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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)
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Handsy Uncle Joe’s already pledged to hire Robert Francis O’Rourke as his gun control czar to relieve Americans of their AR-14 and AK-37 “assault rifles.” But given the doddering candidate’s failing physical and mental health, should he be elected, you have to expect there’s an excellent chance that his Vice President would move into the big chair, maybe before his first term is over.

That makes the choice of a running mate all the more important. Who is he considering for that job?

Former Vice President Joe Biden already proclaimed he would likely name a woman to join him on the 2020 ticket. If he keeps his word, the candidates to fill the role should cause millions of first-time and longtime firearm owners concern. Many who bought guns for the first time recently got a glimpse of what each candidate’s gun control platform could mean for their safety and the protection of their loved ones and property. Some were alarmed to learn they had to wait as long as 10 days to take home their handguns.

  • Failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams worked as a state legislator to pass policies that would turn law-abiding Georgians into felons by forcing them to either turn in modern sporting rifles or destroy them. At 17.7million MSRs in circulation today, that’s a lot of confiscation if her gun control ideas for Georgia are tried out on the national stage.
  • Failed 2020 presidential candidate U.S Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) would likely impose new taxes on American sportsmen and women and supports reinstating the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban, which did not reduce crime. That’s not the only thing. She’s got lots of plans, including a catalogue for gun control which she touted on the campaign trail.
  • Biden is also said to be considering his former 2020 presidential rival Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.). Uncle Dick might need to hang out in the deer stand a little longer. Her laundry list gun control platform includes repealing the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, as well as supporting “red flag” laws that deny the accused due process under the law.
  • Failed 2020 presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) is the last announced participant in Everytown’s gun control virtual townhall series. The senator from the Golden State would wave the magic wand of “Executive Action” to enact sweeping gun control policies if she could, including limiting the number of firearms a licensed retailer could sell each year and removing existing legal protections for firearm manufacturers. There may be additional participants announced in the future.

– Larry Keane in For 2020 Democrats, Veepstakes Decided By Gun Control

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      • Why would anyone who has observed this man firing a handgun ever *dream* of handing him an AR of any description? Shit, with 30 rounds fired from Texas he could wipe out our entire government in Washington. Probably even if he’s locked inside a building.

        • Paul Harrell would have to spot for him though, since Jerry’s just going for range, not accuracy…

        • I remember a time he was popping a balloon on a target, with a Barrett M107. Best part was him, positioned at the low ready, swung that beast up at the timer beep, and put one right in the center of the balloon in 2 sec. Bear in mind, that’s a 34 lb. gun. Trick was, target was @ 1k yd.

          If I recall, there’s a vid on b00btube. Right, there it is:


        • This so-called “Jerry Miculek” is currently being considered in the house Judicial Oversight Committee and will soon go to the floor for a vote. We think we have the votes to pass the “Protect Us From Jerry Act c.2020” unless the NRA and their sycophants stonewall us. Regardless, attaching Jerry Miculeck to any weapon will convert said weapon in to a machinegun and should be banned for obvious reasons. If we can’t make any headway in Congress, then I urge President Trump to direct the ATF to reconsider its opinion on the legality of Jerry Miculek.

          Of course this is just one part of a broader discussion for another day re: 3-D printed Jerry Miculek and, if/when Jerry Miculek passes away, the frightening “Ghost Jerry Miculek” which is completely untraceable by law enforcement.

          Eric Swalwell 2020

  1. Yuck, what a rogue’s gallery that is! I’ll toss one more statist/Fascist Antifa black hood into the ring – Michelle Obama. Not that she’s an improvement over any of the usual suspects listed above but it wouldn’t surprise me if Creepy Unca Joe has her on his lust…er, I mean LIST…

    • Michael er Michelle could NEVER survive the questions on what is dangling between “her” legs!

      • But she sure knows how to play hypocrite really well.

        Barack was caught playing golf earlier, then 2 days later his wife tells the denizens in DC to “stay home so we can stop the spread!!!!!!!”

  2. The Demokkkommies can nominate him all they want, you can’t run for president from inside GITMO.

    • I beg your pardon? What leads you to believe that Biden will be imprisoned at Gitmo in the next few months?

