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Minneapolis Police have a unique way of winning the hearts and minds of their city’s residents following the death of George Floyd. They swept through neighborhoods late Saturday not far from the rioting, pointing guns at residents in their doorways and shooting them with pepperballs if they didn’t retreat indoors fast enough.

This was the very same day that Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey made it “very, very clear” that it wasn’t local residents who have been destroying his city.

From WAVE:

“I want to be very, very clear,” Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said during the press conference. “The people that are doing this are not Minneapolis residents. They are coming in largely from outside of this city, outside of the region, to prey on everything we have built over the last several decades.”

Yes, Minnesota cops need help with public relations. After the notorious video showed (now former) Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on the neck of George Floyd for eight minutes, one would think the Gopher State’s law enforcement types would do what they can to engender trust and positive relations with residents.

But no. For three nights, America watched the police in Minneapolis show utter passivity towards the feral mobs. Police there stood by and watched the troublemakers loot hundreds of businesses and destroy or burn many of them to the ground.

Then Saturday evening, cops, backed by 5000 National Guard troops, opted for rude and harsh with the local taxpayers who pay their salaries.  MPD officers in riot gear swarmed through residential neighborhoods…not the streets where the burning and looting were taking place. They harshly ordering residents inside their homes. Even those peaceably watching from their doorways.

This happened next.

You could hear at least one of the cops shout “Light them up!” when the residents didn’t move quickly enough.

Local CBS TV station WCCO picked up on the story and reported on it.

A video posted to Twitter Saturday night is going viral after apparently showing law enforcement in Minneapolis shooting paint rounds at residents on their porch after curfew went into effect.

Tanya Kerssen posted the video to Twitter shortly after 9:30 p.m., showing what she says is the Minnesota National Guard and Minneapolis police sweeping her residential street in the Whittier Neighborhood.

In the video, the officers are seen approaching the residents and repeatedly yelling at them to get inside their house. After a few demands, one can be heard yelling “light ‘em up!” That’s when one officer appears to fire a paint round at the residents, who run inside.

Meanwhile, a WCCO photographer was struck by a rubber bullet and arrested by the State Patrol Saturday night. He was released from custody after a couple hours.

The Minnesota State Police also shot a clearly-identified WCCO CBS TV photographer with a rubber bullet before arresting him last night as well.

Not surprisingly, they released the photographer after a couple of hours, probably hoping to avoid a lawsuit.

From WCCO.

WCCO’s award-winning veteran photographer Tom Aviles has been struck by a rubber bullet and taken into custody by the State Patrol Saturday night.

During the arrest, they forced him onto the ground.

Aviles is OK. We’ve called our CBS attorneys, and they’re working on freeing him.

The arrest happened at Nicollet and Franklin at about 8:45 p.m.

He was with veteran producer Joan Gilbertson, who is OK.

They both identified themselves clearly, that they were members of the local media, and WCCO journalists.

Joan told us the patrolman said, “You’ve been warned, or the same thing will happen to you. Or you’re next.”

Joan says she had her hands up and said, “Don’t shoot me, don’t shoot me.”

Again, winning hearts and minds.

Still, some people wonder why so many Americans have pulled out their wallets and bought firearms and ammunition in recent weeks. It seems a pretty safe bet that business will be extremely brisk at gun shops across America this coming week.

As for Minneapolis’ Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #3? They will surely have a tougher time soliciting donations from local residents and local businesses after the past few days.

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    • Might be there comes a day that patriots walk the streets and “light up” shitty cops like these for their oppression agains non-violent citizens.
      These cops should watch their backs.

      • Can someone please explain to me why patriots should not be walking the streets of Minneapolis and clearing out the Minneapolis police today?

        a) Minneapolis police repeatedly murder people without any legal justification. Reference Ms. Ruszczyk (lady in her pajamas who police shot and killed). Reference George Floyd. And possibly Philando Castile (not sure if that was truly justified or not).

        b) Minneapolis police repeatedly assault and batter people without any legal justification. Reference local television station photographer who Minneapolis police shot with a rubber bullet and then arrested. Reference the peaceful residents who Minneapolis police shot with pepper and/or paint balls for peaceably standing on their front porch.

        c) Minneapolis police repeatedly threaten to arrest peaceable people for exercising their inalienable rights to stand, travel, observe, and protest — for violating “curfew”.

        I ardently support police who righteously investigate and arrest vandals, thieves, thugs, child molesters, rapists, and murderers. I cannot support the gross malfeasance that I am seeing in Minneapolis. If Minneapolis or Minnesota do not immediately clean house — and I mean REALLY clean house — in the Minneapolis police department, then the people of Minneapolis and Minnesota should. In the simplest of terms, We the People have absolutely ZERO obligation to tolerate such blatant, repeated, and rampant criminal behavior from the Minneapolis police.

        • Rest assured police officers get fired all the time. Perhaps that means there is someone who does the hiring that needs to be replaced. Or perhaps the standards for hire are too high. You’ve got to have this much education and that much background and pass a polygraph obviously is not working. Perhaps the standards for hire are keeping average people who can communicate with average people from becoming police officers.
          What the paintball cop needs to remember is one of his coworkers is sitting in jail without a job and pot to pee in because he violated a man’s rights across the board. Cop fired at home owner on their porch and there is evidence and witnesses to what was said cop is in trouble.

        • Debbie:
          I’ve long thought that police officer candidates should be psychologically profiled before being hired.

        • Most patriots don’t live in these inner city dumps; they are in the countryside because they like peace, privacy, and simply don’t want to be bothered.

        • Information for All: Please read the following and encourage victims, or non-victims, to start pushing back using what you see.

          • Section 242 of Title 18 makes it a crime for a person acting under color of any law to willfully deprive a person of a right or privilege protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States.
          For the purpose of Section 242, acts under “color of law” include acts not only done by federal, state, or local officials within their lawful authority, but also acts done beyond the bounds of that official’s lawful authority, if the acts are done while the official is purporting to or pretending to act in the performance of his/her official duties. Persons acting under color of law within the meaning of this statute include police officers, prisons guards and other law enforcement officials, as well as judges, care providers in public health facilities, and others who are acting as public officials. It is not necessary that the crime be motivated by animus toward the race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin of the victim.
          The offense is punishable by a range of imprisonment up to a life term, or the death penalty, depending upon the circumstances of the crime, and the resulting injury, if any.
          TITLE 18, U.S.C., SECTION 242
          Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, … shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

        • I’m partially happy that cops are now delivering some police brutality. Smashing journalists and pepper balling people in their home doorways. What the cops should have done is said, “Nope. Not doing it. Patrol the streets yourselves you cowardly losers.” Have fun. Then let the degenerate leftist sleaze burn all they hold dear to the ground while they cower in their homes doing nothing. The truth is, those people are wholly dependent upon the cops they spit on. They probably shouldn’t forget that. And if they don’t like the police brutality, particularly when mobs of lawless felons are burning your city to the ground, then they can STFU and go police the streets themselves.

        • Can someone please explain to me why patriots should not be walking the streets of Minneapolis and clearing out the Minneapolis police today?

