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These two men, rifles slung, were out in front of a Minneapolis tobacconist during the rioting last night, keeping looters from ravaging the store and destroying the owner’s livelihood. The comments of one of the men make perfectly clear the extent to which what happened to George Floyd has damaged the relationship between police and the community.

“Bascially, you’ve seen the records the cops keep. And the cops are a lot less likely to try and tread on people’s rights when there’s other armed Americans with them. …I figured it’s about damn time some heavily armed rednecks stood with fellow citizens.”

So the two men came out to protect a local business. Citizen first-responders. Minnesota’s version of rooftop Koreans.

As the two make clear in this video clip, they fully support those protesting the death of George Floyd at the hands of four Minneapolis police officers, just not the violence.

“We definitely don’t agree with the looting. But we do agree with the cause of the protest.”

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      • They are also referred to as “rednecks” although the fellow standing in the back appears to be black.

        • The refer to themselves as rednecks. Don’t you go gatekeeping and telling people what they can and can’t identify as!

        • I think they meant it’s time for white America to protect black America. It’s not time to sit around and allow government to kill fellow Americans and it’s not the time to allow the government to hold the neighborhood hostage by not providing service.

          The cops are not scared of big black men like George Floyd, they are scared of Americans with big black rifles.

          I saw police shooting protesters whom were not doing anything wrong because they have the green light to do so. They were throwing flashbangs and tear gas at protesters because they have a large cache to use. They had no reason to do that, but you give an evil person the chance they will use it. I heard people saw them smiling when they “marked” the protesters.

        • @Bryan Campbell

          They have too much melanin. Only white people can be rednecks, everyone else will turn brown. Life is unfair, brown people can act like a redneck but will never be one. Even Trump tries to darken his face, but we all know what’s underneath.

        • In my neck of the woods, rednecks generally mean either hell raisers or good ole country boys. It does basically refer to white guys, but black guys can fit the definition too. In the literal sense, I’m a redneck since the back of my neck is already super dark.

        • “the fellow standing in the back appears to be black”

          Maybe he’s a looter in disguise or the governor of Virginia.

        • and that right there is how Biden found himself in the “your not black” problem he’s in right now

        • I know an awful lot of Black Rednecks. That describes most of my Mississippi in-laws.
          “Redneck” is a lifestyle, not a race.

        • The oath keepers are color blind. They protected everyone’s private property in Ferguson Mo. They, not the government stopped to looting back then. And they did have to shoot anyone. To stop looters.

          I have the TTAG links on speed dial for those that have a short memory.

          They made an excellent resource for my college paper on teaching the 2A in grades K-12 in Kentucky.

        • “I think they meant it’s time for white America to protect black America.”

          Wow. You really are a Leftist. So, you believe Black Americans are incapable of protecting themselves?

          You probably also believe Blacks shouldn’t have to show ID to vote, because they don’t know where the DMV is, and are incapable of getting there.

          The insidious bigotry of low expectations by the Democrats…

        • To Larry in TX
          Sorry about that. I apologize to the Oath Keepers as well. That is a typo on my part. Yes, they didn’t need to shoot anyone to stop the looting in Ferguson.

          Sadly because of the laws in Minnesota I don’t think the oath keepers could operate there. Even if they wanted to.

        • In my neck of the woods, rednecks originally were the union coal miners who wore red bandannas to differentiate themselves from the company gun thugs during the Battle of Blair Mountain.

          When you’re 5 miles in, past 75 breaks, everybody is black.

          You might check out the West Virginia Mine wars Museum for more information about this particular bit of history.

        • Yes! Their “necks” get “red” too…They get sunburned too! THIS is the problem. WE need to learn how to use our SUPERPOWER…Our WORDS. My heritage is Scicilian. In Italy we’re called “BLACK”.People aren’t black or white.Those are crayon colors. We’re ALL the same color…shades of brown.It’s “culture” that makes the division.The Founders WARNED us…DIVIDED/DIVERSE WE FALL!

        • I have plenty of black friends that self-identify as rednecks. They wear pressed Wrangler jeans, pressed Pearl snap long sleeve shirts, cowboy boots, have belt buckles the size of a dinner plate, drive big pickup trucks, and own horses. They also like Hunting, Fishing, guns, and country dancing. It’s safe to say they’re more redneck than I am and I’m whiter than mayonnaise.

      • My take away was for a website about firearms to mistake two AR 15 pistols for rifles seems pretty sad. Pedantic I know

        • AR pistol, at least one for sure has an arm brace stock and you can tell has a short barrel. So that would narrow it down to a pistol AR, as the receiver will be registered as a pistol not a rifle. If it was a rifle then it’s a sbr which would require a tax stamp. You wouldn’t put a arm brace style stock. Just because we call it an AR doesn’t make it a rifle, any barrel length shorter than 16.1″ will be attached to a receiver that’s either a pistol or class 3 receiver, but you can have a barrel shorter like say 14.5 and then pin & weld a muzzle brake or whatever to meet the 16.1 requirement.

      • Geoff, I am certainly not a leftist and I would say it really depends where you go. In my lifetime, I really feel I have met a majority of stupid, angry and lazy black folks when compared to those who do their best to be good parents, to get a decent job, etc. I don’t discriminate, I really hate white trash as well, or Hispanic trash, it doesn’t matter, but in my neck of the woods although whites are the majority, blacks fill the county jail and are usually the savages you immediately spot at the grocery store.

