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[L]awmakers and anti-violence advocates remain hopeful, buoyed by President Joe Biden’s aggressive gun policy platform and broad public support for tighter gun laws. Key Senate Democrats tell The Trace that a lot has changed since a universal background check measure failed after the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School — and they’re banking on the belief that it’s become politically risky for Republicans to oppose gun reforms.

“Fighting gun violence has become not only good policy, but good politics,” said Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, who’s pushing several pieces of gun reform legislation.

— Jennifer Mascia in What Senate Democrats Say They Can (Maybe) Get Done on Gun Reform

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  1. Lawmaker’s? These SOB’$ are nothing more than oath breaking law breakers, They are
    Enemies of the United States.
    Call them what they are, The Democrat/Socialist
    Term Limits, random drug testing of all lawmaker’s, life long banishment in politics, and GOA Contracting if caught/prosecuted…

    • And these illegal so-called lawmakers are waiting-to-be-arrested criminals under USCC 18-241-242. But they get to have a long wait because their blatant corruption stacked the deck in their favor by focusing on fraudulent directly Unconstitutional violations by Government administrative agencies’ fiat mandates based on absolutely NO VALid statutory law, but only subjective frivolous interpretations like this latest privacy abuse and rights deprivation assaults against those businesses like Polymer 80who manufacture and purchased NON-Firearms parts that have already been ‘decreed’ to be NON-Firearms by original firearms designation law.

      A lot of both Democrats and Republicans are waking up to that fact now. I sure wouldn’t be an agent working on any kind of harrassment like that these days? Political weather can change anytime. There’e been an ongoing roller coaster ride with these alphabet agencies over this kind of bullshit and everytime they try something like this the calls to disband their agency start to grow. Last time it was shotgun tube magazines, I think, and before that some kind of trigger accellerator? I hears that pro gun people are already forming pac groups and funding lawsuits.

      Sooner or later the entirely corrupted criminal justice department either has to turn it self around and purge the current justice System completely of politics and above the law protections, and revert back to honest Egalitarian format. All mericans are starting to get very tired of agenda based fixes to problems that are not even a valid legal problem yet?

      Or else it will collapse, and along with it the country.

  2. The ‘Las Vegas Sun’ just published a fascinating article of an interview they had with ‘El Presidente’ Biden, where he says (among other worrisome things) :

    “So I am absolutely convinced I can get (gun-safety legislation) passed. The way we did it last time is we included it in a larger bill that had really good things in it like the Violence Against Women Act, community policing, etc.

    So the way you give cover to some of our Republican friends who are scared of the NRA — and this outfit owns the White House right now — is you put it in a larger bill. So they (Republicans) say, “Look, I had to vote for it.””

    In effect, hide it in a much larger, must-pass bill…

    • An interesting thing is that the interview is a year old, but the LV Sun has waited this long to publish it. It kind of removes any doubt that the legacy press is an arm of the Dem party.

    • This is a common method by which pork is added to “must pass” bills. like building bridges to nowhere in Alaska and other “projects” that bring home the bacon to legislators’ home districts.

    • They have to take your guns so they can continue to steal elections like they do in Venezuela and other communist run countries. We’re next.

  3. “Fighting gun violence has become not only good policy, but good politics,” said Senator Richard Blumenthal

    Translation: It’s easy to fund raise off this.

  4. Anti violence advocates should be working in Chicago, NY, and many other cities to end the violence there. Once they disarm criminals they might have some moral high ground. Instead they focus on law abiding Americans. This is not gun control or for reducing violence, this is about control of the population, much like Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot and Mao. You can see where this is leading.

  5. The DIMS stole a presidential election. They can do anything. And a lot of the “new” gun owner’s ain’t pro-2A. They’re dim scum. Lock n load…

    • Oh yea. They ‘stole’ the election when 11,000,000 more people voted for Biden than those that voted for former President Trump in a free and fair election. Lol lOCk AnD lOaD!!

  6. “New gun owners”. And how many of those do you think are entitled leftist who just grabbed one at the last minute. I’m betting they far outweigh those who just came of age.

    • Yes. Never forget that Alyssa Milano, who was very upset by the reports of all the new gun purchases last year, admitted to owning a gun for protection.

  7. I don’t really think the Democrats care about what is and what is not “good politics” at this point.

    They’ve got people running around making crazy claims, talking “lists” in public, they’re not publicly backing away from court packing, the list goes on… heck, they don’t even disavow people talking about taking away the children of 75 million voters.