          Because none of them are going to do it. Who is going to clear the rioting sleaze from the street? You? Me? Best to just stop complaining and let them do it.

        • I see the police attitude here as “All of you guys claim you don’t like our methods. You claim we are brutal. You hate us. Fine. We will inflict upon you, that which you accused us of inflicting. And if you don’t like it – you can come out here and do this job we are doing. Yeah – that’s what I thought.”

          “War is the remedy that our enemies have chosen, and I say let us give them all they want.”
          – General William T. Sherman

    • The actions of the police officers are indefensible and likely unlawful. Well, and pretty stupid. Antifa burns a Target. The cops sweep the residential neighborhoods for soccer moms. And, “light them up.” Has someone seen some 80s cop movie too many times? Does he yearn to be an Apache pilot in Afghanistan? WTF?

      That said, how many of Tanya’s friends were dressed in all black?

    • In Blue States and Sanctuary Cities ONLY.

      Blue Moon, you left me standing alone,
      Without a song in my heart,
      Without my business…

    • These days, most of them are. Appointed by virtue signaling mayors or city councils. Ability to do the job be damned.

    • Republicans wanted the police to be heavy handed and light them up. They got what they asked for. You know when the looting starts the shooting starts?

      • “Now, we’re getting them [criminals] out anyway, but we’d like to get them out a lot faster, and when you see these towns and when you see these thugs being thrown into the back of a paddy wagon, you just see them thrown in, rough, I said, please don’t be too nice. Like when you guys put somebody in the car and you’re protecting their head, you know, the way you put their hand over, like, don’t hit their head and they’ve just killed somebody. Don’t hit their head. I said, you can take the hand away, okay?“

  1. Why are they enforcing the law in the areas where there isn’t a problem. Shouldn’t they be dealing with the rioters?

    • They weren’t enforcing the law.

      The law very clearly states that even under curfew, citizens have every right to be on their porches.

      It’s even specifically called out in the FAQ about the curfew order.

      The police were and are being brutal thugs.

      • The curfew is unlawful itself regardless of the rioting. This country including the Supreme Court has truly lost its mind. They just upheld Newsomes church capacity ban as lawful.

        • False, governments have the authority to impose a curfew during times of civil unrest. The Constitution is not a suicide pact.

        • TDI, yes, it is. Fundamentally, at its core, a suicide pact is exactly what the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Bill of Rights are. They spell out exactly what the government is allowed to do, and the violent remedy for when it steps out of line.
          It says “this is what we are willing to kill and die for.”

        • Sorry, JW it is not. That is why there is an Article I, Section 9. Habeas Corpus can be suspended during an Invasion or insurrection. If you suspend Habeas Corpus you have effectively neutered the Bill of Rights since you lose your recourse to the courts for the duration.

        • TDI, you’ve missed the point of the documents, and the rebellion they stemmed from, entirely. There’s no court to petition to in an unjust government in the first place.
          If an agent of the government can assault you, peaceably assembled on your own property, without legal recourse, then it’s time to renew the rebellion.
          We have yet to see if this particular instance is without legal recourse.

        • JW: We are governed by the Constitution not the Declaration of Independence. The same people who signed on to latter wrote the former. The Declaration was a justification for seperation from the UK. They put in Article Section 9 to insure that Constitution was not a suicide pact. They even put provision to peacefully change governing institutions either by amendment or convention.

          Next you will be telling me that secession was about minded principal instead of slavery.

        • If your rights can be suspended in a time of civil unrest, then you don’t have rights, you have permissions. I don’t recall the COTUS mentioning anything about rights being suspend-able.

          The Civil war / secession was indeed about states rights to leave the union and the north was perfectly willing to go along with it. They encouraged that the southern states leave peaceably and without war, up until the bean counters mentioned that the southern states would be taking 1/3rd of the US economy with them and all of that additional tax revenue. The south left because they were tired of being taxed into oblivion.

          Protip, roughly 1% of the population, rich plantation owners, owned slaves. The rest of the south hated slavery because it cheapened labor, drove down the cost of goods, and the people were sick and tied of being forced by law to assemble posses to chase down escaped slaves.

          Don’t try to revise history. States have the same unalienable right to secede from the union as the US had to secede from England. That right is unalienable and a war doesn’t change it, hence, UNALIENABLE.

        • TDI, no, I’ve repeatedly said the opposite, and don’t change the subject out of desperation. You’ve turned the Constitution into a Bill of Sale. The founders didn’t create a new government and then sell themselves into slavery.
          They did make a government and a peaceful way to change it. And they also wrote, and showed, exactly what to do when that doesn’t work.
          A suicide pact, what we kill and die for, is exactly what they created.

        • Someone should have thrown some dummy grenades into the pack of stormtroopers(from cover). There’d have been a lot of pooped cop pants.

        • You are wrong. If you thought they were using bullets, you can use self defense.

        • Paintballs or pepper balls can certainly cause great bodily injury.

          Shoot me with a paintball gun I’m going to shoot back with a real gun.

        • The keyboard commandos are out on force. Cops see a gun and they are going to light you up and you know it so you are just going meekly into your house.

        • @tdiinva

          They were using less lethal weapons. The weapons used can still kill if shot at the body or face when they are close like that, hence why they shot them in the leg. They know their weapons can kill, it’s in their training.

          But we all know if you attack the cops back you will increase your chances of being killed if not get yourself killed. The people standing by yelling at the cops to stop killing George Floyd knew that, which is why they didn’t save him.

    • No, it is outside police training and responsibility to place themselves at risk to arrest rioters and looters. Far safer for them to apply force where the troubles are not. That way they are “doing something” and can claim to have suppressed the violence at great personal risk.

      This is the same class of behavior that started this trouble in the first place.

      • The Minneapolis police need to do some house cleaning. Bad. And they need a new PR person, someone who will tell rank and file officers and upper brass alike that shooting homeowners who are minding their own business on private property and arresting reporters for covering the news IS NOT A GOOD LOOK, IDIOTS.

        • Those guys are wannabe soldiers who couldn’t get into the military or won’t. So any chance they can pretend to be Rambo, and roll through town in a APC all kitted up they will.

    • @Kyle—>> “Why are they enforcing the law in the areas where there isn’t a problem.”?

      It’s safer there!

    • Of course, but the dumbass cops are afraid to go there – they prefer to harass law biding citizens.

    • The military and the police were scared of the rioters. Some people had guns. So they actively avoided them, allowing for many more buildings (and random cars) to be set on fire. They would hold a certain intersection then leave. It was all for show. Once the rioters were finished burning down what they wanted the police enforced the curfew on random residents and media. They went after non armed people and submissive people that had nothing to do with the situation.

      That’s what cowards do. They go after the weak prey.

      We already know what cops think of us and the culture they have. That’s why young people rioted in the first place. It only proves their point, their plan was successful. Those kids are smarter than they get credit for. The youth really wanted the government to use lethal force so they could have martyrs for the cause. So far they haven’t gotten their ideal outcome.

      I heard the government say they were very aware of the plan to get the government to use lethal force. The government decided to let people fight the cops in ways that would usually get them shot for attempting.

