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We Need to Create Loopholes in Any ‘Ghost Gun’ Regulations

Can we live with regulating home-made guns? The answer is yes. Californians have lived with detachable magazine regulation through the “bullet button.” All it takes is a little ingenuity. To solve this puzzle, though,...
Defense Distributed DEFCAD 3D gun files

Defense Distributed Releases All 3D Gun Files to the Public Following Ninth Circuit Decision

On Tuesday, a Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals three-judge panel vacated a lower court's injunction that had blocked Defense Distributed from sharing electronic files for 3D printed gun and parts. It was the latest...
80% Arms Update Complete Rifle (image courtesy JWT for

Update: 80% Arms AR10 Lower Receiver Complete Build

Last month I completed three different AR platform lower receivers using the 80% Arms Easy Jig Gen 3 Multi-Platform 80% Lower Jig. The Easy Jig is a great product, and provided much better results than...

Long Range Precision: Mounting and Leveling a Rifle Scope With a Digital Protractor

  C.a.R Firearms is a small shop that specializes in custom work and related services (think build vs. assemble) located south of Seattle. Every time I'm there I make a mess, drooling over fantastic, precision-built guns...

Class 3 Machining and My Suppressed Ruger-57 [VIDEO]

When Ruger launched the Ruger-57 a year ago (TTAG review HERE), we were taken quite by surprise. Nobody foresaw this FN Five-seveN competitor coming, but it was a great news for fans of the...
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Letter to Biden From GOA, JSD Supply and Defense Distributed on 80% Blanks and...

1 March, 2021 The President The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500 Request on Behalf of Law-Abiding Owners of Non-Firearm Receiver Blanks and NonCommercial Manufacturers of Home-Built Firearms Dear Mr. President: Recent reports indicate that your administration is...

DIY: Installing an Ed Brown 1911 RMR Cut Slide

Ah, the 1911. There is a certain poise and surety when an American hand wraps around the grip of one of these classics, almost like slipping on a well-worn leather glove with the colors...
New South Wales Police 3d guns

Australians With 3D Printers Turning To Disposable Barrels

Australians making 3D printed guns have came up with an interesting way to get around the durability problem: interchangeable disposable barrels. The frame appears to be based on the Songbird design that's floating around the...
80% arms lower

Gear Review: 80% Arms Easy Jig Gen 3 Multi-Platform 80% Lower Jig

The 80% Arms GST-9 Pistol Built Kit I reviewed late last year was easily the best pistol lower build kit I've seen yet. It was window-licker simple and produced a great product. The 80% Arms...
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Is Homeland Security Cracking Down On 3-D Printing?

Some odd documents are circulating on the Internet which purport to show that the Department of Homeland Security wants to combat "illegal -D printing," whatever that is, because making firearms for one's own use...

Building the FGC-9: Getting Started With 3D Printing (Part 1)

"You'll blow your hand off shoot your eye out, kid!" -Unnamed department store Santa Claus, A Christmas Story Background When the Liberator 3D printable gun came out in 2013, it was revolutionary. Politicians, regulators, and fearful members of...
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Making Your Own Gun is No Different Than Growing Your Own Food

The right to craft and customize firearms is integral to the right to determine which arms one will “keep and bear.” There is nothing strange or sinister about making and customizing one’s own means of personal defense....