Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer
Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)
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Poor Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Michigan’s gun rights-hating authoritarian governor has suffered through some bad days of late. Her most recent cry for help? On Tuesday, she bemoaned how her family can see men with “automatic rifles” from the front window of her home. And she’s not talking about the Michigan cops on her protective detail.

Governor “Half” Whitmer has suffered all manner of humiliation in recent days, much of it self-imposed.  She ordered her state’s residents not to visit their own summer homes, then got caught at her own.

Then came news over the Memorial Day weekend that her husband’s attempted to use his wife’s office to get their family’s boat put into the water ahead of the little people before the Memorial Day weekend. Because in a state where all animals are equal, some are more equal than others.

From Fox News:

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer faced backlash from Republican lawmakers after a reported request from her husband to get the family’s boat out on the water before Memorial Day weekend — far from their home in Lansing…

In Facebook posts no longer visible to the public, NorthShore Dock LLC and its owner, Tad Dowker, focused on what Dowker said was a request last week by Whitmer’s husband, Marc Mallory. The posts caught the attention of Republican state lawmakers, who said the governor’s family may not have wanted to follow the guidance she’s issued for the rest of the state.

“This morning, I was out working when the office called me, there was a gentleman on hold who wanted his boat in the water before the weekend,” Dowker posted, The Detroit News reported. “Being Memorial weekend and the fact that we started working three weeks late means there is no chance this is going to happen.”

He continued, “Our office personnel had explained this to the man and he replied, ‘I am the husband to the governor, will this make a difference?'” The docking company later noted that Mallory respectfully accepted that the accommodation would not be possible.

The governor later claimed her husband drove (two vehicles in) a 400-mile round trip during her “stay at home” order to rake leaves at their vacation home before returning home.  Who drives 400 miles to rake some leaves?  Especially in the middle of May?

And now, at Tuesday’s Chinese virus press conference, Gretchen “Half” Whitmer complained that she can see protesters armed with “automatic rifles” from her home’s windows.   Her primary residence, that is.  Not her summer home’s windows.

From Deadline Detroit:

Gov. Grechen Whitmer, addressing some of the anger and backlash from her Covid-related orders, said Tuesday her family has seen “men with automatic rifles standing in view of our front window outside of our home.”

“We have read the vile things people have said and written in response to my stay-home, stay-safe order,” she said at a press conference on the virus. “My daughters have seen the likeness of their mother hung from a noose in effigy. We have weathered demonstrations that were egged on or participated in by some sitting Republican leaders.”

These scandals are all on top of the Whitmer administration suing to keep water levels artificially high on Wixom Lake this spring in order to protect the mussel population.

Now, after the dam on that lake failed, about 10,000 residents have lost their homes. Yet Governor Whitmer’s more worried about the sight of protesters legally open carrying long guns within eyesight of her home.

Poor Gretchen. None of this is likely to help her in her campaign to be Joe Biden’s running mate. Bless her heart.


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  1. Her husband traveled 400 miles to “rake leaves”, during his own wife’s shutdown orders for the Shanghai Shivers?

    Methinks something is afoot.

    • The COVID-19 virus infection rate in Michigan has plummeted — far exceeding the goal of simply “flattening” the curve. (The “curve” has been in steep decline for several weeks.) And yet Governor Gretchen “Halfwit” Whitmer extended her “stay at home” order into the middle of June, regardless of the fact that she has no legitimate, righteous authority to issue such an order. (It looks like Michigan allows a Governor to declare a state of emergency and issue executive orders for up to one month — anything beyond that requires agreement from the legislature which she failed to secure in this case.)

      People are fairly flexible/understanding/forgiving up to a point. That point was about four weeks of “stay at home”, which ended about six weeks ago. And yet people are supposed to “stay at home” for yet an additional three weeks, for a total of about eight weeks beyond what people were/are willing to tolerate.

      People stationed outside her home with rifles might be a political statement. It might also be a statement of intent to force her to resign her office for malfeasance and corruption.

      • Agreed with the length of time people were willing to tolerate. This is getting pathetic. I started travelling where I please 2 weeks ago.

