Q honey badger sb tactical
Q Honey Badger pistol with SB Tactical pistol stabilizing brace (Jeremy S. for TTAG)
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The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms has issued a 60-day stay of their cease and desist order against Q, LLC regarding production of the Honey Badger pistol with SB Tactical stabilizing brace.

See the letter here:

The letter says the 60-day stay is to allow the Department of Justice to assess the applicability of National Firearms Act regulations to the Q’s Honey Badger pistol. Some will see this as a positive development. Maybe the regulatory giant is having second thoughts and the suspension gives them time to reassess.

A more cynical view would be the ATF has chosen to punt the decision until after the election to see which way the political winds are blowing when the 60 days are up in December.

If Trump is re-elected, the ATF might be persuaded of the arbitrary and capricious nature of their claim that the Honey Badger pistol is a short-barrel rifle and drop the matter. If Biden wins, they may decide that they were right all along in determining that the Honey Bader is somehow the equivalent of a SBR.

The ATF could then use their opaque, non-existent, non-standards which they refuse to explain or publish against other AR pistol/arm brace combinations, magically deeming them to be NFA items, too.

Have you voted yet?

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  1. If Trump is re-elected all gloves are off. The ATF will be free to hurt us just as much as they want. For Trump is no friend of the Second Amendment. His interest was in the NRA’s membership dollars, all $30,000,000 of them.

    That kind of support has not been forthcoming this go-round, and Trump remembers those who displease him.

    More than likely the ATF has been quietly told to sit back and cut this shit out until after the election. Only one person could tell them that.

    • Trump may be no friend of 2A. Biden and Kamela are flat out ENEMIES of 2A.

      Do you understand that simple difference?

        • ATF is doing this to hurt Trump AND because they are power tripping snowflakes who hate the 2nd amendment. If Biden wins, (by cheating, the only way he can), there will be more bans and illegal proclamations than you can shake a full mag at. If Trump wins, braces will be safe for 4 more years.

          But, lefties will riot and loot like never before after a Trump win. Lock and load, peeps.

      • no, he really doesn’t. People like Amy Coney Barrett make more of a difference anyways.

        Enuf is as dumb as they come. On here ranting about pro 2a stuff then saying he is voting for Biden because “it’s the obvious choice”. He’s probably 26 and lives with mommy. No real understanding of how the world works.

        • little man enuf is to America and The United States Constitution what a drunk farting gasbag is to fine dining. He can take his gutless wonder slander and libel go pound sand.

          TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

        • Debbie made me crack up, and said it well!

          Little enuf is an annoying troll Lefty who probably dresses up in black to go vandalize America with his/her/its ANTIFA friends.

        • enuf isn’t dumb enough to really believe that Trump is more anti-gun than Biden. He either has a terrible case of TDS or he’s a democrat. Keep in mind that he was upset that Obama wasn’t able to nominate Garland to the SC.

      • Yes, but what you fail to comprehend is that Trump is a Domestic Enemy of the United States of America. That is far, far worse than electing some liberal leaning ex-Veep who has promised his side the Moon.

        Trump is personally responsible for the abject failure to respond to a pandemic that is approaching 220,000 dead Americans and may well top 400,000 thousand before a vaccine can be widely available.

        Trump owes hundreds of millions to foreign debtors, including state owned banks and it is personal debt, not corporate. All coming due in the next four to five years. No American politician at any level has ever been this massively financially compromised.

        Trump insults and demeans American military service, those who have died and those who were captured and does not stop there he insults their families too. He is without Personal honor, and is contemptible to all decent reasoning citizens.

        Trump lies constantly and no worse lie than to threaten the integrity and trust of the electoral process. He refuses to state he will accept the outcome of an election, the most sacred basis of any Democratic form of government.

        Trump not only fails to condemn racism and threats of violent insurrection by white supremacists, he indulges in their language and tells them to “Stand back and stand by”.

        I came out against Trump forty years ago when he was a charlatan in real estate, going bankrupt and mysteriously always finding masses of money to bail him out. Now we know where it all came from. Hundreds of millions lifted from his father’s estate. Hundreds of millions borrowed from foreign lenders.

