Confiscated ghost guns on display as Mayor Eric Adams makes public safety-related announcement at Police Headquarters on September 27, 2023 in New York City. Police arrested three suspects at a day care in East Harlem for illegal firearms possession, manufacturing of an assault weapon and reckless endangerment. AP Photo
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Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has called on YouTube to address its algorithm, which he claims is steering vulnerable users, particularly young gamers, towards content on making untraceable ghost guns, ABC news affiliate WPVI reports. The investigation led by Bragg’s office suggests that YouTube’s current algorithm may inadvertently promote videos that instruct viewers on assembling these firearms, potentially increasing the risk of ghost gun creation among minors.

In a recent briefing, Bragg highlighted the ease with which individuals, including teenagers and young adults, can transition from gaming to gun manufacturing videos.

“All you need is a computer and a mouse and an interest in gaming, and you can go from games to guns in 15 minutes,” Bragg explained. This statement was supported by cases where youths admitted to learning how to build ghost guns on YouTube in under an hour.

The concern has escalated following incidents such as the arrest of a 17-year-old who operated a ghost gun assembly ring from a Harlem daycare.

“It was individuals of that group of youths who were constructing these 3D-printed firearms for sale on the street in a daycare center. So, you know, we get the gamut,” said NYPD Inspector of Major Case Field Intelligence Courtney Nilan.

Investigators, including Bonnie Seok from the Manhattan DA Ghost Gun Initiative, indicated to WPVI that a simple online search related to the video game “Call of Duty” could quickly lead users to firearm-related content. According to Seok, within minutes of such searches, YouTube suggests videos on the mechanics of various firearms, including 3D-printed models.

In response, Bragg, alongside other city leaders, has sent a formal letter to YouTube, urging the platform to revise its algorithms to avoid directing users, particularly youths, to ghost gun content. The letter also requests enhanced user options to disable suggested violent content and a strict ban on tutorials related to assembling ghost guns.

Seek noted told WPVI how after one search for a violent video game, “Then we see more videos being suggested: How a Glock works, how an AR-15 works, how a revolver works. So all these videos are now being suggested. Just four minutes after a search and ‘Call of Duty’ videos, we have a video then of a 3D-printed Glock.”

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  1. YouTube is a sewer outlet straight from Google headquarters, whom is quietly stealing data off of your device while you’re busy entertaining yourself for hours.

    • … Alphabet, that owns both of the companies, is now worth over $3 trillion and is the largest data “exchange” in the world.
      You and your lawyer both went over the user agreements carefully before clicking on
      ” accept “, right?

      • Google should be nationalized and turned into a Search Engine Only. No ads, no bias, no censors, no pop-ups, no selling of user ids, SEARCH ENGINE ONLY. Get rid of all staff except for 2 Coders and Maintenance Techs needed to keep the machines running. Give investors One Cent on the Dollar, max of $100.00 per person or company……and chastisement for investing in a Vulture Organization.

  2. And here we go again.

    Have to say, though, it is kind of fun to watch various flavors of Leftie turn on each other.

  3. How at least 13 banks may have worked with feds to SPY on transactions of hundreds of pro-gun and religious Trump supporters after January 6 ‘without warrants’ >

    13 Banks Colluded with Feds to Monitor Gun Owners’ Accounts >

    • Also, I forgot this:

      “It was individuals of that group of youths who were constructing these 3D-printed firearms for sale on the street in a daycare center. So, you know, we get the gamut,”

      There’s a street in a daycare center? Who the fuck designed that?

      Seems like everyone in NYC might be a bit derpy.

      • Hey……..nah fuck it that is close enough to reality. In some ways Albany is worse but NYC has a far greater variety and quantity of wtaf.

      • “Also, I forgot this:

        “It was individuals of that group of youths who were constructing these 3D-printed firearms for sale on the street in a daycare center. So, you know, we get the gamut,””

        I got from that they were apparently concerned toddlers in daycare were going to be able to load and fire Glock-pattern handguns.

        Since that would be a seriously improbable trick, what’s their problem, here?

        • “It was individuals of that group of youths who were constructing these 3D-printed firearms for sale on the street in a daycare center.

          Due to a lack of grammar this statement places all the action of the the sentence, along with the actors on a street inside of a daycare center.

          Who: Youths (racist!)
          What: Selling 3D-Printed firearms (gasp!)
          Where: A street in a daycare center (what!?)

          Unless the daycare center was specifically designed for NYC youth to “go play in traffic” this sentence is… well, you know what, I’ll be censored if I say it, so it’s… grossly incorrect and suggestive of a subpar intellect on the part of NYPD Inspector of Major Case Field Intelligence Courtney Nilan.

          Maybe “police intelligence” is an oxymoron? Police English certain is trash in this instance.

          It’s almost like the statement by Bragg that “All you need is a computer and a mouse and an interest in gaming, and you can go from games to guns in 15 minutes”.