        • And you really think he’ll be imprisoned in the coming months for that?

          Care to wager a friondly bet? 🙂

        • Well, given that a bunch of FBI agents are only now about to get thrown in cells for trying to railroad Flyn… Yeah. It might take a second. Either way, he’s not going to be president.

        • My wife has dementia. To put creepy/sleepy/handsy Joe in this category is an insult to the people and caregivers that are actually dealing with dementia.

        • To Eagle 10: My mother had dementia, and lived with me for 4 years. Slow Joe has all of the trademarks of dementia. Confusing his wife with his sister. Failing to remember Obama’s name the other day. Can’t finish a train of thought. Making statements that make absolutely no sense at all – “gather your kids around the radio.”

        • My mom had dementia. From what I’ve seen of Biden – the confusion, the aphasia, the memory lapses – he’s in the early stages. It doesn’t get better. He probably has a year before it becomes painfully obvious to everyone.

          One fine day, he’s going to p!ss his pants on stage and he won’t know he did it. Buy stock in Kimberly-Clark Corporation. They make Depends, and nothing sells a product like a Presidential endorsement.

        • Creepy Joe is being set up to lose the election so the Dems can go hard when Trump’s second term is up.

          He is little more than a puppet mouthing the platitudes provided by his handlers.

  3. I’m imagining telling ANY business that they can only sell “X” number of items.
    These wanna be dicktaters just might start the second revolution.

    • Then again, they might not. Unconstitutional gun control laws have been passed multiple times since 1934, and none of them resulted in a second revolution.

      • Michigan might be on the verge. Yesterday, armed protesters demonstrated at the Capitol building. Some of those protesters were armed with rifles, entered the Capitol building, were yelling at the legislators (from the gallery), and were yelling at the State Police and Sargents at Arms guarding the entrance to the legislative floor.

        It was so tense that many of the legislators on the floor were wearing ballistic resistant vests (not that those would do anything to rifle projectiles).

  4. One wonders how much say Biden actually has in his choice of running mate. Biden was foundering badly before “Super Tuesday”, and a lot of favors were done for him by the party and other candidates (Klobuchar dropping out of a Minnesota primary she was expected to win easily, etc.). Political favors always come with a price tag.

    That said, I think it will be Harris or Klobuchar, of the names mentioned.

    • Amy Klobuchar is the most likable out of that group, and therefore, the logical choice IMO. All of the others are very unlikable, and would only be picked for the POC angle. Too bad Warren doesn’t even fit that category despite her best efforts.

      • Kamala tried hard to be “most likeable,” but she couldn’t keep the “bitch” from peeking out from behind the mask. She is another Hellary, who believes that it is her destiny to be President.

    • Actually an interesting question. As I recall from my inquisitive youth, the nominee is normally allowed to choose his VP candidate, but that was never presented as an actual rule. And with Ditzy Joe having questions as to whether he’ll even make it to the New Year, the DNC may select his replacement in consideration of the possibility of an “accident”. Cynical as I am, tho, I do not think they’ll have the stones to stick Hillary in there, that would be just TOO obvious, even for the Dem morons.

  5. So, summing up 2016:

    Google did all they could to sabotage Trump.
    Facebook did all they could to sabotage Trump.
    Twitter did all they could to sabotage Trump.
    Every mainstream news agency (with a minor exception for some Fox reporters) did all they could to sabotage Trump.
    Soros spent many millions on his minions to sabotage Trump.

    Trump won.
    Will it be the same this next time around.
    I think so, but this is no time to be complacent about the Dems running an incompetent candidate.

    • Covid-19 has to be added that list, though. We’re in (at the very least) a major recession, with unemployment numbers not seen since the Great Depression. Our economy is in the toilet, and unless things turn around by November I don’t see Trump winning.

      Then again, Biden is a terrible candidate, so we’ll see.

      • “unless things turn around by November I don’t see Trump winning.”

        Do you find it odd that so many democrats, along with the media and Big Tech, want to hold off economic recovery indefinitely? There’s a reason for all things.

