Houston Police Department chief Art Acevedo testifies before the House Judiciary Committee hearing on gun violence, at Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2019. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)
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As we learned when he was Chief of the Austin PD, Houston’s Police Chief Art Acevedo never misses a chance to politicize an issue or come down on the side of more gun control laws.

Acevedo addressed the press after a HPD sergeant was shot and killed while responding to a domestic violence call over the weekend.

Two days after a Houston police sergeant was shot dead responding to a domestic violence call, the city police chief, Art Acevedo, has lacerated the majority leader Mitch McConnell and Texas’s two Republican US senators, John Cornyn and Ted Cruz for stalling the Violence Against Women Act.

Houston Police chief Art Acevedo on Monday lambasted Republican senators for their failure to take action on gun violence and the long-stalled Violence Against Women Act after a city police sergeant was fatally shot while responding to an incident of domestic violence.

Acevedo singled out Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Texas’s Republican senators, Ted Cruz and John Cornyn, saying during a press conference that he did not “want to see their little smug faces [saying] how much they care about law enforcement when I’m burying a sergeant because they don’t want to piss off the [National Rifle Association],” The Guardian reported.

The comments from Acevedo came just two days after Sgt. Christopher Brewster was shot and killed after responding to a call from a female victim who reported that her boyfriend assaulted her and was armed with two guns.

– Martin Pengelly in Houston police chief rips ‘smug’ Cruz and McConnell, who ‘don’t want to piss off the NRA’

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    • Is a dead democrat. Actually speaking, it is harder to find a good democrat these days than it is finding a live dinosaur, unless of course you visit a cemetery.

      • This is how Art Acevedo deflects blame for his failed leadership.

        It’s not Art Acevedo that failed the rank and file, nope, a single bill/law off in the distance is the only thing that would have saved this police officer
        And FYI, had that bill passed, he would be blaming something or someone else. He’s only the police chief.

        Art Acevedo and Scott Israel are one in the same.

  1. “Solis had a lengthy criminal record, including having been convicted of assault to a family member in 2015, evading arrest in 2016, and burglary of a vehicle in 2017.”

    How about some more information? Did Solis pass a background check? Did he obtain and carry his firearm legally? The way I understand it, the NRA’s problem with the reauthorized bill is they added that a boyfriend, spouse, etc. can have his civil rights violated without a hearing as soon as someone files a retraining order. Did she have a restraining order filed against Solis?

    • More interesting is why he was out on the street at all. Maybe the fake 4-star should go talk to his local DA about why he’s not burying these vermin under the prison?

      • Liberals love lax sentencing laws that release violent convicts in short order. A model of what they desire can be seen currently in Britain, where a convicted rapist was released early on a technicality, and proceeded to go on a rape spree where he raped more then 11 women and one young boy in front of her mother, then raped the mother in front of the child. The article is on the BBC and will make you sick. This is the future liberals want.

        • Amazing how these liberal scumbags pretend to care about crime and violence but they welcome all the illegal criminals to their sanctuary cities and protect, defend and hide them from law enforcement officers. Can’t get any more hypocritical than those lying trash.

        • Merle O.,

          Progressives love — LOVE I TELL YOU! — Big Government. And letting violent criminals out with a slap on the wrist, who then go on to commit more crimes, plays right into their hand. Why? Because all those additional crimes always cause the working class to cry out for MORE government to solve the ever increasing problem of crime.

          Thus, Big Government proponents oppose an armed citizenry for two important reasons:
          (1) Armed citizens don’t cry out for more government since they can handle crime themselves.
          (2) Armed citizens often kill their attackers, which eliminates all the future crimes that attacker would have committed, which significantly decreases the violent crime rate, which significantly decreases working class calls for more Big Government.

          Of course Big Government proponents will never admit the facts which I stated above. Instead, they will spew garbage about how violent criminals are really just victims of white-privilege or some such nonsense and use that as a springboard to browbeat good people into guilt, shame, and silence.

  2. I personally like how these douche-canoes always prance around cosplaying a 4 star general. I’d arrest his ass for impersonating an officer.

      • How many departments even have enough personnel to rate a brigadier general equivalent? I will be generous and allow the Marines to be used as the command structure.

        • They NYPD, the largest department in the country, has a GRAND TOTAL of ~50,000 employees. Assuming all of them are uniformed officers that’s basically a corps, a Lieutenant General’s command. The Houston PD is ~5000, that’s a Brigadier’s command, at best. More likely a full bird’s.

  3. This police chief has a pea for a brain. How, on earth, would any firearm law have prevented this tragedy? But this also begs the question: how did this imbecile get elected to his position, in the first place?

    • Robert,

      A scumbag “boyfriend” who wants to beat, maim, and/or murder his “girlfriend” can do that easily without firearms.

      And that very same scumbag “boyfriend”, without firearms, can easily murder a police officer who shows up to investigate. How is that possible you ask? (Hint: most ballistic vests do not stop knives or arrows. And the vests that do, do not cover vital arteries in arms and legs.)