        And yes he made a killing as a reality TV character. Hardly a glowing choice for President.

        Trump is an enemy of this Republic.

        Biden is merely a politician.

        I’ll take the lesser evil and enjoy, I hope, the rich irony that Justice Barrett will be the singular good and decent thing to come out of this insane time in our history.

        Should we be so lucky as to see Trump lose that is, for again, I make no predictions on this second freak show of a Presidential Silly Season in only four short years.

        • Marked as SPAM, like all enuf postings.

          Enough already, go whine somewhere else please and thank you!

        • Too late Enuf
          I already voted for him and popped it in the drop box at the library. Gosh, if I had only read your horse shit earlier, I would have had even more fun voting for him!!

          • That’s OKay, don’t worry, I voted against the tiny-handed Russian-money launderer. So that makes it even.
            It’ll be fine for all, you’ll see. Just give it some time.

            After he gets out of prison even the Ol’ Superspreader will take a look around and agree.

            Heck! He might even learn to read while he’s in the “joint”.

        • Almost everything you accuse Trump of is a lie, an exaggeration, a misrepresentation, or fundamentally the same as Biden. And I am no fan of Mr. Trump.

          What is your strongest point against Trump you would like me to refute? You led with his personal responsibility for the the dead in the pandemic so I’d start there.

          Did or has Trump prevent Americans from wearing a mask, gloves, washing their hands, or forced them to gather in groups? Did or has he forced Americans to forego their own judgement on what expertise to listen to and trust?

          What country provided more financial support to individuals to allow them to isolate if they so chose?

          What if anything would Biden have done differently without the benefit of hindsight and what leads you to believe it would have had an objectively more positive overall outcome without destroying the economy?

          Instead of blaming Trump for the rotation of the earth and the next solar eclipse, let’s acknowledge the virus was always going to suck and cause fatalities. The lack of containment in America is more about our personal nature and all the riots and protests this year. It would be extremely naive to think Biden would have had a significant impact on either.

          If you don’t want to vote for Trump, then log a protest vote for Jorgensen instead of supporting creeping socialism. I don’t know if people are so ignorant of history they don’t understand the progression of larger government to socialism to communism/dictatorship or whether it’s some part of the Green new deal I didn’t hear about to pile up another 100,000,000 corpses again this century to reduce our carbon footprint.

        • ^^^As if “socialism” were the only route to dictatorship. Some of us have enough understanding of history to see the warning signs, even when the would- be dictator is on “our side”.

        • What’s funny is that you were saying the exact same thing about Trump before those latest dem talking points you just rattled off even came out. You were saying he was a traitor. Actually you still say that. You fell for the Russia farce. In other words, you didn’t need those reasons you listed to hate Trump. You just hate Trump. All of those talking points, in one way or another, are lies.

        • “I came out against Trump forty years ago when he was a charlatan in real estate”

          How do you feel about Joe Biden using his position of power in government to enrich his family?

        • Answer this Enuf, if you blame 220,000 deaths on trump, what would Biden or Hillary have done to have us be the only country in the world with a death count of zero?

        • We can go by what Biden has said. He would have waited until March before imposing travel restrictions. He would have imposed a national mask mandate (after the “experts” changed their mind because at first they said NOT to use masks). If you want to eat out in public, then you can only lower your mask while you take a bite. C’mon man, he would listen to the scientists! They’re the experts, so he would do whatever they told him to do. If there is ever some “perceived” threat in some faraway sandbox, he would listen to the generals! They’re the experts. He would do whatever they told him to do. Mattis wouldn’t be resigning because he wasn’t allowed to get us involved into more conflicts.