  1. Just what I suspected.The chicken shit media won’t allow this video to be seen.Thanks to the two guys who protected the small business man.People have a right to disagree and protest but not LOOT and cause property damage.If I had a small business there I would stand guard over my property with my AR-15 also.My side arm would be my Glock 45.

    • Who cares? Those guys are there for a practical purpose (guard the store) not a political act (get attention). Good for them. I hope a lying (D).gov comes out and blows this up, so the truth can get out.

    • Deterrence is all well and good. But have you t ithought this through?

      What will you do when someone breaks into the store?
      What if it’s 5 people? 50 people?

      Will you shoot someone to protect your physical property? Is it insured?

      What do you think the repercussions of that will be?

      • I will be standing in their way. If they advance on me I will fire on them because I am in fear for my life. You may think they will still be coming when I run out of ammo, but I do not.

      • Dead looters don’t loot
        again, besides, these people don’t need a reason to loot, an excuse is good enough

    • Seems to be an internet warrior. Generally the guys describing exactly what they own are the guys who ain’t about it, or don’t even own it.

        • [pushes glasses up nose]

          Actually… The name Jonathan is not related to the name John. Jonathan is a variant of Nathan.

        • CarlosT is one of those guys who believes the hyrax is really the closest living relative to the elephant.

  2. While I agree with this to a point I think it is rather risky. What happens if a group descends on the store to riot and loot. Would those protecting it be able to stand their ground, would deadly force be justified as they are fearing for their lives, or if they open fire or defend themselves would it be over property. Not sure about MN laws but I think they’re putting themselves in the firing line, literally. Even though they support the criticism of the police and the right to protest if they were to fire against a group advancing on them then they’d be another group of white rednecks that shot and killed someone with “assault rifles”.

        • You let me know when it has EVER BEEN OK with white Liberals for blacks to have guns??? Show me the historical support for 2A civil rights in the white progressive community, for blacks to own guns?

    • “…would deadly force be justified as they are fearing for their lives…”

      Your sh!t going sideways is not a qualifier. Being scared is not justification for use of deadly force. If it is not the real deal it’s a no go.

      • They have a right to protect their property but not with deadly force. IF the rioters are willing to kill/seriously injure these men in order to loot their property, then the men can use deadly force….. The chain if events is important to justify deadly force. You can’t just skip over the middle part and say: “The men are going to kill protestors over a tobacco shop!” …. that’s Karen-logic.

        • If you bring a rifle it’s because you think you are likely to use it. If you think you are likely to need a rifle to protect yourself then go somewhere else.

          This is a bit like jumping in front of a moving car so you can sue them. “There’s a riot mob coming this way, let’s go protect this building in their path.”. What do you think will happen next?

        • What happened next would depend on whether or not you’re a coward. Right and wrong here is absolutely clear. You may still pay an unfair price for doing what’s right, but that’s a different question.

        • Jeremy,

          So your answer to criminal threats to your property (residence or livelihood) is to step aside and allow them free reign to pillage and destroy?

        • Jeremy B. ….. The difference is: jumping in front of a car is illegal. Protecting your property is not illegal. … A more appropriate analogy would be a person crossing the street in a crosswalk on a green light (legal), while cross traffic is approaching the intersection on a red light. You can legally cross the road and if someone blows the red and runs you over, then the driver is at fault. If someone intentionally tries to murder you (run you over) while you are performing a legal act (crossing the street), then deadly force is legal and justified to defend your life. If you create the exigency by breaking the law (jumping in front of a car), then deadly force is not legally justified. As far as I can tell, these guys aren’t breaking any laws…… You don’t blame the pedestrian for crossing the street with the (Karen) logic of: “There are cars coming!!!! STOP!!!! Don’t cross the street until they all stop for you!!! What you’re doing must be illegal because I’m yelling!!!” …. Life doesn’t work like that.

    • kahlil,

      This is a total gray area in every possible sense.

      A mob of people who have been rioting, looting, and setting buildings on fire are advancing toward you even though you are armed and yelled at them to stop. Do they constitute a credible, imminent threat of death or grievous bodily harm? If the protectors begin shooting at the advancing mob after warning them to stop and the local prosecutor brings them to trial, I am 99% confident that every jury will be split and unable to render a unanimous verdict of guilty or non-guilty. Thus, I believe that there is almost zero chance of the protectors going to prison. The real question is whether or not the prosecutor decides to try them anyway using the process (time, expense, and worry of going through the trial) to punish them.

      Also factoring in: insurance usually does not cover damages from civil disorder (e.g. rioting). If rioters take all of the business’ inventory and destroy the store, that business owner suffers total loss without any possible compensation. For many businesses — and especially small businesses — the owner cannot recover from such a loss. Does that justify using deadly force to protect the business owner from such a complete, devastating, and unrecoverable loss? I personally believe it does. That would come into play as well if a prosecutor attempted to convict the protectors.

      Important caveat: I do not support using deadly force to stop petty theft or theft of something that is insured against theft.

      • Not no gray area…. U come to my business or home to rob or do harm ….U DIE. PERIOD I dont give a crap what ur reasons are they do not include my house or business. Cops can’t protect and do there jobs then armed American citizens will…as always

        • If someone wants to destroy your property and do so by force and you stand in their way… Sounds like they initiated the breaking of the law and the escalation of force. If that force gets to a point where they use deadly weapons to go through you or you use deadly force to stop it, I’d say it sounds like a valid use of appropriate force. All hypothetical and I’m not legal expert, but from a right/wrong and standpoint it all passes my sniffer. Assuming stand your ground and such laws of course.
          If the armed rednecks are legally carrying, don’t initiate the use of force, and respond to threats with appropriate force, it all seems legit.

