Biden angry second amendment
"Why won't people like you shut the hell up and let me bankrupt the gun industry?"
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Jerry Wayne was the construction worker who an unhinged Joe Biden said was “full of shit.” Grandpa Simpson also called the hard hat a “horse’s ass” when Wayne accused him of wanting to take away Americans’ “AR-14” rifles.

Mr. Wayne has a rhetorical question for Slow Joe and the rest of the gun-grabbing community . . .

“Why is it the people who want to take our guns know nothing about them?”

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    • Jerry the Iron worker & Joe the Plumber (who confronted Obama) should get together and make a campaign circuit for KAGA. 🙂

      BTW, only 233 days to Election Day.

  1. Well done ad by NRA, and it does a great job of showing Biden as senile! The only question I have is if the DNC can continue to hide it till the election. Biden is clearly on a fast downhill spiral and may end up taking a swing at someone on camera before November.

    • Hey, guys and gals. You don’t beat up on old folks like Biden, especially those like him, whose minds are headed out “on vacation” and their “elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top floor. You treat them kindly and care for them, BUT…..YOU DON’T ELECT THEM AS PRESIDENT OF THE GREATEST COUNTRY ON EARTH!! Lesson is obvious.

      • Which brings a very important question to the forefront… What kind of meds did they shove into Crazy, Creepy, touchy/feely, child fondling, hair sniffing, irritable and usually irrational Uncle Joe before the debate with Bernie Sunday night? He appeared alert (most of the time) seemed to be aware of where he was and why he was there and for the most part provided a clear concise train of thought though Bernie WAS able to irritate him a couple of times almost bringing the REAL Joe to the surface and he was able to “pull” Biden even further left throughout the debate… However, unless some civic minded do-gooder blows the whistle on the campaign, this could prove problematic.. Anyone who spent any time watching Biden this past year knows that was not the normal “Creepy Uncle Joe” on that stage and even if they can keep him going like that for a couple of hours at a time it is NOT sustainable over the long run….

  2. It’s like not knowing what’s in a bill before voting to pass it. (Or, “we had to pass it to find out what’s in it.)

    They don’t need to know anything about guns in order to ban them.

    • Excellent comment. It is all about abusing power and gun bans affect conservatives more severely than Democrats so they enjoy sticking it to us.

  3. OK, I think I’ve got it figured out: “Government of the people, by the people and for the people shall not perish from the earth…” Oh, yeah, that was Abe @ Gettysburg. The “enlightened ones” have figured out that Abe meant to say “Government of the assholes, by the assholes and for the assholes shall not perish from the earth…” But FIRST, we need to disarm the “deplorables”…. Gosh, why didn’t we think of that!

    • Um, Lincoln’s address was 157 years ago, and I highly doubt that was his sentiment.

      BTW, we get the government we deserve, as voters. If we (the collective “we”) don’t like what we have, then we only need to vote them out, but the Dems keep playing their trickery. This entire nation could be turned around 180 degrees by November.

      Nov 2020 Election:
      435 Federal Representatives
      35 Federal Senators
      11 State Governors
      Numerous Metropolitan Mayors

        • I agree! Don’t sit there cleaning your gun(s) and assume everything will be OK. It won’t! There is no excuse for any of us to NOT VOTE!! (dammit!)
          We’ll take your guns away if you don’t vote! No, strike that. THEY WILL!

      • Haz A Question “This entire nation could be turned around 180 degrees by November.”

        Only if you repeal the 19th Amendment before election day; Just Saying

      • ” we get the government we deserve, as voters ”

        I used to think that, but I’m not buying it anymore. What we get to vote on is two candidates, both vetted by the power brokers and settled on as OK. The gubmint is basically middle management – they’re allowed to fuss about hot button issues like abortion and gun control. But the really crucial decisions are handled by the power elites – bankers, corporations, party hacks – who are not elected and who will not let the gubmint do anything that challenges their position. Voting is mostly a charade, but it does have some effect on the issues that the gubmint is actually allowed to handle.

