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When state and local officials decline to help enforce federal firearm rules they view as unconstitutional, The ‘New York Times’ says, they are adopting “a legally shaky but politically potent strategy” with racist roots. But when state and local officials decline to help enforce federal immigration rules they view as “unjust, self-defeating and harmful to public safety,” the ‘Times’ says, they should be “proud” of “choos[ing] not to participate in deportation crackdowns.”

That blatant double standard illustrates how policy preferences and partisan allegiances color people’s views of federalism, which they tend to endorse when it serves their purposes and reject when it doesn’t. But as Missouri Gov. Mike Parson and Attorney General Eric Schmitt recently observed while defending that state’s Second Amendment Preservation Act, “you cannot have it both ways.”

— Jacob Sullum in The Feds Can’t Compel States to Enforce Restrictions on Guns or Immigrants

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  1. These measures and similar actions will escalate unless some degree of sanity is restored on the left. Democrats’ destructive policies force people to seek strategies they wouldn’t consider otherwise.

    • They will escalate into a second civil war, or more a revolution against a post-constitutional and tyrannical democrat party controlling it.

    • United States 1931 population was 124 million, and we had 11,160 murders and manslaughters. These stats were discussed in NFA debate in the Senate in 1934.

      United States 2019 population was 328 million, and we had 13,927 homicides.

      So, comparing 1931 to 2019, almost 100 years, where we almost tripled population, and gained more than 250 million firearms, yet we had only 2,767 additional homicides. 

      Where is this epidemic of gun violence?  Or of violence at all?  Per population growth, we should have around 28,000 murders.  We should have gained 17k murders, but only gained 2.8k.  That means we declined!  The murder RATE has plummeted! And twice as many were killed by hands and feet than all rifle types combined!

      • have to know the types of “murders and manslaughters” committed in order to understand this data. and might be more meaningful to have 1928 good-times data as a baseline instead of 1931 deep depression-era data.

      • “Where is this epidemic of gun violence?”

        You identified it: a gain of 2.8k deaths due to gunshot. If even one person is killed by criminals with guns, all law-abiding gun owners must be considered armed and dangerous; make gun ownership illegal and strip the law abiding of their firearms.

        A modern, sophisticated, intelligent, caring, equitable, non-racist, socially sensitive, enlightened, non-appropriating, good nation would not tolerate even one death by someone possessing a firearm. Make the law abiding gun owners give up their guns, and gun violence (in places where the good people go) will be completely eradicated.

        • “Make the law abiding gun owners give up their guns, and gun violence (in places where the good people go) will be completely eradicated”

          but then bad people, being unopposed, will move in to the “places where good people go” and maximize the violence.

        • LMAO ! REALLY — You Are in A DREAM WORLD PAL !!! if you want That – Better go Live on a ISLAND BY YOURSELF ! every HUMAN BEING on this planet Has NATURAL GOD GIVEN RIGHT to Protect themselves BY ANY MEANS ! OF THEIR CHOICE ! = period !

  2. This is how the civil war got started. Since the populace of the 2nd amendment sanctuary states is heavily armed, the Union probably will not remain intact in the second civil war. Unless the left nukes the conservative states and then claims the territory after everyone is annihilated. But if they do that, they’ll eliminate the tax base and production in those states in the process. They are low IQ and lacking in common sense and insight so …

    • They’d also be destroying the country’s breadbasket if they went that route. Not even going venture a guess about what kind of foreign interference would start under such circumstances. Would pallets of AKs and 7.62×39 start getting airdropped into certain states?

      • Would pallets of AKs and 7.62×39 start getting airdropped into certain states?

        Any place that NEEDS that airdrop wouldn’t know what to do with it…

        • The ny slimes. Isn’t that the newspaper that catered to nazis during WWII and lint licks Jim Crow Gun Control at every opportunity? I think so. I know so.

          Recently the democRat Party insane conclusion was…The weapons in the hands of civilians are a joke and cannot compete with nukes, F-15s, etc. If that is true then why the ongoing tantrums over civilian gun ownership? Is there something they fear or is it something they want to do? Are we seeing efforts to be nice about it before they blow a gasket and forget to be nice?

          If slanderous Gun Control scum isn’t stooping to tie the Second Amendment with lead seeping into drinking water they are attempting to tie it to immigration laws, etc. This all comes from Rats who sold guns to drug cartels with hopes of ramping the acts of criminals in order to get at The 2A.

          The problem is clearly not the 2A. The problem is, America has a Rat Problem.

        • “wouldn’t know what to do with it…”

          actually the ak was meant for untrained peasants ….

    • Nuking a conservative state would kills millions of Democrats. Even Wyoming, with a 57% Repub population, has a quarter million Dems living in it. The idea the govt would start nuking U.S. cities is dumb.