        Tesla CEO Elon Musk:
        “I think the people are going to be very angry about this and are very angry. It’s like somebody should be, if somebody wants to stay in the house that’s great, they should be allowed to stay in the house and they should not be compelled to leave. But to say that they cannot leave their house, and they will be arrested if they do, this is fascist. This is not democratic. This is not freedom. Give people back their goddamn freedom.”

        • Coming from the guy who wants to ban all manually driven cars and only allow self driving cars.

        • Harry, that is different, he is planning to make a lot of MONEY off of that concept.

      • I find it funny that most blame Trump for the economic & pandemic situation. Blame shifting game’s galore. Economic problems are for the most part due to local & state government enforced lock down’s. Might be just me, but I don’t recall POTUS issuing a blanket nation-wide stay-at-home order. I’ll allow that he could’ve reacted earlier, and more cautiously. Plus, having said some related things publicly that were truly ignorant. That said, the TDS media frenzy surrounding anything POTUS, is beyond the pale. That is coming from a personal opinion of one who dislikes greatly, and has since the early 80’s, Trump as a human being.

        Still voted for him as the post primaries default option, given the opposition. And I will again, though holding my nose when I pull the lever. All while thinking of the broken campaign promises, bump stock issue, and “I don’t like ’em” reference to suppressors as I do so.

        • I haven’t seen anything that takes my vote from Trump. In fact, the insanity from the left solidifies it.

          I blame China for the Wuhan Flu. Those that truly think Trump is at fault are the same ones that never blame the actual criminal.

        • Blaming Trump for the response to the WuFlu is media political games to help elect a Democrat as the next President. It has little to do with the facts. The media refuses to accept and report upon the Chinese governments active measures to suppress news of the outbreak and to prevent other countries from having acce3ss to the genome by closing the lab that had the genome and was studying it and erasing all reports from the internet. Do NOT bleive anything coming out of official Chinese channels about the pandemic, because the CCP is playing its own game: it is hoping to assist in defeating Trump as well. It does not want a strong President standing up to them on trade or freedom of navigation in the South China Sea.

      • Interesting, Doug! So you think the typical Dem promises to raise everybody’s taxes and create a million new regulations for business to comply with are going to pave the way for the idiot of the day to beat Trump and his PROVEN ability to get an economy running hot by doing exactly the opposite of Dem orthodoxy? Damn, I thought there was nobody around anymore who thought less of the average American’s intelligence than I did.

      • Our economy is in the toilet, and unless things turn around by November I don’t see Trump winning.

        US economy and our death raters per capita are MUCH better than the EU.

    • “So, summing up 2016:

      Google did all they could to sabotage Trump.
      Facebook did all they could to sabotage Trump.
      Twitter did all they could to sabotage Trump.
      Every mainstream news agency (with a minor exception for some Fox reporters) did all they could to sabotage Trump.”

      I disagree. After the election, they (Big Tech & Media) realized that they could have done much more. They then set out to in fact do more.

      I recall CNN saying that they regretted giving Trump so much airtime, and that they would change their policy on that going foward. CNN used to actually air his rallies if you can believe that.

      Google actually discussed internally how they should do more in the future. Have you noticed the major changes at YouTube? Conservative content isn’t recommended like it used to be, and then it’s only the large channels. Facebook and Twitter have recently upped their bias against conservatives big time.

      In 2016, Trump was actually “allowed” to be on SNL and the Tonight Show. 2020 will be the year that Big Tech and MSM actually do everything they can to sabotage Trump.

      • Dude,

        You make some good points.

        I am hoping AG Barr (see his recent announcement) has some impact on this censorship, but there is not much time and the opposition is vast.

        • AG Barr has been effective which is why the Dims first tried to remove him, and then just settled on vilifying him. Another major reason the Left is so desperate to win is they are still hoping they will be able to shut down the corruption probe looking into how the Intelligence agencies handled the Russia Hoax. That doesn’t just make Comey, et al look bad, that will make put a permanent stain on the Obama administration as well as the media that pushed a conspiracy theory in order to take out the political opposition. There will be no denying it.

