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By Larry Keane

President Joe Biden took to the podium last week to address the crime surge plaguing the country in several large metropolitan centers that just so happen to also be Democratic-run with strict gun control laws in place. Instead of proposing real solutions to address the criminal violence by lawbreakers, the president regurgitated false claims about the firearm industry and the criminal misuse of guns.

For the millions of Americans who legally exercise their Second Amendment rights, including more than 8.4 million first-time gun buyers in 2020, watching the president’s comments was déjà vu all over again.

A White Whale Gun Control Wishlist

Pres. Biden continues to push an ambitious gun control agenda while Americans are recognizing the critical importance of the Second Amendment. Crime is spiking across the country as last year saw the height of the coronavirus pandemic and economic uncertainty, community lockdowns and rioting and violent looting that destroyed businesses and livelihoods.

This all happened while calls to “defund the police” reverberated in these same cities, a side effect of which has been an increase in police retirements. With limited police and fewer options for community safety, Americans unsurprisingly turned to purchasing their own firearms.

The president painted broad strokes. “We discussed a comprehensive strategy that I’m releasing today to combat the epidemic of gun violence and other violent crime that we’ve been seeing in our country for far too long, that has spiked since the start of the pandemic over a year ago.”

He may have forgotten, but then-Vice President Biden and President Barack Obama held the levers of power with a Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives from 2009-2011. Their continued narratives about the “the gun lobby” and “gun industry” stifling real solutions falls flat.

Instead, the president offered only retreads of his tired gun control policies. These included expanding background checks leading to a national gun ownership registry, implementing red flag laws without adequate due process and Second Amendment protections, banning the most popular rifle, mandating unproven “smart gun” technology and calling for the U.S. Senate to confirm unqualified paid gun control advocate David Chipman to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), whom the president claims is ‘eminently qualified’ to lead the agency.

It was his next proposal that was somewhat surprising. President Biden again called for “a repeal on liability protections for gun manufacturers.” He means repealing the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), bipartisan legislation passed in 2005 to protect members of the firearm industry from a tidal wave of baseless lawsuits brought against them for the criminal use of legal products lawfully sold.

When the president made the same announcement two months ago from the Rose Garden, claiming the firearm industry enjoyed “blanket immunity,” media outlets ranging from the Washington Post, to Politifact and even CNN called his claims false.

Perception vs. Reality

While announcing his new restrictions and crackdowns on law-abiding gun ownership, the president said, “These types of reforms have overwhelming support from the American people, including gun owners.” He continued, “The last time we had data on who is purchasing guns was 20 years ago.”

Those are both patently false statements. Polling from Gallup, to Washington Post/Ipsos to USA Today and others show a dramatic decrease in support for more gun control to the lowest levels in years. And as to who’s legally buying guns? We know 8.4 million Americans did so for the first time in 2020.

Forty percent of the more than 23 million purchases last year went to women. African-Americans bought 58 percent more firearms than they did the year before. Asian-Americans did so at a 43 percent higher clip. Hispanic-Americans did as well by 40 percent. The firearm industry tracks this data each year, not relying on two-decade old statistics.

“Evidence-Based Solutions”

In introducing President Biden, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland prefaced the “gun violence” announcement by saying they are pursuing “evidence-based” programs to solve the problem.

The firearm industry agrees but has implemented Real Solutions with a track record of successes that should be replicated. The NSSF-led FixNICS campaign has resulted in 16 states and the federal government to better coordinate with federal agencies and greatly increase the number of prohibitive and adjudicated mental health records in the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), ensuring firearms stay out of the hands of those who cannot purchase them legally.

Don’t Lie for the Other Guy educates community firearm retailers to reduce illegal “straw purchases” and Operation Secure Store assists these retailers to identify vulnerabilities and to better secure their inventory to prevent firearm thefts. Project ChildSafe has partnered with more than 15,000 local law enforcement agencies to provide more than 40 million free firearm safety kits, including trigger cable locks, to reduce unintentional home firearm accidents.

