeces doesn’t give a shit about what a judge says and evidently none of the American Patriots do either.”

  21. Federal agents first raided Vickers’ home in October 2021, while Vickers was battling cancer. They seized 245 NFA weapons from his personal collection, including museum pieces some described as “priceless.” Many of the rare guns baffled ATF investigators, who referred to them on forfeiture paperwork as “unknown machinegun,” which they then valued at $1,000.

  22. The world is complicated. Vickers can be lauded as having been at the highest levels of armed service to the country. US firearms laws can be asinine and maybe even unconstitutional. Yet when someone uses their government and police connections (the SOT process is RIFE with bs) to secure all the toys that regular serfs without those connections enjoy, how much sympathy is warranted when that scheme is shut down?

    I guess that might depend, for me, on what he’s actually sentenced to- if anything. Particularly if no one was actually harmed.

  23. Only the government is allow to transfer weapons. Like when the government transfered weapons to the Mexican drug cartels.

  24. With the federal government corrupted, the citizenry cannot believe what they say anymore, just that they’ll go to prison after it is said.

  25. The federal entity on the Potomac river is irredeemably corrupt. There were NO national laws restricting firearms or other weapons before 1934. Governments which attempt to maintain a monopoly on the use of force are inherently illegitimate and those persons residing within their domains are under no obligation to obey or support their authority.

  26. It’s called “law-fare”. The Bureaucrats have created this complex web of steps one has to go through to conduct lawful business including statutes containing intent and words like “generally”. The goal of a system like this is it can be wielded against anyone at anytime the state sees fit. Take the charge of conspiring to circumvent sanctions, Vickers got 46k from a foreign company to advise them on a legal entry into the U.S. market. He may spend years in prison for this. Meanwhile we know for a fact from bank records that in excess of $10,00,000 was transferred to Joe Biden and his family including $275,000 directly to his home address from a Chinese government owned bank in exchange for Hunter giving them advise and access to the President, towards the ends of establishing ventures in the U.S. Some of the people sending money were sanctioned individuals including the former Mayor of Moscow and his wife (close friends of Vlad Putin who Biden promptly omitted from the sanctions list day 1 of his term) along with Romanian & Ukrainian arms dealers and money launderers. It’s clearly law-fare when it’s applied unevenly across the board, Vickers likely took the plea to avoid financial ruin for his family being that he’ll spend the majority of the rest of his life in prison either way.

  27. The idiot pled guilty… no sympathy here…welcome to the world of felon”s, Larry…All that service to a country that spit in your face..

  28. Reminds be of a quote from the Guru, “Not long ago it was easy to tell who the bad guys were. They carried Kalashnikovs. Now it is much more complicated…”

  29. when doing shady things you better do massive CYA to cover for it.
    they did not and knew better.
    they really knew better.

    I don’t like what happened but they could have done better cya.

  30. The libertarians liberals on the left have final revealed themselves to be that police boottlickers that they really are.
    You say don’t trust the cops. Don’t trust the ATF. But you believe the ATF’s case against Larry Vickers??? Ok, Mr., and Miss bootlicker.

  31. The federal entity on the Potomac river is irredeemably corrupt. There were NO national laws restricting firearms or other weapons before 1934. Governments which attempt to maintain a monopoly on the use of force are inherently illegitimate and those persons residing within their domains are under no obligation to obey or support their authority.
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