        • who out there can say that all these people died of this virus and just the virus 99% of them died because they had other problems take the town I live in its small and we are listed to have had 1400 plus cases of the virus and have had 40 be hospitalized because of it and 14 deaths and most of the ones that have died were older and had major health problems and to top it off over half of the infected people are in the local prison. Then you look at Trump and his family they got sick with it and he is not any spring chicken got over it no problem because overall his health is good another case Coach Bobby Bowden he’s in his 90s he came down with it went in the hospital and was over it in around a week so yall tell me how many people really died because of this virus instead of something else and are just listed that way because they tested positive because I would really like to know and there is not one person dead of it because of Trump

        • Enuf.. if you genuinely believe Biden is the lesser evil, allow me to quote a tweet for you..
          “If the FBI, the CIA, Wall Street, The Atlantic, China, Bill Kristol and seven Bush cabinet members want one guy to win.. for the love of God pick the other guy.” (Arthur Bloom). I would also add that if the entirety of the deep state apparatus, Democrats, gungrabbers, statists, and globalists all want one guy to win.. vote for the other guy.

          Trump 2020. The alternative, is in fact, far worse.

        • De Facto, you need to add the Big Tech wannabe authoritarians to your list. Oh, and “Death to America! Iran, and all of the America hating idiots.

        • ” Empty cans make the most noise ” said my 7 th. grade teacher. Enuf must live in an empty can.

        • Oh STFU with all your CNN BS fake news propaganda agenda lies. You wouldn’t recognize the bell of truth if you heard it ring. And the bell fell on your head.
          BTW if ya wanna be a commie you need to move to China. America is for Americans. Love it or Leave It.

        • Enuf
          You are an idiot. Go back to your underwater basket weaving classes and let the grown ups talk. Your fact are fiction.

        • Here we see a very advanced form of Trump Derangement Syndrome. This stage is followed by incoherent screeching.

      • Clearly he does not! I always vote on election day and I always vote, make sure you get to the polls!

        As soon as I heard this, my reaction was they just kicked the can down the road because it was suddenly getting a bit hotter than they expected. This was done in the first place to hurt Trump but seems to have blown up in their face. With the 60 day suspension they will know if they have to back down or that have a way to gain favor with a new Harris Administration.

      • “…Trump is no friend of the Second Amendment. ”

        This statement is enuf’s opinion; hardly fact nor obvious.

        I’d point out that he/she/it has stated many times around here that he/she/it is either planning to vote for Harris/Biden or already has. Accepting such an opinion concerning POTUS from a being who is proud of his/her/its decision to be a traitor to the Founders, the Second Amendment, the Constitution and the Creator from whom those rights and liberties are provided is ludicrous. Considering this, why give any creedence to such a premise at all?

        In reality, no one needs DJT to be a “friend” of the Second Amendment, though I believe him to be more-so than any American president since Reagan. All that is necessary is for him and other elected officials understand and respect the Constitution of the United States as it was written and ratified.

        • “’…Trump is no friend of the Second Amendment.’
          This statement is enuf’s opinion; hardly fact nor obvious.”

          If it’s not obvious then you are not paying any attention or you are a Trumptard and not a Constitutionalist! How does Mr. Trump stack up to “the right of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED?

          1. President Trump pushed for a bumpstock ban, not by legislation passed by elected officials (who could possibly be held accountable) but instead by using bureaucracy (unelected ATF officials) to change the definitions of codified law.
          2. Fix NICS was a bill the president wanted and signed.
          3. Who said, “I say take the guns first, due process later” when talking about “red flag” laws? Yes, President Trump.
          4. Candidate Trump said, “On my first day, I’ll eliminate school and military ‘gun free’ zones” Did I miss that those have been gone for 4 years? Negative!
          5. Candidate Trump said, “I’ll expand the national right to carry in all 50 states.” Did that happen and I missed that one too? Negative!
          6. Who said, “I’m open to banning silencers”? Oh yeah, President Trump.

          NO, I do not vote for any Democrats and most Republicans. There is too much corruption in both parties and until you can see the log in your own eye, stop nit-picking about the specks in other’s eyes. You have to be honest with yourself, Mr. Trump, whom I had very high hopes for in 2016, has failed gun owners and many of you aren’t honest with yourselves to acknowledge that fact, not opinion.

          Conservative? Mr. Trump is conservative in what way? Fiscally? You got to be kidding. Morally, no need to ask that really. Socially, perhaps. Just being honest here folks. Wake up people and stop voting for evil, lesser or greater!

