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Thank goodness the NRA took to YouTube today to reassure America’s gun owners they they’re still fighting for the unfettered right to keep and bear arms. Otherwise gun owners would be forgiven for worrying that a significant portion of those ostensibly on the gun rights side in Congress had strayed off the reservation.

The gargantuan, omnibus, all-encompasing, colossal, ginormous spending bill that’s racing toward passage has a few nasty surprises in it.

In a last-minute deal, congressional leaders also agreed to add provisions that would improve the national background check system for gun purchases and provide safety grants to schools to guard against future mass shootings.

Negotiators also agreed to roll back the so-called Dickey amendment, which opponents say has had a chilling effect on federal gun violence research and barred the CDC from advocating gun control.

The gun issues remained a holdup in the talks throughout the week as Schumer pushed for more aggressive firearms restrictions, according to a source familiar with the talks. Sen. Chris Murphy, a co-sponsor of the Fix NICS bill with Sen. John Cornyn, personally made the case to Democratic leadership to accept the compromise, even if it didn’t go as far as they wanted, the person said.

House conservatives were also furious that GOP leaders agreed to include the Fix NICS provision in the bill. Members of the Freedom Caucus said they had been promised that the provision — favored by Trump and a bipartisan group of lawmakers — would only be considered alongside a gun-rights friendly measure to honor concealed carry permits across state lines.

Conspicuous by its absence in the 2,232 page bill: national concealed carry reciprocity.

So in terms of gun control, what we have here is more creeping incrementalism. The congressional GOP seems to have given way on a variety of wish list items the anti-gun droogs have long desired without getting anything in return. If you’ve got Connecticut’s Chris Murphy arguing for passage, you know you’ve done something wrong. Or you should.

The GOP is known as The Stupid Party for a reason.

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    • Nothing else to say, the government is openly declaring war against its own citizens.

      Las Vegas, Sutherland Springs, and Parkland are just the crises they created to give them the excuse.

      • I don’t believe the mass shooting bullshit anymore, between delaying surveillance footage for so long that it could be fabricated from scratch twice over, to vehicle registrations out of date by several years, bogus security companies, expired security licenses, hastily updated databases, its just FUD at this point.

        I find it far too convenient that bombings, shootings, and cries for the children, all seem to happen right before pushing for liberty restricting legislation. Something stinks.

        • This is the exact same government that created the Gulf of Tonkin incident to drag America into the Vietnam War; 58,000 US dead alone, and tens of thousands more wounded. But we really think they’d draw the line at fabricating a few false mass shootings?

        • Well worth 1h48m of your time. ESPECIALLY the last 20 mins. LOTS of familiar faces.

          The full doco gets taken down a lot. Watch it now.

          Waco – A New Revelation

          This 1999 film opened Pandora’s box with an excellent examination of the events.Once again the crime goes all the way to the top,with the true criminals never seeing the light of day.The policies employed by our government are not legal and continue to mock the Constitution, which is the Law of the Land. It is our Law, the peoples law to keep the government in check. Instead we have lost control of our country, which looks more like a criminal empire than a Republic. For a country founded on Dissent and Revolution, we have evolved into slaves to a corporate Empire. History is not teaching us anything if we don’t remind ourselves of it once in a while.

    • Rather have those small things compared to DEMOCRATS in power that have put up a proposal to ban over 300 semi automatic guns including common Handguns, rifles and shotguns. You forget it takes 60 votes in the Senate to pass. You need at least nine (ten because no Mccain) DEMOCRATS to pass Legislation. The only Legislation that can be passed without 60 votes in the Senate is a budget reconciliation bill but can’t do this kind of bill this way. So if you think allowing DEMOCRATs take office will save the day then you are stupid. Look at what Alabama and Pennsylvania 18th did. The dumb Fs put a gun ban DEMOCRAT in the Senate and a lying DEMOCRAT in the House.

    • Controlled opposition, pretend to fight it when you have no chance of stopping it, don’t reverse anything when you can.

      • Exactly.

        We keep trending in the same direction whether Democrats or Republicans are a majority in government. The major difference is that we trend faster when Democrats are in control and we trend slower when Republicans are in control — but we still trend toward Progressivism.