        • Hey, where’s my comment I posted here a couple of hours ago? Why are some of my comments still mysteriously disappearing (at the rate of almost one per week) well after I post them? They appear, and when I come back to TTAG later to revisit, they’re gone.

          • Haz,

            Welcome to the party. I’ve had several in the last couple of weeks that did not contain links, were not rude or derogatory that never made it to the screen. I had one comment that triggered a Captcha screen and I had to count motorcycles or traffic lights to get posted…that has never happened before.

            WordPress doubling down on questionable [sic] sites in an election year?

        • Lol, I get a captcha every single day, without exception. Every day! I’m on the same computer, at the same IP address, and the same browser stays open. All day! And yet at least once per day I have to do the captcha process. Sometimes twice. Makes no sense.

        • Yeah, to bad for the 100,000 suckers that died from this virus.

          Not to mention the countless more with permanent loss in lung capacity or loss of bodily function due to strokes.

          But, you know, no big deal.

          Why is it so hard for us people of the gun to understand the scope of this? When less than 3k people people were killed we Invaded Afghanistan. When 2.5k were killed we declared war on Japan.

          When 100k die we act like toddlers saying, “you can’t make me wear a mask in Costco because this is a free country”, nevermind rights of private property owners.

        • Jeremy B. I am a registered nurse. Until this week my administrative duties had me working from home. I was quarantined from March-May. I didn’t have the virus. Now that coworkers have the virus I am now on the front lines(started yesterday). I will self quarantine for at least 2 weeks after I return to my administrative duties. If I have had zero exposure to anyone I can’t spread it. Go ahead keep accusing me of being a toddler, especially when you don’t know the full effect of Michigan’s ban on freedom.

        • Jeremy B., you need to revisit your history.
          We didn’t invade Afghanistan, we were invited.
          We declared war on Japan after they declared war on us (which happened after they attacked us).
          Your comparisons fall very flat.

  2. This poor lady just has all manner of troubles, no? Maybe she should just resign. That’d teach them!

    • I’m not say she isn’t an idiot and needs to be replaced like an old shoe with a hole in the sole… Actually that’s exactly what I think.

      BUT, if it was her state employees standing with AR15s outside some protester/citizen’s house we’d be hearing about intimidation by jack booted thugs until we can’t hear anything else.

    • I’m 401 miles one way from Lansing if her husband decides he’s tired of being cuckold to a tyrant and wants to do some boating, drink some beers, and shoot some fully semi automatic rifles.

      Sorry, no leaves to rake and no f###s to give down here to comply with stay at home orders.

    • I have to remember that one.
      In Customs, they used to have the Customs Underwater Narcotic Team.

    • That applies to sleepy/creepy Joe also. Her husband probably has some young gardener to help him ‘rake’ the leaves.

      • I always thought she was just another Hitler in a skirt. At least Bruce, aka, Caitlyn is not trying to take people’s guns away from them.

      • Dude, Whitmer needs to be replaced. But c’mon man, Michigan has been hit harder than Washington (ground zero for the US) at this point. Why are we bothering with this primary school stuff?

        When you go out, where a gun (and an extra mag) and wear a mask (and hand sanitizer) to keep you and others safe.

  3. There is an old saying “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. Whitmer’s extension” of the “stay at home” order has nothing to do with health and has everything to do with her own vengeance.

    I’ll bet that Whitmer was thinking “I’ll show them” (those protesting the “lockdown”) by extending the executive order to June 12.

    Whitmer gives women who are in politics a bad name. By throwing a tantrum, she is acting like a typical woman with PMS or a 5-year-old who did not get what she wants.

    The legislature needs to take her to the wood shed…impeach or recall.

    As an aside, her “executive order” shreds “equal justice under law” by picking “winners and losers” in the business shutdown scam.

    Lottery tickets, liquor and big box stores are OK but churches and small businesses are not?

    In fact, Michigan “attorney general” lesbian Dana Nessel’s favorite “swinger gay bar” has been deemed an “essential business” and is open.

    It would seem that this could be the basis for a very good court case that could get her entire “executive order” thrown out.

    Where in hell is the legislature in all of this?

