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The necessity of the Second Amendment has rarely been more clearly demonstrated in the United States than it has been over the last three days. Widespread riots and looting have sprung up in cities across the country. Police and in some cases the National Guard have been unable, unwilling, or in some cases restrained from responding and stopping the violence.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the mainstream media the commentariat were wringing their hands over peaceful protesters, a few of them armed, who expressed their opposition to continued business shutdown orders. Now many of those same voices are celebrating rioting, looting, arson, assaults and more. Double standards are fun and convenient because they give you twice as many options when reacting to any situation.

Not all business owners, however, were willing to abandon their stores — businesses they’ve built — to looters and vandals. In Minneapolis:

It’s not clear where this took place, but one store owner pulled up to his business and scattered looters with shotgun pellets:

A business owner in San Antonio showed remarkable restraint while his windows were smashed. But when looters entered the store, he opened fire (at the 1:30 mark).


One Dallas store owner, however wasn’t equipped with a firearm. In a graphic and incredibly disturbing video, the shop owner was savagely beaten by a crowd after attempting to hold them off with a sword.

It’s become clear that many of the most violent in the crowds yesterday wen’t out to honor George Floyd or protest his death. The were there to cause mayhem, death and destruction.

From the AP:

Authorities said three people in Indianapolis were shot Saturday night, including one fatally, during what they described as peaceful daytime protests over the death of George Floyd giving way to unrest and destruction later.

No details about the shootings were immediately released, but the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said no officers were involved.

“There were several people down here who had no intention to protest. Their intention was to riot,” deputy police chief Joshua Barker said.

America has endured civil unrest before. We’ve seen versions of this in Los Angeles and Ferguson over the last 30 years, but nothing this widespread since 1968. We’re about to have a very different conversation about the right to keep and bear arms in this country after the devastation people have been watching play out on their televisions the last few days. Calls for more gun control laws are going to fall on a lot of deaf ears.

America has an estimated 100 million gun owners. And millions more decided to join their ranks over the last 60+ days. After seeing what they’ve seen in the last 72 hours, even more people are going to decide that they need to have the ability to effectively defend themselves, their families, their homes and their businesses.

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    • The military was in Minneapolis for like 3 days. There was also a curfew. Guess what happened.

      The trouble makers left once they were done burning down what they came to burn down. Check out the latest on the police station after the military was trying to defend it.

    • In BLUE States AND Urban Plantation Cities ONLY..

      My area in suburban Houston has been quiet despite the thousands of HHS Welfare transplant criminals now in residence.

      These stupid Plantation Monkeys are NOT that stupid.

    • Saw a picture where some antifa fascists showed up with what appeared to be Rubbermaid trash cans cut in half to use as shields.

      And they were accommodating enough to paint their fascist logo on the front for an aiming point.

    • This is hard to watch. For most people running a small business everything they have is invested and they very often don’t have much cushion to survive A Really Bad Thing happening to them. First the virus and now this. That this little store likely represented someone’s life is a reality that describes most small merchants anywhere in the world—so of course he’d try to protect what was his from that mob. And, most likely he was in there by himself.

      When we watch this video it’s pretty easy to put ourselves in that guy’s place. Just a few days ago he would never have dreamed that a mob would break in and destroy his livelihood. I can only hope he was well armed when they came in after him.

      • We have, as a reference point, the Rodney King riots in LA, circa 1992, to see how armed Korean business owners successfully protected their livelihoods when they were specifically targeted by African-American p̶r̶o̶t̶e̶s̶t̶e̶r̶s̶ thugs.

  1. “But when looters entered the store, he opened fire (at the 1:30 mark).”

    So when the looting starts, the shooting starts? Too bad more people didn’t follow that advice. The Left would rather have you dragged into the street and stoned to death.

  2. Some things the mainstream media can not spin. Though they will try. Many of the middle of the road citizens (concerning 2A) are seeing the world for what it really is and arming themselves. CNN can control what they air, but there are too many unfiltered sources of information today. The media’s monopoly of information is gone and they hate every minute of it. BTW I had to wonder what CNN thought of the peaceful protesters began smashing the windows of they’re Atlanta headquarters.

    • “BTW I had to wonder what CNN thought of the peaceful protesters began smashing the windows of they’re Atlanta headquarters.”

      The Left, including CNN (with a straight face): Can you really blame them after being oppressed? They only want justice and equality.

      • focus seems to have shifted somewhat…now they’re openly attacking members of the media….not sure why…maybe they just don’t want their faces on camera….

        • Just more monsters that the socialists have created and then discovered that they cannot completely control them. Didn’t learn from Dr. Frankenstein.

  3. At what point in history did it become ok to destroy, loot, and assault, and not ok to defend yourself and your property!? Oh, I remember, 2008!!!

      • the trollls have almost elevated your posts to creedmore status. so with that in mind, braaak is really going to be pained by your sarcasm.
        which i agree with.

        • Remember that an item’s value is often enhanced by its rarity. With such logic, the fewer posts from Campbell, the better for the value of those few that appear.

          JC can morph into the Banksy of TTAG, a feat which would require that he reserve his posts for but one mind-blowing jewel of Creedmore truth per year.

      • With business picking up and a few trips (business and pleasure) in the last few weeks, there has been little time to post on TTAG.
        What downtime I have had (in FL, GA, and TX) has been spent at various ranges (with my sons, a few neighbors, and several “new” gun owners/shooters)
        Been giving my shooting irons a workout lately (have to place a large ammo order this week, OUCH).
        Even introducing a few “handgun only” owners to the joys of long guns (everything from AUG to Barrett 50BMG).

  4. Police and in some cases the National Guard have been unable, unwilling, or in some cases restrained from responding and stopping the violence.