          He’s kinda leaving out having a 3D printer and media. Or he means you can get from games to gun content in this amount of time. If it takes you 15 minutes to hit alt-tab (or put down the controller and find another device), open a browser/app and find gun stuff on YT you’re a full blown shortbus rider like Bragg himself.

          Everything in this story could be taken as solid evidence that the average IQ of NYC’s “justice system” employees is several standard deviations below normal.

  4. If someone has a phone, laptop, or other device, in under a minute of internet access they can get videos and information on almost any firearm, explosive, or destructive device you can imagine. Meta, Farcebook, google, youtube, or any other platform will provide whatever you want.
    Of course old Twinkies Bragg forgets older sources of information like Public Libraries with old school books. Bet somewhere in the stacks every bit of info Bragg is concerned about is available for public consumption in the NYC library.
    You can’t put the Genie back into the bottle at this point. And Bragg forgets that people have been making their own firearms for the last 500 or so years. It really isn’t that hard if you have time and basic hand tools.
    Perhaps Alvin should be more concerned with actually holding the violent actors accountable than worrying about Trumped up porn payouts.

    • … that reminds me of when I checked out The Anarchists Cookbook from one of the local libraries back in the day. The librarian “jokingly” asked are you sure you want this one – it goes onto a record in our system I’m pretty sure. I commented back ” I just need to add some new notes in the margins” – and she actually flipped through the pages before checking it out. Some people can be SO fun to eff with.

      • So you checked out the idiot’s guide to blowing yourself up while blind on homemade drugs but not TM 31-210? Kids today…

  5. As soon as I get around 109 people to join me I’m having a Ban the 1st Ammendment march.
    I suppose with all the foreigners in Manhattan that don’t know squat about the country they’ve invaded a government can get away with banning constitutional rights.
    Open them borders, it’s a plan.

  6. What bragg and his democRat Gun Control ilk will not acknowledge is the History of their beloved Gun Control…

  7. Can’t be true. It’s only righties who are trying to restrict, filter or outright ban access to information by minors.

  8. Boo Hoo, Bragg. Have you heard of the First Amendment? California tried to ban advertising to or otherwise exposing utes to guns through gun ads and videos, sought to preclude the Boy Scouts from teaching young scouts to shoot .22s, and so forth. That’s why (at least in California) you have to click a button affirming that you are over 21 to see the content (as if that ever stopped anybody). I don’t know if the decision is final, but the law has been at least preliminarily enjoined.

    May Bragg go down in infamy. I’ve heard he was a Harvard law grad–just goes to prove you don’t have to have brains to be a lawyer.

  9. “YouTube Put On Notice” By Manhattan DA… Demands Meetings, algorithm changes, Over Ghost Guns… (and demands youtube stop uploads of such videos).

  10. National divorce. This way the disease is isolated to NYS.
    So now the 1st amendment is a problem. Really??

    I remember when so many libertarians liberals and the left voted for Al Gore. Even after his wife Tipper, tried having government force used against private companies to censor music lyrics.

    And then they supported forcing churches to close. The three L’s have never supported the 1st amendment.

    You can call it civil war. If that makes you feel better. I’m not giving up my civil rights to make weak people feel better.

  11. Shouldn’t he change his name to Alvin Liberty? can’t have anything named after a Confederate.

    • Alvin Donut is more fitting. The tub o’ lard blimpo is as fat as Democrat Chris Christie.

  12. It is funny to see articles like this considering the amount of Google code TTAG puts in every page of this site. Your not going to have this both ways. Play their game and they will burn you sooner or later. These people HAVE proven that desire to take you down every chance they get. It’s called ‘sleeping with the enemy’.

    I am very happy to know that there are so many people interested in creating gun related content for discussion and instruction. This is only a problem because the Democrat Left has such desire to disarm everyone that no one knows anything about guns since they can’t have them (for those that have grown up getting told guns are bad). That’s why kids finding their parents gun on the top shelf in the closet ends up badly. It’s all based on ignorance. Democrats actually create the very problems they claim to want to fix. Many problem could relatively easily get corrected with firearms training in schools. Instead, many people end up turning to YouTube (people that hate America). But YouTube only has the power that it does because every American and others across the planet grant it to them. They could go the way of the dodo if people would just stop using them (TTAG code). It’s the same thing with Facebook and TikTok.

    Alphabet sees you here because of the code in these pages putting cookies on your device. Then using Google Earth and other apps. You can filter out alot of this by using other apps and dealing with various settings. But being so worked up over something small while ignoring the bigger problem is part of why we have the mess we do.

    For those that create content for YouTube, don’t rely on the money. Doing that will translate to being controlled. If you want to upload videos, do so without regard to ANY monetary value. No amount of ‘likes’ and subscriptions will be enough to overcome the hate in the hearts of those running this company.

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