    • Republicans in the Michigan Legislature are a bunch of pansies. They would not override vetoes from their own Governor. And they are not going to override anything that this Governor does.

      More important, we would all be wise to recognize that the executive branches and legislative branches like to take turns playing “good cop, bad cop” to advance their agendas. This case is no exception.

  4. So…she probably also does not know the difference between erst and semi-erect either. Just sayin’….

    • derrr…erect…forgot to click the “save my name” box in order to be able to edit

  5. “These scandals are all on top of the Whitmer administration suing to keep water levels artificially high on Wixom Lake this spring in order to protect the mussel population.”

    I guess she doesn’t have a degree in civil engineering after all.

  6. A Rattlesnake gets stomped because it rattles(buzz) a cottonmouth keeps hid until it strikes.

    • Not quite true possum. Cottons shake their tails just like a rattler to mimic them. No as loud though , and way more aggressive

  7. I don’t expect the “gun community” to support machine gun ownership in the general population. That is reserved for the rich friends of NRA board members. And criminals. Both who will always be able to afford machine guns. President Obama made sure the police in Michigan got plenty of select fire weapons during his time in office. At no cost to state or local departments.

    • Well, yes but my only reason for not wanting to own a machine gun is the poor critter would starve to death. No way I could afford to feed it regularly!!!

      • Starvation diet?
        Emergency rations?
        Or the “red meat only” diet!?!?

  8. Oh no there’s an armed white man outside my window now! Oh wait that’s my mirror.

  9. when the people fear the government
    there is tyranny
    when the government fears the people
    there is liberty

  10. You stay, me special so me no stay. Me have armed guards… you not special so no guns. Hurr durr derpity derp.

  11. People with guns are welcome at my place. Personally, I’d be more concerned if I were seeing scumbags with a can of gasoline and some Strike Anywheres….

  12. I think the MI governor Whitmer needs to placed in an institution for the psychologically impaired!

    Really? there are people lurking outside her residence with automatic rifles…she’s obviously seeing things that are not there, she needs to be institutionalized.

    Now I know why the husband drives 400 miles to rake leaves…TO GET AWAY FROM THAT CRAZY WOMAN HE MARRIED!!

  13. The Democrats who voted for her need to be taught a lesson. Keep them locked down until Christmas. Hopefully infuriated Republicans will beat them senseless.

  14. I have a question: If the Gubner saw men with automatic rifles outside her home, where he heck was her security team? She must have great distance vision to discriminate that the rifles had three-position selector levers.

  15. How in the hell does she know for for a fact they were FULL AUTO Rifles without going out to inspect them the cops dont even know without stopping someone and inspecting them. Full automatic rifles are not allowed without a federal gun permit and those are so hard to get them you have to be Uber Rich to get one. I have a friend that tried to get one and he said just one of the charges for one segment of the permitting process was 10,000, now I don’t know about you but I don’t know too many that have an extra 10 grand to be throwing around on gun permits.

    • I call B.S. on your post.

      Owning a legal, fully-automatic firearm is as easy (quicker actually) than purchasing a suppressor. The only fees are the purchase price and the $200 to the BATFe for the Tax Stamp.

      However, legally transferable autos are increasingly rare in that there is only a finite pool since the FOPA 1986*. FOPA restricted the legally available (to civilians) automatics to those currently in inventory…no new weapons can be added to that “pool”.

      With a limited supply the prices for a legally transferable auto have risen markedly since 1986…full autos are available from around $6,500 (MAC 10 / 11 or comparable) to well over $100k for a pristine BMG 50.

      *Firearms Owner’s Protection Act of 1986.

  16. What’s all this crap about Covid-19?

    It’s the CHINESE VIRUS….

    Liberals always want to change the meaning of words, Democrat NewSpeak, directly from George Orwell’s 1984.

    As far as Gretchy Witchmer and full auto, all I can say is that she must be a model of love and aspiration for the people, else why did so many of them vote her in?

    Besides, why is anyone even listening? Do people enjoy crazed lunatics, and wait while holding their breath, for her next nuggets of deep wisdom?

    I wonder if people realize that TDS is actually an STD??? 🙂

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