        • If someone invades your house while you are in it, that’s one thing.

          But closing you’re shop and standing out front WAITING for the excuse to shoot people is going to put you in prison.

        • I agree with Chadwick, and that agreement would be right there in the jury box with me. Thus, if every other member of the jury disagrees, you will still not be found guilty. If there are 100 identical trials, the government will get pretty tired of being told to piss up a rope while paying the big bucks, and drop the cases.

      • Looting is a felony. Citizen’s arrest is justified. Shooting people is arguable.

        I do not agree with the pacifist attitude of allowing criminals to ruin the lives of business owners. The Asian people during the LA riots were not dumb, they understood that insurance is a scam and they will lose everything if they sat on their hands.

        Most of the people I see looting are younger and the kind of people that will be on some government assistance. They do not respect property rights. They do not understand capitalism. They need to be shot to learn the lesson. The rest of the youth will learn very quickly that looting and burning down businesses is immoral and will lead to their justified killing.

        • They understand the capitalism of the Crack dealer. They understand the capitalism of the pot dealer.
          They also understand that if you try to rob either one of them. You could get shot. Drug dealers protect their private property. And they should.

        • Citizens arrest isn’t even a real thing in most states and circumstances.

          That’s Joe Biden level legal advise.

        • “Citizens arrest isn’t even a real thing in most states and circumstances.”

          Sorry, this is patently and provably false. Even a cursory stroll through the great oracle (Google) will show that.

        • The asians during the LA riots weren’t just defending their livelihoods. An asian shopkeeper was attacked and murdered by a mob at his business and the others had heard the mob of up to 500 people was headed their way,.

        • And in the 18 or so months between you filing the claim and insurance actually paying, how do you suggest a business owner go about providing for his or her family? Keeping their valuable employees around? Maintaining business relationships and fulfilling contractual obligations with suppliers and/or distributors?

          No, you’d rather their livelihoods were destroyed because a few rampaging sociopathic criminals might be injured or killed in the course of protecting them. In other words, you want every business to be WalMart and Subway because they’re the only ones who can afford to wait for the government to get violent with these criminals for them (and to pay the bankers for the privilege of waiting, of course.)

      • Stop your defamation. You know looters are not protesters.

        The protesters are the ones with the signs, the printed t-shirts, the ones standing in front of the cops yelling at them. Behind the protesters are criminals looting as the police worry about their department building. The protesters are in between both criminals, they are surrounded.

      • Peaceful protestors can’t be peaceful while being violent. Your post makes as much sense as a basketball bat.

        • a basketball bat isn’t incongruous, like sister jean. but i’m sure dribbling was your inspiration.

        • Well, in my younger days, I recall having friends “pitch” basketballs to me and then hitting those basketballs with baseball bats. Does that turn my baseball bat into a basketball bat?

    • Just remember to demand a jury trial, and a speedy one (while the riots are fresh in the jury’s mind). I’d give odds the charges would be dropped, even if you shot 50 people.

      • To qualify for a speedy trial means staying in jail for the interim leading up to the trial. Posting bail typically includes a waiver of your right to an expedited timetable, as a condition of the bond. Ask me how I know this…twice.

    • “What happens if a group descends on the store to riot and loot.”

      They won’t.

      Looters are looking for easy pickings, not a pitched battle…

    • However, keep in mind there 0 police presence during this kind of thing. As we saw in Ferguson and Baltimore, Police are typically ordered to abandon several parts of the city due to lack of numbers on concentrate on saving the business and tourist districts.

      In other words, it’s essentially a state of anarchy where these guys are. They could *very* easily argue that the law abandoned them, and the government retreated, in effect ceding territory to the mob. Because that’s exactly what happened.

      • …exactly what happened during the L.A. Rodney King riots, too. The LAPD were instructed to hold back and corden off a wider perimeter, and let Florence & Normandy burn.

    • No group is going to “descend” on these guys. maybe throw a bottle from a distance and then run and hide.

      • Hmmm, the throwing of a bottle bring up an interesting question.

        If a looter/rioter arcs a Molotov cocktail from behind the crowd and you break it in flight with your shotgun (Scumbag Skeet?) and it rains down on the rest of the unruly, who accrues liability?

        • In a criminal case? The thrower of the molotov, no question. The use a projectile weapon to destroy it mid flight isn’t even self defense, it’s just preventing harm to your person. That you had to do so and people were injured in the process is the fault of the thrower.

          In a civil suit by one of the injured? Probably 50-50. All depends what the plaintiff’s lawyers think they can sell to a jury. And of course if the thrower can’t be identified or has no money, they’ll just go after you alone (tort reform when?).

        • @Albert Guzicki

          Sorry, I was unclear. I meant self defense, the positive legal defense against a murder, manslaughter, battery or assault charge. It most certainly would be self defense in the literal/semantic sense as you understood it.

