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I think this is actually the first dig at Canik I’ve seen. It’s hard to pan them when they make truly, legitimately fantastic-shooting, reliable pistols at incredible prices. But, yeah, I get the point of this particular meme, LOL. Wanna see for yourself? Caniks are available HERE.

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  1. There are several great Turkish restaurants here in the Lehigh Valley. These Turks can cook and their hospitality is heartwarming.

    I guess the Turks know how to make great guns, also. Doubt I would purchase one simply because I want to support USA makers; they are under constant, pernicious assault.

    • Nobody in the US makes anything based on the CZ75 so I have to look overseas. Went with SAR, great gun.

    • Akin to the 80s-90s rice burner car attitude and yet Jap cars are ubiquitus now. The way I look at is this is a global economy. If S&W had triggers like Canik they would get my business more often, but they don’t. I own M&P pistols and love them, particularly the M&P 22C which I use for training newbies. But the triggers leave a bit to be desired.

    • Canik used to make cz75 / tanfoglio clones that I liked. Now they don’t make them anymore – just polymer stuff.

  2. Have one of the TP9 SF Elites. Added Night Fision tritium sights. It has never missed a beat. It digests factory or reloads with equal aplomb.

    Added Bonus: their magazines are among the most inexpensive, quality mags available.

    • The TP9 SFX is a dream to shoot. The 20 round mag is a plus. Not a 9mm fan but this gun has made me feel better about it. VERY accurate and flawless operation, so far.

    • Another added bonus – the Caniks use the same mag as the Baretta 92 with a higher lock slot. In a pinch you could jam in a 92 mag and hold it or take any 92 mag and dremel out the upper slot and use it in both guns.

  3. This sounds a lot like explaining the difference between Glock models. How many of them are there again? And each more perfect than the last?

  4. Good triggers, good guns, early production silver pealed some, not so current production, just buy black.

  5. That’s Hayao Miyazaki, the creative force behind Studio Ghibli. He’s got such great animated classics under his name. Among my favorite are Naussica Valley of the Wind. They actually use guns! It’s weird to see him in a meme here though…

  6. Canik is good, they used to be GREAT as they cost $299-450! But now they have really increased their prices and now comparative to M&P, Glock, and the rest, they don’t hold up to as much weight in that category.

  7. I’m a Canik fanatic. Absolutely love them. Was able to score two pre-production sequential number MC9s. The trigger on Caniks is probably the finest out of the box semiautomatic striker fired on the market. The reset is crisp and audible with absolutely no takeup or creep thereafter. Never had a reason to get an SFX but seriously thinking about it even though I don’t compete. Daily carry is now the MC9 in summer and TP9 SC Elite in winter.

  8. TRUTH about the 2nd Amendment – Forgotten History. (note: not detailed, hits high points though)

  9. Theres that damn Arabian again 40 cal. I get moderated for “soshull ist” but this jackass gets thru with another language???

    Maybe its some escaped bot meant for some other countries internet

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