        • You dimwits with Republicans in power you don’t get the Assault Weapons Ban because under Bush, they saw how it failed. DEMOCRATS have proposed to ban more than just what was coined as Assault Weapons, they proposed to ban over 300 semi automatic guns including common Handguns, rifles and shotguns. And if you allow them to take back CONGRESS with 2/3 vote in each chamber…they can override a Veto. Furthermore, even just giving them the Presidency is a danger. Hillary Clinton told a gun control lobby group if she won…she wouldn’t wait for Congress and do something OBAMA threatened but never did….. restrict guns to the military and police by directing Homeland Security. Any DEMOCRATIC candidate will do exactly that. And remember Anthony is retiring so will Ginsburg. Do you really want a DEMOCRAT in Office to have not just one but two Supreme Court picks?

    • Yup. Obama did more for the 2nd Amendment than Trump EVER will.

      Had Hillary gotten elected and the GOP maintained it’s hold we’d be better off. I doubt they’d get anything passed, but neither would the antis.

      But don’t worry, they’ll still be asking for your vote soon. After all, we wouldn’t want those democrats to get elected!

      • Hardly. Getting Gorsuch was a huge 2A win, and one that can’t be reversed by the next administration.

        • Having Gorsuch doesn’t do us any good if the Supreme Court refuses to hear any cases involving the private ownership of firearms. In case you haven’t noticed the current tactical is to have lower court activist judges rule in favor of further restrictions and then the Supreme Court declines to hear the challenge.

          After all, neither the San Diego May Issue case nor the Maryland AWB case made it to the Supreme Court and I don’t see them likely to take up any challenges to the Massachusetts AWB expansion.

        • DrewR55,

          Prevailing thought is that the U.S. Supreme Court is refusing to review cases involving firearms because they do not have a solid majority on the court. If one more conservative justice joins the U.S. Supreme Court (most likely replacing either Kennedy or Ginsburg), most people fully expect the court to begin accepting Second Amendment cases.

          Assuming all that is true (and I believe it is), the U.S. Supreme Court has actually done us a favor refusing to hear cases up to this point. It is better to have NO precedent than to have an anti Second Amendment precedent.

        • Uncommon_sense,
          And if someone finally checks RGB for a pulse leading to a new Justice and cases going before the court with ruling that favor the individual I will celebrate with everyone else. But for right now we are still getting screwed by the other two branches of the federal colossus and the state governments.

        • I’ve scored this bout. There’s no knockout or TKO, but UncommonSense wins on points.

          I calls ’em likes I sees ’em.

      • FLAME DELETED If Hillary Clinton won there would be another Ginsburg. Hillary Clinton told a gun control lobbyist group she was going to do what Obama threatened to do but not follow the Homeland Security to restrict fireams to military and police. Any Democrat in Presidency would do that now as in 2016, the Democratic Party Platform has gone farther Left. Plus you really want another Ginsburg in? Up to two Supreme Court picks coming up. Retiring Anthony and Ginsburg…

      • You won’t get solid Republican judges and Justices by allowing DEMOCRATs take back Congress or the Presidency

  1. Evacuate Planet Earth 🌎!!! For a new promised land !!! Free from government oppression and tyranny!!! Oh wait ✋! The Europeans tried that long ago! And now here we are……

      • That’s tough to say with specificity. The Heaven’s Gate spaceship follows the Hale-Bopp comet. The comet’s current estimated next pass by the earth is the year 4380. Sooo….we may have to come up with an intermediate plan.

        That estimate can and will change, though, because there are gravitational effects imposed by planets, as well as “outgassing.” That’s when a comet loses some of its mass as it passes a star and some its gaseous matter gets vaporized. These effects influence a comet’s path and pass by date. We’ll know more as we get closer when we can expect that spaceship.

  2. “The GOP is known as The Stupid Party for a reason.”

    The evil POS (D)NC are all known as evil POS satan’s cack sacker MFs for a reason.

    The current GOP are total POS uni-party MFs. It’s the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for CDC “gun research” that is the tell. 85%-90% of that “research” will go to POS MFn (D)NC funders and PAC people so that the POS MFn (D)NC can afford to make it past this upcoming election cycle so that we can pretend to have two parties.

    F em all.

    No border wall funding
    Plenty of money to evil POS MFn (D)bag sanctuary cities.

    It’s all coming down to ___________________ .

  3. What was I saying earlier?

    Oh yeah and most of you just shouted me down and call me al kinds of stuff.


