Washington Metropolitan Police Chief Robert Contee III (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)
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As crime continues to skyrocket in the nation’s Capitol, Metropolitan Police Department Police Chief Robert Contee has come up with a truly radical idea for addressing the problem: stop releasing criminals back onto the streets and keep them behind bars.

“What we got to do, if we really want to see homicides go down, is keep bad guys with guns in jail. Because when they’re in jail, they can’t be in communities shooting people,” Contee told reporters during a press conference alongside Mayor Muriel Bowser, Fox News reported.

“So when people talk about what we gonna do different, or what we should do different, what we need to do different, that’s the thing that we need to do different,” he explained. “We need to keep violent people in jail. Right now, the average homicide suspect has been arrested eleven times prior to them committing a homicide,” the chief continued. “That is a problem. That is a problem.”

Yes. Yes it is.

What’s sad is the Chief’s innovative approach is hardly new, and it’s something many of us have been shouting into the void for the last three years. Cities and states released criminals in response to the COVID pandemic and as part of decarceration policies and “rethinking” criminal justice.

What happened? To the surprise of absolutely no one, crime skyrocketed. Violent, recidivist criminals were given more opportunities to re-offend. And they did, in spectacular fashion.

It’s possible that even those on the left are finally starting to recognize this, if only because it’s becoming a political problem for them. A Soros-backed “progressive” prosecutor was thrown out in San Francisco. Another one barely survived a recall effort in Los Angeles. The state of Missouri is likely to remove St. Louis’s non-prosecuting prosecutor as well.

In addition, more than four out of five Chicago voters just fired their far left, soft-on-crime Mayor. And New Orleans’ leftist Mayor will likely face a recall election prompted by rampant crime and the highest murder rate in the nation.

Maybe, just maybe, we should go back to the radical idea of prosecuting criminals, jailing them, and reestablishing law and order to protect law-abiding citizens.

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    • The D.C. City Counsel is attempting the exact opposite. Fortunately even the Democrats in Congress and Dementia Joe said No. With the prodding from Republicans.

    • Someone has….”“If you take all the guns off the streets you will still have a crime problem. However, If you take all the Criminals off the street you cannot have a gun problem.” – the late Col. Jeff Cooper.

      It’s not Gun Violence.
      It’s Defective Citizen Violence.
      Overwhelming segment of those Defective Citizens are under 21. Begin holding the manufacturers…..of the Defective Citizens, not gun manufacturers….responsible for the evil their products inflict on society. Can’t properly imprint, feed them, don’t breed them.

    • as long as demoncrats are killing other demoncrats, that is a good thing and not to be discouraged. i support cashless bail and defunding the police but only in cities run by demoncrats.

  1. How about: DC/big cities stop selecting “officials” based on skin color? or political affiliation.

  2. Keep those domestic terrorists arrested at Cop City behind bars. That will improve the crime rate nation wide.

  3. Arrested ten times for what? That is the question. You simply cannot keep every miscreant under lock and key for ever.And it does not mean that everybody whoi has been arrested tentimes is going to kill somebody either What is surely better is to ban gun onereship for life for anybody who has commited more than say five arrestable offences and and if they have commited say more than one for violence. And yes, I do know that because of the wide availability of ILLEGAL firearms, most sourced from LEGAL sources from people making a few dollars,But that could be solved in time by restriction on ownership and a tightening of gun owner security and Official and compulsory INVENTIORY CHECKS- none of which contravenes the 2nd Amendment

    • What we could do is focus on the source of the problem itself, and foster a restoration for the respect for life and the welfare of others. Protect the unborn. Say “yes sir” and “yes ma’am”. Take care of your family and neighbors yourself or thru your local church body rather than shuffling off the responsibility on Government. Earn your crust of bread rather than take your neighbor’s thru Government’s ability to tax him and give it to you. Concern yourself more with helping someone get through whatever issue is weighing on him, rather than demand he use whatever pronoun you’ve decided to identify with that day.