        • Yeah, I’m looking for Flynn for NSA or head of the FBI. That ought to do it.

      • @Dude & @LifeSavor,

        You both make some good points. I’d like to add that social media CEOs (Jack Dorsey of Twitter, Sundar Pichai of Google/YouTube, Jeffrey Zucker of CNN, etc.) have expressly stated on video that they want to do anything necessary to “fix” what they consider as the big mistake of 2016. And Trump doesn’t need CNN’s coverage anymore…he’s a master at what he does, and gets all the press time he wants.

        I don’t believe it’ll be a repeat of Reagan’s 1984 landslide sweep (when he won 49 states over Mondale’s 1 state) by any means, but as voters consider Trump (strong and purposeful) versus the alternative Biden (forgets what day it is), the choice will be clear in today’s world and Trump will win.

        • Interesting, Haz, I foresee a remote possibility that Trump takes all 50. At least if I am not mistaken in thinking that 15-16 of the most far-left states passed new laws that their electoral votes would go to the winner of the national popular vote. Can you even imagine if CA’s votes and NY’s votes went to Trump because he won the popular vote?

    • Is it time for an audit of registered voters for all parties? The be a valid voter there must be a IRS tax return or Social Security check cashed in the last year.

  6. You left Hitlery off the list. 🙁 If she makes VP she’ll drive the old creep to suicide within six months. She will stop at nothing to get her fat ugly ass behind the big desk in the Oval Office. What I really don’t understand is how these morons keep getting elected and re-elected. I guess the Dems. are that good at stealing elections. How sad for the USA.

    • Democrats keep getting elected because that’s who the majority of those in densely populated urban centers prefer. They don’t have to steal elections to win in such areas.

      • I think so, too, Doug, but I know of absolutely no evidence that it’s true. Between the hysterical opposition to any manner of voter ID or roll verification, and the stampede for ballot harvesting and instant registration, plus occasional anecdotal references to voter turnout in excess of 100%, It might just be repeated election theft/fraud. I’ve heard the same stories for 50+ years, pretending there cannot possibly be any basis for them seems a bit naive.

    • I believe the term you’re looking for is “Arkancide”

      As in “That democrat Bernie bro intern who leaked all those democrat memos and emails was Arkancided!”

  7. How many of those “it’s stupid to be a single issue voter” gun owners will vote for him because Trump said something mean?

    • They’ll vote third party because they have principles, and are probably morally superior to you and me. Like Glenn Beck and Ben Shapiro in 2016. They obviously don’t mind a left wing Supreme Court as long as they get to feel high and mighty about it.

  8. But given the doddering candidate’s failing physical and mental health, should he be elected, you have to expect there’s an excellent chance that his Vice President would move into the big chair, maybe before his first term is over.

    Maybe before his first term is over? More like guaranteed before he completes his first six months in office.

    • March at the latest. 25th amendment is one way. Video of him hiking up a skirt while sniffing the hair is another. After April they will get serious.

  9. Interesting conjecture… this is all assuming that Biden won’t be swapped out at the Convention, which I thought was the game plan from the beginning. Between his recent “Me Too” issues and the fact he’s been incoherent from quarantine without the stress of a campaign to blame, my only question is, who will it be? They don’t want Bernie. So that leaves who? Cuomo? Hillary AGAIN? I can’t picture them trying any of the failed candidates, they’ve got that stink on them.

    Don’t be surprised when it all comes to pass.

    • Biden hiding in his bunker and seriously confused while Trump is out in front of the cameras every day is not a good look for a presidential candidate. If he stays hidden I’m not seeing him having any chance at all.

  10. Jim Crow Gun Control Joe is along t he lines of the Breck Girl John Edwards. Not quite as big of a self serving lowlife as Edwards but close. And close makes joe a bucket of democRat poo.

  11. I can’t think of a better example of the pied piper than what joe Biden is right now. The thing is, I’m not convinced that he even understands what he is doing. One thing is for sure, he is not fit for office.