    We’re being driven into the wilderness by a bunch of angry undersexed moms and their henpecked husbands and their soy boy kids… there’s your america folks…

    I’d say something else but the FBI would put me on a kill list at the behedst of the SPLC and Bloomberg (if they haven’t already).

    • This is still a nothing development and you’re still a paranoiac idiot. I have to go to work, but I’ll tell you why afterwards.

      • Oh please regale us with your notions of advanced 3d chess and horizontal checkers that my poor little brain cannot begin to comprehend.

        “CDC Gun Violence Research” will be used as a weapon and you know it.

        • Despite what you might believe, not everyone here likes Trump. I despise the retard and hope he’s out by 2020. That out of the way, allow me to explain why, in my opinion, at least when it relates to gun rights, this is little more than a wet fart.
          First of all, FixNICS is the most, for a lack of a better word, benign gun control measure possible as it does not infringe on citizens’ rights to own guns, but merely compel federal government agencies to comply with the existing laws through a bonus system. Moreover, it includes provision to appeal denials and sets a limit (60 days at the last draft,) for federal agencies to respond and resolve the issue. Do I agree with the NICS system as a whole? No. If you’re a free man, you’re a free man and your rights shouldn’t be abridged. But if I must deal with the system in place, at least let it be a well-working system.
          On the issue of the Dickey amendment I’m significantly more torn but still believe it will be a net positive. For the sake of clarification let me reiterate that the Dickey amendment did not prevent “gun violence research”. Instead, it made it so that the publicly funded CDC could not take a position that favored gun control. The CDC interpretation was that one could not research guns because it would, invariably, lead to a recommendation that guns should be restricted. In the current text of the spending bill it merely reaffirms that the CDC can, in fact research, “gun violence”. So, it just comes back to reaffirming the status quo, much like FixNICS. For this reason alone, I don’t believe either change truly CHANGED anything.
          Furthermore, and this could just be the optimist in me, I ardently believe in the truth about guns. Not this site (though it’s pretty great,) but in the knowledge that guns are a net positive. I used to be kind of a fence sitter who liked guns but wanted universal background checks and all that jazz about a decade ago. Slowly, I turned to 2nd Amendment absolutism. Research into guns and gun violence made it clear to me that guns save disproportionately more lives than they take. By the CDC’s own admission, this is also true. I hope with the highest of hopes that the same will happen again, and that people will see that guns are a good thing. And, hell, if not, they’ll remain a right I will never stop fighting for.

          Also, DoomGuy, I apologize. Much like you, things have not been good on my end and I reacted negatively. I think things will be, at least, okay with both our lives and in the gun world. You gotta stay positive, man. Sorry for name-calling.

        • Evey259, even though I do not share your optimism, that was a very well reasoned and polite comment. Thank you for posting that and thank you for supporting the RKBA.

        • @Evey259

          Yeah, as much as I wish it were otherwise, I disagree with most of your assessment.

          -FixNics is messed up on the face, akin to paying criminals to not commit crime, why does the fed government have to pay state governments to comply with the law? I wonder how many “extra” names will be included.. for ya know.. money. “Clerical errors” will skyrocket.
          -Isn’t there a NICS denial appeal process now? Except it isn’t funded, would it be completely out of the realm of possibility for them to apply the same tactic with this bill?
          – On the issue of the Dickey amendment, the CDC knows full well that it can research gun violence, it just wanted wiggle room to inject politics and agenda into it, and now it will have that wiggle room.. and Constitutionalist will be beat over the head with whatever the CDC vomits up by the antis, because “Muh Gubmint Research”
          -I’m glad you came around to clear reasoning regarding the 2A.

          I wish I had your optimism, but every time I turn around, I see more deliberate attacks on my rights, by the so called “tolerant, progressive and inclusive” side.

        • +1

          Or Bill Cooper, or the Branch Davidians in Waco, etc.

          Once the digital book burning is complete, will any subsequent generations know the truth?

      • Evey259,

        This omnibus package stinks to high Heaven.

        Look at the package:
        — No border wall funding.
        — No concealed carry reciprocity.
        — No serious reduction in government spending.
        — No elimination of federal $ for sanctuary cities and states.
        — Funding for CDC to advocate firearm bans.
        — Funding for “improved” background checks.
        — Funding for police in schools.