These efforts, as well as partnerships with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, have led to the lowest number of unintentional firearm deaths in more than 100 years, since data was first collected in 1903.

These are praise-worthy initiatives. Sadly, the president chooses to push unserious solutions to the very serious problems of community firearm violence by criminals so common across the country today.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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  1. He’s gotta READ what they put on the prompter else no pudding cup before nappy time… And WHO refers to that braindead simp as “President”?… Have you NO respect for the office?

    • Careful…you can’t say the word “nappy” anymore in today’s utopian society. Imus, the former radio host, knew the consequences well.

      Makes it a bit difficult to discuss finding the correct paint roller with that young employee at Home Depot.

      • Imus, the former radio host, knew the consequences well.

        Remember the Imus incident well, however I’m willing to take the risk when discussing an afternoon respite or the correct paint roller…

        • various suedes and velours and afro picks, my favorite being the one with the black power fist handle.
          imus was back on the air quickly. he is not a former radio host due to the incident.

        • @tsbhoa.p.jr,

          Um, Imus died, dude. He’s dead, and therefore most definitely “former”.

        • he is not a former radio host due to the incident.

          No he is a former radio host due to being DEAD….

    • He is the president, I proudly voted for him and Kamala because Rump was going to ruin the country with high taxes, and immigration, and was to dangerous to have the codes.

      You people are to blame for Trump’s Making America Great Again.

        • I’m noticing a lot of theBiden supporters are making excuses.
          My son a great theBiden supporter leaves theBiden out of our conversations anymore. It’s like “Dad, I fcked up , lets not talk about it “

      • You people are to blame for Trump’s Making America Great Again.

        No problem, I’ll take the blame for Trumps Making America Great Again and YOU can take CREDIT for Bidens double digit inflation, mass illegal immigration, humiliating the country on the world stage, rising fuel prices, an out of control upward spiral in violent crime and let’s not forget YOUR totally incompetent, “rock star” VP….

      • So you are ok with this individual that you admit you voted for having no understanding or comprehension of our history or the US Constitution. You must be ok with his only plan so far of which is to reverse anything that Trump did. That has worked so well at our southern border, unemployment, and the current economic situation. You must be ok with his assessment that the citizens can not overthrow the government as the government has F-15s and nukes, a veiled threat to use nuclear weapons on US soil and against US citizens. You agree that the unarmed protestors on Jan 6, 2021 were almost able to topple the US Government, a stretch of logic that is not comprehensible to most people. I would venture to say that you have a very peculiar sense of logic and intelligence. Your mantra is “Orange man is bad because he said something that hurt my feelings”. Here is your participation award and thank you for helping getting this senile demented man elected as well as his harlot. The last statement was sarcasm!

        • “unarmed protestors on Jan 6, 2021“

          Oh, they were armed all right, with a variety of clubs, chemical spray, etc. as well as improvised weapons such as a fire extinguisher or a riot shield.

          Even more interesting, the actual firearms caches at the travel lodge just across the river are proving to be a subject of great interest to the federal prosecutors.

        • firearms caches at the travel lodge just across the river are proving to be a subject of great interest to the federal prosecutors.

          Stuff in a travel lodge in Virginia where firearms ARE legal and reciprocity STILL exists with all of the non-kommie states has nothing to do with the demonstration at the Capitol, most likely were planted there by The Fukin Biden Instigators, the demonstrators would not have left weapons behind when they went home and there have been no weapons charges… But, thanks for playing…

        • Actually I see no reference to theBiden threatening to use nukes against the citizens. Its statements were what it would take to succeed against the U S. military.
          I’m not saying theBiden wouldn’t do that, however that is not what it actually said.

        • Hey minor why don’t you regurgitate the lie about the capitol cop killed with a fire extinguisher? Or how about when you then changed it to killed by bear spray. Oh wait because even the corrupt cess pit of DC city government couldn’t spin it anymore.

        • Minor IQ,

          Repeating DNC lies, more loudly each time, does not make them true. Do you have actual EVIDENCE of the protestors using flags and fire extinguishers as weapons, or are you just pulling this outta your @$$, like usual??