        But it is not the gubmint we deserve. It’s the gubmint that we’ve been allowed to have.

    • It should be a chuckle a minute, Trump will have the Buffoon young tied and mark my words the Buffon before the debates are finished will challenge Trip to a fight.

  4. Time to stand up and be counted.
    Join GOA or your local state group.
    VDL members have set the bar for all other state groups AND for all POTG.

    Actions speak louder than words.

    • I did! Long ago. NRA (questionable), GOA and ISRA. And, I send them ALL a few bucks whenever I have a little left over! …like almost every month.
      They are fighting for us in the courts, where it really happens! It ain’t cheap!
      We can’t fight this alone. Together, we can! Give to the people on the front lines!

  5. After the original story broke, I went to Biden’s website to see if he really intends to confiscate firearms. His website says he does. So, I ordered 3 new semi-automatic guns, some ammo, and hi-capacity magazines. When they arrive, I’ll have someone show me how they work and how to shoot. I don’t trust Joe.

    • He wants to make Roberto (“hell yes I’ll TAKE your AR15s and AK47s”) O’bozo his gun confiscation Czar, the writing is on the wall, there is no need for further research… Of course he forgot he said that about 3 minutes later but his HANDLERS will readily remind him should he become POTUS (would require a mass extinction event of EVERY eligible conservative in the U.S.) but WTF never say never…..

  6. I think the democrats are buying up all the guns and ammo. Nothing like the fear of God and a good pandemic (COVID-19) to introduce a touch of reality into “Political Correctness”. They’ll need to defend their supply of TP (they are full of shit after all).
    Along with 70lbs of venison, my fridge and freezer is stocked! I’m good for a few months and, with a .22 and a shotgun could go for a long time. We’ve got geese on the ponds…all over the place. Head shot with a .22CB and a good Lab. I reload and can produce ammo as needed. Not going to join the panic.
    We should welcome the dem’s to the club but, they’re going to have a hard time surviving by eating what’s left of the rabbit/squirrel after they shoot it (assuming they can hit it) with their shiny new AR-15!
    We are somewhere between 30-60 percent of the population. You wouldn’t actually tell some asshole that called you on the phone that you own guns? Personally, mine were all lost in a tragic boating accident. I had to kick a few down, the pile extended above the water.
    This is good news! Many dems ain’t gonna be dems no mo.

    Please be safe. Keep your finger off the f%#king trigger. Eat what you shoot and, welcome the new shooters!

    • BTW: For your new friends, you don’t need to shoot an avocado for your avocado toast! It’s already dead. And, coffee existed before Starbucks. Throw some grounds in a pot and boil it. Dad used to throw in a couple of eggs (3 minutes) and make breakfast while the grounds separated.

  7. I like the guy and like what he said but not sure why it’s always “union worker this, union worker that” Unions are the ones trying to stop free marketeers and to regulate the competition.

    Not exactly the freedom team.

  8. Jim Crow Gun Control Joe boasts how he is the great white chief for Black Americans. This is while he uses his ancestor’s lynch mob democRat Party KKK gun control insanity to zero in on the Black Rifle and individuals who own them. Perhaps if the Black Rifle were white Joe would approve?
    Gun Control…Its roots are in racism and genocide. That’s what plugs and his ilk need to be reminded of every time they open their sick gun grabbing pieholes.

  9. All of that commentary and only one slight disparagement of the NRA. The Soros trolls must still be in a fetal position sucking their thumbs and dribbling down their cheek after it became clear Bernie was toast.

    • NRA did good with this video and it didn’t take them months to make and release it. Maybe there is hope after all?

  10. Biden will be the nominee even if they have to put a stick up his ass to move his mouth.

    Just pay attention to the VP pick. If Biden wins the election, that’s who your real president is going to be.