        If I had been in a news blackout for the past 24 months and learned about that package, I would have been utterly convinced that Democrats had the White House, House of Representatives, and a slim majority in the Senate. (A slim Democrat majority in the Senate would require that Democrats slightly reduce what they wanted in exchange for a few Republican votes to hit 60% in favor.)

        • — No serious reduction in government spending.

          That’s a joke right. An additional $300billion in spending is the exact opposite of reduction. This is the worst of government spending. If a D is in charge the R’s fight spending tooth and nail, sequester, if its all R’s, spending like a drunken sailor is all the rage. At least the sailor is done when he runs out of money, he can’t mandate that everyone else in the bar pays for him to drink Crystal.

        • Rick,

          I wasn’t sure whether or not this bill actually increased spending. What I did know is that it did not significantly decrease spending.

          Assuming that you are correct and this omnibus package increases spending 300 billion dollars, that further supports my point that this package stinks to high Heaven.

        • We’ve entered the land of magical conservatism. Cut revenue, increase spending, borrow significantly more, but make up for it in…growth. Growth that we are already at historical records. You’d need a level of growth that has never happened outside of China’s engineered economy to approach. It’s totally illogical, Cheney was right, deficits don’t matter, politically, fiscally sure, but there’s an election to win.

      • Thank you for your reply. I don’t remember you ever calling me anything bad, and I thank you for your well reasoned replies.

    • “Oh yeah and most of you just shouted me down and call me al kinds of stuff.”

      I said I’d lay off on the ‘Huds*n’ cracks and I have…

    • I don’t agree with Evey on not having Trump because Hillary Clinton and any other Democrat will go by their platform to ban or severely restrict guns.

      However, she is right on the fix NICS system…it doesn’t allow any new gun laws and quite contrary it doesn’t bring back Obama’s Social Security recipient ban. As far as the clarification of the Dickey Amendment, the CDC is run by a Trump appointee…if he goes into gun ban mode… Trump will just fire the person. As we saw EPA Scott Pruitt rid climate change regulations we see Trump appointees get rid of unnecessarily regulations or Information.

      If a DEMOCRAT gets to be President again or takes over CONGRESS (or even both) then we will be doomed since DEMOCRATS have put out the farthest Left Party Platform they had ever. You can’t even call it DEMOCRATIC… it’s Communism

      • A democrat is president now. If you’re 70 and have been a democrat for 65 years, WTF do you think he is? Don’t be a noodle head.

  4. The Republicrats continue to work hard to ensure they will lose all elections by compromising. The progressives don’t like them, because they are already saying “this doesn’t go far enough, vote out the Republicans!” And gun rights supporters are also not amused. National reciprocity is already a compromise in requiring a permit, HPA was a compromise that a silencer was still a “firearm” rather than just an accessory, though it might be safer from out right bans if a silencer is a firearm… That can’t fire bullets unless mounted on another firearm.

    • They are absolutely going to lose this next one, but they’ve already accepted that. They would lose even with the gun vote, and the gun vote won’t go to democrats anyway.

      They’re looking at a longer time frame. And in the long term, they want you scared and mad and screwed. Because that way in a few years you’ll pull the lever for the GOP because those dang democrats are after your guns again.

      • The fact you idiots are willing to risk our gun rights to DEMOCRATS is very pathetic. The only party that has a gun ban right now is the Democratic Party. In the House, sponsored by every Republicans sponsored it, is a so called Assault Weapons Ban that bans over 300 semi automatic guns, including common Handguns, rifles and shotguns. It is pathetic you are going to let DEMOCRATS take back Congress and/or Presidency and do exactly what you don’t want…ban guns because of conspiracy as well as not actually knowing what fix NICS and the clarification of the Dickey Amendment is. I hope other REPUBLICANS and Independent leaning Republicans aren’t as stupid as you but Pennsylvania 18th and Alabama showed how stupid Republican voters can be by putting in Democrats

        • If your country is that tenuous that it relies on flimsy party affiliation, one or two people, then that oligarchy ought to fail so something more representative of a free society has the opportunity to arise. Too many people are living under the notion of the devil you know. It’s based in fear of the unknown. People making wide sweeping choices based upon fear is rarely a good thing.