      Now the question is what are the youth going to do without their martyrs? Are they going to quit their current strategy and wait for the elections or are they going to change tactics?

        • The plan was to kill cops and soldiers when they used lethal force. They tried hard to get the government to shoot some young people to spark larger conflict.

        • I get the feeling that the sign language lady(?) is saying something completely different than the speaker.

      • You are under the mistaken belief that the police set the policies they operate under. Which brings to mind your failure to provide the details of your long career in law enforcement. One longs to hear from experts such as yourself rather the mere Antifa blowhards.

        • “The lack of clarity and the lack of a mission and the description of what exactly the Minnesota National Guard needed to do.” — Major General, Jon A. Jensen

        • Every man has to decide if he will “follow orders” or follow his own moral compass. Way too many just follow orders. Same thing we hanged a bunch of German and Jap boys for.

  2. Reminds me of the sheriff’s deputies in the small town I grew up in. They were afraid to go after the drug dealers and bad dudes, but had no problem going after someone for committing some little class c misdemeanor who is otherwise a law abiding citizen… while on the clock being paid by your tax dollars; trained and equipped with your tax dollars.

    • THat describes Cook County, IL exactly. You can rape, rob and pillage with relative impunity. But heaven help you if you’re a law-abiding gun owner who jaywalks.

      Or… like the kid from Colorado with zero criminal record who had an uncased rifle under the passenger seat in his truck while on the way to the Carolinas to see friends. He didn’t get an “affordable” bail or released on his own recognizance as countless felons from Chicago do. Not only did he have to pony up 10k if I recall, but the judge ordered him to appear IN PERSON for every court appearance. All the way from Colorado.

      • Methinks there’s more to the story that you’re not telling us, right? If something is out of sight and under a passenger seat, and the driver is traveling thru the state toward a distant destination, then how in the world would LE know what’s under his seat? LE has never known what’s under the seat of any vehicles I’ve ever owned or driven.

        • The kid was probably one of those ones taught if they don’t have anything to hide they should let the police search their car and don’t make it hard on the police because they are just doing their jobs.

        • Which further begs the question I was implying…WHY was a LEO in his vehicle in the first place? Was he speeding, get pulled over, and found to be intoxicated? Did he run a red light, get pulled over, and mouth off to the cop, resulting in an escalation that led to him being handcuffed and his vehicle impounded? Did he run a red light and hit a cop car while smelling like weed?

          Something’s missing here.

        • That elusive “broken tail light”, “I smell weed”, “nothing to hide, nothing to fear”, “We will arrest you and charge you with XYX made up BS if you don’t comply”

          IHAQ, Cops don’t need reasons anymore, they go phishing. Oh, and they just might break your tail light too, just so its actually broke. There is a reason why they are some of the most hated people on earth now. They are no longer about justice and keeping the peace, they are a terror to good people.

          I actively go out of my way to stay as far away from the blue blood gang members as I can. If I catch a glimpse of one in a store, I go to the other end of the store and keep notes on their location. Nothing good can come from even being near one.

        • Cops all across the country are well known for targeting out of state tags. I-40 down in Tennessee is notorious for being a stop and seize corridor. They usually target cars with west coast plates heading west. That way they claim they can seize the drug money.

          Have you never seen the Youtube film “Breakfast in Collinsville”?

          Discovery over the lawsuit brought out that cops in Collinsville Illinois were marking out of state tags in hotel parking lots with pot. Just so they could get their drug dogs to signal.

  3. Something’s badly wrong with cops in Minnesota, it surely seems. They sure keep stepping on their johnsons with alarming and sometimes deadly regularity.

    You shoot me in my doorway and at best you’re going to have a lawsuit.

      • Those young white people need to learn their place. When given an unlawful order they most obey like the tax slaves they are or else. Comply or die, citizens.


    • You’d probably form an emotional bond and make excuses for them like you did with the Trump administration when they took you for a ride

      • Yeah you been putting too much THC into your body and it made you into a retard. Suppose that is Trumps fault too and not your bad lifes decisions.

      • Yeah, looks like all those cops are overweight white guys. I think they fired their only Asian… I haven’t seen a black cop yet. Well, I did see a photo of 1 black guy on the force, there has to be more.

        I heard someone say that ~70% of cops in America are white and only ~6% are black. I do know most cops are white males.

  4. Dude, you can’t look directly at the popo, that’s like questioning their dominance. Look down at your feet, legs together, toes pointed inward. Maybe sob a bit.

    • You forgot getting down on your knees to grovel and begging for salvation while sticking your butts in the air to assert submission.

      • Yes, because the police have a right to feel safe. Their job is hard enough. We’d be worse off without them.

        • No! They don’t have the right to feel safe if it means stepping on someone else’s rights. THEY’RE the one’s who signed up for a dangerous job. If they want to feel safe CPA is a good career choice. But you are correct that we’re much better off with them around.

        • NO they don’t have the right to feel safe if it means trampling a citizens rights! THEY’RE the ones who knowingly signed up for a dangerous job. If they wanted to feel safe CPA is a good career choice. But you are correct that we’re better off having them than not. Just gotta dump the bad ones.

        • “…the police have a right to feel safe.”
          No. No one has a “right to feel” anything. Feelings are very subjective and can’t be granted by other people.
          Police work is inherently dangerous. Not nearly as dangerous as many other occupations, but still dangerous. That danger is included in their pay. What they feel is their own inner personal problem.

        • Nobody has a ‘right’ to ‘feel safe’. That’s utterly asinine. Everyone has a right to secure the means and utilize them to ensure their own safety. Feeling safe is actually complacency and generally makes you less safe.

        • Garbage men, fishermen ,construction workers, and farmers all have higher rates of injury than police officers. The police officers just have better unions.

  5. Whoa, hold on there buddy! These victims are white people. But we’ve been told that police only do this because they don’t like your skin color (when it isn’t white). So, what you’re proving here is that there’s such a thing as incompetence or even malice unrelated to skin color. Wow, what a revelation! I’m sure democrats will now start focusing on the real problem instead of the imaginary one. Right, right??

    • I have been hearing from them that when they [law enforcement] do it to non whites they know they will get away with it, thus they tend to beat/mistreat non whites more than whites. I think they even cite a Harvard study that shows white people get shot more by police but non whites get beat more. Black people are pointing out that non whites don’t get the same fair treatment with the justice system because the majority of America does not care about them do to the fact whites do not see themselves when they see a black face or an Asian face. They also cite studies that show physiologically when humans identify with a person they show more compassion to those people.

      When I see a white American get harmed by police I feel the same way when I see an Asian or a black American being violated. Hell, they don’t even need to be American or human. I even care when the cops mess with animals.

        • Why did the government ban Chinese from immigrating to the U.S. and put Japanese into concentration camps and stole their land to give to white people? Those Asians have to be horrible for America to limit the number of Asians entering America. They are only about 6% of the population but the majority of people in the world.

          Why does Trump choose to allow more Europeans into the country than east Asians? Wouldn’t America be better off with a lot more east Asians? When the war was over they brought former Nazis into America to help.