      In a previous thread some dumbass said insurgents (pro 2A) would/should run to the schools and kill the kids instead of facing the people on the other side with guns. How the fuck are you going to tell who is and who isn’t the ‘enemy’? Do you think the anti-gun people will sit on the sideline and do nothing? It’s not going to be pro 2A people against the Army, it’s going to be neighbors on the right against neighbors on the left.

      Plus, the idea the U.S. military would follow the orders to destroy American cities is retarded.

      • Not to mention is the question of where most of the military(both officers and enlisted)grew up. I would wager that the bulk of them grew up in red states. They are not going after their own kind.

        • 80 percent of the enlisted vote conservative.

          But, since the ‘Brass’ has recently made itself clear it considers ‘White Supremacy’ to be the number one ‘National Security’ problem, expect ‘Enemies Lists’ to be created of troops known loyal to the Leftist Scum cause.

          *They* are the ones they will not hesitate to deploy against us…

        • 80 percent of the enlisted vote conservative.

          Apparently they didn’t get the memo in Fulton County, GA… “Out of a batch of 950 military mail-in ballots, Joe Biden got 950 votes, Trump: zero,” he said. “That’s 100%. That is virtually impossible to have happen.”

      • “the idea the U.S. military would follow the orders to destroy American cities is retarded”

        a citizen military would not attack its own country, sure. but a military consisting of imports and the mentally ill certainly would.

    • No it wasn’t. The War of Yankee Aggression started when the tyrant Lincoln invaded the sovereign Southern nation to loot it’s wealth. The war was about keeping Yankee tax coffers full.

      • Hate to burst your bubble, but the war started when South Carolina attacked Fort Sumter. The Union didn’t move troops onto Southern Soil until July of 1861 at the First Battle of Manassas, TWO Months after South Carolina attacked Sumter.
        Buchanan, Lincoln’s predecessor refused to turn over any Federal territory (Forts and Bases) to the Southern States, all throughout 1860 and into 1861. Lincoln didn’t take the reins of the government until March of 1861. He had No plans to invade, call for troops or push the Slavery issue at all in the South. He hoped to avoid War. South Carolina and GT Beauregard’s belligerence started the Civil War.

        • “Beauregard’s belligerence started the Civil War.”

          True, dat.

          The attack precluded settling the secession issue in court, where it should have been adjudicated. And that question remains unanswered to this day.

      • Biological warfare is unreliable and likely to infect your side too. Let one virus escape a lab, and then it’s all over the world. Unless they find a genetic marker for political beliefs, you can’t create a virus to attack one side.

        • you can’t create a virus to attack one side.

          You think they care who dies, as long as they have a vaccine for the “elite” every body else can Go Fuck Themselves…. If I can create a “killer virus” I can create a cure…

        • ‘If I can create a “killer virus” I can create a cure…‘


          Maybe you should apply for a job at the Wuhan lab.

        • “Unless they find a genetic marker for political beliefs, you can’t create a virus to attack one side”

          sure you can. 1) create the virus, 2) find the antidote, 3) immunize your People, 4) launch the virus.

          I’ve wondered if the covid19 mRNA treatment might not be step 3 ….

        • @Maddmaxx that’s what the Chinese government tried with the Wuhan flu but their vaccine didn’t work. My contribution to conspiracy theories.

        • MADD(dumbass)MAXX

          Your genius theory is the govt is going to kill everybody?

          This is what happens when you skip your meds.

        • Your genius theory is the govt is going to kill everybody?
          This is what happens when you skip your meds.

          Look clown, we already established that YOU are a moronic, fuckwit that lacks enough braincells to build a coherent argument the last time you tried this dumb shit… You have one line so I would suggest you work on some new material that is at least worthy of my time… Until then… GFY

        • SADDMAXX

          Instead of attacking me, try attacking my coherent argument that it makes no sense that the govt will kill everyone on both sides if there is a civil war. You can’t because you’re a dumbass. Prove me wrong…..

          You are an idiot, that’s all I have. There is have no new material to work with.

    • “the Union probably will not remain intact in the second civil war”

      very little will remain intact after a second civil war.

  3. Ahhhh, the great media fallback!! It’s RACIST! So fu**in sick of it, find another buzzword morons!

    • Bottom line is Dims hate you and love the hoard of invader’s. As dark as “foreign interference” BC see: a certain John Milius movie.

    • “Ahhhh, the great media fallback!! It’s RACIST!”

      the racism is theirs, projected onto everyone and everything else.

  4. I could see a scenario unfold where a state/local cop breaks the law (whether said “law” is legal or not) and helps feds. Are they going to fire that cop? That would definitely end up in court. Or . . .

    Feds could play tough and arrest a few local LE’s on some (trumped up) charge for failing to aid them. The AG could sue state and local governments for failing to aid feds. Again back to court.