        • and this is why the party system was so loathed by many patriots of that era. even in early australia right up to just a little while before federation the party system was shunned. it puts too much power into the hands of too few. where it is mandated on govt that all reps must be independents it forces them to go back and actually talk to their constituents. the party system here came out of the labour force unionizing and then the business class did the same in govt. the unions also put forward political appointees and hence the liberal and labor parties were born here. however both have lost track of their roots and liberal are no longer about australian businesses but are about corporate ogliarchies and labour are just downright communist. similar but different has happened in the US

        • I believe it to be the natural tendency of people and governments. IMHO, the most important thing a free people who want to remain so can do is instill in their children a deep understanding of unalienable individual rights and a tenacity to defend them. Such a culture, combined with the free exercise of the individual right to keep and bear arms, is much more resistant to the tendency. Here in this country, many POTG don’t even understand unalienable individual rights and quite mistakenly believe that they can outsource responsibility for their own safety to government; background checks, prohibited persons, etc. Lastly, as Sam I Am, Binder, and others correctly point out; a right can only be freely exercised when one is willing to fight for it. The more that are willing to fight, the better the odds. The hour is late but many POTG still believe that they can vote their way out. The culture war and a gigantic government machine say otherwise.

  5. The 2 party system is just 2 sides of the same coin. Ultimately, they both want the same outcome and leave us scawbbling over matters they do not care about, one way or another. They just give lip service to us. we are not free.

    • They keep pilling wood and tinder on the pile but no one has struck a match yet. Keep your powder dry because when it goes up it will go up explosively

    • How about the ballot box?

      How about stop voting for these people?

      Now, the result of that might go another way…

      • Who can we vote for? Did you see the vote tally today in the house? Not a SINGLE nay. Not a one.

        To me that’s just impossible to primary. The only lever I’ll pull for now is to strike the match.

  6. I thought “compromise” was a quid pro quo, NOT the left’s “I want the whole pint of Ice cream but I’ll “compromise” and settle for a heaping Ice cream sundae while you get NOTHING!

    Lot’s of people wrote off james yeager’s “not one more inch” speech. looks like he was more right than thought.
    (Not a threat of any kind, just an observation)

    • Exactly. And where are all the FUDDs that were proclaiming we could trade bumpstocks for national carry?

      • They were damn fools for ever believing that.
        Just like the damn fools who say I believe in the second amendment but….
        Or the one who say I believe in the second amendment because I hunt.

    • It’s the progressive version of compromise.–

      “We think you should change and we’ll compromise by not taking everything right now”

    • 60 votes in the Senate you dumb crap. That requires DEMOCRATS. Least they stopped the Assault Weapons Ban that DEMOCRATS put up in the House.

      • You need 60 votes to PASS something, you keep arguing for not passing something. How many votes does it take to not pass something? Either the Senate or House? How about the president? He gets one vote too, and his wins.

  7. The inclusion of “funding” (read: spending *our* money) for “gun violence research” is unforgivable on its face due to how it was implemented before, under asshat liberals. We might at least *hope* that will change under current admin. Putting people in charge who are actually capable of asking the right questions and understanding the answers, who also have the authority to fire people at all levels of the CDC (or whoever) for intellectual dishonesty or incompetence, might accelerate the draining of the swamp.

  8. Yep, nothing to see here folks. The Peapole’s Democratic Party gets something (more money for ‘research’, more personal records for their database) while law abiding citizens get nothing but that feeling of being well used. Of course, the Party will celebrate tonight but tomorrow they will be back at it demanding something else. It might be to have semi-automatics added to the NFA or that we pass a national ‘may issue’ carry permit and without the ‘may issue’ permit you will be unable to even own a firearm but you can be sure they will want more.

    As far as the Party is concerned ‘compromise’ means they only take a little this time and ask for more later.

    But don’t worry, half of the Party representatives will tell you lies over the next few months so that you will vote for them in November because, after all, they want you to know that they are really on your side and only playing along to get along.

    • Which Democratic party are you talking about? This is all R’s, all around. This isn’t on Obama, Hillary, Nancy, or Chucky.

      GOP–Just wait till we get the White House too, we’re going to make everything better. We’re going to spend more, tax less, make sure interest rates rise, it will be fantastic. That’s not me pissing on you from the penthouse, that’s trickle down economics. Feels awesome y’all. You won’t vote us out, because HILLARY will be worser than us.

      • When I say ‘People’s Democratic Party’ I am referring to all the big centralized government loving asshole politicians and their unelected bureaucrat minions regardless of what letter comes inside the parenthesis after their names. Some people say ‘RINO’ to discribe the socialism-lite loving Republican Party members as if somehow there is any difference between Republicans and Democrats but I refuse to fool myself into believing such nonsense.