  12. Out of all the Rat Party candidates Joe was the only one that did not outright expose himself as a marxist. In order for a marxist to be POTUS they have to keep their marxism under wraps like the bill ayers prodigy b. h. obama did. Change Change Change was no more than sugarcoated communism communism communism. Both obama and obiden had to look like one of the guys in order to dupe politically inept guys. The end justifies the means. Obiden with his tough guy act carries on the sleazy charade.

  13. Demoncrats will use the Kung flu lockdown and uncle “sniffy” Biden’s dementia for a brokered convention to nominate Hildabeast -kankles Hillary literally Hitler Clinton, running many lie-a-watha Warren.
    My guess…….. Clinton/Warren

  14. Biden will be nothing more than a figurehead. Like Obama. Trump is a lot of things but itrs clear he doesn’t defer much to others.

    • Trump’s biggest fault is he doesn’t think before he tweets. Some things are best left unsaid.

  15. Joe Who??? Didn’t do shit as vice under o’nothing can’t think can’t talk fuck him I didn’t vote for o’ nothing and wouldn’t vote Clint bone would never vote for joe whole……..period

  16. Don’t worry, you chicken-littles, Biden is playing pro-gun 4D-chess. He secretly shares your values and takes you seriously, I mean, how could anybody not? He’s just talking now, wait to see what he does and whether it survives the courts *wink*

  17. Makes no difference who Plugs the Groper Biden picks for VP, Liawatha, roundheels Harris, the Klobuchar creature or the Ghettopotamus. Should (Heaven forbid) Biden become POTUS, he will become a puppet whose stings will be pulled by Obama.

  18. You people are running biden ads on you’re website so you tell us who you want your candidate to pick????
    Fucking Hippocrates!

    • If you are seeing Biden ads on TTAG, it is because you are visiting websites where Biden is a big topic. Companies are monitoring your internet activities and targeting ads for you, based upon complex mathematical formulas that predict your interests..

      The ads you see are not necessarily adds that others seen. Because you are being watched, spied upon, for profit by profit making companies.

      On the other hand, my internet browser is setup to block all ads, all tracking and JAVA Scripts. I only see what I want to see, no pop-ups either. Better still, by using an anonymous and encrypted VPN service, it is extra special difficult to target me with ads anyway.

    • American Patriot says”You people are running biden ads on you’re website so you tell us who you want your candidate to pick???? Fucking Hippocrates!

      that is google identifying you are a possible biden voter. I am seeing adverts for stock brokerage firms

  19. Will be interesting to see how this plays out. Biden’s anti-gun campaign will hurt him, but at the same time Trump’s troubles with the current apocalypse and the economy will hurt him.

    Then again, an incumbant President always has a re-election advantage.

    I ain’t predicting nuth’n and ain’t about to take anybody’s predictions as gospel.

    When it’s all over but the cry’n and the wail’n, then we will know.

  20. Trying to find a difference between Democrats and Republicans is like looking for the difference between JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs. Different managers, same agenda. What really ticks me off is most voters are OK with this, or seem to be. What ticks me off even more is those voters who are so delusional they believe that all they have to do is get Trump out of the White House and everything will be peachy-keen mo’ better. Well, it won’t be better. It will be the same old plate of shit. The Dems might sprinkle a little sugar on the turds to make it taste sweeter, but they’ll still be feeding us the same shit.

    The system is broken, and the people that broke it don’t know how to fix it.

    • Yup, that’s it alright.

      Our two big political parties are just two plates of shit, both claiming to be a yummy meal indeed.

      What boggles my mind is how the true believers actually buy into that plate of shit, just so long as it is peddled by the clown of their choice.

      • You two snot nosed crybabies sound defeated. It’s a clear case of chronic poop for brains. You get it when you stand for nothing and fall for anything like demoCrap. Turns you into placid useful idiots who troll forums just to regurgitate the marxist poop you’ve been fed. Sad.

  21. Had the majority of Republicans had put on their thinking caps we wouldn’t have the current idiot as president and this story would be moot. How could so many choose Trump over Kasich? Why were so many very electable Republican candidates afraid to defeat Trump in the primaries this time around? Meanwhile there are plenty of voting Republicans jumping ship over Donald Trump. Sigh.


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