    • Does nobody remember the 55 mph national speed limit? The feds have no authority to set speed limits except on federal property and they didn’t try. Instead, they told the states, “Enact speed limits no higher than 55 mph or we will stop the flow of federal highway maintenance money.” All states complied to keep the money flowing. Some enforced the limit seriously. Others less so. (Montana merely had a $5 fine for excessive energy use, paid in cash to the trooper who stopped you, that wasn’t reported as a moving violation.) Periodically, the feds would threaten a state with loss of funds if too many drivers ignored the limit. I remember the Missouri Highway Patrol warning drivers, via CB radio, that they were “writing 58.”

      I can imagine the feds using the same tactic to force replacement of constitutional carry and shall issue concealed carry permits with permit systems as restrictive as those of Maryland or New Jersey.

      • The Feds did the same thing in 1987: raise the drinking age to 21, or lose highway dollars. Everyone complied. Military installations became the only domestic under 21, but that ended in 2008.

    • We’re already there. I work with LEOs, and one of my longtime friends who’s an LASD Detective said he personally knows more than colleague who was arrested at a shooting range for having something not Federally friendly. My friend said it’s well known amongst local LEOs that plainclothes Federal Agents “audit” public ranges by acting as fellow shooters, but all the while watching others to see if they can catch them in violations worthy of arrest and confiscation. They particularly like to arrest local LEOs and brand them as “rogue” cops, when any violation might only be minor, or may be the cop feels as we do and is ignoring what he believes is an unconstitutional law or regulation.

      This is why I only bring certain items to my local staffed range. All the rest of the toys come out to play only in the deep desert.

      • Just stopping by to remind everyone that this bitch made punk skipped 1/6 Freedom Day like a coward.

  5. As counter-intuitive as it sounds, “evidence” is not a strong argument. Many (most?) people don’t hold logically sound belief systems.

    So no matter how obviously true, right and accurate something may be, a sizable number of people won’t accept it because they don’t want to.

    • Before there can be a change of mind, there must first be a change of heart. Nothing crushes the reason flatter than the heavy stone that is a hardened heart.

  6. Illegal immigration.
    Well it’s a good thing I’m not the prez. I’d have a federal hands off up to the states policy.

  7. “But as Missouri Gov. Mike Parson and Attorney General Eric Schmitt recently observed while defending that state’s Second Amendment Preservation Act, “you cannot have it both ways.” ”

    Yes it can; proud tradition in politics. What’s the point of having power if you can’t abuse it?

    • “Yes it can”

      indeed it can. for the left the only law, reason, or logic, is “whatever we want whenever we want it”.

  8. That’s not the only double standard: liberals think that asking state law enforcement to enforce federal marijuana laws is forcing states to spend funds on the federal government’s job, but when it comes to guns they have no problem demanding the states spend the money.

  9. @ ant 7

    “but then bad people, being unopposed, will move in to the “places where good people go” and maximize the violence.”

    in such circumstance, the “good” people will move to another area, gentrify it, and create a new, safe place for “good” people.

    And the beat goes on.

  10. There is NO sanity with the LEFT. Fight them EVERY step of the way . . . TOOTH and NAIL – with EXTENDED claws if necessary. And, BEAT them BACK – with a STICK if necessary. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  11. The problem with the New York Times article is embedded in the article itself. This isn’t a problem of double standards because one is a fight against unconstitutional behavior, the other is a desire not to remove lawbreakers from the country. Very different use/purpose of a refusal to cooperate.

  12. With the current CRT/PC Mass indoctrination our military’s undergoing, I question how effective they would be in putting down a Rebellion. Too many will be getting Gender Reassigned. Right now, idiocy runs rampant through the upper ranks. There’s not enough CBT’s nationwide to do more than occupy but a few cities.
    At best, maybe 50% currently serving might agree to attacking their felow Americans, but I personally think only about 25% would follow the order.
    My question revolves around what will be the call to arms? What will be the one step too far? That’s a decision there needs to be an agreement on, because waiting to be loaded onto the boxcars is a little late IMHO.

    I don’t remember a President so violently anti 2A, as the current occupant of the Oval Office. To make the threats he’s made, and his bald faced Lies, is a blatant violation of the Oath of Office (it is for any elected official), should be regarded as a warning shot, and any attempt to enforce his threats, shoul rightfully trigger an armed response. I honestly believe this Senile Fool wants Civil War.

  13. Talk of civil war is ludicrous. Do you think China and Russia will stand by and eat popcorn? Hells no. As in our own prior revolutionary and civil wars, foreign powers will be at the ready to support one side or the other, or simply take advantage of the chaos and gobble up the entire continent for themselves.

    Don’t be stupid.

    The point is to preserve the great country we have, not engage in a civil war under the delusion that the red and blue states will battle it out and you will somehow come out on top.

    Dumb talk which makes me wonder about the intelligence of some who post here.

  14. @ PATRIOT 1

    “LMAO ! ”

    Glad you got a laugh (which was the intention), but you missed the message. The clues were/are there.


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