    • Agreed. This would have been an excellent time to wear those masks that are suddenly so important. Throw on a balaclava and a baseball cap and if anyone asks why you’re obscuring your identity you can just say you’re following the official guidelines. Glove up before loading your mags and then if you’re forced to action, un-ass the AO as soon as it’s safe

  3. fantastic. now when someone tries to steal my car in the middle of the night and I shoot him, I go to jail because you can’t shoot someone over property.

    but they can. because…. they are taking advantage of the situation just like the looters are.

    and the cops holed up in the 3d precinct are protecting not only the building they are in, but their personal vehicles in the parking lot. can’t shoot someone over property, eh? see how that changes when the cops find themselves on the short end of the stick.

    none of this is consistent. the only thing that makes something “right” is who is in power or not, is there the force of law or not, and whether a person, or people, or occupying force has the power to enforce or enact what they think is right.

    as we see happening on every side.

    • Exactly. This is just another example in a long string of them over the last few months, that pretty much proves the concept of “law” in the US no longer has any degree of inherent moral legitimacy, and is now purely a matter of force. The law is the law because it can be effectively enforced with violence, but if that’s the case then it’s just as valid to ignore or even suppress the law if superior force can be brought to bear.

      Once “the law” loses moral authority then we return to might makes right, and the authoritarian leftists (but I repeat myself) are far too stupid to recognize what they’re doing, or realize the kind of hell their actions will eventually unleash

      • They know exactly what they’re doing.

        That’s what makes them as scary as they are. In the quest for power these people consider no price too high or pile of bodies too large.

        While I’m not a fan of the particular adjective “evil” due to it’s assumed religious connotations, I don’t find a better word in English to describe them. Every other descriptor is either off the mark or assigns a lack of vigor to just how profoundly immoral these people are.

    • In many states, lethal force is acceptable to prevent the theft of an automobile or even tools if they’re vital to your livelihood. Frankly it’s absurd that any state has laws that say differently, but, hey, welcome to modern liberalism.

  4. To think there are folks who thought something similar to the LA riots would never happen again…

    Riots are one of many reasons to own a modern semi-auto rifle.

    • Democrats are not stupid. They saw this coming. They bought a lot more guns than Republicans did. They are ready for this. Sure, they waited until a pandemic, but they were committed to stocking up.

      Yup, we NEED semi auto rifles. This is the proof. A pandemic and civil unrest. Government collapse only takes a few hundred people to achieve. The only thing that can handle such chaos is the U.S. military. The average person does not want martial law.

        • tsbhoa.p.jr,

          Historically I thought Chief Censor was a troll. As time goes by I am finding more and more (perhaps even most if not — GASP! — all) of his comments to be accurate/truthful.

          If you feel a need to criticize, highlight any errors in Chief Censor’s current comments.

  5. Dumb. A hundred rioters rush them and they open fire. The political consequences of something like this are profound and far-reaching.

    Or they don’t open fire, and run away. Just imagine the optics of that.

    This is nothing more than virtue signalling. They haven’t thought it through. The wisest course is to stay the f* away from the situation.

    What do we learn in concealed carry training?? The firearm is the LAST RESORT to stop any action that threatens someone’s life or badly threatens their health.

    • Well said. I have mixed feelings about this, but I agree in the lack of really thinking this out. Unless it was my place of business, home, or I had a personal investment I would likely stay away. Being in Va this is not a direct issue I face so I can’t speak to those living it right now, but grabbing guns and the guys to protect a tobacco shop could be a pretty messed up situation if it goes pear shaped, no matter how it plays out.

      • Looters aren’t looking to get shot, they want to grab something and haul ass…

        • That’s all you got?

          The current batch of trolls are lightweights… 😉

      • I think it’s simple (like me) retreat back to one step inside the store, then if looters attempt something it becomes fear for my life/self defense, problem solved.

    • It’s the deterrence dilemma. You are betting it won’t fail. That was the premise of the Cold War MAD doctrine.

      • Well, MAD worked, so there’s that.

        On the other hand, from declassified documents, we know things came super close to touching off several times, so it MAD could have totally failed at any time as well.

        As for this scenario, the X factors are how many of the rioters are high, drunk, or otherwise judgment impaired, added to mob dynamics. Maybe individually people wouldn’t want to charge a group with rifles, but spurred on by a few crazies, the mob might do it.

    • Is it your seriously considered opinion that a crowd would rush armed citizens? I think you overestimate said crowd’s tenacity, they appear to me to be in this for the “easy” goods.

      You of course have an absolute right to your opinion but please consider that the opinion you expressed is an enabler of the current situation. Were we to make clear that looting and burning is NEVER acceptable and that meeting it with deadly force is well within the rights of the citizenry, the incidence thereof would diminish greatly.

        • If the videos are any indication, concealed handguns at best.

          Handgun v. Rifle is a fools errand. A handgun is a tool of convenience. A rifle is a fight-stopper.

    • keep thinking about those Koreans during the LA riots…you either stand up to them or you don’t…

  6. The people looting are not protesters. People have to stop lying. There’s protesters, then there’s thieves taking advantage of the distractions caused by the protesting.

    I watched hours of video that show white young males starting the violence and fires, which got the black females excited, then the black males couldn’t let the white males out do them. The white males look to be ANTIFA, they want to burn down capitalism. In other words, there are a few factions out there, it’s not only protesters for George Floyd. There are protesters for Floyd, anti militarized police protesters, anti capitalist protesters and looters.

    The police don’t care about the neighborhood, they care about their department building, they are allowing the crimes to happen in order to protect their building. If they went out to stop crime their department would burn down, but at least the city will be safe. The police don’t care about you. They are doing the same thing they have been doing for decade. It’s LA riots all over again.