        There is no difference between either party and they both want the same thing. They play a fractured population that they have divided with identity politics off of each other to maintain a social status quo while expanding the reach of government.

  9. Bye Bye reciprocity. It cannot get past a filibuster now. McConnell promised action in the fall before the elections–but in the face of elections, and in this climate, what Dem will dare to cross their party leadership to vote for cloture? Hell, it isn’t even clear that there will be enough Republicans to pass the bill even without a filibuster.

  10. So…

    How much longer are we going to put up with this?

    Companies across the country are against us so unless you live off the grid and make everything from scratch you are supporting an anti-gun company in some for another I don’t care what you say.

    Democrats are clearly against us but the Republicans love stabbing us in the back. They don’t listen to us. Clearly voting, writing, etc. doesn’t make a damn bit of a difference.

    Media and academia are against us. YouTube, Reddit, and other social platforms are silencing us. Pro-gun alternatives like Full30 only speak to the choir and won’t do a damn thing to change minds especially when Google algorithms will blacklist them.

    We even have gun companies like Daniel Defense, Springfield Armory, Rock River Arms, etc. against us.

    We all know what the answer is but don’t want to say it because we are afraid. Well, then you have no right to complain about the current situation when everyone is against us and will get their way eventually……Remember they want us to go away, be locked in a concentration camp, or dead.

    You decide if comfort or liberty is more important.

    • “We all know what the answer is but don’t want to say it because we are afraid. Well, then you have no right to complain about the current situation when everyone is against us and will get their way eventually……Remember they want us to go away, be locked in a concentration camp, or dead”.

      “You decide if comfort or liberty is more important”.

      We POTG ain’t going to do nothing besides bitch.


      IF you do decide to do something you WILL be ALONE, Labeled a right wing extremest,
      martyred by a heavy handed govt. and added to the annals of history Ruby ridge, Waco, YOU. The rest of us will die by a thousand cuts to liberty.

      • Timing is everything. Nothing meaningful will happen until you have critical mass of unhappy citizens. Prepare for the what’ifs, of course, but instead, this is a time for incremental, peaceful counter moves. We need to stop fighting with each other, and come together as one alliance, I.e., stop throwing rocks at the NRA. Formulate ways to communicate with each other that does not rely on leftist media. Take brazen, aggressive, non-violent actions to push the pendulum. imagine, for example, if the New California movement gained more supporters, and those supporters were 2nd amendment supporters. it will probably not happen, but if it got some momentum, it would scare the crap out of the elites. See, these people in DC crave power above all else. Convince them that they are at risk of losing it, and they may reverse course. Do something in mass that will show them a people who won’t capitulate to tyranny, who are willing to physically split and transform a country to retain those freedoms DC is trying to take. Convince them that they risk losing that thing they crave most – power.

  11. Us to congress: “NOT ONE MORE INCH!”

    Republicans to congress: “Here’s a mile.”

    Us: “Wai… what?”

    • The people have allowed their liberty teeth to be pulled a long time ago. Now they are only sporting dentures. It doesn’t quite have the same amount of bite. Being gummed to death, while unpleasant, doesn’t instill the proper amount of fear.

  12. One thing the libertarians have 100% right is that we, the people, have a non-consensual relationship with the government. Well that works both ways, they’re stuck with us, too. Less flowers and chocolate and more pimp slaps, gents. Apply a heavy hand.🤚 Figuratively, of course.

  13. We are finally at that awesome day one and this is exactly what he promised;-) At least some of the other GOP primary candidates are at least aware of ideology. Trump only knows that he is UUGE! Thanks Trump primary voters, you and your hero are awesome.

    • I apologize, it is the likes of Ryan and McConnell as much as Trump that are responsible for this. I guess I should just take heart in that I don’t have any children or even nieces and nephews that will be strangled by this debt.
      What have future generations ever done for us anyway? Right? F#@&’em with the bill!;-)

  14. Sooo…do these politicians remind you of Mussolini? I can be Communist and Fascist. I really can have it all.

  15. This bill just shows hat a spineless bunch of double talking monkeys the complete Congress is.
    This bill is complete crap for both sides.
    Looks like the swamp takes over yet again and WE get screwed.
    They can all go pound sand and not a one of them ever better be in my immediate vicinity.
    They will at the least hear some language Im sure they have all heard before.
    Sell Outs the lot of them.