      One of the teachers of the law came and heard them debating. Noticing that Jesus had given them a good answer, he asked him, “Of all the commandments, which is the most important?”

      “The most important one,” answered Jesus, “is this: ‘Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.”

      – Matt 12:28-31

      • sir albert of nuttingham…Criminally misusing a firearm, brick, bat, knife, feet, fists, vehicle, etc. one time is one time too many. Wrongdoers dependant on their crime need to be jailed long enough to see the errors of their ways so they will not want to repeat when released on parole or probation. And there should be swift, certain executions by electric chair, firing squad for murderers and the such who were proven guilty without any doubt.

        • Some people just need an ass whipping. It could be an illegal one by a peer, a LEO has other ways to make his life harder.
          An ass whipping does not mean crippling or maiming for life, just putting a hurt on for something they did. Going to work, trying to explain a black eye for the next week is priceless.

        • Some will never see the light and even a long prison sentence will not deter them from committing acts of Evil. Better to just execute them and save the Tax $$$ for more positive societal needs.

    • “But that could be solved in time by restriction on ownership and a tightening of gun owner security and Official and compulsory INVENTIORY CHECKS- none of which contravenes the 2nd Amendment”

      you apparently must be thinking of some other 2nd amendment…. maybe the one the UK has, oh wait….

      stop throwing out ignorant stuff for subjects you don’t understand.

    • Albert J Hall, NO, “sir”, it is not the subject. The subject is the continued criminal acts by these criminals. Clearly you have no idea of what to do about crime. You don’t deter crime by codling criminals.

    • Now about YOU do a tad bit of omework. Find the names of the last ten murderers arrested in the DC area, then search their names. Arrests are public records, and the file will include charges and more. Then YOU can see for yourself that your “supposition” carries about as much water as did the Titanic after she struck that bit of ice.

    • Jesus so the idea that someone is being arrested 10-11 different times (killing someone’s or not) doesn’t seem like an issue? The illogical thought process that doesn’t see this trend baffles me.

  4. They won’t do it. Guess why! Because blacks are committing most (not all) the crimes and they can’t afford bail or good lawyers like the white folks. As such, keeping them in jail, which is pensive, is wacist.


    • That isn’t far off from what our politicians and policymakers have been saying since a bit before the pandemic.

  5. Can we use the same approach to keep Congress from passing laws and keep bureaucrats from regulating?

  6. The voice of sanity in a sea of crazy… Never gonna happen but its the thought that counts…

  7. Stop making criminals the Victims of society. Stop letting them out for good behavior and Parole. If they get sentenced for a long term Make them serve it. Bring back three strikes and the DEATH Sentence, all the Wheeping hearts(and Kim Kardashian) can go kick rocks. The Criminals Don’t fear Jail or prison, they think it’s a vacation. Start killing them and putting them away for decades and see how things change.

    • Maybe most criminals are victims of society. They were sent to public schools that cared about teachers’ unions, social justice, and self-esteem more than learning to think and getting an education. They’ve been on a social safety net that discourages having male role models in the home, and they didn’t learn about responsibility or pride of achievement. Their parents are victims of the same system and don’t know how to raise them properly.
      They’re the victims of the racism of lowered expectations. Many were victims of violence themselves. Their neighborhoods are awash from crime because of a useless prohibition on what people can put into their bodies, and toothless justice system that doesn’t enforce its laws or punish the perpetrators.
      Some were exposed to drugs and alcohol in utero and got their brains messed up. They’re broken people.

      That being said, they still need to be in jail. Maybe they’ll be able to get a real education or learn a skill. Maybe they’ll serve as a warning to others. Maybe they’ll get the mental health care they need. At the very least, they’ll be physically separated from their potential victims. Making excuses for them and sending them back out to victimize more people isn’t a solution.

  8. “What we got to do, if we really want to see homicides go down, is keep bad guys with guns in jail”.

    Easy there Chief, let’s not get ahead of ourselves when “Defund the Police” and DIE hasn’t even had a chance.