    Stupid, powermad or crazy… doesn’t matter much at this point. They’re not thinking “good politics”. They’re thinking about what parts of their wishlist they can get passed immediately and if/how they can finagle an electorate where they can never lose control of the White House and where the GOP is a permanent minority party. Which is all to say; they’re thinking about getting away with as much as they can as fast as they can while distracting a big chunk of the public with clownshows.

    …of course, they didn’t think of “good politics” last time they ran everything either, they thought “ram it through!”. They paid for that pretty heavily… but this time they probably figure they won’t and, if they do, it’s not a big deal because it’s not like the GOP would actually repeal anything the Democrats do.

  8. I do enjoy how you cherry picked the quotes without context to fan the flames.

    What am I attending a presentation of democrat facts at the impeachment trial?

    Clickbait garbage

  9. First…Such articles need to refer to biden as election fraud biden or Jim Crow Gun Control biden.

    Obviously lowlife hypocrite democRats enjoyed seeing marxist mobs breaking away from so called peaceful demonstrations and looting, bullying, burning including assaults and murder. The democRat Party sat there through all of it and said nothing and did nothing while cities burned. Oh but when a few people storm them well that’s a totally different story. The squealing like stuck pigs has not stopped since Jan. 6 and horrified democRats are using it for all its worth. The spins and slander and libel are at an all time high from the “unity party.”
    The democRat Party are self serving scumbags who have demonstrated they have no concern for you and yours, jobs, etc. The world revolves around them and their sick, deranged ideology. Today’s democRat Party is just as sick if not sicker than their legacy of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, lynching, the KKK, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities. If it were not for politically inept history illiterate stupid people the democRat Party would have no base.

    Furthermore…There are so called “Pro 2A Gun Owners” who are still registered democRats because they are too damned lazy to get off their behinds and change their party affiliation. Then you have your hen pecked gun owner who owns a ‘huntin’ rifle” and looks down his nose at those who own politically incorrect rifles. Such “huntin’ rifle clowns” are democRat lites. Then you have the wagering bigoted gun owners that hear of a crime and they trip over themselves to bet on Black. Those wagering clowns are an asset for the democRat Party. If you fit the aforementioned you need to shape up. If you know the aforementioned you need to shape them up or break ties with such baggage.

    Last but not least…Change the font.

  10. They, the commiecrats, call is good policy. They just move from one policy to another. Ban automatic firearms 1930s, which succeeded. Change firearms laws in the 1960s, succeeded. Handguns ban 1970s and 1980s, which failed and still a work in progress. Make the AR-15 rifle look bad to the American public and cause of all crimes in America in the late 1980s and early 1990s, succeeded with the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993 and Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act or the Federal Assault Weapons Ban (AWB) of 1994. The commiecrats have had good success in turning their policy goals into reality for them and a nightmare for us. The commiecrats new policy along with their firearm control groups and supporters is safety. Just another disguise for firearm control for responsible firearm owners. I wish TTAG would do an article on each firearm control group to expose their lies of being a firearm safety supporting organization. What national programs do they have in place that supports safety? The do not train anyone in the use of firearms. They do not have programs to train children about firearms. We should just sue these organizations for misrepresenting what they say they promote is firearm safety. Flip their policies on them for a change instead of the lies being flipped on us 2nd Amendment supporters.

    Fonts still do not look right.

  11. I would not hold my breathe on any new firearm owner supporting the 2nd Amendment. Most of them voted for what we have now. Just stop thinking they will have a change of mind. Johnny come late-lies will are not the same. We need to support 2nd Amendment organizations that will support us such as GOA, SAF, FPC, and others. The NRA has turned on us for the last time by supporting anti-2nd Amendment bills in congress. The NRA has just compromised our rights away for years now. This article is just wrong about how many people support the commiecratic ideas, but it was written by the Trace aka Everytown.

    • Hint: “breathe” rhymes with “teethe” and you probably wouldn’t want to go through that again.

  12. guess what
    now that they figured out how steal elections with impunity
    they can do whatever they want
    and never get voted out
    this will not end well

    • Whoever controls the lists controls the votes.

      They learned the lesson of Joseph Stalin. As General Secretary of the party, he controlled who was sent invitations to the meetings and therefore controlled the outcomes of the votes.

