$39 Fule fuel Filter Form 1 Silencer Build

Gear Review: $39 ‘Fule Filter’ Form 1 Silencer Build [VIDEO]

With an e-filed ATF Form 1 (the application to manufacture your own NFA item) taking only three to five weeks (ish) for approval these days, as compared to about nine months for a Form...
awcy Scz0rpion EVO

GFEN Announces the First Shooting Competition for DIY Gun Builders

There are thousands of shooting competitions held across the country every year for competitors shooting a huge range of calibers -- .22 up to .50 -- and firearms. Everything from PRS to Cowboy Action...

Ghost Gunner 3 CNC Mill Now Supports AK-47 and AK-74 80% Receivers

When Defense Distributed launched their faster, larger, more powerful Ghost Gunner 3 mill they noted it is powerful enough to cut steel. At that point it was only a matter of time before AK-47...

DIY Friday: Make an M-LOK Side Saddle for Your KelTec KS7 Shotgun

In my Keltec KS7 review, I mentioned that I wish someone would make an M-LOK side saddle I could attach to the shotgun. There isn’t a lot of room on the gun for accessories....
CTRLPEW 3D print patches

SAF and Defense Distributed Sue State Department, NJ AG Over 3D Gun File Censorship

From the Second Amendment Foundation . . . The Second Amendment Foundation and Defense Distributed, the Texas firm made famous for publishing digital firearms information, have sued the U.S. Department of State and New Jersey...
3d printed handgun frame

Duan: The Government Could Seize Ownership and Copyright 3D Printed Gun Files

Government agencies and the civilian disarmament industrial complex apparently are still under the impression that it's not too late to stop the signal. That they can still somehow stuff the 3D gun toothpaste back...
Wolff springs tuning semi-auto

How to Tune Your Semi-Auto Pistol With a New Set of Springs

When it comes to buying used guns, there is nothing more frustrating than dealing with some of the creative choices of the previous owner(s). When I picked up a used SIG SAUER P225 A1...
Karabiner 98k Mauser

An Old Battle Rifle Rides Again: Faithfully Restoring a Karabiner 98k Mauser

Because of my involvement in the Civilian Marksmanship Program sports and similar hobbies surrounding old military rifles, I often find myself in an ethical debate with my fellow competitors and enthusiasts. In a loud...
How To Stipple a Glock

How to Stipple a GLOCK Pistol (or Any Polymer Handgun)

'Stippling' is melting the plastic exterior of a polymer gun with the intent of improving the texture for a better grip. Below is a good example from Polinger_Firearms. This article is not a step-by-step "how-to" on stippling jobs: There...
Mosin-Nagant bayonet

How to Get Your Mosin-Nagant Bayonet to Fit Perfectly in Less Than 10 Seconds

By Collin Buckles Buying a Mosin-Nagant is a very exciting experience. However, finding out that your bayonet does not fit your rifle can put a slight damper on the celebration. Here are some very simple...

Cooking ‘Colt Gunbo’ or How to Clean Up a Rusty 1950s Vintage Revolver

By Peter C. Schechter Mmmm, mmmm good! Have you ever had a hankering for some old fashioned 1950s-vintage Colt gunbo for dinner? Me neither, to be honest. When my buddy came to me and asked...
gun making tools

Federal Ban Bill Would Take Home Gun Manufacturing Back To The Stone Age

Back in May, one of the Senate's most dedicated anti-gun members, Connecticut's Richard Blumenthal introduced S.3743, the Untraceable Firearms Act of 2020. The target, of course, is those scary objects of gun-grabbers nightmares...ghost guns....