  9. “What happened? To the surprise of absolutely no one, crime skyrocketed.”

    Skyrocketing crime is what “reparations” looks like. Equity demands that because of perceived injustice in the past, society-at-large must now endure higher crime as a means of redressing that injustice (i.e. “revenge”).

    The people most victimized in the past suffer the most today. XYZ, and PDQ. It’s the thought that counts.

    • “…society-at-large must now endure higher crime as a means of redressing that injustice…”

      Well yeah, the only way society can atone for its past sins is to be burned to the ground because society is built on a rotten foundation. Think of it like scraping a house to build a new one.

      They openly say this and have for over a century. I’m not sure where the surprise part of any of this comes from.

  10. Hold judges liable for the people they release. Hold Attorneys General liable for the folk they decline to prosecute. If an AG declines to prosecute and that person goes out and commits murder, the AG becomes an accomplice.

    I know it will not happen, but that is because the criminals are already in charge.

    • Judges often have no choice when liberal bail/release laws are implemented. Their hands are tied.

  11. quote———-“What we got to do, if we really want to see homicides go down, is keep bad guys with guns in jail———–quote

    So how then do we bring back the dead from mass murders where as many as 62 people in one night were killed and 420 crippled as in Vegas???

    In reality we have to prevent criminals and nut cases from getting guns in the first place NOT AFTER THE FACT. Universal Background Checks and Safe Storage Laws coupled with putting assault rifles on the NFA list would be a good start.

    • “So how then do we bring back the dead from mass murders where as many as 62 people in one night were killed and 420 crippled as in Vegas???”

      So how do we bring back the dead from what is essentially mass murder of the tobacco companies by selling a product that contains one of the most powerful and deadly addictive chemicals known to man, around 400,000 in the U.S. annually?

      “Universal Background Checks and Safe Storage Laws coupled with putting assault rifles on the NFA list would be a good start.”

      You’re delusional.

    • How do we bring back the 150 people a day (54000 plus annually) who die from fentanyl overdose due to Braindeads “open door” policy at the border…

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, LAst I heard, you can’t bring someone back from the dead. But we can punish the perpetrator(s) who commit the crimes. Seems you don’t really want to do that, do you?

    • Dacian,
      Yesterday, the US Senate overwhelmingly voted, with 33 Senate Democrats joining Republicans, to block the ill conceived Revised Criminal Code Act.
      The act was first passed by the DC city council, but vetoed by the mayor, Mayor Muriel Bowser. The council later over ruled the veto to pass the act.
      As DC is experiencing an record breaking crime wave, the Senators recognized soft on crime laws are not the answer, and they voted for common sense in an attempt to maintain a civilized city. One could argue DC will never be a civilized city as it is a Democrat ran city. Until Democrat can finally grasp the idea that it is the person, not the object that commits crime, they will be forever uncivil cities.

  12. Let’s build a wall around an island, Let’s say Manhattan, and put all of our criminals in there. Just don’t fly airforce 1 over it or they’ll shoot it down and we’ll have to send Kurt Russell in to save him

      • Minus the wall and sending criminals there we were heading that way but shootings seem to be leveling off finally but robberies and theft are still trending upwards.

  13. The only issue I have is that simply owning a gun makes me a “bad guy with a gun” in the eyes of our government. I might be “law abding” and contribute to society on a dialy basis by not being a total Antifa style terrorist, but make no mistake – I’d rather have an armed revolution than this constant failed voting structure that is 100% controlled and falsified, and that makes me an enemy to them. If you support the 2nd, you are that way too. Whether you know it or not. That is literally the MAIN reason it exists… the confusion of self defense is only a kicker for a peaceful, non intrusive society – which we know can NEVER exist. So at this point, I’d rather have these shithole areas sort themselves out and see where actual freedom takes us than trust jackboots to label people as “bad” and “good”. Aint freedom beautiful?

  14. In other news, Police Chief Robert Contee was found under mysterious circumstances, where it appeared he had fallen from the balcony of this seventh floor luxury condominium.

