Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)
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By Larry Keane

By now, tens of millions of Americans have seen the video and their reaction has been anything but ‘hysteria.’ A masked criminal firing several rounds at a tumbling victim within point blank range, two small children caught in the middle.

U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) should’ve seen the footage by now. It happened in her backyard after all, in a Bronx, New York, neighborhood and her congressional district includes portions of the Bronx.

The recent incident is just one in a larger trend of spiking criminal violence as Americans have seen the consequences of rising calls to ‘defund the police,’ slashed law enforcement budgets, and criminals receiving ‘get out of jail’ cards from prosecutors. They’ve had enough and millions have taken the completely reasonable action of lawfully purchasing a firearm.

In a virtual town hall event with fellow ‘Squad’ member Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-N.Y.), Rep. Ocasio-Cortez called their reaction ‘hysteria.’

Security For Me, Not For Thee

More than 8.4 million. That’s how many first-time firearm purchasers were driven off the fence in 2020 and into the local community retailer to buy a gun. The reasons vary and are all worthy; hunting, recreational shooting and target practice, but most commonly for self-defense.

Eddie Lawrence of Orlando, Florida, is one of the millions of first-time gun buyers this year and he was looking for peace of mind and protection for his home and family so he bought a handgun from a local Orlando gun store.

“Home security,” Lawrence told News Channel 13. “I don’t need to carry it out in public, that is not the reason of me buying it. It’s to protect my family and my home.” NSSF firearm retailer survey data shows handguns were the most common purchase with an average price of $594.95.

That’s not good enough for either Rep. Ocasio-Cortez or Rep. Bowman. Despite mocking first-time firearm purchasers as giving into the crime ‘hysteria,’ the two representatives favor strict gun control, support efforts to defund the police, and yet both spent thousands of taxpayer dollars on private armed personal security details.

“Defunding the police means defunding the police,” Rep. Ocasio-Cortez said in June 30, 2020, statement. “It doesn’t mean budget tricks or funny math.” However, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez has paid more than $31,000 for private armed security services in 2021 already.

Rep. Bowman on the other hand, according to a report, “asked for and received a special police detail to guard his Yonkers, New York, home.”

Coast to Coast

As anyone who’s been paying attention knows, the spiking crime isn’t only a New York problem. From Atlanta, to Pittsburgh, to Kansas City, Chicago, and Denver and all the way to Oakland, law-abiding citizens are legitimately worried for their safety and the safety of their families.

In Oakland, the city council just this week diverted $17 million from the police budget, in a state with some of the strictest gun laws in the country. Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong condemned the recent rising violence in his city and laid the blame directly at the feet of politicians calling for slashed police budgets and the city leaders who approved the cuts.

“So we see clearly that crime is out of control in the city of Oakland. And our response was for less police resources,” Chief Armstrong said. The two members of the Oakland city council who voted against the budget cuts were from the two council districts that experience the highest crime.

In the Golden State, nearly 1.2 million new firearms were registered in 2020 and according to local reporting, “gun sales show no signs of slowing down.” Even local progressive activist Stacy Williams bought her first gun, recognizing the severity of her safety concerns, saying “So how does a single woman protect herself? If the police won’t help, you know?”

These very real concerns for personal safety are far too common across the country and are far from the ‘hysteria’ that Rep. Ocasio-Cortez would have you believe.

Not Paying Attention

Elected officials like Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, Rep. Bowman and others who continue to push policies that limit the ability of local law enforcement to keep communities safe remain surprised at record firearm sales month after month. They shouldn’t be. Polling from numerous outlets show support for more gun control declining and at the lowest levels in several years, including a drop of several points among self-described Democrats.

Americans want safety. If it can’t be assured by local police whose budgets have been cut, then they will lawfully take their security concerns into their own hands. If politicians like Reps. Ocasio-Cortez and Bowman continue to curtail their ability to do so, voters may very well vote them out. That’s not hysteria.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.


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    • “they have the gall to claim they’re of and for the people!”

      they are. it’s just that The People doesn’t include you. you’re not People. you’re just a talking animal, put here by god to serve The People, to be eliminated if you don’t.

  1. “If it can’t be assured by local police whose budgets have been cut, then they will lawfully take their security concerns into their own hands. ”

    Or unlawfully, as the case may be. The old saw that “If you outlaw guns only outlaws will have guns.” does not only refer to the fact that criminals will not obey the law. It also refers to the fact that a number of law abiding people will decide to keep (or acquire) their guns illegally and become criminals rather than give them up.