      The exceedingly simple solution for violent people is to remove them from society. Attempting to stop violent people from accessing the myriad objects which they can use to harm others is an utterly and totally impossible fool’s errand.

      • And, after cutting the cop’s throat, he can avail himself of the several arms the cop brought along plus a vehicle, unless we have passed a law against that. Think of the children!?

  4. This is the police chief version of waiting tables in Hollywood trying to get noticed. I think he wants to be tapped for police commissioner in NY, LA, Chicago, etc.

    And, yeah, like US military officers above ~O6, at this level you’re a politician whether you want to be one or not. In this case it seems “want.”

  5. Moron needs to be removed from his position… Get someone in there that knows how to police instead of running his mouth to the press.

  6. Just trying to divert attention to the failure of HIS city to keep a violent felon behind bars.
    After the Stockton School Shooting the California AG went on the offensive against gun owners.
    Probably to cover the massive failure of law enforcement to get a violent drug addict off the streets, multiple arrests were pled down to misdemeanors since he was “disabled by drug use”.
    Used his disability money to buy the weapons he used.

  7. He failed in Austin and I’m surprised he got into Houston. Hes ready had some weird goings on here in Houston with questionable warrants. He’s bad news. He’s a terrible Chief and the fact that he’s been here in Houston calls into question our H-Town politicians who have praised him…

  8. This is the same guy who defended rogue police after they murdered 2 people in a raid based on a false warrant.

    The domestic abuser is only one reason the right to self defense exists. Art Acevedo and his subordinates are another.

    • Hate to tell you but yep Texas is going blue. All the nut cases from California and New York are moving to Texas because of the high taxes. Them same nut cases will go to Texas with their trashy morals and lifestyles and still vote for the lunatic democrats that imposed the high taxes on them. Like the saying goes, you can’t fix stupid.

  9. The police chief is doing what most chiefs do by saying what they are told to say. They for the most part serve at the pleasure of who appoints them . From personal experience as a retired first responder I have witnessed the majority of chief officers in public safety did little while in the ranks except kiss ass or were former union officials that sold out the members during negotiations and get rewarded after. They are career ass kissers and back stabbers . Pretty much the same as any workplace except for being in the public eye.

  10. Even under the color of authority, the left NEVER wastes an opportunity to wave the bloody shirt…
    This is a pathetic attempt to shift the blame away from where it should be, to where the left wants it to be to push their narrative/agenda…
    It could be said that this police “chief” is at fault for NOT getting the guns off the street, how’s that for a twist “chief”…???

  11. Neither the police chief nor the NRA is correct. Neither has the answer for what to do about violent threatening assholes who so far are only making threats, or not actively violent at the moment. Cops and pro-2A outfits should be working together to figure this out. Naturally, they do not, because they are all fucking morons.

    If the killer had made threats of violence he should have been arrested, jailed, prosecuted in a court of law and upon conviction lost his freedom and his gun rights.

    If he beat on a woman he should have been strung up by his ankles and used as a pinata.

  12. I agree, most Chiefs have little or no actual Police experience. They usually screwed over everyone they worked with. They serve at the pleasure of the mayor (dem). . Most are ass hats. Don’t blame the rank and file for crime. They are catching crooks and putting them in jail. Attorneys, judges and the penal system gives lax sentences and keeps letting these scumbags out of jail. Ask any real street cop, they deal with the same criminals who get convicted and serve almost no time, they are back on the street in short order, continuing to victimize society. So, you want crime, corruption, poverty and high taxes, Just keep voting democrat! Prove me wrong.

  13. Believe me, I am sorry that another police officer has been killed. This is part of the job, a certain number of officers are going to die in their jobs while protecting the people in their care. A soldier also is aware of this. While it is a shame, these officers that go into danger are our modern heroes and should be shown as such.

  14. I retired from HPD Chief Acevado has a Biden agenda. He has beat the officers down and disabled the tactical teams who went aggressively out looking for thieves stealing guns and and burglars who steal honest citizens guns. There is no aggressive hunting of bad suspects. So Chief stop whinning about NRA and gun control. Do your damn jib and get the stolen guns off the street. Stop being deceptive those criminals are not buying guns at stores and gun shows, they are buying from otherthugs who stole them and sell them on the street. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT AND STOP GRAND STANDING. YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO THE HARD WORKING RANK AND FILE MEMBERS OF THE DEPARTMENT.

  15. the removal of a elected police chief is rare, altho it is not unheard of . the removal of a political butt-kisser is un-heard of. it is like getting rid of a tenured teacher. once they get tenure ,they are there forever no matter how stupid they are. THE HEAD OF A POLICE FORCE IS WAY TOO CRITICAL FOR A POLITICAN…

  16. The NRA defends the Constitution. It doesn’t get pissed off, it gets disappointed about those who abuse the Constitution.