    The Asians will shoot the looters, I think they already have shot one. At least this time others are also inspired to exercise their rights. I seen an old white lady trying to stab looters, she was attacked by the crowd.

    Gun owners need to get out there and do the job police refuse to do. The police are their to put you in a cage, not to protect your life and property, that’s on you.

    • “they want to burn down capitalism”

      I don’t think it’s that deep. It’s probably just an excuse to raise hell or take out your anger on something, anything.

      • Nope. You need to watch the live feeds. It’s young white males masked up screaming about the capitalist system and the “pigs.” ANTIFA is no longer scared of the virus, they have returned to the streets. They started fires in California too.

    • gotta remember there are people out there that wanna start a race war ,remember this system we live in thrives on chaos,

  7. What’s sad is: Is it only “red-necks” protecting each other’s property or are they the ones we are shown because they feed the narrative. The few pictures I’ve seen give me the impression that the rioting and looting knows no racial boundaries. Why can’t we see some pictures of groups of people who do not necessarily look alike standing together to do what’s right?

    • The protesters started out to mainly non whites, the whites there were women. The next day white males came out to join with the protesters, but a bunch of them were ANTIFA. Only a few white male Republicans came out, some of them were open carrying long guns.

      Very few non whites have guns because of gun control and propaganda. The NRA have done a horrible job at bringing in all Americans, same with the Republican party.

      • Dude stop making shit up. Antifa was there day one, hiding as they always do. Not limited to any race either. And “republicans” showed up armed? How TF do you know their political affiliation? You are borderline alex jones style crossing the line. You make valid points, and then fuck them up by saying dumb shit. Just stop. You seriously remind me of some troll who’s white just playing the white guilt and race shaming card.

        • these people….basically hell-raisers…can only prevail where they’re tolerated…and that’s in a liberal city that refuses to confront them…

  8. I’m glad that at least some Americans are brave. Most are cowards.

    My gun range has finally reopened. I’m going there for some lead therapy.

  9. How many here think that a bunch of looters will charge a group of men pointing ARs in their direction? I would think that the show of force will be enough in most any situation to deter the would be thieves, who instead will turn and go for a soft target. The point of looting is to get free stuff, not get shot. The only situation where this would not hold true is if it TEOTWAWKI and people are looting to stay alive. Otherwise it isn’t worth it.

        • There was some white men with ARs near by watching the situation play out.

          I don’t understand why they brought their ARs out if they have no will to stop the crime.

        • I think it is a black neighborhood.

          I seen white males starting the riots and fires. Then the poor people, of all colors, stole the goods before the building burned down.

          This video is being deleted. Watch if before it gets taken down again.

        • You didn’t see anything. You saw a couple videos. Pictures say otherwise. Maybe the ones you saw were that, but the looters are far more than just one race. Agreed?

        • I watched hours of live streams. I saw white males starting the riots and fires.

          There was very few white males during the first day of protesting. The ones that did show up went to the back of the police station, spray painted the police department, broke windows and broke into the fencing to destroy police cars before the police came out.

          In front of the police department is wear a lot of the black people and white women peacefully protested. That area had a higher average age than the group at the back of the police department.

          If you go watch the live streams you will see white males wearing masks, gloves and hoodies smashing businesses and starting fires. Once they start the trouble black people rush in to steal. Go look at the rioting when it first starts, you will see mostly whites who hate capitalism.

          Of course poor people are going to steal from the store before it burns down. Why would they leave the stuff inside to burn? They are going to steal when given the opportunity especially when the white well off ANTIFA members are going to burn it down anyway.

          Here is a clip of the white males starting the riots.

  10. If they are acting on behalf of the owner that needs to at least be in writing. It is a narrow line between defending oneself and defending a carton of cigarettes.
    If the owner pays them a dollar a day for security services that adds some weight however some areas require security guards to be licenced, certified, bonded, etc.
    This is a bluff and it might work until someone calls it. We can cheer thwm on but when a trigger is pulled the overlords will not support them. They better have lawyers.

    • This is why I am thankful to live in a location where defense of property is not only acceptable, but codified in law.

      Property is not (generally) acquired by doing nothing. Instead a citizen works and saves, using up the most precious resource they have, their limited time on earth. To then steal that property is the functional equivalent of stealing some of your life. That is unacceptable to me, and I strongly believe should be unacceptable to society.

      But wait, the say, what if that property is insured? Surely in that case we can step aside?
      I don’t know, was that insurance free? Or was it paid for in time and toil?

      It seems simple to me.

      • I’m thankful to live in a place where that shit would never happen. Would never live anywhere where it would.

        • Then you live in the only place on Earth with no property crime?

          Also, Hugh Glass was a magnificent personification of the rugged, no-quit, individual spirit we should all strive to attain! I will admit to surprise that he chose not to kill those that abandoned him, but I suspect the situation, and the men, were more complicated than history records.

        • I assume you mean the rifle in that gross misrepresentation of historical events, “The Revenant”?

          Beautiful wood! Not to my taste but I admire the craftsmanship.

      • You make good arguments and there is truth in the words. In some areas property is right up there with life and limb, at least in general.
        The defense of property has limits everywhere. Theft of property without violence or harm to it’s owner does not translate well to violence against the thief. It’s also not a license to track down a thief and render justice. Shooting people isn’t appropriate no matter what. How about if a mistake is made? That’s a problem.
        We still have a legal system and all that. It would be very painful to learn a jury doesn’t agree with your view on property and even if the law allows there are few situations where killing over property is justified.