        • Old news dumbass.

          Asians are the new Jews. Quotas for top colleges because they don’t gangbang.

    • Yep and they spent themselves into oblivion, just like we are doing right now. Get ready for inflation that will make your head spin.

      • “Rusty – time for RGB to go – Chains”

        Russ, shouldn’t that be …for RBG to go… (Ruth Bader Ginsburg) ? 🙂

    • And I bet you aren’t old enough to have direct knowledge of the Rodney King riots, let alone 1968. In ’68 the 82nd set up machine guns on the Capital grounds.

      • The government did a lot of crazy shit, but it was mostly against the minorities. Now they go after everyone.

        • Let me translate your comment 8nto plain English. “I am a 20 something and think history started when I was 7.’

      • The first one appeared to be a black woman holding her hands up saying “hands up, don’t shoot” as she stood far away from police with a sign saying “Where is the love?” when she was shot in the T zone.

        Here is another one, but she was far enough away. She survived.

        • Cops and rioters are all criminals, were is the militia? Cops intentionally target faces and genitals with “less lethal” in an attempt to maim.

        • @arc

          These government enforcers are criminals. Hate filled criminals. They behave like Chinese cops.

        • @Chief Sounds about right. Cops are cowards and go after soft targets.

          If they had any spine at all, they would take on the crowds India style and just start whipping people with batons and tear gas until they dispersed.

      • I just saw 2 more people shot in the head with rubber bullets. One white man, one black kid. The black kid was shot in the eye. The white man was shot in the forehead.

        The California police are foaming at the mouth for some kills. One officer is taunting people before he shoots them, he is “getting some” when ordered to shoot people. They appear to be white cops shooting mostly black people in the face.

        Shit is going to get real if they keep shooting people in the face with rubber bullets. Someone is going to start shooting cops with FMJs.

  6. What I see are a lot of “police officers” that need some jail time, and not as jailers. Frankly, it is not surprising that many city residents view the police as more of an occupying army than “peace officers” aiding the community.

    • They call themselves “law enforcement” now. They no longer refer to themselves as “peace officers” even though the paperwork still uses that. Eventually they will be a federalized police force so the government doesn’t have to call them military.

      They’re just following orders, it’s their job. To protect and serve the politicians.

    • “Ugh. This is *facepalm* level stoopid.”

      I hope they lawyer-up on their asses…

      • Let’s hear what the big boss man has to say. I wonder what kind of logic is going to spew out…

  7. First, yes this is stupid field leadership.
    Second we already knew the MPD suffered from poor leadership starting at the top.
    Third we already knew the MPD had poorly trained cops with zero awareness for cameras.

    Having said all of this, put yourself in day 4 of a major violent riot. You yell over and over to people on their porch to get inside and they don’t. You have seeN rioters running on to porches to blend in.

    I don’t condemn those cops, they are exhausted and been attacked by locals for 4 days.
    People should have heeded the cops and got inside. Then go outside when the cops passed by. That would have helped de-escalate that situation. De-escalation is the game at day 4 of a major urban riot.

    • “You yell over and over to people on their porch to get inside and they don’t.”

      Sorry buddy, I get to stand anywhere I want on my own property.

      • Thank God I live on 11 acres and it’s 45 miles away from a city. I will sit on my porch any damned time I want. If some idiot can’t read the sign at my gate……..

      • I’m of the same opinion. On my property which I own, not some bank, i will stand wherever i want whenever i want. Anyone attacking me or trespassing will be neutralized immediately. Private property is just that

      • A free man can do as he pleases, it’s his castle.

        The European Americans make claim to have invented private property in the Americas, thus the government has no right to order people around when they are on their own property. Or was this “private property” concept just a way to steal land from the natives?

        • It’s only private property if you can hold it. Should have fought harder.

        • @BeringLandBridge

          That’s not how private property works. You are talking just like the looters and rioters that destroyed Minneapolis. They use the word “expropriate” to justify their stealing.

          You must be a white supremacist that pretends to be a Christian.

          Do unto others as you would want done unto you.

          6. You shall not murder.
          8. You shall not steal.
          10. You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, nor his male servant, nor his female servant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor’s.

    • “…stupid field leadership…”

      I don’t think so, they’re following orders from their bosses who are following orders from the mayor who is following orders from the Democratic Party which is following orders from creeps like Soros and probably everyone’s favorite community organizer, Obama.

    • The rioting was focused on the city businesses and government not residential. The rioters did not want to push the civilians to favor the police. Guess what the police did. Well, you don’t have to, you saw it for yourself.

  8. What the hell is going on!!! Shaves if Boston after the Patriots Day bombing. This was clearly a residential neighborhood with no sign of any civil disturbance. This damn nonsense had to stop! I come from a NYPD family and my father was a DCI and my brother in law was a First Grade Detective. Both have been critical of the training for years. The physiological checks and Training in patrol tactics have slid and many of the recruits are mentally unsuitable for the job. Drastic changes are needed

  9. The overall leftist plan seems to be that of the Plains Indian tribes’ “Contraries.” Liberals are doing everything exactly the opposite of the way it should be done, and that is now their preferred method of causing as many problems as possible.

  10. How were the cops supposed to know that those people on their porches didn’t have guns that they were getting ready to use? The first step of using a gun is to look at your target. Better safe than sorry, pre-emptive lighting up with pepper balls. It’s not even lethal force. Sound law enforcement, make sure the brave officers go hone safe after their shift.

    • So what if people on their porch have guns it’s their right. It’s an unlawful order I will not comply with. As far as pepper balls,paint balls and rubber bullets I consider that assault and will act accordingly.

    • “Pre-emptive nonlethal force” on someone who isn’t a threat of such is called “assault and battery”, or in some cases “aggravated assault”.

      • It’s just a little pepper-balling. Maybe when this is all sorted out the local government can give those people free tickets to a local sporting event as a little “thank you” for their troubles. That way everybody wins.

        • These cops are professionals, no one is even alleging that anyone was shot in the eye. Let’s try to stick to the facts and not make up things to be outraged about, ok?

        • Your kids ever play on your front porch?

          How about I come by and pepper bowl their ass, you’d be fine with that, right?

          Don’t worry, I’ll give you a couple tickets to the tractor pull next weekend.

        • It looked like adults in the video miner49r, would you Trumpkins quit making up stuff to be outraged about. Bunch of histrionics.

        • No you won’t.
          The first sign of danger, you’d curl up into the fetal position and start whining and pi$$ing yourself, like the weak, limp-wristed keyboard warrior you are.

    • This is astronomically stupid behavior on their part.

      If your goal is law and order you want the people in such a neighborhood to turn against agitators and look at the police as being the neighborhoods friends. This kind of behavior is how you appear to the locals as an occupying force to be resisted.

      • People need to find a love of social order within themselves. Let us not dump responsibility for that upon the shoulders of these brave officers. Their job is hard enough already

      • I think you are dealing with one of the DNC trolls that TTAG management wants to ignore. Clicks are clicks afterall.

      • ” This kind of behavior is how you appear to the locals as an occupying force to be resisted.”