          And, for those of us who have trouble following DNC “logic”, please explain how a group of UNARMED protestors were an existential threat to the government and law and order, when well over 100 million Americans armed with AR-15s can’t stand up to the U.S. military with its F-15s and nukes?

          And what weapons did the Viet Cong, the Taliban, the Mexican and Colombian narco-terrorists use? They had nukes and F-15s???? News to me – and every other non-paint-chip-eating person on the planet.

          Minor Annoyance, you and enuf need to start a “woke” comedy group – “Self-awareness Don’t Live Here!” sounds like a good name. You won’t be funny, or smart, or logical, or educated – but you will sure as hell be “woke” AF.

          Minor Idiot and enuf – Idiots posting their “Ls” on TTAG.

      • HEY LOOK EVERYONE, WE HAVE A COMPLETE IDIOT LEMMING THAT OPENLY ADMITS TO VOTING FOR Groper Joe Bribedem and his Frisco Ho!! Just goes to prove that you really can’t fix STUPID!!

        BTW – He is YOUR FUHRER, not mine, you loser.

      • That qualifies you for a “Moron Of The Moment” award

        How do you like those has prices and rampant inflation since you helped elect this Senile Fool?

  2. If wasn’t for the Secret Service Biden would wander off like the Alzheimer patient he is.
    Joe Biden is missing, he walked off in the middle of the night.
    There is a $5 reward for his safe return.

    • LOL @ $5 reward. Just how “safe” does he have to be?

      Humor aside – we find ourselves in the position where if anything happens to Creepy Sleepy Joe, Kameltoe takes over. Her track record on defending the human rights and civil rights of her people-of-color brethren is atrocious. She sure as hell won’t respect any rights of nonPOC people.

      • On day 731, they’ll invoke the 25th or Creepy Joe will “retire”. Then Kameltoe gets the rest of Joe’s term plus 2 of her own.

        If Joe leaves early, Kameltoe only gets the remainder of Joe’s term plus 1 of her own. Unless she changes the rules like Venezuela and other countries.

      • A $5 reward. LOL
        That was funny.

        Not as funny as the ten million Kamaltoe is offering if you DO NOT return him…

        • It is scary but Kamala reminds me of Towelie the talking towel.
          Plus there is a big assumption that Biden will last 731 days.
          That the country will survive 731 days.
          That Kamala will even remember where the White House is.

  3. We do need to get rid of the PLCAA…. It needs to be expanded to cover all businesses and people. We need to go back to personal responsibility… If some idiot buys a gun and shoots people or buys a car and runs down a bunch people, it is his fault, not the manufacturer or seller of the gun or car.

  4. Biden reminds me of an aged Don Corleone. He’s been the head of a political crime family for the last 50 years but he’s not right in the head now.

    Biden has never been the brightest bulb on the circuit but he thinks he’s a genius and his political machine re-elections and his elevation to the Presidency just reinforces his high opinion of himself. The man’s 50 years in government have been a net negative for this Country.

    As dyed in the wool elitists, his handlers don’t trust ordinary people with guns – any guns – and they’ll have him say anything and do anything to take them away.

    • “Biden reminds me of an aged Don Corleone.”

      Remember, if he face-plants in the dirt of his vegetable garden, we get the actual Marxist…

      • I don’t think it would really matter, the same handlers that now control Biden would be controlling Harris. Probably not much difference from what we’re seeing now.

        Obama got the third term he always wanted.

  5. ” President Biden said.”
    No ‘President Biden’ did not say. Joe Biden said.

    That whispering sht creeped me out. The guy ain’t right in the head by golly.
    Kamela Harris, Americas first female president by default.
    From sea to shining sea.

    • Conservative latinos have begun to pronounce her name with a slight twist to call her ‘Que Mala’. 🙂 They shouted that at her during her short “visit” to the El Paso Airport, conveniently located more than 10 miles from the actual border she was telling press reporters she was visiting.