  16. Public announcement: I’ve been duped. Although not a yuge Trump supporter, when the election results were posted, I was lead to believe that POTG had the opportunity to get some traction and reverse this creeping incrementalism of anti-gun, anti-freedom BS.

    My hopes were completely unfounded – with this pending legislation, we’re about as bad off as if Hilary had been elected. If she was in charge, there was at least some hope that the Republicans would grow a pair and stem the tide of anti-gun legislation. With control of both houses of Congress and an ostensibly Republican President, all they’ve managed to do was squander the power us voters had given them to do what’s right.

    In case anyone doesn’t remember, the same thing happened after the big Republican upset in the mid-terms a decade or so ago. We all remember the Dems getting the boot, big time – but afterwards we made no progress then, either.

    Any belief that Trump is playing some strategy so sublime that us mere mortals can’t understand it is purely wishful thinking. Might as well wish that unicorns will deliver an abolition of NFA and the ATF.

    And I’m stuck in Washington state, with two senators so blue that it’s pointless to even consider lobbying them to vote down the budget.

    Doom Guy, et. al, you may rant in a seemingly incoherent manner, but it seems you’ve got it right in the end.

    • This is something we don’t want to be right about. Alas, it is the unfortunate tendency of government to grow in power. Individuals must push hard and push early lest the exercise of their rights wither or be snuffed out entirely. It’s like a debt with accruing interest that continually is put off. Eventually, the creditor must be paid and the longer one waits, the higher the bill.

      • so Spot on John In Ohio. oh so spot on. sadly i think in my country and yours the price will already be extreme though more so in my country due to the lack of suitable arms. at least in your country you still have at least some semi decent arms with which to fight back. here we have bolt action rifles so any action will mostly have to be guerrilla and sniper in methodology. however in saying that the bushies of Australia have always been highly revered as to their ingenuity and sheer bloody minded determination as far as their ability to fight in war. in the main i think these will be the vast majority of those who fight back here

        • I agree. For distance, those bolt actions combined with competent users would prove their utility. The interesting thing about having access to any usable armament is that they can be used to acquire field upgrades, when the need arises. It’s not ideal but it’s better than entering the arena completely disarmed. Those populations that have allowed themselves to be thoroughly disarmed are the most screwed. I have hope for the people of your nation. The countryside and the skill of its people lend much to my optimism. If only the people could be awakened to the harsh realities and dire urgency of the situation.

  17. Pathetically weak republitards will whine “we tried”. Who the he!! do they think vote republican?!?

  18. Hopefully Paul will tank it in the senate. I imagine that they are threatening him with everything they have.

  19. Dan, call them the stupid party, if you like. I have come to view them as the dishonest party. I will be trying to primary all of my Congressional Representatives that voted for this monster and if they win the primary, I will be sitting out the first election in four decades come November.

    • Just checked…my Congressman, Barry Loudermilk voted for the rule and for the bill which means he agreed to include the Fix NICS and anti gun funding and to pass the bill which then included that garbage. He is unopposed in the primary and there is a Democrat running against him in the fall. I may vote for the Democrat for the first time in more than four decades, and yes, it does irritate me to think that is the only thing these duplicitous jerks seem to understand.

    • There is something much worse than re-electing a capitulating Republican. Putting a hard leftist in power by not voting will not send any meaningful message to the GOP. It has never worked. Frankly, if the GOP loses big this time, we will likely end up as a single party republic under a vengeful, tyrannical Democrat Party “politburo”. I will certainly remember what you said in your post when that happens.

      • Add me to that list. I won’t vote for my enslavers. Perhaps if it gets bad enough, fast enough, people will wake up and do whatever is necessary. That is why I *almost* voted for Hillary. Your choices are for me and my family to sit out the election or for us to vote for the worst that has a chance of winning. Choose wisely.

  20. Trump winning the 2016 election might have been the cheap, Chinese-made neck tie that we all hanged ourselves with.

  21. I didn’t believe Trump would accomplish any of the things he promised. It’s why I voted for Johnson.

    On the plus side, Trump has actually tried to fulfill some of his promises. It’s too bad he’s wayyy out of his depth.

    I hope he doesn’t get us into a shooting war…especially if the economy tanks the way it’s looking like.