        Curious, how do think that response would have been received (and reported on) had that happened in the ‘hood?

        • I’d imagine that it varies from locale to locale. Where I used to live the immediate reaction would just be to say “fuck the cops” and deny the police any intel the community might have (not that this would be a big departure from normal, but it would be refusal “with gusto” ROFL).

          If they pushed it far enough you’d probably end up with a major disturbance somewhere that drew the cops away from their station and then it would get burned down.

          You’d have to push it pretty far before “the AKs come out” but… at some point it would result in drivebys on cops, like those guys who killed the Federal Protective Service agents in Cali. I’ve said before that bangers are not stupid. Well, they’re not the brightest in most cases but they’re not dumb enough to try to go toe-to-toe with the cops. Bangers would hit and run that shit, like they already do to each other, because it’s what they know and because they know a slug-fest with the cops is something they’d lose.

          Now, that might be different today honestly. Back in 2017 we discussed ANTIFA at length here and I wrote a comment that Boch picked up ( ).

          Note the end of what I said. That’s where we started on this one, and that’s a problem.

          It’s also true that ANTIFA has become better at what they *do*. They’ve obviously learned quite a bit from various sources, notably Euro BlackBloc, Palestinians and even from the German RAF. I don’t think they’re really *that* good at it, I mean I think they’ll get ripped up by this terror org designation, but they’ve certainly gotten better since 2017.

          Their ability to send people in to lay the groundwork for the taking of Precinct 3 in Minneapolis shows this. They’re not just probing for weaknesses any more, they’re creating and exploiting weaknesses by sending in “sappers” in advance. That is certainly a change in tactics and strategy from just shooting fireworks at cops to provoke a reaction and then rush a barricade elsewhere. Now they’ve weakened the barricades in advance.

        • “Their ability to send people in to lay the groundwork for the taking of Precinct 3 in Minneapolis shows this.”

          Like this :

          “”It’s A Setup”: Mysterious Brick Piles Appear Throughout Major Protest Cities”

          Personally, I won’t shed a tear if the gas-mask Black Bloc thugs start getting attacked, especially since Antifa got the official terror designation…

        • The brick thing is interesting but it’s not like cities don’t have lots of construction and repair so that could be that “pattern seeking” I talk about all the time. I’m not saying that it is but I haven’t seen enough evidence to convince me that the people talking about the staging of bricks aren’t just jumping to a conclusion that they want.

          All that said, would I be surprised if they were staged? At this point, no. Nothing would surprise me at this point. Well, nothing other than all this shit suddenly stopping on a dime for no apparent reason… which I would take as clear evidence that I’d just had a stroke.

          What is clear from the videos is that they sent people into cut fences and weaken barricades in advance. That’s absolutely documented with a 0.00% chance of being anything accidental. It’s new.

      • Appear to be an occupying force? Come on… You got enough evidence by now.

        It’s time to return the power to the people so the government doesn’t shoot the kids with 40mm less lethal for exercising their property rights and their 1st Amendment.

        • The “people” you reference don’t have a clue what to do with the “power.”

    • THC

      Are you a retard?

      Laws are for all of us.

      Cops breaking the law are outlaws. Are you really advocating even more qualified immunity?

      It is that sense of cop entitlement that led to the Floyd murder. And you want more of that?


      • Qualified immunity only applies to the lawful execution of duty. That is why Chauvin has been arrested and charged.

  11. For days the police in Minneapolis retreated during the riots, but once the National Guard came in they suddenly found the courage to march down residential streets and dominate peaceful NON-PROTESTERS to remind people who is in charge.

    That’s Nazi Germany police state tyranny, the type of stuff the founders made the 2nd amendment what it is.

    • Don’t insult the Nazis. They came right for you. More like third world banana republic level of behavior.

  12. I’m sure this might draw some hate but in some ways it’s not all the cops fault for having to respond this way. The Mayor forced them to stand down the first night and “give the protesters their space.” They took total control and now the cops have to take it back (if they can) and they’re having to be way more forceful than they otherwise would have had to be. This video is stupid, granted, but if the mayor hadn’t been such a cowardly pushover, it might not have gotten to this point. To be clear though, if I’m on my porch and someone yells at me to get inside, I’m on my private property, you don’t have a right to shoot anything at me. Whichever idiot yelled “light em up” is obviously living out his call of duty fantasies to the best of his reduced mental abilities.

    • The secret plan was to get cops to use extreme levels of violence to create martyrs. The leftist mayor knew that because he is from the left. So the mayor did a very calculated decision to prevent the death the white males were planning to achieve when they setup the rioting and looting. Trump fell right into the trap until the intel agencies told him he was being stupid.

  13. Why do cops do stupid shit like this? Why? Because they can , that’s why. Any law they break, any abuse they dish out is absolved by Qualified Immunity. All they have to say is they were just following orders and that they believed that what they were doing was lawful. Many know full well what they are doing is wrong, but as long as they don’t admit to knowing, they are free to do as they please without any repercussions. Just like the rioters out trashing the city, they know they will most likely get away with it so they run with the “let’s have some fun while we can” mentality

  14. So the Minneapolis police weren’t humbled by these riots in any way?

    Wonder if they’re going to double down after this blows over.

    • Yup, all we have to do is wait a few weeks and we’ll be seeing video of Minneapolis police shoving broken plungers up Black men’s asses and shooting handcuffed suspects execution style.

      The MPD is a rotten cesspool of corrupt cops and you’d have to be a moron to think that just because some cops were fired, one was charged with murder, and a few buildings got burned is going to change that department.

      The only way MPD begins to be fixed is when the entire department is disbanded and restarted with new officers.

      • They were not always like that. In other words, you can only fix it by abolishing all police departments and returning to constitutional law enforcement known as the sheriff’s office. Oh, and make qualified immunity illegal and make a lot of laws that punish law enforcement more for crimes they commit than the average citizen gets punished. And make use of deadly force only limited to self defense like it is for non law enforcement.

    • Not wanting police to shoot at you, even if it is just non lethal, on your own private property makes you an ancap? What if they shoot you in the cuck?

        • dw
          Stfu your the cuck troll. Real men know when and how to use violence to protect their own.

        • You’re fun. Honestly never heard the term ancap until today. I’m a public school teacher and 50-75% of my family is either military, first responders, or fellow teachers. I’m a big fan of our societal pillars bro, and most of them are strong, built on the backs of hard working men and women. I don’t, however, understand your willingness to call people who have no desire to be shot at ancaps, or “cucks” for that matter. Unless it is merely to illicit a response. In which case I’ve fallen into your trap 🙂
          Enjoy life sir. You only get one.
          Now, I’ve got some governments to destabilize and some bridges to hide under. Apparently.

    • Conservatives are such entitled parasites it’s disgusting. Expecting others to go broke, get hurt and put in cages standing up to the cops that they encouraged to get out of hand for decades, thinking it would only affect minorities, immigrants, deviants and criminals. What goes around comes around, they might think they’re special but lol, think the real elite care if you live in the burbs and have a US flag sticker on your CUV?