    • So you think the BATFAGS looked around and said “oh my, perchance we have stepped over an imaginary line and are wrong”? Because that attitude, like Chet the wonder unicorn and “responsible demorats” doesn’t exist. President Trump got on the phone and told them to cut that shit out. PERIOD. You think Hiden’ Biden would do the same? Or “pResident Harris”? Get real.

      • Trump did something right and wasn’t immediately bragging about it on Twitter? Takes some imagination to dream up that scenario.

    • $30 million? Where do you get that from? Now I know why the other commenters on this site write about you in such negative terms. You are an ignorant imbecile.

      • The exact amount reported to the Federal Elections Commission by the NRA was: $31,194,464

        So, yes I rounded down. Sorry about that, should not have been imprecise. If you want to know how the money was spent,

        The full story of NRA political spending in 2016 was $419 million. That was about $100 million more than the prior election cycle. If you didn’t know that, you should have. I’ve been an active and involved NRA member over a half century (until recently), so yes I know what the fuck I am talking about.

        These folks put together a convenient table of NRA spending in 2016:

        You need not take their word for it. The raw data is available to anyone and everyone, knock yourself out and learn a thing or two about politics in our Republic:

        • So what? I’m no fan of Negotiating Rights Away, but giving money to the Trump campaign and related pro gun candidates seems like the best use they would have made of members money in ages.

        • And where is the comparison of Soros and Bloomberg spending? How about all of the Chinese communist money and influence in Virginia? How about all of the Chinese communist money flowing into Antifa/BLM this year and funding the riots?

      • As Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan used to say “you are entitled to your own opinion but you are not entitled to your own facts.”

        In the ’12 Presidential campaign the NRA spent more than $13M
        In the ’16 Pres campaign it was more than $31M out of a total of more than $54M.

        Sorry Charlie STARKIST wants tuna that tastes GOOD.

    • “More than likely the ATF has been quietly told to sit back and cut this shit out until after the election. Only one person could tell them that.”

      The new ‘Gun Czar’ Beto O’Rourke?

      • No, it would be the man who has occupied the office of President for the last four years.

        “Candidate Trump said, “I’ll expand the national right to carry in all 50 states.”

        You can put that one right there with “Mexico will pay for the wall“.

        Y’all was snookered by a slick New York City ConMan, hilarious bunch of rubes.

    • enuf is a psyop agent, probably a Fed.

      Vote Trump. It’s not just your rights and freedoms, but your life is on the line.

    • I disagree about your characterization of Trump. He definitely did cave on the bump stock issue but, honestly, so did the NRA. The bump stock decision came early in his presidency and I think he would, if given the opportunity, take a different approach. So, yes, he f’d up … and you could make the argument that decision left the door open for the ATF to go after manufacturers like Q. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean Trump doesn’t support the gun rights. He would not have nominated Judge Barrett to fill the SCOTUS vacancy if he was an “enemy” of the 2A. Barrett truly is another Scalia.

      As others point out here — even if you’re not a Trump fan — if you support the 2A and the rest of the US Constitution, the other side cannot be an option. We have never been so close to losing our country than we are right now. Use your brain and recognize the stakes are too high to throw away your vote.
      MAGA. #Trump2020

      • The bump stock ban was a political decision. If someone else used a bump stock in the commission of a mass shooting after Vegas, that would have been the end of it. If Clinton was the president after the Vegas shooting, we would have had much more than a bump stock ban.

  2. I’d rather this be the proverbial straw that kicks the ATF and NFA in the teeth. Should have been bump stocks IMHO (I know there are one or two cases still outstanding.. Still).

    The problem is, there is NO WAY I am betting rights to be upheld by any branch or bureau within the Government.

  3. Allegedly the honey badger ruling was issued by a agent in the Boston field office not the ATF federal head quarters. Highly irregular. In addition the field agent was a Obama appointee. Add in the timing of the ruling and it smells like a political stunt.

      • “Field Agents are appointed?”

        Surely you don’t believe that anyone at BATFE is elected by The People, do you????