        As the two in Georgia will find out. They might beat the rap but it’s going to be messy. Personally nothing, nothing, I own is worth shooting someone over. YMMV.

        • I respect your right to hold those opinions.

          I disagree.

          Believing that shooting someone is never justified reveals a dangerous lack of imagination.

    • businesses that have chosen to employ armed security have survived…that goes all the way back to Katrina where some of my co-workers chose to take the assignment…and extends all the way up to Baltimore….you can only be a victim if you choose to be one…

  11. Any excuse to go “shoppin”! Protest and anarchy are completely different actions and need to be dealt with accordingly!!!

  12. Considering that a pawn shop owner in Minneapolis is being charged with murder for defending his shop from looters, under Minnesota law, I’m not sure what these third party actors think they will accomplish if push comes to shove.

    • Arrested and charged is a far cry from prosecuted and convicted. You might want to contain your “I told you so” until the jury has spoken.

      • It’s Captain Pedantic to the rescue!!!
        But we will see what Minneapolis prosecutors have to say. Unfortunately, the state has “duty to retreat” statutes which makes matters very difficult for a business owner not in their residence to defend their property.
        Which brings up the subject of reading comprehension on your part. Because, as stated, if a business owner is being arrested for defending his pawn shop, these LARPers with their neckbeards and and silly shirts, acting as a third party, have ZERO legal legs to stand on should they be forced to use deadly force to “protect” a tobacco shop.
        I don’t like it. But that’s the lay of the land in Minnesota.

    • So 4 cops can murder on video and not be arrested for murder while a shop owner defending his livelihood and property gets arrested immediately? Where is justice for all? What kind of “justice” system is that? Only the police and retired police have immunity from murder?

      • All right. Load up your kit, drive to Minneapolis, and start defending stores with a black rifle.

        Let us know how it turns out.

        • Why are you deflecting from the 3 white cops that killed a black man and have not been charged even when the mayor is calling for it? Why is the AG and DA calling for a state of emergency instead of charging the 4 murderers? Why is the same DA arresting a white man for shooting a black man who may have been looting with his homie and not arresting his 4 cop friends?

  13. 4 guys with black rifles might protect the tobacconist but the only thing that will protect all of Minneapolis is green army men with black rifles. Its like a drop of Dawn in a bowl full of water with pepper floating on the top.

  14. I totally get the rage over Floyd’s killing. I can even get a spontaneous act of violence during a protest.

    But the deliberate looting of stores?

    That just makes zero sense.

        • 400 thread count… sounds about right for a Target.

          If you wanna loot sheets, I mean commit felonies for bedding, gotta be 800 thread count minimum. Personally I wouldn’t go into a burning store or risk catching an F for less than 1000 thread count.

          Find a Company Store. They’ve got them in Minneapolis, least they did to years ago when I was visiting the inlaws.

          But then I don’t rock cotton sheets anymore so I’d prolly go somewhere else anyway.

  15. The right to “peacefully assemble and address grievances to your government, whether Local, State or Federal, is enshrined in the 1st Amendment. Looting is a crime, and there’s no excuse for it.
    I agree that this tragedy needs investigated and the perpetrators prosecuted to the extent under the law.

  16. Tell me , why is it that blacks are killing their black brothers in Chicago and there’s no looting or rioting or pointing fingers? You don’t have to be a racist to figure that out.

    • Racist/white supremacist are the ones that deflect by saying, “What about Chicago?”

      The reason black neighborhoods don’t rat out the gangsters is because they have no protection from the other members of the gangs. You think the government is going to provide each witness personal protection? Those areas make it very hard to legally keep and bear arms for personal protection. They are a disarmed populace because of racist gun control laws.

      It’s not the black people’s fault. Their environment was created by white supremacists so they could never rise up the social ladder in America. Look how white men stop Asians from entering their universities. You can’t expect the black people to fix a system created by white men for white men. In other words, white people, who are the majority, need to fix what they broke, they need to teach the people they harmed how to fish.

      • You can make all the excuses you want. The city is BLUE. The state is BLUE.
        “They have been given room to destroy.”

        That is what happens in a Blue state.

        • basically true…it’s all about choices…if they choose this course, so be it…

  17. Remember always that many Korean shops were burned, there were injuries and at least one dead shop owner. The Roof Koreans were completely justified in their defensive actions.

    Good to see that Anerican Spirit still lives.

    Even if those ratty looking soup filters could do with a visit to a barbershop…….

  18. There are people in every profession that should not be in it. There are situations that can bring out the worst in anyone. Sometimes cops break down. Not excusing him or his act. There are unknown factors which influence behavior. BestCeivecitscconseuencesc to find out the causes rather than assume them. He needs to be held responsible for his crime (if the evidence convicts him). I think it does from what I’ve seen. People of all cultures are deeply troubled by this tragedy. But it is ignorance to believe that every Anglo cop is a racist. To believe so is delusional. Let each case stand alone, to otherwise plays into the hands of the Marxist a Democrat’s who do not care about anyone but themselves.