  15. Yeah, get back to me when ordinary Americans start dragging these jackboots out of their patrol cars and execute them on the asphalt. Whining about their criminality on the Internet doesn’t really cut it.

    • Yeah. Get back to me when this ANCAP cuck can actually walk up a flight of stairs without getting out of breath.
      In the meantime, all he can do to prove his manhood is post drivel like this behind an anonymous sock puppet account, like the sniveling coward he is.

      • *looks out from underneath bridge.”
        Just say the word you mean to say bro, cuck just sounds like you’re dealing with the past betrayal of a significant other and projecting the pain on those with whom you disagree.
        *disappears back under bridge*

  16. Let me say this…no one else here notice the news guy was dressed in all black (LIKE THE RIOTERS?)

    that is why he dumb ass got shot at!

    • You haven’t seen the compilation of media being attacked by the youths?

      Here is a little taste of why the media had to put on a disguise.

      • “You haven’t seen the compilation of media being attacked by the youths?”

        They can’t risk their faces being inadvertently on camera.

        If one gets ID’d by the cops, they could rat out their ‘cell’ by turning state’s evidence. So, make the press too afraid to get close enough to record their faces…

        • The media put on disguises to blend in and not get attacked.

          The kids are live streaming their rioting and looting. They take selfies with the military while talking shit to them. They recorded themselves riding on a stolen police horse. They streamed themselves beating cops.

  17. They’re not man enough to shoot at the rioters, so they shoot at innocents. Pu$$ies and soy boys, in a city and state run by effeminate pseudo-men.

  18. Wellllll…last summer we had armed po-leece run through our yard(guns drawn) chasing a carjacker. Making a “shush” motion. And I had my AR ready & pistols too. Probably better armed than the gungho 20 something cop’s…at least until an AR carrying older fat cop showed up a few minutes later. Minnasoooota po-leece pepper ball good folks? Time to shoot back…

  19. ‘During the arrest, they forced him onto the ground.’

    Well at least (presumably) they didn’t put their knees on his neck until he suffocated, so as far as the MPD is concerned the officers were probably showing incredible restraint.

  20. When police shoot pepper balls and rubber bullets at the residents at their front doors, on their own porches, and doing the same to reporters and camera crews who are where the police told them to be, this is when the cops are having their own riot. They are now out of control, practicing their own form of anarchy and rage.

    Even with these crimes by police on video, none will be arrested or punished. This reinforces every bad opinion about all cops, adding fuel to the existing fire.

    Naturally neither the police unions nor the local politicians will do anything about it. They will spin yarns to defend officer brutality, stretch out any investigations until they think the public has forgotten and embrace their own narratives to feel good about all their screw-ups.

    • Is so-called ANTIFA even an organization? Seems to be a label that various left-wing fascists use to try to give legitimacy to their thuggish actions, rather than any actual organized movement.

      • They have a strategy book from Europe. However, regardless of connections with Europeans, they do not work as an official organization to prevent designations and arrests under such laws. They learned from what happened to the Black Panther Party. Trump cannot declare generation millennial and Z as domestic terrorists.

        The people do have a right to have a revolution if the government continues to break the laws of the land.

  21. Jail a woman for opening her nail salon, or shoot at innocents on their front porches, but let the anarchists, terrorist, and savages run wild.

    Good job!

    • They are scared right now, very scared. They don’t want a boogaloo kicking off. They are trying to put on a show while not engaging with lethal force against the people that will start the boogaloo with the Hawaiian shirts.

      The government is not scared of Republicans protesting the house arrests because they know the right wingers are all show and no go.

  22. Any thoughtful observation and objective analysis of many/most blue-state governors, blue-city mayors—and the police they control—during the lockdown up to and in the wake of the George Floyd killing, should make any “sane” person scared to death to vote for a liberal ever again. It illustrates clearly what the U.S. would be without a 2nd Amendment and these lunatics in control.

  23. One thing is for certain. The dems have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt they cannot run a .gov. Trump needs to send federal troops into any dem run city or state and evict those folks from their offices. Put federal appointees in charge and start a rebuilding process.

    Allowing dems to vote is like handing a fully loaded and off safe AK to a chimpanzee.

    • That’s not the worst idea I’ve ever heard.

      Treat every liberal run shithole city like the did Phenix City in 1954.

    • That’s exactly what the white boys in masks want. They want Trump to be the dictator they have been saying he is since 2016. That will legitimize their fight and push people to be sympathetic to the cause. The figure that’s how they will win.

      My older family members didn’t hate Trump at the beginning, now they do. The left and ANTIFA has done a good job of story telling. They hate Trump for what he did to the economy with the tariffs and pandemic orders. Now they are pissed at his reaction to the protesting (now riots). They rather have Biden as the next president. One of them said Trump is trying to turn America into Mexico by sending out the military to deal with police corruption issues that sparked civil unrest — I had a long conversation with him about that. They were really pissed at Trump and called him names. It wasn’t like that for Bush nor Obama.

  24. Is it time to close the police departments and fire these donut-chomping pension-grubbers? Couldn’t we just DEPUTIZE and arm Americans?

    • We can transition back to the sheriff office and militias. However, it’s almost impossible because Republicans support the police state and military.

    • Could we just Deputize and are Americans? I think you would quickly get tired of that too. I already have a full time job and I don’t care about other people drama, dealing with drunks, homeless folks, the mentally ill and suicidal, those who always need the “government” in their failure of a life…

  25. Congratulations to the cops for being consistent @ssh0les. And congratulations to white people for finally understanding that fearing cops isn’t just a black thing.

  26. The fact that four cops stood around while their buddy kneeled on the neck of someone in their custody in obvious distress clearly hints that they have done it before and had nothing to fear from the observers Sidebar: realize, USA unions started in MN. I am betting no politician in MN can get elected with the police union backing them.

    But try this on…the police get intel that antifa is forming up in such & such neighborhood. They rush to the area, form a skirmish line and head down the street. They see people gathered in front of houses dressed in standard antifa garb of black jeans, sweatshirts, hoodies, hats & masks (check that video again). Cops yell “get back in the house” multiple times but the people don’t move. “Light ’em up” is next.

    We saw one side, but a telltale that I saw was the antifa getups they were wearing. Just wondering who set those cops up…we already know they were ripe for that little optics ambush.

  27. What worries me most is the arrogance and stupidity of these cops attacking the wrong people en masse. Which is now what is happening. I’d be fine with them busting heads of looters and arsonists but now they are going after every warm body they can target.

    Why this worries me is what it could lead to, which is citizens shooting back and not with rubber bullets or pepper balls. It would not be many people, it never is. The scene would be some outraged few starting to snipe at cops. They’d get swarmed and wiped out of course, but the damage of that police rage versus citizen rage would be huge. Add another level to how bad it has already become.

    Not advocating or wanting people to retaliate against these now rioting police with their own guns, just worried it could go that way.

    • I think it comes from frustration too, they are at the receiving end when the thugs throw stuff at them and cops are ordered to back off. I am certainly not saying this is okay, it’s criminal (use of force against innocents), immorale, and pire cowardice

    • It already has at least twice. One cop is dead. They made an arrest of two gunmen trying to snipe a cop with an AR-15. The feds have told the military to load up with live rounds and watch their backs.