    • ^THIS !!!

      The games are already in play.
      If Hildabeast comes onboard as VP candidate then Slo Joe better have his will in order.

      AND dang it, make sure y’all vote. AND get your family and friends out to vote also.
      We don’t want this to be close. And it would be nice to get the House back. If we did it could be the busiest lame duck presidency in American history.

  11. FROM: THE WESTERN JOURNAL (article 3-15-20)
    A worrying moment was recorded between reporters and presidential candidate Joe Biden as the former vice president gave a seemingly nonsensical answer to an easy question.The footage was recorded shortly after Biden infamously engaged an autoworker in a heated exchange on Tuesday. Reporters flocked to Biden as he made his way to a waiting motorcade, peppering the 77-year-old with questions on topics like the novel coronavirus and winning over voters who don’t agree with him. One journalist finally got out a full question as the former vice president turned to him. Bringing up the vulgar exchange with the autoworker, the reporter asked Biden, “do you have regrets about how you handled it?” “Well, I’m surprised that, uh, Sanders is joining Trump,” Biden said with a straight face. “And, you know, it’s just surprising,” he continued as his campaign team ushered him into a waiting SUV and quickly slammed the door shut.
    It’s important to note that not only did this “answer” not have anything to do with the question, it appeared that it wasn’t a response to anything asked by the crowd. It’s unclear what point Biden was trying to get across, if any. Although this answer was painted as a “pivot,” it’s clear that the head-scratching statement came out of nowhere.

  12. Mr. Buffoon is the one Full of Shit but then we always knew that,hey Joe Go Eff Off,un American cork sucker.

    • Will this dust cover automatically add my AR15s to Bidens AR14 confiscation list? I mean it’s STILL an AR15 even with a laser engraved AR14 on the dust cover but will Creepy Uncle Joe and his BOY O’bozo still be able to tell the difference… Anyway fuck em if they can’t take a joke, I just ordered a couple for grins…..

  13. If they knew anything about guns, they’d be on our side of the issue.

    (Also gun violence, violence, and hairplugs.)

  14. What is scary is that Sleepy Joe Biden may be the dems nominee, if he gets Hillary on the ticket as Vice president he may win. There are enough emotionally unstable people out there that will vote for him and her. . I predict if he wins, within 6 months to a year Joe will be judged incompetent or he dies from a stroke, heart attack, ETC. ( lot of people die around Hillary). This leaves Hillary to be president.

    It’s very troubling that dems refuse to accept that Joe Biden has mental acuity issues. He is either suffering from dementia or some other non-cognitive brain function. It’s like the story of the king has no clothes. They refuse to accept the fact that there is something medically wrong with him.

    • If he’s elected on Nov 3rd w/Killery as VP Joe will NOT see the sunrise on inauguration day and most likely many days before…..

  15. I knew it! The gun control agenda is incremental.

    Not only do they want to ban AR-15s. Now they want to ban AR-14s too.

    It’s just a matter of time until they want to ban the AR-7 22lr survival rifle.

    • C’mon Rubin, it’s “fewer” not “less.” Fits your mindless argument.

  16. Strange??? to note, but some people act/ react in an irrational, fearful manner toward and or in regard to mechanical devices they know little to nothing about, notwithstanding the fact that mechanical devices lack intent and or wills of their own. They are simply a collection of parts, nothing more. The intent, such as it might be, comes from humans.

  17. Good for you Jerry! Dopeist comment of the day: “The beard is bit much”…can’t grow one enuf?😃

  18. Looks like PSA has stopped sales of the Biden special edition lower…Page says they are being sold through 12n ET today, but the button says out of stock and wont let you order any…but it says its a preorder so none in stock (obviously) – so I have no idea what gives except they stopped presales for some reason. Maybe ol crazy uncle joe threatened to sue…either way, pissed I couldnt order one, PSA. Open it back up to orders, please!


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