    • And his arms tied behind his back and the gag taped into his mouth were described as partaking in an alternative lifestyle.

      • “His suicide was likely related to his increasing frustration with society’s unwillingness to seriously address climate change, which he had expressed to multiple close friends, sources close to the investigation say”.

        -WaPo, probably.

    • Social Workers at the scene are completely baffled by how he managed to shoot himself twice in the back of the head and then hide the gun before he fell…

    • No, that would be too suspicious. Have him be the only victim of an “extreme aircraft turbulence fatality” like the latest Clinton Crime Family former associate, Dana Hyde

      • The purpose of a MESSAGE is to make it questionably “suspicious” without being OBVIOUS…

  15. F’ing genius, this guy. Someone get him a trophy!

    “Put the murderous crims in jail.” Astounding, no one ever thought of it before. Bravo, DC cop guy, bravo.

  16. Hmmmm Can’t believe it, but this HAS to be how this happened.This guy somehow dug up my old Criminology Textbook from back about 1971 or so. Back then we ALL knew that was the answer. And we USED to do that. Back when crime rates were manageable.

  17. Lock them up and throw away the key.
    I wish I owned a construction company and a cement factory.

    • “Lock them up and throw away the key.”

      And put the on the National Organ Transplant Registry. Think of the lives saved by adding tens of thousands of organs, available to those in need (who are not incarcerated).

      Prisoners would be made available for removal of any organ of which the prisoner has two. To make it fun, turn out all the inmates, everyday, for selection for donating an organ. Let them sweat it out every morning.

      • I was referring to the fact that if America did “lock them up and throw away the key” America would need a lot more prisons.
        I cant remember just how it went but Malcolm X said something about filling the prisons and the revolving door effect it would have.
        There should be no such thing as life in prison, if they are that dangerous then they need euthanized, and I see nothing wrong with using them as organ donors, as a matter of fact I see nothing wrong with using them to feed the other prisoners. I wonder if knowing you may become someone’s dinner might be an inspiration?
        Nope, I ask a rabbit and he said all it does is make your heart beat faster, because when you want a carrot its worth the risk.

      • Read the story “The Jigsaw Man” by Larry Niven. Just one of many sci-fi stories about Society “harvesting” criminal’s organs for “Capital Offenses”.

        Spoiler Alert: Supply and Demand.

        • “Read the story “The Jigsaw Man” by Larry Niven. “

          That’s where I got the idea.

          “Spoiler Alert: Supply and Demand.”

          Always an endless supply of evil/potential inmates.

  18. I got news for this Imbecile. You can’t keep a criminal in jail to prevent them from committing new crimes if you are to abysmally incompetent to solve the crimes that have already occurred. Then you have to actually arrest the suspects and get them convicted. This seldom occurs in the nations capital.

  19. Run all jails and prisons like the new one in El Salvador.
    Boxer shorts, flip flops, hand cuffs, and shackles. Serve your entire sentence like that in those conditions, I don’t think there would be many repeat customers.

  20. Missing Georgia father of five found dead, rolled up in plastic and carpet. Louisiana police say no ‘foul play involved.’

      • No, it was “FOUL play”, I did a lazy copy/paste ala dacian/minerva…

        His body was later found on the side of the road behind a funeral home six miles away from the last place he was seen. He was wrapped in plastic inside a carpet.

        Police said there were no signs of blunt force trauma or gunshot wounds on the body. According to a preliminary report, the medical examiner found no external or internal trauma on the body. A final autopsy report will include toxicology findings.

        “We don’t have any indication that there was any foul play involved,” said Captain Kevin Heinz of the violent crimes unit of the Baton Rouge Police. “We are looking into how he ended up where he was.”

      • Birds tend not to leave tracks. Sneaky winged fuckers.

        And we all know it was a group of crows. It ain’t called a “murder” for no reason.

  21. Left-wing, racist, KKK democrap extremists like dacian can’t comprehend why 150 years of their racist, eugenicist policies hasn’t resulted in utopia.