      However, I am hearing the tactics are going to change. The mayor of Minneapolis ruined their original plan. I have no clue what they are going to do right now. It looks like they are going to wait until the elections to start something bigger.

      I don’t remember how many people were killed so far. The plan wasn’t to have people die from shop owners nor drivers on the road, but that is what happened. They wanted the government to do the killing.

  28. ““I want to be very, very clear,” Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said during the press conference. “The people that are doing this are not Minneapolis residents. They are coming in largely from outside of this city, outside of the region, to prey on everything we have built over the last several decades.”

    And this was a lie.

    ” The overwhelming majority of people arrested in connection with the Minneapolis unrest have Minnesota addresses, a search of the online Hennepin County Jail log shows.

    Of the 45 people arrested for rioting, unlawful assembly, stolen property, burglary or robbery on May 29 and May 30 so far, 38 had Minnesota addresses, according to publicly available jail records reviewed by FOX 9.
    Fires still burning after riots in Minneapolis Friday night

    Fires are still burning after riots in Minneapolis Friday night, as members of the National Guard hold spots throughout the city.

    Six had out-of-state addresses, and one person didn’t have address information listed.

    City and state officials have repeatedly said over the past day that most rioters are from out of state. Gov. Tim Walz said Saturday morning that as many as 80 percent of the people were outsiders…”

    • This is just par for the course left-wing gaslighting. They also claim that white supremacist groups were the outside agitators, when anyone with two eyes can see plainly that the most destructive thugs are “Antifa” members.

        • First of all, that statement was in the very same breath that he said that they were all “out of state” (a lie).

          Second, if you parse the sentence: “He said some of the 40 arrests made in the Twin Cities Friday night were of people linked to white supremacist groups and organized crime.”

          First of all, how do they know? Since his other statement was completely false, I’m not sure there’s any credence due this one. Secondly, what does he count as “organized crime”? If One guy had ties to some white supremacist group and 39 were crips his statement would be technically correct and deeply misleading, but liable to lead directly to just that sort of headline.

        • The mayors can “say” whatever they like…they’re already wrong 18% of arrested are not local. As for white supremacists …this fits the bill for ANY problem. The fact that many or most are young white (college age) impressionable unemployable azzholes is irrelevant. These kids MAY be antifa (they NEED to belong to a group),but their level of commitment is what is called sunshine soldier summer patriot.

    • The out of towners are probably a little more “professional ” about knowing when to cut and run. Most likely not the first rodeo for many of them.

  29. The guardsmen who invaded the neighborhood and fired on residents on their porch should have been cut down in a crossfire and left to die.

    Just following orders my F’ing ass.

    This was an educational moment.

  30. Remember, Dear Citizen, your taxes are paying for this, so you should enjoy it!

    Your taxes are also going to be used to make whole the under-funded public employee pension plan which will allow these oh-so-noble public servants to retire in much more comfortable style than you will.

  31. Let em wallow in their own shit.,
    These blue state politicians were voted in by these liberal citizens, then the politicians turn around & hire the police chiefs & set up their own city council’s, so it’s the residents of the city’s that are at the base of the problem.
    All these pukes want to do is blame Trump for their misery. This is what I think 🖕🏿

  32. let me throw this out there:

    the mayor of Minneapolis, and the governor of Minnesota, are both Democrats.

    we all know how an elected Democrat official does what the Democrat party tells them to do. when you elect a Democrat politician, you don’t elect that person, you elect the Democrat party. they put him up for election (and kept others away from election), they made him. that politician is bought and paid for. he owes them. when he is in office, behind the scenes, they tell him what to do that furthers their interests in his jurisdiction as well as what might help Democrats in other areas of the country.

    so, does anyone suppose the mayor and the governor might have done nothing… because the Democrat party told them not to?

    • Your logic also applies to many GOP politicians, we need to stop treating politics like sports, my team is cool and your team is shit. Just because the DNC as a whole is scandalous, it doesn’t make the GOP great

    • You are forgetting or willfully ignoring that they are Americans not a foreign occupying force and most people are Democrat leaning especially the youth and women.

    • I’ve dealt with democratic elected officials. When the SHTF they are not ordering the police to go around doing things like this. They are feckless and have no direction to give whatsoever. They want the police to restore order but don’t want the blame for the way they do it.

  33. We might be missing something here. This happened in a nice white middle class neighborhood? Well, who did these Minnesota nicefolk vote for? Maybe this is payback for voting for the clowns in city hall. Not saying it’s so but it’s something to think about

    • It certainly isn’t okay! Anyone who accepts that or fake news journalists getting shot at by non lethal weapons might as well admit they do not care about our Constitution anymore. Trash is trash, I don’t discriminate. But we have to be careful not to become as the likes of antifa, BLM, and other extremists. If these cops are so angry they can shoot those rubber bullets at the rioters instead that would make a lot more sense.

      • But some of them had guns! What if they shoot back? Before the big (I mean fat) bad Punishers came into the residential areas the rioters were mag dumping into the air to scare the military and police.

        We know cops are shitty at using guns and the military has the personal belief of not shooting their own countrymen.

  34. What crap it is…..that cops can watch as business’s are looted and destroyed. The police should have to pay every bill for all the damage. Letting a police station get destroyed……that is taxpayer money being totally wasted. The State government should have been responsive immediately. If the state fails to act, let the Feds come in and take over, and the state can pay all the bills for not only the damage, but also for the cost involving the Federal government. Otherwise. let armed patriots step in and keep the safety. I agree, the officer who caused all this……should be put away for the rest of his life!!!!

    • They had thousands of cops and military yet the major general said it wasn’t enough. They need thousands of more troops, all the troops actually.

      California had 10,000 cops that couldn’t handle the insurrection. They brought out hundreds of troops, which is not enough if people come back out for a third day.

      There is more of them than there are troops and cops. How do you stop a rebellion in a country with a 2nd Amendment? Nuke them?

  35. In 2004, in the former Soviet republic of Georgia, with had always had the distinction even within the Soviet Union for being the most corrupt, the new president, Michail Saakashvili fired the country’s entire police force. As if by magic, the new police force is no longer corrupt and bribery is no longer the way of life. It seems that it is time to fire the entire police force in the entire country. There are obviously a few good people in the police force, but the system is rotten to the core.

    • “There are obviously a few good people in the police force”

      Maybe, probably, but it’s far from obvious. Standing around and watching your “brother officer” kneeling on a suspect’s neck doesn’t make someone a “good cop” even if he didn’t join in.

    • Because most good people with skills, integrity, good backgrounds and life experience, education, etc don’t want to be cops anymore. So in many agencies they have to hire very questionable applicants. They also hire veterans who had a very questionable mindset when they served, it only be grew stronger with the time. This “I fought for your freedom” mentality is sometimes compatible to the arrogance you find in some cops, these folks get even worse when they get a badge because at least when they were fighting for our “freedom” in Iraq or Afghanistan they couldn’t treat US citizen like subhumans. I don’t mean to offend any good vet or cop as I am obviously generalizing and focusing on the bad ones, they exist I have met some, the more you talk with them the more they sound like pos who truly believe they are above you.