  2. This isn’t about safety. It’s about control. The Left wants to cause so much chaos that the system breaks down and people are screaming for solutions. The Left’s “solution” is tyranny. The Left’s “solution” is a national police force, an NKVD, a Gestapo, a Stasi, whose members will be vetted according to POLITICS, not competency. Read your history; this is what the Left has done in countries all around the world throughout modern history. This always results in the deaths of millions.

    Keep buying firearms. Keep buying ammunition. Encourage your family, friends and neighbors to do the same. Get to know your neighbors. Move to an area with like-minded people if you need to. Avoid fake “militias” and “patriot” groups. Be wary of people quick to scapegoat others or encourage violence, for they are provocateurs. Keep your head down and your cards close to your chest.

    There will be a breaking point, and it will be obvious.

    • Jimmy Beam,

      The Left wants to cause so much chaos that the system breaks down and people are screaming for solutions. The Left’s ‘solution’ is tyranny.

      Your comment is SPOT ON brother.

      We have friends who emigrated fled from communist China who were honest with us. They stated in simple terms that decades of strife, famine, and violent actions (e.g. civil war) wore down the people of China to the point that they were quite literally ready to accept ANY GOVERNMENT/SOCIAL ORDER that ended the strife, famine, and violent actions–even if that meant a totalitarian government which did not respect inalienable rights.

      From where I stand, our nation is on the very same trajectory thanks to our internal cancer of Progressive politicians and bureaucrats, Progressive Mega-corporation executives, Progressive Press, and Progressive educators (from the pre-school level all the way to post graduate university level).

      • I refuse to use the word “progressive.” It is a lie. Call them what they are: leftists, socialists, communists. Don’t use their labels.

        • Jimmy Beam,

          Well, personally, I view the term “Progressive” as an incredibly unflattering description which is no more glorious than any of the other terms that you used. That may just be me, though. I will seriously consider your suggestion to abandon the word “Progressive” and use the alternate terms “socialist” or (better yet) “communist”.

        • To those of us who know what they are, yes, “progressive” is a term full of disgust.

          Unfortunately, to most people, “progressive” sounds like “progress,” which they assume to be a good thing — and so the evil hides behind an innocuous name, unsuspected by the naive and uninformed. This is why, whenever I use that term, I put it in scare quotes and couple it with the qualifiers Jimmy Beam has recommended.

    • “this is what the Left has done in countries all around the world throughout modern history”

      ever wondered at the breathtaking arrogance of “The Left”? where it comes from, what drives it in every generation, where it’s going? ever wonder about all these “global elites”, these “international financiers”, this “deep state”? ever wonder why the corruption of every nation proceeds ever onward, intelligently directed, limitlessly funded, irrationally defended, never willingly rescinded? ever ask yourself – “who are these people?”

      • I ask that question all the time. I thought I had it figured out once, Illuminati, but who are they?
        In going with space aliens.

        • There isn’t really a nationwide murder/crime problem, what we have is a problem with cops not being allowed to do their jobs combined with Soros supported DAs refusing to do their jobs. This is confined to large Democrat run cities that voted for that; so let them experience the results.

          There is a real cost to voting for Democrats.

        • “who are they?”

          “Gooyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world—only to serve the People of Israel. Why are geentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat.” Rabbi Yosef, Israel’s Shas Party

      • I ask myself that all the time, and find evidence everywhere. Unfortunately, I can’t say the answer on an open forum like this.

  3. Glad I live in a rural, conservative state. Many security measures used which are unseen but effective.

  4. Why are they getting hysterical over neighbors that have a firearm in their home? That is hysteria, thinking that a good person, who chooses to have a firearm for his/her family’s protection, would misuse it and shoot up the neighborhood.

    Does AOC, who was a bartender, actually believe that crime is not that bad, that people should arm themselves against rape and robbery? I am sure that someone she served was a victim and the story was told throughout the bar.

    • A socialist bartender that suddenly is richer than Crassus.

      like joe xiden. A lifelong civil servant that got wealthy off a .gov paycheck.

      The fascist left have become the stinking rich elites of our time.

      • 31 Thousand wouldn’t keep SanFranNan supplied with Botox and ice cream for a month !! …. Defund Tom&Jerry’s !!

      • And the wannabe commie Democrats worship the most powerful mega corporations that have ever existed. They’re a confused bunch. And by they, I’m referring to a single person that doesn’t want to be held back in life by gender binary pronouns.