  13. Both parties spend so much time listening only to themselves and people who agree with them that neither side is capable of comprehending that there are other points of view

    • This should not be a partisan issue, but the Democrats at the national level have made it so by adopting gun control as one of their top platform goals. Many Republicans aren’t much better, but most of them are somewhat better.

      Elections have consequences, and, unfortunately, we have to live with the current Congress for the next two years, barring a criminal conviction, untimely death, retirement, etc.

  14. Anybody see the lobotomy joe special how he has been wrong more, like 80-90% of the time? He’s aiming for 100%! Losers! Remember they started the civil war! History is fact!

  15. Best thing for all of us is to supplement our inventory of arms with off-the-books guns. Guns that never followed a 4473 but rather were person to person purchases. If you filled out a 4473, your gun is in a book that the illegal socialist democrats will take from each and every FFL. When they come to your door, they’ll already know about every gun you’ve bought from a dealer, so if you’ve sold one, you’d better have a bill of sale to prove it. Else they’ll tear your home apart searching.

    Anyone claiming to be government to get info or your guns, get a copy of their I.D. (use your phone camera.) Let them know that when things change again, they’re going to be just like the Nazis and the French collaborators–known by all and with no place to hide. If they refuse to let you copy their I.D., call 911 to report a home invasion.

  16. ‘Progressive’ Democrats don’t care (and frankly, never did) if their elitist, ill-conceived, specious (and largely unenforceable) gun ‘safety’ proposals are “good politics” or not. Rather, it’s ALWAYS been about control, and devising fallacious solutions to non-existent problems.

  17. I must only get the well-behaved or broken guns.

    My guns are never violent. They just sit in the safe or my holster. They never move, or break a law, or even get snippy like a teenager. In fact they refuse to shoot no matter how much I yell at them. The only way I can get them to fire it to pick them up and pull the trigger. I mean, I have to do all the work! My guns never run off and get violent like the guns the Democrats are talking about.

    It’s almost like they are inanimate objects that can’t do anything by themselves.

  18. The reason that the large numbers of first-time gun owners doesn’t matter to gun-control Democrats is that their votes won’t matter in the next election, either. Neither will yours. The Democrats are locking in the means to defraud any election with a ballot “protection” bill in Congress. There will always be just enough votes to ensure any Democratic candidate will win. There will always be token Republicans, but the Democrats will continue to be the majority in the House, the Senate, and the White House from now on.
    The Times article on “fortifying” the election just substituted “fortify” for defraud. They’ve openly admitted they stole it.


  20. The Democrats are focused on GUN CONTROL LAWS, IN place OF THE REAL problems, guns ARE not the problem, they just want another way OF taking the Constitutes out of America, by taking THE PEOPLE’s Rights from THEM, Every true American knows the Democrats will DO Everything THEY can TO Remove all rights of Freedom From the people of America, But WiLL DO Nothing to help culver violents, Stop babying THE criminals, STOP Removing and Changing punishment Law’s THAT was put THERE FOR THIS VERY Reason, Once A Person Has been convicted AND Found Guilty ANY Rights of Freedom IS Removed Until their sentence is served, NO T.V. NO luxury of any kind, just PURE HARD LABOR. Growing their on food, plowing field’s, gathering crops, canning and processing stories foods FOR future use, ARE GO Hungry, NOT only will IT save the American people,Millions in Taxes! IT WiLL make THE PEOPLE Think, Before Acting IN criminal behaviour to commit a crime

  21. You know, when I finish pleasuring myself I’ll at least have a little something to show for it.

    In Illinois we had our CC Permitted population go up almost 300% last year. It would have probably been double that had they actually processed peoples’ stuff without being in a time line that’s illegal.

    If I were a Republican all my floor time would be going to a slide show of burnt out Democrat cities that look like Dresden after the war and asking questions about why you would surrender your ability to have guns to the same people who want to defund the police and leave you to the mercy of looters, arsonists and other violent felons.

  22. One gripe I have is that “lawmakers” like this are also called our “leaders.” They aren’t our leaders, they’re supposed to be our representatives – the distinction is lost on too many people.

    We’ve grown far too accustomed to these pseudo aristocrats telling us, in detail, how we MUST live our lives.

  23. @Ticked Off. EXACTLY. Just another argument in favor of term limits. Our nation’s founders NEVER intended for political office to be a lifetime occupation.

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