    That is the key reason why no entity can ever righteously force us to delegate our self-defense to government — because there are times when government refuses to defend us.

    And if bad actors force us to defend ourselves, we must be able to use the most effective self-defense strategies available. At the present time bringing firearms to bear are the most effective self-defense strategy available.

    THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is why our nation’s Founding Fathers codified the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.

    • The government, both Democrat and Republican, do not want the militia to be legal. They called in their standing army instead. The militia should have been there day one to protect the people. The police can protect themselves like they always do.

      Why is no one talking about organizing the militia to stop crimes against the people? Why do the Republicans call for the illegal military use over doing their civic duty?

      • Excellent questions Chief Censor.

        I suppose part of the answer is apathy in the general populous. And I imagine the other part of the answer is legal and civil liability:
        a) governments are likely to claim it is illegal for militias to oppose rioting/looters with firearms.
        b) governments and even individuals are likely to claim that militias caused damages and sue them in court for compensation.

        I am not claiming that either explanations excuse the militia. Rather, I am simply explaining their inaction.

      • Because the Reps are not better when it comes to affirming the People’s rights or our Constitution than the Dems. they only give it a lot of pretend and lip service come election time when they want gun folks votes.

        All politicians are in favor of big government and of government running things unquestioned by the serfs whose job it is to shut up and pay taxes.

        • Those Reps may not be the solution to your problems, but the Dems are definitely the source of them!

      • The Oath Keepers defended shop owners, Black, White, and Asian, in Ferguson . I hope they show up now.

  5. It’s my birthday today.Sure is memorable! I WILL use my 2A right’s(one pull per perp)…or why I need 30 round magazines😕

  6. Anyone with their head wrapped is not considered to be a peaceful protester and considered to be a looter or arsonist and should be shot or arrested. Cease playing games with scumbags who could give a rat’s behind about their country, fellow man or honoring George Floyd.

  7. Oh how I’d love to be a business owner in Minneapolis… looks like fun to me 😉
    Finally, a reason…. lol

    • Oh…. those lousy commies are grabbing for straws…. they be desperate lol
      These punks are gonna wake the beast soon….. you’ll see…. people will start to fight back….

      • The best way to end ANTIFA violence is to start sending a few of them home in body bags. That would end it in a New York minute. Basically, these ANTIFA punks are cowards who derive their “courage” from being members of the mob. Once they see a few of their buddies hit the pavement with red tattoos on them, they’ll scatter like cockroaches when the kitchen light comes on.

  8. Low class , THUGS , just want to use Justice for Floyd , to their benefit , to riot , burn , and steal .

  9. Hyped up looter/arsonist does the evil deed and then they cut and run only to wind up motor-mouthing on leftover adrenaline. Others hear what happened and others will sing if questioned or they turn rat when a reward is offered. If I were an arsonist or the gutless wonders who beat the store owner in Big D I would be very, very worried and watch my back.

    In Texas property rights are taken very, very seriously. No Trespassing Allowed Under Penalty Of Law…No body knows that better than hunters and tree cutters.

    TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

  10. Old time crowd/riot control with bayonets and rifles AND with the training to use them, is a lot better than a baton. Not too many protesters are willing to face 25 or more GIs in a arrowhead formation and take 6 inches or more of steel in their bodies as well as being butt stroked. Not nice but it works.
    You meet force with force. Peaceful protest following laws are allowed, unlawful riots are not, no matter what the liberals say. If you are innocent protesting you would not be there in a riot or trouble is happening.

    • The government has no morale right to kill non deadly threats. Only during martial law is due process suspended.

      The victim themselves have the right to defend theirs. However, America has flipped the script to prevent the people from legally defending themselves.

      Stop relying on the state. Be a man. Fix your own shit. The government said they are not your care taker.

  11. Right except he wasn’t a store owner, he was just some guy who went downtown to ‘protect his neighborhood’ with a machete. The other examples are fine, why are you spreading bullshit that’s been proven false? You look as bad as CNN when you push narratives based on lies.

  12. My brother was in the National Guard during the Rodney King riots. They were deployed but were not issued ammo. Some of his senior NCO’s brought their own, but the vast majority of those deployed did so without ammo.

    • So, you’re saying that a professional paramilitary organization spent time & money to acquire equipment and train soldiers, then deployed those troops to an expected hot zone with weapons…but no ammo?

      Yes, of course…of courae…

      • “…course…”

        Danged cell phone keyboard. I’m away from my PC. Who has fingers small enough for this?

  13. Strangely, as a 2A supporter since the 90’s…I’ve been very calm even before lockdown. Most 2A supporters tended to be calm through all this.

    Panic? That’s the liberals’ and anti-gunners’ expertise.

  14. Dems allow major crime elements, this allows them to keep the pressure on the law abiding with added control laws in reactions to all calamity the criminals provide! They go virtually unpunished! But pay taxes and break a law, your toast!
    They can’t survive without control!!!

  15. How many openly armed protesters were there in opposition to the female dem governor and her totalitarian mandates and yet no violence, death, injuries or looting. Compare that to the ” peaceful” protesters across the nation. Something dont compute. Please expain it to me you, oh so wise, people on the tv, please.

    • “Please expain it to me you, oh so wise, people on the tv, please.”

      Because them “openly armed protesters” were grown ass men and women and were taken seriously. Nobody is ever going to seriously believe the purple haired punks in skinny jeans have a backbone to try and push back if someone says BOO!!!!

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  17. I am a business owner who works store to store doing promotional marketing. Yet upon the street top I feel like its not always safe to do so , yet if I become a concealed gun owner is it legal then to carry a firearm into another persons place of business in order to promote , market and sell product in the state of MI. Or do I have to show it, which might deter business?

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