        However, that elected office-holders actually make the appointments of the regulators (who often are able to do the most “damage”) is yet another reason to do some research concerning those for whom you would cast your vote. Things like enuf obviously are unable to do the basic game of “Connect the Dots”.

        • What I meant was…I understand that Department Heads, Directors etc. may be appointed positions. A field agent, though. I figure they are hired. Example: Police Chief…appointed. Policeman…hired. It just doesn’t seem realistic that a low level position requires an appointment. Unless, Field Agents are a lot higher up the food chain than I thought.

    • I read a few days ago that this came from an obscure small Dept. of the ATF that was stuffed with 0bama holdovers and this was to piss off gunowners and separate them from Trump.

      • A segment: Enter the FLU (Firearms Legislative Unit). They work within the Chief Councils office in the ATF. I’m not kidding, these clowns really call themselves the FLU. These are rogue ATF agents, lawyers, that are trying to undo many previous favorable Tech Brach decisions. They are anti-gun Obama era employee’s. They are 100% politically motivated. This fact is not speculation, it’s the absolute truth.

        • Yeah, I’m calling BS on the FLU.

          If you would be so kind as to supply some sort of reference, source or citation to support your claims, it would be most appreciated.

        • @ enuf: An ignorant man can be forgiven for not being aware of certain knowledge. A stupid man has no time to listen as they are smarter and wiser than those around them.

        • While Q’s lawyer’s response letter to the original C&D is interesting, there is no mention of the FLU in it. Do you have another source that supports your claim of a FLU or anything like you have described it?

        • Pure disinformation, for the weak minded who are easily swayed by Internet conspiracies and Q anon drivel.

          Face it, President Trump has been in office for almost 4 years, he owns every action or inaction, that this administration takes.

          For the first two years of his administration, Republicans controlled the presidency, the house of representatives and the Senate, yet they failed to act to promote any gun legislation or to take action directly to protect the second amendment.

          You may think his court appointments will protect the second amendment, but they are actually corporate shills who will favor the wealthy and multinational corporations over the interest of individual citizens.

          It is amazing that so many common sense, down to earth, rural folks are willing to worship a triple adulterer, New York City ConMan who has swindled working folks out of their fair wages for decades.

    • If he were to do that then the world might come to a flaming burning sulphur-stinking end since he is anti-firearm.
      Don’t you know of his 5 medical deferments?
      He is absolutely TERRIFIED of firearms.

      Perhaps you are thinking of DJTJ ( Donald J. tRUMP Jr. )

  4. Surprised they didn’t say suspended until day after the election and if Biden gets in then we are coming after you. You FUDDS better wake the F up.

  5. The ATF has sold more pistol braces in the last 30 days and coming 60 days than there are AR pistols in circulation. Way to go ATF!

        • It could have been worse. If you’d put it on a gun and fired it, it would have bruised your shoulder and left you with a temporary form of PTSD.

          …still can’t believe anyone takes the media seriously after that fiasco.

    • The ATF serves no useful purpose and is, beyond all others, the single Federal agency with the bloodiest history of massive screw-ups there has ever been. It literally goes back to their earliest enforcement actions in the shooting of Ken Ballew in 1971:

      The history of the ATF is a horror show of getting their own agents killed, getting cops from other agencies killed, getting innocent citizens killed, losing firearms from evidence, agents going criminal and selling seized guns for personal profit, agents abusing expense accounts for hotels and hookers, I mean if Hollywood tried to make a movie about all this no one would believe it.

      But then no one could ever imagine a fiction as godawful as the ATF’s history killing people that did not need killing.

      Ruby Ridge? An ATF operation trying to force a man to be an undercover informant when he did not want to and the targeted persons not trusting him in the first place.

      Waco raid on the Branch Davidians? Well, ignoring for the moment that the Sheriff in those parts told the ATF he could call up Koresh and he’d come into town anytime there was so much as a parking ticket to settle, think about how the ATF staged that assault. They rode in big government trucks in broad daylight across miles of countryside passing many homes and small ranch properties. The targets of their raid heard from people all along they way that something peculiar was headed their way. When the ATF arrived they handed that crazy bastard precisely what he had been preaching all along. That they would all die in a military government assault.

