A Tour of Bond Arms in Granbury, TX

Bond Arms makes derringers. And Bullpup pistols, like the one Jon reviewed here. Back in October I visited their manufacturing facility up in Granbury, Texas, about two-and-a-half hours north of me, and found out how the sausage is made . . . Full disclosure, I’m at Robert’s house and he’s fed me far too much […]

Bond Arms XR9-L Long Slide Bullpup Revealed

Jon Wayne Taylor awarded the Bond Arms Bullpup TTAG’s highest accolade: five stars. “It’s the end result of innovation, improvement and attention to detail,” our resident war hero wrote. “Mouse gun size, compact pistol velocity and handling.” Yes but — a bit too mousy for some. Enter the XR9-L . . . We can’t review this gun yet; it’s […]

Bond Arms 6″ Derringer: Name This Gun!

Bond Arms has released [what could well be] the world’s longest derringer — the firearms equivalent of the world’s most fire retardant paper hat. Be that as it is, the company is running a contest on their Facebook page to name their new long-barreled derringer. The prize: the new gun! Some weisenheimer might suggest calling it […]