  19. I would not hesitate to burn out barrels defending my home and family, but for a business, this is what insurance is for. Personally, the legal liability far outweighs losing what can be replaced through insurance. Remember how well “self-defense” worked for those white kids taking shots at protestors chasing after them at the North Minneapolis First Precinct fiasco a couple years ago? Now the pawn shop owner? Minneapolis does not smile upon gun owners. Nope, no way in hell would I sign up for that.

    • And if your store which is insured is a gun store, with thousands of firearms and tons of ammo, just allow the nice looters to have all that? What is right is, just once, KILL the mofos, the problem will not reoccur for 20 years.

  20. Well according to Libertarian philosophy. You aren’t justified in defending your private property. Go read what they said about Joe Horn. In Reason Magazine. In Texas when he shot dead two dark skinned illegal aliens. Who had robbed the house next door. And were coming for his house next.

    He was called a racist for defending his neighbors private property.

    I call them Libertarian Socialist for a reason. They give lip service to the 2A. They only care about making it legal, to shooting up crystal meth in public, to improve their sexual experience.

    They have never really cared about private property rights. Unless it relates to drugs.

      • I’m surprised you even watch Rippa. He is a regular guest on The Blaze. The Glenn Beck (Mormon) network you hate so much. I’ve been a subscriber of them both for years now. Both are the good guys. But show me a Libertarian candidate who supports shooting looters???

        I watched their presidential candidate debate with John Stossel as the moderator from last week. They are all big supporters of the super sized big government State Department.

        The government Department that ran guns to Syria. Destabilizing that country. The state Department that destroyed the Lybian government. And brought back the black African slave markets.

        Yes, they hate the “military industry complex”.
        But they love the civilian government version, that does the same thing.

        • I have already told you that the Libertarian party was taken over by Democrats. The same is happening with the Republican party. It happened a lot faster with the small Libertarian party.

          Ask Maj Toure what he thinks about the party and his run for office.

          Democrats are not stupid. They take over stuff from the inside and stop change from occurring. They took over every important institution. They dictate the culture, thus the law.

        • To chief censor
          There is a really big difference between the needs of black people and the needs of white people. I have always believed and understood that.
          So does Maj Toure. But white Libertarians Liberals and the Left disagree. That’s why white gays say blacks don’t need a father in the home.
          And white socialists say blacks don’t need guns.

          Tell me how many Libertarian opinion pieces have been written about Maj running for office under the “L” party flag???
          Send the links.

          The goals of white Libertarians just aren’t the same for the black population. As the whites said back in the 1970s. “If we can just make pot legal, then there will be no need for the black pot dealers to have guns”.

  21. Ok, here is a real-life dilemma. I live 1.5 miles from the original spot that George Floyd was killed. The majority of the riots, burning, and mayhem happened the other direction – 3 miles away. The group of idiot looters came right back down Lake Street to the Apple store over three miles away from the 3rd Precinct – breaking windows all the way. I drove that same path down Lake Street today and every business (that has the funds and will to survive) is either boarding up broken windows or covering good windows in preparation for more mayhem. This is not over – the weather is too nice to keep thugs in for the night.
    Here is the question: A friend has a store that is beyond the Apple store and he was looted last night. Spend the day cleaning up and counting losses. His store is a nice locally owned shop but after Covid19 the deductible alone could shudder a 30-year-old business. Time to enjoy the stars and learn from the Roof Koreans? Tough call – not looking for trouble but trouble is going to be out again tonight. What would you do if it was your store. What would you do if it was your friend?

    • Unfortunately Minnesota doesn’t make life easy for people going Roof Korean with its “Duty to Retreat” statutes.
      I would make sure you have legal representation from the get go and delete all your social media accounts first.

  22. OMG! There are reports coming out of Minneapolis that looters just broke into a library and stole a book! A book! And it wasn’t even completely colored in yet!

  23. Leave it to Chief Sensor to ruin a decent act, and make it even more about race than the media can. Shut the fuck up bro.

    • Why do no whites feel so outraged about the death of Floyd and white men not so much? That’s why race cannot be ignored in America. Until there is equality, and everyone is identified as American, race will not be ignored.

      The U.S. was created by white supremacist for the European man. They were con artists that duped the people into fighting off the crown’s control so they could become rich men in control of a continent. They made white men feel like they were the best people on Earth and everyone else was their property. Rape, genocide, slavery, eugenics, white supremacy, racism, sexism, etc. That is American history that white men refuse to acknowledge and fix.

      Why are white people in the U.S. called Americans while everyone else has a hyphen? Because race matters to white men, it gives them strength and pride. For some reason white males believe one can be proud simply by being born white.

      Let’s not forget this story is about a black man not being treated equally and justice not being given equally. White “conservative” men want to call Floyd just another jogger, but it’s damn hard to do that when the 10 minute video shows the world what America still is.

      Every time something happens to a non white person the media knows it can make white men triggered by mentioning the race. They do low level reverse psychology to make sure white men do not stand up to their government. Then non whites don’t care when a white pawn shop owner is immediately arrested for murder because he defended his livelihood from black men taking it, all while the 4 cops continue to walk free days later.

      You refuse to listen to non whites. You want to live in a bubble and pat yourself on the back for doing so. Go to Minneapolis and tell a black young man America is a post racial society. Do it as a social experiment. You could also wear a All Lives Matter shirt to make a stronger point.

      • Is that supposed to scare someone????
        Nobody is afraid of the ghetto rats…. they are criminals, there is no racism in this country and if you keep it up, whites will “protest” against that..