  17. This piece of filth actually said, “I still think they’re heroes!”

    The heroes that good chief Acevedo is talking about are those officers that falsified evidence to conduct a no-knock raid on two innocent people in his city that resulted in their murders.

    Why this shit stain still has a job speaks to the absolute corruption of the city government and police force.

  18. Dems, libs, and gun grabbers, watch your step…. America will only put up with you for so long, your time is coming.

  19. Houston Police chief Art Acevedo on Monday lambasted Republican senators for their failure to take action on gun violence”. Dang, all the years that I was a police officer I was told it was my duty to patrol the streets and take action on gun violence. Already way too many laws on the books that are not prosecuted (except when it is a law-abiding citizens they can take a shot at). Criminals are criminals because they do not give a hoot about your laws. And besides, I thought police chiefs are sworn to uphold the Constitution. Apparently this evil Democrat is just like the evil politician Democrats have noproblem violating their oaths of office and attack the Constitution to cover up for their failures.

  20. His police department are the ones that went into a home and murdered a dog, and his two owners on a “no-knock” warrant that was used under lies and false accusations. Just like many “Red Flag” laws will be carried out by the trigger happy police forces of this country. So that law this assclown is talking about says that a women that dated a man 20 years before can just make a call and have his guns taken away !?!? Nope !!! Sorry this cop was shot but this dude didn’t seem this upset when those two innocent people were murdered in thier own home by his crooked, lying officers. They never seem to be upset when one of thiers shoots a woman in her own house through window or something like that. Selected rage of these liberals during thier time in front of a camera makes me sick!!

  21. A good way to get illegal guns off the street would be to bust drug dealers. i am not a cop and i can find a drug dealer in about a day. Quiet often stolen guns are traded for drugs and then sold to criminals. I imagine this is how most criminals get them. But hey what do I know.

  22. The “Violence against Women Act” does not make it illegal to buy or possess guns after a domestic violence conviction- the Lautenberg amendment already did that in 1996. The VWA closes some very technical loopholes and includes “stalking” as a prohibition to owning guns (in addition to domestic violence).

    So unless the boyfriend was a convicted stalker but NOT a convicted domestic abuser, and was able to buy those guns legally because of that fact, he’s full of shit.

  23. The gun grabbers like Michael Bloomberg and now HPDs’ COP are using raw emotion and hysteria to push their un-Constitutional gun control laws. None of these laws target the criminal element in our society, only law-abiding citizens. Background checks are fine but only if they are used to identify prohibited individuals, properly adjudicated in court, and non-citizens and report them to appropriate Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs). Most criminals, about 90%, obtain their weapons illegally by theft or on the black market and not through an FFL dealer. LEAs should target the Black Market and thieves, not law-abiding citizens, the NRA or politicians who actually support and defend the Constitution of the United States.

    Criminals and madmen prefer passive targets that can’t fight back. If they think their prey may be armed, they will probably find another target like in a “Gun Free” zone. Disarming the People does not make us safer, just more vulnerable.

    • Yes, the same.
      One of the crooked Leo’s girlfriends called 911 and made a BS claim the she saw a machine gun at the residence, this lie by the 911 caller gave her LEO boyfriend (and the other crooked LEOs) probable cause to enter the premises.
      This was all orchestrated by ALL parties involved as an attempt to steal cash, drugs, guns, valuables from the home. All those involved in this LEO organized crime ring are facing 1st degree murder charges.
      The problem in their plan was that the homeowners were armed, and shot back.
      I hope the relatives of those murdered end up bankrupting Houston, and ALL involved go to death row.

  24. Why is a lone officer responding to a hot location where violence and weapons are known to be present? Where was his partner, support, backup???

  25. When the radical liberal Austin City Council went looking for a radical liberal Police Chief outside of Texas where did they find Art Acevedo? The People’s Republic of California! Acevedo was a California Highway Patrol Captain who spent the better part of his time in Austin obsessing over lobbying and pressuring the Texas Legislature to adopt California style DWI laws and gun control. Acevedo remained bitter after his failed crusade to have the blood alcohol level of impairment lowered to .04 from .08 as is standard in Texas and nearly every other state. Acevedo enabled a corrupt Austin PD DWI task force that routinely arrested drivers with .03 BAC which resulted in Travis County Texas having an astronomically higher dismissal rate of DWI charges than any other county in the Lone Star State. The liberal Democrat political machine that controls Houston recruited Acevedo as HPD Chief because they also wanted a reliable leftist as their Chief to execute their progressive liberal agenda. Liberal anti gun LEO’s are pretty much non existent in Texas and can only find and keep their jobs in radical left strongholds like Austin, Dallas, & Houston that recruit liberal LEO’s from the east and left coast.

  26. What U.S or State Criminal Law has never been violated? Laws are ONLY DETERRENTS, they list penalties for violating them but offenders don’t give a shit until after the crime and they are caught.

    Chief, your no better than a dog that can’t hunt and barks up the wrong tree every damn time!


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