      Aye, yai, yai….

      • I had to look that up because my knowledge of Spanish is barely nothing.

        “How Mean”. Just because she wants your votes doesn’t mean she likes you. If anything she has the same disdain and contempt Hillary has for “little people”.

  6. Other than using the acts of criminals to achieve what is a Jim Crow Gun Control agenda Gun Control zealots could care less about the acts of criminals. Such ongoing violent crime is mostly the result of residing in democRat Party strongholds that silently savor using the acts of criminals to advance the cause. Criminal Acts have been the number one knee jerk tool used against the Second Amendment and the finger pointing sneaky democRat Party knows it. If anyone thinks the hands of the democRat Party are not dirty and tied to violent crime their head resides in their gullible behind.

    How do you know that Debbie? Because not one of those knuckle head criminals can cite The Second Amendment or know what it is even if they were to read it. All criminal punks with guns know about firearms is what they heard from their like minded so called friends or have seen on TV or in the movies, etc. Let’s put it this way…You won’t find any Firearm Rights Membership Cards in their wallets.

    Thanks to democRat political correctness that hides truth young punks are obviously void of Content of Character and that is the numero uno main ingredient for a one way ticket to the Big House. But it’s all OK young man your criminal misuse of firearms provides a backdoor to Jim Crow Gun Control for deranged democRat Gun Control zealots. The democRat Party kept you in the dark to put you in the dark young man.

    Like I have said before…A Black American belonging to the democRat Party makes as much sense as a Jew belonging to the nazi party.

      • “Why do Black Americans feel they betray themselves if they vote Republican?”

        if your family had been on welfare for four generations would you vote to end it?

        look up the vidoe “swipe your ebt it’s free”.

    • “as much sense as a Jew belonging to the nazi party”

      lots of jews inside and outside germany supported the german national socialist party.

        • Considering how antisemitic Marx was, read his book if you don’t believe me, it makes you wonder how bad it was for Jews under the Czar for them to throw their lot in with the Bolsheviks.

        • “it makes you wonder how bad it was for Jews under the Czar”

          or the other way around. “the pogroms will stop when the jews stop being communist.” kiev mayor 1917.

          “how antisemitic Marx was”

          marx was a jew. jews have factions that violently oppose each other. what you probably mean by “antisemitic” was that he was opposed to classical judaism and the tyrannical rule of the rabbi’s over their fellow jews. however communism is judaism by secular political means. the communist movement throughout europe was driven mostly by jews and reflects their mindset on how the world should be run – a large population of workers, controlled and run by an elite (meaning them).

        • Marx was born to a Jewish family but recanted his faith. In his book a capitalist and a jew are one and the same.

        • “born to a Jewish family but recanted his faith”

          you’re backfitting greco-christian concepts onto judaism, and it doesn’t work. judaism is not a faith, it’s a tribe. the tribe is the religion, the religion is the tribe.

          “a capitalist and a jew are one and the same”

          doesn’t matter. capitalism and communism as they envision it have exactly the same purpose and outcome – a tiny elite (them) own and control absolutely everything, and everyone else is their serf forever.

  7. “’These types of reforms have overwhelming support from the American people, including gun owners.’ … Those are both patently false statements. Polling from Gallup, to Washington Post/Ipsos to USA Today and others show a dramatic decrease in support for more gun control to the lowest levels in years.”

    you don’t understand. biden is absolutely correct. what you’re missing is that by “the American People” biden means a certain group of People that does not include you. to him, those are The People and you are just an animal who needs to be dehorned and declawed so you don’t harm their interests.

  8. Bottom line is the left wants total control of every aspect of our lives. Guns prevent the complete take over.

  9. So…what I find funny…when it comes to COVID it is all “follow the science”…but when it comes to guns it is all “feelz”
    Anyone else pick up on this hypocrisy?

  10. Very common that stroke victims can’t remember 5min ago/last week but may remember things from long ago.

    MSM forgot to inform us last year that ole Slo Joe has had 2 strokes followed by BRAIN SURGURY.


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