        • ifyou think this sort of thing is going to be tolerated elsewhere, you’re kidding yourself…

      • You don’t know me.

        I grew up in those “black communities”. You’d be surprised at how racially diverse they actually are. I also stood in the middle of them during their BLM marches a couple years ago, concealing, around people talking about “all lives” and not just black. Still here. When I lived in VA, well before my time in the military, as a young hoodlum, I was GD. Rolled with Crips and Shot at the new wave diplomat style bloods. You know, the whole lil wayne era shit… Also been shot 3 times. For dumbass shit. I grew up that way. I am not that way now. You’d never believe me online, why should you? My mentality is far from what it used to be. Drugs were a HUGE factor. I robbed. I sold drugs. I was involved with gangs. Then I hit the bottom and grew out of it.

        And everything you said, is false. You are literally referring to all white people as racist, and it makes you an idiot. You. Don’t. Know. Shit.

        • You do a great job of ignoring how I said men. Most white people are women. Hmm…

        • So you are black? Because I don’t remember a black gang allowing a white boy in. Gangs were based on race.

          White males were part of biker gangs or prison gangs. Asians had their gangs, same with Mexicans. I hear it’s still like that in prison, not so much in the streets these days.

      • Stfu you punk bich (and yes, it’s purposely misspelled)….
        Take your race baiting a$$ back to your hyphenated $hit hole if you don’t like THE AMERICA WHITES BUILT…. YOU INCONSIDERATE POS

        Also, if you minorities think looting and acting out your instincts will change the way we feel, IT WON’T…. WE WILL FIGHT TO THE DEATH

  24. If I owned one of those stores, there would be a pile of criminals (looters) in front of my store….idgaf what the pigs say….


  25. during the Rodney king riots the Korean neighborhood was allegedly abandon to the riotors by police. The Koreans well armed, took it upon themselves to protect there homes and businesses. Successfully. You don’t screw with armed koreans

      CIVIL RIOT BENT ON STEALING (looting ) by a mob are one are more persons
      that their intent is to feel free to destroy,rob with little recourse are threat of jail or
      prison. The media in this and many cases,refuse to show the whole story are events.
      Good news does not sell,yet bad news, incorrect one sided news Does and racism,
      division and trash reporting,it appears will never end. SO RIGHT ON FELLOW AMERICAN! MY Fire arms are Locked and Loaded and I will protect my home,business
      and nation,and “DIE’ IF necessary,for that reason. COWARDS DIE 100 times BUT Others

  26. Muslim Keith Ellison is MN’s Attorney General. That explains a lot of why nothing is happening to stop the lawlessness. He asked law enforcement to exercise “restraint” towards looters. Reminds me of the black mayor of Baltimore who said she wanted looters to be allowed to “destroy” the property of innocent citizens.

    If this is the kind of blue state ‘law enforcement’ those in power advocate, you will get what’s happening in states like Maryland and Minnesota.

  27. Where in the hell were the National Guard or military to put a stop to this distruction? What was the mayor or governor doing??…Sleeping??

  28. Hit them where it hurts! Burn baby burn!! Death to rednuck peckerwood white trash and their bitch tom supporters!!! Protesting never works so violence is appropriate show of force. Without violence there is no check on government abuse. The rednucks are racist and need to be shot for treason and their black supporters need to be shot for supporting them. Black people killed by the police and the first thought in blacks mind is to protect whites property? Foolish and questionable ethics. Really no question to it his priorities are fucked up and his politics in line with the police who kill innocent men women and children. Rioting and looting is a good thing. The koreans from the la riots were wrong then as they are today. Koreans are racist and steal money from black customers so blacks really need to boycott thier stores and hope they all get burned to the ground. Fuck them and their tae kwon do. Anybody stupid enough to suggest that being complecent and peacefully protesting a viable solution is a closeted racist. Actions speak louder than words. If somebody killed you and you did not riot in protest of that they would be spinning in their grave. Trumps remarks that looters were dishonoring George Floyd is possiby the most untakebackable comment he has made. No blacks care if he dies now. He is unforgivable.

    • The most effed up reply I’ve seen on the internet. How much time do you have left before you’re eligible for parole?


  30. Muslim Democrat’s are the party of choice in Minnesota so the AG is practicing Sharia Law kill the white infidel. Minnesota is rapidly approaching becoming two State or ???

  31. “Heavily armed”? Nonsense.

    Still, good for them for protecting the honests, peaceful citizens.

  32. I am glad to see,there are still like minded people out there.that are leading instead of following.thinking and doing what they believe is right.i support the protesting.not the looting or violence.i don’t see what law enforcement has to investigate, they got a video.society failed,18 citations this cop had,why was he still on the street.cops given suspension with pay in many cases,that’s a slap on the wrist.what does that tell them,it’s ok to do it again.cops should be held accountable for there actions above everyone else,strict sentences to show other corrupt cops there not above the law.

  33. ” Important caveat: I do not support using deadly force to stop petty theft or theft of something that is insured against theft.”

    Someone above said this.

    I totally disagree. When someone steals property, he is stealing part of your life, the part that spent many hours working for the ability to purchase that property.

    It’s a very simple proposition, leave me alone, you won’t get shot or stabbed…..The old Wild West has some lessons for us about life and property.

  34. Great reporting. Picture out of context. Original picture was four men side by side two white two black but great liberal press and reporters refuse to show truth trying to stir up more. Pressike this needs to be made accountable for false editing


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