  5. y’all know what a drilling is. yeah, it’s a few things. and by few i mean extra special chinese fingercuffs, with a bonus.

  6. She went from complaining she couldn’t afford rent in DC to spent 31k for security? Taxpayers funds of course.

  7. While insufficient police budgets certainly enable violent crime to “blossom”, police budgets are NOT a causal factor in violent crime. The causal factor is nothing more and nothing less than garbage human beings who have no regard/respect for the sanctity of human life.

    Start reducing the root causes which drive garbage humans to have no regard/respect for the sanctity of human life and you will begin to reduce violent crime at its source.

    • “police budgets are NOT a causal factor in violent crime”

      to the ones behind all this, yes it is. to them, functional police upholding any nation other than theirs is a crime.

  8. All this because socoety is so terrified of the “R” word that we are not allowed to discuss the most obvious factors in violent crime.

    To “progressives” like AOC, a few dead children are a small price to pay to avoid hurting someone’s feelings.

  9. “Security For Me, Not For Thee”

    you probably think you’re being clever in pointing out such hypocrisy, but what you’re missing is that that is exactly what they’re thinking.

  10. It is time for someone to come forward and tell this “lil girl” that she does not know what the hell she is talking about… tell her to STFU…she lives in a bubble and has never been a victim of a violent or any crime…if you watch closely she makes up everything she says on the fly…watch her eyes always looking up and to the left…she came from wealth…

  11. Np wonder the Capitol guards looked tje other way on Jan 6. You could not pay me enough to guard one of these political bags of shyt.

  12. Can’t wait for all the millenial and zoomer trash that have been screaming “OMG it’s the hUnGeR gAmEs!!!” the last 4 years to start battling each other to the death for food or whatever it was while The Squad and a cadre of cross-dressing lefty millionaires tell them this is all good and normal from their wig-powder-festooned balcony.

  13. Hysteria?

    Here’s hysteria ‘I thought I was going to die;’ words spoken by AOC in response to the 1/6 unarmed, completely peaceful (on the part of the protesters), protesters’ entry into the Capital building.

    Was AOC in the Capital? No, she was in her office blocks away, completely safe and without any threat of having her office chair sat in by an invited viking.

    • ….Much the same reason that I can call myself with a straight face a
      ” School Shooting Survivor ” , just like Hoggboy .

  14. The current crime spikes more to do with the politically correct removing all restraints from their pet blacks than it does cutting funding to the overpaid, pampered, snowflake cops. Debbie W and all you other anti racists own this crime spike.

    The 2nd Amendment was written by and for the descendants of British Protestants. It does not work for others.

  15. On a related note, I read today an area/neighborhood in Atlanta (Buckhead) is so fed up with spiking crime rates (among other things), they are pushing to break away from Atlanta and incorporate into their own city.

    Also, one wonders how much of that 31k spent by AOC is actually coming out of her own salary and/or is going to be reimbursed for (either at taxpayer expense).

    • Definitely reimbursed through her congressional expense account.

      Once they get their snouts into the trough they can’t stop feeding.

  16. I think defunding the police and disarming the citizens is a good idea.
    The money spent on law enforcement could go to building better prisons, make them a happy place , a place people would want to go to live.

    That makes as much sense as anything Washington can come up with.

    • from “raising arizona”:

      Gale: You understand, H.I.? If this works out, it’s just the beginning of a (crime) spree to cover the entire southwest proper. And we keep going until we can retire. Or we get caught.

      Evelle: Either way, we’re fixed for life.

      • Could be both, actually.

        Mommy and daddy met in a bar, went home or to nearest back seat in parking lot, made her: Barmade. Reached ultimate level of Liberal education in Economics, used education to obtain job cleaning up around bar: Barmaid.

  17. “AOC Calls Citizens’ Crime Concerns ‘Hysteria’”

    from aoc’s point of view, the crimes that citizens are concerned about simply are not crimes but rather are justice.

  18. Biden said, literally said, that AK-47’s won’t save you when the government bombs it’s citizens.

    Can’t make this shit up.

    Just FYI, you don’t fight the tanks, you fight the fuel supply line.

    Bomb us. We dare you. People like AOC will be among the first easy targets when her own “private security” sees how easy it is and their paychecks are about to be worthless.

    • And no one asked El Presidente why the government is bombing it’s own citizens?

      Rule 1 of asymmetric warfare. Don’t fight the enemy at their strength. Fight their people at their weakest.


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