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Making Your Own Gun is No Different Than Growing Your Own Food

The right to craft and customize firearms is integral to the right to determine which arms one will “keep and bear.” There is nothing strange or sinister...
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GFEN Announces the First Shooting Competition for DIY Gun Builders

There are thousands of shooting competitions held across the country every year for competitors shooting a huge range of calibers -- .22 up to...

Ghost Gunner 3 CNC Mill Now Supports AK-47 and AK-74 80% Receivers

When Defense Distributed launched their faster, larger, more powerful Ghost Gunner 3 mill they noted it is powerful enough to cut steel. At that...
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SAF and Defense Distributed Sue State Department, NJ AG Over 3D Gun File Censorship

From the Second Amendment Foundation . . . The Second Amendment Foundation and Defense Distributed, the Texas firm made famous for publishing digital firearms information,...
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Duan: The Government Could Seize Ownership and Copyright 3D Printed Gun Files

Government agencies and the civilian disarmament industrial complex apparently are still under the impression that it's not too late to stop the signal. That...
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Kelly: The Coronavirus Emergency Has Created a Receptive Audience for 3D Printed Guns

There's a big push on right now by gun controllers, Democrats and the media (BIRM) to raise the alarm about the looming threat posed...