      So, the ATF runs over wide open ground, in daytime, to assault a big place filled with people who fervently believe they are about to be executed.

      But of course the ATF leadership is not at fault for all those dead people, their own included. Incompetence and arrogance simply do not count against the ATF.

      Then there is “Wide Receiver” that sent guns to Mexican drug lords with a nice bow and a big sloppy wet kiss.

      Deciding that worked so very well they amped it up with “Fast & Furious”, got United States Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry killed (Mexican shooter, ATF GUN!) and managed to hand over a far larger collection of hardware to the world’s most murderous Narco Cartels.

      Hell yes, the agency should be disbanded and it’s duties assigned to no one at all.

      I’ll back up a touch on that one, I often hear their bomb analysis people are very good. Move them over to the FBI as civilian experts, not gun or badge carrying LEOs.

      Otherwise, every ATF agent or leadership type unemployed and banned from any Federal employment every again.

      I’ve nothing against secretarial staff …

        • If you are saying the ATF is a bunch of NAZI’s, you do not know what NAZI’s were. Evil, you bet! Entirely different animal ‘tho.

      • “It literally goes back to their earliest enforcement actions in the shooting of Ken Ballew in 1971“

        Yes, republican president Richard Nixon knew exactly what he was doing when he authorized the ATF. While their Fox ‘News’ propaganda claims it’s the Democrats who want to control your life, in actuality it’s the Republicans who take the steps to subjugate you, be it their so-called drug war or their repressive authoritarian law-enforcement units.

        • I’d love to see drugs legal and the police at least in large cities gone. All the Democrat voters would self implode in a few years in the major cities and life would change drastically I’d imagine. It’s be an interesting experiment.

  6. Unlike enuf, I won’t blame one politician for the ATF’s infringements. The entire alphabet boi soup is a problem, so lets start with the ATF:

    In recent years, your ability to own ammo piercing rounds has been hindered. Your ability to own 40mm’s has been hindered. And now, your “pistol” is in jeopardy.

    Is that any surprise? No. You could have the most vocal pro 2A president ever, as long as branches like the ATF exist, they will take your rights away. What better organization to do it? ANTIFA? nope. BLM? nope. ATF? Yep. Since day 1 they have existed to tell you what you can and cannot do with shit that grows out of the ground all the way to projectiles used to defend yourself.

    There is only one way to solve this, but many think there are 3.
    1. Vote them out – useless
    2. Vote others in – useless
    3. “Abolish and defund” them.

    Do you need to know the real way to handle the ATF? Cuz some of the bootlicking crowd might be surprised to know that it can’t just happen to one branch, it has to happen to them all. As much of the “back the blue” that is going around, which I feel generally just gives people a sense of security and normalization since before the plandemic and less actually supporting enforcement of tyranny beit to criminals or innocents, people seem to forget that the left kind of has a point – and I do NOT say that lightly. However, their point is lost on racism and destruction of innocent peoples lives and properties. So, whenever you are ready to remove the ATF from the picture, you know what needs to be done. Standing somewhere open carrying and holding a sign won’t cut it, voting won’t cut it, and shitposting about “abolishing” won’t cut it either. The point the left has, is sometimes destruction is necessary, they are just to stupid to know what to actually destroy in order to obtain freedom and innadvertley end up causing shit like socialism and communism thus breeding more control. We know where to take the fight, so what the fuck are we waiting for? The left is an easy target compared to the tyrants in branches like the ATF. Some of you are so focused on these basement dwellers you have lost sight what freedom fighting means and think your “counter protest” is going to change anything. You are larping. Call me when you actually intend to use your 2A or stfu. Everyone here is selfish. The 2A does not exist for you to defend yourself, it exists for you to defend a nation.

    • “innadvertley end up causing shit like socialism and communism”

      There is nothing inadvertent about it. Antifa/BLM are Marxist/Communist organizations. They know exactly what they are doing, they are backed by Chinese communist money, and they have a plan to institute communism here. Some of the people on the streets may be dupes, fools, or opportunists, but the people running the show are card carrying communists.