    What horrible, small-minded, nasty people democraps are. I suggest we launch them all into orbit.

    • Because in their minds they haven’t killed enough. Lil’d plans to “liquidate” at least a third of the population with his Caravan of Death.

  22. The real question, IMHO, is why places like DC are a breeding ground for criminals.

    Some of that certainly can attributed to simple statistics and incentive structures.

    …In states in which good men desire glory and approbation, and shun disgrace and ignominy. Nor are such men much alarmed by the treats and penalties of the law as by the sentiment of shame with which nature has endowed man, which is something else than a certain fear of deserved censure. The wise director of a government strengthens this natural instinct by the force of public opinion and perfects it by education and manners.”

    • is why places like DC are a breeding ground for criminals.

      Take a deep look into the makeup of the populace of DC proper and the local government and the question answers itself…

      • You turn your city into a training ground for felons and you’re going to have a suboptimal outcome regardless of demos.

        Literally everything in a place like D.C. is basically designed for poor people to be criminals or dependents of .gov. Most people, instinctually choosing a greater level of freedom, choose a life of crime over one of slavery.

        I hear from Lefties that black kids can’t do grade school arithmetic because reasons.

        Yet I’ve personally met 16 year old black kids who use college algebra to run their own business and calculate costs, manage inventory and keep the profit margin where they want it. They just don’t do it legally.

        Strange what motivation can do, no?

  23. This past five is the first time period in American history where repeat offenders committing violent crimes exceeded the violent crime rate of first time offenders.

    In 2017 and before first time offenders committed violent crimes at a rate that exceeded those violent crimes of repeat offenders by 3’ish to 1.

    In 2018 repeat offenders committed violent crimes at a rate that exceeded that of first time offenders by 1.3 to 1.

    In 2019 repeat offenders committed violent crimes at a rate that exceeded that of first time offenders by 1.8 to 1.

    In 2020 repeat offenders committed violent crimes at a rate that exceeded that of first time offenders by 2.4 to 1.

    In 2021 repeat offenders committed violent crimes at a rate that exceeded that of first time offenders by 3.7 to 1.

    In 2022 repeat offenders committed violent crimes at a rate that exceeded that of first time offenders by 4.8 to 1.

    So far in 2023 repeat offenders have committed violent crimes at a rate that exceeded that of first time offenders by 5.6 to 1.

    In each and every case 2018 to present the repeat offender had either been previously incarcerated but was decarcerated, or not prosecuted in a manner that should have incarcerated for a long period of time (mostly pled down or charges dropped or allowed release no-bail instead of being kept in jail), or not prosecuted at all, under a left wing liberal ‘policy’.

    • “This past five is the first time period in American history where repeat offenders committing violent crimes exceeded the violent crime rate of first time offenders.”

      All violations of law should result in life sentences (w/o parole), from disturbing the peace, to national genocide.

      • Lighten up on the “disturbing the peace” thing, I do not want to have to put the factory exhaust back on my bikes…

        • “I do not want to have to put the factory exhaust back on my bikes…”

          OK. “From disturbing the peace (except for custom exhaust pipes for motorcycles with engines of 500cc, or higher).”

  24. Anyone notice those civilized cities that have low crime rates, have tough on crime laws, tough on crime DAs, and are generally pro-2ndA?

    If we want a more civilized nation, we need more tough on crime laws, tough on crime DAs and more responsible CCW citizens.

  25. theres a lot of dudes out there
    that would still be alive today
    and should still be alive today
    except the da no filed
    or undercharged
    or asked for low bail
    and they got out
    and got greased by a lawful gun owner
    when they decided to tempt their fate again
    by doing another home invasion
    or another carjacking
    or another armed robbery
    criminal justice reform
    doesnt help criminals
    and it doesnt help anybody else
    except maybe politicians
    who get elected in blue zones
    by running on it

  26. Removing violent offenders from the streets is good. De-humanizing and institutionalizing those offenders creates a cyclical issue of crime after crime, however. We need to stop running private prisons for profit and start rehabilitating inmates if we want actual material change.