  22. So I guess I’m still going to have to load my mags with gloves on every time I get ready to travel to a state that my permits are not good in.

  23. Sold down the river by a bunch of gay suited hacks. So, what the hell else is new? D or R, once inside the beltway, corruption corruption corruption.
    Not a damn thing us unwashed serfs can do about it. Vote? Call or write our Reps? LOL LOL LOL

  24. Omnibus passed House and Senate Thursday night and early Friday morning… Just waiting on Trump’s signature which will probably be slapped on soon as he gets to the office.

      • Victor no it doesn’t. That’s all assumptions made by DEMOCRATS to make you vote for them or not vote at all so they get in Office. The fix NICS doesn’t bring back the Social Security ban by Obama. The ban is not back and as long as Republicans are in Office…it won’t come back. For your information, all it does is take the existing background check system we have and enforce it.

        • You do realize that Republicans have the MAJORITY, in both the house, the senate and the white house, right?

          Its not the democrats passing this, this is written, voted for, and signed as law by Republicans. Yeah, the democrats can’t pass anything with 49 votes in the senate, but if its passed the house, passed the senate, and signed by the president, that isn’t the democrats. More Republicans voted for it than against it in the house, where all you need is 50.1%, then the senate doesn’t matter. You’re bitching about the senate passing something, if the house doesn’t pass it, the senate can’t pass anything, and the president couldn’t sign it. Grow up.

          Just spouting DEMOCRAT just makes you look like an idiot, when their not in charge of anything.

        • Wrong you IGNORAMUS. In the Senate it takes 60 votes. Do a little research. But hey DEMOCRATS get in Office because of your ignorance and they ban guns… I am coming for you… Because the DEMOCRATs have the ban guns Proposal

        • I shall repeat for the slow kids in the class. The Republicans have a majority in the house, you need 50% +1, they have 50%+22, to pass, or not, a bill. The omnibus spending bill originated in the….house. To enact a law, it has to be passed by the house, the senate, and signed by the president. If any 1 of those don’t occur, then the others are irrelevant. There are situations where the president can veto it and still get overridden, but none of that mattered, because the majority of republicans voted for it in the house, more than half of the senate republican caucus, and the president signed it.

          Its terrible that Paul Ryan is the speaker, a republican, Mitch, the Turtle, Mcconnell, is a republican, either could have whipped their delegations to oppose, but they didn’t.

          Also, what you’re referring to is called cloture in the Senate, a filibuster delays the vote for cloture, if cloture occurs, then its a simple majority in the Senate. Maybe you should have paid attention in civics class.

  25. No National Reciprocity…. OMG the world is going to end! This is Mr. Trump’s second year in office and already the Pro-2nd A people are going nuts because there is NO NATIONAL RECIPROCITY in the budget… Have you ever wondered, just a bit, that maybe legislation as controversial as this may take some TIME????? There are 2 more years to go of budgets. Have some patience! Act like adults. Not like the children in Saturday’s march.

  26. Here’s how to handle the GOP sell-outs: come november, just stay home, the dems over run the GOP and the GOP won’t get a chance to sell us out again. Maybe they’ll learn a lesson. It’s also one way to eliminate half the career politicians. Can’t be any worse than what we just got.

    • Really? Let’s see, an Oprah presidency would mean a universal gun ban – that’s all guns, not just the AR’s. That’s confiscation for all. You,ll wanna start burying your stash now if the democrats control congress and the white house. Yeah the GOP sucks but I’d better have a party that sucks then a party that will take away everything we have. Think about it or bury your guns.

      • “You,ll wanna start burying your stash now if the democrats control congress and the white house.”

        Yeah, the pussies will probably be burying their firearms. Those who know the hour of the time won’t be.

  27. Trump could have vetoed this POS and sent the GOP sellouts back to the drawing board, becoming a hero with his base for standing up to the swamp, but he has obviously checked out. One too many lurid stripper stories waiting to be released in the NYT? Oh well, what did you expect from a lifelong Democrat Manhattan playboy? Ted Cruz tried to warn the Trumpsters about NYC values.

  28. I am not opposed to the fix in the back ground checks, but I am not happy about the CDC being involved at all. Owning a gun is not a disease.

    • Owning a gun is not a privilege either so background checks are infringements on an unalienable individual right. Background checks = gun control = infringement. Fixing background checks = better gun control = more infringement.


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