    • yes. rottennes and corruption always comes from the top. when it does exist, you can be sure it’s because the upper mgmt allows it, and they are just as corrupt and rotten as what they allow. seen it many times at jobs I worked at and various organizations.

      the only way is to clean house and make sure you put in a good guy.

  36. Proper response?
    Get in your homes!
    Lock and load your M1A Scout rifle. Keep your drapes closed.
    Open your window.
    Light up the police?

    The police are imbeciles.

  37. They are acting like red coats, it’s them above us. The good cops need to wake up and do something, this is purely unacceptable and you can’t hide behind the usual “we follow orders.” Has Ilan Omar succeeded in making Minnesota like Somali? They don’t follow our Constitution anymore? People there don’t have rights and freedom? Too many times we have seen cops remaining totally passive while citizen were being assaulted in front of them during protests and pro Trump rallies, these cops in MN don’t do jack when the thugs attack them with projectiles, and they are using weapons against random citizen and journalists? The President needs to wake up and get involved, Mayors and Governors are not doing their jobs, and many police chiefs and cops need to be fired!

  38. There is a clip on YouTube of them pepper balling a female reporter while she was filming a news segment at night. So you have a camera man, lights, etc all set up. You can see cop in riot gear point the paint ball gun right at her and start shooting the news crew.

    If I did that I’d get arrested for Assault. So I know that at least 2 more cops there should loose their badge.

    Something is seriously wrong at the Minneapolis PD. I think they probably need to bring in an outside agency and make everyone there reinterview for their job and just clean house.

    I feel bad for the businesses being burned out. It looks like the rioters should have focused on burning City Hall instead.

    • The governor ordered the military and police to protect the Federal Reserve, government buildings, big corporate buildings and power stations. That’s one major reason the police station was invaded and the local businesses burnt down.

      • Okay but there are many photos and videos across the nation of cops standing not far from their burning cruisers and businesses getting looted. Not all cops and NG are protecting the facilities you described, many are present and simply ordered to back off.

  39. It’s complete chaos, I just checked the latest updates on Breitbart…videos of white men and even a woman lynched in public, a truck almost ran into a crowd on the interstate but he stopped (and shouldn’t have as it seems the rioters pulled driver out and probably lynched him), Lincoln memorial vandalized (the irony), Trump in a bunker, looters filling cars with all kind of items, cops nowhere to be seen on most big cities (other than shooting paintballs at residents in MN).
    I posted here on day 1 or 2 of the protests that it had nothing to do with Floyd and injustice, and whatever good cause they claim. I used to laugh at the idea of a civil war, not so much anymore. Martial Law will probably come first but it seems we are heading there. The situation in the country is like a bad tooth abscess, the more you wait the more it will stink and hurt. Thousands of businesses will not recover, COVID19 restrictions followed by vandalism and even arson, goodbye. I am expecting Trump to pull his head from his *** now, enough is enough, many of the Mayors and Governors have shown their incompetence if not treasonous behavior. Keep your head on a swivel, and don’t count on the cops.

    • Declaring martial law would start a civil war because this all started by some corrupt anti constitutional enforcers lynching someone in the streets for a Facebook video and cops covering up a MAGA trio lynching Arbery. His Asian wife left him by the way. Martial law is the suspension of human rights and military using deadly force to stop rebellion.

      The combat veterans I know said they would shoot the first fucking cop they see if that shit goes down. They are already to pop off. My buddies have already gotten thousands of rounds ready. We are just waiting to see what the government is going to do.

      The police in California are now shooting people in the head with rubber bullets because they feel invincible now that the military is right there with them. They don’t realize that most military are not on their side when they are forced to choose.

      This is going to get worse once people see the videos and pictures of cops shooting black women in the face. Wait until they see the “less lethal” sticking out of a black woman’s forehead.

      Where I am at everyone has their rifles ready and no one is outside. The kids are not playing outside like they did 3 days ago. There are no cars at all. I hear a few explosion, sounds like fireworks. The police helicopter was flying over a few times shouting on the radio, don’t know what they said. The police have said do not call 911 unless it’s to save a life.

      • Did you hear about the protests in Flint, Michigan. Peaceful for 2 days in a row. Police marched WITH protectors. Nothing destroyed.


        • Wasn’t that the sheriff office not the police department?

          You know what I also saw? That horrible man that runs the Houston police department trying to appease the crowd with one of the most BS filled speeches I heard since he opened his mouth about gangster trying to kill cops when his men murdered the Tuttles.

          Let’s not forget this guy too. These guys are scared right about now.

      • I think your overestimate the military (and national guard) a bit, they also have their share of questionable people. Some veterans have a shitty view of the average citizen because they supposedly fought for your “freedom,” they’re basically so much better than those who decided not to serve. This is maybe one of the reason why it’s not rare for them to become cops when their contract is over, they can keep the same “I am a semi-god” mindset. I don’t trust our armed forces or the national guard either, just like the cops they will follow orders…

  40. Bad news for the bugoloo bois. Just got off the phone with a friend who was distressed about some of her drug addled son’s friends who made the trip up to the Cities to do some “shopping” the last couple of days. Seems that most of the white faces in the crowd aren’t political. They are just common criminals.

  41. Fuck. The police are flying around again and I hear some sirens and explosions. There is a high value building near by that was closed all day out of fear. Hopefully, nothing comes this way.

    Are you guys truly ready for a boogaloo near you?

    • It appears the owner has arrived at his property and is sitting inside ready to go. The helicopter is moving around to different locations. The police are speeding through the neighborhood with no lights and no sirens, I didn’t even see headlights.

  42. This site might as well give up all of the pretense and start selling ANTIFA panties, T-shirts, and mousepads. Maybe even an ANTIFA imprinted toaster, so your more prolific whiners don’t even have to leave theIr basements to heat their Pop-Tarts.

  43. anonymous…you are seriously a moron. any LE that are enforcing these Orwellian curfews are part of the problem as well. Don’t shoot into my house…or else. Your curfew can kiss my ass. I will die defending this country, even if it is on my front lawn. I did it for 20 years, I will do it again. Read the Constitution, live it as well. You don’t know your rights, that is why you are allowing others to suspend them or take them away. Protestors blocking roadways, truckers getting arrested. Ridiculous. Read a history book, this is how it started before. Lexington, same shit, different scenario. Lovers of the crown are starting this shit, blaming Trump is moronic as well. Stay your asses in your homes like little scared sheep.

  44. If somebody responded with M193 or M1 ball, there isn’t a reward great enough or a punishment terrible enough to make me vote to indict, much less convict.

    The police act like a foreign army of occupation.

    They shouldn’t be surprised when they’re treated like one.

  45. Are those really cops, or just actors. Whatever they are, they are f*****g idiots, and a piece of sh**, to fire pepper balls at people in their own homes. What stupid a******s these crazy freaks are. The resident would be within his rights to defend himself from these stupid idiots.


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