    • “We need to stop running private prisons for profit and start rehabilitating inmates if we want actual material change.”

      Would require proof that, overwhelmingly, prisoners can be rehabilitated. No, a handful of success is not justification. Prison is punishment/reward for voluntary actions against the society. Punishment is supposed to be unpleasant. If the response to the earned reward of punishment is more activity for which punishment is earned….those people should be isolated from the rest of the population, permanently.

      “Rehabilitation” is not a modern wet dream; history is replete with failure, always declared as the result of insufficient money spent. Spoiler Alert: there is no evidence that those actually rehabilitated would have continued criminal activities upon release, except for the intervention of “rehabilitation”.

      Just look at the repeat offenders who are released on “no bail”. Do you actually think that they continue to commit crimes because they haven’t been “rehabilitated”; as if they don’t realize their behavior is criminal?

      • Crime prevention starts with funding social programs and creating opportunity.

        The United States has more prisons and more prisoners per capita than any other country on the globe. Obviously, just locking people up isn’t the answer.

        • “Obviously, just locking people up isn’t the answer.”

          Neither is turning them out on the streets.

          You dodged the issue: where is the evidence “rehabilitation” works on an overwhelming scale?

          BTW, once upon a time, locking criminals up actually worked pretty well. We have 330,000,000 people in the US; can’t compare this to any country/society/culture in Europe. The more people, the greater the percentage of criminals.

          Building and maintaining jails is a great jobs program.

          Rehab cannot prove it is better than holding prisoners for long periods of time.

          With the current “catch and release” push, we do see that letting criminals continue to roam the streets provides a level of safety well above isolating evil. Right?


        • Too old for this. Funding of “social programs” is not the answer to anything other than the DEMONcRATs progressive agenda of redistribution of the wealth.
          Whatever happened to the concept of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. If you want to contribute to charity that is all well and good. It is a responsibility of the INDIVIDUAL, NOT THE TAXPAYERS.
          Put criminals where they belong. IN JAIL!

    • Too old for this, I worked in State Corrections for 25 yrs and another 10 in police service. Private correction companies are a travesty. They may low wages to staff and are usually poorly run as a result.
      However, convicted felons in most of the State and Federal run facilities are treated humanly and are delt with as their behavior warrants. The exception is here in NYS where the DEMONcRATs have instituted HALT (done way with Special Housing Units for all intents and purposes.) As a result, assault on staff is through the rood.
      how about some human treatment for the staff of the facilities.

  27. A 7-month-old unborn child was reportedly caught in the crossfire of a drug deal gone wrong Monday afternoon in Chicago. The child’s 21-year-old mother allegedly attempted to rob those on the other end of the transaction and ended up with nothing.
    A source who spoke on the condition of anonymity told the Chicago Sun-Times that Genesis Escobar got into a car around 1 p.m. with the intention of completing a drug deal near her home in the 5200 block of West Montana Street.
    Escobar’s boyfriend, who had been positioned outside the car, allegedly tried to rob the drug dealers while the pregnant mother was still inside the car. It is unclear whether Escobar was herself armed.
    During the botched robbery, Escobar was riddled with bullets, as confirmed by the Cook County medical examiner’s office. She was struck in the shoulder, back, and hand.
    Escobar’s alleged killers dumped her body out of the car. After reportedly showering her body with hundreds of dollars in cash, the killers fled the scene, said the source.
    Prior to abandoning his pregnant girlfriend, Escobar’s boyfriend reportedly grabbed some of the money on her body.
    Escobar was taken to Illinois Masonic Medical Center, where she and her baby were pronounced dead.
    The Sun-Times reported that at the time of her slaying, Escobar was on probation for a misdemeanor battery conviction and was under indictment on a felony count of possession of a stolen vehicle.

  28. Now I understand. The policy is not bad because it’s getting people killed. The policy is not bad because criminals are running wild. The policy is bad because it’s COSTING THEM VOTES! Nice to see what their priorities are.

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