Courtesy RidgeRunner
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What I'm Carrying Now Smith & Wesson Series E 1911
Courtesy RidgeRunner

RidgeRunner writes . . .

This is my actual EDC, carried literally every day. I live in a rural area some 60 miles outside Nashville — population 380 (on a good day) — but my office is nearer to Nashville and I have gone in throughout this shutdown. Much of this gear is hard-used and all chosen for functionality and personal preference.

Smith & Wesson E-Series 1911 in .45 w/ VZ Grips, currently loaded with Federal Personal Defense 230 Grain HST JHP

Carried in Wright Leather Works Predator OWB

2 extra Dan Wesson magazines; one w/ Black Hills +P 230 Grain JHP and the other w/ Federal Guard Dog 165 Grain FMJ

All feed flawlessly; neither myself nor the Smith are ammo snobs.

Nitecore MT1C MultiTask 345 Lumen. I have a lot of flashlights, mostly Fenix, but this little Nitecore gets the job done.

Smith & Wesson BodyGuard .380 in a Bandicoot pocket holster by Wright Leather Works loaded with 90 gr FTX Critical Defense. I have Wright holsters for several of my revolvers and pistols. Highly recommend the Bandicoot design for pocket carry.

Spyderco Endura 4 (yeah, I know, needs a touch-up). One of several Spydies I rotate, but the Endura is the main one, it’s a tough, sharp multi-purpose blade that suits my needs perfectly.

A Leatherman Free P4 rides in a custom leather pouch from Sagewood Gear (not pictured). The Free replaced a Gerber Diesel I carried for years and lost; Gerber changed the design in the interim and I switched to the Free, very happy with it.

The pen is from CRKT.

The watch is a Suunto Traverse Alpha in Foliage, a Christmas present from my wife that replaced my G-Shock and I’m starting to love it.

An iPhone 11 in a UAG Pathfinder SE Camo Series Midnight used to take this photo.


[This post is part of our series, What I’m Carrying Now. If you’d like to submit a photo and description of the gun, holster and gear you’re carrying in the new world in which we live, send it to us at [email protected] with WICN in the subject field.]

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  1. I’ve only ever owned 1 spyderco knife. A Native? Bought it new and it started to come apart in my pocket with little to no use. Something was always coming loose on it. Soured me on the brand.

      • Any company can make a lemon. I recognize and accept that. I just happened to buy the one lemon spyderco made. Made me leery of trying again.

        • I bought mine new from a dealer. Still not impossible to get a fake. I have so many knives at this point that I have no real need or want for another.

          Who knows how I’ll feel tomorrow?

    • I’ve had at least 8 of ’em over the years, and none have ever failed like you describe.

      I’ve had the metal ‘Clip-it’ pocket clips kinda ‘stretch-out’ and not grip as tight over time, but it was easily cured by unscrewing the clip screws, bend the clip back in shape, and screw it down again. If you go that route, you had better use a properly sized Phillips head screwdriver to remove the screws, because they are rude-tight and covered in blue Locktite, and you can strip out the heads. I had to take a Dremel cutoff disc to the heads and convert it to a straight head to extract them. The ruined screws were replaced by stainless straight head metric screws.

      I have found ‘Spydies’ to be reasonably durable knockabout knives that you won’t cry too much if you lose one…

  2. First, a very good carry. Although, a bit heavy. Even for me. Better heavy than light. Don’t understand the rationale behind carrying two different loads. What’s that all about?
    jwm, I’ve had excellent experience with Spyderco. Own several. Mostly custom collaborations. Never a problem until my son (when he was much younger) mistook one for a pry bar. He stood up for dinner that night.

  3. Lots of good stuff here. I had an endura until a trash bag hooked the clip at the dump and lost it in a full trailer load of trash, dug around and couldn’t find it, I hate losing knives.

  4. it all looks pretty new.
    that pocket holster is nice. i prefer the recluse design as the outward side is flat and does not print.

  5. Finally a Spyderco carrier. Ive been carrying Spyderco Endura for 20 years, but either partially serrated or fully serrated, they gotta feel the cut.. plus helps with sea belts etc. I keep a Rem R1 w/ threaded barrel and a silencerco can in the house ready to go. I run golden saber 230g jhp.

    • Endura is a beast, but don’t care for serrated on an EDC. Thanks for commenting.

  6. I had a Suunto a long time ago. Real problematic. Scratched easily, band broke 2 or 3 times before they released a “stronger” version that was still not great, and functions would go haywire as well as battery life. I tried the Traverse Alpha and I instantly sent it back. Hated it. I just went full smart watch and it’s been the best experience in watches I have ever had. Almost as nice as a simple G-Shock with no frills. Phone stays in my pocket 90% of the day now.

    I just can’t get behind a two gun carry… no matter how much I try. Yes, malfunctions happen… but it’s just too much. I’ll carry more capacity and extra mag(s). I love the nostalgia 1911, but for a modern OWB EDC, I’d rather get more bang for my buck.

    • The Suunto is epic. Two-gun carry is no big deal, I don’t even feel the pocket carry, and recently switched to the Bandicoot from a DeSantis, so it draws better, too. I wouldn’t carry just the .380, but it’s a good stash gun. Bought it for my wife and it was too snappy for her, so I bought her a Ruger .38 in LCR and stuck the BG in my pocket, carry it all the time. Less about carrying two guns and more about strapping on a .45.

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  7. Nice Govt model. I like the fish scale.

    Kept it in the family with the Dan Wesson mags….ha.

  8. How do you like that Free P4? I’ve looked at that one for adding to one of my motorcycle kits but somehow I always get indecisive at the last moment.

  9. I was carrying a Smith E Series round butt commander size 1911 but I kept having issues with the grip safety. There is something about that particular gun, its grip safety, thumb safety and round but that caused me to NOT squeeze the grip safety. Not good. Sold it. Bought a Les Baer Commanche commander size gun and dont have that problem Of course it doesnt have a round butt and neither does the OP’s gun. Just a cautionary tale.

  10. Very nice setup. I too have that leatherman my only complaint is the screws on the belt clip needed some loctite.

  11. I keep my Leatherman multi in my glove box until I need it. They’re handy for sure.

    • I’ve been gifted a number of multi tools of different brands. I keep one in my range box, one in my tackle box and one in my Toyota.

      I don’t like to carry one on me now that I’m retired.

  12. I also have a Suunto alpha traverse that replaced my G-shock. I love it. It works very well (once you learn how to use it) it’s tough looks nice and doesn’t look like I’m wearing a hockey puck on my wrist. I’ll never bother with G shock again.

    • Same here. Very tough, I am hard on heart and zero scratches on the face. I like the hunting/fishing functions, tracking, all that. Great watch, getting better.

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