  7. You guys need you jump off trumps nuts! Trump is pretty damn good but isn’t very pro 2A! It’s almost like everybody on here opposite of TDS! Bunch of fudds that would cry when the bullets start flying here but where tough Guys overseas!

  8. Look, I only voted for Trump because of the second amendment. He’s a scumbag but at least he’s filling the ninth and scotus with conservative judges, I would like to see California return to something resembling sanity. Kamala Harris has a long rapsheet during her tenure on the police force and we all know she’s going to take over if Biden wins.

  9. ATF is flexing their mussel. They are convinced TRUMP is going to lose. What they don’t understand a new SUPREME COURT will put them in their place even if TRUMP loses. JUSTICE IS COMING FOR YOU ALPHABET BOYS, and her name is AMY!

    • “ATF is flexing their mussel.”

      Join the ATF, and the world will become your oyster.

  10. What we should all be concerned about (the real gun people) is that regardless of the illogical decisions the ATF has made over the last 50 years or so that I have dealt with them they have never involved themselves with politicians or political agendas within a year of a general election. Now they are doing it and not just within a year but within a month of the general. This is not some beauracrat wanting to make a name, this is collusion at the highest echelons. Just another sign of our republic form of government getting whacked. We know there are shenanigans going on within the FBI and CIA and now the ATF??? Oh but my bad, these conspiracy theories are just that…..until they come a knock knock knocking at your door.

  11. Temporarily recalling their decision for further study is 1. a reaction to the many complaints raised from the public, 2. an admission that there was a rush to issue the regulation for political reasons without reasonable research into the consequences and legality of the regulation, 3 just a bone headed idea.

  12. Strikes me as follows. The time for congressional largess offered the ATF/BATFE regarding it’s firearms enforcement antics has long since expired. When the devil is The Congress going to act, in so doing, apply long needed brakes to this run away mob?

  13. Those 5 million new gun owners, and the other 25 million guns that were bought during the same time by previous gun owners were not purchased to give back to lobotomy joe!

  14. Click my name for a small gallery of Vote to Keep your guns images. Spread them around, especially to new gun owners and to your LGS.

  15. Vote for Trump. Everybody, vote for Trump. I didn’t vote for anyone on the Presidential side of the ballot in 2016 because I thought he would be as bad as a democrat, but man was I wrong. I’ll make up for that this time and see if ACB and others can steer him a little more straight on the 2A. VOTE TRUMP!!!

  16. “Badgers? Badgers? We don’t need no steenkeeng badgers!”

    C’mon, man! Just kidding!

  17. Marburry VS Madison 5 US 137(1803)
    “ALL LAWS which are REPUGNANT to the CONSTITUTION are NULL and VOID”

    The ATF has no say, They can NOT make or pass laws PERIOD. Quit bending over and bowing every time some HUMAN GIVEN government job titled NAZI wannabe power happy control freak tries to tell you what you can or cannot have own or do, WE THE PEOPLE ARE NOT OWNED BY “ANY” HUMAN PERIOD. As long as you do not go out and PURPOSELY (outside of Tyranny and Self Defense) hurt someone else or someone else’s property NO HUMAN HAS A SAY PERIOD.
    Quit acting like owned sheeple slaves we are not OWNED. It doesn’t matter who they are or what their HUMAN GIVEN job title is or what costume they wear. This is why the CONSTITUTION is eroding cause you all comply with every Fing thing these idiots say.

  18. If Trump wins and we control the Senate and House of Representatives again, either in January 2021 or 2023, we need to, at minimum, get SBRs and suppressors removed from the NFA. It’s just darn silly.

    Better yet would be repeal of the NFA and GCA or otherwise have them crippled by SCOTUS rulings.

  19. Why dont you reprobates stick to commenting on the actual gun related issue instead of your political non-sense, name calling and labeling? The honey badger overall length is too short with the butstock SB made for Q, that is it. Its not an attack on pistol braces….yet. This is the AI run psyop, info operations war on truth that has permeated media, news and social media.

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